Sagittarius man is not giving Taurus woman what she needs emotionally

Sonia27 provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I am struggling with whether to continue a relationship with a Sag man who is not giving me what I need emotionally but whenever I try to break it off it hurts too much and I end up going back. He is a good guy overall, he is loyal and wants a long term commitment with me, but he can be very demeaning in the way he talks to me and doesn’t seem to care how much he hurts me. Should I go through the pain of letting him go or keep trying?

Do you ever get what you need emotionally? Your boyfriend is not the problem, just another symptom.

You have a Mutable Grand Cross, which means that you have planets in mutable signs (Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo, Neptune in Sagittarius, Moon in Pisces) that are all making hard aspects (90-degree square or 180-degree opposition) to each other. Most notable in this configuration is a Saturn-Moon opposition, which relates to difficulty getting your emotional needs met. The Moon concerns feelings, nurturance, a sense of belonging … of being embraced like a child by her mother. Saturn restricts the fulfillment of whatever planet He aspects. The ringed planet imposes delays and obstacles to creating that “at home” feeling you crave.

This experience is likely due to a sense of abandonment by a parental figure, and this interpretation is accentuated by these planets’ placement in the 4th and 10th houses of your chart, which are associated with mother and father. (By the way, Saturn symbolizes the harsh father, and Moon the nurturing mother.) As a result of your childhood trauma, you are drawn to people who “help” you replicate your original wound. In psychoanalysis, this is called the repetition compulsion, in which, as an adult, you repeat patterns with other adults who are like one of your parents, so that you can hopefully “resolve” the original conflict. Saturn rules your 7th House of Partnership, also strengthening this pattern.

Although I do not usually give flat-out advice, I think you should let this guy go. Unless he grows up, he will continue to be demeaning, and you deserve more than that. Transiting Pluto is approaching an opposition to your natal Venus, supporting a breakup. Pain will accompany the end of your relationship, and Pluto will bring to the surface any unconscious material about feeling undervalued (Venus in the 12th). Now is an opportunity for healing, and this process has already begun, as Pluto has recently squared your natal Moon. Find the support of good friends to help you through the turmoil, and so that you can be accountable to them when you lose your resolve to maintain your distance from your Sag man.

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  1. “Saturn rules your 7th House of Partnership, also strengthening this pattern.”

    Jeff: can you elaborate on this? Do you mean that it’s harder to break the compulsion to reenact if the 7th house ruler is Saturn or if Saturn is in the 7th? Or do you mean that Saturn as 7H ruler makes it harder to break the pattern of reenacting a harsh father/daughter relationship?

    Sonia: I’ve suffered from the same compulsion to repeat the pattern in my own love life, esp. with men who are demeaning (often in subtle ways). I would agree with Jeff and advise you to be strong and break with this man. It will hurt a lot as you recuperate from the relationship but it’s worth bearing the pain now since these abusive relationships end a lot more painfully in the long run if one refuses to take control and leave. Usually, ime, if we see the warning signs but refuse to heed them, the end is much more disastrous. It’s also harder to leave as time goes by bc you become more attached and, also, bc you begin to believe whatever shit your abusive partner tells you. He drums it into you progressively day by day until it seems like the truth. I suggest you rent Gaslight, an old movie with Ingrid Bergman.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Eme Kah, All I mean is that, since the ruler of the 7th is involved in this Saturn-Moon opposition, these themes are closely tied with partnerships.

  3. Ah! Very interesting.

  4. I need help with my Sag man. Been together more than 4 months. everything is good, but I didn’t do the are we exclusive conversation. We’re together every weekend and once during the week. Now i find out he’s still on the dating sites.
    what should i do?????

  5. @Nancy Benoit

    Wow! Tough one. Every weekend and once during the week? Sounds like he is VERY into you. The biggest question is to ask yourself how you feel about your relationship with him as a whole. To be honest, I am unsure what you should do. I can only imagine asking outright (in a cool way without mentioning the dating sites) or pull back just a little and not be as predictably available.

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