Does Scorpio man want more than sex from Gemini woman?

geminisensualwoman provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

About two years ago, give or take I got involved with a Scorpio man (Nov) six years younger. He had been trying to get my attention before, but I hadn’t noticed him. We started talking a little bit after he started dating his girlfriend (about a month) and made his interest obvious even when she’s around. Sometimes he looks around for me or calls or just shows up. He gets mad when other guys flirt with me even though I don’t respond.

Sometimes he asks my whereabouts and tells me where he is. We have such strong chemistry, it’s almost like we are vibing each other without words. Often I may be texting him and he calls at the same time or I walk out side and he drives up. We can see each other at times ’cause were both secretive (around some people) and vibe off of one another and not say a word. Were different, but similar which is somewhat weird.

Sometimes when I’m out and run into him, he looks at me like he’s mesmerized or something, then he hangs around to see me. His girlfriend and him have broken up off and on. I believe they are broke up now. No offense, but she’s seems kind of puppetish. I think she’s too easy or immature for him. Now last year he said we couldn’t be together (not that I asked), but then comes around and wants to be around me or calls constantly sometimes. He says we live too close to one another to be together, he still lives with parents, but is very mature for his age.
Basically he goes back and forth with himself. Once he said he had feelings and he was getting caught up, I was like WOW after only a few months.

I will admit sometimes I will be nonchalant because of the situation, I don’t care to get hurt. I let him see some of me, but not all. When I’m sure, I can and will open up to him. Our sex is so intense and passionate and he loves for me to seduce him, but he also does it to me too. We’ve been intimate for over two years now and he’s opening up here and there over time, but my question is will he eventually want a serious relationship with me or is he just enjoying the sex? I’m willing to see where this can go, I really love being around him and would love to be with him….only if he wants to be with me though…

Let me get this straight … he won’t go out with you because you live too close to one another?

It appears that you two don’t acknowledge publicly that you are sexually involved. You are his little secret, and I bet you’d like be recognized as his girlfriend. You don’t really want to just “vibe” off each other via covert glances.

You may have heard the saying, “Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?” I think you’re putting out too easily. I don’t mean this in a judgmental way — sex for its own sake is fine, if you have the right temperament. But you are protecting yourself, only letting him see a part of you.

The culprit may be a lack of boundaries. Your Moon is in Pisces, the watery sign that wants to merge with everything. It is in a stressful 90-degree angle (called a “square”) with Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. Neptune is the Martyr, the Great Dissolver. When you combine such a porous Moon with the planet that knows no boundaries, you get both an emotional sponge and a doormat. You are exquisitely sensitive and vulnerable, yet you lack the tools to protect yourself from being walked on. (A 135-degree sesquiquadrate from Saturn to your Moon may help you build walls.)

So despite sensual Taurus rising, affectionate Venus in stimulation-seeking Gemini and sexual Mars in playful Leo, you’re not really cut out for passionate sex unless your emotional vulnerability is cradled like a newborn.

Basically, I think you’re deluding yourself. If he really wanted to be your boyfriend, he would have asked you. Maybe he doesn’t think you’re appropriate as a girlfriend, or maybe he doesn’t have the incentive to make it official since he’s already getting laid.

Currently, transiting Pluto is in your Eighth House of Intimate Sex, opposing your Sun and Venus in Gemini. Scorpio themes abound, as Pluto is this sign’s modern ruler; the Eighth House is naturally associated with Scorpio; and Scorpio sits on the cusp of your Seventh House of Partnership (hence your attraction to this sign). It’s fitting that this Scorpio man is in your life, as he may represent the Plutonic in your life.

During this transit, you have the opportunity to undergo a major overhaul regarding how you approach relationships, and you can start to uncover how your sense of self-worth (Second House) as an individual as well as a woman (Sun and Venus, respectively) relates to your sexual activity.


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  1. Eme Kah says:

    Can’t she also use that Mars in Leo to protect herself?

  2. Eme Kah says:

    ON the other hand, Leos are also very good at deluding themselves and, being a fixed sign, it’s very very hard to get them to see reality…

  3. blahblah says:

    The promise of having found a wonderful soulmate is deluding her Pisces Moon, the uncertainty is keeping her Gemini Venus entertained, and the good sex is pacifying her Leo Mars. Eventually, though, Mars in Leo will want (and then demand!) to be publicly acknowledged and that’s when the proverbial sh!t could hit the fan. 🙂

  4. Greetings to the house–on my third visit.

    Wasn’t this question on the cover of Cosmo last year, right above Ten Tips for Trapping a Taurus? Of course, in this forum, such matters are so heartfelt, it’s hard not to laugh. Some things are too serious to take seriously all the time.

    But that’s probably just me.

    The answer, unsurprisingly, is both simple and infinitely complex: what any of us seek from the Other depends on where we are in our self-awareness and becoming. For myself, there’s no hesitation–of course I do. Otherwise, why bother?

    I speak only for myself, but a relationship based primarily on sex feels like most porn after, say, two minutes–emotionally empty, devoid of context, and often somewhat embarrassing. It serves a purpose, no question. But, ultimately, I’m glad when it’s over so I can go do something else. And, please–don’t get me started on production values.

    Meanwhile, back at the question . . .

    With Scorp rising and a Scorp Sun-Venus conjunction in the 1st house–plus Mars in Sadge a couple degrees later, the magnet and steel I feel with the Twins goes to the core of what I need to learn this time around. Balance in the process of holding close by letting go.

    But, to get to that place where breathing feels like one endless sigh is a touch more challenging than seeking solace at Seduction Central. Like any of the 12, Gemini babes flit and cavort in all flavors and colors. While most may get my attention, it’s taken time to discover what sustains it. For example, Venus in Taurus and a Cancer Moon seriously crank up compatibility. They color Gemini energy with broad brushstrokes of sensuality and sensitivity, a special kind of tender heart. A sometimes crabby and stubborn, bossy babe vibe that drives me up the wall. Just *thinking* about it kicks in re-runs that give me a goofy grin, grateful to be a man.

    And if I have the good sense to make her feel immensely accepted and encouraged toward her potential, she’s giving me exactly what I want–in spades. Along with everything I need. The lightness and agility, comfort in a crowd, curious Georgette way of seeing the world–all this appeals and . . . you get the picture.

    Gemini’s at ease where I come undone. But, in a great match, she’s got my back just like I’ve got hers. Only different. And Amazing. And one Hell of a lot of fun. What’s not to like?

    I don’t mean any of this in the spirit of a sorcerer stirring up some ideal woman in a cauldron. Absent PMS, Jerry Springer moments, and real-life, emotional banging around–the crucible of love that transforms us all.

    And there’s no substitute for magic, some inexplicable quality that turns my armor to lace, and causes the walls to come tumbling down. I can’t define that any more than I could ID who wrote the Book of Love.

    Thank God.

    Speaking of Gemini, I made mention of the Twins in a previous comment addressing that age-old conundrum of why Scorpio males stare. A comment, which, in a spasm of male ingenuity, I rendered nearly illegible with what a fellow Anon generously described as “Egyptian hieroglyphics.”

    For her sake, here’s a reprise, absent the need for a Rosetta Stone.

    Greetings to the house–it’s good to drop by once again.

    Shall we?

    The guy up there making like a Roy Batty wannabe in the opening frames of Blade Runner actually looks like his girlfriend’s cat is making biscuits on his lap, and just sank a claw into his boys–that special male moment just prior to a hoarse cry of recognition.

    With Scorp rising and Sun and Venus conjunct in the first house, not far from the ascendant, it’s rare for me to *stare* at someone unless I’m watching out of curiosity; as in, zero predatory intent. I don’t care for that approach. It seems more macho than machismo, and anyone who knows the tango understands exactly what I mean.

    There’s no need to stare, and I’ve no interest. If I want her to know that she has my attention, believe me, a one-second glance is plenty. If she’s someone who *sustains* my attention, she’s likely astute enough to read the follow-up in my body, how I move my hands, the way I smile. The warmth. And it won’t take much to let me know she’s receptive.

    I’m drawn to subtlety and understatement, and appreciate those qualities at the heart of a woman. And, if she’s Gemini with a little Crab and Bull in the mix–but that’s another matter.

    By no means does the above preclude a steamy encounter in a crowded, bawdy setting, hot tunes from the booth, mirror ball spinning, drinks and laughter all around. But, even then, why stare? If she’s unaware of my aura and I can’t catch her eye, I’ll take a chance, make an excuse to get close, whisper in her ear, or write a question mark on her palm with my finger. And smile.

    I know this puts me at odds with those more inclined to see courtship as counting coup, a variation of war between the sexes where one takes pride in personal weaponry, emotional scars justifying cynicism, a jaundiced eye toward flowers, style, and chivalry.


    This is not to say that I won’t summon that power if circumstances warrant. There’s no question but that it’s eloquent and energy-efficient if someone’s in my face and I want to make absolutely clear: have you thought this through? There’s the line. Cross it at your peril.

    But those moments are rare. If there’s a choice, I’ll walk away.

    And so it goes.

  5. I too am seeing a Scorpio man who is a neighbor. I have known him for years. He has always tried to talk to me and I really didn’t care for him at first as he seemed a little creepy with the staring and all. I am older than him by 5 years. I know for a fact he loves skinny blondes and younger women. Around six months ago, he started sending me provocative emails and I would just laugh it off. Then he would try to find ways to get me to come to his place and I could sense the attraction but tried to fight it. A couple of times at his place we ending up hugging and it was like electrical shock and I couldn’t sleep for days thinking about him, but still fought it until recently. I love being with him and can’t imagine life without his passionate kisses. He drives me crazy; the attraction is off the charts. He doesn’t want a relationship I am sure because he told me. But, he did say he never dated anyone that he didn’t think could evolve into something. He never takes me out at all. I just visit at his place. I don’t want the neighbors to know, but he said he has no problem with it. He never compliments me at all on anything, so I confronted him about it and he is now being cold to me and barely emailing and not wanting to see me. I am older than him and I need to know if he thinks I am attractive; he said I was gorgeous, but then turned cold. It hurts my feelings. He can be rude, won’t answer questions, doesn’t talk about feelings, but I feel crazy about him anyway; it is making me so upset. I don’t know where I stand with him. I feel I am getting in a trap and there is no way out. I have never wanted to be with a man so much. I would do anything to make him happy. But, I don’t want to loose myself. He was very persistant to get to me, does that mean he really likes me? He will not tell me anything at all…..I am so confused. I crave him…..

  6. Girls stop being stupid. When a man really wants you they’ll go through hell and heaven and move mountains for you. Stop living in a delusional world. Simple as that. I will never be someone’s second choice. Bye Felicia GTFO with that bs. Gemini Sun, Aries Moon, Gemini Venus, Virgo Mars, Capricorn Rising.

  7. Hi I’m a gemini woman and in love with a scorpio man.

    The first time I saw him, I got attracted to him but he was not attracted to me. After a month I got over him and I saw him again, we chilled together and he started saying that I’m his soul mate. I tried pushing him away but I fell for him again. We’ve been dating for 7 months but had our on and offs
    I broke up with him for good but I still miss him so much and I still love him. I’m afraid that when I tell him that I want him back he will push me away. I’m so confused because I can’t even flirt with other guys cause I feel like I’m gonna hurt him

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