My male Pisces dumped me. How do I get him back?

PiscesFirst off, it takes so much initiative for a Pisces man to get off his butt to break up with you, that he must have really wanted out. Maybe the real you didn’t compare to the fantasy you, and he just couldn’t bear the dissonance between the two.

Regardless, you want him to give you a second chance. Remember, the best way to woo a Pisces is with lowbrow Piscean pleasures: drugs, music, movies, video games. Send him a CARE package containing a dime bag and a DVD you think would turn him on. Throw in a burned CD of some hard-to-find Dave Matthews gig, and he’ll know you mean business.

Other Pisces men are too “beyond” to be seduced by media items. You must convince him that you are an embodiment of the Tantric Love Goddess, and you must never reveal your mundane flaws lest you burst his bliss bubble.

Frankly, it would be a lot easier to distract him from the day-to-day problems of relationship by keeping him high. Either that, or make his life so easy — by taking care of dreary tasks like paying his bills and brushing his teeth — that he won’t feel challenged by life’s difficulties, thanks to your efforts to shield him.

It’s not easy to get a Pisces man back, but if you’re willing to drape a Neptunian veil of delusion over his eyes, he may let you into his graces once again.

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  1. sad girl says:

    Hi Barbie :),

    “He abused me emotionally and used me financially…”

    Well girl, that makes 2 of us….hehehehe….I mean, I also bought him lots of gifts and paid for everything whenever we went on dates. I come from a more financially-stable family and cos I did not want to burden him (he was just a poor college student 5 years ago), I paid for EVERYTHING! And initially, I thought that it was kinda refreshing to be with a man who was not egoistic enough to refuse me whenever I offered to pay….and maybe I thought that since I was paying for everything, I could somehow make him feel indebted to me and not leave me for ever…hahahahaha. So yeah, he went back to his home country and when I last visited him, I even bought a laptop for him!!! And what sickened me so much is the fact that he is using the laptop which I bought for him to message/chat with other people yet he ignored all my messages…..he was so rude and disrespectful, dont u think???? (I really feel like destroying that laptop with a baseball bat or something now….hehehehehheheh)

    “My only thing is I believe we could have been a great couple had he given the relationship more time in his mind and efforts. But he is very moody, indecisive and impatient in love relationships.”

    I really agree with u on this one too, gal…My ex was a wonderful guy to be with and honestly, I can never hate him. But I really can’t be with a guy who escapes/disappears/gives up at the slightest hint of trouble/problems. We have talked about getting married and having kids but would I want a husband who would forsake the family when things get too tough??? The answer is NO….I need a man who is emotionally and mentally strong enough to go through thick and thin together, cos that would be what I myself would do in such situations. So yeah gal, do take some time to think about what YOU want…and what YOU want YOUR future to be like. We seriously gotta stop giving and giving and giving to these men who would never be able to tell the difference between diamond and glass….it is time to think about YOUR life and learning to put YOURSELF at the top of the priority list….just remember that you do have the POWER to make a CHOICE….:)

    “I was shocked it was “OVERNIGHT” that all his lovey dovey feelings changed. That is not love.”

    Me too, gal. He changed just like that. It all started like a year ago, when he would conveniently ignored my messages, don’t call me at all and eventually he just ignored me totally. But I truly loved him. And despite being hurt over and over again, I forgave him over and over again too. I guess I was just in denial. And I wanted to fight for our relationship. But he was already no longer interested. Last week, when we officially broke up, he had the cheek to ask if we could be friends. I rejected him flat out…I mean, DO PISCES MEN EVEN KNOW THE MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP???? FRIENDS are LOYAL, HONEST and STICK BY EACH OTHER THROUGH THICK AND THIN. He disrespected and hurt me so badly and deeply….and friends don’t do that. I knew that when he asked me to still be friends with him, he was just trying to keep me around for ‘just in case’ situations (like when he needed help or money….hahahahaha). And I was not stupid enough to allow myself to be treated like a spare tyre…:)

    Well gal, be strong and I hope that you will be able to emerge from your rut with a smile on your face. Thanks for your kind words of support for me too…much appreciated.:) I am definitely enjoying my freedom and I hope you will somehow find yours too…have a good day ya and try not to think about these irritating Pisces guys…hahaha….:)

    Bless your good heart….*HUGS*

  2. I have just lived through two claytons relationships with pisces men.
    The first one only wanted me as a “fuck buddy” and made a real point of reminding me constantly that i was not the girl of his dreams. Yet he wanted me there, conveniently as a stable sex partner. He was loving and kind but got freaked out because i had feelings for him.
    He abused me emotionally and mentally and ohysically.
    The second one had mars in scorpio and forced sex onto me which resulted in a morning after pill. He was a sociopath and used me to no end. My car, paying for meals.
    The first one even emailed me last nite and we ended up fighting with each other.
    I am so crushed by both of them that i feel almost suicididal. Why are oisces men so hard?

  3. Hello, i’m currently interested in a Pisces guy right now, or my psychic says he is one. But since one of these girls said Pisces are indecisive or not loyal enough, it makes me unsure of the guy right now. My psychic had told me he knows i like him and he likes me but since we had summer break from Grad school, i’m not so sure anymore, he could lose interest i dont know now..

    I did not go too close with him b/c i was in a turbulent time with a Taurus guy friend who treated me like [expletive deleted] and a [expletive deleted] buddy but never told him how i felt about him, never. b/c i knw i would have lost i felt the Pisces guy could do me dirt too..or otherwise another typical guy who likes looks and girls assets..

  4. anonimous says:

    jeeze ladies im sorry to here that it didnt work out with your pisceanse also on a side note not all of us are like that and dont base how you feel about someone of a freakin star and birthdate every man is a uniqie individuale in case your wondering wich you have probably guessed bye now i myself happen to be a piscease and currently in a very happy relationship with a virgo we have been together for five years and i couldnt be more happier if i tried.. well enough said oh and ps i read the whole blog about keeping a piscease high to make him happy if you have to stoop so low to resort to using sedatives that aint love at all thats just [expletive deleted] up i myslef enjoy smokin a little refer here and there every now and then but that dont mean i would want my girlfriend to feel she has to constantly supply me with pot to make our relationship work ok im gonna shut up now
    signed piscease man with nothing better to do obviously

  5. latin one says:

    i dated a pisces guy and as the fellow says they all have some kind of addiction they seem to always play guilt trips and erally like controlling ex also wants to be friends but you know what friends i want not people who enjoy head they are not all the same but they are very loving at first and caring loyal yes but at what cost he also would say he sis not have money and loved independent women well i wonder why?hint hint.pisces guys are a lil too much for me i am a libra and though he enjoyed my free spirit he also tried breaking it by saying some really hurtfull things except i’m not one to allow abuse to go too far so instead of feeling bad just let go it’s always for the best.

  6. Sassy leo says:

    I dated a Pisces Man and it was wonderful, until one day he seem distance from me. I think because he told me he was coming over and didn’t show up. I went off on him and everything went down hill from there. He got distance and cold, then he started coming around again, and then he would call. I started wondering and couldn’t understand what was the deal. I got delusion with my feelings and couldn’t take it anymore. I give him a portrait of picture of me and now he won’t give it back to me. What is up with that? and why he would give it back to me?

  7. Women don’t ever give a man/boy money. Why would you have to pay to keep him around? also don’t have sex with him at least give it time. And don’t let him use you a as f buddy. How degrading. GET SOME SELF ESTEEM. And the pisces guy is just a dirt bag couldn’t believe his comments about using women for sex. He is probably one lonely messed up boy. Barbie don’t delve inthe past as to what you had. MOVE ON GET A CLUE HE IS A DOG THE WAY HE TREATS YOU AND WHATS WORSE IS YOU LET HIM. GET A BACKBONE GIRL. PLEASE.

  8. Don’t women have any self respect or pride anymore? Maybe thats why so many boys and yes they are “boys” are so disrepectful these days . too many women letting them get away with all this crap. Make them work and fight for you are you worth it. You get treated the way you expect to be treated and they will know what you will put up with. GET SOME PRIDE. AND DIGNITY. IS THAT SO HARD?

  9. Hi, Can anyone give me some advice?

    I am a Cancer woman and my Pisces broke up with me almost a week ago, he says he is not ’strong’ enough for me and wouldn’t be able to make me happy in the long term. He says he also gets crazy jealous of other men that speak to me and doesn’t think thats fair.

    He calls me most days, sometimes in tears telling me he misses me so much but it wouldn’t work. When we see each other he gazes at me and gets tears in his eyes, he wants to hold me and even kiss me (I freaked out and told him no) then he goes away and calls me saying he has lost the most amazing beautiful woman in the world and yet he still wont come back.

    I deleted any trace of him from my online social networking profiles and within twenty minutes my phone was going crazy with texts saying I am forgetting him and I regret him, I knew he was at work so he must be watching from his phone. The thing is he DID make me so happy and I love him so much.

    I have told him that hearing from him is too difficult right now and he has cooled it a little.

    We had a couple of arguments before we split but nothing major and I was stressed out a bit, we both agree the relationship was virtually perfect. I just want him back, please help!

  10. To Taylor: Thanks for the wake up call…I think we ladies do need it. 🙂 I have broken up with my Pisces guy and although it took me about 3 months of ‘cold turkey’ to really cut all contacts of him, I am so glad that I had the courage to do it. Taylor was right to say that we ladies need to get these guys to work and fight for us…maybe the reason why they ended up taking advantage of us and our love was because they never had to work for it….*sigh*

    In a nutshell, if your guy is not even doing the smallest things to make you feel happy, safe and secure about your relationship, doesn’t matter what his horoscope sign is, I hope you ladies can be brave enough to nip the problem in the bud…

    And to Cancer girl…big hugs to you. It must have been tough for you but I will advice you to stay away from him and give him the time/space to make a decision. Pisces guys are usually indecisive and have this mind-heart tug-of-war going on within them. Like, his mind is telling him that it’s not going to work out but his heart is still in love with you…

    I don’t know whether to encourage or discourage you…but since you know this Pisces guy best, I hope you will make a wise decision.

    All the best.

  11. Hi! I am having a problem with my Pisces boyfriend of 3 years. The problem is, I can be emotional sometimes, and it freaks him out, to the point that he “breaks up” with me to not deal with it. He just broke up with me again on the internet after I was confrontational about something (really juvenile…but cmon a guy should be there for you). He said all sorts of things about me, called me all kinds of names, got very angry.

    We started talking today (after 2 days that this happened) and he’s taking care of some financial things for me – my bills and whatnot. I sent him a long email saying that I was willing to change certain emotional, confrontational, in his words, “dramatic,” aspects of my behavior if he only gave me a second chance. I acknowledged how much I hurt him and told him it wouldn’t happen again because I wanted to make these positive changes for myself. I said I hope I hadn’t pushed him away forever. He responded saying thanks, that I was a good person too, and that he hasn’t pushed me away forever.

    I love my Pisces because he is so gentle and dreamy, but I hate how “reality” seems harsh enough for him to leave something that is true love. No other woman will be as understanding and compromising as me, Libra. My moon is in Cancer and my Venus is in SCORPIO. So that’s who he is dealing with!

    I’d appreciate some feedback. I’m happy because of what he said, and I have tried talking to him online and he’s being very elusive (typical Pisces) but I am hoping he comes around. I told him if I can’t make these changes I’ll be honest about it with him and we can end the relationship, but I want to try at least.

    What are your thoughts ladies and gents?

    PS, still waiting on him to re-friend me on Facebook after he defriended me. However, it stills says, “in a relationship” on his page (according to a friend).

  12. Dear Moonchild,

    “Hi, Can anyone give me some advice?”

    Can do.

    “I am a Cancer woman and my Pisces broke up with me almost a week ago, he says he is not ’strong’ enough for me and wouldn’t be able to make me happy in the long term. He says he also gets crazy jealous of other men that speak to me and doesn’t think thats fair.”

    Yeah, Pisces guys tend to be jealous of their women. I know I was back in my Crabby’s day.

    “He calls me most days, sometimes in tears telling me he misses me so much but it wouldn’t work.”

    Sad. Do you still love him? What are the specific reasons that he tells you that it won’t work?

    “When we see each other he gazes at me and gets tears in his eyes, he wants to hold me and even kiss me (I freaked out and told him no).”

    He is clearly confused, and you are emotionally hurt by his confusing behavior. I don’t blame you for being upset and resistant to him.

    “then he goes away and calls me saying he has lost the most amazing beautiful woman in the world and yet he still wont come back.”

    Do this for me? Give him the stiff arm for a few weeks. No calls, no emails, no nothing. If he still pursues you, then call him back and tell him that you are willing to give the relationship a second chance only if he is willing to commit himself to you. If he refuses, then hang up the phone and don’t respond to him for a few more weeks. If he still refuses to be with you after yet another “time out,” then I wouldn’t worry about him anymore.

    Key thing to remember is that IF he truly does love you, then he will commit to you. How long have you two been a fishy-crabby couple?

    “I deleted any trace of him from my online social networking profiles and within twenty minutes my phone was going crazy with texts saying I am forgetting him and I regret him.”

    Remind him that your behavior wouldn’t be necessary if he would commit himself to you. But, because he does not, then he does not seem to have the monogamous attitude that you deserve in life.

    “The thing is he DID make me so happy and I love him so much.”

    Pisces men tend to do that for Crab women. Hopefully things will work out, and he will commit himself to you.

    “I have told him that hearing from him is too difficult right now and he has cooled it a little.”

    Good. Perhaps the time apart will make him realize how lucky he is to have you in his life.

    “We had a couple of arguments before we split but nothing major and I was stressed out a bit, we both agree the relationship was virtually perfect. I just want him back, please help!”

    Call him in a few weeks, and tell him that you love him. If he doesn’t respond to you with the same words in return, then tell him that you can’t talk with him anymore.

    Bottom line: You desire his love just as much as he desires yours. Hopefully he will realize this soon.


    PS… I am on seduction central if you want to keep in touch. Just go to the FORUMS section, and look for the Batman avatar.

  13. I see someone else on here has the same name as me 🙂 I just thought I’d say hi to everyone, Mr Fish you seem to be good with the advice, Its refreshing to hear some good advice from a guy that thinks about peoples feelings 🙂 Everyone on here is having relationship problem of some sort, what about you? Whats your story?

  14. libra gal says:

    “Everybody’s gotta learn sometime”

    I am sitting at work, listening to the soundtrack of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on my ipod. Hoping to get some help from you beautiful people.

    I don’t know what to do. My Pisces cheated on me last year and I decided to stay with him. He expressed his remorse to me, I told him that it wouldn’t be easy, etc. Recently I just snooped in his email and read some messages he’d exchanged with an old family friend, a female, in which he tells her about me, and she says if it doesn’t work out with her, I’m next. And I know that they talk a lot on the internet about his stresses with school, and he listens to her too, I just never knew that she was interested in him. He claims I misunderstood and that it was a joke. Since then I’ve acted realy bitchy and suspicious to him, especially when we speak online. I constantly accuse him of talking to other females and basically smother him.
    Anyway, he told me that he no longer wants to be attached to me, and that he’s purposefully keeping his distance from me, saying that we are on really thin ice and when it ends, it will be mutual so I will leave him alone. He says he has no faith in us, and that it’s over, and that he’s excited about turning a new page in his life.
    What should I do? Please, please, please help me right now.

  15. leo female says:

    He cheated on you…you stayed cause you love him. He now has the nerve to be mad at you cause he seems to b relapsing? Sounds to me like je was looking for a way out. I am sure you have read all about Pisces male behaviour on this site. Take everyone’s advice….I am sure there are a few out there who are worth it but from what I can tell there aren’t many and it takes a lot of work to be with these guys. You gotta do what you gotta do of course but take my word for it they can break your heart without a second thought. So much for the sensitive pisces..i think it’s a really good scam…..
    I might be a little jaded but I’ve been there done that. Just spent my drive home from work crying over one who prob doesn’t even give a crap…..

  16. libra gal says:

    I love Pisces sensitity. He is the only man I want. His compassion and genuine concern for others are such a beautiful thing to me. HOWEVER when he turns an ear to a female in distress, and gets close to her…or when things go sour and his sensitivty turns to an extreme selfishness where he wants to give up on teh relatiosnhip..
    I have been crying all day too!

  17. leo female says:

    Well at least yours is sensitive they way Pisces are apparently supposed to be. Mine is just cold. It’s not even like he is or ever was my boyfriend. It was just a fling that sort of started to get a little deep. The good was really good…but the bad…man, it’s really bad. He can be so damn ignorant.

  18. libralady says:

    My boyfriend and I just broke up again. He says that he wants to be friends without any of the physical stuff because he can’t trust that I won’t hurt him again. I say ok but it’s hard for me to maintain much distance from him. I asked him twice to take me back and he says he is refusing because he’s looking for a long term fix. That if we take a break things will be fixed, whereas I am looking for a short term fix. I just want things for us to go back to normal, basically, I don’t like this feeling. I feel so lost and alone without him. Please advise how to proceed. I am telling him I love him and going over top with love messages in the form of calls, cards, things like that. So he knows I am sorry. I just want us back together :(.

  19. After 2 weeks he finally calls me for the first tme himself. Overjoyed me, right? Wrong. He was nice enough at first. He's like, I'm just checking up on you to see how you're doing. Haha, yeah right, I know better. So I ask him what he needs. Turns out he needs to borrow money from me. At first he wanted me to come to the bank wtf. I was like uh I can't do that. So I arranged for him to come pick up my debit card. I made him promise not to use the cash for weed or alcohol, and he did, albeit in a very laughing manner which makes me not believe him. When I see him, he doesn't ask how I was even though he knows how much shit I'm currently going through. He just acts all weird and laugh-y and tells me if I "want to go out" to just call him and he'll return my card. I'm like um you're a little hard to reach, sarcastically. And he's like hahah no I just don't like to pick up my phone sometimes. Anyway long story short I was really cold with him and my body language and behavior all suggested that he's kind of a thorn in my side. Finally I told him to have fun in hell (if he breaks his promise) and left without saying bye. WHAT A JERK. I am officially over him.

  20. msqueen , not to be mean but I cannot believe you. he is obviously treating you like dirt using you for money and all the while laughing in your face. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU CAN'T SEE THAT. I REALLY DOUBT YOU'LL DUMP HIM. When are you going to WISE UP? GET SOME SELF ESTEEM. I'M EMBARRSSED FOR YOU.

  21. Thanks Joanna for the tough love :). Actually I'm very happy it happened because I feel like the blinders have finally been lifted. He's not getting any love from me anymore. Regarding the money thing he's helped me out with money before so I am okay with giving him money. We have a running account. When he met me to give me my card back he told me to meet him at the park, when I was there he walked a little ahead, and he was in a big hurry to get rid of me. I stuck around after I pretended to leave and noticed he went back to his "friends" some cocaine addicted fool, another dude, and a girl. Screw him. He told me he was alone. I called him and said, Why'd you want to get rid of me so quick? I thought you were alone not hanging out with some chick. He was like you don't have any right to ask me anything blah blah. I was like wow, not impressive, you're finished, goodbye, and hung up on him. He's called me twice since that and I've ignored his calls. He even gchatted me asking for this recipe of something I've made for him before. WOW. What a weirdo. I'm NOT GETTING BACK TOGETHER WITH HIM JOANNA. Lol. In case I haven't made it clear yet. I can't take this shit anymore!

  22. msqueen, what is you're sunsign?

  23. Hi libralady, I am
    Sun in Libra
    Moon in Cancer
    Venus in Scorpio
    Scorpio ascendant

  24. ms queen , AM PROUD OF YOU. Next time he calls you should tell him to PUT ON HIS BIG BOY PANTS AND BUGGER OFF.

  25. Eww he just gchatted me. He's like, Wassup. I'm like, not much. He's like, are you feeling better? You seemed upset last time we talked.
    I was like "ya i'm good"
    Him: "cool. k im out. later"

    Of course I have no idea where he's going, or what he's doing.

    Someone explain why the HELL he's still talking to me. I am NOT showing friendliness or interest!

  26. Eww he just gchatted me. He's like, Wassup. I'm like, not much. He's like, are you feeling better? You seemed upset last time we talked.
    I was like "ya i'm good"
    Him: "cool. k im out. later"

    Of course I have no idea where he's going, or what he's doing.

    Someone explain why the HELL he's still talking to me. I am NOT showing friendliness or interest…AM I??

  27. msqueen, what is you're sunsign?

  28. leo female says:

    Yes, you are. Your answer shows interest. You shouldn't have answered at all. Easier said than done, I know. I do the same thing with my pisces fool….

  29. ms queen , No ignore him. Tell him you're busy everytime he calls.

  30. Ladies, especially Joanna,

    Yeah, ignorng him is probably my best option. I feel confused and emotional becuase he is trying to "reach" out to me. Don't know if he wants me back, or if he is just being friendly and keeping his options open. Basically it sucks and I'm slowly feeling like I'm losing control again.

    Besides his contacts online he also sent me a cute Thanksgiving e-card and called me his cutie pie in it and he called me today and we talked for about ten minutes. I emailed him this article later (stupid me) and he replied, and I replied back. Other than that no contact from him.

    I don't have teh balls to block him and delete him onlinebut he isn't really online much anyway. It's just the phone really that I can ignore. What a pain :(. Last night I was on top of the world and now I feel like I lost my power because he thinks we're friendly. jeez….

  31. ms queen , No ignore him. Tell him you're busy everytime he calls.

  32. leo female says:

    mss queen–

    you show interest everytime you don't ignore him, even if you ar cold on the phone.

    and yes, you lose your power everytime you answer. believe me, i speak from experience…

  33. Wow, so guess what everybody. After a few days of holding back, I finally gave in and saw him. I took lunch over to his apartment and we hung out the whole day, we even went driving to pick something up. I cleaned his apartment up. We even fooled around a bit. We had dinner that night too. It was nice. For some reason I kept crying through dinner and he was so kind and sensisitve, he’s like, what’s wrong. The whole day he kept telling me how much he cared about me.
    WELL. So today I tried to call him and I didn’t get a response. And I can get kind of crazy when that happens if I need someone, and I did need his help. So I kept calling and calling. He picked up and asked what i needed, I was like where are you? I need your help. He’s like I can’t talk and hung up. Then he turned his phone off 2-3 times. I ended up going to his apartment and having a whole crying fest with him saying he told me all these things yesterday that he didn’t mean, that he was playing games with me, and why, and all that. He’s like I don’t care, I lost interest, I won’t call you again.
    I can’t believe I let him in again, even cleaned his apartment up, even fooled around…Even his frend who was at his apartment was like, dude, don’t be so mean to her. I literally cried at his door saying I needed his help and he’s like whatever go away no you don’t. etc.
    I need some advice. I need to make him pay.

  34. MsQueen, I’m so sorry. What a jerk. nothing like they describe pisces. Especially that you asked you needed his help. I would not even waste my time getting even cuz then he’ll know your hurting. Don’t give him the satifaction. I would completely ask as thou he is dead to you. Don’t talk to him email him or have any contact with him or his friends. Don’t even mention his name to your friends. They hate most when you totally ignore them. I know now you are totally DONE WITH HIM. Again act as thou he is dead.

  35. AquaTrainer says:

    I’m sorry but Pisces or not…any human being who dumped me would never ever ever get 1 drop of my efforts to get them back. We’re over, you say? Your loss. See ya on the flipside.

  36. MSQUEEN, If you want to get him back wait till he tells you a woe is me story then laugh in his face and walk away.

  37. I miss him a lot and feel we are meant to be together. Strong enough for the two of us and willing to tolerate his immaturity. How can I win back his love?

  38. to msqueen, why would you waste your time wanting to “win back his love” Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  39. im sitting here crying because i feel so pathetic chasing a man who keeps playing games with me. on the other hand i feel like i’ve caused him pain and i don’t blame him for the way he treats me. i just don’t know what to do i love him too much…this hurts so much…

  40. AquaTrainer says:

    MSQUEEN!!!!! It’s time to LOVE YOURSELF!!! How old are we now? Too old to be playing mind games or letting someone play them on us! TOO OLD, ok?! This is BS and you don’t need to tear yourself apart over a piece of s*** man who is acting wishy/washy. Love yourself, be alone for a little bit, and then wait for Mr. Anyone but a Pisces dick to come sweep you off your feet.

  41. can someone help me plzzz. My pisces man broke off with me abt a week ago and he clearly stated that as much as he still loves me he wants to be just friends because he had enough from all our quarrels and he has reached his limits. I texted him the other day and he told me he misses me too and i can tell he is having a hard time.. Is there any way i can get a second chance with him? I am a capricorn btw

  42. Then give him a multiple space is a key to let him figure out what he feels towards you. You can’t ask help any people but you can apply tips on how to get your ex back. however, it might not worthy enough. For him maybe but you that carrying burdens I don’t think so. I was dumped but when I left him he sent email he was out of line. Baby, men are crazy. Learn to be tough and use your brain…not your emotional feeling otherwise, you will be his slave. it’s ok to be hurt because of love but don’t let the love fool you. Love yourself is a key to win back a love. Yes, they are true and everything people told you this blog are true but still the final decisions comes from you. Don’t be a slave of your emotion and chase the guy…I once do that but I tell you…the more we chase the more they find a way to run away because men think we are needy woman. Be strong and let the love choose you to go back in its course not by your force.

    Wish you can overcome that situation. Just pray and GOD will make it alright.
    Give him some time to think. don’t panic dear. If that guy truly loves you then he will come back to you. Just Be strong.

  43. Lost Cap….I would appreciate if you read my advice above.Just take a lil time dear and let him comeback to you without demanding it to him. Tell him you love him but if he needed space then give it to him because love understands. Then just that.Take it lightly not overly emotional. Men loves challenge. Keep yourself busy so that you see life in a different way. not too much focusing to the relationship. If you do , I will salute you. love is not self seeking. Let the time heals…Don’t always contacting him. let him do the first move…see what is the difference.

    Ms. queen, I don’t know what to say..I was like that before when my Bf dumped me..whatever the reason that caused of dumping you IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. don’t beg.stop it. as I said above , the more we are chasing the man , the more they find a way to run away…we look needy dear and tehy are laughing to us.. ouchhhh. so bad baby. But no one loves you like loving yourself. Why are you so cruel to yourself. You give them to be your PRIORITY while allowing yourself to be their OPTION. BABY, MOVE ON. forget that man. learn to love yourself. Find something that which you can turn on your energy and attention. Be firm. stop complaining about yourself. Time heals. all you can do now is REST WITH GOD. the more you feel the pain the more you have to praise him. I tell you, God knows how you struggle and God is waiting for you when you give all your heart to HIM.not this man who treated you unfair..he is powerless dear. why you want that man who can settle you for less and you look so desperate. that less matter you can give it by yourself.Twist that game into reality that “true love never play”. Stop contacting him.. give all the multiple space. if he is cruel to you tell him…he’s not the type of man who can bruise your ego..just leave even if it hurts and just brush off your shoulder. I masteres any relationship.I’ve been with great professionals men in my life. Now , It makes me tougher to any man. men didn’t know when I fall in love..I won’t let him know that.I don’t give all the access to any men out to pass my life… opps I am just but a private woman. Ms. quenn enough begging dear. be smart. not his doormat.

  44. msqueen, If you left him alone and went on with your life and got busy he would probably come back to you. But by then you may see the light and not want him anymore. You say we are meant to be together but lot of pisces men make women believe that. I’m sure you will always be in his heart. He doesn’t have enough to give you right now he is messed up. Any woman getting involved with him would have the exact same issues you are having. You are enabling him to stay as a jerk. You and he need time to get your lives straight. He can only offer you what you think you want him to be in your head. Can you imagine a child with him it would be a nightmare. Be thankful you are not married to him. Pisces are martyrs women always feel sorry for them. However they bring upon themselves. You cannot help him. He has to change himself and off the drugs. He cannot help you. You both have to help yourselves. If people told you yes call him and tell him you love him what do you think will happen? No one has to tell you what will happen cuz you already know. It does hurt but believe me if you keep busy and don’t see him for 3 to 6 months it will be so much easier to get over him. and then maybe in the future once he’s straightened out you can be friends and then maybe more.

  45. Facebook User says:

    I am currently pregnant for a pisces male with just 13days till baby is due. I got involved with him during a bad time in his life he seemed loving and happy that he found me. What I didn’t know was that he was still with his ex and remained with her through out our relationship. He got me pregnant at the same time as another girl and through out our relationship he always had girls and told me either I put up or shut up and that I was his main girl. i didn’t put up with this and when I wanted to walk away or tell him he was wrong he manipulated me, told me I was crazy for looking through his phone and constantly calling him he never understood that he made me feel insecure. He became abusive physical, emotionally and mentally. When I tried to get away would breakdown and cry and beg me not to hurt him. I finally managed to get away took a break, recently we started talking again for the sake of our baby and we seemed to connect but because of my feelings and I do love him why I don’t know, all my insecurities and questioning him about other feelings have started again and he now wants nothing to do with me. What I hate about him is that he played games with me, from the beginning he lied, tried to control me, expected me to put up with him having other women and for me to be devoted to him, loyal and honest yet he couldn’t do that himself for me. I do not understand why a man could be this way and yet like he really loved you, treat you wonderfully, be supportive and then change into a monster. I do not want to catergorise all pisces men but it seems like I am not the only woman to see these traits in this particular sign. I do love him but I just wish he would change. He knows that I am good and he did really want to be with me but I know my jealousy is a dangerous thing ( I am an aries), if he did change I would give him a chance as for his ex which I know they split up because she found out about me she is a taurus she has continuously cheated on him and left him during his bad time yet he still wants to work this out with her which only seem to come about after him realising that I am not for him. There is so much more too the whole situation it is so complicated and I think he has some serious insecutities and issues that he doesn’t even know what he wants himself

  46. to facebook LEAVE HIS SORRY ASS

  47. Facebood User, what is your sunsign just curious. Who would put up with a guy who tells you to put out or shut up. RED FLAG.








  49. AquaTrainer says:

    Facebook User – re-read what you said. You’ve got to see REALITY by now!

  50. Is anybody available to give me some advice? I have been with Pisces for three+ years. It’s been patchy. He seems to break it off with me every 3-6 months. We always get together again. It has just happened agian with this time, him vowing that this is the very last time. He has sent me what seem like mixed messages. I would really like some feedback and advice to this unique situation. I read the board posts already. Thanks

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