Can Cancer man get his Scorpio woman back?

Neal provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I recently got an abrupt dumping from my Scorpio lover of three months, we had both recently come out of hurtful relationships and were taken aback by our strong mutual attraction but rolled with it and had a great time.

I was very good to her, she reciprocated my kindness and it was great. Although it was short I had allowed myself to think this was going somewhere and that we could have a good love, but a few weeks ago she called me to finish it, she was really upset and told me I was wonderful and that she could be making a huge mistake but she had to end it.

She also said she felt trapped and ‘freaked out’ by it. Being aware of my cancerian ways I had been pretty laid back about my feelings to her so not to scare but I had the vibe we were falling in love. Is this woman in love with me but scared by her feelings? Should I move on or wait, or pursue this amazing lady, because I really feel there is something there…

You’re no ordinary Cancer, Neal. Your Sun shines at the very top of your chart (Midheaven), signifying a very public role for you, despite the shy ways of the Crab. Your Sun also makes a square (90-degree angle) to Pluto, which is conjunct your Ascendant. Pluto — the planet of power and intensity (as well as Scorpio‘s modern ruler) — adds a wallop of probing and potency to your personality. Although your Scorpio ex may have been attracted to that very quality, Sun-Pluto (on the angles, no less) can be scary. It is evident to anyone that you’re a dude who looks deep into whatever he encounters, and that your investigative insights will get channeled into the public arena … in a rather emotional manner. Plus, this whole dynamic is exaggerated by the Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter. You probably have a strong drive to succeed, and you feel optimistic about your aspirations. But how can you balance your soft side with your need to be on top? And how much room is there for a woman when you’ve got this highly visible trajectory to success? Can she be the number one priority in your life?

Saturn’s conjunction to both of the female planets — Moon and Venus — doesn’t make this any easier. You’re not so secure in your ability to keep a relationship going and get your needs met, and this feeling often results in a certain coldness, or at least a difficulty in expressing affection. The Moon rules Cancer (where your Sun resides) and Venus rules Libra (Pluto’s position at your birth), so Saturn’s conjunction to the dispositors of your Sun-Pluto square just adds more weight to these issues.

Currently, you are in your Saturn Return, when the planet of maturity returns to the position in the zodiac where it was when you were born. The Return is the end of youth and the beginning of adulthood. It is time to face mortality, accept responsibility, and take on commitments. As Venus is natally conjunct your Saturn, the Return affects Venus as well, contributing a sense of gravity to your love life. The end of a relationship can feel like a test, and you’re wondering whether you should accept your ex’s departure or pursue her.

You may want to sit September out: once transiting Venus has moved direct and returned to its natal position in late Leo, and once Saturn has firmly moved into Virgo, signaling the end of your Saturn Return. Take this time to think about where you’re going with your life, and how you can fit a relationship into it. Can you offer your Scorpio ex what she needs? Some time alone may give you the answers.

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  1. Sagilarious says:

    I agree with Jeffrey that you should sort yourself out before pursuing her.

    Being quite Scopioesque myself, I would appreciate a man who knows for sure he wants me before he pursues, because once a Scorpio woman commits, she REALLY commits. If she has been hurt, then you had better make sure you won’t be the next one to hurt her.

    Be sure with yourself before you go on trying to convince her of anything.

  2. I’m a scorp woman who has been with 3 cancer men and I can say most difinitively that I couldn’t stand how they went after me like needy children. (This does not mean you! I exagerate to make a point.)

    I felt like I couldn’t think or breath and that makes me RUN in the opposite direction. Give her room for a month and then touch base just to see how she’s doing without asking anything from her. I think that’s the best advice I can give and wish you the best!

  3. one size fits all says:


  4. I think he should keep chasing her. Dont be a lazy guy, a Scorpio woman NEVER forgets anything. Keep these words in mond “Is that all I’m worth to you?” That is the ultimate hurt for her….Dont be lazy with affection and thoughtfulness, material things don’t count, remember these words too “Are you trying to buy me?” The thing she wants the most from you is your loyalty and attention. If you out her before you and your children before her, she will respect you for life.

  5. mond ?LOL I meant mind, sorry

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