Pisces woman seduced Pisces astro-twin

Bex provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I recently seduced a man I have been attracted to for quite some time, we share the same birthday, same year.
However, because I am so shy, I left in the morning without arranging to see him again, he only lives round the corner from me, and we have mutual friends, he’s seriously hot stuff! Is it wise to pursue a fellow piscean, and how do I go about it?

Why are you asking me? If this man is your astrological twin, can you not assume that he likes to be pursued exactly the same way you like it? Yes, you may have your planets in different house positions, and you may have different Rising signs, but even your Moons were in the same sign on the day of your birth.

With an Aries Venus, your seduction style is direct — and with the same placement in his chart, your Pisces man will be attracted to a straightforward woman. (In fact, both of you may want to be “in charge” in matters of love, despite your Piscean passivity.) It sounds like you slept with him, but that you split before he woke up, or at the very least had some awkward exchanges without saying more than “See ya around” — or whatever you Brits say after a one-night stand. You can’t be that shy if you seduced him. Maybe your Venus in Aries-Mars in Aquarius energy provoked you to run in the a.m. because part of you doesn’t want to be too intimate.

If you do manage to start a relationship with your astro-twin, do let me know how it goes. I’m curious to see how much “juice” there is when you two have so much astrologically in common. Certainly, a different Ascendant and different house placements provide enough variety, as you both would express your energies in different areas of life. So maybe that’s enough to keep the fires burning.

Comment below: Do you think astro-twins can make it work? And how do you think Bex should seduce her Pisces astro-twin?

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  1. Eme Kah says:

    I don’t now but it sounds a little too much like that Seinfeld episode in which Seinfeld ends up breaking up with a woman who is so much like him that it can’t work. (Jeanene Garofalo plays his date.) I am becoming very good friends with my astro-twin and I think he’s an awesome friend but from the stuff he’s confided in me, I don’t think he’d be such a great boyfriend. He told me that after a while he gets bored in a relationship and starts cheating on the woman. He also has had the problem of women cheating on him. I may have a very similar chart to him, but I’ve never cheated on a man EVER. So, that surprised me a lot. I’m sure I have my own commitment problems but they don’t manifest as infidelity.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Eme Kah, He may just be more “cardinal” than you. A “cadent” person just thinks about it.

  3. Eme Kah says:

    Hmm. He’s got Scorpio rising, with Mars and Neptune in the first house. When I’m with a guy, I automatically lose interest in any other guy. Might be my Cancer rising. I must admit, I was surprised to learn that he strays. He’s a lovely friend, though!

  4. By the way, I love your site, it’s great!
    Well, I’m not sure about us being all that alike, he’s definitely not one for anything long-term, and the thought of anyone curtailing my freedom brings me out in a cold sweat! Maybe that’s the saggi moon
    and Mars in Aquarius.
    That said, the whole encounter has left me wanting to go back for a second round, as he is a man, he seems to have an easier time separating sex from emotion than I do. I sometimes wish I could be more like that!

  5. ugh. im a pisces woman and i am in no way attracted to pisces men. they’re fun as friends tho! lots of fun! but i could never date someone so much like me. especially in this case. if they’re are things about his personality that you dont like think about it and ask yourself if you ever act the same way. with me there can only be one ‘victim’ in my relationships. haha

  6. Hehe. This is something to this day that still “confuses” me. My long time friend and I were born on the same day/year/hour. Wild! When we first met at our job, the energy was instant. Since then we’ve been best friends. Both Pisces sun/Virgo moon/Scorpio asc. Still learning astro…but things are beginning to make more “sense”. It’s so harc for us to not keep in touch. Even after moving away from FL to WA!

  7. Ashley morgan says:

    my girlfriend birthday is feb 20 and my birthday is feb 21 we are 4 yrs apart but hers is venus in aquarius and mines is venus in aries are we still compatible

  8. I’m a proud Pisces…met a man a few years ago whose birthday is one day away from mine. We had an affair/booty call relationship for a couple of years. He had a girlfriend when we started who happens to also be a Pisces. When I started dating my fiancé, I changed my # and tried to let go of my Pisces but he found me eventually…And now we still text weekly and see eachother once or twice a year. He is now married to the same Pisces GF. It’s been five years…selfish? Disgusting? All of that.

    I’m not sure what it is but we have a hard time ending whatever this is. It’s a strange, addictive relationship. I think we are eachother’s escape from our comfy realities. I feel like I use my Pisces traits as justification for what I do. It’s habit…and it’s a defect. As bad as I feel about what we do, I know there is no sense in lying to myself. If he calls, I will answer.

  9. i could date a pisces man. I had a crush on one once, born 3 days before me and the fastest swimmer when I was in sixth grade [I’m going to 1Oth now, and we both go to diff schools]. Then there was this pisces, that liked me but I wasn’t in a rush to go into ANYthing. Though i really liked him, I needed to study him for a while…I think I gave mixed signals, but he liked to chase. ;D Eventually I lost him to a Virgo girl :'[… but I still like him [whiny voice] lol. These two are the only crushes I remember off my head and a scorpio named Ben. I usually forget about the others, I don’t like looking back but I’d come back to these 3 over and over again. I adore them. [but some are so lazy, they charm everyone into doing things for them–not all but some–pisces women have more drive]

    I like myself so wouldn’t mind a guy a bit like me but more stable and reliable, though I’m a pisces sun [in 12th house and mercury in 12th house], and a Virgo moon–and can keep a secret forever [very trustworthy]… I still like to do my own thing [aquarius in venus and 12th house] but need someone to come home too. <3

    -15 yr old pisces girlie.

  10. I have emotional control on my horoscope, does anyone have this problem?

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