Why does a Capricorn fall out of love?

People fall in love, they fall out of love. The clouds of fantasy eventually fade away, leaving nothing but the reality of your lover’s best and worst traits. If you don’t like the “what is” of your partner, were you ever in love in the first place, or were you just in love with the image you created?

A Capricorn man seems the least likely of any other Sun sign member to delude himself. After all, he is ruled by Saturn, the reality principle. If Cap doesn’t fall in love until he’s made a measured assessment of his partner-to-be, then he’s unlikely to have acted impulsively on the basis of unconscious projections.

So, if not disillusionment, what is the source of Capricorn’s heart-retreat? This man may not be as cold and calculating as he is reputed to be, but he nonetheless has his own pragmatic way of making life decisions. We often fall out of love when either we or our lover have changed (or not). A Capricorn man prefers slow and steady growth, so he may be turned off by a partner’s radical deviation from what he’s come to rely upon. Could it be that the withdrawal of his partner’s support — so that he or she can climb their own mountaintop — results in the passing of a cold wind through Cap’s chest?

To a Capricorn, is love more than feeling that your one-and-only helps you rise to partner in the firm?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. AquariusGem says:

    @ everyone!. I’m a mother of 2 girls. I’ve been through far worst than this, the regret that I had is I was 2 angry to hear & to pissed to cared..I said some things to my ex that I regret…..not because he wasn’t a dog, because a do he was. When I calmed down & reality hit me, I had to look at myself & my imperfections as well. By the time I wanted my explaination 3 yrs later…He wasn’t open to give it & has sinced moved on…this is my child’s father whom has not seen his daughter since she was a baby…I let him have it in the worst way..I say all this to say, I know you are hurt & angry. You may feel that you don’t want to hear or care anymore but you do…If you didn’t you wouldn’t be on these message boards talking the way you do…this is no throw out to anyone’s character however….the way we see ourselves & the way other people see us & the situation maybe different…You are talking to the FORMER revenge Queen of the world. You need to hear what he has to say because if you don’t, you will carry that baggage on & on…get your closure… Like a lot of other women on this board & in this world do. One thing I learned over time is that everything isn’t what it seems or look all the time & sometimes it is…If you feel like he will try to reel you back in, he can’t unless deep down you want to be reeled back in…Remember, every decision we make has an cause & effect

  2. ScorpioGirl says:

    @AquariusGem: I do agree with everything your saying and admire your comment, because it is true & wise. It’s just hard for some girls to try to keep their emotions under control like me. It definitely takes a lot of self-discipline, but you are right. My ex Cappy tried to come up to me & talk the one & only time I saw him out and I gave him a dirty look & walked away and he got pissed & left the place that minute. He texted me like 4 months later since then, but I didn’t answer. We actually talked 7 months after that but very, very small talk & never about the relationship. Then he ask me out & flake every couple months. I never got closure, I think maybe should of took it when I saw him that one time. But now I finally moved on over time. I thought the other day the shut your trap comment was a lil harsh, but I understand what you mean now.

  3. AquariusGem says:

    @ scorpio girl…The shut your mouth comment was meant as a dry humor joke a little. I just hate 2 see people go through what I’d been through. I had to get my own closure..it was rough because I’m so analytical. Controlling your emotions is an art form…..It took some time for me. I remember telling my ex tthat if he died I would be tap dancing over his grave I was so pissed!!!! But we live & we learn.

  4. ScorpioGirl says:

    Your right, you definitely realize things after it’s over & grow & learn. Even tho, I hate when people say after a break-up when your still upset it was a learning experience. But down the line, you know it’s true. Even know I had a painful break-up for me after my ex, I did learn so much about myself, relationships and what I needed to work on about myself too. Thanks for the comment!

  5. capricorn men, SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZE!!!!!!!

  6. MissHimSo- I felt really inclined to write you after reading your posts. I too am a gemini who was with a cap man. So sorry about how you were let down by your Cap. Not cool at all. Not sure how long you were with your Cap, I was with mine for over 3 years. I have learned through my own personal experiences taht as hard as it is, sometimes the hard way is the best way in the long run. You are worth more than how he treated you. Haven’t seen any recent posts from you on this thread so not sure if anything is new on the status of you and your cap…The holidays this year were very difficult and I am glad they are over. I broke up with mine on Christmas because I couldn’t handle it anymore. I hated what the relationship transpired into and how he pushed me away to the point that forced me to leave him. I miss him terribly, wen I think of how much he hurt me I don’t miss him so much, but only for a moment. It is hard no matter what. We broke up 1 time each year we were together. Whether it was me breaking up with him or him with me, after a few months of being apart and when I am finally dating again and moving on he crept back into my life…I realize letting him back in was a huge mistake each time and Caps are very manipulating and convincing when they want something. I fell for it because I still loved him and things would be wonderful for a period of time then miserable as our incompatibilities surfaced and he would be negative, cold, and always wanting to argue. Hell, I was even pregnant with his baby and lost it in November, and he could barely be emotionally available to me st see me through that. Cap men have a very difficult time dealing with emational life issues. Point being…they will not change, mine won’t, yours won’t., nor will they suddenly become better men or different with other women they might have a relationship with. In the long run they sadly might have lonely futures, once they realize the woman that was always there for them and loved them with every fiber of her being is gone and they fill in the gaps with shallow, skanky girls for companionship. Anyhow, whether he gave you a proper explanation of why he up and left or not hold your head up high and think only of yourself and your well being as these Caps can get selfish and are ultimately thinking of themselves constantly!

  7. I heard from my cap man a couple of weeks ago, out of the blue after finishing it over christmas after speaking to my ex hubbiw who he chose to believe etc we decided to meet and talk he told me he had retreated into himself “into his weird world” as he put it, I thought we could sort things out face to face and he would realise my ex was just being spiteful, anyway the follwing day he changed his mind again after again speaking to other people and not me!! Heard nothiing since, i sent him an email last week saying I give up I can no longer hope and wait that he will come back, did he ever love me I ask myself if he could just drop me without hearing my side of things, but you are right nothing I can do, cap men wont change x

  8. Sorry to hear that Beth. I’ve come to learn that Cap men are very slow moving creatures with their emotions. By the time the realize the level of importance of the person they had a relationship with it is always too late and we have moved on. Just about everyone I know that has had a relationship with a cap says it is always on and of- hot and cold. You will probably hear from him eventually and when you do stay strong and don’t cave into his wishes. If they don’t hear from you they can be even more persisitent so as hard as it can be you must be adamant that you want nothing from him. I unfortunately, went back to mine 3 times. We are no longer together and I will not go back a forth time as I have wasted another year of my life with someone it will never work with that has caused me a lot of grief…

  9. Sag was hurt by a Cap. :( says:

    I don’t understand him or why he’d come back. He really hurt me although we never talk anymore because I don’t like to go on messenger anymore or have time. I kinda miss him though but then again, I really don’t because he really hurt me although I should probably forgive him but I don’t know if I can because I don’t think he was sincere and I think he’s just trying to “fuck with my head” I really don’t get him though and I don’t think we could ever be together or live a happy life. tbh I don’t even know why he likes me or still talks to me because he could get much better than me and I don’t even know him really. He said I was ugly, had a lame personality, was a whore, would never find anyone good looking although did because tbh I am not ugly and I’m pretty sure he knows that. I still love him though because I’m so sexually attracted to him and I like some of his qualities but he’s such a prick and I dunno if we can ever be together. He said he loved me so much when he wanted me to forgive him but he didn’t sound sincere and I didn’t like that but I still forgave him because I love him. but we both have Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Sagittarius, he had Moon in Taurus and Mars in Taurus and I have Moon in Leo and Mars in Scorpio. I dunno I haven’t really talked to him directly in over a year I think because I’ve been really busy/ don’t really like talking to people on the Internet anymore. I wish I could hear his voice but I think I should just give up because he’s just going to hurt me again and do the same thing and try to embarrass me, I don’t even know why he hates me that much and talks to me for a long time. I think he really wants to sleep with me and I really want to sleep with him too, but I don’t think we could ever get married but I kinda want to find a guy at my uni and make him jealous and prove him wrong, it’s not like we’ll ever be together or be a good couple anyway. I still want to keep talking to him but I dunno he’s a prick and I don’t like that but I still love him. someone please explain to me what this all means and if he really meant that he was sorry. thanks. I’m a Sagitttarius girl btw. 🙂

  10. 2 years, we have been knowing each other. Due work schedules and locations, we cause never date in the traditional way. He told me that I found a man in him; very public display of affection around his co-worker; I was known as is girl. We shared some very personnal family manner. At, one time he told me I should have been the mother of his children. Then, his scheduled changed to afford us time. I go on a family vacation, upon return everything appears to have changed. Our last conversation, (?) are things good with us and we can now have our time. Very strongly, he said, “yes”. It been 3 weeks, and he has not answered my texts nor phones. Please advise. It should mention, for the past 6 months he has Ben having both $$ and car problems. I believe, he could atleast call.

  11. Arabella says:

    Sag hurt by cap:
    Please do not associate yourself with that cap ever again. Never. How dare he call you those words. Do not answer his calls, emails, txts etc. How unkind and unworthy a creature he is. Please love yourself above him and all that he represents. You are much loved. How dare such a man maltreat a woman in such a way. No, he is not sorry. Please let God discipline him. While he needs to mature, do some growing up, you are not his mother. Please enjoy your life and spend your time with people worthy of your goodness. Be quick to discard human garbage. If the man stresses you out instead of bringing you joy, turn your back on him.
    Sincerely -Ara

  12. I’m a taurus and I’ve been seeing this 47 year old cap guy who’s really good looking. He told me he loves and calls me “my love” and all the crappy endearments. But I don’t get excited when he touched me. So I told him finally for experiment I love him in french. And he came to my house. Hehehe and he doesn’t call me for 4 days now and only txt me good night. Hi blackgoat! Are reading this. Hehehe. I’m cracking up. He txt me good night last night and I responded 40 min later coz I was making love to my number one love of my life. I don’t go to bed with cap. He comes to my home to visit me and get a kiss and a tight hug and some therapy on his thoughts. I think he gets depressed and has a lot of strange fear. He kept calling me til during the last 4 days. Hehehe the strange man. I asked him if he’s married or involved and he said No. I just entertain him bcoz there’s no certainty with my one true love. Well one true love for now until he finally super piss me off and I find a better person to grow old with. I thought cap has much in common with me but its too lacking in passion and too much mystery and no excitement and too many ladies here heartbroken by them. Not good. So now I won’t respond to his txt anymore. Waste of time. Good luck ladies. There are good men out there. Don’t wait. Celebrate your god-given gifts. Blackgoat is our bro in the other room. He is wise and cool. -Ara

  13. Arabella says:

    I read that cap men like women that successful, with money. So a woman has to be monied then for a cap man to take her seriously. I’m very sad to learn about your experiences with cap men. I’m sorry to hear of it. I would never date a capricorn man. Would never allow myself to fall in love with one. Not in this lifetime. Not while saturn is still on the spin.

  14. sagittarius girl says:

    Arabella, the thing is that I kind of like the abuse, although I don’t like it at the same time. my dad is abusive too. I don’t even know this Capricorn in real life. we’re only “friends” cause we’ve had the same favorite band since we were really young, we met on a forum I think he added me. and I’ve known him since he was 15 and I was 18. and now he’s 19. he’s not really a nice person. we have similar interests and I like helping him and I love talking to him. he is gorgeous to me.

    I dunno maybe we’ll meet up someday and be together. I really want to have his children. they would be so adorable. I don’t think he’ll care about them though so I probably shouldn’t. but I don’t really want to stop talking to him yet. it’s just that it hurt because he told me everything he thought about me that he never told me before. and I guess it was kind of true some of it. tbh I told him a lot of stuff about him too probably not as hurtful though but I did try to embarrass him which was funny. I dunno I don’t think he’s that immature, I think he was more mature when I was 15 than I was when I was 18 probably, just a little though. but I know he’s not the right person for me. I just want to have sex with him someday because I think it would be life changing and amazing, and he’s said that he wants to be with me when he gets older. but he is really mean. but I really love to talk to him except when he insults me. I don’t like it. and he does it to other people too. he’s from far away though (the UK and I’m from North America). we kind of look the same though cause we’re both mixed race. I’m half Indian and he’s half Egyptian. I guess that’s also what I like about him. we’re not dark though.

    he’s only talked to me about music and life and school since I started talking to him again after he stopped talking to me. he used to talk to me about sex before we stopped talking which is probably why he thought I was a whore. it’s only him I want to have sex with though I think for now although there are a lot of people that want to have sex with me but they probably have STDs and I don’t trust them. he tried to talk to me about sex when he was 15 but I told him he was too young for me haha. I like to talk to him though, we usually have a lot to talk about and discover a lot about each other. I find him interesting.

    I’ll see how it goes. I just talked to him 2 days ago and he was nice and told me how he’s been, cause I haven’t talk to him on messenger since like last summer, he told me he wanted to talk to me on msn I guess he thought I changed emails. I think he’s just temperamental and he gets easily angry and it says on our compatibility report that our relationship could be really bad if it ever happened! and that there will be lots of arguments for no reason. I don’t even think it said the sex would be amazing but then again there’s lot of guys that are ugly and that I have no interest in and it says the sex will be amazing which kind of disgusts me. but it said a lot of different things it also said that it’s very favorable for long term relationships but then it also contradicted that but there was a lot of things about long term being favorable and not. it also said sexual attraction will stop when we start fighting a lot and it even said there could be violence.

    but there’s this Pisces I met last winter that I really love and it says we should get married. he’s the same age as me which is important to me and he goes to the same university as me. I dunno if I should go out with him but it says on our compatibility rating that we get along well and that marriage is something that could be very successful and seriously he’s soooooo much better looking than the Capricorn although I’m not as sexually attracted to him as much. he bought me lunch once when i just met him. and the first time I met him I sat next to him in class and he kept looking at me and looking back and then finally talked to me and I would hang out with him every time before class after that. I don’t know if he even likes me though cause he hasn’t asked me to hang out with him all summer. :\ I dunno he did kiss me on the cheek after he brought me to the streetcar stop one night which was cute and he hugged me too that night. don’t know what that means though. I would love to be in a relationship with him though but maybe there might be someone better for me at my university. I don’t want to let this Pisces get a new girlfriend though. I want to be his girlfriend but I guess I’m too boring for him and we never really have that much to talk about.

    another reason I still talk to the Capricorn is because he’s in university too and he’s graduating the same year as me. he’s taking film which I find really interesting and he finds my program interesting too. but all he ever does is show off that he’s better than me and although it’s true. whatever. not everyone can be perfect. I don’t have a perfect life and I have way more problems than him that can’t be fixed. he’s the only internet person that I’ve ever liked in that way, and because I’m a Sagittarius whenever a guy likes me I don’t like them anymore usually. especially if I become friends with them. I have Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn so I think that means that I would only have sex with someone that I didn’t know well or a stranger, or probably not an Air or Fire sign because I don’t tend to like them that much. I don’t think there’s anyone I know well that I’d want to have sex with because it will ruin our friendship and they will talk about me. :\ and the ones that I do, I don’t see them anymore.

    I dunno I think it’s really lame to be in love with someone from the internet but there’s so many things I have in common with him at least now and I want to see him someday even to just meet him. but don’t worry I am a pretty strong person and I won’t let anyone get me down for long. I’ll get right back up and move on in my life. when we stopped talking I think he created another email address to talk to me pretending to be someone else it was weird and I insulted him a couple times for it. I’m not entirely 100% sure that it was him though but it sounded a lot like him and he was pretending to be from my city while still talking in british slang lmao. I think all he wants to do is have fun with me and seriously it’s ok with me cause I’m a very boring person. I think he has issues though.

  15. sagittarius girl says:

    sorry I meant compatibility report. I used the one from:
    which I found really accurate.

    and also:
    which I also found accurate but had a lot less information.

    I really like the first one a lot better now. I’ve been using cafe astrology for a while though but I find it lacks a lot of information and the first one tells you everything you need to know.

  16. Arabella says:

    Sagitarrius girl:
    Yes, cap men are like that. Sarcastic. Distant. Based on what I read and what I noticed on the cap I know. But I’m a taurus woman so I don’t care much for them. If anybody stress me out, I avoid them. I block their number. I don’t discuss anything. I just disappear. I’m worse than capricorn men.

  17. sag-girl2 says:

    @ Kishner

    Can you please explain to me why/how me and this cap get along? I really thought capricorn men and sagittarius women did not get along at all. His birthday is january 16, 2974 and my birthday is December 11, 1972. his time of birth is 1:45 pm and mine is 4:55 pm.

    We met and were boyfriend and girlfriend when we were in elementary school then i moved away. Then he asked around to a family member and recontacted me almost two years ago and i can’t seem to shake him (not that i want to).

    It almost feels like the closer we get, the less he talks to me and that sometimes scares me. not sure if i’m losing him or if he just takes for granted that i will always be there.

    Can you tell by your experience with astrology if we are a good match?

  18. MissHimSo says:

    I have NOT been on here in sooo long! Thank you for taking the time to write me! So this is what happened since the last time I was here

    My CAP began dating this girl that I just knew was trouble. I believe they dated about 2 months. They broke up- Then his sis in law said he was single for awhile.

    I text him one day and he told me that it was important for me to know that he never cheated on me. I told him that I believed him and that it was fine. We later talked through text, Nothing lovey dovey…

    Well I added him again on FB and he accepted- we never talked on there or anything.. I didnt want him thinking I was “drooling” over him. than one day he didnt have a FB anymore. a few days later he send me a text saying “I shouldnt have accepted your friends request, I have been dating someone for few months now, and I wouldnt like it if she had her x’s on her FB, I hope you understand” I simply text back “no problem (smiley face)

    Well its been two weeks and today he calls me.. I miss his call- and leaves a message saying how sorry he was for deleting me, but the girl he was dating was very jealous of ME and insecure, she knew we had dated a few months before and he told her that we really hadnt talked much but were friends, he also said he couldnt understand how he let someone like her contorl his life, but he thought he was doing the right thing. He stated that he would love to have my friendship back, and as soon as he gets to a computer he is going to add me. And again said he was very sorry.

    BUT- he also deleted the girl he left ME for… so Im not sure if he will add her too….

    What do I make of this? Im so confused. I miss him so much. We have been broken up since December. I dont want to get my hopes up… maybe im thinking too much into this…

    should I play hard to get??

    Im not even sure if he likes me that way… But I DO know that he was thinking of me.. why else would he call?

    Oh and I never called him back.. just text- I said.. hey.. just got out of the ER with Brycen, I got your message.. No worries! (smiley face)

    He texts back “oh o why the E R?”

    I say “he had a fever all day and it wouldnt go down, and it spiked up to 104, they drew blood, and he has a virus..” plain and simple.. on MY part

    He says “Nasty that’s scary hope he feels better soon!”

    I say “THANK YOU! (smiley face)

    Im playing hard to get.. you know blunt dry, like I dont care.. will it work??????!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. @sag-girl2 I do not offer free astrological advice, if you like you can schedule a paid consultation with me and I can spend a good 80 minutes with you talking about your compatibility.

  20. MissHimSo:
    You are better off without that Capricorn man… Listen darling, if a man of whatever zodiac sign really wants to be with you, he will come to you. If a man really loves you, he will do all that it takes, all that is honorable to act on his love. Plain and simple. Other than this, it is an indecision that is frosted with games and waste of time that often times result in heartbreak. Put yourself first. I do understand capricorn men. Whether or not they are present or absent, I am unfazed. Draw strength from within. There is great beauty in silence and nature. Reading a book as well is wonderful for us. And your need to be happy less all the needless stresses is most important. Emotional independence is important. It infuses confidence. It gives us strength to automatically put that guard up when red flags are in our faces. It enables us to swiftly discard what is undesirable and detrimental to our well-being. You are very important to YOU. Always take your feelings into first consideration. God bless… -Ara

  21. sagittarius girl says:

    Arabella, yeah he also called me a dyke. I don’t think I should ever talk to him again. he doesn’t stress me out though I think I prob just embarrass him without meaning to. I don’t even care anymore it’s not like we can ever get married and it’ll never work out, I won’t be happy with him. he didn’t even really say sorry and it didn’t seem like he was being honest. I don’t know why he wanted to talk to me again and he hasn’t told me why. I’m making sure I don’t talk to him too much because he’ll just start being an asshole to me again. I don’t know how he thinks he knows everything about me when he really doesn’t. he’s just some type of insecure stalker. I don’t even think I want to have sex with him anymore although I think about it all the time. it’s weird cause the only guys I want to have sex with are people that I don’t really know and that are mysterious. there aren’t any people I know that I want to go out with or sleep with except for this Cancer guy who I haven’t seen since university and this Pisces guy that I met recently. can’t think of anyone else. and the Pisces has ignored me all summer and he’s a bit of a prick. he bought me lunch when I first met him though so I guess he isn’t that bad. and I would love to marry him. he would treat me well and our children would be adorable. I don’t know I’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to have sex with just anyone because I don’t want to be pregnant or get STDs but I don’t want a boyfriend either because I can’t deal with drama and if a guy knew everything about me he probably wouldn’t like me anymore and would try to embarrass me. 🙁 sometimes I want to sleep with someone I see in the streetcar but then I think about what if he was a serial killer or something cause I wouldn’t want to sleep with someone I didn’t trust completely.

    btw I have Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Leo, Mercury in Sagittarius and Ascendant in Aquarius. does this mean that I need mystery to be attracted to someone? I guess all the people I hang out with are all ugly that’s why I don’t want to sleep with them or go out with them. they disgust me. I need better friends. I hate going to bars and clubs. :\

  22. sagittarius girl says:

    btw I hang out with a lot of Capricorns but most of them are ugly or fat (mostly the girls) and they disgust me. they probably want to sleep with me. it’s traumatizing…

  23. sagittarius girl:
    Honey, you are making me giggle. “btw I hang out with a lot of Capricorns but most of them are ugly or fat (mostly the girls) and they disgust me. they probably want to sleep with me. it’s traumatizing…” the quoted makes me giggle. You are so funny and quite honest. 🙂 It is Ok to be cautious and defensive. It is your right to keep yourself out of trouble and keep you safe. It is a good thing. I have read and heard that love comes when we least expect it. How are you these days, by the way? Any fun and exciting activities in yours and your family? My children and I have spent a great deal of time with my family. I have such a big family and when we get together, we are so full of laughter. Love -Ara

  24. sagittarius girl says:

    haha thanks! (: I like to be honest. 😉 I can’t stand liars. and I go to an art school so I will right the right type of artsy guy I’m sure! I like creativity and I find that attractive. And actually you’re right! my parents met by accident and they’ve been together for 30 years I think! (; and these days I’m ok. I’m not really the most emotionally stable person ever and I’m getting stressed already now that school’s uni’s again! D: and the only fun and exciting activity in my family is my Cancer brother! he’s amazing!! He cooks for me, he hugs me when I’m sad or angry, he helps me with my uni work, he’s very smart, he went to university too and got A’s but he was in biology, but he’s the most perfect person ever! except sometimes a bit annoying. but if I have a husband I want him to be exactly the same! and that’s great you have children!! I want to have children someday but not for another 5 or 6 years! yeah that Cap is a total prick but not all of them are. I’m thinking of deleting him out of my life because he’s caused me enough pain but I don’t really want to do that yet. I’ll just ignore him and won’t talk to him for another year haha. last time we talked it was pretty amazing though. I don’t know why I’m a Sagittarius and all I like are water signs or sagitarrius. I don’t like leos especially but also don’t really like a lot of Aries. I don’t know I don’t want to sleep with a ton of different guys because that will gain me no respect, I will get STDs or pregnant and my life won’t be any better! I prefer to meet the right person and marry him! that’s what my parents and all the people from their genreration did in university. but I can’t wait for this year! and I’ll come back with stories! (; I don’t know why society says we should have a lot of sex with people we don’t even care about! that’s why there’s teenage moms and STDs. It’s not like it’s essential to live. I’d prefer not to have it especially with someone I didn’t trust. and the thing I hate the most are promiscuous guys that will flirt with everyone including you! god they’re soooo annoying I feel like punching them in the face! they’re full of disgusting STDs and most of them are ugly and have disgusting fake tans ew.

  25. sagittarius girl says:

    what is with those capricorn guys and deleting girls from facebook. I mean they’re like high school girls. grow up. none of the guys delete me from facebook, it’s only girls. Also that Cap that’s a prick deleted his girlfriend from facebook twice! when they were still dating! like wtf is his problem. they’re so condescending all of them! I think facebook is their form of power. god I just hate them all and can’t believe I still hang out with the ugly Caps. it’s not like I ever knew them well at all! also Capricorns are not loyal at all! I noticed that. everyone says they are but they aren’t. they are cheaters and abandon people. god I guess I’m just bitter but that capricorn makes me reallyyy angry!!!

  26. sagittarius girl says:

    actually he doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore. he hasn’t had one all summer pretty hilarious really. he’s turned into a total whore. whoring his body like a stupid idiot.

  27. sagittarius girl:
    Hello, honey. Good to hear from you. well, i am glad that you lean away from promiscuity. we do not have to be like that to roll along with modern society. that is a good and safe proclivity and it empowers and promote self respect and dignity. i also go to school to become a Nurse. it is good that you attend art school. well, i used to have an aries darling but not anymore. i do have however a very very good friend in a capricorn man. we do not have sex and he calls me a lot and comes to visit me. he was just here today. we talk about life and challenges. we get along very well BUT of course we are both old people so it might be different for us. of course we do not have intimacy. he gives me hugs though. he was here and spoke to socially to my children too. i do like your beliefs in keeping yourself safe from all modern harm. that is good. i am a taurus and i am boring person naturally but i do my best as a person. i love being a mom. my parents never divorced. i am divorced. i have been a single mom for years now. i aim to be a successful mom above all. it is very funny that you describe the cap men ugly. hehe you make me laugh. ok, so we shall talk again. God bless you. Love -Ara

  28. Once a relationship is broken up, it’s best to keep on moving because coming back would only last a few days before you both remember the reason why you broke up in the first place. When a man respects a woman, he never refer to her in derogative terms like “bitch, whore, stupid, etc.” It doesn’t matter what his zodiac sign is, respect is respect. If a man wants you, he will climb any mountain to reach you. The moment any man start to play games with you by being indecisive, it’s plain and simple that he’s just not that into you. Don’t ever get confuse when he reachs back to you, it’s not because he loves and misses you, it’s because you have shown him that you are willing to take whatever abuse, treatment that will come from him. If that man is sadistic and feeds his ego by hurting women, then don’t be surprise if he keeps coming back to you for more abuse because other women have probably told him to go to hell and you’re the only one willing to continue being manipulated by him….it’s not love, not even like, just a sadistic game.
    If great sex is what you’re craving, you can get that from just about most men but emotional love would have to come from a very special man and you will know.
    I am a 42 years old taurus woman married to a sexy, gorgeous cappy man for 5 years. He’s the most romantic, respecful, affectionate man i have ever being with and it took him 6 months to propose to me. Before him, i date 2 cheating libra, 1 pervert aquarius, 1pervert and dull virgo, 1 too emotional cancer, 1 sexy taurus, 1 dull capricorn in the bedroom but i wouldn’t say that all men from these zodiac signs above are the same. The proof is after dating a dull cappy, i married a cappy that is the best lover and completely different from the first cappy. I don’t go by what the sun sign says, if you get along with someone, let it be just that and don’t over analyse things by what is writting about compatibilty.
    Take care of yourself first and a man that is meant for you will show up in your life sooner or later. You don’t want to end up with what i call “someone else’s husband”, meaning that he wasn’t made and meant for you but you forced fate and there you are paying a price. So be patient, love you first, have your own everything and never settle for less and don’t let any man diminish you in any shape of form. If you value yourself, no man would dare mess with you. Do you think the universe has someone out there for you and will keep him away from you forever? I met my husband at the right time because had it being when we were younger, we probably would have broken up or not even have been attracted to one another. Let mother nature do her thing. There’s a time a place for everything, it call destiny based on our birth chart.
    Best of luck sisters.

  29. sagittarius girl says:

    Thanks Arabella! (: yeah most of the Caps I know are very ugly. yeah I know I don’t like promiscuous people. I find them disgusting. I wouldn’t want to be friends with anyone like that. that’s great that you’re going to be a nurse! (or are you one already) that would be a great job and pays well I think. (: that’s awesome you have a Capricorn friend that helps you out! you should marry him but I guess if you aren’t attracted to him maybe not. yeah the only problem is I go out at night which I need to stop doing because it doesn’t give me happiness and sleep for days later. I like waking up in the morning now with the sun it makes me so happy. (: I dunno everyone says sagittariuses are supposed to be interesting and party people but I’m not. I think some capricorns have more of a social life than me. I’m very reserved and find it hard to make friends mostly because I can’t be bothered to talk to people I don’t like. that’s great you want to be a successful mom. I’m scared of being a mom but when I am I want to be a good mother and I want my children to love and respect me. I want to take a parenting class. (:

    this year I haven’t met anyone yet. I hope I will. I’ll try to.

    I met a Pisces last year but he’s ignored me all summer and this year too. ): he bought me lunch once because I couldn’t find my debit card and we ate together and after that we used to hang out together before class all the time. once he brought me to my bus stop and he pecked me on the cheek and hugged me. I miss him but I don’t think he misses me. ): I thought we’d be going out by now but I don’t think he’s the right one for me. I hope I’ll find the one. god guys at art school are so shy all of them! they never approach girls and from my knowledge they’re all single. this Pisces was so cute though. 😀 the best looking person who liked me, or maybe he never did I don’t know. he started ignoring me towards to end of our class together. ): anyways thanks everyone for the help!!

  30. sagittarius girl says:

    Also thanks Ash! I know he’s not the right person for me. I want to sleep with him once if I ever meet him but I doubt that would happen soon enough so it’s not worth it! I can find someone much better than him. yeah he probably told his ex-girlfriend the same things as he told me (bitch, whore, whatever). I don’t think about it anymore and he hasn’t called me that yet in the 1 1/2 years we starting talking again. I missed him but I never told him that and he was the one who came to me and I insulted him a couple times but he hasn’t insulted me yet. don’t know why. I don’t understand him but I prefer not talk to him again. I find him interesting though and he gives me compliments but I don’t know if he’s being sincere anymore. either way I don’t think he’ll have a good life by the way he treats some people he has very bad karma. I do too but probably way less than him.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever find the right person, I haven’t found him yet. ): but as long as I stay in university I should find the one for me. I need to start hanging out at the library/ getting out of the house more. but I don’t feel comfortable hanging out with most people all the time and I never have anything to talk about so I don’t know if I’ll find someone that I like. I always like people who are “out of my league” or not the right person for me. I don’t know most guys who like me are pricks but all males are pricks. I think they’re genetically made to be pricks. I cause arguments too much though.

    I dunno I’m losing hope in everything. I’ll be so old when I finish this program but at least I’ll have a good life hopefully. (: I think I’ll just get my future husband to do all my work for me and I’ll take care of the kids and cook him food. I’m such a failure of a person. that Capricorn that I hate will be so much better off than me but oh well. ): I hope I won’t be too miserable in life. I guess you don’t really need a husband as long as you have people that care about you. (: I wish I had a better life. thanks everyone though! much appreciated!!

  31. hello Ash. Thanks.
    I am a taurus woman. I am an introvert and dull and boring and loner. I top everyone here for being boring and dull I think.

    saggitarius girl:
    good to hear from you again honey. I’ve been so busy with my domestic duties and classes. I am always happy to read your posts. It makes me smile and giggle. well, my cap friend got really serious with me since 2 weeks ago that i changed my number. hehehe i got so scared. hehe he is so overly protective and i got so scared honey. hehe oh God. I must smile to all this otherwise I will just cry. i changed my cell number and he came to my house all upset. the way it sounds now, he is getting serious and i put in his place when he flirted. so now he is more careful. i am very strict honey. i am a taurus, a true stick. 🙁 i struggle having fun. BUT oh i have to tell you! i went to the beach yesterday honey! and oh my gosh! hear this ok. i was sitting on the sand so near the water and guess what! oh my gosh, a dolphin was swimming in front of me! and i was the only one there in my area at the torrance beach. it must have been the music on my BB that attracted him to me but he was playing right in front of me. i simply love nature. i can’t live without it communing with trees and beach. i walk on the sand barefoot. and i’ve been baking cake and cooking and cooking and having so much fun with my children. and i’ve been doing lots of studying. i took my first exam on micro 3 weeks ago and it was nice. i was very happy. i like taking exams.

    so i think the right guy will come to you honey when you least expect it. if you think you are dull and boring, check me out. i am the most boring and dull in this entire sasstrology site. they say that love comes when we least expect it. my son is a pisces by the way. he is much taller than me. he plays basketball and volleyball. he wants to be an electronics engineer. i am happy about that. i think we just have to wait for when God gives us the right person to spend the rest of our lives with. what country are you from by the way? well, i shall speak to you next time. i am online right now doing research on a disease for my class. God bless you honey. Love -Ara

  32. Ash:
    Hello. I am a 41 year old taurus female. 🙂
    And I am such a loner and boring. I just like to be with my kids and my family and when I am alone, I love spending time at the beach walking barefoot and walking amongst the trees at the Knob Hill Forest. I like sitting next to the birds on the sand at the beach. I don’t like loud music. It rattles my nerve. I love the sound of birds chirping and classical music. But I am very dull and don’t know when to laugh when someone tells a joke so I am working on my social skills. I also have a lot of plants inside my house because I just have to have them to be happy. I love having live plants around me. God bless you -Ara

  33. Deborah Allin says:

    Hey Arrabella. What a lovely wise woman. That is true beautiful Taurus energy you have. I know Sag girl will be drawing such strength from you. Its so painful to go through that abuse and it leaves a hole and these vampire abusers come. You have to say NO! Don’t ever let a man define you, especially with such toxic abuse and name calling. No one should have to put up with that. My Cap partner has tried to define me at times as he works on a different level got through a lot of hurt by becoming ‘strong’ but carries a lot of grief and anger at it. For a long time I bought into his definitions, due to my own lack of self confidence, and tried to twist myself out of shape, but now am learning to stand firm. You have to be yourself, express yourself and respect yourself, then and only then will you attract respect.

    What is boring about listening to birds, being in nature, taking great delight in dolphins, these are all the things I love, here in Broome, Western Australia it is just after dawn and a breeze is rustling through the palm trees, its pure delight. Taking pleasure in all these simple, natural things defines your soul. I have a major t-square with Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio and an empty space in Taurus. That empty space is where I have always found my fullness. I love that Taurus Venusian energy.

    Lots of fun reading your blogs…….xo

  34. Deborah Allin says:

    p.s sorry arabella for misspelling your beautiful name

  35. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been following this thread for the past week now & it has been so helpful for dealing with my breakup with a cap…I just wanted to join the conversation and talk with everyone about my situation & see if i can help others because we all seem to have gone thru similar things

    It’s been about 3 weeks since my cap broke up with me-of course being a cap he was not able to give me a full closure and instead sent me an email that didn’t answer any of my questions and made me more confused..

    we were together for 9 months and to this day i don’t know exactly why we broke up. we’re extremely compatible-never fought (ok once) and i know he was very happy with me. i know he’s very stressed right now because of applying to grad school and i think that’s part of the reason for the break up- he felt like he had to concentrate on his career which i understand…he is a cap after all.

    the thing is-i’m still waiting for him. i have resolved to not contact him until december, but i still have hope that we are going to get back together…am i being foolish? his email was very contradicting-he was happy with me- but underneath something wasn’t right- he doesn’t have time for a relationship right now & grad school is important to him- but if we had stayed together and he did get into school we probably could’ve worked this out. i was very good to him and he acknowledges this-he says he’s sorry but he can’t be who i need right now.

    what the hell!!!!!!! i’m the one who knows what i need!!! he’s always making decisions on his own. even about me!! that’s the only problem i have with him- he’s not a very big talker…

    he is a very good person & i think he is the one for me- as in i can see myself married & raising a family with him- that idea makes me very happy! so i’m not ready to give him up but it’s hard & sad- i miss him so much.. and he is such a good person that this is not making it any easier to let go of him! never called me names, never physically hurt me, and a few nights ago i called him-kept calling and hanging up-the next morning i saw and i hoped that it didn’t go through because i hung up pretty soon after-but it did. i received a voicemail from him..he said he had saw i called and wanted to make sure i’m ok and that if i needed to talk to him i could try again tonight or tomorrow and he would speak to me soon. i didn’t respond. he hasn’t responded to me either but i’m not surprised. whenever i was moody-he would leave me alone & give me time-i think this is what he’s doing- he is unsure why i have stopped all communication with him and i think is waiting for my signal to talk again…

    i don’t know. i guess i just want some thoughts on our situation. does anyone think he is still interested? i know he would like to be friends. but i want more than that. i just don’t know right now…

    please help!

  36. Sagittarius Girl says:

    Thanks so much Arabella! and Deborah Allin. I
    haven’t spoke to the Capricorn since the summer. I don’t intend on talking to him for a while cause he’s just going to do the same thing all over again. I think he’s obsessed with me, I’m obsessed with him too, prob why I can’t let him go. I keep imagining our life together but I know it won’t be a good time in my life if it ever happens. :\ I can find someone much better at my school but all the guys are pretty shy. :\ it’s just so much more work!

    The Pisces has ignored me all semester and never tried to talk to me so he’s not the right one for me although I though he would be and I wanted to marry him. :\ but he stopped talking to me. don’t know why he forced me to add him to facebook when he had classes together, I feel like I’ve lost him forever cause he’s an artist, his work is amazing though. whatever I think if we were ever together I’d be supporting him.

    And sorry I took so long to reply! I’ve been so busy and stressed this semester. think I’m taking a year off. :\ but thanks so much everyone for the help.

    Arabella, those stories were funny. (: I’m glad you have amazing children, I hope I will!

    I hope I can find the right one for me, but everyone in my life seems to be a prick.

    I just need to get better, I’m taking a semester/year off and hopefully I’ll do much better in school. (:

    thanks everyone though!! (:

  37. Sag girl – I am quite surprised that you found enough in common with a Pisces and a Cap to get that far – in my experience as well as in my research, we Sag girls do not get on well with either sign… In fact, Pisces are considered to be one of our worst matches, whereas Caps are considered to be mediocre matches wherein we have much to learn from them… I wonder if you have some other aspects of your chart that create a more amicable match for either one of these signs… Not that I place total and absolute trust in compatability matches, but I have experienced enough to know that, for me, I get along with Libra, Aquarius and Fire signs like myself the best!!! Good luck to you!!!

  38. Sagittarius Girl says:

    Becca, thanks I have Mars in Scorpio, and Venus in Capricorn so I guess I’m mostly attracted to the earth signs and the water signs. tbh I don’t even like the fire signs except for Sagittariuses that usually don’t even like me unless I keep bothering them. :\ I really don’t like Aries and Leos because they’re too confident and I don’t think I’ve ever liked a Leo or Aries in my life or at least not for long. they’re not loyal to me like Caps are or other signs. I like some of the celebrities that are though. I think I’m able to like every sign though. it depends how our charts connect I guess or how our aspects relate.

    the Pisces guy I actually wanted to marry cause he was so gorgeous and I thought he really liked me and I think we would have adorable children but he’s ignored me for too long so I don’t think he’s interesting anymore although he bought me lunch, and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me, and used to hang out with me all the time. I don’t know what it means. he said mean things about people in our class to me which I didn’t like, even if I agreed with him. he’s a bit intolerant. but I still love him. I don’t think he wants to be in a relationship with me though. I think he only liked the romanticism of when we had classes together. I think cause he’s a Pisces and he has Venus in Aries I think so he changes his mind a lot, at least from what I’ve read. he’s such a talented artist though I really loved him.

    The other Cap has been ignoring me too. I don’t think we could ever get married though we’d fight all the time. don’t think I could even be in a relationship together because he’d probably cheat on me. he’s so much better looking than me and he keeps making it obvious unlike the Pisces who was more accepting of me. but when he had a girlfriend he was talking/flirting with me so I’m scared he’s going to do the same thing if he’s in a relationship with me. I’d just prefer to have sex with him because I think it’d be amazing especially the make up sex. but without being in a relationship with him so I wouldn’t feel so emotionally attached to him because he hurts me too much although I would like to know more about him because he’s interesting to me.

    there’s another Capricorn that I really like but I’m not sure if he really likes me. although it seems he does because he sends me DMs on twitter all the time with kisses and he wants to help me out. I try to him out because I think he’s going through a hard time emotionally. I think I’d like to marry him too although he’s probably going to be famous (he’s in a electronic band). he’s from the UK as well. I don’t want to marry anyone famous. but he’s not as good looking as the other Cap or Pisces or even as good looking as me, but I’m still very attracted to him. I think he would probably cheat on me though.

    and there’s also a Gemini I like who I’m very attracted to. he’s not really good looking either (I think I’m better looking than him) but it makes me feel secure that he’ll love only me and not cheat on me. and he’s also from the UK. I don’t really like his accent though. he’s a musician. but I want him. I think he wants me too.

    too many guys! I can’t pick one because sometimes it seems I love them all equally and would like to sleep with them all although I don’t want to be a slut and I don’t want it to go up on the internet cause it would ruin my reputation and my family’s reputation. thanks for the help everyone though! (:

  39. sagittarius girl says:

    also the capricorn that hates me said I have shitty taste in music and I have better taste in music than him now. kind of sad. I wish he’d like better music. I thought he did before. I think he’s too loyal to the bands that suck. he needs to learn to move on I guess. I wish I had a life like his though. he’s seriously so lucky and I’m so unlucky. ): he doesn’t try to help me, all he does is insult me I don’t know if it’s because he wants me to get better or if he doesn’t like me because he’s so harsh. but I try to help him and I’m nice to him. he’s always mean to me though for no reason.

  40. sagittarius girl says:

    I think the Pisces actually wanted to go out with me because of the questions he asked me but I think he thinks about it too much and thought that we wouldn’t be a good couple (or soulmates like Pisces love) because we didn’t really have that much to talk about and our interests are not really similar although I liked his taste in music but he didn’t like the same bands as me but I liked the eye contact we would have. he was so sexy. he likes metal, but he doesn”t have long hair. he has dirty blonde hair and I find him so attractive. I wish he would go out with me but I think he’s moved on already. 🙁

    btw sorry if I sound like a slut today. it’s my time of the month but I don’t sleep with anyone I just think about it and the consequences. :\

  41. sagittarius girl says:

    btw the Pisces is now friends with this girl I was friends with but don’t really talk to anymore. I don’t have anything against her and I used to like her but she hasn’t tried to keep in contact and it seems like it’s always me. I’m scared he decides to go out with her to piss me off. she’s really cool but probably not as attractive to him than I was to him which is probably why he didn’t go out with her yet. but I’m sure they hang out all the time cause they’re in the same program/faculty and they haven’t asked me to hang out with them. although I’m not 100% sure but I think he probably doesn’t want to. I guess I’m too boring for him though. :\

  42. sagittarius girl says:

    I mean I like her but I feel like she doesn’t even like me. we went to a concert together but I feel like she’s trying to avoid me. I don’t know. I don’t really like nagging people so I’ve stopped talking to her although we’re still friends on facebook but I never go on facebook. ):

  43. sagittarius girl says:

    I dunno I felt like I was in a fairytale with the Pisces. I wish we could have kept talking/ hanging out cause he was so magical and I loved looking at him. I think he was the first attractive person that liked me except for this guy at another university I went to who was a Cancer and I loved his sense of adventure but he’s ignored me too since I left. but whenever I saw him at university he used to make me feel so much better cause he was so nice to me. and when I saw him at orientation I knew I wanted him and I had to talk to him. can’t believe I did and hung out with him so many times at parties. the first alcohol I had was from him cause he asked me if I wanted some he was very attractive as well he never used to try to hit on girls which I liked, but I think water signs move on quickly/aren’t loyal although not all of them have. it was really amazing living on campus but it was really hard on me too cause my roommates were shitty and I hated my program.

    I dunno I think I get too obsessive/possessive over guys that I like although I try to let them be if they don’t want me. when I was in high school whenever a guy I liked didn’t like me I tried to force him to like me and touch them. I think they liked it but some of them really didn’t it seems, although the ones that tried to make it seem like they didn’t (a Sagittarius who was born 3 days after me I think) tried to touch me too to bother me. he was so mean to me. I dunno I was really obsessed with that Sag all through high school but he didn’t like me and he would always tease me and not always in a good way but I loved talking to him. everyone knew I liked him though which is probably what he didn’t like. there were only really two people I liked in high school the other guy was a Cancer and he was usually nice to me and he had amazing taste in music and I had shit taste in music at the time and he used to always try to get me into amazing bands. he was so nice to me although not always. he wasn’t as good looking as the Sag, but the Sag guy hung out with all the people that I hated and the Cancer hung out with some people that I liked. I dunno it’s weird to have guys like me now cause no one did before. ): and I feel kind of traumatized so I never ask anyone out anymore. I think I’m too possessive though and too emotional probably because of the Scorpio Mars.

    another thing I hate about fire signs is that they’re unforgiving and they have this ego and they’re so fake all of them. all the fire signs I’ve liked I haven’t liked for long and I’ve forgotten about them long ago. but the water/ earth signs are the ones that are special to me because they’re been loyal to me even when I didn’t deserve it. and I think they’re much more real than the fire signs/ air signs. I think they’re more sentimental, although there are fire signs and air signs that I like but they’re all girls and they’re more loyal/ fun to be around I guess. but it’s the guys that are air/ fire signs that I don’t like usually. I like Geminis and Aquariuses though but that’s probably it.

    I think Cancers would be the best possible thing for me because all their qualities are so amazing but my brother is a Cancer and he annoys me all the time! he’s too clingy all the time/ gets in my personal space too much! not that I don’t like him but he nags me too much and I don’t like it.

  44. sagittarius girl says:

    it says this about me and the Pisces. sorry promise this is the last post. :\ sorry everyone! :\

    me’s Sun in Sagittarius — him’s Sun in Pisces
    Pisces is drawn to Sagittarius’s life-force and Sagittarius is attracted to Pisces’s spirituality. But Sagittarius needs a pal and Pisces needs a dream lover – and neither can help the other. Sagittarius’s naturally buoyant spirits are anchored by Pisces’s dependency and timidity. Highly emotional Pisces is looking for more than an occasional sex partner and restless, freedom-loving Sagittarius is looking for nothing else but bedroom high jinks keep things going for a while, but this affair slowly skinks into a quagmire.

    Trine me Sun / him Venus – 02°29′
    This positive combination fosters romance, a strong sexual attraction and long term relationships. Plus you’re likely to be just as good of friends as you are lovers! Your emotions should usually be in sync. You are sensitive each other’s physical and emotional needs and usually willing to do what you have to do to ensure they are sated. This is an excellent aspect for long term romantic relationships and marriage.

    Opposition him Sun / me Moon – 07°18′
    There might be a lack of balance in power caused by this combination. Many couples desire equality these days, and for them this aspect could cause some problems. Squabbling over control could get to such a pitch that much of your relationship’s energy is expended in an endless power struggle.

    Square me Moon / him Moon – 04°47′
    This combination is not especially favorable to long term relationships. Many times you just don’t get each other. Much of your behavior is a mystery to one another. You’re likely to come from very different backgrounds, which makes it difficult for you to find common ground on most lifestyle choices. Without other aspects in your chart that negate the influence of this aspect you are likely to find it very difficult to have a successful long term relationship when this combination is present.

    Trine me Moon / him Mars – 03°56′
    Under this influence sexual attraction is likely to be strong. It also favors sharing, harmony and a willingness to distribute tasks evenly. You should be able to work well together, and will provide each other with solid support for individual advancement. While this influence doesn’t promise a romantic connection, it certainly adds elements to your chart that will enhance any couples love life.

    Trine me Moon / him Jupiter – 00°28′
    What a wonderful aspect for any type of long term relationship! The influences behind this combination promote cooperation, generosity, and a willingness to do what needs to be done to keep things running smoothly. The harmony and stability this combination brings to a relationship creates a solid foundation from which long term friendships, business partnerships and romantic relationships can prosper.

    Trine me Moon / him Saturn – 03°53′
    While not an indicator of a great romance, the influences of this combination are ideal when addressing life’s day to day responsibilities. Knowing that you can rely on each other to get things done creates a healthy sense of security and stability. Overall this is an excellent aspect for long term relationships of any kind.

    Trine me Moon / him Uranus – 03°31′
    It is likely there is a strong sexual attraction is your relationship. Your relationship should be lively and full of excitement and adventure. This influence allows you to be all you can be as individuals as well. You love to see one another do well as an individual, and you both love to do succeed as a couple as well. Competition between you two may exist, but it is friendly, fun and unthreatening. Socially you are likely to have a large set of mutual friends who add fun to your relationship too.

    Sextile me Mercury / him Mercury – 00°22′
    Communication is excellent and totally free flowing under this influence. You are so mentally compatible that you could be described in terms of the proverbial “bookends.” Since you share many of the same interests you should have no problem finding activities you enjoy doing together.

    Trine me Mercury / him Venus – 04°04′
    Your communication is likely to be effective and gentle in nature. Words between you two will usually be spoken with kindness and driven genuine desire to do what is best for both you. You’re likely to share many of the same cultural and intellectual preferences. Overall, you should get along very well, which is very positive for long term relationships.

    Trine him Moon / me Venus – 05°23′
    This aspect has almost every influence that fosters successful romantic relationships. Sexual attraction should be strong and long lasting. You both love to share time together. Emotionally you are usually in sync which keeps your relationship well balanced and harmonious. You treat each other with respect and kind heartedness.

    Square me Venus / him Venus – 00°15′
    This is an aspect that seems to nurture the very worst in a couple. Problems are likely to arise from insincerity, a lack of genuine consideration, and self indulgence. You may find it difficult to find common interests or create a circle of friends which you both enjoy.

    Square him Mercury / me Mars – 01°19′
    Without negating aspects this combination may plunge you into an endless string of arguments and disputes that defy resolution. Poor communication challenges your ability to maintain common ground or make long term plans. When you’re not in the middle of a spat you’re likely to find yourself nervous from anticipation of your next conflict.

    Conjunction him Venus / me Jupiter – 03°29′
    This aspect is not a strong indicator of a romantic connection, but it does suggest that a number of traits favorable to a fulfilling romance do exist. You enjoy each other’s company and share many of the same interests. Generally you respect one another and treat each other with kindness and consideration. Long term relationships of all kinds are favored by this aspect. As a couple you should be popular in your social crowd and prosper financially.

    Trine him Venus / me Saturn – 06°36′
    While not an indicator of romance and sexual attraction, this aspect does suggest the development of strong, long lasting friendships and unwavering loyalty. This aspect tends to produce very stable, long lasting relationships. When in a chart favorable to romance, this is a wonderful supporting influence that is ideal for marriages.

    Conjunction him Mars / me Saturn – 07°44′
    The influence of this aspect often depends on the maturity of the couple. Young couples are likely to run into trouble due to this combination. There is a basic difference in approach that they usually cannot manage to transform into something productive. The conflict is in how things are accomplished. One is impulsive and action oriented while the other is more cautious and directed. Younger couples often lack the experience to take this apparent conflict and turn it into a positive influence. More mature, experienced couples (i.e. older) often know how to merge the action oriented influence with the more reserved influence to create a force that is very effective in attaining shared goals.

    Conjunction him Mars / me Uranus – 04°18′
    Relationships under this influence tend to be very lively even explosive. Sexual attraction is usually very strong. Maintaining individuality is very important for couples who have this aspect in their chart. As long as each of you feels as though you’re personality isn’t “absorbed” by the relationship, this can be a favorable aspect with many interesting twists and turns to keep things lively.

  45. sagittarius girl says:

    oh I’m so happy I found someone to go out with. the guy from the UK who sends me tons of DMs who’s actually nice to me finally said he wanted to sleep with me and live in my city so I can’t wait for that. he said he’s had a crush on me for a while. I’ve wanted him for so long but I want everyone. but I’ll try to be loyal to him cause I don’t want him to feel sad and I love him so much. I hope I can marry him but I’m not sure and I don’t want him to commit suicide cause I’ll be stuck but I really think we’d be perfect together. I can’t wait. he said he’s moving here in March. he knows some people in bands here. (: we’d have such a nice life together and have so many mutual friends. <3 I respect him so much too unlike the other guys. I really care about him.

  46. sagittarius girl says:

    sorry he’s a Capricorn but he’s so nice to me! and he makes me feel special and doesn’t hurt me all the time like the other Capricorn who was/ is a total asshole although I’m known him longer but it doesn’t say on our compatibility report with the mean Cap that we’ll have amazing sex.

    I don’t think I’m ready for marriage but I really want to sleep with him and spend the rest of my life with this Cap. he’s so perfect for me. he’s born January 8th and I think Caps born in January are better for Sagittariuses. 🙂 the other Cap is born in December and I’m born in December but I’m a Sagittarius.

    this is our compatibility report.

    me’s Sun in Sagittarius — him’s Sun in Capricorn
    Capricorn’s demands can’t be satisfied by Sagittarius’s flighty, lighthearted approach to love. Both have high aspirations in life but their approaches are totally different. Capricorn wants to climb to the top of the mountain; Sagittarius wants to fly over the top. Sagittarius’s frank out spoken nature is sure to rile Capricorn’s sensibilities. Capricorn is restrictive, a loner, known for its dour outlook. Sagittarius is venturesome, sociable, and expansive. Capricorn is caution with money and concerned with appearances – and Sagittarius is neither. Both should look elsewhere.

    Conjunction me Sun / him Venus – 08°19′
    This aspect suggests that you should have lots of fun together. You already share the same social interests, or will learn to enjoy novel interests each of you bring to the relationship. You have a strong intuitive sense of each other that should help maintain a harmonious, forward looking balance in your relationship. Overall, this is a very favorable aspect for a long term romantic bond. This aspect will bring out the true romantic in you.

    Trine me Sun / him Mars – 05°15′
    This energy filled combination is excellent for relationships of all kinds. Couples with this aspect in their chart are likely to be very supportive of each other. Both of you can depend on receiving a good dose of support when chasing your personal ambitions. A friendly competitive spirit is likely to push both of you to not only reach your goals, but exceed them. And if all of the above isn’t enough, this aspect indicates a strong sexual attraction in romantic relationships.

    Trine me Moon / him Venus – 00°24′
    This aspect has almost every influence that fosters successful romantic relationships. Sexual attraction should be strong and long lasting. You both love to share time together. Emotionally you are usually in sync which keeps your relationship well balanced and harmonious. You treat each other with respect and kind heartedness.

    Trine me Moon / him Mars – 02°40′
    Under this influence sexual attraction is likely to be strong. It also favors sharing, harmony and a willingness to distribute tasks evenly. You should be able to work well together, and will provide each other with solid support for individual advancement. While this influence doesn’t promise a romantic connection, it certainly adds elements to your chart that will enhance any couples love life.

    Square me Moon / him Jupiter – 00°23′
    Overall this can be a very good influence for long term relationships. You enjoy each other’s company and have a talent for keeping things light and upbeat even in bad times. When pursuing personal endeavors you encourage each other to succeed, and are always prepared to soothe the other’s wounds from challenges that are not going as well as was expected. You do have to be careful not to fall into a pattern of over indulgence. As parents you’re likely to be a bit over protective.

    Trine me Moon / him Uranus – 05°25′
    It is likely there is a strong sexual attraction is your relationship. Your relationship should be lively and full of excitement and adventure. This influence allows you to be all you can be as individuals as well. You love to see one another do well as an individual, and you both love to do succeed as a couple as well. Competition between you two may exist, but it is friendly, fun and unthreatening. Socially you are likely to have a large set of mutual friends who add fun to your relationship too.

    Conjunction him Sun / me Venus – 01°34′
    This aspect suggests that you should have lots of fun together. You already share the same social interests, or will learn to enjoy novel interests each of you bring to the relationship. You have a strong intuitive sense of each other that should help maintain a harmonious, forward looking balance in your relationship. Overall, this is a very favorable aspect for a long term romantic bond. This aspect will bring out the true romantic in you.

    Square him Mercury / me Mars – 04°05′
    Without negating aspects this combination may plunge you into an endless string of arguments and disputes that defy resolution. Poor communication challenges your ability to maintain common ground or make long term plans. When you’re not in the middle of a spat you’re likely to find yourself nervous from anticipation of your next conflict.

    Sextile me Mars / him Saturn – 04°58′
    While this aspect doesn’t indicate a strong romantic attachment it does provide a number of favorable traits that will ensure relationships of any kind flourish. This aspect is basically a melding of the divergent dispositions of an action oriented person and one that is more disciplined into an influence that is stable, harmonious, and productive. This is a favorable aspect for any kind of long term relationship.

    Square him Sun / me Jupiter – 01°40′
    This aspect tends to nurture enthusiasm, optimism, and goodwill towards each other. You really want to see each other be the very best they can be. Personal growth is very likely under this combination. Couples with this aspect in their chart must be careful to push each other too much—an occasional gentle nudge is all that’s really needed. Confidence and optimism can be so high that over indulgence, extravagance, and unrealistic expectations may become problems. Overall this aspect can be very good for a relationship as long as at least one of you can keep their feet close to the ground and ensure everyday responsibilities are addressed.

    Conjunction him Mars / me Jupiter – 04°15′
    This influence indicates couples whose lifestyle is very much like a dynamo. You are truly action oriented and enjoy facing challenges together. You should make excellent partners in any endeavor. Your optimism is contagious and spurs each of you to go further than the goals you originally set. Cooperation is excellent as well. While competition between you may exist, it is lighthearted and good natured. This is an excellent aspect all types of relationships.

    Conjunction him Venus / me Saturn – 04°12′
    This aspect is ideal for those involved in businesses and financial investments. While it won’t provide a romantic spark it does indicate stability, longevity, and trust—all qualities that make for a successful romance or friendship.

    Trine him Mars / me Saturn – 01°07′
    This is aspect can be very helpful to any type of long term relationship. A willingness to assume responsibility and the ability to stick to a plan are indicated by this influence. You’re likely to be a couple who does not take reckless risks or hurt your long term plans with endless short term overindulging. Creating a stable environment in which to grow should be very easy for you.

    Conjunction him Venus / me Uranus – 00°46′
    This aspect is indicative of a sudden burst of passion and lust. While there is a strong, adventurous and consuming connection it is likely not to be long lasting. Energies behind this relationship tend to be expended quickly. However, if your chart is favorable to a long term romance overall, then this aspect can provide a degree of oomph and excitement that would make many couples envious.

    Trine him Mars / me Uranus – 02°18′
    This is a lively aspect that suggests a shared love of adventure. As a couple following day to day routines is not likely to be your style. For you life is a voyage of exploration and new experiences to from which to learn and grow. While some may see your lifestyle as being a bit unstable, the fact is it works for you and creates a strong harmonious environment in which you can grow both as individuals and as a couple. Naturally boredom will rarely be a problem for your relationship. Your sexual life will probably very dynamic as well.

    I’m really scared of long term relationships and him cheating on me cause he’s in a band but he says he think I’m beautiful and gorgeous and he keeps telling me that and I’m always trying to help him out cause I love him and want to see him doing well. and he says I’m perfect for him and we’ll be a good couple.

    I don’t know if I’m prepared to live the next 7 years with him though. :\ I’m really scared he’ll become my life and I won’t finish my degree. 🙁 I need to be educated to be successful in life so I don’t know if I should meet someone in my school doing something in a similar field but I don’t think I will.

    he says he’s moving to my city cause his best friend in a famous band lives here and he’ll be happier here. I’m kind of scared of this but I’m also super excited to sleep with him and wake up next to him and to be his girlfriend. it’ll seriously make me so happy. he’ll be my first serious relationship. and it’ll be amazing. and I love the bands he’s friends with. I can’t wait to be friends with these bands too. he’s seriously so cool. he says he wanted me since the first he saw me but didn’t realize I felt the same way about him.

  47. ugh he’s such a prick and he has a girlfriend now. I shouldn’t have expected anything but I expected too much and we’ll probably never be together now. I hate him for doing this. I dunno he doesn’t want to stop talking to me though. but he’s not nice to his girlfriend and I don’t like that. although I don’t like her either and she really annoys me but if he treats her like that, he’ll treat me the same way. he said he’s only had bad past relationships and I think it’s because of him. I can’t feel sorry for him anymore or try to do anything for him cause he’s an asshole and I didn’t think he was. he doesn’t care about me anyways but he cares about her. and I still fantasize about him but I could never have him. I really want him though and I dunno why he decided to do this to me. he’s been ignoring me for like 1 month or 2 and I just realized it was because he has a girlfriend now. I don’t want to talk to him ever again after this. and all he does is lie and he doesn’t have a brain. ughhh. he seriously pissed me off though.

    whatever there’s probably no one for me anyways. I’ll never find the perfect one. I still haven’t. there’s a guy from my university I want to go out with but he’s a prick too. I’m sagittarius girl btw. but we have to sign up with this site now. I didn’t really want to name myself sagittarius girl again though haha. :\ hope you guys are ok though. and especially Arabella.

  48. they’re perfect together so I guess I’m just jealous that me and him could never be but he shouldn’t have told me all those things and made plans with me if he wasn’t planning to actually do them. although it would have cost him a lot of money so it’s ok. but he has an evil mind. he’s not really dumb but he doesn’t have any common sense whatsoever and I’m really pissed off at him cause he could have waited and I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with him but he ruined everything. I don’t know why he even still likes me. but he really pissed me off cause we made agreements when I first met him and now he’s gonna be with his girlfriend everywhere ughhhhh. he’s probably going to try to cause drama if he ever is with me so I don’t want him anymore. he’s a musician so I really shouldn’t have expected much but he’s one year younger than me! he’s 22 and I’m 23 and I really loved him. I think he still loves me but I can’t be a part of this anymore. :\ it’s making me feel stressed. I think he lets me push him around too much but I really am pissed off at him for him for this but I still love him. he’s a Capricorn so I dunno how he could even be a push over. he isn’t really though but for some reason he lets me. he has Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries I think. and I really want him. I have Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio. I don’t want all his friends to hate me for stealing him though and there’s probably be drama so it’ll never happen I guess ughhh.

  49. I think a lot of his friends like me though and they probably wanted me to be in a relationship with him but I just think it could never work out cause I want to be a designer and he wants to be a musician and I can’t be on the road with him all the time. but I really loved him. and I’ll miss him if we ever stop talking to each other forever although I could move on but I don’t know why he even still likes me. :\ he hasn’t even really gotten angry at me but I’ve been so mad at him! I dunno it made me lose all respect for him cause I saw another side of him that I never saw before. and I guess I am jealous that he has a perfect life and I don’t and never will. :\

  50. he’s pretty much the only person I’ve done astrology compatibility report on that our relationship was supposed to be almost perfect and I really thought it would work out. but it’s not true. and it’s really disappointing. :\ I’ve done it on like 20-30 people and all are bad for me. :\

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