Venus in Love, Mars in Heat

Do you ever wonder why the person you’re attracted to isn’t reciprocating your feelings? Or why the person who you couldn’t care less about keeps following you around like a lost puppy? We can look to the placements of our Venus and Mars for answers to these (and other) questions. Which sign Venus is in tells us our ideal of love, how we attract (and express) love, and how we want to receive love. The sign in which Mars falls tells us how we exert our energy to attain what attracts us.

Here’s a rundown of how feminine Venus and masculine Mars work together as a team to help us get (Mars) what we want (Venus) in matters of love and sex (keep in mind that most people have Venus and Mars in different signs, so mix-and-match “teammates” is highly likely).

Disclaimer: There are others astrological indicators of love and sex styles, but this entry is only discussing Venus and Mars.

Note: In a woman’s chart, her Venus sign represents her love style, while her Mars sign represents the type of man that makes her feel … lusty. In a man’s chart, his Venus sign represents the woman in his fantasies, while his Mars sign represents how he tries to persuade a woman to choose him (for sex, love, whatever).

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About the Author

Jara Dan-Fodio has been gazing at the sky and observing people all of her life. After reading her first astrology book that went beyond the 12 zodiac signs 15 years ago, the patterns she noticed began to make sense. Although she dabbles in vocational, predictive and electional astrology upon request, her favorites are depth astrology and synastry. She’s an eternal student of life and astrology is just one of her many teachers. You can find more of this 8th houser’s astro-notes at Random Astrology or Twitter.


  1. that’s what I wanna know too !

    A guy with sun in taurus, venus in aries, mars in taurus… I’d REALLY like to know what’s up with that ! (and so does Lisa apparently)

    If he likes you, does that mean you should take the first step or wait for him to do it ?

    When do you know if he likes you as “something more” than just a friend ?

    Plus, isn’t it awkward for him to be attracted to a girl (mars) that’s completely different than the one he wants to have as his girlfriend (venus) ?

  2. Hello Aquarius Sun, Moon, merqury; with Mars and Venus in Aries/ AS Leo. I Wanted some advice, if possibel, on the man I am dating. He is a Cancer sun/Venus with Mars in Gemini. Should I even invest anymore time. O and his moon is in Pisces/ merqury in Leo with AS is Leo.

  3. hello..thanks for the article!
    i am gemini with venus and mars both in cancer..and i like an aquarius guy with venus mars in capricorn. good lord!
    no progress at all ๐Ÿ™

  4. Anonymous says:

    WELL MY MARS IS IN SCORPIO! and umm im just realizing how POWERFUL this placement really is. plus my venus is in aquarius i am always at odds and ends with my love life. but i wouldnt have it any other way. i am not overly jealous because of my venus thank god. even considering im a water sign(sun and moon) but i do have a thing for taboo things…and being intellectually stimulated…
    but it is sooooo HARD TO DEAL WITH!
    but the best placement because ppl do actually fall at my feet at times…

  5. Delia Franz says:

    any advice for Venus-Pisces Mars-Cancer girl involved with a Venus-Aries Mars-Sagittarius man. fire plus water= steamy….?

  6. To the author of this article,

    I have never read a satisfying description of Mars in Pisces.
    Well done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Good article!!!
    LOVE them mars in Scorpio MEN – forget the SUN – sensual, most intimate sex, took us out of this planet throughthe whole experience. Both long term relationships:)
    (Firey mars NEXT Leo, ARIES, Saggi they are too aggressive but great in bed:))

  8. Capri_Girl says:

    WOW…Thanks Jara.

    Right on point, Venus in Aquarius- believes love should be dessert with friendship as the main entrรฉe; likes free-spirited, eccentric people who arenโ€™t afraid to go against the status quo; attracts love by being friendly to everyone; flirts by sharing unusual ideas and opinions; wants a best friend, intellectually stimulating company and emotional detachment in relationships; discussing new, inventive ways to have sex is an aphrodisiac” and add the 5th House/House of Pleasure to that, ooooh baby. While Mars is in Scorpio, I love me a passionate, Intense, powerful man, I could go on and on.

    I think I am finally understanding why I am so hypnotize by this guy.
    We have the exact birthdate, born 5 mins apart. We have all the planets in the same signs & houses.

    P.S.*** What do you think of this Venus in Aquarius & Mars in Scorpio twin combination?*** I think they are perfectly match, am a wrong?

  9. aqua girl says:

    so, how does sun-mars and sun-venus compatability affect sexual/romantic compatibility? if a man’s mars isn’t THE most compatable sign for your venus (say, sag mars to cap venus) but your sun (and moon, come to think of it) sign is fine with his mars, does that help out the situation a lot?

    also, what if your mars sign opposes his venus sign? good? bad?

  10. Sun&Jupiter says:

    just an opinion question for everyone:

    what do you think is more powerful in determining compatability: sun, moon, venus or mars? or something else entirely…?

    i know that the combo of all these is important, but i have met people for whom one planet is the most powerful in their “love lives” and it’s not necessarily the one you’d expect…

    thanks for your thoughts…

  11. I’m an Aries-Sun with Mars in Pisces and Venus in Aries, my potential is a Gemini-Sun with Mars in Taurus and Venus in Cancer. Even though my chart doesn’t say so, I’m into the staying power and these somewhat submissive points on my potential’s chart. But she’s giving mixed signals. She flirts, then I do, but then she says she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Is this a game? Or is she flirting without knowing it? Or maybe she’s sensitive when I flirt back? And how compatible are our aspects together?

  12. Sun&Jupiter i really don’t think you can make a generalization. It has alot to do with which of your planets are strongly aspected by your partner’s, as well as what your planets signify. If Mercury rules your 7th house, it will have a pretty strong significance even thought it’s not a “love” planet.

  13. thecountess says:

    I think someone asked this already but i’d like a little more clarification if anyone would like to jump in. if your venus signs aren’t completely compatible (your ideals about love) but one person’s SUN would be attractive to the other person’s venus, does that help in any sort of way? and also if your love ideals aren’t the easiest matchup, like say venus sag that wants “undefined commitment” with a venus in cap that wants “solid commitment”, how can you leverage these two aspects to work for mutual benefit? and p.s. we both have mars in aqua so we’re all set in THAT dept. – especially being one scorp sun and one aqua sun. insane crazy sex that may just save the world one day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. OMG,this is so true. I’m a Virgo sun,pisces moon, with scorpio in venus and mars in cancer. Its so true, I do flirt through seduction and love to cuddle, LOL.

  15. Had to laugh out loud when I did a search for the two guys in my past who were very passionate, loving, caring, and incredible in bed. Both are Venus=Capricorn and Mars=Sagittarius! I am a Pisces female with Venus=Aquarius and Mars=Aries. How did this happen???

  16. for LL (Aqua/Venus in Pisces)…

    you mentioned “dead end jobs”, and that you have a child… I’d like to echo, be alert… Aquarians can take a comment at face value… for example, if money is an issue, they’ll go out, and make it… if you intimate that you want to avoid introducing confusion to your child, they’ll alleviate, and bring harmony to that child… once these aims are achieved, they’ll deduce that there should not be any barriers to commitment on your part… and you may see their impatience grow… so, if your hesitation runs deeper, they won’t sense it… let’s say an aversion to marital involment, or cohabitating… or if the courtship is fresh …and you would like to see how the dynmaic changes when it ripens, or starts to grow stale …you may have to consider telling him this …he’ll offer to help you make up your mind …to which, you can reply that you need to exorcise your own demons, but as it stands, his current comportment is helping you to mitigate any fears you may have …and reaffirm that you will not hold him off indefinitely

    …met an Aqua Thurs. night; she asked if I wanted to be her bf; not certain if she was trying to gauge my response, or if she was serious; she invited me to buy her dinner; round 2… we’ll see how it goes; I should get my head examined, but as I say, “no two sun signs are the same”

  17. cherryblossom says:

    this article has helped me a lot in discovering why ppl im uninterested in or platonic friends hang around like puppies while those i am interested in just won’t come near. venus in aquarius/mars in taurus. so whenever I play the coquette/befriend guys, they’d be attracted to me romantically. and I realize I often try to prove how successful i am or would be in life to guys i am interested in (unconsciously and have no idea why i speak like a fund manager) and totally turns them off. should flip the feminine/masculine side now. love this article.

  18. I am a Cancer with Aries asc. My Venus is in Taurus and Mars in Sagittarius. I don’t know why, but I am insanely attracted to this guy I know, he is a Virgo with Libra asc, with Venus in Libra and Mars in Virgo. When we are around each other, there is this feeling of nervousness and attraction, we speak a bit but there are moments where he just looks into my eyes and doesn’t say anything, its a bit awkward. Does this combination work?

  19. I have capricorn venus and mars pisces my girl has sag venus and mars pisces (me 1/5/70 -3am-philadelphia,pa) (her 1/14/68-1pm-jena,la)

  20. I am Venus in taurus mars in Virgo


  21. I just broke up with my bf,he is sun in gemini 10th house,venus in aries 8th house,mars in pisces 12th house,and me,i am libra rising libra 1st house,venus in scorpio 2nd house and mars in libra 1st house.I ean born on 10.20.1987 and him 05.26.1990,I just want to know if we ever have a chance to be together again.We have heated fights!

  22. I’m a Sun Cancer, Moon Taurus, Venus Leo and Libra Mars. What male zodiac placements are most compatible with my placements?

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