My male Pisces dumped me. How do I get him back?

PiscesFirst off, it takes so much initiative for a Pisces man to get off his butt to break up with you, that he must have really wanted out. Maybe the real you didn’t compare to the fantasy you, and he just couldn’t bear the dissonance between the two.

Regardless, you want him to give you a second chance. Remember, the best way to woo a Pisces is with lowbrow Piscean pleasures: drugs, music, movies, video games. Send him a CARE package containing a dime bag and a DVD you think would turn him on. Throw in a burned CD of some hard-to-find Dave Matthews gig, and he’ll know you mean business.

Other Pisces men are too “beyond” to be seduced by media items. You must convince him that you are an embodiment of the Tantric Love Goddess, and you must never reveal your mundane flaws lest you burst his bliss bubble.

Frankly, it would be a lot easier to distract him from the day-to-day problems of relationship by keeping him high. Either that, or make his life so easy — by taking care of dreary tasks like paying his bills and brushing his teeth — that he won’t feel challenged by life’s difficulties, thanks to your efforts to shield him.

It’s not easy to get a Pisces man back, but if you’re willing to drape a Neptunian veil of delusion over his eyes, he may let you into his graces once again.

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  1. commons says:

    to someone πŸ™‚

    there’s heavy mind-climate for most people: saturn is retrograde in libra, that makes it easy to find fault in relations. there’s no genuine affection here – but time for reality assessment.

    there’s mars retrograde in leo. that makes for _a lot_ of “genuine frustration”, if creative energies can’t express themselves.

    there’s ongoing saturn (in libra: friendship, social relations, social obligations) square to pluto.

    the day you post, we had venus-conjunct-uranus – & though many people make-themselve-believe _this_ is a passage to “freedom”…; well actually it’s just disruption.

    next week we’ll have venus-square-pluto, depending on your natal scope… that might offer power games, jealousy, dependency or… a transformation for a revived honest relationship.

    but too bad… next week also we enter venus-opposition-saturn: & all fires of passions will go cold, to ashes.

    i’m pisces man πŸ™‚ even cancer arising πŸ™‚ but there’s mars & moon in leo, there’s a strong pluto, there’s a fine saturn square to neptune to keep pisces-illusion in check.

    having said that:

    1) you _cannot_ get a pisces “back”. actually, beware, most of them _will_ be with you – even years after you finally made decision “to quit”.

    2) don’t be afraid. pisces need spaced-out-space. most pisces don’t know that, especially male – so they just drift off. into whatever kind of arena. don’t worry. it’s just what we need.

    3) pisces has “boundary problems”. that is, as “all is all & we’re all inter-connected”, pisces has to learn & to adapt to (saturnian) “reality structure” – that is, “we’re separated. i _am_ _NOT_ you.” that’s really an issue.

    4) “mixed messages” is exactly pisces. where most people feel inclined to “take a position” & things appear as “black” or “white” — uiiih, for pisces, what’s the difference between “black” and “white”?

    i’ve met 2 kinds of pisces males. the ones who are lying, cheating, unreliable, evasive & eager to indulge in whatever mind-obsession that’s present. & the ones who “touched their heart”: that is nourishment, inspiration, love to embody & to share.

  2. Regenisis says:

    I have a difficult situation involving a pisces. We dated for a very brief amount of time, but we’re still friends. He broke it off because “he didn’t want to mess up our friendship by dating”, yet when he sees me with my boyfriend (Aries) he does one of two things: A) He stays off to the side and looks depressed, or B) Clings to me and tries make the BF jealous. He even goes so far as picking fights and contests with him. He says he loves me but i’m not sure if he means it in a friend way or not. It’s killing me that i can’t figure him out! Why is he doing this?

  3. commons says:

    @ Regenisis,

    1) many pisces have boundary problems. it’s difficult to set boundaries when you experience flow of oneness.

    2) some pisces have illusive notions about “love”. [ok, many people have weird notions about love :-)] it’d be healthier (for pisces) to perceive a “relationship” – that’s a frame for 2 individual partners, with rules these 2 partners agree upon – instead of indulging in some delusions about “romance”.

    3) many pisces have difficulties with “letting go”; though not the cancer-way. well, i guess in weak pisces that manifests as some kind of “clinging”.

    4) pisces have “self”-issues (i’m not saying that’s bad; it’s a challenge). for weak pisces that comes as low self-esteem – among other things that manifests as “jealousy”.

    5) all in all: “Why is he doing this?” – he doesn’t know himself πŸ˜‰

    6) tell him clearly _your_ position, set boundaries you want to be respected. btw – you say you’ve a bf. i wonder how you can have a bf, while at same time involving another man whom you’ve dated? give the guy a break & allow him some time to understand his own needs &, hopefully, his own potential to relate in healthy ways.

    7) btw, this is a very typical pisces-story. you’ll find hundreds who had similar experiences.

    8) btw, these are trying times for many relationships. you’ll find some inspiring blogs on this site & others. look for “saturn in libra”, “saturn opposition uranus”, & maybe… “saturn square pluto”

    9) yes, i’m pisces. i enjoy being it. it took some time πŸ™‚

    wish you well *

  4. Regenisis says:


    Thank you for the feedback. I want to maintain a friendship with him, and yes, i still have some feelings for him so his actions leave me very confused. But i’m not involved with him as more than friends. Being the curious scorpio I am, I just can’t leave this alone without knowing his side of the situation, lol.

  5. commons says:


    thx for update. uiiih, you’re scorpio? hee hee, i understand your curiosity. i _love_ scorpio intensity & deep probing mind. it’s my opinion scorpio & pisces make a good match – but one would look deeper at individual & relationship charts.

    btw, pisces _do_ “confuse”, πŸ™‚

    if you want to keep it going, set clear boundaries. like “we’re friends – & we’re not this or that or something else.” & give both of you some time to _really_ adjust to that reality.

  6. Hi common, I know this thread was some time ago but I want to gain more insight on my pisces friend. We dated for almost a year but I was childish and eventually he broke it off. We have continued to mess with eachother and havent had any serious relationships. Every time I say when I graduate in May I will move back home (to cali, im in florida now) he gets all defensive and says Im going to just leave like that. I dont know how he feels about me or if he even knows. Can you give me insight? btw I am a leo. Thanks in advance.

  7. cancerian says:

    he sent me a text “done you did nothing wrong” can I get him back??

  8. Hi i am a pisces girl i went out with pisces guy he loved me so much at the beginning i hurt him so much i break up with him 4 times and most of the time i called him back he came to me last week his ex called him he didnt answer his phone but i was really angry next day i told him do not talk to this girl anymore he told me he likes me but he doesnt love me anymore i dont know what to do!!!

  9. cancergirl says:

    hi im a cancer girl i was dating a pisces man for a good 4 months. Most of the things mentioned describes him, he smokes pot, love classic rock and is comfortable with his job. On the other hand i am very crabby of course, protective, possesive, and I am joining the U.S marines, i am usually a very calm girl putting no pressure but since i am about to leave to bootcamp in a couple of months i put intense pressure on him, that is one of the reasons we broke up. We got in a fight we didnt talk for a week, then once we did we fought through texting, we still are friends but i think im done with that i hate wondering if he still likes me or not. We hung out once after we broke up we had a good time didnt speak anything about our break up. will he come back? should i give him some time? or should i give up? I really do miss him but I dont let him know that.

  10. i’m soo glad i found this site especially this section on Pisces men, i feel a little better about what i had to go through, i’m not alone!!!

  11. kelsiemay says:

    hey i am a scorpio i split from my pisceas bf a few months ago….mainly my fault…i have tried to make amends for this…occasionally i get some response and then nothing for a while. i have no idea what hes thinking and would just like to patch things up even if just for friendships sake…should i wait for him too forgive me?

  12. @kelsiemay

    You should re-post this under the forum “How to make a Pisces chase you”. Its a very active forum with a few Pisces that weigh in on things!

  13. I am married but have been flirting with a pisces at work for a few months. From the start, he told me that he did not want to come in between me and my boyfriend. He told me that his like was complicated with his ex and young children. Even so, he started to give me appointments at the gym, told me I was sexy, beautiful, asked me for a walk, a lunch, etc. I finally saw him one night at his placed and we fooled around one night. The next day, he told me he would like to see me again. 5 days after… he told me he was not sure, that maybe I expected too much of him. I told him that I simply wanted to see him once in a while, and nothing else, that I would never want to be in his life, that I had my own. He then told me that he would like to see me again… Then, I went on vacation for 3 weeks, and when I came back, he did not answer my sms and finally replied that he did not want to pursue this lie and that he would like to stay friends. I did not reply. When I saw him at work 3 days later, he emailed me asking why I smiled at him, told him that I looked good and wondered why I never answered him after he dumped me. I finally replied and told him that I did not understand why he made so many nice flattering comments and sexual hints and then nothing, all of a sudden, he wants a girl one day to fulfill his life! They are liars and twisted souls, don’t answer your sms. He finally told me that I would get a final answer, it’s been a week and I am still waiting…

  14. Wow, how amazing… It’s really strange how everyone seems to have the same problem with Pisces. It seems like many of them are similar. My pisces is wonderful and so entertaining, but disappears for days straight after being extremely affectionate.


  15. Pisces Guys are pyschos and sick people! the begining ther are great and all then they will give u less than a year then they will swim away and leave you all alooooooooooooone!! my advice to any girl who knows a pisces guy :

    1) ignore him from the begining
    2) play games
    3) dont show him you love him even if u loved him

    if he dumped you then he never loved you,even if u go back to him after he dumps you he will not trreat you well and u will only hurt ur self again! its like collecting the broken pieces of a glass again you will only bleed ur hands and hurt urself πŸ™

    ( believe me i’v been there before and it hurts like hell ) dont waste your time with a pisces man πŸ™‚

  16. I can totally relate to a Pisces man being “over’ or uninterested in a woman who chases him down a lot. Recently my 4+ year relationship (though it has been very on and off, particularly this past year, we were long distance) came to a crashing halt with Mr. Pisces. Although I see a lot of Pisces bashing on this forum, I don’t think a man’s sun sign can account for his flat out immaturity or inability to commit (that is a common thing regardless of sign). That said, this guy, and my last boyfriend, have been Piscean, and for some reason I attract Water signs a lot (I had a fling with a Cancer guy one time when Pisces and I were broken up).
    We met when we were both quite young, and in college so in the middle of a lot of transitioning between things, and it looks like right now our love didn’t have the wings to make it off the ground.
    He told me he was uninterested and laid out the things he precisely did not like (too much neediness, clinginess, giving him stress over the telephone) and I didn’t exactly heed the line – possibly I was too selfish, or he was too needy, or it’s possible that there was no way to make it work out.
    We’ve been “over” since Saturday – we had a weird, extended fight over the phone that led to me getting angry and saying we were over, then feeling awful and trying to reconcile – he told me to “stop wasting my time” and “we’re broken up, get over it,” but I don’t know, I can’t shake this psychic hold. I’ve been calling and emailing quite a few times a day (over last weekend it was nearly endless, but I had to stop that), maybe 3-4 times a day. I hear Pisces don’t like to be “chased” exactly but I couldn’t let things hang the way that they were, with me angrily telling him to go away. So I have sent many, many kind and reconciliatory messages, saying I miss and love him, among other things. But now I have decided to stop trying so hard.
    So I am wondering if I can ask the forum, whether my plan of ignoring him now (no easy feat considering he is ignoring me) will do any good or make him come back. He hasn’t said anything to me at all and I am worried he has swam away for good. I will appreciate some insight. I’ve decided to not contact him all summer if need be and I am truly hoping that he gets in touch with me soon because I do miss him. The last time I saw him we hugged and kissed a lot. I know he feels for me too!

  17. Tuarus female was with Pisces male for 3 years. He just broke it off with me. I was kind of beside my self because it was so sudden. So sad…. but he wouldn’t know it now. I haven’t been coming home and going out every night like nothing is wrong. He has gig tonight (he’s lead singer in a band)….all of our friends are going. Of course I’m not. I sent him a text to “kick a*s tonight and he’s going to do great!” I told him I will always support him and come see him every now and then to see him play. He told me, he never doubted I was a good person and thank you. Anyway, I’m completely heart broken and all I know is that, I know we weren’t happy. But we weren’t happy because we didn’t spend enough time alone or together. It made are passions fade. But I wish we could rekindle. Not sure. I know he still loves me and always will. As will I. So I just wonder what it would take before he calls me to tell me he’s still crazy about me and wants work on us? I’m crazy about him, always will be. Just hurt right now. But I’m partying like I don’t hurt at all. I have to for my sanity. It’s nice getting hit on and being single I guess. But honestly, I’d rather have him by my side instead. Any thoughts or advice???

  18. I need some advice please!!!!

    Me and my ex pisces were together for 3 years. We broke up in January because he said I was to mean and realistic for him. But 3 weeks later he came back begging for me to take him back. I told him that we should work on our problems first before we get back into a relationship again. But he was so impatient from January to the begging of April he was always with me. Telling me he loves me and cant his life without me.
    March 31 he went to a family party and he met this girl, that he never told me about by april 16 I told him that I think we should try again with our relationship. He told me no he can’t because he is already falling for somebody else.
    I asked him is it possible because we been together everyday. He told me that he met the girl 16 days ago and they have a lot of things in common. The funny thing is he never bother to tell the girl that he was trying to work things out withe.
    He waited until I fell back in love with Jim to tell me. He didn’t have the ball to tell me face to face. Always avoiding me, it been more than 2 month and I haven’t heard from him.
    My heart is broken because gave him all I had.
    His new girl is Aries

  19. Capricorn says:

    After loving him for 4 months,last night my pisces man dumped me.Reason because he tested my nature me not being wrong was accused for it. so now it comes to me like i w be your friend and i will be your friend forever ,Incase if we marry we both will live never live like husband and wife,just friends Thats what he told me.He talks to me but i want him to be the same man who he was i want him to love me.

    Need advice to get him back.

  20. My boyfriend and i just broke up and the reasons for.this is because i found out he was on a dating site and i sent him a message saying ” wow hope you find what you looking for . The whole weekend he has not reach out to me . Sunday i called him and he toldo me he wasn’ t online it was hispana friend lΓ­es!!!!!!! Last week some girl called his phone and he denied it … I feel like he dosen’t care and to top it off he’s mad at me how ? He got caught he’s hot and cold with his feelings and i asked him why he dosen’t open up to me or be affectionate with me he says that’s not him smh so why be in this relationship …he said because he loves me …i love him to but i’m hurting so bad help anyone!

  21. Sad Aries Woman says:

    My pisces man broke up with me a few days ago because i confronted him about being on a dating website. He denied it, but when i showed him the website he still denied it saying that it wasnt him. He took off and i couldnt get ahold of him for days. So i wished him a happy new year via text message not thinking i would get a reply and he then replied and said the same thing. I want to know if he meant what he said, i love him and miss him alot. I dont know what to do, i want to work things out but i dont want to risk it just incase it doesnt turn out in my favor πŸ™

  22. Run! Yes they are dreamy, romantic and so touchy with you, and every other woman they come in contact with! Lies are a daily occurance. Not bad guys, just hold overs from the sixties and believe on free love. For them of course, you have to remain completely loyal to them…

  23. Aries Girl says:

    I am an Aries girl.I was in a relationship for a year and couple of months now , with an Aquarian guy. Things were awesome , I was okay , he loved me so much and got attached to me a lot , he gave me everything I want and things were going fine. But , at some point in the end I felt a little bit of an actor, like I found myself emotionally detached , i didn’t feel anything with him during the romantic moments , I just went out with him and wasn’t enjoying anything at all. During this bipolar time, I met a Pisces guy who was a friend , a normal one for couple of months before i got closer to him , and I started getting some feelings for him. We went out together for 3 times and I felt like I was flying! I felt difference , I felt love , romance , dreamy moments , and he made me feel so good. I realized that I was doing a bad thing to my bf as i considered this to be cheating , cuz i had feelings for another guy while we were together. I don’t know if this is supposed to be love or i just had a crush on this guy… At the moment the Pisces guy confessed that he has something for me , but he can’t do anything about it , because he said i was in a relationship , and second thing he is afraid of commitment , he is moody , and he can’t afford hurting me one day because he is a moody person and changes his mind quickly.. Then the weirdness stuff started !
    AT first he used to text me and call me and update me with his news , and ask me to go out . NOw i broke up with the aquarius guy because I didn’t want him to feel bad… so when I told the Pisces guy about this , he paniced and he thought i broke up for him… and that wasn’t the truth , i tried to talk to him and tell him that things can work out between me and him , but he kept escaping and trying to hide and not showing up.. he started to act very very weird.. Now we don’t talk and i don’t know how he feels.. was he a player? did he just want to have fun ? or did he really have feelings but because of his nature , he started acting like that ? i really like him but he did a lot to my dignity and i can’t talk to him again… so will he come back again to me and try to work things out ? or it will never happen and i should let go ?…

  24. march20_ born says:

    Hi I met a picean guy 2 yr’s bck.m march 20th born.hv half nature of aries n guy z a pure piecian.I ws nt interested in hvng any kind of relationship in the beginning of our dz guy ws so behind for relationship I started falling for him.finally I accepted his da beginning he ws so caring lovable affectionate to me.slowly thngs started day he met few guyz of my clg r skul..god knws!till nw he nvr revealed wit whom he met n spoke abt guyz said sumthng bad abt my character n abt my past relationships which I nvr hd.he behaved so rudely wit me since dn.dn I btw he said he ws just testing me whthr I hd any relationship r nt.thgh I tried to clear thngs dt nthng as such he nvr the begining of our fight whn I met him personally he behaved as if everything is fine btw us everythng got clear.after one day again he starts wit da same thng.itz so hurting to c ur luv behaving so badly wit u.whn v meet if v dnt mk love he acts lk a 3 yr old kid who didnt gt his chocolate.either he z so busy wit his family r work r frndz9 months bck whn broke wit him completely..he msgd me again n again n whn I said I dnt wanna meet him r hv any kind of relationship wit him I cn b only frnd.dn he sayz I wnt u only as my girlfriend nt as normal tym’s he speaks as if nthng hs happnd btw us at tym’s he behaves as if m stranger to if he hates me.a confused man he his.he wll gv u only sleepless nghts.itz so hurting to c a man who said he wll marry he turned his face saying u r a slut,prostitute.piecian man needs only sex.he ws so mad at me in da begining n nw today he abuses me.abuses my whole family.girlz plz be careful wit piecian man.never fall for him.dy r pain in your butt.dy only knw to hit a knife on our hearts n mk u bleed.finally a week bck..after 2yr’s of pain finally I abused him for da first tym n blockd him everywhr.I hv bn tolerrating his abusive language since more dn a year.n today I dnt regret of abussing still hv a hope dt he realize da thngs n b sry for his behaviour unfortunately I still luv him.n cnt look for sumone else.:(

  25. I met this Piscean male from the internet, just after I broke up with my boyfriend who was with me for 6.5 years. I thought I would never get over my ex boyfriend until I met this Piscean male. He was constantly chasing me through text messages and we had so much in common, we literally talked non stop for one month. He would say he misses me every day and that he wanted to see me. We went out several times and when I was out with him, I miss the person I talked to on the phone because it felt like they were two different people. I think I was quite emotional and was thinking about my ex boyfriend so I cried and vented out on him and said we should break up. I think I said it three times. He then said he agreed with me that we should break up. I then told him I was just being very emotional and my head wasn’t clear. He mentioned several times that he thinks he is not good enough for me during the one month we were together. He thinks that I have too many other options and that I feel he has too low a self esteem. It is his birthday coming up soon and I would like to chase him back if possible.

    For your information, we went out on a Sunday (i asked him for tea because I didn’t want to just break up on the phone), we went out to Tea together and he still let me hold his hands. We talked intensively on the phone on Sunday night and Monday afternon, that’s when he still insisted that we should not get back together. Then on Tuesday, I texted him saying we could still remain good friends because it isn’t easy to find someone with whom you can connect to. He then called me and said he couldn’t stop himself from calling me, and we talked for almost 3 hours, of course I was very happy to talk to him. on TUesday night, he called me again and said he wanted to call me before he heads to bed. Then on Wednesday I asked him for dinner, he said he wasn’t free. Then I got very emotional and told him a lot of mean things and the last sentence on said through text was ‘I am going to jump off now’. then I switched my phone off. He called me several times and then on Thursday, I told him I went crazy yesterday and that I was sorry. He wrote me a very long text messages saying he was so glad to hear back from me and that he wants me to understand that i wasn’t the only one who cherishes the friendship. and then he said he believes we should not contact each other anymore until we are both calm and stable.

    I hope I did not say break up three times. He said he lost faith in me. It has been a week and I am still aching from time to time and I cannot stop thinking about him. Grateful for your advice πŸ™‚

  26. Pisces men take and don’t give back mine drained the life out of me for 7 years I’ve cried so many tears over him but I’m strong enough now to see he’s just a manipulator and after this last break up I feel relieved that he’s gone out of my life he was cheating with his ex gal and I won’t ever forgive him this time he definetly overstepped the mark because I’m so loyal and cheating on me has taken my trust forever he has killed all my feelings stone dead.

  27. i m a libra girl my pisces guy dumped me i luv him alot nd i want him back he dumped me coz he think that i like another guy can u imagine he didnt trust me ….i m feeling alone i miss him bt he:-(:’-(… kindly guide me what i have to do to get him back plz all u have to pray for me plz who read this plz pray for me….

  28. i m a libra girl my pisces guy dumped me i luv him alot nd i want him back he dumped me coz he think that i like another guy can u imagine he didnt trust me ….i m feeling alone i miss him bt he:-(:’-(… kindly guide me what i have to do to get him back plz all u have to pray for me plz who read this plz pray for me….plz

  29. Daisies&Lilacs says:

    I’m an Aries female and my ex is a Pisces male. We were together for 2 years but he broke up with me back in 2013; we still see each other to only mess around. Obviously, being an Aries, I’m loud, brash, demanding and controlling which I know eventually took a toll on my sensitive Piscean. Every time we would meet up he would talk about a girl he was seeing/talking to, which at first I wouldn’t handle too well. I’d have my psycho bursts and just lash out, as the years went by I’ve improved a lot, so much it’s not even funny. He still tells me about the girl he’s currently interested in but I’ve changed my approach, I encourage him and support him… Even going as far as giving him a little advice. Of course, all I wanna do is choke him and run the b!tch he’s talking to over with a tractor but I keep my cool. He doesn’t text me, so if I want to “see” him I have to contact him and literally almost beg to meet up. He recently though gave me his REAL cell # which is HUGE because he would txt me from apps you can download… I mean I’m still blocked on Facebook & Instagram (IG)… Told ya I was psycho. I do though throw in a couple of comments from our past relationship but nothing heavy just a comment you can pass of with a j/k j/k. I’ve not been clingy in a way as in when he drops me off, I just bid my bye and see you later comment. He sometimes shows interest in me coming in contact with another guy… I.E; my phone received a FaceTime call (iPhone) while we were in be and it was an unsaved # to which he asked who’s that? Your new boyfriend? And I responded if it was I wouldn’t be fuc*ing with you ?? another one was where he commented on my IG quote (something about his smile) I think he intercepted as I had someone else, to which I responded if I did I wouldn’t be with him, that I wouldn’t cheat him and he’d get the same respect he had while in our relationship (loyalty). But, I mentioned I was talking to a guy and showed him a pic (same thing he did with me) and he was also playing the supportive good for you go for it card.

    He’s so confusing, we’ve both matured a lot but I still would like to know the different him is just I’m not sure if he’s interested like that or if he’s just having a hard time letting truly let go. I mean we shared a lot of 1st experiences like anything we were curious about we’d try, we lived together, worked together and went to college together for the first 2 years so I’m not sure if our history is the only thing he’s not moving on from… I’m genuinely confused & I’d appreciate any advice in regards to having dated a Pisces male as this was the 1st one for me.

    Thank You!!! (;

  30. Amy Sizemore says:

    Hi I am Aries and I was with a lives man he up and left why I was at the hospital for no reason I asked simple question cause one my friend seen him with girl with brown hair I asked he dos dnoni dropped it came home he was gone I really like him I fell in love with him I been with him 8months and to me he was a blessing but know I don’t know what to do should I leave him alone and let it be or what he tells me it’s not me its him I don’t know if there something stoping him or if he cheats what but he says he don’t he will never cheat he says but I don’t get it he playing games with me to see if I truly love him or something someone please let me know thanks

  31. Amy Sizemore says:

    I am a Aries in love with pices and I wondering how do I get him to come back do I let him be or move on or what I text him and he does respond once in awhile he says it’s not me its him so I don’t get it please help what to do

  32. LOVE pisces says:

    I am an Cancer Leo Cusp girl and my Pisces man has just made up his mind on breaking up with me. He wanted to stay friends and he said the reason for breaking up was because he loves me. I told him to block everything on me but he refused to because i am the only friends he got left. His best mate is died of OD which caused him so much pain. We were together for 4 years. Within these 4 years, he lied to me about money for drugs but he made his confession before i found out. I didnt left him but got angry at him everyday on every stupid mistakes he did because he spent all of my money and i was short of money to pay off my school fee. He never got angry at me for once. He tried to cut off drugs but he claims he will overdose after his father’s death and drugs is the only thing that makes him happy. I wanted to stop him but i wanted him to be happy as well. I hope i could have a temper management long time ago so i wouldn’t scare him away. Will he eventually going to end his life? will he ever going to get back with me? his love was true?

  33. I know this post was years ago, but I am curious to what has been of you & this Piscerean

  34. See.. Sometimes pisces men themselves don’t knw what are they doing.. Some pisces will stick to you till the end if you let them in. They are indecisive
    In your case.. I think he won’t approach you till you clear it with him .
    They need a woman who can withstand them and make their decisions clear..
    You have to ask him whether he is being friends or more than that ..
    Ask gently .. Clear your every doubt with him

  35. Bright Future says:

    Hi heart broken girls by Pisces dudes. I am with you since January 1st 2017. Was So much heart broken and devisteted. I was thinking maybe I should have a good conversation with my pieces ex bf, but after reading all of the above written anecdotal evidence stories, I am glad that he broke up with me, cuz I am sure he would break up anyways.I can’t believe that they are so many ways similar or they have a written map in their minds.My dude acted exactly the same way as your ex dudes. Please girls let him go now, otherwise he will heart you even more..

  36. Oh man it seems when it comes to pisces they all are the same.
    I can tell you they are selfish and taker…………Never the giver.
    I met my man online n I thought he is the one i was waiting all my life. but once we get phyiscal after two months of chating and talking…………he start ignoing me.
    long story short its a year now and last week i broke up with him when the same shit happen one more time.

    but Its true you cant get over them and Now i wish he can just become my friend.
    problem and fact is he does not give a dam about me anymore.
    i have been sending him msg for a whole week now n he did not reply to even a single one
    as for calling He simply dont pick up
    I can see how much fun he is having out there and doing the stuff we planned that we will do together this week.
    They will make you feel special when you are with them and you forget about all their past behaviour or misktakes

    I wish i can ask what to do but point is ……………..only if i am that desperate to be in such a emotionally manipulating relationship.
    Now all i want is that he reply me back n just tell me that he does not want what i asked him to consider.

  37. cancergirrrl says:

    Did he come back?

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