What happens to a Sagittarius woman after she gets hurt?

If there’s one positive attribute of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), it’s that they let go easily. Sagittarius, being a fire sign as well, may make a big display of her emotions, but she won’t hold on to her hurt for very long. In fact, she may take the high ground — Sagittarius is ruled by moralistic Jupiter, which is more interested in principles and ethics than who did what to whom. Unfortunately, Jupiter can be arrogant, so it’s not uncommon for the Sagittarius to think that she’s superior to the person who hurt her. Any forgiveness of the offender may come along with a nice dose of condescension. (See How to get a Sagittarius to forgive you.)

Perhaps the biggest danger of hurting a Sagittarius is that she won’t want to stick around any longer. Born under the sign of freedom and adventure, she may not want to go through the trouble of working out any problems. It depends, of course, on how she was hurt — a threat to her need for space is worse than an insult to her cooking.

A special exception would be a Sagittarius woman with Venus in Scorpio. If you’ve hurt her, lock all your doors, take down your social networking profiles, and disconnect your phone.

Comment below with your hurt Sag stories.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. @ damien..what u just said is what i was thinking in my car on the way back from the chinese buffet….i love buffets, it lets me have my choice and i dont have to choose…..no limitatins…

    i was just thinking that i really liked this aqua guy but he was too fast too strong and i wanted to get a restraining order that same day…i however did enjoy the agressive side of him in and out the bedroom…if i could repeart him and me, i would…

  2. @ damien…..so like a Sags fire burns out quickly, an aquas too fast too strong can diminish slowly….hmmmmm

  3. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    lol Sag24/7
    Maybe he has an arm to rip off and give to you under that sleeve. lol

  4. @ sting…sumthins a brewin with him….hes always up to something…

  5. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    Sag. Play hard to get. He will want you more. Do your girl magic. Your Sag magic. You know. Flirt.
    Its what you are good at. But don’t stuff a whole pie in his mouth coz the fucker will choak. Feed him spoon fulls. Give him a taste. This may be harder for you then for him. lol

  6. Exactly – astrology is a way for you to figure out your basic responses so you can work through them. If you really care about someone, all of that can be overcome.

    Like for me as an Aquarius Metal Rooster, I’m supposed to be very overbearing, very nitpicky, and super hard to live with because I want everything a certain way. However, since I now know that about myself.

    @ Sag24/7

    I think both Sagittarius and Aquarius have a tendency to get really interested at the start but lose interest as the relationship gose on, but for different reasons. Sagittarius wants freedom to explore and part of that is exploring new people…from everything I’ve read, that’s why Sagittarius will be overly interested in sex with a new person, but it begins to taper off as Sag loses interest – if there’s no “newness” factor there, the Sag will head off for greener pastures without even thinking twice about it.

    With Aquarius, they love mysteries to solve. Once they figure out what makes someone tick, almost without even realizing it they lose interest and move on to the next person. They may even “think” they’re still in love with the first person but they’ll be totally invested in a relationship with someone new and trying to figure them out. It’s largely harmless – most Aquarians would never cheat or stray – but the other person can feel a little “left out” by their Aquarius running off with the latest interesting person.

  7. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    Remember play the game on your terms not his. Were guys. He wont be thinking with his brain. Like I said before. We only have so much blood in our system to run one at a time. I’m a dude. Id know. Its hard for us to run our brain and dick at the same time. Man… for you to get him may not be a problem. What you want to do with him once you get him. is…

  8. @Sting

    That must not be an Aquarius thing…for me, it’s absolutely impossible to seperate the mental from the phyusical. Someone has to have me completely engaged mentally before I can care about the physical side of it. If a woman approaches me and tries to get physical before I even know anything about her, she could be a drop dead gorgeous supermodel, it doesn’t matter. I’m running for the hills.

    My Sag gal is very philisophical once you get her to open up a little…very intellectual. Her creativity and her smarts were what attracted me to her in the first place, then once we started getting serious it dawned on me that she just happened to be freaking hot as well.

  9. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    Well Sag24/7 you have a super nice weekend. And Damien good advice for her man.
    Later…. All of you have a nice weekend…


  10. @ sting…i dont want to hurt the fish so, the sexual part is a wrap but he is a great friend and we have a good time together….when he isnt sitting in his apartment feeling all bad about himself…

  11. cheers Sting!

  12. @ damien, im going to talk to the aqua man again….hopefully he will be receptive to just talking….

  13. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    Sag 24/7

    Sorry my bad. He’s A Pisces. I thought you were talking about new Aquarius.
    My bad.
    Maybe he came to a conclusion. Be honest with him Sag. I’m a fish and you had no problem talking to me.
    Scratch my advice what I said about dick and brain. No not with this dude.

    Good luck to you.

  14. @ sting….you can read this when you come back…but i never once chased my ex fish…never…infact i stayed walking out on him or telling him to F off….you know he used to clean instead of wanting to smash me! the audacity….sex was a big reason why we broke up

  15. @ sting….oh ok…do that with the aqua dude…based on what u and damien said…i know how to handle the aqua…im still an unsolved mystery….

  16. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    Good luck to you Sag. Ill be here on Monday. What I posted earlier still stand about your ex. Its how you handle it. Its all in your hands. You know what you want in the end.
    Once again. Good luck to you.

  17. Im a Sagittarius!! Yay!

    (Sagittarius, being a fire sign as well, may make a big display of her emotions, but she won’t hold on to her hurt for very long.)

    SO TRUE!!!!

    Oh and Im a Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio. I’m not THAT bad. Geez! haha

    But naw, I am probably one of the most laidback happy-go-lucky individuals you will ever meet. But you do not want to get on my bad side nor make me mad. Although not often, it does take a lot to make me mad. And when I am mad watch out! I will leave a stinger in you. I am extremely blunt and honest to a fault and I tell it like it is. I often say more than I need to. In all respect if you dont want to know the truth dont piss me off. My honest words often come off as hurtful. I dont mean to hurt feelings, my honest words just come out so passionately. Ive dated a Libra & Aquarius in my recent years, come to find out both are more sensitive to what I say & how I say it. I have had to curve my blunt tongue with these fellas. Although I never mean to hurt feelings, it just comes out that way.

    Take it or leave it. Keep me happy and you will NEVER have to see my stronger powerful side. Guranteed!

    SMILE!!! Lori 🙂

  18. Calamity Jane says:

    I’m roflmao at the last couple sentences, “A special exception would be a Sagittarius woman with Venus in Scorpio. If you’ve hurt her, lock all your doors, take down your social networking profiles, and disconnect your phone.”

    This is so true. Not only will I rant and rave, pull out every angle in an argument and throw it in your face as “proof & truth”, I will make your life a living hell for awhile. I also have an uncanny luck of discovering truth when it’s “hidden” from me. It literally seems to drop in my lap without my having to dig for it. Then when you think I’m over it, because I’ve taken the “high road” as described above (b/c hey people are people & have diff motivations, make mistakes, etc), I’ve already emotionally disconnected from you in such a way that you no longer hold a special place in my heart or have my respect. You are simply no longer a friend to me. If it’s a romantic relationship, you will think everything is going swell, but what you don’t know is I always leave for someone else once it’s all lined up (so to speak). And no matter what your relation is to me, I always vanish without explanation. If someone’s hurt me to that point, it must’ve been serious considering my taurus moon (slow to anger). It cracks me up when people see me flip the switch between jolly easygoing Sag to crazy eyes, firey words and a hurricane of wrath.
    It’s like their jaw has been filled with cement as it hit the floor. Guys can’t handle me. My sardonic humor hurts and I have no shortage of words as weapons. Of course, I’m not proud of it. I think it’s best if everyone would just be civil, respectful, cooperate, communicate, and get along. Put a stubborn attitude in my path & that’s just a tempting challenge I can’t pass up. The game is on!

  19. oooo clamaity jane….i like you!

  20. Sag women like to create win/win situations. I think people seem to forget that. They take our openess as a trick of some sort and end up alienating us in an effort to protect themselves. Thing is we were never a threat.

    With the scorpio and aries I had recently they were weirded out by the fact that I liked them just for them and wasn’t looking for much else but hot sex and good company.

    I remember telling the aries that I wanted us to spend some time together outside of the bedroom (and no this wasn’t a case of me trying to turn an F-buddy into something more, HE was the one wanting to do the relationshipy things) and he damn near had a heart attack, like you would have thought I asked him to marry me. That annoyed me greatly. My thinking was I don’t want to take over your time, I just want to have fun…cause what we’re doing now is starting to get boring.

  21. Lol I’m a Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio and I found the last line very entertaining yet true…

    “A special exception would be a Sagittarius woman with Venus in Scorpio. If you’ve hurt her, lock all your doors, take down your social networking profiles, and disconnect your phone”

  22. As a saggi woman, when I gets hurt, I tend to seek others for comfort. By finding someone new to divert our attention, I will never look back. When I love someone, I have the tendency to invest all my emotion and when I get my heart get broken, it takes me a long time to get over that person however having said that when I find another person of interest, I will let go of the past and love again.

  23. Hahaha, loved the post, especially as I’m a Sag woman with not only Venus, but also Rising in Scorp.

    And no, I will not actively seek to get revenge, but yes, I don’t really forget a slight (an important one, for Jupiter helps me to look over petty stuff 😛 ) and if opportunity presents itself, you will get it back tenfold. Scorpio style.

    Exceptions are the ones I love/loved: if they seriously hurt me, they would never get my revenge, but they would be iced out of my life as if they never existed. I would still be polite to them, if they approached me, but I would never make a move towards them anymore. And I guess, to them, it seemed I just vanished without explanation, as @Calamity Jane put it. Which is true.

    In verbal fights, when all my Libran reserves of diplomacy and temper have been exhausted, better watch it. You wouldn’t know what hit you, but you’re down. I know I can tear people to pieces, so I use all my powers to avoid it, though.

    I do run to my very few friends, when badly hurt, but usually I deal with my stuff alone.

  24. If i sense that things are going badly wrong in a relationship i will not stay tight lipped about it, i will talk openly to my partner and ask him whats up?
    The problem arises when people don’t want to tell me the truth, they beat about the bush um and er and instead of just spitting it out they say nothing.
    This confuses me and realy realy makes me mad. If you don’t want me FINE just tell me, let me go so that i can havea good weep and get over you.
    I will then turn the situation into a thousand comedies, with funny quips and wise cracks, i will excel at work under pressure, spend energy and money that i don’t have and generaly tell my friends that i’m doing well THEN i will go home and cry so hard into a pillow ny eyes will be sore for hours. I will pine over a lost love for months, torturing my self, then one day i will bump into the ex out shopping or wherever and there are no feelings there whatsoever, NUMB, DEAD, NOTHING and that chapter of my life is over.

  25. I think the same goes to the Sag guy. Why stick around when your relationship gets you down. Get out and find a more compatible person for you. It true that Sags are carefree and liberated people, hence they want to be free rather that stick around and suffer.

  26. True enough, if they have lashed it out, they will tire and forget about it. Great article!

  27. Oh yes. Sun, Rising & Venus in Sag (scorp cusp). Moon in Aquarius and Mars in Scorp. When I’m hurt (especially with lies) I cut you off completely. You no longer exist in my mind. This happened relatively recently with a beautiful, intelligent and TALL Scorpio man. Found out he was lying, gave him 3 chances to fess up and stopped talking to him after my internal deadline. Kinda regret not having at least friendship, but this way I won’t have to listen to anymore BS.

    When I was slightly younger, I would be hurt by what I thought was a low moral code. Like say, unnecessary lying, cruelty in the wake of a disaster (horrible China earthquakes in 2005) or any intentional act of ignorance. Those kinds of hurt stay with me for a long time, and they develop into unreal disappointment and cynicism for humanity.

    Personal hurt, I stop talking. If the person forces me to talk about it, that’s when my lethal, condescending tongue comes out. SIgh. We’re just TOO idealistic sometimes.

  28. Sag female with Venus in Scorpio here.

    Hey! I don’t think we’re that bad. I do however sometimes find myself in conflict. Being a sag, I wish I could be emotionally detached at times but my venus in scorpio doesn’t allow it. If a relationship ended straightforward and honestly, I’ll be hurt but can get over it more quickly than if I was lied to or cheated on. Also, i would want the person to hurt as bad as I am but my pride finds revenge or wanting to seek revenge as that person having control over me and that’s the LAST thing i want so I just forget about it or use that energy towards something more productive. I can come off as indifferent (and a tad condescending) as well.

  29. Eagle/scorp says:

    Alright im here for information on sag wemon. One snagged me there was a few sags ,geminis,aries,scorpio,and tuarus wemon i was dateing but one sag in particular has got me in a loop. Never would have guessed she was a sag either.

  30. I’ve had my feelings hurt many times and my heart broken a couple of times. And I’m a sagittarius and I do not try to get even with those who have hurt me. The last person that broke my heart, shattered it and I just don’t look at relationships the way I did before, I definitely don’t trust people. And he apologized and tried to “fix” things, but it was too late. I forgave him, but I don’t ever see us having any type of relationship again (friendship included).

  31. ” A special exception would be a Sagittarius woman with Venus in Scorpio. If you’ve hurt her, lock all your doors, take down your social networking profiles, and disconnect your phone. ”

    Yeahhh, right. A Sagittarian with Scorpio Venus here!

    Everytime someone broke my heart, I couldn’t help it but be bitter. So yeah I’d be like, ” Run Devil Run Run, Devil Run Run, Run Devil Devil Run Run. ”

    Hahaha. That’s just my Scorpio Venus doing that. In fact I have a strong Scorpio influence so that could be the reason to my extra bitterness. Nah, I don’t think so it’s called revenge, I think it’s called getting even. As simple as that.

  32. I am a saggy woman. I am blunt straight to the point. The rule is simple. I love you, we are in relationship, you “say you love me to”. Great….here is the fine print…..it’s tit for tat. Mess with me and you will experience the level of hell that you didn’t know existed. If you make me cry I will make you cry ten times worst. To me…..it’s that simple. But I am the first to come to your.rescue if need be. I will give you my last dollar if need be. Hurt me. You will be in for a treat. Then I leave.

  33. Haha im a Sag girl with Venus in SCORPIO

  34. I’m a Sagittarius women, with Aquarius moon, Cancer ascendant and Capricorn venus. I DO TAKE REVENGE, and after that I completely ignore the person. I hardly ever forgive.
    No Scorpio in my astrology chart. That’s why I believe in astrology less and less.

  35. Agreed



  37. lol because I’m a Sag with Venus in Scorpio

  38. sailor.mercury says:

    Its like that song “simple life” by no doubt. “I’m hunting you down”… Or Dirty Girls by Pantychrist “I know ur type/ I got u in my sights/ we girls should break the mold/ ur working it like a pro!” Or Fatal Swirly, “shootin off ur mouth, u got balls of steel/ so a toilet seat curbie’s gonna be ur last meal/ down with the soap, cram it down your throat/ carve ur name into the wall with an ugly note/ here lies a witch who could actually float/ sorry bout the mess but I had to go!” …
    Also by Pantychrist 🙂 there are some hurts that time alone don’t heal. That’s when the protective anger kicks in…the trick is to use it wisely, for those you protect as well as yourself.

  39. How to know as to wat is our ascending nd moon nd other planets are in which house.. I’m 21st December born

  40. Yes???????? That is me 200%

  41. LeoLady_89 says:

    I’ve been with a Sagittarius woman with Venus is Scorpio.

    Yes, it seems as bad as it could have gotten-it went there-very quickly.
    From great to unbelievable.

    I am a Leo.
    I am blind to my faults at times.
    She made me pay.
    I did not intentionally hurt her.
    No explaination-just hard hitting
    For messing with her freedom..
    Or whatever it was .
    Eventhough-she flirted very openly.
    I could see it was innocent enough..until…it wasnt.

    As a Leo you know we put loyalty above all.
    I did appreciate her adventerous spirit.
    I only wiah I knew how to love her more affectively.

    I loved her.
    She won’t forgive me.
    (i don’t know what she thinks actually)
    Seems she is over it all….
    I feel she did very Very unfair things to me and justified them.

    She slandered my name all over social network. For one Small small example.
    Things that aren’t true.
    It’s very hurtful.
    And expects ME to be the one who gives in
    And admits to being wrong.
    I can’t change myself to please her.

    Venus is Scorpio likes control.
    Anyone agree?

    Thanks for rant.

  42. I'm confused says:

    Well I’m a sagittarius I fell deeply in love with this Virgo guy he was very close to my heart and then he broke up with me it was the first time a guy had ever broken with me . I didn’t know what to do especially cuz he was so close to my heart I spent 8 month trying to move on I did I went out with different guys to get my mind off of that Virgo guy now I’m with the special guy that is a library I still go back in time and think about the Virgo guy and idk what to.do

  43. I have been dating a sag for almost 10 months now .., am so in love with her but then i caught her cheat on me once . 3 weeks after that she told me she is pregnant for me ( i went to beg her even after i caught the man in her house ) now the problem is . I sometimes think about these things and it hurts .., she likes to act flirty around my friends , house mates ….she is still pregnant . We have been having an issue because i spoke of her past …, she is telling me she wants to leave and also abort the pregnancy . I have been keeping to myself for 2 days now . Its not beeb easy . I dont even eat what she cook . She is fire ..gets angry over lil things and wen she is – she is dangerous . Am a scorpio , advise me pls

  44. sweet Scorpio says:

    Probably not ur kid and I’m sure she probably slept with ur friends.Sagittarius women have no constraints..even after they are gaping between the legs they still want more new sex…it’s not worth the stress move on and let her enjoy her no strings attached sex life without u being there for her to lean on after she’s lost another job..honestly ppl say Sagittarius ppl are smart…NO..they can repeat what they have heard…they don’t do reasearch unless it’s mandatory..they are manipulators ..who use ppl that believes their fake act…and they aren’t as attractive as they might think…they are overly friendly and out going that gets them their PASS..they are total bitches…

  45. Hi..I am a cancer boy..I started loving a sag girl..At first ,we used to have gud talks..Then she used to ask me ,that why i am not talking to her…I used to answer that it is because of my friends…I ued to buy things for her..She likes reading soo i had bought some books for her..She used to take it and give it back..Then once i promised that i would talk to her..It used to depend on the situvation..Once i saw her talking to another boy..I asked him immediately that why he is talking to her..He told me the reason..I said ok..I used to keep two guys for lokking if she is ok..She knew that too..Once suddenly out of the blue ,she comes and tells me that i should not bother her anymore or she will complain…Trust me ,i had my mouth open wide..Then she stoped talking…I asked one of my friend and he told me that she said that i have to stop talking to her..He asked why and she said that i feel suspicious when she is talking to other boys.She also said that i keep stalking her..She knows that i do that for her gud……I swear that i didnt have any problem in she talking to some other boy..Doesnt it feel more bad when u are blamed for a reason which u never did..Then she unfriened me and stoped talking to me..I tried a lot,but no use..Can someone tell me what should i do..I tried a lot..I even gave a letter but she threw it away..I have not done anything..She actually does not know how much i love her…I really would take soo much care for her..But how will she know that..Someone help me…Can someone tell me how to solve it or make her happy again..

  46. I am Virgo, I have a sag friend, she is so amazing that I really can’t leave her nor I want to stay with her. Ha..ha. Coz if she is happy she makes me smile and laugh but if she is angry she make me cry. I was happy with her for over a year and then suddenly I got too much into her (emotional involved) that she started ignoring me ….this made me crazy and angry and I lost my control over her and I have hurt her by my words..I am really sorry for it. And since then I have been crying everyday, how did it went wrong…. now I want her back as friend only….bcoz I think that’s the right way it was…..but she is ignoring me, dominating me, making me realise ….all I want is her back …..what should I do???? I tried to talk to her, emotionally hold her, scared her…now she is really scared by me…I am ready to change my self and already started, but when we see each other i don’t know whether to face her or not, I just pretend not to see her everyday, rather I pretend not to see anybody now a days. I don’t what this is, but I am hoping time will bring her back to me….I do have patience, but I don’t want her to go away from life permanently.

  47. Lacy Davis says:

    I am a Sagittarius I am sensitive I’m loving compassionate I love strong when I first meet somebody and if they hurt me I’ll take him back but I’ll have resentments it’s been 8 years and now he’s changed and wants to love and be the family man and I don’t have both feeding I don’t care I’m Restless I feel trapped what do I do I love this guy but I feel there’s nothing and I cry all the time and all he wants for me to do is love him and respect him and I can’t stop mine I can’t respect

  48. Shari000 says:

    I am a Sagittarius female who just got dumped by a cancer male.
    I’m usually the kind of person to disregard when I have been hurt or smile and laugh and pretend it didn’t mean much to me.
    However, he broke my heart. This has been the absolute worst heartbreak I have ever experienced.
    He has made it nothing but difficult through me trying to move out and start my life over.
    I’m tired of crying, I am tired of being mad.
    I never wanted this to happen, but I cannot change the past, all I can do is look to the future.
    I have a Scorpio rising and a Cancer moon.

  49. Shari, give yourself some time. You will heal and there will be love to heal you. And you will learn a lot about yourself.

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