Aquarius woman wants Capricorn man back

Nicki provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

hes got a moon in gemini. mars in taurus. venus in capricorn.

me- i have a moon in aries, mars in aries, venus in saggitarius.

He broke up with me yesterday and then he said he needed some “mental clarity” and then he wanted to call me back in a couple of days. I dont think I need to answer the phone if he calls. . He knows I don’t:
1. I’m NEVER friends with exes. (he knows that)
2. I’m NEVER friends with benefits with an ex

said ok to be polite but im trying to figure out what would be the point as he knows i dont believe in friends with exes. So why would he want to call me? i havent decided yet if im gonna pick up if he does but im curious to get others opinions. Thanks! he gave me 2 reasons really. not a BUNCH sorry lol

honestly to me whats the point. he said he needed “mental clarity”. i feel like he couldve gotten mental clarity with a break, not a break up. he never actually came out and said it. i had to ask him if i was single. then he got snappy and was like yea do whatever you want.

How do I get him back?

This guy didn’t break up with you — he just said he wanted time to think for a few days, and then he’d get back to you. In your Aries Moon/Mars/Asc impulsivity, you essential cut him off at the pass. You tried to clarify your relationship status, and he responded defensively.

Now you are wondering if you should even pick up the phone, because you’re never friends with exes. With an Eleventh House Aquarius Sun, friends must be very important to you. Yet the combination of your Aquarian inflexibility with a square from all-or-nothing Pluto in your Seventh House of Relationships results in rigid boundaries. No doubt the Plutonic realm in relationships (jealousy, possessiveness) can feel threatening, but ruling out friendship with former lovers only protects you from growing up. In addition, having decided not to be friends with someone who just needs some time off removes the possibility of dialogue with this Capricorn man.

If you want to get him back, don’t be so darn stubborn.

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  1. Good stuff, Jeff!

    I wonder if these two stubborn signs can make it work. Someone’s going to have to modify his or her thinking to accommodate the relationship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I say wow Nikki, chill out. You are making too much drama out of this. Anyway, I say go find yourself an Aries fellow, might be a better, funner match for you. If you really love the Cap though, take it easy and give him the space he wants right now and try not to be so inflexible. It also looks like you are pushing for a break up with your behavior. What on earth is wrong with anwering his phone call if he calls? Have you ended it and told him never to contact you again? If not then talk to him. You evidently cared enough about him to get into a relationship in the first place. He said he needed a couple of days. If that is all there is to it then you must be extremely insecure with him and that could drive a wedge between the two of you. Have faith and trust and believe in him if you really want him.

  3. Eme Kah says:

    Just out of curiosity, what’s wrong with being friends with exes? I mean, it’s one thing if it ended atrociously and he was abusive, cheated on you, etc. But people don’t always have traumatic break-ups. So I’m curious as to your reasons, Nikki.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The capricorn man got away from you nikki because many things in his life were too overwhelming. Also he might have got some feelers from you that you dont dig him so much. So before you could reject him, he rejected himself by breaking up with you. Now he realizes that was foolish and wants you back. Talk to him but let him know that you want all or nothing.
    He will not leave you hanging.

  5. Night Wolf says:

    [From A Capricorn]

    I thought I was the only Cap flipping out then. I did the EXACT same thing to my Cancer around the EXACT same time. I had just visited my Cancer and everything. Yes, things had to be to overwhelming for him (work, family life & friends will all have pull).
    [Mine was work]
    Also he had to feel like he was not needed or wanted at the time. He had to be thinking about this for a week or more [I know I was].
    In order to solve the issue he just ripped up everything [devoured] because he was tired of dealing with everything in his life [this is all a guess..I’m reading more into how I was feeling around the same time].

    On my end- I REGRET what I did. VERY MUCH SO- I knew I should have kept my mouth shut then. I knew I was to tried to have anything good come out of it. And I called my Cancer back and asked could they talk to me when they had time. They said okay and never called. And will not contact me.
    We Caps will do that from time to time [not often].. we don’t THINK properly when we get to to to overwhelmed. [I was dead dog tired/exhausted when I did it]. But for my sake- talk to him.
    Go to him very clear and calm and ready. Don’t be stubborn because he will be stubborn right back. When you asked him that question he was not ready to deal with it [or had not had the time to think about it] so he got frustrated with you. When we get that way; we’ll just let you go and do what you want.

    You two have to communicate; but be every clear and calm about it.
    Capricorns do need their space- but once they get it- we come right back.

  6. MerelyHuman says:

    Let me echo that last statement: Caps do need their space, but once they get it they come right back.

  7. yeah they need there space to sleep around then they come back;)

  8. The Goat is a serious sign. But they have lots of humor. They are polite and feet are always grounded. The water bearer enjoys freaking out. but on the whole both signs, infact the last four sunsigns are universal signs.Goat travels a lot and prefers to be aloof and plays safe.
    There is much more than meets the eye.Ast. is not law, it is rules& remember rules are often broken.
    Unless we study the natal charts it is difficult to say. But if we could be neutral inspite of all indefferences it is easy to get along with anyone.Easier said than done.
    Inspite of all this divorces are on increase. To save these it is very important the Goat return back to the waterbeare. But once a Capricorn man leaves he will never come back as he is very traditional.
    Thanx for giving me the opportunity to express.

  9. Well, give him some space, meantime thik if you done something even a litle thing to annoy him.He will come back to you, but if you screw it he will never forgive.I am a Capricorn!

  10. AquarianBlossom says:

    Hello, all.

    I’m beginning to fall for a Cap man myself. He’s not new…. only that we reconnected in July of this year after having not spoken for years. This is what I feel our relationship is like: short periods then periods of long absence. I met him in 2002 when we were really young (early twenties) and reconnected AGAIN (we’re 28 and 30 now…) Back in the day when we met I had isues with a guy I was seeing in the military… the man who did a number on me, and then married someone else. I met my Cap on one of those off periods wit the military guy… and we kept seeing each other over the years. In 2005, we got together for two weeks but I commenced arguing with him because I hardly saw him. I deleted his number. In December/January of this year we connected through facebook… he found me… and then I called him in July… we caught up, talked about getting older, and reminisced… then he started touching me… I said that if we were going to do it this time, we’d have to do it for real… m,eaning a relationship… he seemed to be on the same page… we kissed, which with him is always amazing and started necking. He came back the next day.. saw me.. said I looked scrumptious and said he missed me. I was like ‘already?” He spent the night, the said he had to go to the barbershop and said he’d call me later. When it got to about 7 pm, and I hadn’t heard from, I called him. He said he had gotten caught up with something for his mom at home. Oh, and he told me he is helping out his mom and some others financially right now. Then I didn’t see him for two weeks. Finally, on a Sunday he came to me… and whenhe did he had explained he needed to be away from home… that he came to me because I had said I could make him feel better and he had said he was going to give it a try. I was hurt b/c I hadn’t seen him in forever and I said, “Yeah, that was when I cared.” He made a motion to get off from the sofa and said he’d call his cousin. I said, “Stop being silly,” pushed him back on the sofa and straddled him. I then came clean to him. Before I had called him in July, I was trying the online dating ting and had gone on dates with two guys that went well enough for a second date. The second dates had been scheduled, and since my Cap wasn’t coming to see me and under guidance of my roomie, I went on those dates but found myself thinking about HIM so I knew I had to cut hose boys loose who were maybes even without him. I broke down crying telling him, that dating was a liberating experience and an empowering one b/c I got to make the choices. I’m really a serial monogamist at heart. I told him that these men call me and court me and it hurts when he doesn’t. He has said things like, “You’re a 10+ but I’m not going to jump through hoops for you.” I told him I had ended it with those guys because of my feelings for him. I didn’t even kiss those men on the second dates! I asked him if it would bother him if I were to continue, he said “Possibly.” Jokingly, I got off his lap and said, “Well, until that answer is a “yes” I’m going to continue.” Of course he knew I didn’t mean it. He was laughing at my retort. And I knew his “possibly” was the closest to a “yes” I was going to get. We’ve argued about him being slow to open up. And as time wore on, his first job at Dish Network went into transition where they are taking over the East Coast. That coupled with his UPS early hours job started killing his time. I t got to the point where he would call around midnight or 1 am and fall asleep on me on every phone convo. So I knew he was working hard. But resentment was building in me because I couldn’t see him… our convos were turning into hour long debates and arguments. He would say things like he wouldn’t spend th night with me on a day he had work the next morning… and I would be like why not? We hardly see each other! Why not make the concession? I asked him when I was going to see him again. He said he didn’t know and that if he knew, he would tell me. I asked him if I was going to see him before the New Year, and he said yes. I was like how can you tell me that but not tell me when it’s going to be over (the transition?( He said , “I don’t think it’s going to take until January.” So weeks turned into 6 weeks!!!! And though we spoke every day… which became every other day, then every two days…. I became more hurt. One last Thursday in the middle of September he stopped calling entirely. In that convo, he became aggravated and asked me why I turned every convo negative with my questioning. I also asked him if he was seeing someone else. He said no. I believe him. He keeps telling me he wants to see me… I’m like… so why aren’t yo here? Well, I haven’t heard from him since. I just recent activity on facebook on his profile where he is commenting to other people. I have called him, and last week I sent him a poem I wrote about us. I feel uncomfortable dialing his digits. I really want a real go with this guy. I am really upset. Because he stopped calling without any explanation? We were having resentful convos prior to the last convo, so I’m really confused. Any advice on what he might be thinking or what he wants? I’m remaining faithful to him despite the offers that have come my way. I want to wait it out with this guy… Advice?

  11. My Aqua has a Cap moon, qhen you combine the 2 sign traits it is beautiful. He’s a familly man, down to earth and serious while open minded and fun. I Can’t complain 🙂

  12. True enough this guy didn’t mean a break up in the first place. Sometime we should clarify these kinds of messages co’z they tend to be confusing.

  13. Nikki! I feel you about the whole “no friends w/t benefits and no friends with exes” dont change that!!!! As an Aquarius dealing with a Capricorn. Capricorns can be sneaky even if they’er innocent. Yet, no one is funny like he is, got swag like his, and be sexy like him. And Aquarius woman are the only sign who can pull any emotion oit the Capricorn man (remember that). The chemistry between you two can be complex, but that is what make your relationship special and unique. Love is an action word, so make should whatever decision you make is a reflection of the love you need!

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