Scorpio woman wants to seduce married Pisces thesis advisor

Scorpio provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

i’m a scorpio female. i unilateraly fell in love with a pisces married man. he is 8 month older, he is my ms thesis supervisor. i can’t stop thinking of him, so i’d like to know what are the magic techniques to drive him crazy or seduce him even though he is married.

You like to act recklessly, and may not even be aware of it. A very tight Mars-Uranus conjunction in your Twelfth House of Self-Undoing indicates a tendency to take risks without much thought about the consequences. Your impulsivity is expanded and intensified by this planetary pair’s conjunction to Jupiter and Pluto.

Compulsivity and erotic charge in matters of love correlate with your natal Venus’s square — or 90 degree angle — to Pluto (obsession), Jupiter (idealism, exaggeration) and Mars (sexuality).

Boundary problems with men are indicated by your Sun’s conjunction to Neptune, planet of delusion and dissolution. This conjunction also suggests an attraction to Pisces men, as Neptune rules this final sign of the zodiac.

Your Seventh House of Partnership is inhabited by Saturn, planet of hardship and deficiency, suggesting a struggle to experience fulfillment in relationship, as well as an attraction to authority figures. The ruler of your Seventh House — which has Aries on the cusp — is Mars. This planet is in Libra, the sign of marriage, and is conjunct (as mentioned above) Jupiter, planet associated with university professors, in the Twelfth House of Secret Love Affairs. Sounds like your thesis advisor!

Do yourself a favor, Scorpio, and leave this guy alone. Just finish your degree. Having an affair with a married man is no good. Having an affair with your thesis advisor is no good. I know I’m being moralistic here, but there’s a reason some cultural taboos and educational policies are put in place.

Transiting Pluto in your Third House of Gossip is exactly conjunct your natal Venus right now, contributing to total love obsession. Moreover, it is squaring your Jupiter (higher education). If you’re not careful, word can get out (tr. Pluto in 3rd) about your affair (12th), possibly undermining your chances of finishing your degree.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Scorpio, listen to Jeff. I have Venus in the 12th and I’m a lot older than you, so I know about recklessness (Venus square Pluto) and self-undoing (12th house). And Saturn rules my 7th house so… there you go. It might sound very romantic now but it will be very painful and potentially detrimental to your career and your reputation to pursue this man. It can take years and years to dig yourself from that kind of crap.

  2. Sagilarious says:

    you may wanna find out who his wife is too….i know how i feel about my pisces man….and i get the strangest urge to hunt a woman down just thinking about her coming near him. 🙂 just better check, she could be jealous.

  3. Sagilarious says:

    you may wanna find out who his wife is too….i know how i feel about my pisces man….and i get the strangest urge to hunt a woman down just thinking about her coming near him. 🙂 just better check, she could be jealous.

  4. Karma is a [female dog].

  5. Eme Kah says:

    Scorpio: Instead of concentrating on the moral aspect of it which I’m sure just makes you feel judged and misunderstood and hence probably less likely to listen to good advice, I want to suggest that you take inot consideration the very real dangers of pursuing this man. You can ruin your college career. I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time and money on college. You can earn a reputation which will win you enemies even before people get to know you (especially other women). You can potentially get your advisor into tremendous trouble and ruin his career as well (not to mention his marriage). As Sagilerious mentioned, You can also gain a very real and potentially dangerous enemy in the form of his wife. It might sound melodramatic but there IS a reason the term “crime of passion” exists–jealousy can blind people and make them do outrageous things. This is all assuming that you can actually seduce him. It is just as likely, though, that he may turn you down, in which case he will lose respect for you and you will feel the real sting of humiliation and rejection. A blow to your ego can also take a long time to heal, even if that kind of damage isn’t as tangible as the ones I’ve already mentioned. Would any of this be worth, what? A frisson of danger, a couple of orgasms. (And that’s assuming he’s good in bed, girl, I have had incredibly chemistry with men who turned out to be total duds–an irresistible attraction is not necessarily proof, well, of anything. Often it’s just window dressing.) You don’t wanna end up inspiring a Dateline ABC of a mediocre movie of the week. God, that would be THE worst consequence according to me.

  6. blahblah says:

    Great advice/points, Eme Kah!

  7. proserpine says:

    Scorpio, are you serious?Or are you just testing this astrologer to see what he’ll say to you?
    There are no magic tricks to seduction that a Scorpio doesn’t already know.
    But, if you actually mean *magic* tricks–then I can tell you that there are ways to turn someone towards you–but,any magic done that is not fair, and is done for selfish reasons, will trun on you quite readily.
    You really will be sorry you did it.
    I won’t tell you what to do–as was already said here, judgment and moralism probably will turn you off if yiou really want to do this.
    However, the truth is–if he’s interested, you’ll know.
    You don’t have to play games to get him.
    Why bother someone else’s husband when you can have many many men of your own?
    I was looking at your chart aspects also, and that Pluto in the 12th, and the Saturn in the 7th will be severe for you in the end result.(I have other difficult aspects, so I’m familar with the feeling).
    I believe you’ll really need a deep committed partnership, in time for your best happiness and growth.
    Think about this plan …and think, again before acting–really.
    Scorpio, I’m much older also, and you’re infatuated and obsessed not in love–yet.
    If you want to hurt, and suffer,(and cause it) have an affair with a married man.
    Then let the pain begin!

  8. My name's winstone wolf says:

    I’m gonna play devils advocate here. Go for it. You could be denying both him & yourself of the greatest relationship possible in the entire zodiac.

    I am a married Scorpio guy in a similar predicament with a single Piscean colleague. The chemistry it way too strong to fight forever – we both know that. Time will tell I guess.

    Follow yr heart not yr brain & good luck!

  9. Flashina says:

    Do not fall into the basest and least worthy elements of your sexuality. As everyone else said you will regrett it. It will be fun for a while and you may even end up in a relationship, but who’s to say he wont cheat on you with the next new piece that comes along? My scorpio advice, find a single guy who you connect with, give him a tie, a ruler, a pair of glasses. You go ahead and do pigtails and the plaid skirt and be the naughty student…I betcha you will find it very satisfying to your lust for authority figures!
    I’m with sagilarius, be careful of his wife… I would probably hunt down anyone after my man as well..especially if she was another scorpio or a sag. It wouldnt be pretty!

  10. Scorpio-

    Now that everyone has told you not to do this… (thereby upping the ante and making you want to do it more… duh.)

    I will tell you what i know works on Pisces men in relationships…

    Figure out what is wife is like and then be the opposite of that.

    Be a fantasy.

    High heels, Lipstick and Nail polish…Look like a slut but then be into something like philanthropy or fine art…

    Bait and switch him… in other words shake your head no at him, but then let your appearance invite.

    DO NOT confess your feelings… way too much reality there.

    Pisces respond to secrecy and fantasy and escapism.

    If he is having drama with his wife that is extra points for you.

    Just remember this…if you do get him you will have to pay for your acquisition. There are laws.

    If he is so hot you cannot handle it then fine… some shags are just that worth it… though I have yet to find one that I would pay that much for.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can say only from experience that if this pisces man is interested you will know without him saying anything. I too am a Scorpio woman that has fallen hard for a pisces man and like you there are moral issues ( in my case on both sides)involved. I have never had this feeling before. My pisces does not have to say anything I know the feeling is the same for him. I did nothing to seduce him it was the way we looked at each other from the first day we met. we have done nothing thus far, other than talk, kid and laugh with each other. But the attraction is very real. Like love at first sight. There is a boundry we know we must not cross, however I feel we may lose our moral battle.
    Anyhow Scorpio as I said you will know if he is interested without you having to play the games.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Good Lord…… I thought i was the only one. Am a full on Scorpio woman and have been working with my particular Pisces for over 4 years. The sexual tension is unbeleiveable. The thread has only snapped once and it was AMAZING… The problem?? BOTH MARRIED… AM planning to just enjoy the moments I have, and see what happens. As pushy as all us Scorps can be I have learned one thing, you gotta let them set the pace, or he will swim away. Don’t be too clingy, and just be his fantasy. When he’s ready he’ll get you.

  13. As a fellow academic, I’ve seen that this is very high-risk behavior for a career. If you get involved with someone who has a say over your future, any success you have will be discounted by a lot of people. If you can seduce your advisor then you can no doubt find someone else pretty hot as well. That way you get to have fun AND a job.

  14. Anonymous says:

    That is bad indeed. Should not go for it.

  15. can anyone guide me in seducing a scorpio woman? I am scorpio male myself.

  16. BluePower says:

    F*** U D L! Scorpio girls are for pisces men. Go back to your cancer girl.

  17. Real love requires living in truth, respect and honesty with all involved, which includes the woman or man who would be deceived or “cheated” on in an affair with their partner. Karma is not just some new age, irrelevant phrase. It is simple law of energy magnetism and response – what we do to others we do to ourselves eventually too. If you can blot out the partner of ther person you would want to have an affair with, that speaks of your lack of real love, integrity and respect for another soul. One who you likely don’t even know near the whole truth of who she or he is and what they have dealt with in their relationship with their partner who you might feel so attracted to.

    That is not moralizing, it is simply being aware and conscientiously loving in a deeper, more inclusive way.

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