Is Taurus woman wasting her time with a Sagittarius man?

Staci provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I am currently dating a Sag male and I am a Taurian female. Having suffered the “bad boys” early in life as many Taurian females do – I’m gun shy now. But this Sag male seems very genuine, sincere, and brutaly honest. Problem? Everything I read states HUGE incompatibility issues here. His Venus is in Libra and mine is in Aries. We get along smashingly and he’s the only guy that’s ever been incredibly honest with me – which I love. I give him his much needed freedom in return for his honesty. But is this an ultimate waste of my time?

You get along smashingly … why would I want to discourage you? Besides, a Sagittarius man would meet your fantasies and ideals, as you have Neptune and Jupiter in this sign. In fact, the traditional ruler of your Pisces Descendant (7th House of Partnership) is Jupiter, dignified in the sign He rules — an indication of what attracts you in a partner.

Your dreamy, inspired Jupiter-Neptune conjunction sits on your IC, the 4th House of Domestic and Family Life. You may indeed feel “at home” with your boyfriend.

Also, your Sun is in the Ninth House, which is naturally associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius. You need to express your Taurean self in the Sagittarian realm, which may mean you two can enjoy similar pursuits.

You have Venus, Moon and Mercury in Aries, a fire sign that gets along splendidly with Sagittarius. Your aggressive planets complement your boyfriend’s more diplomatic and indecisive Venus in Libra. At times, this polarity will provide a welcome balance in energies. At other times, you may get on each other’s nerves … but who doesn’t fight now and then? In addition, your Uranus in Libra may help awaken his inner artist.

A Taurus only believes what she sees, while a Sagittarius grooves on philosophies that defy the logic of science. Inevitably, tension will ensue when he takes risks that trigger your fear response, or when your resistance to change conflicts with his adventuresome spirit. However, you’re giving him his much-needed freedom, and his honesty helps you feel secure, so it looks like this relationship is working out just fine. Ignore the textbooks and go with your heart.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Eme Kah says:

    Finally!! A happy ending!

  2. blahblah says:

    Textbooks don’t include the nuances of the whole chart, only here-and-there aspects. It takes a human (e.g., YOU) to really be able to tell if there’s some nice compatibility here. Sounds like you two have some cool complements.

    If it ain’t broken, then don’t bother fixing it. 😉

    I bet there are more couples made up of “incompatible” sun signs than there are of “compatible” sun signs…

  3. proserpine says:

    LOL Miss Blahblah is right imo, Taurus lady.:-)
    I don’t think typical texts on astrology that are written for the general public will tell you the inside geatails you needs–and what’s more, only you and he will know anyway, as the relationship develops.
    But, another point I wanted to add is that your Venus in Aries and his Venus in Libra are for one thing, as Jeffrey said oppsites, but can nicely complement one another.But, also imo anyway, it’s more important in doing comparison charts to see if/how your Venus and his *Mars* interact, as well as your Moon, and his Veus, and Sun, and Neptune and vice verse for your planets.
    Since you have Moon in Aries it would interact in a playful loving way with his Venus in Aries–it’s just a little more give and take, and “tussle” than if they were in the same sign.
    Also, agin as Jeff said the Fire element in Aries and Sagitarius might mean there’s some lovely trines between your planets and his Sun in Sagittarius.
    Neptune on his Sun could mean theres even a psiritual understanding between you!
    As everyone already said, why trouble trouble ’til trouble troubles you?
    Meeting someone that’s fun, understanding, and honest is not an everyday event, no?
    I would accept it as it is.Don’t add anything, don’t take anything away from it.
    It’s great, and may or may not be better even as time shows us thw true meaning this man has in your life.
    I know it can be confusing to look at the strological information, and think you may not have what it takes together—but we don’t know all th information, for one thing!:-)
    nd two–you know–I was married before when younger to someone with whom I had many many good ties (although I didn’t know them all) and left him (sadly) mostly due to immaturity, fears, adiction issues etc..
    I am happily married now to someone with whom my chart is not so “perfectly” compared–yet in time, we grew more in love, and have worked out many many things.
    My meaning here is– theres so many many reasons things happen as they do, and I certainly think you know in your heart if someone understands you or not.
    *That* to me is more precious than gold.
    Good luck.I’m glad you’ve met someone really nice, and I hope it does continue.

  4. proserpine says:

    aagh,my typing is worse and worse, plus I’m getting blinder with old age, sorry–not geatails, DETAILS.

  5. THANK YOU so much, Jeff, for responding to my question as this has been weighing on my mind a bit. I keep waiting for “issues” to arise and now I can relax a bit. Everything you said and the points that you made are right in line with what’s going on here. Someone also pointed out that there may be a spiritual connection here as well – and in my opinion – that’s definitely true. We hit it off immediately and have been going strong ever since. Again, his honesty is the factor for me here. I really respect that and, yes, it does make me feel secure with him. Once again, thank you!

  6. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    You’re welcome, Staci.

  7. Sagilarious says:

    And of course, Sag people tend to have no problem with rebellion. If I were in love with someone, well, I would sooner go to war with the founders of astrology before I would break-off a relationship on account of what they said.

    Love conquers all, so listen to Jeffrey.

  8. I, too, am a female Taurus wondering if I am wasting my time with a Sag. His data: born at 1500 (3 PM)on 11/22/1969 in 39n24, 76w36

    My data: born at 1200 (midday) on 05/12/1962 in 17n10, 121e54.

    We have known each other for 5 months and he has asked me to marry him. I truly care about him but also doubtful that it will work because there seem to be a disconnect between us. He’d get quiet and distant even after professing his love for me. Do you see a possibility for us? Thank you in advance, Jeff, for being out there.


    To annonymous in the post above, I can relate to the “disconnect” you speak of. In spite of all the good times, I do seem to have trouble connecting on a deep level with my Sag male. He seems to have trouble “letting go” when intimate. But after you read about them, they kind of have a 3rd person point of view regarding sexuality and intimacy. The ride will be a fun one, but it may also lack the passion and sensuality that a female Taurian craves and lives for. . .haven’t figured out how to tap into his passion yet, but I’m working on it! Seems like once the Sag male feels himself falling – he MUST pull back into his own space to evaluate.

    Just broke up with my Sag, or rather, he broke up with me. Said he loves me but is not in love with me. Kicking myself for settling in the first place, when I have other more worthy prospects. I suppose it was the challenge. Good luck in you trying to tap into a deep connection with your Sag. I had many good times with mine but I am relieved the roller coaster ride of uncertainty is over.

  11. sag male says:

    To MIRROR OF APHRODITE. I am a sag male i think that our biggest fear is to get hurt so we tend to keep our distance to be safe. we plan for the worst it seems and take the necessary steps to prepare and maybe ultimately set outself up by doing so. but we have good hearts and good intentions. dont know if this helps but maybe find a way to prove him wrong by showing him he is safe with you. i know its different from person to person

  12. HAPA.DOLL says:

    I’m glad to know there is finally someone who actually went beyong the textbooks and explained how a taurean female and sag male could get along quite well. I have just met this sag boy and because I am a taurus female and not a typical one as I cannot stay home and I have lived and travelled different countries and am quite a dettached person, textbooks like to just label each startsign one way like there is no other way u could be different. I believe there are 2 or 3 different types to every sign. For example, there is the earthy taurus female who wants to hug trees, live in the forest and never wears makeup. I am the complete opposite, I am s super girly girl who wont leave the house without makeup, I love the city but appreciate the country but would NEVER live out there and I am very cosmo.

    Even though I haven’t known my sag for very long, we had an instant inexplicable connection. It was so frustrating to me that almost every site was bashing our compatibility when I think we are great. PUt it this way, I was with my “perfect” sign, a virgo male and we did also have an awesome connection and we were soooooo similar, but almost too similar and since I am the less traditional taurean girl, I needed more adventure when he was happy just being together and sitting at home each day although we barely fought, there was no fire or passion in our relationship…it was almost “too perfect” after 4 years I just recently broke up with him then met this sag male who not only excites me, we have awesome communication. He has had his fair share of flings and made it very clear to me he wants total commitment and a serious relationship, so we will try. I am also afraid of commitment and a free soul which nowhere in the textsbooks says a taurean is taht way, but I am. Maybe this is why my sag fell hard for me. I will not let textbooks get into my head, all u taurean girls as long as you are willing to appreciate freedom and a take it day by day way of life, it can be awesome between u both. I also love the fact hes honest, which one of the fact that tore me and my virgo mate up is that virgo was not the most honest person, its not like he lied on purpose but moreso out of fear of my reaction, which after 4 years he would still have trouble being honest because always afraid of my horns.

    I like this sag cus hes not afraid, he tells me bluntly and I love that.

  13. I feel the same as HAPA DOLL, I am not a typical Taurus girl, and I have Scorpio rising, and feel as if I am different than my typical “stereotype” I have been with my Virgo boyfriend of 7 years, and there is no passion and some problems. I am scared, because I want to leave him for a Sag male that I have an awesome connection with….what do I do.

  14. Blahwow says:

    Holy shizzballs, I’m also a Taurus with venus in Aries and the guy I like is ALSO a Sag with venus in Libra!
    It’s not working out too well though… as pathetic as this may sound, I think I may be too “boring” for him. And he has absolutely no sentiment whatsoever, he’s just a huge ball o’ flirt!!

  15. sag...24/7 says:

    sad to say, but a Sag will eventually find a taurus boring in and outside of the bedroom…

  16. Amazing Sexy Taurus says:

    I am a fun Taurus …im not a homebody at all and my Sag is an outgoing person but most times he prefers to be a homebody and cook meals instead of going out.

    I dated one Sag before and it was exciting.I dated Capricorn (((so boring, sexual shy and was possesive wanted to know my where abouts))))

    I tried Virgo and cancer which I’m supposed to be also compatible….so boring OMG.

    Aries n Scorpions were fun but I couldn’t take them serious.

    Now I’ve been dating my Sag for 5 months and OMG I loveeeee it!!!! Yes he’s a flirt but so am I.HE ‘s really sensitive though he always wants to be paid attention.Sex is the bomb ,new positions and we can do it anywhere.But he tend not last in bed 1 round is enough for him but it don’t bother me because it’s usually one hell of a round and we both climax.

    He is very romantic, and braggs a lot or show me off and I find that attractive as I am always the center of attention.Honesty is also what I love about him.I have no doubt he’s my soulmate. Taurus and Sag are meant to be together period! As long you give him space and Taurus women are creative they know how to spice things up.I had to upgrade him,introduced him to more luxury stuff like dining etc…and he’s so happy and apprecetiave!

  17. The bullhead Taurwoman says:

    When I dated a sag guy it was awsome lol I love sag men they are so fun and great in bed lmao I love em!!

  18. The sag is playing you, they are master liars, they make you think that they are being totally honest, trust me I’m a taurus woman, been with one for 4 yrs, unhappiest years of my life, when I finally broke up with him, is when I found out about all the cheating and lying, and also about an STD he gave me, thank God it was minor, never told him about the STD though.

    Now the cusp Scorpio-Sag was interesting, AMAZING in bed, but you know what they say, Scorpio= master manipulator, Sag= master liar, you do the math, I ran away as hard as I could, but I still miss him though, that crazy son of a mother.

  19. Hi I’m a taurus female with venus in aries and I was once married for a short time to a saggitarius with venus in aquarius… We had some great time together and some not so good times together….. He lied a lot and was a cheater…. We went our sperate ways he remarried and moved on. (So I thought) lol she cheated on him and I guess broke his freedom craving heart… He reccently found me on facebook.. Told me he’s divorced and back in my city… Hum we have reccently started chatting and texting…. ( I have no idea what iam doing? ) But he is showing me a side of him I really have never seen.. Maybe he understands what and how he made me feel so he gets it?? Idk but he seems real and geniune iam taken it one day and text at a time we spent sometime together not to long ago and he really seemd different but I guess only time can tell it feels right … All I knw is I unconditionally love still after everything… Idk I’m stuck between if u love something let it go and if it comes back it was ment to be and only time will tell ….

    Me:: 5/2/87 1043am acceding leo (taurus) moon cancer mercury gemini and venus in aries
    Him:: 12/11/84 (sagg) moon leo mercury saggi venus aquarius

  20. I have came across Saggi’s in my life. Possible relationships but wasn’t the one for me. Although not the one, a definite strong attraction. I have been talking to one now for close to a year. We are just friends but you can tell there is something there thats deeper. Friends for now because I am just taking my time no rush. Which is good because Saggi’s hate being rushed with emotions. What i have learned over the years is even though i am a different type of Taurus who is very spontaneous and changeable, we must give each other time to learn each other because if we are so different. BUT!! those differences is what we both prize for underneath. Those different strong attributes we have to offer is what we both are lacking. Taurus can sometimes be stubborn and need someone to help them be a little more care free and let go of that stubborn streak and Sagittarius needs someone to slow them down but also keep up with there speed. I guess what i am trying to say the different tempos deserves patience and in every little website, book i read there famous line is “give it a try”. I believe it can work with patience but doesn’t everything deserve patience!? I am also a Taurus who has dated the match made in heaven compatibility such as Pisces, Cancer and even a Capricorn. FAILED! Sometimes go deeper then just the surface which brings me to Venus and Chinese signs. Check those Venus signs. My Venus is in Pisces and his is in Capricorn. COMPATIBILITY! My Chinese sign is Horse and his is Rabbit. Horse are very spontaneous and needs freedom to roam. Doesn’t that sound like a Sagittarius!?!?!? Rabbits are very shy and conservative and that makes them “not” like change. Doesn’t that sound like a Taurus?!?!?…HMMMMM!! trying to say we balance each other out in other aspects?!?…I guess what i am trying to say it goes deeper then just the surface. Taurus & Virgo are a perfect match i find them so so so BORING!! One Virgo told me “I just can’t keep up with you, your so fast and out there” DO THAT RESEARCH!

  21. @Anonymous
    What were the Venus signs of your exes?

  22. @NovLady
    Well one Sag that i was stuck on for a while Venus sign was in Scorpio! Ironically i dated a Scorpio who’s Venus was again in Scorpio. And remember my Venus is in Pisces which makes us Water signs in Venus. Now tell me why it didn’t work?! Both of those relationships were downward spirals. Whats your story NovLady?

  23. taurus make it too easy for us saggis to go away and then waltz back in

  24. one thing about about this one taurus guy,

    boy he was an obvious liar
    BUT he took me on the coolest date ever…an arcade at disney world!
    and he never ever paid for any outtings…cheapo
    sometimes i thought he cared, other times i thought he was just pulling my leg
    we had sex in lots of taboo places, even a dressing room at a department store
    it took me 6 months to really make it clear that i was done with him, thick skull

  25. LibraLady says:

    omg, Many years ago I dated a Taurus with the same character you just described……..Obvoiusly not the same man, mine would be older then ours now, he was 23 when I was 15, so now that I’m 40 he’d be 48. But wow, your post brought back memeories, I never had sex with him but everything else you described hit home….LOL

  26. LibraLady says:

    I must learn to spell…LOL

  27. Sag Hilarious says:

    I am a sag. My venus is in Capricorn. My rising is Libra, my moon Taurus. I am in love with a taurus- whose rising is Aries (compat with me), their venus is in pisces, (also compat with my venus), their moon is leo (fire sign- I am compat with).

    I love this taurus with all my heart. When we met, it was like a magnetic attraction. I knew that this was “the one”, the one that I had been waiting for all my life. I just instinctively knew it. I could tell this taurus was attracted to me too- we stared at each other. We stared into each other’s eyes, sometimes near, and sometimes across the room, which I am sure made everyone else in the room uncomfortable- I didn’t care- I couldn’t look away- apparently neither could they. I wanted to clear the room and be alone with my taurus. Every time I look at this taurus- I want them. It doesn’t matter if they are talking about plants, clothes, politics, or nothing. I know that taurus responds to touch- sag is visual, and auditory- so I try to give my taurus what they need- a lot of touching and affection. (trust me sag-if you are sincere you wont be sorry). This is the most tender lover I have ever had. I love that so much. Taurus is not boring to me. I am ready to be bored with my taurus. I only want to be with them. I love how nurturing they are. I will do everything in my power to keep my taurus. When I wake up in the morning- my taurus is the first thing that comes to my mind- when I go to sleep at night- my taurus is the last thing on my mind. Yes I do work, lol- and I have a good 6 figure income- so I can do my work very well- but I can guarantee you- my taurus is on my mind throughout the day. I’ve got it bad, lol. For the first time in my life, I really know what it is like to really be in love. My taurus on the first day they met me- got past my wall I had up. They walked right in- looked into my eyes, and broke me like a wild horse. I can’t lie to my taurus- I am not a liar anyway, but I can’t lie to my taurus- I don’t ever want to hurt them. Besides, they would know- my taurus has like a esp type instinct. Sometimes even finishes my sentences after I utter one or two words.
    I hate how all the books and sites say incompatible- you must do a complete natal chart on both and dig deeper. I had to do that because I couldn’t figure out why this one got me to me so. I will go to my grave loving this taurus- even if they leave me. I love their sense of humour- it matches mine. I love how my taurus touches me. But I admit, a lot of this came with age- in my way younger days- I was restless, a wild horse- now I want to be a homebody with my taurus- and they like going out doing stuff too sometimes. This taurus calms me, and soothes me, and I think I infuse confidence and romance they like. Even the taurus temper turns me on, lol. (it blows over real quick). Don’t give up on sag’s- if they are players, liars and cheats- it’s the person- not all of us sag’s are like that. (and i’m not vain but I am attractive, and so is my taurus so it’s not like I cant get someone else- but I want this one. Forever.

  28. I find these posting inspiring, funny lol and filled me with hope I agree with a lot of thing you guys said. I’m a sco-sag born on the cusp nov 22. Met a beautiful tauraus woman very down to earth and has attitude and much more. I’m a very muscular male, goal driven, very popular. I met her in a gym she used to constantly touch me keep walking give me a gaze and smile I never took it as anything until other people noticed and said it to me. Then I started talking to her then bam there was an immediate attraction she’s tough though. Still haven’t taken her out but there’s definitely something there. I feel like I know her more than what she shows and tells me.

  29. R-jnee' & Lamont ???? says:

    I agree with you 100% sag hilarious. I know this is how my sag guy feels about me the exact same. We’re going through a rough patch right now and he’s being so brutally honest I love it but my feelings are hurt but he’s trying to make me feel better and care for me. My past relationships gave me trust issues. I love my sag his bday is Dec 3rd and mines is May 9th. We take everything day by day and I’m not the stay at home Taurus they speak of I’m young , free spirited and love to have fun. Our relationship came so unexpected. My sag met me at my birthday party and never took his eye off me once we made contact and had a conversation. I was looking at our attraction as lust in the beginning and he viewed it as more he was just afraid to let me know at the time. I know he loves me his mistake was texting another female he had sex with a few months ago before we decided to be in a relationship but I just got trust issues I’m hoping he doesn’t fuck me over but the way he’s doing everything in his power for me to stay I can’t help my stubbornness he fucked up by not telling me and I found out by seeing the text messages on my own. His brutal honesty didn’t help either he told me did wanna fuck her again but started crying when I wanted to leave him for a few days to get myself together. Right now I’m just trying not to push him away because I been through this before in the past but he’s very persistent and won’t stop catering to me and making sure I’m good. I do love him and I know he loves me and I don’t wanna leave him but he knows how I feel about honesty and communication. Its been a couple hours since I seen the texts and flipped out but I’m back home in our bed next to him but I’m still upset. I’m just gonna see what he does and overtime we will work this out but for now I’m still gonna be NAD and he’s just clingy now a Lil more then before just catering to me. All you guys comments helped me feel a Lil better and this is our first real issue and I’m not trynna give up so soon but idk I been hurt too much to just let history repeat itself. I’ll be better off alone and grinding on my own. My ex is a sag and he did me wrong now he’s trynna get me back and I’m just over it lol moved on to a new sag that treats me better and I love him I just hope my current sag don’t make the same mistakes that drove me away from my ex sag ?? because I’ll kindly move out and get back on my independent blissful happiness I mean I do turn 21 in 4 months ????? but I would love to continue on with the Love of my life. It will make a year we been talking in may and a year we’ve been together Dec 31

  30. R-jnee' & Lamont ???? says:

    The question marks are emojis sorry and I wrote this pretty fast so my auto correct didn’t quite fix everything lol but you guys understand lol

  31. R-jnee' says:

    Hi again its me this is a better Sagittaurus update! Don’t believe in the 50/50 bullshit. As a taurus we love challenges its all about how much you both are willing to put into the relationship for your outcome to be positive. I’ve been in a relationship with a sag for 7 months now and still going strong. We work well together despite our differences. We have fun together hes really my bestfriend we do it all lol he’s learning how to do my make up lol because I was sick and couldn’t do my make up how I wanted too lol. He’s the sweetest person I ever met. Our relationship isn’t the least bit similar to our compatibility charts scientists and astronomers aren’t always right. As me and my love get to grow as one we work everything out ” Communication ” is key and ” Consistency ” also fun , sex and food. And they all work for me. Im a social butterfly but I do love my space and my alone time as well and so does my babe. He prefers us having space with eachother lol he’s so in love with me and made me his world. I am still working on my trust issues but we are great and I’m happier than I ever been me and my lovebug have been talking about the future and honestly he wants to experience everything with me and it scares me. But I love it all in one give a sag and taurus a break we may be at odds but trust me that fire sign is where its at.We argue alot because our different viewpoints and it turns me on to just be clicking with him on mental level. We speak of everything abd tbh as a female abd a taurus we are very stubborn sometimes I feel bad for my boyfriend I’m a moody aggressive taurus and very fiesty/stubborn he is flighty always on the move but he has my trust and he gave me his heart so I cherish it and show him my appreciation. We are both very dramatic, goofy , kind, Honest and Very Blung ,explosive, funny, free spirited couple I love how free spirited I feel with my boyfriend.I’m hopeful for our future even though I have no clue what it looks like I’m glad I have him by my side but i would love to hear some feedback

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