Scorpio man won’t date Leo woman, but he’s jealous anyway

Marie provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

He’s Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus, Asc in Aquarius and Venus in Virgo. So traditionally it’s promised that we’ll have more tension than harmony. He was the one who pursued me, probing into me with his curious questions, which partly helped me to know myself better. It took a lot out of me to admit that i am in love with him, in which he thought deeply and said “There is no chance between us”. Despite that, i am not allowed to hang out with his best friend (let alone other guys), and we constantly have arguments which often ends with me saying “I don’t see why we’re arguing about this, we’re not even a couple” and he’ll withdraw away into his secret place.

I get confused with his actions, the constant hot and cold, and the uncertainty of it all, i tell myself to move on and forget about him but even that seems like a mistake.

What should i do?

Your not-boyfriend’s Sun and Moon are in possessive, controlling signs. Taurus likes to own things — a valued person is equivalent to an object that he doesn’t want to part with. And Scorpio, as you know, can get rather jealous. His behavior isn’t rational — you’re not even a couple — yet since when was there logic to love? He obviously has feelings towards you, he just — for whatever reason — doesn’t want to legitimize them. So he has no “right” to keep you from talking to other men (not that a real boyfriend has the right, either).

You have a Pluto-Venus-Moon T-square, which means that your Venus and Moon oppose each other along the Leo-Aquarius axis, with Pluto in Scorpio making a 90-degree square to both of them. (Read my post on the Moon-Venus conflict.) Pluto contributes to these emotional, relational planets a big dose of control, manipulation, intensity and probing. Power and love go hand-in-hand for you — your Scorpio not-boyfriend is simply the paper clip drawn to your magnet. (That is, you attracted him to work out your stuff.)

Your independent Aquarius Moon is in your 5th House of Romance, yet your vibrant Venus in Leo is in your 11th House of Friendships. The 5th is naturally associated with Leo, and the 11th with Aquarius. Could it be that you have difficulty with the friends and lovers dichotomy? (Or is there even one?) You’re emotionally detached in dating, yet flirtatious in groups. This not-relationship may perfectly meet your needs!

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  1. That Scorpio-dude sounds a lot like me. The whole; “No chance between us ever, but I’ll be damned if you even look at anyone else. I don’t care how destructive it is, you shouldn’t fall for anyone else.”-thing without a logical or reasonable explanation.

    Well, in my chart I connected it to my Venus and Moon-aspects, the desire to be acknowledged and noticed. Not to mention the withdrawal, isolation and hostility if god forbid someone I occupied the interest of got intrigued by someone else. I also get envious and jealous easily, but I connect it to insecurity.

    I wonder if that Scorpio acts like that because he likes his ego to be rubbed to feel safe. Of course, when the Leo told him that she was in love with him, that must have given a sense of granted power and control, and whenever something (such as a different focus, love-interest, anything) interferes with that, the Scorpio becomes jealous and like he’s losing the control.

    I dare to say that I am in a similar situation, only with a Pisces. I’m constantly turning down suggestions of relationship, but god forbid if the Fish even mentions someone else.

    In a sense, the conflict (“We can never be together”) also makes everything so much more dynamic and constantly intriguing.

  2. Hey, Marie: I have a similar Moon/Venus/Pluto t-square. In fact, when I read this entry, I thought Jeff was talking about me and I was all, Huh, I don’t remember asking about this… And then I looked at the chart and realized that it wasn’t me. Took me a while, though.

    Here’s what I have to say: It’s Venus retrograde time. Time to review one’s ideas about love, one’s past relationships, etc. It’s also time to be truthful to oneself. Only when you’re honest do you find healing. Being honest, truly honest is HARD bc so often one has a lot of fantasies about life and one would rather live in denial. With Pluto in the mix, there’s a dark side: the need to control and possess, like Jeff said.

    With Venus/Pluto/Moon aspects, you have to be willing to look at your own dark side, your own manipulative tactics in love and in sex, your own vampishness. Lord, girl, as women with this t-square, we can be the original femme fatales and with Venus in Leo, the Moon in Aquarius, and Pluto in Scorpio, I bet you absolutely SMOLDER. You have tremendous erotic power. Use it responsibly and not to play mind-games with men (unless they want you to tease and state it openly. That can be beautiful and fun as well). Of course, you may not be aware that you are playing mind games. This might be something that you are in denial about bc maybe you have that Moon/Venus dichotomy, that Madonna/Whore idea and you might be over-identifying with the “nice” side of it, maybe with the “Oh, I’m just a good friend, a guys’ gal.” That Venusian Leo can be very much in love with an image of itself as noble and good. So that’s task one: seeing your dark side when it comes to love and sex.

    Your Scorpio might be responding to that. (I know, crazy right? A Scorpio who gets off on sexual power games, what is the world coming to?) You don’t mention the circumstances that keep him from being in a relationship with you. After all, there might be legitimate reasons. He might be married or he might be your boss or he might be your priest or he might be your college professor. Venus/Pluto can also manifest as taboo situations, is why. From what you state, I wouldn’t be surprised if the situation is conspiring to keep you apart, hence his saying that there is no chance between you. OR maybe too he is deep in self-loathing (a common Scorpio state of mind, btw) and he has disavowed love bc he is afraid that he is “radioactive.” If this is so, he needs to heal himself and he’s doing you a favor by not pursuing a relationship with you. In your letter you are not very straightforward on this count.

    How does he know that you hang out with other men, btw? Does he stalk you or do you tell him? With that Venus/Pluto/Moon combo, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were telling him, Marie, as a ploy to shake him out of his decision not to commit. Also, how are you not allowed? You are not together and you are a grown woman, with your own life. Think long and hard about the ways you are allowing him to have a say in your life and WHY. Maybe you feel that his wanting to control you means that he does love you after all. Either way, take some responsibility for the situation you are both creating.

    If none of these reasons apply, then obviously, you are staying in a situation that is clearly going nowhere. What are you getting out of it? That’s what you must ask yourself. Look, there IS such a thing as staying in a difficult situation bc you are getting something very deep out of it. This is the kind of thing that only you can judge for yourself. On the surface, it sounds sadomasochistic but this man may well be offering you something that no one else does. Maybe he is the only man with whom you can be your true self. Maybe he accepts you for who you really are and no one else does. Maybe he is the only man who makes you feel utterly beautiful. I really don’t know. Only you know. Only you can judge.

    I’d like to say that with Pluto involved, the higher side can be very healing as well. It doesn’t have to be about control. In fact, maybe all of this drama that you are both creating is just about amping the intensity. There are other, more honest ways of intensifying a bond, though. For instance, you can accept that this is where he is at. He cannot move into a relationship with you at the moment for reasons that you never state. Maybe he never will. You can accept that you will have a deep erotic friendship that will never be consummated. Or that won’t be consummated at this time. Basically what is happening is that there’s a power struggle here and you’re not acknowledging your part in it. Relinquish your own need to control and the dynamic will change. I am not saying that it will change in a way that will be satisfactory to you or that you can foretell. But you will find tremendous healing and even ecstatic happiness when you relinquish your need to control the script and when you move deeply into the actual core of your connection. (Pluto/Venus/Moon can also be exquisite, believe me.)

    The thing is: this is the situation. Accept the terms of the deal or walk away. You have a choice! You are being disingenuous in your letter when you make it sound like you don’t. In other words, Marie, savor his company for who he truly is and what he truly can give you, if you find in your heart of hearts that you can’t part with him. And if you do some soulsearching and decide that this guy is just a possessive jerk and that the only thing you are getting from him is the erotic charge of the drama you’re writing together (this is very possible as well), then take control of your own role and walk away. It isn’t abandonment if you leave a situation that diminishes you, which is another way that Pluto/Venus/Moon can guilt you into accepting the unacceptable.

  3. notanonymous says:

    Heh–“for whatever reason.” Those words seem to come up whenever I ask someone I value for advice about the Scorpio man I’ve fallen for. That’s because none of my friends–including the ones with happy relationships, advanced degrees and great people sense–(even the one who is LITERALLY a rocket scientist!!)–can fathom this dude’s motivations.

    I think I’m starting to figure it out through basic sun sign astrology. I’m a Leo, he’s a Scorpio. He wants and needs to control our relationship. And the only way he can completely control it is not to have one!! He’s very bothered by all the men who are interested in me, and by the fact that my ex-boyfriend even exists, and he’ll ask me weird, obsessive questions about other guys. It seems like, in various aspects of his life (I’m starting to get to know him better as a friend), the Scorpio makes these big Decisions and then sticks with them even if they’re bogus and ridiculous and go against his heart and body. This guy made me doubt myself! For the first time in my life. But now that I know him better, I understand better. I DO still know when a man’s attracted to me. He’s just Weird.

    It sounds like you’re in a similar situation. Your Scorpio has made a Weird big Decision (“We Will Never Work”–as if he’s so psychic and omniscient), and he will stick with it until he reincarnates. The reason is that, unlike for Leos, pleasure is not his main motivator. It’s control. As Leos, if we love someone romantically, we will eventually break down and explore those feelings (preferably all over their prone body), even if we think the thing might be doomed in the future. The Scorpio will try to protect the gooey innards under his carapace by NEVER acting on feelings he thinks might hurt him.

    Or, mine thinks I’ll hurt him. Yours might feel radioactive (as eme kah suggests) and be protecting you from himself, and/or sure that you won’t love him anymore once he gets close.

    Mine seems to be coming around. He’s so eager to talk to me lately–the friend thing is working–I wonder if once he knows he can trust me, he’ll ever rethink his Decision with a capital D.

  4. eme>
    thank you for your pretty much found out everything about me!

    sad to say, it is true that i’m quite vamp-ish. i’ve done everything to make myself LESS attractive, from not bothering with my appearances to behaving pretty much brutishly like a male, but i still get the attention. guys all around me, god knows why they’re attracted to me in the first place. and yeah i DO say that “Oh, I’m just a good friend, a guys’ gal.”, but it gets difficult sometimes. i’ve even once told a good friend (who admitted he was attracted to me) to never ever fall in love with me, but to no avail. the friendship is gone, i just had to distance myself from him.

    I have been reviewing myself lately, asking myself abt my position in Scorpio’s life and all. I kinda gave him the cold shoulder last week, said some pretty mean things to him. We argued in public too, i was crying and shouting at him (drama queen that i am), until it reached a point where i just calmed down and said “we’re not a couple but we’re fighting like we’re one”. and suddenly he just kept quiet, stares at me and says “fine, if you put it that way. let’s forget we ever fought.”
    after that, i told myself that i’m never gg to waste any more time on him, thus i gave him the coldest iceberg of a shoulder i could ever manage. but the fact that he sent me a msg saying sorry (“sorry for the things you think i’ve done wrong” was what he exactly sent me), and since it’s coming from a Scorpio, i’m sure it took a lot out of him to say that.

    the reason that he tells me there is no chance between us is because we’re both in the same band (just 2 of us!). I asked him if he was EVER in love with me, and he admitted he did before the band thing came up. SO YEAH TRUE that’s the legitimate reason which i never mentioned. i was quite upset (if only the Band never came up), he says “let’s work on the songs first, the relationship can wait”. SO yeah.
    And he does self-loath, he thinks he’s unworthy of my affections and attention. he thinks i’m the brain of the band, he thinks he can’t do anything. tried persuading him tt i’m just normal, that both of us are equal and no one is better than the other, but it’s not working.
    and he says he’s afraid because his last relationship really wounded him (despite the fact tt it happened years years ago). he won’t dwelve into it, but at least he mentioned it. his best friend doesn’t even know he had one.
    and then there’s family issues, which i believe played a part in the reason why he’s so afraid of sentiments and attachment.

    He was kinda “stalking” me in a sense, when we were just friends in the beginning he was soooo curious abt this other guy i was dating. found out a lot of things abt this other guy that i didn’t want to know, god knows where he got his sources from. he would ask why i’m attracted to that guy, why i didn’t get into a relationship with that guy in the end blah blah. in the end i had to tell him to stop talking about THAT guy because the past is past. i tell him about the guys with flowers on my left and right, and judging from his responses i know he doesn’t like it. (“ok fine go with that guy then i don’t care. i’ll give you my full blessings i’ll attend your wedding” is what he says. sounds spiteful to me.)
    He once said “i nv care for people, because if i do i am more liable to get hurt” (in which after that i gave him the cold shoulder and he got upset and says he contradicts himself a lot of times)
    so its true, notanonymous, He’s just Weird. 😀

    So right now, i’m just letting it be as it is, this half-thing. i am patience amplified, sometimes. and sometimes i do derive comfort from his control. reminds me of my father, who still tries to impose a curfew on me despite the fact that i’m in my twenties. my dad just doesn’t want me to end up like my mom, which i truly understand. enough one addict in the family.

    And yes Noctule, all these makes everything so much more dynamic and constantly intriguing.

    here’s a link to his chart, if you all wanna read it.

    the reason why i have no qualms abt sharing all of this with you is because i believe knowledge is important, we all can learn something new from this.
    i hope you all continue to give comments!

  5. Well, Marie: Don’t try to hide your beauty and sex appeal. As you can already see, it’s unsquelchable. The only consequence of trying to hide it is that you will feel ugly when you’re not–I don’t see how being blind to reality helps anyone, do you? And it’s not a sad thing to be alluring! It’s who you are. You have it, enjoy it. Revel in your beauty for its own sake and not as a tool. I think that might be the Moon/Venus opposition working there, that need to suppress your beauty bc you feel that it might hurt you or others. You are a ravishing woman and there is nothing you can do about it. Men have to put up with it, ya know? If you have a friend and he falls for you and you were honest and can’t reciprocate, he needs to take care of his pain on his own.

    It’s not about looks, either but about a kind of energy. So, see, it’s useless for you to try to hide it with ugly clothing or bad haircuts or mannish gestures. You just exude it and you probably always will until you’re very very old. The thing is not to use it as a tool but to enjoy it for its own sake. Really, you have a choice and you can control your actions. You really can. So stop twisting yourself into a pretzel to put others at ease. It’s your gift and all gifts are complicated. A great violinist is going to arouse envy, for instance. Should he play badly on purpose so that others don’t have to face their fears of mediocrity?

    You and your Scorpio are both very young still and you haven’t learned how to use your powers without hurting others. He is behaving very badly, too, btw, what with finding stuff out about other men, etc. Obviously there was some deep deep hurt in your Scorpio’s life for him to attempt to cut himself off from love. The thing you do is that you respect where he’s at. Respect that you can’t be together right now, even if the reason seems flimsy. And to me it does but to him, his band is everything. It’s his passion and it’s what he’s worked for, it’s what he knows he’s good at. When he says that he can’t be with you, he’s paying you a compliment. You are irreplaceable. “Don’t destroy this band,” is what he’s saying. It can a legitimate concern, too. Just look at Lennon, Yoko and the Beatles. (Although that’s not the only end result possible. It’s just an example.)

    Listen, when I was younger, I was very impatient. I thought I was under the gun. I had to have everything RIGHT NOW and I would’ve behaved much like you are doing now. If I wanted someone, I wanted him right then and there. I did! In fact, I had a good good friend and we were both attracted to each other. He didn’t want to act on it bc he valued our friendship and he knew he wasn’t ready to be a good boyfriend to me. He wanted to sow his wild oats. And he was charming and GORGEOUS and it was his right to explore that. But I didn’t care. I brushed his fears aside and I seduced him. We lived together for a little while but we were both too young and it didn’t work in the end. I lost my friendship with him for many years and he was the only ex-bf whose memory I cherish. He really did love me. Here’s what I think: If I had respected his fears and just waited, perhaps years, even, we probably would be married right now. It sounds ridiculous but if I had waited six or seven years even, until he did what he had to do to find his ground, we would’ve ended up spending the last eight years together in a wonderful union. This is speculation but I think he would say the same thing bc he has often told me that he always thinks that we could’ve made it work if we hadn’t been so young.

    Neither you nor your Scorpio really knows what the future holds, and if you respect where you are (and he has to respect you too), things might just work out on their own. It might take ten years but ten years is nothing if you end up together for a lifetime of genuine love.

    Right now your Scorpio lives in a state of tremendous fear. And, btw, you’re pretty Scorpionic yourself so on some level, you understand.

    It isn’t true that all Scorpios will stick to a decision no matter what. They live in fear bc they know a lot about the dark undertow of humanity. They can’t fool themselves into believing that people are wonderful, innocent beings if given a chance, like Pisceans. Pisceans can fool themselves into believing that the cannibal next door is just a guy who REALLY loves his barbecue. Scorpios are also geniuses of self-transformation. They can be criminals for ten years and then something happens, life comes crashing down around them and they transform themselves into saints. And it’s a genuine change, too. So you Scorpio can be one way for years and then change into someone completely differently in a few years time. Yes, they’re stubborn but Leos are fixed signs too and we’re just as stubborn. Let’s not kid ourselves. (I’m a Sun sign Leo.) What do YOU do when someone tries to control you or ram advice down your throat? If you’re a Leo the way that I am, you end up doing the opposite, just to show no one can boss you around. Let’s face it, then: we Leos are just as willful.

    He’ll come around on his own, if he is meant to come around and if he’s not, then you will move on. Don’t try to control life.

    On the other hand, don’t allow him to tell you who to see or what to do. Maybe say to him: I respect how much the band means to you and I respect that we can’t be together but you must respect my life as well and stop intruding or you will ruin our friendship and really ruin the band, as well.

    (You have to really mean it that you’ll respect his feelings.) It is absolutely unacceptable for him to spy on you or about the men you’re seeing. If he confronts you, you must tell him: If you’re willing to find out the truth, then you have to live with it. Otherwise don’t find out.

    (This goes for everyone.)

    Just refuse to engage in a fight with him. And if you have to walk away, walk away.

    I think Scorpios can be wonderful people. I used to hate them bc the only ones I met were just terrible. But then I noticed that I was attracting them right and left, no matter what I did. That’s when I realized that there is something Scorpionic about me and if I accepted it, I would attract the good Scorpios. And I did! A Scorpio who is living at his higher vibration is loyal AND protective; he is passionate; he is extremely sweet and gentle; he is incredibly wise and he can heal you. He can truly accept you for who you are bc he can see your shadow and love you regardless. He won’t fool himself into thinking you’re an angel in order to love you. So a good Scorpio is a wonderful person to have in your life. Oh, and they’re amazing in bed.

    I have two Scorpios in my life right now. One is a lover and he is extremely promiscuous. I tried to get him to be exclusive with me but that didn’t work out and then I realized how much I missed him so I went back to him. I don’t know if his sleeping around is situational or if it an essential part of his nature. He was very honest about it, btw. But either way, it’s the way it is NOW and to be with him means that I have to let go of my jealousy. I mean, if I dive into a pool, I can’t complain about getting soaking wet. But I need to stop seeing him bc I don’t want to get an STD. And when I realized that this week, Marie, I cried! I cried that I won’t be able to enjoy his company bc he is the one man who can cheer me up when I’m sad. He is the one man who can accept my weirdness and goofiness and vibe off it. He just thoroughly enjoys it. So I will miss him a lot. Even if he couldn’t give me fidelity, he gave me a lot of tenderness and acceptance. Oh, and terrific, respectful, affectionate sex.

    The other is a monk! Seriously. He consecrated himself to his calling and he hasn’t been sexual for years and years. Without him, I’d probably be dead, no exaggeration. And our friendship can only be platonic bc I understand his passion for his calling. It’s what he was put on this earth to do. I can’t destroy that although, believe me, I want to. I can’
    t lie. I want to have it all come crashing down and it’s hard to restrain myself but I do bc I can’t destroy him and bc I can’t imagine my life without him. See? I’m a vamp! It’s not nice but it’s who I am and seeing myself clearly helps bc when I didn’t, I was just being seductive unconsciously which was ten times more chaotic.

    And, girl, I’m in pain with both my Scorpios! They both cause me havoc but I can’t live any other way. I have to accept that life is much more exquisite and intense for me when it involves pain. And I cause them both pain on a regular basis too. I wish I didn’t but I do. One, bc he can’t destroy his life; the other bc I abandon him when his promiscuity frightens me. I abandon him when he needs me to show up. It’s awful but I have to look out for myself. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt for me to flake out on him.

    Know your nature, accept it, use it for good. Accept the pain and you can transcend it. That’s the Scorpionic lesson to all of us.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Eme Kah: that was great advice! I read your comment and I feel for you about your friend. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  7. Emily Catherine says:

    Sounds like you are with the person you are in love with and even have a fool-proof way to dismiss bickering. Sounds pretty good!

  8. a bit too late, but thank you eme kah for sharing and helping. i feel for you, the pain that these scorpios put us through.
    reminds me of my first scorpio encounter, my ex-bestfriend who i fell out with..she won’t talk to me but i miss her a lot, it was partly my fault, i was only 16 and discovering my aquarian moon..
    scorpios are extremes, you either love them or hate their guts. i hope everything works out for you eme, and for all of us facing problems with our scorpios.

    thanks jeff for putting this up, for your insight and for your wonderful site!

    so now i’m just taking everything as it is, i’m leaving all the decisions to him (which i am SURE he enjoys being in control of) and all seems more positive now..maybe the planets are in the right places. hah!

    he still does the whole i-dont-need-her-and-she-dont-need-me thing in front of his friends,
    but when i told him that its upsetting (guilt tactic), he wouldn’t stop apologising! hahah!

  9. Thanks, Judaes, but I’m not in too much pain. These Scorpios aren’t the ones putting me through pain and they’re no more guilty or controlling than I am.

    I’m putting at least one of them through a lot of pain and for that I’m sorry bc I’m truly torn between them.

  10. OMG He is sooo sexy, approachable, and will converse with everyone in the room one on one except for me. But when he lectures he looks straight at me, calls on me to support and validate his oppinions and lessons. The mind sex that we two have in public is beyond obvious. He actually charged a male classmate of mine to prevent us from working together on a project. I have given him a fewsimple tokens of my appriciation and he has shared his sincere thanks. He has my number and he has a college who keeps pushing me toward him. I am aven getting bored by this. On the last day of class,after he assured me that all of my assignment had been turned in, I get an email to let me know that I had not turned in one last essay. I typed it frantically and got it to him. I don’t mind his control, it is even a bit sexy. It is the waiting and pursueing that I may or maynot have the time for. We areboth the same age. Adults and I have written a few hot essays for him, I recieved 95s on most papers that did not get 100. God I crave him sooo. What is a lioness to do. Pursue with the flirting or simply ask for my last grade and let him be

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. loves_kurtcobain says:

    dis is the exact situation im in rt now….guess all leo female n scorpio male rels r alike…he knows i like him, but wont make a move, keep me hopin for more,will even flirt wt other women b4 me…have no idea wat im supposed to do now….i tried leavin, but somehow i keep comin back….scorpio magnetism!!
    wen he pays attention to me n talks to me, its heaven,thers nothin more i cud want.
    But wen he pulls those cruel cruel tricks on me, it hurts(tho im gettin used to it,is dat a good thing or bad i dont deserve to be treated this way)
    n after every trick he becomes really attentive n caring n im too weak to resist( i hav neptune conjunct ascendant n i identify equally or more wt pisces as leo)
    I know i cant change him, but if i force him to make a decision he mite leave n i dont want dat…hell no. is he wt me to flatter his ego or does he actually care for me?? is he using me….shud i let him use me??any advice wil be appreciated..!!

  13. I know these comments are from over a year ago, but maybe someone is still in the same situation as me. I am a Leo woman and dated a Scorpio male for a little over 2 years and lived with him for most of it. He was constantly jealous of who I hung out with or talked to even though I had never done anything to make him lose trust in me. He asked me to move into a house with him and I told him no because I wasnt done with school.. he then said he was moving back home (2 hrs away) and asked me to move with him and I said no again. He would constantly make comments like “im not good enough for you” or “you still love me right”. I was completely in love with him and felt that he was in love with me too. When he moved I moved into an apartment with two of my best friends and he was not happy. He told me things like “you are going to have other guys here when im not around”. Stuff that was not true at all. Shortly after I moved into my new place he broke up with me thru a text message and refused to see me in person. For 2-3 weeks he kept contacting me saying thinks like “i love you so much deep down, but it just wont work”. I tried to ignore him but when he would say something like that and I would respond he would back off. The first couple of weeks he kept telling me he didnt know what to do and that he just didnt feel the same about me. I could not understand how this could be possible when he was so obsessed with me. The fourth week after we broke up he signed up for eHarmony and went on a couple of dates. I had called him and emailed him 2 or 3 times saying how I felt and that I loved him so much and wanted to be with him and he just seemed so mad and so angry. 5 weeks after he broke up with me he started dating a new girl. 2 weeks after they started dating he was telling her he loved her. How can this be?!? I broke into his email account and found out he has a twitter account and his twitter is covered in comments about this girl and how much he loves her and she is the love of his life. I dont understand how this could happen so fast. Is it possible that he met this girl and they fell in love? Right before he broke up with me he was telling me how much he loved me and kept asking if i loved him. It has now been a month and a half since he has broken up with me and I have not gone a week without contacting him. I just found out this week about the twitter and everything. I waited around and tried to give him space thinking he was just stressed from moving and work and school. But this week when I got into his account I seen that they met the last week of June. Started being bf and gf July 1st and he has made so many comments about how she is the love of his life. Its July 26th. What is going on here? Like I said I had contacted him at least once every week since we broken up. But since I have found out that he is with someone else I have not contacted him in 4 days so far. Do you think I will hear from him again? What is he doing? I dont understand. He said he wanted to marry me and move into a house with him. What is the deal?!?!

  14. My Scorpio makes me insane. Not in a good way. I want to cry. He just spent three hours denying our relationship to his best friend… “oh, she’s a girl I kind of knew in high school, we weren’t really friends. I think I kissed her once.” I want to cry and scream and say all the things I know will break him down because I’m so hurt. And I’m never like this. I feel like a horrible person for wanting to hurt him just because he hurt me. No one else ever makes me like this. They’re not worth it. I think Scorpio men are the only sign that Leo women will love more than they are loved.

  15. Leo Women are regal and proud and Love to shine. They are artistic and passionate and generous and full of positive energy. I feel that Scorpios literally dampen thier fire. Scorpios are also very competitive and have the need to come out on top-always. To relegate a Leo woman to walk two steps behind any man is demeaning and degrading. That just simply is not what a Leo woman is put on this earth to do. What a Leo woman is put here to do is to teach, lead with confidence, spend time with children..etc…Her purpose on this earth is not to become “the little woman” to a Scorpio man’s fantasy of pure Submission. Scorpios are jealous of Leos as people. I’ve experienced it many times with the males and the females alike. And, there is nothing worse than a competitive Love partner. i have had the Scorpio types use all different tactics to try and dampen my Spirit, and in some instances, they almost succeeded. What I have learned from these experiences is (and I give the credit to a Higher Power and myself-not to them)…they need to go find a Pisces…cause…they couldn’t keep this Leo Woman down:)
    They cant –

  16. JulyLeoGirl says:

    Say it again Izzie. Had a Scorpio male try the same thing- pick apart and break down. Not knowing we, Leo’s, cast the Sun over Scorpio’s dark dreary *sses. He was dark-cothes, place, countenance and secretive and you now we, Leo, don’t like darkness (unless depressed but even then we still want light) nor secrets b/c we have nothing to hide. Certainly, he had to go but when maturity takes hold he’ll be back.

  17. sb's sunshine says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking for answers to all the questions that have been asked I’m literally stunned by the fact that my stories sound almost identical to the ones I’ve read…. My heart is torn into pieces from this man and now thinking that maybe it’s the sex. I say this because our stories are so much alike that I’m certain that every time feels like the first time when the two of you are sharing passionate moments. For me it got so hot and heavy that I couldn’t go home without him calling me back. Every day for an entire year we were together and we made each other laugh. It was so wonderful, then out of nowhere its “you’re getting to comfortable.” Feelings crushed, I didn’t know whether to leave or laugh it off. HIs friends have always been my friends we have known each other for well over15 years. Now his best friend (in his eyes) has a crush on me but sometimes it seems as if he pushes me off on him just to see how far I will (won’t) go.

    He knows how to get arise out of me that’s for sure and he doesn’t mind trying… After all I have read I should be ready to walk away because it seems like this is going nowhere but my heart hasn’t allowed me to stop craving for this man attention. With us it a give take relationship there’s nothing he’s no willing to do for me and I for him. We inspire each other to make power moves. I’m not the kind of woman to bow down but I find myself not thinking twice about being submissive when it comes to him. I don’t want this to lead to a hateful revengeful thing but I’m positive too much of this can’t be good to a lioness’s pride.

  18. So many EGO’s are flaring up on this blog uggh..

    OKAY OKAY I fell so hard in dreamy land mush mush love with a LEO woman .. I am so effin hot ,attracted ,in love ,adore, chivalry on and on.. BUT .. SHE IS A A&W attention whore and more.. she gets the extra points for cheating ,lying with great conviction. She always says she is narcisstic..narssism.. YES but she changes in moods she has dropped me a number of times and recently ICE COLD. She says i hurt her heart ,pride and I never will trust her..I only want the truth and honest..

    Anyway I am not sure what to do anymore.. she is in fantasy online with another guy who she never met.. never seen a picture has no idea of his telephone number ON AND ON I know he is a sex offender…

    She sends him her pics for him to spank his monkey over.. she is seriously mested in the head..

    AS per me I am so mad and want to close down her lust driven world for hurt and using me for my money..

  19. KD Barr says:

    I am a Scorpio male, without the ego or dark side. My lady is Leo, full of passion, sensual, a giver, and loves her freedom. That freedom is to be social, which I accept without compromise. We do not question each other’s loyalty and fidelity. That proof is our way of loving each other, behind closed doors and in public by showing true affection. Not All Scorpio males are egotistical. Those of us who are not, are very comfortable in our own skin and have nothing to prove. We know we are the best, through our actions.

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