Venus in Love, Mars in Heat

Do you ever wonder why the person you’re attracted to isn’t reciprocating your feelings? Or why the person who you couldn’t care less about keeps following you around like a lost puppy? We can look to the placements of our Venus and Mars for answers to these (and other) questions. Which sign Venus is in tells us our ideal of love, how we attract (and express) love, and how we want to receive love. The sign in which Mars falls tells us how we exert our energy to attain what attracts us.

Here’s a rundown of how feminine Venus and masculine Mars work together as a team to help us get (Mars) what we want (Venus) in matters of love and sex (keep in mind that most people have Venus and Mars in different signs, so mix-and-match “teammates” is highly likely).

Disclaimer: There are others astrological indicators of love and sex styles, but this entry is only discussing Venus and Mars.

Note: In a woman’s chart, her Venus sign represents her love style, while her Mars sign represents the type of man that makes her feel … lusty. In a man’s chart, his Venus sign represents the woman in his fantasies, while his Mars sign represents how he tries to persuade a woman to choose him (for sex, love, whatever).

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About the Author

Jara Dan-Fodio has been gazing at the sky and observing people all of her life. After reading her first astrology book that went beyond the 12 zodiac signs 15 years ago, the patterns she noticed began to make sense. Although she dabbles in vocational, predictive and electional astrology upon request, her favorites are depth astrology and synastry. She’s an eternal student of life and astrology is just one of her many teachers. You can find more of this 8th houser’s astro-notes at Random Astrology or Twitter.


  1. Venus in Gemini, Mars in Sag. Yup. You’re right on target there, Jara. (Thank God my Venus and Mars don’t aspect each other, they’re just in opposite signs.)

  2. Great post, Jara! I have to say that (like with many other aspects in my chart), I dislike my Venus and Mars-position. The Libra Mars, one of the more degrading, repressive, ambivalent and indecisive, passive positions a Mars can have. Oh, and Sagittarius Venus, which to me translates like; “…Don’t expect me to be around for too long or accept commitment.” Then again, I have an amazing talent for interpretting everything in my chart as negative.

  3. Venus in Aries, Mars in Capricorn – couldn’t have said it better myself. Especially the bit about Venus in Aries. . .right on there.

  4. Oh, Noctule, I think Libra and Sag are both lovely signs. Sag in Venus makes you a go-getter, optimistic, adventurous, and FUN, girl. And Libra makes you diplomatic, urbane and sophisticated. It’s a great combo.

  5. Eme Kah, you -are- right; you can interpret positive things out of other people’s charts.

    I’m marvelous at being picky and fussy about my own chart though, and you mentioned that you often tend to see the more conflicting sides of your chart.

    (Did you just call me a girl? πŸ˜› And I can’t see the “fun” and “optimistic” sides of my Venus, and neither can other people. I guess I’ll need to work on that aspect a bit.)

    Thanks for the encouragement though.

  6. Eme, even though your Gemini Venus and Sag Mars don’t aspect each other, do you ever sense a conflict there? Or does your love “team” cooperate with each other? I’ve read that of all the sign oppositions, Gemini and Sagittarius have the least problems balancing out (within an individual chart or in synastry). And how appropriate is it that you can point out the positive side of Noctule’s Sag Venus. πŸ˜‰ I swear, Sag doesn’t see lemons at all, only lemonade!

    Even though I’ve had negative experiences with people with certain Venus/Mars placements, I still wanted to show the positive side of each position because whatever the traits, there’s something compatible with it. As the saying goes, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” (that’s for you, Noctule πŸ˜› )

    Noctule, I’m extending a challenge to you (hello there, Sag Venus):
    For every negative thing you can think of about a placement within your natal chart, I want you to think of a positive one, too. This is your Mission:Impossible, if you so choose. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds…

    And thanks for the compliment on the post. I’m hoping it helps people understand themselves and others a bit better as far as relationships are concerned.

    Staci, how does your Venus in Aries and Mars in Capricorn work together?

  7. Eme, nice profile, btw. Where can I get an application to be a professional dreamer?

  8. proserpine says:

    Thanks for doing service Jara.:-)
    OK Jara, I’m a Venus in Libra and you described that very very well.Especially that I’m charming company, LOLOL.
    LOL.(still laughing).
    My Mars in Virgo..well–the last part definitely.But theres a lot more too.So, I have to think that over a bit.
    I was noticing the description of the Mars in Leo man.;-)
    I had a Pisces bf with Mars in Leo–annoyingly always with the acrobats and show-off on- stage sex.Though I don’t think he was or thought he was, showing off.He was just that way.
    So, you have both Venus and Mars in Gemini huh?
    I’m interested to know how that is for you*.

  9. proserpine says:

    Noctule honey, you seem to definitely think less of your chart than you could.
    But you also seem to be of the opinion that it all means something different than who you are.
    I offer the suggestion, that if it seems wrong somehow you have not yet seen how the deeper meanings truly fit for you.
    Signs are neither positive or negative they just are sweetie.

  10. I have a hard time seeing the good of my Venus/Moon/Pluto t-square but I AM seeing the positives of my Saturn/Sun square. I’ll be back later with a longer post answering Jara. But I wanted to just add that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t a clue how my Venus Scorpio and Mars Scorpio works, only that I seem to have a lot of admirers and yet none will come forward to me. Any advice on my venus/mars?

  12. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    All I can say is that my Aries Mars is seriously inhibited by its conjunction to Saturn, cuz I am far from assertive. In fact, I fall back on hoping I will attract via my more spiritual, poetic qualities (Venus in Pisces).

  13. Okay, Jara, you asked me if I found any conflict between my Gemini Venus and my Sag Mars. And now that I think about it: No, I don’t. I don’t really see their missions as contradictory at all, actually. They’re both interested in knowledge. One goes deep, the other is superficial but they’re both interested in the acquisition of knowledge. I think they’re both complementary, as a matter of fact. My 3rd and 9th house are both activated in my chart so I’ve always liked knowledge of all kinds. I like my Venus in Gemini bc I like to think it makes me witty and charming and lively. I like my Mars in Sag bc it trines my Leo sun and, believe me, with a Saturn/Sun square, I need a little enthusiasm or I would never survive. Also, that Mars in Sag forms a grand fire trine with my Aries MC. If I can’t get you fired up and enthused about something, no one can. And I can really make you believe in yourself, boy. I’m very proud of that skill and it integrates my Saturn/Sun square as well since I know how to give you practical advice when you’re feeling low and I know how to deal with your grumbling. (A lot of cheerful people are kinda dumb about how to deal with people’s Saturnine side but since I’ve lived it, I know just how to handle it.) I may feel very negative about my own prospects but I know how to inspire and motivate people. It can be a bit much, I admit. Cheerfulness can be annoying sometimes and people often complain that I’m too cheerful in the morning. Now, I am only cheerful in group endeavors or settings. On my own, the Saturn comes out. Now, my Venus is in the 12th house so I need solitude and my Mars is in the 5th so I know how to party but I’ve never felt any real conflict about that. It just means that I have to listen to my prana and when I’m tired and need to disconnect, I do and when I need to be social, I can turn it on. Doesn’t have to be either/or.

    Yesterday was my birthday, btw. So I’m a little self-absorbed Leo today as well. Enough about me!

  14. Fiametta says:

    Venus and Mars in Leo here, in conjunction.

    HA HA HA

    Sometimes I scare myself.

    I had two quite serious and equally unfortunate “lost puppy” accidents. The first one had Venus in Pisces, in opposition to my Sun and according to him, he was attracted to my willpower and determination. The other one had Venus in Leo (in conjunction to err.. my natal conjunction), and my “sensitivity and delicacy” attracted him to me. Go figure!

  15. blahblah says:

    Proserpine, thanks for the thanks. I just noticed that your libra venus/virgo mars combo is the same combo in my example (except with a male). I’m glad you saw some “truth” there. I can relate to your experience with a mars in leo kinda guy (except with cancer sun). He didn’t exactly like to show off hardcore in bed, but he definitely watched closely for reactions to his prowess. And let’s just say that positive feedback *ahem* enhanced his “performance”. πŸ™‚

    As for my venus and mars in gemini (no conjunction), what I find sexually attractive and what I subconsciously do to attract people is so against what I want deep down in a long-term mate. It feels at odds with my core, yet my venus/mars “team” are cooperating with each other 100%. I want to find one special person, but I get bored so easily with one person. The only person I’ve dated that has kept my attention for any length of time is a gemini with venus & mars in aries (conjunction), which scares the hell out of me for so many reasons. Also, there’s a part of me that disapproves of my love of juggling different guys, so I never quite feel comfortable dating multiple people (even though I like doing it).

    Eme, happy belated birthday!! It’s cool that you have so much optimistic spirit. I love cheerful people (as long as it’s not fake).

  16. blahblah says:

    Anon, with venus and mars in scorpio, perhaps you’re attracting (or attracted to) shy or secretive people and that’s why they don’t want to make their interest known. How forthcoming are you when you’re interested in someone?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi Blahblah. How forthcoming am I when I am interested in someone. I am at odds with myself. I’m very communicative warm and open with everyone whom I meet, but when I like someone oh brother I don’t even recognise myself. I feel out of all the areas in my life this is the one place where I just don’t know how to turn it into something substantial.
    A few examples:
    Okay so I’m confident, happy and inclusive of others I like to smile and laugh these things come naturally to me, but I run deep and I’m serious and I have high morals. So there I am having a good time with people and I’m feeling the attraction and seeing lots of twinkles in people’s eyes and it feels life giving. Now when I know I’m really liking someone this all changes in an instant I go deeply silent, I feel out of place, I can’t speak because what I sense is very profound to me. So I stand back and simply admire from afar and whenever the person whom I’m attracted to comes over to speak with me it only heightens the insecurities in some way and it never really gets past this stage. The thought of them stays with me for evermore. It’s like I go into this place that doesn’t feel good enough for them or that everyone else is better for them than I.
    The other situation that is forever present is that all the guys who seem to be drawn to me are in relationships, either that or the ones I’m drawn to I find out are in relationships so because of my morals I put my feelings to the side and everything becomes so unobtainable. It’s definitely a conflicted part of my life, and yet underneath it when I’m attracted to someone I do feel very primal and passionate and wild about them. I have also been told many times that my smile lights up everyone in a room and that I’m sexy. So this is good, but obviously I don’t want to go through life on compliments alone.

  18. proserpine says:

    Eme Kah,
    Happy Birthday!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  19. blahblah says:

    Anon, the experiences you’re describing are very common to the sign Scorpio. You mention not thinking you’re good enough for the people you like. There is an inherent insecurity in the Scorpio sign (even though it’s very powerful and self-contained), so you will have an insecurity in any area governed by your Scorpio planet. I don’t know for sure why this is, though. My guess is because Scorpio senses so much, it assumes that others are sensing just as much (that may or may not be true), which then heightens self-consciousness. In your case, it feels as if the things you want to keep hidden most (your interest) is on display for your crush to see.

    I know a Sun Libra who has Venus and Mars in Scorpio. She’s naturally flirtatious and the life of any group you put her in, but she becomes very self-conscious and self-deprecating around people she finds attractive. As a matter of fact, that’s how I know when she’s very attracted to someone. Instead of being silent like you, she tends to blurt out inappropriate stuff because she really dislikes awkward silences (she is an air sign after all). She also has this push-pull flirtiness with guys. She likes to dress EXTREMELY provocative (yet classy at the same time, go figure) and get their attention. However, once she attracts their attention, she keeps them at a distance by withdrawing the flirting or physical contact and takes a disapproving stance of them being attracted to her. Like you, she’s very moral about her sexual behavior, which she chalks up to being raised in a strict religious household. However, she doesn’t like the situations that result from her giving mixed signals (flirty yet uptight). It’s a case of being a very deep person who senses all, yet wants to live life on a more superficial level.

    It’s hard to come to terms with having personal planets (especially Venus and Mars) in Scorpio if you’re an otherwise sociable, outgoing person. No matter what your Sun or Moon sign is, with these Venus and Mars placements, you are very deep and sensitive in love and sex relationships.

    As for the attracting married or otherwise taken men, they probably sense your secretiveness and feel a kindred spirit. They may see your shyness (which contrasts with your sexiness) as you being a possible co-conspirator in keeping things undercover. They may tell themselves, “She seems like a person who can keep a secret or is used to clandestine affairs.” Or maybe you’re just subconsciously attracted to emotionally unavailable men because they don’t pose a threat to you. If they’re unavailable, then you don’t have to get involved with them and risk being vulnerable or hurt (serious issues to Scorpio). Figuring out your own motivations will help you better understand what you are projecting out into the world for others to interpret.

  20. blahblah says:

    Love only comes when you’re truly ready to receive it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Blah Blah, so many thankyous going out to you, you are amazingly talented because everything you have said I understand.

    “My guess is because Scorpio senses so much, it assumes that others are sensing just as much (that may or may not be true), which then heightens self-consciousness. In your case, it feels as if the things you want to keep hidden most (your interest) is on display for your crush to see.”

    I will come back to this after I’ve really thought about it all, but I’m really astonished that you are so in tune and can see things very clearly. Much Gratitude, you really have cast some light into a part of me that still doesn’t know quite how to be. xxx

  22. venus/libra and mars/cap. I would agree with about 50% of venus in libra..I am not the romantic type at all. Certainly not the flowery type anyway. I’m more practical than that.
    Mars in cap.. yeah.

  23. blahblah says:

    You’re welcome, Anon. πŸ™‚

  24. blahblah says:

    Jeff, it makes sense that you fall back on your Venus to attract people. In addition to the heavy presence of Saturn sitting on your Mars, when Venus is in the same sign as the Sun, the traits of that sign are reinforced. Not only do you admire (Venus) Pisces traits, but you ARE (Sun) those traits. Therefore, you end up being “in love” with that part of yourself and display those qualities easily and willingly (unless there are 0verriding challenging aspects elsewhere in the chart).

  25. Anonymous says:

    Venus in Aries, Mars in Gemini.

    I KNOW I am fun. I know that I do things in a spur of the moment, I know I explode, I know I say things humorous effect, I know I make my partner WORK to get with me, and I know I want a strong MAN that DOES NOT PUT OUT.

    I mean, sometimes I am afraid to express my venus (it squares saturn), and sometimes I hide my venus qualities (it squares neptune), but I feel alive when those energy are expressed.

    My last partner, my venus squares his sun, he did not like me exploding all over the place at all.
    The partner before that… he LOVED it. His venus was also in Aries… and when he, for example, was late, I yelled and yelled, and he responded, “… that’s kind of sexy.”

    So is it possible for a man to love a woman who’s explosive? That’s my next quest.

    – may

  26. blahblah says:

    In one word: YES! Stick with guys who have Moon or Venus in Aries. You will be his dreamgirl, with your explosive self. Both of you can laugh once the fireworks calm down…and then create new ones by having some good makeup sex (you know, the kind you love). πŸ˜‰

  27. blahblah says:

    Fiametta, I meant to tell you that I find it interesting that the guy whose Venus in Leo conjuncts your natal Venus found you to be “sensitive and delicate.” I never would’ve described Venus in Leo like that. I guess sensitivity and delicacy is in the eye of the (Venus in Leo) beholder. πŸ˜‰ Do you see yourself the same way that he does?

  28. Jara, actually both cases scared me a bit.

    After all both Venus in Leo and in Pisces are prone to idealizing the object of their affection.
    Very often I had “who are you talking about?” moments.
    Well.. Leo is a valiant knight in a shining armor and one of favorite activities of such person is rescuing delicate and sensitive damsels from distress. I think that was the case.
    There’s also the problem of my Ascendant but we’re talking about Venus/Mars here.

  29. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    Very often I had “who are you talking about?” moments. < -- Ok, this comment literally had me LOL. I've been through this before, too. When I don't recognize the description that someone is putting on me, I know it won't be long before I come tumbling down from the pedestal they put me on. One guy described me as a very forgiving person and I'm sorry, but no. He found out the hard way. Your Cancer ascendant must’ve had the Leo trying to come to your rescue. Just because Cancers enjoy “poor me” bitch sessions doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves. πŸ˜‰

  30. One guy described me as a person who is unable to harm anyone, even in self-defense. I’m not proud of that, but I got violent with HIM once, and that was a very calculated move on my part – I was trying to prevent few people from getting hurt. Nothing else was working πŸ™

    I really like being Cancer rising, but sometimes it can be quite taxing. At least I think that’s what makes guys who are twice my age and more becoming attracted to me. Really awkward situations, but at least my friends get a good laugh when they hear about my so very unwanted “adventures”.

  31. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    You think the guys that are attracted to you have Daddy complexes?

  32. Hm, the ones who are close to my age – it depends. When it comes to the ones who are significantly older, I think they’re mostly looking for reassurance that they can still be appealing to young females.
    I’m nothing but a tool then, especially because I look gullible and innocent just enough.

    If they’re only trying to be charming, I can deal with it.

    However somehow I also get into situations like when I was going by train around 7 am, after sleepless and quite unpleasant night, and I got into short quarrel about gender roles with that around two decades older stranger. I quickly ended it, apologizing that I was simply too tired to continue, so he started insisting firmly that I should take a nap, with my head on his lap (necessarily!).
    Such generous and helpful citizens are foundation of our society, honestly.

  33. at about a man Venus in Aquarius and mars in Pisces combination?
    please tell me what you think

  34. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    A man with Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Pisces?

    [Note: I’m gonna assume he’s heterosexual in my pronoun usage.]

    He thinks friendship is an essential part of a relationship, so he may be attracted to women he views as buddies or mental soulmates. It could take him FOREVER to make a move on a woman he’s interested in (for various reasons)…unless she’s already taken. In that case, he might flirt a LOT because he knows nothing may ever come of it. πŸ™‚

    In dating, he prides himself on being different and will work hard at shattering any preconceived notions you have of him. He might have a few rigid dating rules that make no sense to anyone but him – for example, refusing to kiss on the first or second date, but sex on the third date is OK. But he will view himself in relationships as open-minded and low-maintenance.

    He will try to impress a woman by becoming her ideal man and being very attentive, but he requires a lot of space in relationships. As a result, this guy has the potential to give off mixed signals, leaving a trail of heartbroken women who are confused as to how a man can be so caring, yet so distant at the same time. He’s the boyfriend/husband who would be OK with his girlfriend/wife having male friends. You’ll know he loves you when he introduces you to all of his friends. Show him you love him by planning a group activity for his and your friends.

    He’ll have very certain opinions about relationships and marriage, but the explanations for his opinions will be vague. The right woman for him is the woman who appreciates his strangeness and enjoys experimenting with the rules of “normal” relationships.

  35. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    I forgot to add how he is in the bedroom:

    Any and everything goes! The stranger, the better. He’ll want to try different stuff in the bedroom and wants to know that his partner is up for anything. If he successfully blends the energies of his Venus and Mars, he’ll be able to experiment with some downright freaky stuff while still making his partner feel special.

    Lastly, this guy is probably more prone to wanting “open relationships” than the average guy. Neither Aquarius, nor Pisces are signs most noted for their ability to be monogamous, if you know what I mean.

  36. Wow, this blog has got quite a lot of comments, so now I want some questions answered too πŸ™‚

    1. I have Venus and Mars in Virgo. Why do few people have Venus AND Mars in the same sign ? Does this make me an exception to the general rule ?

    2. What about my combination ? Because I don’t feel as if I’m the person described here… except maybe the “get to know him COMPLETELY before making the first move”, but I always thought that was because of my Sun, or my Ascendant… I have Sun in Scorpio and Taurus Ascendant, I feel more like myself when I’m reading THOSE descriptions. Some explanation would really help me a lot… ??

    3. I’m attracted to two guys; one with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius, the other with Venus in Aries, Mars in Taurus. Is at least ONE of those two “things” going anywhere ? ( Don’t really know that much about aspects and stuff…. YET ! )

    If someone could help me, I wouldn’t be left wondering.

  37. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Kate, to answer a few of your questions: Venus takes 224.7 days to orbit the Sun, whereas Mars takes 687 days, so they don’t “hook up” in the same sign as frequently as, say, Mercury and Venus might.

    Re: your Scorpio Sun and Taurus Asc, we are all complex individuals and different parts of ourselves are expressed at different times, depending on environment, transits and so on. This article is about seduction style, but of course the Sun and Asc also relate alot to how we express ourselves.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I have Venus in Libra, and Mars in Virgo too! Both of them are also in my 7th house, but I don’t really understand what this means in terms of what kind of guy/relationship would be good for me. Any advice?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that I’m also Scorp sun, with a Capricorn moon which doesn’t seem to help me open up emotionally. I have Pisces rising, which makes for a fun “mask” though!

  40. Wow this is one helpful blog, I’ve bookmarked it for handy reference. Mars in Leo / Venus in Virgo is a contradictory combo as I come on strong giving off lusty vibes (flaming hot Mars) but am very passive, submissive and procedure-oriented (serviceable Virgo) in the bedroom. Which puzzles the men who expect something different–and used to puzzle me, until I stumbled upon astrology and devoured my natal chart for dinner every night. Now I devour others’ charts and the insights are epiphanies of sorts, clears up a lot of confusion. Thank you.

  41. mars in libra: “indirectly pursues object of affection using a classy approach”
    Venus in Scorpio: “believes love should be passionate, intense, and life-altering…dresses provocatively but is a virgin…flirts through seduction”

    I’m shaking my head in amazement, If I didn’t know better, I would assume that you know me personally. I also admire the advice you gave to anon being that I’ve had somewhat very similar experiences. Thank you.

    Would you care to inform me a little about a guy with cancer venus and aquarius mars? How would they show their interest/what attracts them?

  42. Hopeless Fishy says:

    Hello all. Just wanted to add more food for thought.

    Have Aquarius Venus and Pisces Mars here. I can totally see how Jara’s descriptions are true. The way I think mine plays out for me is that I tend to look for the more sophisticated and mature woman, who isn’t a teeny bopper. If I had to choose between hot-just-out-of-high-school-and-now-legal cheerleader and sexy 30ish businesswoman, there isn’t without a doubt I go for the latter. There’s nothing to talk about with the cheerleader, and not enough life experience to connect with.
    I feel like I am chronically attracted to women older (or more accurately, more mature) than me. But I’m a little immature myself so it doesn’t make it a huge step πŸ˜›
    As to how I try to convince the beauties….Pisces Mars is true.

  43. Anonymous says:


    I’m a Leo gal with Venus in Virgo (7th house cusp) and Mars in Scorpio. I’m deeply attracted to a Taurus guy with Venus in Pisces and Mars in Taurus. And in fact he’s taking all his time to make a move although I’ve always felt we were tuned to each other. Can any one tell me what they think of this match? Muchas gracias…

  44. Anonymous says:

    Mars in Gemini
    Venus in Virgo

    couldn’t be more accurate

    somehow,i really dont like the fact that i am Venus in Virgo though.


  45. Anonymous says:

    I am cursed with a Venus in Pisces. Wouldn’t be so bad if I were any other sign, but I am an Aquarius, and it makes things very difficult.
    With my Mars In Sag and my Aquarius Sun, I go after what I want and am very detatched from anything too emotional, and the only signs that draw me in like flies are Aries, Gemini, and Libra.

    They fall in love with me because of my air & fiery qualities, but once they scratch the surface and some time has gone by, that damned Venus in Pisces comes into play, and I find myself willing to walk through fire for them. It’s really the most suffocating of all the Venus signs, and it drives every man I know insane (I’m happiest with air signs).

    Any advice?

  46. angelineelise says:

    @anonymous 11:21

    My advice….love yourself! πŸ˜‰

    Pisces is not the most suffocating sign at all…in fact I’ve dated lots of piscean men who actually gave my moon, venus and mars aqua tons of space!!

    You can’t change your chart and you have to realize what you have is your gift…if it makes them uncomfy then you can both work to create a safe place…if not then you need to be with someone who will appreciate it.

    I dated a gem with a cancer venus….his moon was in aqua, mars in gem…that cancer was really out of place…but he’s learning what he needs and it’s a balancing act…thats all!!

    One step at a time.

    Good luck!!


  47. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anonymus,
    thats my problem as well! My Sun in aquarius, Mars in Aries, Moon in Leo and Venus in Pisces!!!

    I am really unhappy about my pisces venus, I totally understand what are you talking about

    And I dont know either how to handle it….

  48. Anonymous says:

    How would you describe Pisces/Pisces combo… or Aries/Virgo?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Wow, never read a more accurate description of Venus Scorpio (which I am) AND Mars Cancer.

    I’d like to point out that the combination is NOT a “mix” of the two – rather, it is BOTH simultaneously !

    Strange to conceive, because they seem so opposite in description – yet true.
    I’d only add that a lot really is reflective of the woman i’m with (i’m a man) I.E., which is the one more pronounced: VenusSCorpio, or MarsCancer.

    Is there another way to look at it ?

  50. Can anyone please tell me what I should expect from a guy who is sun in Taurus, Venus in Aries, mars in Taurus? Thanks!

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