Virgo is Pisces Man’s Other Woman

Such a Virgo provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

Ok, I have been involved very deeply with a pisces male four years my junior for exactly eleven months. He has a girlfriend (I think she’s a Taurus), he’s been with her since before he and I got together. She lives in another state and depending on how well they are getting along, she visits him anywhere from 2-4 times a month (although she never stays for longer than two days). When she visits he’s with me until the minute that she gets here and he makes plans to be with me even before she leaves. The two of them argue because she can tell that he doesn’t want her to come, but he won’t tell her not to. Not only do he and I work together but we honestly spend all of our free time (when she’s not here) with each other. We go on vacations together very often, (we actually have two really amazing ones that are in the works for December of this year and March of next year), and we share the same social circle. I could write a book about he and I, but basically my question is this: I’ve never been so in love, because of the depth of my feelings for him I am now so much more open to the possibilities of love and life. I’ve tried to leave him alone because he hasn’t left her and gives me no indication that he will. But whenever I leave him, both he and I are miserable. The little that I know of his and her relationship doesn’t seem like a happy one, but they are both signs that almost never give up, even when unhappy. What should I do? My heart says to stay and continue to be the light of his life (I know that I am and this has been confirmed by both his family and friends), but my mind says that he’ll never leave her as long as he has me to run to. I think that what they once shared has faded but that it will take them both a while to admit it. Like I said, I could write a book, but based on what you’ve just read, what do you think?

You have a North Node/Sun/Venus/Saturn stellium in Virgo in your Second House of Self-Worth. Venus — the love planet — is in its “fall” in Virgo, which basically means that your romantic and sensual needs are not easily met, as they are expressed in a critical, analytical manner. (The opposite of Venus’ fall is its “exaltation” in romantic, divinity-seeking Pisces.) In addition, your Venus is conjunct Saturn, a pairing that can leave you feeling deprived of love. (See my post on Saturn and Venus.)

The way I see it, you can either stay or leave. If you stay, you are accepting this arrangement as is. Yet if you were totally cool with it, you would not be writing me.

If you leave, it would for strategic reasons — with a desired outcome of making him see the light so that he breaks up with his long-distance girlfriend and comes back to you, 100% available.

If you make an ultimatum — “You have to choose between her and me” — you may risk losing him.

I could get all karmic on you and ask if you unconsciously sought this type of relationship to confirm your view that you are not going to get what you want. But I won’t. You’re here now, and you want a solution. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers — just put up with it, or leave. (If there’s an alternative I’ve missed, my readers will tell me!)

Fortunately, you’re getting a planetary kick in the pants. Transiting Uranus in Pisces in your Eighth House of Sexual Intimacy is currently opposing your Venus-Saturn conjunction. Something’s gotta change, and perhaps you are writing me because you feel the stirrings. You are sick of the status quo. How your love life will shake up, I don’t know … but it will. And if you don’t take the reigns of revolution into your own hands, Uranus’ unique brand of shock therapy will come from outside.

Comment below: What do you think Such a Virgo should do?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Eme Kah says:

    I think Virgo should leave Pisces. He’s not valuing her. If he were, he’d stop seeing his “girlfriend.” I don’t know how he could call the other woman his girlfriend if she lives in another state, anyway, and he spends all his free time with our Virgo letter writer. Either way, he’s getting a free ride and Virgo is suffering.

  2. blahblah says:

    WARNING: Long post ahead.

    Jeff says: “And if you don’t take the reigns of revolution into your own hands, Uranus’ unique brand of shock therapy will come from outside.”

    Shock therapy like Ms. Tenacious Taurus becoming pregnant and Mr. Pliant Pisces proposing to her even though he seems to be happier with Ms. Vacillating Virgo?

    Virgo, I’ve seen your sign in so many unequal, self-sacrificing relationships. It’s pretty sad the amount of suffering a Virgo can take (ironically, like its opposite sign Pisces!). One Virgo I know literally said to me about her constantly cheating (Virgo) husband, “I don’t care if I walk in and see him with another woman on our kitchen table, I’m not letting him go.” Wanna take a guess at how this relationship is doing?

    And then there’s another Virgo I know who has been in an emotionally abusive relationship for 13+ years, but she continues to be the “perfect, dutiful” wife standing by her man, waiting for all of her sacrifice to be acknowledged (carrot to her hamster on a wheel). Pop quiz: How many times do you think her husband has said “thank you?”

    I know you’re feeling very emotionally attached to your Pisces boyfriend, but you can’t stay with him and have self-respect at the same time. While it’s probable that your boyfriend has genuine strong feelings for you, there’s no way he can respect you while you’re allowing him to give you the short end of the relationship stick. Which is more important to you: his “love” or your self-respect? That’s essentially the question you have to ask yourself to provide your own answer to your questions.

    I’ve been in your situation before, although I didn’t know the guy I was dating was involved (he told me they broke up a year before we started dating). I found out by calling his cell # and his WIFE (he actually got MARRIED while we were dating) answered the phone. Well, the guy’s wife and I had a very interesting conversation indeed. He came home midway through our conversation and I overheard a lot of the aftermath conversation (until I hung up because I couldn’t take hearing all of that pain). Can you believe this jerk actually had the nerve to tell his wife that he told me he was involved? Now that is definitely something I would remember him saying since I don’t date guys who are in relationships. He also got on the phone with me WHILE HIS WIFE WAS CRYING HYSTERICALLY to tell me how sorry he was, how he didn’t mean to hurt me, blah blah blah.

    I can respect how his wife was dealing with the situation because she quizzed me to see if I was telling the truth, didn’t get all bitchy and start blaming me (she had actually suspected something earlier), and I ended up feeling very sorry for her because she had made this extreme commitment to a cheater.

    Although I really liked this guy (we dated for 6 months before I found out about him being married), I told his wife right then and there that she would NEVER have to worry about me because I was officially taking myself out of the picture. I don’t like cheaters and that was the end to me respecting him. I can’t date someone I don’t respect, period. I never called him or responded to any of his many calls/emails after that. Every time I almost picked up the phone, I just remembered my mother’s words to me:

    “Don`t allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”

    Hopefully, these words will give you the same strength (and shock therapy) they gave me. Best of luck to you, Ms. Virgo.

    Jeff, I’m sure Ms. Vacillating Virgo will appreciate your cut-and-dry approach to answering her question, but your response left me feeling as if you’re trying to avoid telling her what you *really* think in an effort to remain objective. And maybe that’s a preferable approach on a relationship blog (a nod to your blog disclaimer), but I’m feeling that Ms. Virgo is searching for a more substantial answer. Of course, this is a sticky situation, because people will do what they want regardless of the advice given, so maybe it’s wiser for me to keep my opinion to myself.

    On a different note, am I the only one that has to go through the word verification test TWICE before every post (as if I lack the skills to copy a non-word the first time, every time)?

  3. blahblah says:

    Sorry if my tone in the previous post is rather bitchy, but Virgo’s post really pissed me off for some reason. I just can’t stand to see someone’s emotions being taken advantage of like this. That Pisces guy needs to get a backbone and tell his girlfriend that he’s been seeing someone else. He’s a cheater AND a liar, but probably doesn’t want to come off as a bad guy.

    This is the kind of stuff that really makes me GRRR about the stereotypical Pisces. I just can’t stand how they tend to avoid reality by walking the path of least resistance, which of course ends up causing even MORE chaos (Libra tends to do this, too. Ugh.)!! And they’ll claim to not want to hurt someone’s feelings, yet their actions (or non-actions, in this case) end up hurting people’s feelings even more, and it’s all very selfish and inconsiderate to me.

  4. proserpine says:

    For Virgo,
    I don’t know what to say that you haven’t thought of—but possibly the manner in which you do things will make a difference?
    It does sound like you and the Pisces really hit it off, and have a bond.
    What concerns me and tells me something about him, and possibly you,is that 1.his ‘official’ girlfriend is far away which, as Eme said, is strange anyway, and 2.he feels the most with *you* someone he can see more often, but with whom he isn’t able to fully committ because of Taurus woman.
    I have found that people who pick unavailable people do so for less than accidental reasons.
    No, it’s not deliberate of course!
    But usually it’s due to some way of keeping people, and love, at a safe distance.
    This way the person doesn’t ever get rejected really, because theres a built-in reason for any problems that ensue, plus, he/she never has to fully commit because the ‘other’ is in the way, or else he/she has an other themselves so they can’t commit.
    I know Jeffrey said he wasn’t going to get all karmic with you— so, I am saying it only because I fear if Pisces was free of Taurus he might find another way to be unavailable.
    Now–the big difference is– he and you really do enjoy one another, and there is something real there for sure.
    But, while you obviously talk all the time, does he ever express why this situation continues?
    I know he is with her along itme, but he’s not married to her, and they clearly don’t choose to move in or even closer to one another.
    I *know* from experience how it is-and I’m sure he doesn’t want to feel like a heel or hurt her.
    But, now, whether he knows it or not–he is hurting you.
    And, it must hurt her that he gets edgy when she’s to come up sometimes.
    Plus he *is* hurting her by not being truly present to her.
    As was said–I won’t tell you what to do-you will know..
    But–my thoughts are this:
    I would talk to him plainly about my feelings.
    Not hysteria, not drama–just the truth.
    Then, if he can’t foresee doing any thing different, you will have to decide to take a break from him.
    (That would have been my first suggestion, but I always think we should at least try to talk first).
    No, you can’t expect that your hopes will be fulfulled.
    But he will see how it really is when you’re not around –for an *extended* period of time.
    Being apart if you just plain break it off, will be painful, but it *will* pass eventualy.
    But this way–try it first before you to consider a stronger move like really ending it.(or accepting it :-/)
    BTW–I dont know that Pisces is such an “always and forever”lover, just for information.
    Taurus is more so.
    However,your Pisces, even if he does make the choice–will still have his problem of not being able to confront others when necessary.
    He will need to do some serious work on that.
    I wish you a lot of luck–listen to your gut–it knows better than all of us.:-)

  5. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    BlahBlah, ‘Such a Virgo’ sounds so happy and in love with her Pisces man that I would hate to be as forthright as you and Eme Kah in this situation. Maybe she can just take things as they are, because they’re better than if she didn’t have him at all. I imagine that you and Eme Kah will have a fit reading those words — and I am not generally in support of masochistic self-sacrifice — but is self-respect that much more important than love-bliss?

    She’s obviously torn, and if she weren’t so much in love, I think it would be an easier decision to make.

  6. Eme Kah says:

    Oh, I’m not gonna have a fit reading those words, Jeff. Why do you say that? The only reason I tell Virgo to leave is bc I’ve been there. You know, being happy with someone and having love and bliss over self-respect. And the end was always disastrous, at least for me, bc over time I’d get more and more attached and so when the end came it hurt a lot more than if I had ended it sooner rather than later. kwim? As to self-respect, well, men come and men go, but you still always have to live with yourself, ya know? Why betray yourself for someone who isn’t loyal to you?

  7. Cheryll says:

    I’ve worn the shoes of ‘Such a Virgo,’ too, but it’s not easy to kick someone out of your heart.

    This part of Jeff’s analysis reveals a key: “your romantic and sensual needs are not easily met, as they are expressed in a critical, analytical manner.”

    Which means, when she does finally find someone who meets her high standards, it feels okay to make big sacrifices, shoving logic off the table in the heat of passion. In the movies, this is the part when lovers say “you showed me how to love like I never thought I could,” or something to that effect. That’s big stuff. A lot of women wish for that.

    As long as the interaction keeps her happy and enjoying life (vs. misery, fighting, crying and loneliness)… why not keep going? Bask in bliss. It’s a rare commodity.

    Those darn planets will cause more times of intropection. Maybe she’ll seek more advice, maybe she’ll start the conversation, maybe she’ll just feel differently somehow. Things will change in time, and it will get addressed some day.

    Try to see the time spent with Pisces not as a possible failure at winning over her man or at standing up for her rights, but as a success in having a loving experience. Accentuate the positive.

    Mine never did come around, he proposed to ‘her.’ Even though he still complained to me about her constantly, saw me more often, and shared secrets with me, he opted to go through and marry her. I began to think… if he WERE mine, I’d resent him for being so close to “just a friend.” I began to admire him less, for robbing ‘girlfriend’ of his whole heart… and my pickiness set in again, making it easier to detach when the time came. Oh, I still miss the fun we had sometimes, but, I don’t ache from that experience.

  8. blahblah says:

    @Eme Kah:
    “I know Jeffrey said he wasn’t going to get all karmic with you— so, I am saying it only because I fear if Pisces was free of Taurus he might find another way to be unavailable.”

    Yes! There is a reason why he’s involved in a triangle like this (and Virgo, too, for that matter, because she KNOWINGLY became involved with an unavailable man). Maybe they’re both wanting to keep love at a distance, but it’s making them both miserable. That’s why I have a problem with the setup.

    @ Jeff:

    No, I’m not having any “fits” over your perspective, but I do strongly disagree with you. If the love-bliss was so wonderful, then we wouldn’t even know about this situation because Virgo wouldn’t have felt the need to write in. She’s obviously very unhappy (and sounds like her bf is too). They’re both being very passive-aggressive about the situation, hoping life will somehow take care of the situation without some active involvement on anyone’s part.

    It’s Virgo’s self-respect that typed this message to your blog, seeking answers – not her feelings of love-bliss. Like Eme Kah says, I’ve been down this road before (being with someone because of emotions despite what your head is telling you) and it never ends well. If she keeps letting Pisces guy have his way and being inconsiderate to everyone involved, she’ll end up kicking herself later. And the love feelings won’t be a balm when that day comes.

    As the saying goes, there are always other FISH in the sea (pun intended), but you can’t replace yourself.

    Btw, how ironic is it that Ms. Virgo is asking a Pisces guy for advice on how to deal with a Pisces guy and he’s advising her not to be too drastic for fear of spoiling the “love” (i.e., fantasy)? 🙂 No offense, Jeff.

  9. blahblah says:

    Oops, I mistakenly attributed my first quote-within-a-post to Eme Kah when Proserpine actually said it. Sorry!

    Proserpine, I agree with you 100%.

  10. blahblah says:

    Another thing:

    @Jeff: “Maybe she can just take things as they are, because they’re better than if she didn’t have him at all.”

    Are you seriously advocating her settling for a piece of a man rather than have no parts of him? Like he’s some sort of prize that’s worth more than her? Please tell me I’m misunderstanding you. Do you really feel this way or are you being purposely controversial?

    No one’s saying it’s an easy decision to make. It’s probably one of the hardest ones to make because emotions are already heavily involved, but choosing him over herself? That’s only a good option if she’ll be happy with that decision in the long-run.

  11. blahblah says:

    Jeff, did you do something about the word verification test? Now it’s working for me on the first try. Whoo hoo! 🙂

    (Watch it won’t work for me now. Machines have a habit of making me into a liar. hehehe)

  12. blahblah says:

    You make a good point by pointing out Jeff’s analysis about how “Such a Virgo’s” “romantic and sensual needs are not easily met, as they are expressed in a critical, analytical manner.”

    You’re right, if this were a movie and Ms. Virgo were Julia Roberts or something, we’d all be rooting for her to hang on and fight for her man, or would we? Does anyone remember the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, starring Julia Roberts? In it, she realized that she was in love with her best friend from childhood after learning that he’s engaged. What’s different about this love story is that Julia, the wanna-be home-wrecker, is the heroine of the story, so we’re supposed to sympathize with the fact that some broad has “her” man. Out of all the people I spoke to who saw the movie, they were all rooting for Julia’s character to break up her best friend’s marriage ’cause she wanted him for herself. I really didn’t like her character in this movie, because I thought she was selfish. Who is she to judge whether her best friend would be better off with her? She didn’t care about what he or anyone else wanted but herself.

    This didn’t happen in the movie, but imagine if Julia’s character would’ve slept with her ENGAGED best friend. Would we still be rooting for her? I hope not. And what if her best friend were stringing both women along? Would we think this is a great “happily ever after” romance for Julia?

    Life isn’t a movie. In the real world, these kinds of actions are morally ambiguous to say the least. Why are we rooting for “Such A Virgo” to cheat with the Pisces AND get strung along with a sorta-but-not-really commitment from him (playing house)? And the reward/benefit of all of this is some fleeting moments of emotional (and physical?) pleasure?

    Would we be giving the same advice to her if we were in Ms. Taurus’ shoes?

    If Pisces really wants to be with Virgo, then he would breakup with his current gf because he sees how unhappy Virgo is with the situation.

  13. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    BlahBlah, I was thinking earlier today that my Venus in Pisces was advocating love-bliss over self-respect. Although not trying to be controversial, I recognized at the time that it sounded like I was being the devil’s advocate.

    However, I think this Virgo does not have any easy answers, and there is a part of me which thinks if things are so great, why be so black and white about it. Basically, I agree with Cheryll above.

    And I do appreciate the irony of a Pisces man giving advice to her about what to do with her Pisces man — advice that her Pisces man would proably agree with — and though no offense is taken, you’re mighty hard on us Fishes.

    And if I had power over Google/Blogger’s word verification system, I’d be a rich man, no?

  14. blahblah says:

    Just re-read Virgo’s post and something she wrote caught my eye (yet again!):

    “My heart says to stay and continue to be the light of his life (I know that I am and this has been confirmed by both his family and friends), but my mind says that he’ll never leave her as long as he has me to run to. I think that what they once shared has faded”

    So his friends and family know he’s cheating on Taurus and accepting Virgo into his life just like that? Oh I wish he would break up with Taurus already! lol

    Can anyone tell this story is touching me? 🙂 You’d think I’ve been cheated on, but I haven’t (to my knowledge anyway).

  15. proserpine says:

    :-)I have a lot to say too..I have been cheated on , and I have been the cheater too.:-/.
    So, I can speak from expereince with these things.
    First!I want to say to Eme–
    I saw that movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

    And I can honestly tell you I was *not* rooting for the Julia Robert’s character to “win”.
    I did sympathize a little, yes.
    But, I felt bad for the fiancee, and as a married woman who also once fell for her best friend (who was involved)–
    I was *glad* that it ended so nicely, and sweetly as it did–with the wedding happening, and the best friend knowing she’d been into her ego.(which I wasn’t even sure about at first).:-)
    Next post, and more to follow about the Virgo Pisces matter.;-)

  16. proserpine says:

    blah-blah, thank you for acknowledging me!
    I try to always acknowledge properly myself.And I know it’s probably a shortcoming of mine, but for some reason, while I’m not particularly interested in competition, and I *know* we all have our own good information, and our own particular “smarts”, LOL.–I really like to be acknowledged for what I said/did, vs someone else.
    So, my acknowlgement to *you* for your thoughtfulness.:-)
    Now for the real topic of discussion–for real.;-)

  17. proserpine says:

    onto: the Virgo, and her Pisces love!

    Allright, I agree with everyone actually.
    I do agree with Eme, and blah-blah that Virgo lady is worth more.
    And settling for less is not the more self-respecting thing to be involved in, and, as you’ll notice my original post to her suggested she take a long break before considering really breaking it off.
    I don’t think Jeff is suggesting that Ms Virgo is not worth as much as Mr.Pisces, or that love bliss is somehow magically real here, but not in other unavailable or unbalanced mixes we’ve discussed.
    I believe that he, (and poster Cheryl) see something in Virgo’s writing that suggests she *is* getting something substantial from the relationship, and isn’t ready to end it.
    As Cheryl pointed out, (and I can relate even without *my* Venus being in Virgo-mine’s in Libra))
    When someone, friend or lover, understands and loves us a special way–it matters, and is not something we like to part with –because it gives us something very real and true.
    Now–before you jump to say that maybe so, but it’s still part- time, and not really affirming of her self-worth, etc etc.–[which I’ve said to others, yes, I have LOL]
    I really believe,as Cheryl pointed out,that these situations pass eventually.
    And not always the way we want them to.
    But, for now, Virgo may not be *able * to,leave him alone entirely.
    She may (I’m just guessing now) be alone in her life , and has not had many men or even women who understand her.
    When she’s stronger and able, and if Pisces has still not sen fit to end his ersatz relationship with Taurus–Virgo may simply nag him to death,(being furious by then) or just simply end it herself by moving on.
    If Pisces doesn’ make his decision and then Virgo doesn’t end it so, say–in another year or so–I would push her more.
    And don’t think she’s not reading these things now!
    When she decides to change something she will have all of our comments and thoughts as seeds of “something” she’ll deal wih definitively sooner or later.
    So, all of what we’ve been saying, and debating is very meaningful, in my’s golden seeds.:-)

  18. Lively discussion! I like it.

    Thanks to all for not calling a lynch mob on me for having the unpopular opinion, haha.

    With regard to “rooting” for the “other woman,” a’la Julia Roberts, I didn’t either. Oy, that movie made me uncomfortable in so many ways. My ‘advice,’ I suppose, to Virgo was basically to see the situation for what it is, enjoy her time, ask her questions, feel her feelings, make her moves, and know that even if it doesn’t go like the ‘ideal plan,’ not to see it as a major flop.

    I’m not sure why I relate so closely to this situation, I’m a Leo, he was a Libra, and I forget what ‘she’ was. All I remember from mine was the zillions of “I told you so”s after it was over that didn’t help me much, lol. You guys are great. I love reading your insightful comments.

  19. Christina says:

    I just had to add to this. 🙂
    The discussion and advice so far has been wonderful and I am sure if the Virgo woman is reading this-like proserpine said, it will all become like seeds of advice and inspire her mind into action. As so very often happens with myself – when we finally come to the desperation of asking others for help, it seems virgos really take the advice seriously.
    I am a Virgo and have been in a Pisces-Virgo relationship. It lasted for two years and was at times quite rewarding and deep. Sometimes to something of a “soulmate” level – if you believe in that sort of thing.

    It has been a little over a year since we parted ways and was a very difficult seperation in terms of ’emotions’. Once again to note on proserpine’s reply – this was because of the feeling of finding something very real and close. It was the first relationship I had experienced in which I felt the ability to nearly whole-heartedly be myself with another person. We enjoyed one anothers company and overall got along well. And both overcame quite a bit of tragedy together, which tended to bring us closer.

    However there was always predominant problems. Most stemming from my own unhappiness at not feeling respected and loved. Such a Virgo curse! Which in turn led to my pisces feeling insecure and frustrated.
    It was a typical situation of giving and giving and feeling no thanks or appreciation in return. Or feeling like, “a second resort” at times. If my pisces was in need of me, I was there.
    But when I was in need of reassurance or caring, there seemed to be a certain reserve or “distraction” for Pisces.
    A part of me resisted critique for a long time – feeling immensely that it was my own fault for being so picky and “asking for too much”.

    It was only later in the relationship when this problem became elated and I met (oddly enough) a Libra that made me realise that I DO matter. The Libra was kind and caring – always taking the time in the smallest details to be kind towards me. Not to say that the Libra isnt almost equally as frustrating in the department of being unable to be clear cut. 😉 But in the end I was still treated kindly and as any other person should treat one to another. I realized that my self-worth was important and I deserved to be treated with the same respect I put out for my partner.

    We eventually broke up due to Pisces finding interest in someone else. It was a difficult struggle for half a year of Pisces leaving and coming back repeaedly with words of, “your the only one” and then leaving again before I finally got the realization that I couldn’t live with being a saftey net – and we parted ways. We have tried to remain friends – but it is difficult when you care about someone deeply and realise that being together just may not work. 🙂

    Either way I hope everything works out. I think it’s entirely possible for good Virgo-Pisces relationships but it takes an immense amount of work and mutual respect between the two signs. Virgo may have to be less picky and Pisces may need to step it up a bit. On my spectrum I tend to put self-worth before love. Which can be both a blessing and a curse at times. I think different situations call for different measures. In this one – an evaluation of how you Looking at my own past with Pisces – both sides were at fault a little bit. In the end, I think all people deserve to be treated with respect (especially in relationships) – Thus, it may be a good idea to consider that you aren’t being treated 100% in this situation. Not only is the Pisces man hurting you but possibly in the long run hurting his Taurus as well.

    I’m not saying that Virgo can’t be a little overwhelming with precise-ideals when it comes to relationships. (As we most certainly CAN. I sometimes feel like a tortured my Pisces a bit by hanging on and being so critical for such a long while in an attempt to change them.) But in this situation it seems the best idea is to figure out what you want and go for it.

  20. This site is like chronic… 😉
    (thought most would appreciate this comment coming from Sun Pisces/Moon Virgo)

    Is this what women do at their lingerie parties?

    Do they arbitrarily offer advice about relationships based on assumptions and speculation?


    So, Virgo can tolerate a self-sacrificing relationship, but Pisces cannot… *tongue in cheek*

    I find it intriguing that everyone is giving Ms. V.V. rational counsel…

    in my guesstimation, Ms. V.V. is actually in a position where she would “betray her self” if she left…

    you have to realize that Virgo trusts her perceptions so fully… she prides herself on due diligence and unearthing data… for her to admit that this man may prefer another woman, or that her assessment of this ‘Cuda was incorrect… it would kill her…

    I attract Virgos like fish to water… do you know how many are unable to pick themselves up after they’ve been afflicted by the person with whom they shared a commitment?… they literally will show cause as to why they should avoid another emotional mess in future…

    in my opinion, it is the primary reason why they “suffer” through an unfaithful partner…

    if Virgo lets you into their circle, they know your flaws in detail, but they freely accept them… sounds like that’s what Ms. V.V. is doing here… their paradox is that they have no qualms about taking action in an inequitable situation if it’s not close to home, but when it is they curdle…

    “kicking herself later”… hate to tell you B.B… Virgo kicks herself no matter the choice… however this turns out, Ms. V.V’s decision will have to be dealt by a prospective mate…

    “ironic that Pisces guy is advising”… who better to make a suggestion?… who can even hope to profile a Piscean?… the rest of the signs have lil’ less than a clue…

    let’s not even discuss “moral ambiguity”… Ms. V.V is the other woman…

  21. Kudos to Proserpine…

    “he may find another way to be unavailable”…

    this is entirely reflective of a Piscean… throught this blog a presumption has been made that this Barracuda is in love with Ms. V.V…

    you forget the 3rd point in the triangle… Taureans provide greater stability, more fun, less nervous energy, and a degree of romance…

    typically Virgo’s are described as “motherly”… but, they tend to scold as opposed to being tender…
    Virgo has no ill intent… they’re effectively preparing you for the “real world”…

    this guy is likely getting mental stimilation from Ms. V.V. and sensuality from Ms. T…

    you sure he’s not fulfilling all his needs?…

    BTW, I did want to applaud BlahBlah… your mother gave you an empowering statement… you are fortunate that you have the complexion to embrace it…

  22. To Eme Kah who “tells Virgo to leave ’cause she’s been there”

    …everyone handles situations differently …how you respond to stimili is not the way everyone else should, or does …it’s not your place to tell Ms. V.V. how to proceed

    …Jeff gave the appropriate answer, “make your own decision”

    …none of us can articulate the chemistry between Ms. V.V. and the ‘Cuda, or Ms. T and the ‘Cuda

    “live with yourself”… are you in a position to say under which circumstance that Ms. V.V. would be true (with or without him)?

    To Cheryll “the rare commodity”,

    “try to see the time spent with Pisces not as a possible failure… but as a success in having a loving experience”…

    …I was moved by your post …it’s the 1st time that I’ve witnessed a Virgo concede that you should “bask in bliss”

    That’s the Pisces-Virgo dynamic… mutual surrender… Pisces showing Virgo how to tap into those feelings, Virgo showing Pisces how to integrate anomalous thought into reality…

    as far as resenting your X for “robbing his ‘gf’ of his whole heart… that’s what you don’t ‘get’… Pisces is not about possessing or being possessed… his heart belongs to the world…
    (heart != bed)

    you offered him something that he gives, and he scarcely finds… your ear…

    Hypnotic is what my Virgo was… she once asked, “why do men not see what they have in me?”…

    my calm reply, “you are choosing the wrong men.”

    she failed to perceive that depth of character is not corporeal…

    …we never came together …she couldn’t “shove logic off the table”

    my heart bleeds for Cheryll… you set aside your inhibitions… and know what you lost…

  23. and as a Virgo woman who has had some involvement with Pisces men I can tell you… This ‘Cuda ain’t worth it.

    You sound like you are on your way to becoming a “Virgo Gone Wrong” and by that I mean a masochistic person who spends her days carping and nerve wracking.

    I would advise you to stop it now and to seek out a Capricorn, Leo or Scorpio to be your other man so that you can step back and see just how silly you are being.

    The Fish is not going to change, so please do not waste your time thinking that he will. If a Pisces is good at one thing it is serving himself.He is buttering his own bread just fine… so maybe it is time you do the sam, dear Virgo. Have fun with him, by all means, but find yourself a grown-up man to balance out this spineless fickle behavior.

    Life is far too short to give it all to a Pisces… but like i said it’s also to short not to have one or two to share your bed with.

    Virgo Woman + Pisces Man = Best Sex Ever.

  24. One more thing… Pisces LOVE drama. They can’t help it and they find ways of creating it wherever they go… so, that said… give the Bastard what he wants…

    Start dating other men.

  25. Somewhere up there a very wise woman by the name of Jara said,

    “Don`t allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”

    May this ever be etched on every self-respecting woman’s mind. Time waits for no one.

  26. virgo queen says:

    Cant love someone who dont love me back in return. And sorry to tell you virgo lady he dont love you, if that would be the case, what is the need for someone who he is not even marry?. just to keep u at a safe distance? so he can have two to lie? how those that creature live with himself?. I mean virgo I know you are smart and when you see with your head his using you while the other one comes back you will be very discuss by letting him doing this to you and the other taurus distant gal. He could have finished with you or her, as easy as that, but instead he has both. How clever of him. DO you really respect a person like that? and therefore love him?. Hard to understand you girl Im a virgo and a pisces try to do that to me I send him to hell and wrote to the other girl scorpio what was going on, she didnt do a thing I BET he convinced her with his sheep cover up…AT THE END the stupid pisces creature, left her to come back to me again…but till today ILL never forget what he did and that IM sure he will do again…So, reading so much about pisces male creature Ive learned and convinced myself what I have feel all this time THEY DONT worth a penny of my time, money, energy not even sex buddy. Is being very good for me to read all the stories post here and Im amazed is if all the women who are desperate in supposedly relations with pisces creature were having it with the one I know…is being a real learning!. I hope you the best and never let anyone do as this mf is doing to you, and after you stand up, and get yourself out check from that sick in relation, check on your selfsteem wich is being throw to the floor by this creature than dont care one bit about you. sincerely all my best to you.

  27. this is so stupid he does not respect you at alllllll get over yourself he loves who he make you respect grow up and go on i cant believe women do this to each other and you wonder why men cheat women like you no morals or respect for they self at all and want men to love them and adore them whats to adore about a side line female and you not telln something dont sound real 4 years you still side line material

  28. Interesting I am a Virgo girl and was seeing a pisces guy for 7 months has now been away working with the military for the last 4 months. The night before he left when I was with him he told me he was married!!!!!! and had been for a couple of years! I was horrified I couldnt believe I had been goin with a married man for 7 months, it must have been pretty easy for him to juggle as I saw him when he was at base -his wife is back home!! Thing is Ive never felt such a connection with anyone, it was pretty casual with us and that was because he said he was going on tour and that we’d get serious when he came back…. now I know it was because he was married! He actually took me to meet all of his friends who was telling him he had to take me home to meet his mum and dad when he was back from tour! when I asked him why he didnt tell me he said because he liked me and kept wanting to see me he instigated everything! I am a typical virgo and instead of being cold and aloof as I always am this guys turned me into a right sop since hes been gone, he said he wants to see me when hes back and that divorce is on the cards with his wife and that it was a quick marriage that shouldnt have happened before he went on his last tour away!!! I feel terrible for his wife but at the same time Ive been seeing this guy who I thought was available who I have fallen for beyond belief!!!!!

  29. @lily

    If its down to self-respect and love-bliss…I’d go with self-respect- as was mentioned earlier in reference to the posting. You can’t lose with self-respect. That will attract you a love that will love you AND respect you because it is your standard. Love-bliss can be transient, obscured in feelings without the balance of rationale. Self-respect is enduring and you win every time, maybe not the one you want- but, with the knowledge and self-worth that you are entitled to. How can it truly be ‘love-bliss’ when the foundation was based off a huge LIE, a grand illusion of being available to love fully? Your road is not easy as you were unaware of this for a long time and was under the assumption you could love freely based in a supposed understanding. So, I don’t make light of your situation.

    You risk losing him if she commands that she be the one and only. I’m not entirely convinced that is a bad thing in this situation. Hurtful, yes. Bad thing, no. Lest you be shocked if she keep him and uncover more deceits- for then you would have to take accountability that that would be a possibility. The love of a good woman is too sacred to continue to be given freely to a man who will not honor it.

    This would be my opinion for the Virgo woman mentioned in this posting, as well. When you are in that much ‘love-bliss’, it would pay for you to look at some cold, hard facts. Once you do, at least if you move forward you can take FULL responsibility for what you accept as acceptable behavior . You set the standard especially once the truth has been revealed.

  30. I’m a Virgo woman who’s been dating a Pisces for going on four months I was deeply attracted to this man and he’s not even the most handsome guy on the block but he charmed me out of my socks. Not by it being such short time I can easily withdraw from this deal but he is the most seductive man I’ve ever endured and we have the best sex ever. I know he’s seeing other women because we have unprotected sex and I found several boxes of condoms in his top drawer.He’s good to me and I’ve been in enough self sacrificial relationships that I’m going to enjoy his madness for a minute knowing that picean men always are gonna entertain other women even if married its just in their nature and I’m not looking for the long haul because I already know how it can end up. Until I come across an acceptable Capricorn that’s where I’ll be but if you’re looking for a LONG TERM FAITHFUL partner……Pisces man is last on the list. They are too complicated and will drive you crazy unless you don’t mind, if not GO FOR IT and enjoy the SEX!!!!

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