What to do when your Cancer man is angry at you

CancerAn angry Cancer man is not a pretty sight. He’ll withdraw into his shell and refuse to talk to you, or just bitch and complain (whine). Passive-aggressiveness is also common for a water sign that is famous for moving sideways.

More likely than not, he’s angry because you wounded his sensitive crabmeat, or your actions elicited his fierce protectiveness towards those he loves. It is natural to feel angry when you don’t feel safe.

Therefore, the first step towards reconciliation is acknowledging that you posed a threat, and that you will do everything you can to maintain Homeland Security. (And although our current President is a Cancer, do not follow his example. Torturing others to save your relationship is off limits!)

Talk is just talk, though. The Cancer man, as a member of the cardinal signs, prefers action over words. (A warm embrace counts more than verbal reassurance.) Your overtures should reflect a sincere desire to make things right. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is an intuitive sign, and will be able to tell if you’re just going through the motions.

Cancer’s feelings of safety are based on emotions, not logic, so a home-cooked meal may indeed do the trick, provided he can taste the love. A cup of warm milk and a nice cuddle can also melt the Crab’s defenses.

Comment below: What would you do if a Cancer man were angry at you?

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  1. mrskinyo

    Well you know we doing best thing right here talking about things. It lowers stress levels to talk and even more so to just sit and write what you thinking and feeling. Maybe this is what we should recommend to the men:) if they can’t find it in them to discuss then just down and write what they feel.

    With each day I am getting stronger and looking forward to a good weekend out with friends. At least all the emotions I first went through have now subsided, so one minute anger, to sadness back to blaming myself are dissolving bit by bit. No longer does it hurt me to know that when we first broke up he put lots of posts about how he was brutally broken etc, crap it made me feel like I was some cruel bitch.. My friends said ignore it as I know the truth. Shame was first argument and virtually our last just because he can’t stand confrontation.

    You know up to that day I had never seen the other cruel side of him, he changed from the most loving man to someone with no empathy whatsoever. You would’nt believe he was the most loving man I had ever experienced..strange that isn’t it? Well time is a healer and all my energy is now spent on me.
    I wish you well in your journey its hard but worth it for your own sanity.

  2. Evesapple

    Yes using this site and others I have used has helped me lower stress lol. It feels good to be able to chat with others who has similar experiences and can relate.I also like to journal because it is so relaxing and gives me the opportunity to put my thoughts on paper. Yeah we should recommend the men give it a try even though I can about imagine how far that would go lol.

    I would have been hurt if my guy had posted crappy post up saying insinuating I was something I was not. You did the right thing by ignoring it because all it would have done is drained your energy. It reminds me of the young cancer I know that is communicating with a cancer girl. As soon as things took a shift between the two of them. He started communicating with other females and quick to say things about her. I flat out told him I could see he still had feelings for here and he was trying to suppress his feelings and emotions by trying to spend time with others. I explained to him, he could spend time with as many people he liked.It doesn’t matter because it isn’t her. Long story short he and I saw her. I suggested he walk up to her and start a conversation. He returned to me and appeared happy.Of course now he ask me for tips and advice as in how to go about things with her and other females. I think it is funny because he hates the way she treats him but he does it to others himself.

    He reminds me of my cancer guy somewhat. They both ride a motorcycle and they both act so macho. In reality it is all a bluff. My guy would act as if all was fine between he and I. Then bang he is gone and when he returns I hear what set him off. This is the longest we have gone with out seeing one another since meeting. At this point I could careless if I do or don’t see him. Too much time has passed and that interest I use to have isn’t the same. This last time made me look at things differently and I refuse to allow his moods emotionally drain me. He and I can be friends or associates. Plus I like have my sanity lol.

    I wish you well in your journey also.

  3. evesapple says:

    Think my journey is going to be a struggle and will have to dig deep to keep myself balanced and strong. It started with last night. As I walked into restaurant to meet friends he sitting in bar part with her, gives me a smile and a big hiya (like he used to always do before split) Bear in mind for past 6 months he hasn’t said a word to me, and up to 2 weeks ago couldn’t look at me. Why does he want to be friendly now and with her there? I politely said hi and walked on even though I felt like smashing something.

    2 hours later walked around to another local and as i walk in he is there and looks directly at me. She had her back to me.. It really was easier dealing with emotional stuff not seeing him around, now if he wants to be friendly does he expect same from me? I don’t know if its just me but its like it was a set up that he is in packed bar and says hiya loudly that I cannot ignore, he has now broken the ice and I would look like an idiot if I did not respond. I do not think I would take too kindly if I was going out with a man for him to become friendly again with his ex.. Would like to know what other women think.

    I hope he is not planning on ruining my Christmas and New Year, I really do not want him hanging around making me feel crap and her looking at him all soppy.. OK Rant over ..think I just needed to write this down get it off my chest. Sorry just in a shit mood as kept me awake for hours running this over in my head.
    Oh well back out tonight and intend to dance night away that will cheer me up:)

  4. Evesapple my crab knows he must not play these crazy games with me. He definitely moved on but knows he should not call to me in public-especially with another woman hanging around. Just go about your business and don’t even answer when he calls to you.
    Believe it or not he probably doesn’t even have feelings for this poor girl and using her to get on your nerves. That’s the games that these men play. Once you start to avoid and ignore then he gonna be busy and wanna know what and who you been up to.
    Step up your game. Change your game, your hair style like colouring, etc.. Aim to look different.
    My cancer accusing me now of meeting someone else. All I did was make an obvious change and ensure he sees that…

  5. Evesapple

    I would have been upset as well.They play childish games and I agree with Shanmack he probably does not care about the poor girl.I doubt it if he will ruin your Christmas or New Years because you are goung to be busy not paying him any attention.Hell give him a taste of his own medicine by spending time with someone else.Or better yet just say the heck with him and move on.Out of site out of mind.

    I agree with Shanmack aim to look different. I been so focused living life and revamping myself inside and out.When and if the time come I see my cancer guy again he is going to hate the day he messed up.I be darn if I will let him walk back into my life with open arms.He can walk his ass back where he has been for all I care.

    My opinion of some cancer men is their full of shit and play off of female’s feelings and emotions.It is like they wait on the slightest thing to upset them to introduce you to the jerk they really are.They will literally screw up friendships and relationships instead of working whatever issues out to move forward.Chatting with others on line and in person has made me realize their behavior is not normal.

  6. Yes Ms. Lady. They not normal and lose alot of good women because of their nasty attitude and behavior towards the woman who truly loves them. Doubt, suspicion, crazy mind fuck games, and the disappearing act are is the cancer man’s middle name.
    And they expect you to be there waiting on you. Ha!!! This Libra lady now a days look extra delicious. My cancer guy can’t stand that shit because his new woman be wearing flip flops and faded clothes while they happen to see my sexy ass in heels and butt hugging jeans… Hair on fleek and my everything turn up up up.. Lol.
    Evesapple show him what he missing. He don’t want that girl. Only using her for sex and believe it or not to make himself feel good about himself and what he did.
    You got one life to live.. Live it up.

  7. evesapple says:


    Oh he loves playing games, but this is new one on me. I wouldn’t call her a poor girl as when they were just friends she knew bits of what was going on. She informed all they were just friends but I could sense she wanted more and as soon as I walked out after argument she was there too boost his ego and has been there ever since only 2 weeks later in a relationship. Wonder if he was trying to catch up on the intimacy with her that we had as that is what happens with rebounds. Still let her discover he is using her to boost his self confidence back up again and once he feels good he will be gone.

    But you right best to let him get on with it and worry about me. Already thinking of changing hair colour etc.


    I had good night out saturday and one of his friends hit on me .:) was an ego boost but know it will not go any where. Still good to know they back me all the way and said he the loser and will regret what he has done in the end. They already laying bets on when his so called friend will be no more.

    Good for you for revamping yourself, I did great before he entered my life and hope to eventually be back there. I told him at the start I do not need anyone to provide for me, been doing it for years and I am very independent. I enjoyed his company and the time we had but I try not to dwell to much on the past as it just leaves empty feeling.

    You are spot on, some cancer men are full of shit and rely on females to build them up and make them feel like real men. They seem to pick women with issues. by that I mean women who have gone through a lot they use their loving techniques so we never see the real man till its too late. If we ever do speak I will listen carefully to every word he has to say. Mirror him in that way as they take in all you ever say.

  8. Evesapple taking better care of and evaluating yourself is the best way to get pass a cancer guy. They do use women to make themselves feel better and boost their ego… Always playing the victim. Mine had a long list of bad occurrence to tell me about his then wife.. And expected me to be there for him. He was so manipulative too.
    You just want to know when he sees you, you are looking like a million bucks.. Even if nothing much not happening in your life make something up when you see him because they are nosy but really would like to hear you down in the gutter. Always stress you busy and if you have to talk to him talk about nothing more about your achievements and tell him you gotta go because you are Busy. when they want to come back they pretend as if nothing happened between you two. He will call… But keep it short because you are BUSY.

  9. Shanmack

    Hello friend and I am glad to hear all is well.Darn right show his ass what a bad decision he made.I know he wanted to hide under a shell seeing how good you look while walking around with his fill in lol.I been going on with my life doing things that I enjoy.I joined a workout program with friends and loving the results.I totally agree with telling Evesapple to pretend to be busy when he reaches out.The way I see it you have to play their game and give them a taste of their own medicine.I refuse to wait on my cancer guy point blank period.I did that mess long time ago but not now lol.My friend zone lane is so strong and that is where he will sit.The way I see it he does not care about how he has made me feel with the passive behavior.So I will remember not to be available when he wants to reach out to me.#busy

  10. Evesapple

    You are going to be just fine because you are a strong woman who knows her worth.Your cancer guy will reach out to you soon or later,they always do.As of today continue to focus on you and your happiness.These cancer men we speak of aren’t happy within the situations their in.My opinion is they would rather run and hide instead of correcting their wrong.These men are cowards they would rather hide behind their pride.They know without a doubt their dramatic as hell.However; when their ready to return they act like all is supposed to be forgiven.I find that abdurd because they do not forgive people they claim hurt them so easily.

    All I know is I will NEVER embrace my guy the same.He has shown me one too many times his passive behavior.That passive behavior is abusive and as a Libra woman it does not suit well for me.I like balance and that isn’t in his nature.My cancer guy will mull and take shell time until he is ready to talk and then reappear as if all is well.After dealing with that pattern a few times has made it easy for me to put that wall up with him.

    Evesapple I do feel your guy will be back around.When he returns make sure he knows you have been busy and still are.He will be literally wondering if he has lost you for good.Either way do not show him exactly how happy you are to see or hear from him.The reason I say this is once they know how you feel about them tbey start to act differently.I guess to them they feel like they have you lockec in so no more trying to work hard to keep you.So you have to keep them on their toes.

    Evesapple my guy is going to be really puzzled when he attempts to walk back into my life.We Libras love hard and once you get us to that I don’t care mind set; then you will hate the day you set us aside.I have ex male friends that still try to rekindle what we had.Guess what their still sitting there lol.We are loyal and have no problem showing a man how much we care and love them.When we have had enough then it is game on.Once we see there is no repairing a situation and the interest has faded then we have no problem putting you on the fuck you list lol.

    Evesapple time for youbto revamp and show this cancer guy what he has been missing!!!!!

  11. evesapple says:


    Yes I am pretty strong person and I know I will hide what I feel inside especially if I see them again. I am learning to bite my tongue as I’m sure he is waiting to see how I react, as he knows I have a bit of a temper and speak my mind so I think he is testing the waters. He will not want me confronting him as we live in small place where everyone knows everyone so he knows people would be gossiping.

    Was reading today you get 3 types of cancer people.My close friend is cancerian yet she is so different to me, very quiet and never answers back, where as I like to have fun and see the funny side of everything. Guess the 3rd type is the men who cannot deal with emotional shit. That’s the part I cannot deal all this hiding away instead of dealing with things, its not me I have to face stuff straight up. MsLady even though I have been hurt and been so angry with him deep down I feel part of me is missing. Like him I have a lot of patience and time means nothing so will just get on with living. If he is meant to be with me it will happen, that’s life. I believe in instincts and gut feelings and know when something feels good or bad so will not be rushing into anything. I kept him on his toes before and funny enough he never complained.

    I have done some shopping for new outfits and going to change my hair colour. I always believe they were attracted to you when they first met so do not want a drastic change as I i know being a cancerian we do not like too drastic a change, as would not be the same as to what we were attracted too. (hope you understand what I mean here) I would think he knows exactly what he is missing as I think he learnt a lot from me, emotionally and sexually. Men are pretty naive even though they pretend to be studs.

    MsLady I hope you find happiness even if it is with someone else, you need the strength and balance that a man who loves you back will fill you with. You can not play mother and be a lover to a MIA man for when he finds time to head back, yes we all like to find that child in ourselves so that we can just go out and enjoy life but not when we treating our man like the child and we left behind to wonder where we stand.

    I wish you the best and hope you meet the love of your life that will bring you so much happiness you forget about this cancerian man who has hurt your heart so much.. Forgive him and love you, you then open your heart to goodness to enter..all the best.

  12. Girl I already started moving on. Met a very nice and sexy Leo… We not rushing but taking things very slow.
    I still do think of my cancer guy all the time. The connection was amazing when we are good together but I’m just not interested in being his friend or whatever. He better not call me – yeah the devil is bad because he gonna pop back up into my life as soon as I am way pass him. He ain’t gonna sink his cancer claws into me ever again.

  13. evesapple says:

    Good for you. You should get a lot of balance from a Leo. Nice and sexy is always good but yes wise to take your time, get too know each other.

    You bound to think of your cancer man but just think as he is not yours any more so that you can free yourself
    He most likely contact you as they hate to think someone else is taking their place in your heart.
    Enjoy your self.

  14. I plan on it..

  15. Evesapple

    Good to hear you are revamping yourself.You are right I can’t play mother to him.I will always care and love him;however I can not sit around playing hide and seek.I agree if it is meant to be with your guy and you it will be.Praying that it will be for you two.


    It is good to hear you met a sexy Leo.Enjoy getting to know him and embrace the moment.It is your cancer’s guy lost.I can relate to thinking about and missing my guy but oh well.We got to walk with our heads high and continue balancing our crown:-)

  16. Bigger and better things for the New Year I declare for all the ladies of this group …

  17. evesapple says:


    I second that I need a good year as this last one was horrible. I’m glad I did not succumb to the over whelming sadness I felt throughout 2016. Its been a uphill battle but in the end I will be the stronger one.
    Let her deal with his shit as I am strong believer in what goes round comes back around, she is with him thinking all is great well. but that’s her wishful thinking not his. Let karma and life do what it needs too do.
    He is getting older so unless he changes soon he will be the lonely one as does not know how to live life on his own without someone boosting his ego and generally making him feel good. I will never be the desperate woman clinging to him, if he does not want to be with me he knows where the door is.

    Happy New Year for 2017 hope it is wonderful for you, we deserve the best.


    Same as you I will always have feelings for him but I cannot be doing with game playing, I like honest straight up people, and would rather have him say there is nothing left between us and no hard feelings then the crap I have dealt with from him. He will not take his part in the hurt and does not know how to say sorry. Until he does that he is better away from me I need a man that can deal with himself not expect me or another woman to always be there to comfort him but he does not know how to respond when we need the same.

    You know I thought let him go on pretending to himself her and the world he is doing great as one day it will all fall apart when he realizes how false it all is. Yes she making him feel good about himself but more fool her as her feelings may be deep for him but believe me he will just be using her until he moves on to someone else. And he will. This is a man who dumped his fiance 2 weeks before they were going to get married and once reality hit he couldn’t cope with it. Strange thing was he told me he really thought he loved her until then, yet they have remained friends.

    I met him two years after their split yet I found it odd that they still hang around together and she still has their engagement picture on her facebook, that tells me deep down he must be a good kind person as how could you humiliate and hurt someone so badly and they remain friends with you? Or are women so blind and stupid.? Or do we hope we will be the one to change him? Its made me realize the only person to change him is himself and that might never happen…seems he wants to keep all the women he cared for as friends. Sad.

    Well hun I will bide my time and see what happens as I know there is still a alot unsaid between us, its whether he has the strength to deal with it. Ball is in his court really if he needs to talk he knows where I am. Good Luck with yours.

  18. OK guys. So my cancer guy text me yesterday saying merry Christmas and a happy new year… I thought long and hard what to say to him because I was angry but just wished him and his kids the same and all the best for the new year

  19. Shanmack

    I’m glad to hear that, meant you were on his mind for him to wish you. Try to forget the anger now as really it just burns away inside . Your response was good and now I wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year..Lets hope 2017 will be better.

    My ex has greeted me 3 times now with a big smile but we still have not spoken. I know my feelings for him are still the same but ball in his court now as he was one jumped into rebound. Next year could not be worse then this one was so I look forward to better times. Have fun.

  20. I’m jumping on the Cancrian men train here.. (I’m reading a Zodiac novel that calls the Cancers that).
    I just wish I knew how to make him talk after those long and drawn out absences in communication.
    I will analyse everything I’ve said, either in person over text, et cetera-usually coming to a conclusion that I was irritating enough to warrant the ”shell” response (and then I’ll worry that he’ll forget about me)..
    I’ve tried pretending that I don’t care about him, but it didn’t work.

  21. Shanmack

    Also and you responded well.We knew he would reach out soon or later and you were on his mind.Heck I am sure you have always been on his mind.I hoestly feel like he is trying to open up a line of communication and you did the right thing by leaving him to ponder if he has screwed up forever.Continue living your life and doing what makes you happy.

  22. Evesapple

    Awesome and hopefully soon your guy and you will have that much needed conversation.I have not seen or heard from my guy.Either way is fine because I refuse to contact him.Neither one of us contacted each other for Thanksgiving and I do not plan on contacting him for any holidays unless he contacts me.I will not go out my way to say or do anything to get his attention.Life is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed.

    Happy MERRY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS to you. 2017 is a year of change and happiness.

  23. mrskinyo

    Taken him long time to just say hi and beginning to doubt we will ever have the conversation we should have had months ago.. Think his pride too strong and maybe he is scared he will be topic of conversation once again if he actually followed his heart, so all can I say is let him get on with it..One day he will wake up and see what he has lost. If he thinks meeting other women will actually heal his heart more fool him. Until he learns to forgive and deal with pain he will always be looking for others to make him better. He needs to be honest with himself and I doubt he has the courage to do so.

    I’ve had great time last couple weekends and many that know him chatted to me. One said he was so proud of me for showing the strength I displayed throughout these months. and that I did not give in to feeling sorry for myself and allowing him to destroy my spirit.

    Merry Christmas ..Happy 2017

  24. Evesapple

    I understand and it is sad when people will allow their pride to get in the way of things.Yes he will wake up one day and see what he has lost and it will be too late then.I am looking forward to the New Year to make new memories within my life.I have not heard from my guy in a while and I doubt it if I will.I will not bother reaching out to him for Christmas or for the New Year if he does not reach out to me.I refuse to make an effort to go out of my way to communicate with him.Been there and done that and that is it. I will not bring in my New Year worried,concerned,thinking about someone who has shown me their not worth my time.

    For your guy to say he is glad you did not give in and feel sorry for yourself.Lets me know he knows the bullshit he tried to put you through was mean.What he should have said is; he owes you an apology for being a jerk.He will be back around but I would make it clear in a nice way that your feelings are just as important as his.Nobody has time to play the guessing game with an adult that is capable of expressing how they feel.

  25. Mrskinyo,

    Think you read that last part wrong, he never said it to me one of his mates did. They all know what has been happening this past year and previously with other women he went with, seems they have now renamed him Romeo as one said he roams from woman to woman:)

    He would never admit to anything as that would mean he is less then perfect. i understand that only too well. I am a cancer and I feel and sense things so i know he is sorry and regretting stuff but he will not man up and own his part in what happened, and the silly thing is he was doing a good turn walking her home from the pub but did not tell me so I got upset. I found out later she supposed to have ms or something and that they were just friends. Admittedly I lost my cool with him for not telling me but to him I was making drama over nothing, and she was just a friend he was helping..stupid man could not see she then proceeded to come every week and and call to him and gaze into his eyes.. He would then tell me when we were alone she was good girl and just being friendly.. But in truth he had found his next lost cause. He likes to help others and forgets he is the one who needs help.

    Some women just as much to blame especially when they know the guy is seeing someone so they deserve all they get. He jumped into relationship with her when I told him I wanted him to communicate better and discuss stuff with me, and for months I had to put up with a lot.. He tried to come back after a month away but once again wanted me to fall in with his plans. He has used her to hurt me and thinks its now ok they can greet me, no chance of that. I’m typical cancerian I will kill for those I love,but hurt me and you will regret it.

    Strange enough even tarot says today for cancerians to look into themselves before the new moon and go with their heart and stop pandering to everyone else’s wishes as we usually do. I should send it to him as says to be strong and own his part in hurt or he will never move forward. He lives a lie until he can do that.

    still enough of him, my new year resolution is to become more active, might even move and meet new people.:) Have fun and enjoy what nature has to offer.

  26. Just wanted to add my friends say if I love him then I should fight for him by that they mean play the same tricks she did. flutter my eyes at him and knowing how he loves my eyes my friends say smile at him with your baby blues rekindle all the feelings back in him. So maybe that is something else I will think about as the new year approaches. We might not have spoken for sometime but the way he looks at me speaks volumes, their is a bond between us she will never break.
    But will have to really think about it, yes our love is worth it but do I want more emotional conflict.

  27. Evesapple

    I understood what you were saying as in he didn’t tell you that and you heard it from someone else. With the new year approaching it is time to let the past be the past. If it is meant to be it will be. I am all for fighting for what you want if it or the person is worth it.Only you know how you feel and if it is worth the fight to you.Yes your cancer guy and that woman may have been just friends when you were dating him. But it appears she had hidden motives and he was not all that naive. It is crazy how he is quick to say she was a friend and a good person but then he turns around and starts dating her.It appears he was into her just the same and was waiting on the opportunity to spring into action.I do not feel like you questioning him was wrong.You were doing what any other male or female would do in a relationship.Getting conformation as to whom a person is shouldn’t be a reason to end what you all had. I would not doubt it he will be back contacting you. Being that he is so stubborn and let his pride get in the way of things;it may take a while or so. They say absent makes the heart fonder and I agree.

    I still have no intentions on contacting my guy.Too much time has passed. I use to initiate communication with him first. Now I don’t even care anymore.This last situation was one too many for me and I am so over the nonsense.I do wish him the best but I refuse to be the fall back female. My focus is to continue living my life stress free and continuing the things I started in my life.Anything else is irrelevant.

  28. mrskinyo.

    Yes past should be just that.history, But harder when you still love the other person and they live couple streets away. We may not be physical no more but we are tied to each other mentally, which makes it harder to move forward, Being both cancers we are the type that finds it hard to give up on those we love.

    Forgot to say her daughter is working in the place we have meal and disco over xmas and new year so no chance of him being around, i believe she doing it voluntary. Strange that when she has family at home or they that desperate to keep him away from me or tied to the mum i have to wonder. Me i would rather be at home with hubby and kids if i was her then volunteering to work when they already have staff? If her family trying to tie him down they will see how fast he runs,

    Oh he is not naive actually the opposite he is very clever and uses others to help him. He saw what she was like in pub over him and my mistake was to point it out.. He only said she was friend when I said she likes everything he puts on facebook. He knew he would not have to look far for someone to spite me with as he had one on tap that is why he jumped so fast into a relationship, He wanted to hurt me as much as i did him. Many of us think its all a setup anyway as for 2 months it was all the handholding stuff, but once he saw i took no notice that stopped. A guy who has a new lover across the road from where he lives would not need to advertise on facebook with slogans “he needs someone to be there not for anything but just to show him they care and support him” Of course she once again liked it. He put it up when we first argued then same in August.. Why not just pop over road to your new girlfriend why put your feelings on a public domain? Actually when you think about it he is pretty cruel as he does not care about the other woman no matter how he acts as its just show. You see ironic thing is cancer men can not be alone, they will always have someone to fall back on but they like to be be alone when they need too be http://www.wishafriend.com/astrology/cancer/cancer-man-in-love.php

    As for your man you are right to just leave hm. If they want you they will be back so make it on your terms not his. I will do same the new year is going to be all me ..self improvement mind and body.

  29. Soon new Year will be with us, will be end of mercury retrograde, time for facing up to stuff but guess
    that will not be with some cancer men. I for one looking forward to this new year to bring peace back into my life. Was on my own for 15 years and guess that’s the way to be..Do not give your heart away to selfish people who need to feed off others to build their self esteem.

    She may be happy now thinking she has won him but time will tell and she will deserve everything she gets, as any woman who deliberately hurts another to win a man is nothing but shit. She may have fallen for his charms as many before her have and cancer men sure know how to do that. If she had looked up cancer men she would find, In love, Crabs don’t go right for what they want. They move sideways and back and forth (look at how the crab moves on the beach. They want to take things real slow because they are afraid of giving their heart and getting it broken. But he will make the woman feel she is the best thing he has ever known, its a pattern a cancer has to use to make sure they get the ladies interested.

    As I said before my ex didnt like condoms so I am going to have a STI test as now I realize I allowed him privleges no other man got.. He wanted sex every which way and liked oral, but I am actually concerned now seeing he jumped so fast to another woman how he was before I met him.. This is good read from a male about how they think and feel when breaking up with woman they love

    I am angry today as feel wasted so much emotion over him and if I am honest would like them both to get payback but now I leave that in hands of the Gods.. revenge is sweet. BRING ON 2017 and best they never get in my life or way again.

  30. Evesapple

    I reached out to my guy the other day apologizing for the hurt I caused him and told him I do miss my friend. Of course he did not respond back to me. Either way is fine because I got it off of my chest. I refuse to bring my new year in with this never ending mood and emotions of a cancer man. I tried and he has shown me he doesn’t have any desire to communicate with me. I am not making any more excuses for a grown man who behaves like a child when upset.

    You are right they do not like to be alone. My body is my temple and I be damned if I will be having unprotected sex with any man. My guy was into some of the same thing as your guy, so I know how that little trend goes. Bottom line is this….we as women deserve to be happy. In order to be happy we must stop over looking the signs that are been displayed before our eyes. Just because we love a person does not mean we have to be with them. I miss and love my guy; however I don’t miss the mind fuck games and bullshit disappearing mess he does. I spoke with my family member that knows him also and he said he hasn’t seen or heard from him in a while also. So it is apparent he doesn’t just treat me that way. Regardless the passive behavior is hurtful.

    I have met someone during the time I haven’t been communicating with my cancer guy. This guy and I are getting close and he adores me. We talk often and he has fallen head over hills for me. He tells me how much he loves me and very patience with me. I am very much attracted to him and pleased with the way things are going. Evesapple I wouldn’t doubt it I will hear from my Cancer guy again but for what!!! I left the ball in his court when I reached out a few days ago. I am thinking about sealing the deal and change my number instead of leaving him resting on my block list. That way when his ass does decide to reach out he can feel the initial shock of not being able to contact me. Nothing like a fresh start and a side of two can play the passive behavior game.

  31. mrskinyo,

    You know I came to understand if a person cannot be bothered to reply or gracious enough to accept an apology they are just not worth your consideration Its down right rude to just ignore someone who has been kind enough to have valued you to even offer an apology..You done right as got it off your chest.

    I was reading a physcology report about men who will not apologize or even admit they in wrong as it would mean they not perfect and in their eyes they are. It went on to say majority of men nowadays put up with situations and will stay married or go out with someone as they so scared of being alone.. So just who is the stronger sex now??

    I have decided new year is about me and being happy. If I stay alone so be it I will not have to tolerate someone else’s shit:) Take things slow with your new friend as that’s another thing physcology say to be clear on..A man who wants to take things further will start slow and get to know you slowly as if things are rushed it usually never works in long run.. It should take years to really get to know each other as you learn someone new about each other all the time. Men rushing to introduce family wanting to know everything about you straight off is usually them pushing for some reason immediate intimacy and that is usually red flag.. We can fall in lust straight off and we see not pitfalls as we have rose coloured specs on so that’s me I take my time in everything.

    Just be happy and go with the flow, best way

  32. Evesapple

    You are right and as for my cancer guy the heck with him. He is too emotional unstable for me. He is considered a faded memory. If we were to communicate again I would be cordial but nothing more or less. I do not wish to rekindle anything with him in any way possible. As for the other guy, I am not rushing into anything with him and I have made it clear. Yes I am attracted to him and we have wonderful chemistry. However it isn’t enough for me to put a title to it lol.

    I don’t blame you for focusing on your happiness. That is what it is about. That is what I been doing and I love it. I be damn if I will deal with some bs from a weak man who can not voice what is bothering him. I can not say all Cancer men are weak and childish but I can say a great deal are. If I can help it I will not get involved with a cancer man again. Too much of a headache and like you said before, they will drain your energy. I am done with that bullshit lol.

    I wish you a wonderful year of happiness and new beginnings.

  33. I need help im a pieces my husband a cancer we have had a inseparable bond for nine years all of a sudden 3 weeks ago he did come home then everyday adyer that he spend all day gone well 5 days ago he stopped coming home answer my text calls coming home to change shower give me money paid rent everything I keep ask what’s up telling him it’s killing me asking if someone else is around he says no and im stupid if i think he dont love me but still wony tell me im crying and broken I donr wanna lose my bff

    Lonely lady

  34. evesapple says:


    You seem to have made your mind up which is good. I have been happy in myself as decided if he wants me then he knows where I am and it will be up to him if he wants to have that chat. I am not holding my breath.

    Life is short and must be lived to the full. I will no longer worry about him and whether he is doing ok, he took his chances so has to live with them. I do not want someone draining my energy thats not what loving someone is all about. Its meant to be team work.

  35. evesapple says:


    Sorry to hear you going through this heartache. but sounds too me your man has a lot on his mind.. Is he worried about something that he has not talked about with you?

    Look try not questioning him every time he comes home..let him be the one who talks when he is ready, there seems to be a lot bothering him. I do not mean to sound cold here, but if you crying and asking questions every time he comes home its going to feel like its not his safe haven any more. sometimes silence is needed.

    Cancer people when something bothering us we need our space to think it out. ( I am cancer) and its hard to do when living with someone.. its like we cannot breathe. Give him space to sort his head out and hopefully everything will be sorted out. I know its hard as you worried he might have someone else or something else.. but beware negative thoughts just there to make you feel worse.. Take a step back and let him deal with it in his time..Good Luck

  36. cancerlover says:

    Hello I’m a Virgo women I’ve been dating a cancer make for 9 year’s we have child .. I recently move to another state and left him here in ny because he didn’t want better but my family felt broken but before I left I told him he told me I wasn’t leaving unpack my clothes because I wasn’t about too leave him I left anyway … We wasn’t together but he was giving off the false hope as if we was going too be back together.. He kept telling me as long as me and his son was good he was good he started becoming distance wasn’t helping anymore so I stop texting and calling and helping him this past December he called me I returned his call no answer then texted him now he’s saying he wants too talk so I kind of shut it down than he began to rant and rave about how I turned my back on him he thought I was all he had… A few weeks later a chick called me stating he was her women ! I asked him about it and he has yet to say he’s actually in a relationship with her but now that I found out about her he’s broadcasting her he brought her a promise ring posting her on social media and now me and him don’t even talk called me threatening to find me up because he doesn’t know where I’m at he’s too this female our whole relationship bads my question is … Is he over me completely or is me trying to make me mad jealous and hurt or make me feel as he did een I left him to go to another state !! He has been dealing with this lady for 9 months and never bothered too tell me about her

  37. cancerlover says:

    Hello I’m a Virgo women I’ve been dating a cancer make for 9 year’s we have child .. I recently move to another state and left him here in ny because he didn’t want better but my family felt broken but before I left I told him he told me I wasn’t leaving unpack my clothes because I wasn’t about too leave him I left anyway … We wasn’t together but he was giving off the false hope as if we was going too be back together.. He kept telling me as long as me and his son was good he was good he started becoming distance wasn’t helping anymore so I stop texting and calling and helping him this past December he called me I returned his call no answer then texted him now he’s saying he wants too talk so I kind of shut it down than he began to rant and rave about how I turned my back on him he thought I was all he had… A few weeks later a chick called me stating she was his women ! I asked him about it and he has yet to say he’s actually in a relationship with her but now that I found out about her he’s broadcasting her he brought her a promise ring posting her on social media and now me and him don’t even talk called me threatening to find me because he doesn’t know where I’m at he’s too this female our whole relationship bads my question is … Is he over me completely or is me trying to make me mad jealous and hurt or make me feel as he did when I left him to go to another state !! He has been dealing with this lady for 9 months and never bothered too tell me about her.. Will he come back or has he really moved on I don’t think so but how can u just throw away 9 years and a child we never went longer than a month of not speaking

  38. I hope you feel better Pisces. I feel so bad for you. It is now April and I hope your husband has stopped staying out on your marriage. God bless you. Mhm heart breaks for your pain. If you need to talk, you can inbox me. In currently trying to get over my abusive Scorpio bf of 3 years. It’s so hard .. He wants me back but he is very very cruel when things don’t go his way. Very pushy too.

  39. evesapple says:

    Hi Cancerlover hope things have got better for you. Seems he had already met this other lady and maybe she knew about you..sorry to say I used to blame the man but realize over this last year some women have no shame when they want a guy, They do not care whether he is in love with someone else or sleeping with another woman, they set out to get what they want and do not care who gets hurt along the way.

    Keep your pride and your faith as she and he will get what they deserve in the end, no matter how long it takes. Let her deal with his shit because no matter how much she may love or want him he will think about his boy and you, and in the end he will dump her.

    I found out the woman my ex rebounded with was hanging around after he came back from his hols in Oct 2015 and even though he was sleeping with me every week I bet he did not tell her or maybe she just did not listen. Past year has been hard but it’s made me stronger, He will be the one to suffer quietly while he decides what to do..I would think he is going MIA alot..

  40. Misslibra says:

    Me and my ex who is a cancer recently broke up because I betrayed his trust in the worst way .let me explain , before we officially hot together we were just having sex and I end up pregnant . When i find out I tell him he is the father he has his doubts but is there every step of the way …what I didn’t tell him was there was a possibility he may not be the father bc I slept with someone else . Do many times I wanted to reveal the truth to him but in fear of losing him and my selfish ways I didn’t I had the baby him by my side and he found out he wasn’t the father an broke up with me , I just found out he is with someone else he said I pushed him to her bc she was there when I hurt him and he was crying I’m nothing but liar I said I loved him but hurt him . I’m filled with so much guilt shame regret remorse . I love this msn so much I know my action was wrong how do i get him to forgive me an repair our relationship

  41. Misslibra says:


  42. Hello I’m a gemini young girl, I have been dating my cancer for a year now. To be honest I made a huge mistake and I really need help since this is my first time loving someone this much…
    I asked my boyfriend that if he was cheating because the people around me even my close friends kept on saying that he is cheating because he replies late these two months unlike when we first started dating. And as someone insecure and doubting herself and asking “why he would date me” all the time I did what I did. He said he wasn’t but got really hurt because I believed them and didn’t believe him even though I told him I do and I’m just making sure…
    So now he’s hurt and upset and I don’t know how to fix it and I feel like I’m breaking inside because he’s not talking to me and I can’t go to him because we live in different cities!
    I really don’t know what to do please help me !!

  43. Hi
    I’m Nunu. I have been talking to a cancer man online for two months. We video called each other. It took a while for him to open up but he was coming around. We were planning to see each other. But I messed it up and said bad things to him under the influence of alcohol because he was not giving me enough attention and he was working. I was so foolish . I really like him alot, and I don’t want to lose him. I don’t know what to do. I apologized and he still won’t talk to me. What should I do? I’m about to lose my mind.

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