The astrology of your nether regions

of the female virgo sign and her sexual parts free info

— an MSN search query used to find this blog

I don’t think the Virgo female’s sexual parts work differently than those of females born under the other Sun signs. Her experience of her sexual parts may be different than that of other women, so perhaps that is what the querent was getting at.

Regardless of astrological influences, don’t we all share pretty much the same biology (along gender lines)? A yoni is a yoni, after all. I don’t think the zodiac cares all that much about physical stimulation of the nether regions. However, astrology may have something to say about a woman’s relation to her private parts: how comfortable she feels receiving pleasure, letting go of inhibition, being with her body. I actually covered this somewhat in Will a Virgo female get dirty in bed?

How do you think your planetary placements relate to the manner in which you experience sexual pleasure?

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  1. Har! some comic relief is always welcome.

    As an aside, another word for “hymen” in Spanish is “virgo”. It’s not vulgar, btw.


    I’d be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on the Virgo MALE and his nether region.

    Not to lump everyone into one category. . .I’m sure there are many Virgo males who have tapped into their hidden white hot sexuality – but my experiences with Virgo males (9 years total with two different ones) is that they have some “issues” there.

    Too busy worrying about perfecting the act maybe?

  3. That probably was some other Virgo. After all they love reading handbooks.

    Silly little Virgos.

  4. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Eme, does your Virgo have to remain intact to be considered a Virgin?

  5. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    I know a Virgo male who is so wishy washy. For example, just today he IMs me asking if I’ll be busy later on tonight (well, last night). I told him no and he asked if he could call me. I said sure. He texts me later on last night asking if I’m busy. I said “yes, but I’m open to taking a break to talk to you.” Never called. He flakes on stuff a lot more than I would think a Virgo would. And speaking of Virgo’s nether regions, this Virgo is a self-proclaimed highly sexual person. With his Scorpio in Mars AND Jupiter, I don’t doubt it.

    Can someone help me make sense of his behavior?

  6. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    And Mirror of Aphrodite, yes yes and yes to your question about Virgo males being too caught up in perfecting the act. I’ve never “been with” a Virgo male, but my last ex had a lot of Virgo in his chart (Rising, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, North Node). I would tell some stories but I won’t put him on blast here just yet. 🙂

  7. “Can someone help me make sense of his behavior?”

    I don’t think he was being wishy-washy bc I don’t think he wanted to call you at all. I think all the questions were a manipulative cover for finding out if you would be home and alone (ie, without other males around) last night. I mean, maybe he is a flake but all the stuff he did last night just smacks me as a way of “tracking” you without you being aware of it. And if you’re telling us he has some Scorpio, that would gibe as well with their possessive tendencies and their undercover tactics. Especially if he’s a Virgo, he’s much more likely to want to come across as a “nice guy”.


    “Can someone help me make sense of his behavior?”

    Can anyone ever really make sense of a Virgo – period? From my experiences with Virgo males in particular, I have found them to be deceptive and very discret. They like to sneak alot, they like to have secrets, and they place friends from different situations in life into little boxes. My Virgo ex’s famous last words. . .”I don’t like to let my world’s collide.”

    In light of that, I may venture to say that his behavior may have been somewhat deceitful. I do agree he wanted to know if you’d be at home. . .but consider this – could it have been because he was going to be somewhere he shouldn’t have been? Could it be he was going out and didn’t want to risk running into you – making sure YOU were in your little box that night?

    May sound silly, but I have found that Virgos are mental wizards at deception. Very calculated and cunning when they put their analytical minds to it. And when you finally do figure out what their confounding behavior is about. . .it’s usually one of those “Ahh Ha” moments. You’ll find yourself pondering how they even came up with it and you’ll realize just how much thought was put into it to achieve success.

    Sorry to all the wonderful Virgos out there – just my personal experiences is all 🙂

  9. Ooh, Aphrodite, everything you say checks with my experience of Virgos as well. Maybe he was trying to find out if he was going to run into Jara. I don’t know. Either way, Jara, Virgoans are not who they seem.

  10. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    Well, thanks Eme Kah and Mirror of Aphrodite for the insight. I didn’t think Virgos were as devilish as this, but I AM aware of how calculating they can be. The Virgo male I’m talking about doesn’t have to worry about running into me considering he’s in another state. lol AND we’re not dating. 🙂 I do, however, think he wanted to see if I would be busy/alone…just for information’s sake. He actually admitted that one of his hobbies is checking to see if people have myspace pages when they say they don’t. He’s a detective with no investigation case. lol

  11. The only experience i have with a male with a Venus in Virgo was that when it comes to emotions and love, he talks abt them in a very detached way and has this idealised perfect storybook perception of love.

    and he claims he has no sex drive (i think he’s lying but THEN i’ve never slept with him)…

    Planetary placements in relation to experiencing sexual pleasure?
    My moon in aquarius gives me strange strange eccentric ideas for lovemaking, my venus and sun in leo makes me prefer to be in control and helps me express my affections better (and louder). 😀

  12. oh yeah and my first first ex was a virgo sun male
    and i swore to myself i’ll never go with another virgo in my life. idealised textbook notion of love (and sex) and totally awkward in bed.

    another virgo sun male i know is currently stalking his leo ex-gf because he can’t stop “loving” her. despite the fact that she told him that “no we’ll never get back together i am sure of that”.

    virgo males are strange.

  13. badnoozbetty says:

    never heard anyone call it a yoni before

  14. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @badnooz have you heard of a lingam?

  15. badnoozbetty says:

    nope not before just now

    this is a vulgar discussion

  16. Okay! This is getting to be entirely too much fun. I’ve come back for day two on this Virgo thing. I’m a Virgo gal and I know Virgo men, not romantically, though I’d love to see what we could cum up with in the bedroom, but the person who said “Virgos are mental wizards at deception. Very calculated and cunning when they put their analytical minds to it,” is so right! When I was a female dog, and I was, I was good at it. I mean, I once told a potential Suitor that if he kept coming by my place with his friends, it wouldn’t be long before his friends’ were at my place without him. Sure enough, he refused to listen, and one day, his boy opened my front door for him. In grad school I danced at a boob-bar and I was juggling a judge, a lawyer and City Councilman and I had them all thinking they were helping me pay my way through school. My dad was paying ALL my bills. I was only dancing because I wanted to see what it was like, and the money was stupendous, so I kept it up. Now I’m chilled out because I want to get married and have some kids. I want this Virgo guy I met last year. We went out once, heck, it was the day we met, he asked me to go for a drink and the chemistry, at least on my end, was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I tried to make more of us, but he keeps saying he likes me, but he won’t get off the pot and come to me. It’s like he wants me to chase him. Bump that! I’m the Pimp here!

  17. Why are so many Virgo guys all about a womans looks? Is it arm candy they crave or just cant stand an unpretty picture? Ive had Virgo guys hang around me only because of the way I looked (looking bak years later) Are there any Virgo guys that see inner beauty? Just curious, BTW all the married ones I know , married pretty women….Interesting huh

  18. Jeffrey
    nether regions? LOL

  19. aireezgirl says:

    “Why are so many Virgo guys all about a womans looks? Is it arm candy they crave or just cant stand an unpretty picture? Ive had Virgo guys hang around me only because of the way I looked (looking bak years later) Are there any Virgo guys that see inner beauty? Just curious, BTW all the married ones I know , married pretty women….Interesting huh”

    Hmmmmm, I’ve dated 2 virgos. Both good looking, both cocky, both into their appearance, so I think it’s safe to say they’d want to be with someone similar to them. My current virgo told me, early on, he was a visual person and he quite often makes comments about my attire. Even when we’re not together he sometimes likes to know what I’m wearing (I think that’s a bit of his kinky side coming out though). I’m sure virgo guys see inner beauty at some point, but I don’t think that’s what gets their attention first. This could apply to most men, not just virgos, if you really think about it.

  20. LibraLovesBalance says:

    I’m confused by the cusp of a sign. Some say September 22nd is Virgo other’s say Libra is September 22nd?

  21. libralovesbalance, the cusp really comes down to the year of birth. The best thing to do is get a copy of the chart to find out if one is a late Virgo or early Libra.

  22. LibraLovesBalance says:

    Thanks I will check his chart out

  23. StirTheCauldron says:

    Just a bit of odd trivia here… I have actually had my hymen broken twice, with over 15 years between the 1st and the 2nd breaking. In my younger years, I was fairly uptight about sex (raised in a very conservative Christian home/atmosphere) and haven’t had a lot of partners, ever. My hymen either spontaneously regenerated, or some percentage of that tissue healed back over my vaginal opening after the original break. The 8th house being about “regeneration”… I have Saturn closely conjunct South Node/8th house… sort of paints a picture that shouts “do-over,” doesn’t it? Saturn is also the most pivotal planet in my chart, making aspects to Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, South Node, Black Moon Lilith, Nessus, Eros, and ASC. My Uranus in Virgo/3rd quincunxes Saturn, and my Pluto in Virgo/4th biquintiles Saturn. Perhaps this info can be helpful to others who, like me, have tried to figure out what was “wrong” with them in this regard! 😉

  24. StirTheCauldron says:

    Saturn being the planet of structures, walls, boundaries… the keywords seem obvious: “regeneration” (8th house) of a structure (Saturn) relating to sex (8th house) as a taboo subject (8th house).

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