Sagittarian Woman in Love with an Aries Man and a Virgo Man

Nestle asks,

Who is more compatible with a Sagittarian Woman – an Aries man or a Virgo man? I have been involved with the Virgo for about 7 years off and on; I recently met the Aries (about 2 years ago) but feel more in sync with the Aries. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s quite possible. Both Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs, which make a 120-degree angle (or “trine”) to each other in the zodiac. Fire signs are inspirational and spontaneous. Aries tends to be more pioneering than Sag, who spends more time in her head than in the world of action. Your sign is ruled by Jupiter, planet of philosophy and international travel — expansion of mind and body. Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, who wants what he wants now, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it, regardless of how his actions impact others. Sag is more concerned with morals, with right and wrong, whereas Aries just plows ahead, regardless. But you both have spirit, and have a similar outgoing nature.

Virgo, on the other hand, is a pragmatic earth sign, and makes a 90-degree angle (or “square”) to Sagittarius. As far as Sun sign compatibility goes, this is a stressful match. Virgo is careful and concerned with fine details, while you are adventurous and look at the big picture. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, the communicator, more interested in facts than ideas (Jupiter’s domain). Virgo dips his toe into the water to make sure it’s the right temperature; you dive right in.

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  1. says:

    These posts about Sag women in love with more people at the same time always make me laugh like hell. Not because I as a cautious Cancer judge them for their difference, but because my best friend is a Sag, and a hilarious one.

    She also easily gets the glitches from every exciting and interesting man that walks in her life, of course if he fulfills her (not so) basic standards about men. Now this may not be the case here, since our Sag lady here is on and off with the Aries guy for two years already, but it is the kind of thing to be expected.

    From my cautious letting someone in point of view (I turn people inside out before I even start falling in love, this takes a lot of time, and I never fool my self with stomach butterflies since they came and go) this kind of emotional flings would be too much to digest. Why so much excitement in just one week?

    And that’s what my Sag friend does – in only one week she goes sky high, dumps her 5year Cancer boyfriend, declares how in love she is and how many things in her life will change, and then just drops everything and gets back to normal.
    If the new guy would walk into her life for real and make some root changes in her usual habits or such she even goes through mild nervous breakdowns cause she’s not really capable of rapid changes.

    And loves her boyfriend much more than she admits, naturally.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see by your birthchart info that you’ve got Venus in Leo. How do you think that affects your Cancer cautiousness? Don’t you ever give in to the Leo’s need for big romance?

  3. says:

    Good question!

    I do give in, but slowly (Venus is in a loose square with my Scorp Moon).

  4. says:

    I think I wasn’t clear as a consequence of everything being still very blurry in my head due to course of recent events in my life.

    Now about that Venus in Leo – I am very flirty if single, and I go for what I desire and usually get it. I don’t mind hopping into someone’s bed if I feel that way. If maybe that Venus fell into the 5th house (8 degrees later is the 5th house cusp) I would probably be even more open.
    Moon squaring Venus should emphasize this kind of behaviour and attitude, but Moon is in Scorpio, in sign of her fall so her influence may be diminished by Scorp’s darkness, or it adds a dose of intrigue to my Leo Venus apearence.

    So I do give in – to pleasure (there are other things in my chart that suggest this).

    But when I really start liking someone, that’s never because of mere physical attraction, I gather data about that someone and slowly build the picture. That also may be the influence of the Scorp Moon (introspection – Scorp of emotions – Moon when in love – square with Venus).

    Jeff, am I being stupid here? :o)

  5. Jeffrey Kishner says:, Venus in Leo square Moon in Scorpio could indicate a conflict between an emotional need for closeness/depth and your desire to be recognized for your attractiveness, such that going for one of these can come at the exclusion of the other. Does this ring true?

  6. says:

    Earlier in life, yes Jeff, you’re right. It took me time to realize what kind of impact I have on men and why they don’t want always to cuddle and spoil me 🙂

    Now, I know not everyone will love me, there’s no need for that after all, so I can enjoy in playing around.

    But that just comes with age.

  7. Sagilarious says:

    Criticizing Sag in love with more than one man, huh? Hmm. Well, ok, fine, so it happens.

    But on to the main point: I say, go for the Aries….but that just expresses my personal preference. As another fire sign, I think you two would get along MUCH better. Being a Sag myself, Virgo men are not really my type. Actually, they kinda irritate me. Well, I don’t know either man, but Aries is just more of a Sag kinda guy regardless.

  8. proserpine says:

    Sagilarious, Hiya.
    Truth is, I figured the Sag would do better with the Aries also.But, we don’t know–maybe the Sag has a Virgo Mars, or something –like Virgo on the 7th HSE cusp, right?So, we don’t know.
    The Aries might just seeem perfect at first glance but…isn’t.
    You know?

  9. says:

    For the record – I wasn’t criticizing. I enjoy my Sag best friend and accept her motives.

    I’m sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

    And, Sagilarious, you reacted just like she would :o)

  10. As a Sag sun, asc, venus, merc, saturn and uranus ( LOTS OF SAG!) dating a Leo with venus & merc conjoined in Virgo I would have to say that our biggest problems are with communication. I find that he is detailed to a fault, and can talk up a storm about small things, when all I care about is the end result. He’s very practical about romance, but crazy about sex… now that I look at his chart it might be explained by virgo venus squaring scorpio mars.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like your point lol. im like that kinda, im a cancer sun, leo rising (lol! might as well be gemini with those in my favour;really shy and cautious, straight to loud and argumentative, and shy?well thats a joke!) lol, to taurus moon, with all that in mind, does anyone think i could really get along with aries? coz normally a cancerian feels shunned and like their too scared to put their point out there too, and aries normally who has to get there point across is ,fair enough, really like fuck you, im not stopping you do anything lmao, but my leo, thrives on and respects that banter, and is not scared to share their own opinion so in that sence it would work,
    anyone got any ideas??

  12. I’m a sagittarius girl dating an aries boy. we’ve been together for about a year and a half now, and in high school i was BEST friends with a virgo. Comparing the two now, i’d say go for the aries. It’s gonna be hard and you’ll fight lol but you’ll have a blast too! They’re fun, and you can totally be yourself with them. 🙂

  13. i am also dating a aries man.. hot!!…. freaky, and we are compatible. far as i see. but virgo. i like virgo men. but can be a bit scary and bipolar for me. they never follow up not unless they really want to . and forget full as hell!.. but they can be selfish as far as i am concerned. yes they are money concious as well.

  14. ShaggySaggi says:

    I am totally a Sag in every regard and totally in love with a more calmer Aries man! And boy let me tell you….if I meet him back in High School, I’m sure we would have been married with kids by now! We just get along great as friends and as lovers….wow! The only problem that I think we experience is that we can’t be together (he’s engaged.. 🙁 ) Nonetheless, back to the topic, I’ve had a Virgo boyfriend and I thought he was so sweet but then he turned out to be a really bad guy. He lied and was cheating the entire time….Thus my opinion…Selfish Virgo (heck no!) … Aries Sweetheart (Always!)

  15. I think that you’ll have to look at the venus, moon and mars sign as well.

    The moon sign compatibility will mean instant/spontaneous affinity becuase you both nurture yourselfs in a similar way and thus will instinctively nurture each other similarly.

    I have a cancer moon(I love eating)
    Venus in scorpio (Look for depth and emotional dramas in intimate relationships)
    Mars in Libra( Turned on by refinement,beauty and cleverness).

    Usualy having these planets in compatible signs contributes in making the match-up amazing!

  16. SDsailorgirl says:

    I am a Saggi girl, and I recently had a two week fling with an Aries guy. He seemed so interested, as I was too. We hung out, fooled around, but never went all the way. Lately he's cooled off so much so, that he completely shut me out. In my opinion, he's over it, therefore I moved on. I have been crushing on a Virgo man for a while, until recently he asked me out. I am very curious to find out what things will be like. My moon is in Virgo, and he has some Saggi placements, so I'm in for the ride. Aries seem awesome, in the moment, but in all my experiences with them, they cool off at some point, due to my overly blind enthusiasm. I am currently looking to make a strong lasting bond with someone, and it didn't happen with the Aries, so maybe there's a chance with this Libra…I'll find out what's up!

  17. SDsailorgirl says:

    *not Libra but VIRGO…my bad

  18. LibraLady says:

    My brother is a Sag and came out of a bad relationship with a Taurus girl, they had nothing in common LOL, now he is engaged to an Aries woman and she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. I like the way they look after eachother, She will go out of her way to make him happy mand vic versa, now Libra ans Aries are suposed to be opposites but the more I get to know her the more I like her, she is like the sister Ive always wanted, could be because I have an Aries moon? who knows….anyways she introduced me to my Aqua guy and thought I would be bored with him, even warned me that he may be just a bit dull for me,then warned him that I was too fussy for him and the funny thing is he is the greatest person Ive ever met, its funny that she thought I would be bored and its funny that I thought she would think my brother was too crazy, yet they are totaly devoted to eachother LOL we all had different ideas and all ended up with something pretty good, Life is crazy…..
    Anyways my point is, Ive never and I mean never, seen such happiness in my brothers eyes before. I think Sag/Aries is a great match

  19. im an aries and i hate virgos there no good for fire signs mostly! stick with the aries! i like Sagittarius there cool!

  20. I am soooooooooooo feeling the same way. I’m a sag girl who has been dating an aries man for almost 3 years. Now while the sex is GREAT, conversation is fantastic I can’t STAND his procrastination…it drives me crazy! Everything has to be his way, he has to have the last word and if any opinion is contrary to his of course it’s wrong…geez!!! (LOL kinda sounds like the sag huh??) Anyhoo, I met a Virgo man a few months ago and he is FANTASTIC…yes a little critical, but he swears that i’m worst than he. He is WAY more dependable and isn’t as hardly as selfish as the aries.

  21. I do agree that fire signs are inspirational and spontaneous. Thank my husband for example. Yesterday, he surprised me with a romantic dinner for our 5th anniversary and we went to out for movies after. Couldn’t get any better than that.

  22. In my mind, this was a simple answer to begin with – Aries and Sag of course, unless there’s some powerful house-overlay or synastry going on between other planets in the Sag-Virgo relationship.

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