Will Scorpio man come back to Virgo woman?

withhope provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. He recently broke up with me and told me he no longer has feelings for me. He has said this in the past when he gets upset at me. I’m lost without him. He had lied to me about somethings in the past and in time I built up resentment and the last two days it all came out. I said somethings to him that I’m not proud of. I didn’t mean any of it as I was speaking from being hurt. He has never cheated, but he did lie and that lie devastated me. He is a Scorpio. He has said he doesn’t even want to talk to me anymore. Will this pass and will he ever come back to me? I’ve been faithful and honest to him for three years. I’ve stood by him and always showed respect. I’m heart broken)>: Should I stop trying to email him and call him? Please tell me what to do.
Much love!

The buildup of resentment is a Scorpio/8th House/Pluto matter. Its expression is Martian. You may have particular difficulty expressing your anger because your Sagittarian Mars is squared by a tight Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. Although your Mars just wants to let the anger out, your Sun-Pluto is tightly controlled. Pluto brings a concentrated force to your self-expression, and in Virgo, these two planets can be intensely self-critical, and are much more reserved than your Mars. As a result of this conflict in expression of your planets, you may have a tendency to hold on to underground anger until a trigger leads to an explosion.

In your case, the volcano has been active for a while, and it just erupted. Transiting Pluto has been moving through your 12th House of Deception, Lies and Hidden Things, revealing information about your Scorpio man, as well as intensifying your anger, as transiting Pluto is conjunct your natal Mars. Transiting Saturn has been moving through your 8th House of Intimacy and Ugly Feelings Aroused in Relationships, and it is trine (180-degree angle) your natal Mars, bringing some concreteness to its expression. Finally, a Leo New Moon this past Sunday fell in your 8th House, stimulating your brewing resentment.

Note also (and this applies to everyone) that retrograde Venus is conjunct Saturn. It’s a hard time for relationships in general. Old stuff comes up, and some of it is unpleasant to confront.

I don’t know if your Scorpio will come back. Scorpios do tend to cut people out of their lives, but there are always exceptions. Transiting Mercury (which happens to rule your 7th House of Partnership) will conjoin retrograde Venus this Friday (8/17), a good time to talk about relationship matters. Venus then goes direct on September 8, a time when love lives can move forward. I’d suggest you not overwhelm him with calls and emails, but to just pop him a note this Friday and on the 8th of next month, and see how he responds.

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About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. Hi there…
    You still appear to be hiding your real feelings to some degree over this break up, if it’s ok to ask,
    what was it that he lied about? Are there reasons that you have both brought about this situation perhaps?
    Is the idea that he lied atall forgivable to you? Or was this part of a bigger picture of hurt and mistrust that gained more significance over time between you?
    Your natal Mars is in the twelfth house along with your Moon suggesting it can be hard to access your real feelings, and Mars placed here may indicate you may find it hard to stand up for your rights? It can also suggest a mistrust or confusion regarding dealing directly and openly with men and authority figures.
    Perhaps you have finally found your voice and rightly decided to confront him
    with the issues that have been brewing over time? His reaction is rather stark and is difficult to comprehend though.
    It seems as though there are bigger issues under the surface here. You both contain the Scorpionic energy – you have exact Sun conjunct Pluto (making you rather penetrating and intense;basically you have a large energy field and this can put people on edge at times, even if you are not aware of this quality personally in yourself) and the Scorpio man is a Scorpio and therefore two sides of the same coin….

    It seems as though there may be bigger complexes under the surface in this situation, for example were there elements of ‘control’ issues within your bond? around trust, jealousy, and freedom, etc?
    Right now for you tranisiting Uranus is moving into a gradual square to your Mars in Saggitarius and so space and openess and (break ups) issues are rising into your awarness and become apparent in your close relationships. Over the coming months your own power supply and authority is significant. Be bold and brave and take the freedom he has unilateraly subjected here and run with it as it is time for some clean air and a rethink anyway. I would only aim to contact him with the aim to forgive and heal this situation if your higher self believes it to be in your best interests. Follow your head and your heart; if he is not giving you time to communicate openly and be willing to fix things with sensitivity without storming out on you then he is trying to cut off your vital feelings and as such I would think it best to get support form friends through this difficult time and let him go honey.

    Perhaps this break is something you may need to allow into your life for your own higher truth and respect…?

    Hope things work out for ya…

  2. Something like this happen to me, i was real jelous and listen to some of my friends on how they thought he was attracted to a girl i actually resented greatly . I backed him in a cornor and told him some things too – he got upset and broked it off but that week that we werent together i was so lost and empty and we had only dated for half a month by then – i never felt that close to a person so i called him day to just say hi and how he was doing the next day i left him alone then the one after that i wrote him a letter how i truly felt. he was touched by my sincerity and he wrote a letter the next day in response asking me to meet him. He saw me curled up in a bench waitting for him and my eyes and he smiled and kissed my head. in the end i found out that my friends were lying and that scorpios looove sincerity and depth of a feeling so much.i think that to win a scorpio over when you do him wrong is just to show your vunrebility and lay it all out honestly

  3. So true that Scorpio tend to cute people out of their lives for good but there’s always hope. No matter how thin it is, there is always hope. Never loose it.

  4. FORGET HIM! He’s NOT worth the trouble!

  5. Hi just broke up with my scorpio guy today .
    He had distanced himself for one month . Cold replies , always busy . No fights no arguement. Have him all the space . MSGd him few times a day to remind him m always around for him . He stopped initiating any chat . He was great at the start of the relationship . Yesterday I saw a fb comment to another lady with “darling ” I asked him b politely m he said “no comments ” . Later he tells me she’s a friends daughter . After all the pain and hurt . I told him I m no more interested . He just says ” As u wish ”
    I changed my personality to suit his likes m dislikes . I m a Virgo 29th August . 8PM evening born . I don’t know where I failed him . Thank u for reading . I miss him already

  6. versatile virgo says:

    This is my second dealing with a Scorpio he is a liar and a cheat. Ive told him im done several times as well as shown him i can do the same things as him. My problem is that he wont go away and leave me alone. He always says ok if that’s what you want but he always comes back with that stupid ass puppy dog face.

  7. versatile virgo says:

    Oh and he’s a life path 1 and im a life path 3

  8. Patricia says:

    I just have an argument with my Scorpion man too I don’t feel so alone after reading all this comments. I could never tell him exactly how I feel I will always hurt his feelings and he would cut me off by not texting or talking. Our last argument (when I was the only one talking) he is a passive aggressive so he made me erupted Sunday but he didn’t argue, he only said, ” I heard you baby, I heard you baby” then he didn’t call me anymore so I stop calling him or texting him so he cold me off from his life.

    I love him to dead but I won’t give up to his manipulations and superiors attitudes. Scorpions like to manipulate people mentally but we Virgos are to expressive and sentimental, I suggest all Virgos to run away from them.

    Hurt by a scorpion man (Hamlet)

  9. ANNONOMUS says:

    I recently was seeing a Scopio and he got mad over something so little. Wells to me it was little and he told me that he really likes me but he cant give me what i want. So i am left in limbo as to what does that mean? i have build strong feelings for him and i have been depress for the pass days now knowing what to do. i Need some advice.. like is he going to come back to me or is it over? i Haven’t spoke to him or seen him almost a week just over text and thats when he told me that he wasnt ready for a relationship but he really likes me

  10. The truth is, Scorpio man are a liars, cheater, self centred, egotistical shit! And biggest selfish prick! He’s playing you. Once he knows everything about you? He’d played with you, emotionally and physically. Don’t waste your time & breath. Virgo & Scorpio are incompatible. They are players & sweet talk. He manipulate people just to feel he’s NEEDS


    Virgo woman

  11. We Virgo have high intuition, trust your instincts.
    Give your self, self respect and no your values, and your standards. The moment he feels hurts, he’ll look around and still trying you along.
    When a guy don’t respond and want he’s space, it’s usually not into you. If he responds? It means he just want to make sure he’s stil got you stringing along. When you love a man it should be same principle as a man. When someone take their time, one he’s just stringing you along till he find something better or new/ convenient, two he’s PLAYING… Virgos you should bloody knows what LOVE IS, it’s UNCONDITIONAL… Once little minor fault Scorpio sees that’s it, lost trust! They are very very VERY INSECURE!!! And you know your self you’re NOT, only what he shows you why you act that way. Come on is common sense xxx

  12. When disagreement or arguments in a relationship, you’ll immediately try rectifying and fix it, but only if the person FEELS the same way about you! LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL… no matter what the man will fight for you in instant. Not days, weeks and months because those are bullshit & excuses. If you want to be a doormat!? Be my pleasure. A man will never treat a woman if she was the love of he’s life. Every time we failed it always get better. Oh Scorpio don’t like being left alone unless they find something better. They are Unstable!!!

  13. I recently ended a 4 year relationship with my Scorpio man. I initially broke it off with him
    Becuz of his manipulative & possessive ways but he would never let me leave or make it hard. I found out he has someone else & they already seem close. He cut me off & will no longer speak to me. It’s like he’s disgusted with me. I feel hurt. Being a Virgo I naturally obsess over the details of what I could’ve done better and where exactly things when wrong. I can’t eat or sleep and smoke weed all day just to cope with reality & get an appetite. It hurts & as much as I wish we could still even be friends it’s not even like we can maintain a conversation without arguing at this point. I know the sensible thing is to give him time. I’m just scared with more time he’ll forget about me.

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