Libra and Scorpio: The glue that fails to hold them together

LibraLust alone can bring people together, but it’s not the glue that makes them stick. Whether you want some easy-to-apply paste or ’til-death-do-us-part cement, compatibility is the adhesive that helps two people cohere.

If Libra likes Elmer’s glue, then Scorpio digs the Crazy variety. Although both brands fasten, Scorpio’s going to cling alot more fiercely than Libra, who’s into forging the connection but not so committed to an everlasting bond.

ScorpioLibra loves the idea of relationships, but this sign’s element — Air — is not as integral to the love-paste recipe as Water, Scorpio’s element. Scorpio feels his way into relationship, and it is the emotional intimacy that keeps his glue gummy.

However, before they even open up their art supply cabinets, these signs may think they’ve got a chance. Both signs are (traditionally) ruled by the lovers, Venus (Libra) and Mars (Scorpio). Both are associated with the relationship sector of the horoscope (7th and 8th Houses). Scorpio — immediately following Libra on the zodiacal wheel — picks up on the former’s initial impulse to connect and deepens it.

But that’s where the similarities end … and don’t we require two similar surfaces if we want to fasten them together?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. kenyanscorp says:

    Curious 757

    Nice insights. So the implication is that since the sun rules father it is natural that Scorpio sun is likely to be odds with both parental and authority figures and kick their hypocrisy into the dustbin. Scorp is a sign known to overthrow tyrannical authorities saturn and sun, for pluto is known to blast both. Hades replaces cronos when he grows old and dismisses him to tartarus.

    A good thing i did not get into any kind of addiction through such a relation.

  2. curious757 says:


    well, don’t forget your brothers – Jupiter sky-ruled Zeus and Neptunian/jupiter Poseidon as well.

    yes it’s a good thing you didnt. but somehow, i get the feeling you were in control of the situation.

  3. kenyanscorp says:

    There is another dark side to Libra girls, dont know how many of you have noticed it. Libra girls lack gratitude in the earlier stages of evolution. They are neither thankful to the men that love them, nor do they know the meaning of love. It is pure superficial.

    Never expect a libra girl to call you back or write back to you, they just dont the meaning of human connectivity. When surrounded by admiring males, it becomes a sort of psychoemotional notch count for them.

    The above doesnt apply to the ones who have suffered in love and life and are a total woman. Most unfortunately belong to the unevolved category as in my above example.

    I can clearly see the difference between my wife and a psychologically draining character like the OW.

    Typical of venus the unevolved ones dont tolerate pretty girls. This was a reason she didnt accept the family invitation, she wanted to monopolize my company all by herself with the due hopes that she will ditch her hubby and me my wife and we can run away to a lonely destination and be with each other like the poem the Owl and the pussycat.

  4. kenyanscorp says:

    Curious 757,

    Where i not in control of the situation, the stakes would have been pretty high. But despite her dark mindset, i dont hate her, i feel sorry for her. But i neither want to be her paramor nor to be a LJBF.

    My observations as you rightly pointed out through the moon in mars ruled house placement is one of maternal conflict. Most Libra girls are downright Daughters of narcissistic mothers. They just lack a self awareness, they lack introspection. They truly need a mate who mirrors their plus and minuses. Some of the Libra girls like Rita hayworth are child abuse victims who are raped by their own fathers. This is due to a lack of sexual self awareness, most of these ingenues really need a good lesson in female anatomy.

    What they desire or need is infact a reflection of what her domineering mother needs or desires with the result she lacks a self identity.

    Something in her gnaws to evolve spiritually i.e when she needs a Hades.

    The above OW was clearly looking at the Hades in me to help her evolve.

  5. curious757 says:

    those are very good observations on the dark side of libra women.

    some of the libra women i know have great upbringings, with a loving father. however, the sign itself is in the fall; so it needs a partner (relationship sign) to mirror. many times, they end up with another libra because (as marriage statistics show, they “get” each other) or rather they understand eachother.
    sometimes, it is a good marriage, because it is very peaceful. Many times, as i’ve observed, their successes are usually in the realm of being a leader in a field, whether that is in a company or balancing as a parliament leader of a country; that’s their greatest successes – because they have good partnership with many and have taken on responsibilities (this is where the exaltation can show because they have great responsibilities); but they’re supposed to be evolved by the time they get to this point.

    you’re right that venus endows many of these ladies very conventional beauty – that airy lovely light look.
    and if you have so many admirers, as an example, one can get very spoiled early on. Because they realize they have the ability to get what they want from the opposite sex through their beauty. and not to mention their charming manners.

    it’s interesting that we’re discussing libra itself as a sign, because now, in astrology, libra is in saturn… many libras or those with saturn in libra or strong stellium in libra perhaps, are going to be facing reality. they have to fight against negativity everyday of their lives. I say that because in astrology, libra mirrors pisces – meaning they can absorb everything, both negative and positive. so they have to fight against the darkness. they just go about it differently than a pisces. anyway these are just my thoughts on libra,
    i’ve met some really dark energied libras, and they’re very bad, but i’ve met some really kind and generous hearted libras – they are irresistible and quite sweet, and it’s genuine.
    a famous libra – scorpio couple is Libra Gwen Stefani and October Scorpio Gavin Rossdale. they’ve been married for more than a decade and going strong.
    it sounds like you have married a lovely, kind hearted libra woman, kenyanscorp. you are very blessed.

  6. curious757 says:

    i forget to add:

    that it’s the mars and sun placement in a woman that she’s attracted to. (what alot of astrologers point to) so if her mars and sun are in the same element and rulership, it’s emphasized.

    and the moon and venus placement that the man is attracted to/drawn to.
    makes sense since a man’s (mother nurturing moon) wants a certain type.

    so sometimes, even when people are married, they’ll be drawn to certain people in their life. It is after all their venus sign and moon sign. (it’s not even about romance at all, but on a psychological curiosity) and sometimes, they’re just there for lessons. maybe a lesson for them or for yourself. or sometimes, they float on by, like two ships not even taking dock, but passing in the night. I think that’s an interesting metaphor anyway.

  7. curious757,
    “they have to fight against the darkness. they just go about it differently than a pisces. anyway these are just my thoughts on libra,”

    I totaly agree. I am a libra girl. With saturn in libra, it has been the most difficult period of my life. I really have been forced to examine my life and my actions. I don’t know when i turned into such a dark-energied libra but i am really facing reality and this time.

  8. @jillian224, i wrote that over 3 months ago and weirdly i still have no idea about astrology. I do get a clue about it, but it’s difficult to put on paper. I just understand somewhat.

    one thing to remember, is avoid people putting you down or pitting against you/comparing you to another, trying to better themselves to make them feel good. same thing if you, yourself, subconsciously try and do that: “she’s/he’s done this, and done that, and i’m sooooo MUCH better as a person, ect”

    it really defeats the purpose to ward off the negativity. Because the negativity is already consuming when one puts the other down to put themselves up.

  9. Ostrich Libra says:

    Hello, and happy holidays to everyone. I realize I’m posting very late to this discussion, but I hope maybe some folks might be able to answer my question.

    Is there any way to stop or defeat the Libra/Scorpio attraction? Especially a Scorpio male “on the chase” so to speak?

  10. Libras, we just don’t like and don’t want any thing to do with nagativity, if hunans want to be so stupid or ignorants, then let them keep being so and they would die and go to HELL for their unnecessary stupidness or ignorance, we just don’t want them to bring their nagativity to us because we would surely discipline them.

  11. People gets seriously jealous of us because they think we are so blessed and good, so they make EVIL plans to destroy us, these evil bastards we got in the planet they’ve done such a horrible BLACK MAGIC to me, the badluck in my life right now is so extreme, every thing I try to do, I never succeed, is so hard for me to actually believe that a positive LABRA would really be single for more than 4 years now and no matter how hard he tries to find someone, every body actually runs away from him for no good reason at all, now this info is for the people that don’t believe in BLACK MAGIC, I would advice them to think again! You don’t believe because the EVIL dogs haven’t done it to you yet, you wait till the day they do it to you, see who you gonna run to for help.

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