Libra woman worried about compatibility with Capricorn man

mona provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

i met this wonderful man n i am in love with him. . we been dating like a year now but i been reading all these theories that libra n caprocorn will not matched. i am worry. my question will be what i can do to fortify thsi relationship

You’re worried, based on what an astrologer says? Hogwash! Trust your own experience, mona! Astrology is just a system, not the truth.

You have Pisces on the cusp of your Seventh House of Partnership. Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, is in Capricorn in your Fifth House of Romance and Play, conjunct Mars. Mars in a woman’s chart signifies the type of young man to whom she is attracted. Hence, the sign placement of both Mars and Jupiter correspond with your attraction to this hard-working sign.

Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn ‘make’ you productive and results-oriented, hence this aspect of yourself jibes with your boyfriend. Your Mars may even drive him to succeed, depending on the degree of his Capricorn Sun.

In a way, whatever challenges you’d have with a Capricorn man, you’d also have within yourself. Your Libra Sun’s purpose is to find balance and beauty, to socialize and to please. Yet your Mars, which acts to fulfill your Sun’s will, goes about it in a purposeful, pragmatic way, with little concern for feelings as he moves his way to the top.

Currently, transiting Saturn is making a square (or 90-degree angle) to your natal Venus, planet of love. If you want to fortify your relationship, this is the time to do it, as Saturn is all about building and strengthening bonds that are meant to last. However, to do this you have to let go of relationship patterns that weigh you down. It’s up to you to determine what those are by doing an inventory of your current and past relationships. Looking at your love life seven years ago — when Saturn was opposing your Venus — will help provide some clues regarding how this current transit will play out.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. I’m a Libra (moon-Sagittarius and ascendant-Libra) and I’ve been with a Capricorn (moon-Aquarius and ascendant-Libra) for nearly 10 years. At the beginning of our relationship I felt that he was very special for me. But soon after it started to feel like he was kind and gentle but no fun and passionless. I felt like if he didn’t get excited about having sex with me and etc. And it sometimes still feels the same. I tried to talk to him about it – It looked like he found it difficult. On the other hand he’s very hardworking, honest, loyal, generous and makes me feel very secure, and I still think he’s very special for me. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t leave my Capricorn when I fell for a Gemini (moon-Leo and ascendant-Gemini) a year ago. I almost did everything to not to get involved with the Gemini who also fell for me – it was like if we were soul mates and his sweet talk and passion opened new channels in me. Now he’s (Gemini) got a girl friend and I’m still with my Capricorn but still can’t stop thinking about him. Maybe I will never… I wish I could have made my mind up then because this way it’s very upsetting..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been worried for the past couple of months about my boy friend having an afiar with a taurus girl whos really pretty and since I am just a leo I feel small compared to her what should I do???

  3. angelineelise says:

    @anonymous 3:33- I am beside myself! I have never heard the phrase “I’m JUST a leo”…you might as well say “I’m JUST one of the most awesome types of people on the planet!!”

    Why are you insecure and “feel so small” compared next to the girl?

    Confront him in a gentle way about your feelings…ask him if he finds her attractive, and if he says yes don’t be offended…he’s not dead yet!

    I would just let him admit it and then you can go from there.

    Usually I find the girls my husband finds attractive..attractive too so instead of turning it into something between us, it’s something shared.

    Silence and not acknowledging the elephant in the room is the worst thing you can do.

    99% of men will compliment you after the acknowledgment of another womans beauty, and will offer sincere reasons why he’s with you and not her.

    Above all else…you are awesome, who wouldn’t want to be with you, anyway? Fabulous Leo!

  4. Dump that loser and go on with your life…he is not for you…aren’t you bored out of your mind with him….All he talks about is work and money its boring…get someone who stimulates your brain and makes you see things in a different light..Go with the air signs, the are intellectual and will understand you beter…This guy is probably cheating on you, thats why he doesn’t want sex…use your Libra instinct…

  5. Anonymous says:

    22 years ago I can almost remember the hour, on December 12, 1986 my BBF /Fiancee and Capricorn .. slipped. And I went ballistic.
    Went straight into the waiting open conniving manipulating arms of his Geminii X friend. Who set up the whole event. Advising each a different way.
    Marry in haste ? repent in leigion!

    We never did completely cut but had too much fire and youth to lket those egos go. So it was Christmas and holiday letters every few years. Peeking at each others lives without… each other.

    Now it is 2008. we are together and happy for 13 months, and it just ages well.
    His cold pull aways when stressed, unbalance me, but I force myself for the easy confrontations of communication instead of saving up for a row.
    They are easily hurt inside and have low esteem no matter how cute they are. The Labels nice guy and boring make them wince and do crazy things in HS. But stability is not boredom.
    Wheh they trust you everything is yours and they will want the whole enchilada… marriage kids etc.
    Normally they are very faithful but can leave you flat in seconds if they think you are using them.
    and they think their Libra mates flake out to avoid responsibility. Not becuase we are overwhelmed at deciding things quickly.

    We are still breaking in for fit.
    Our charts are heavy with fire with Leo moons firing up inner shyness or indecision.
    I worry some becuase he has some past hurt really impacting how he views me.But He’s been anxious over our breakup and i have obsessively missed him for over 20 years.
    I was with him when I had a break from that Geminii nutjob a few years. I lost out son and he never knew then. While I was processing a failed divorce, I threw myself at him in our 30’s. He barely refused.
    He huffed off to London and married in haste and let me know he was married. Then I went back to the Gemini. I stopped contact after my second child was born. The drama was overwhelming at home, I couldn’t focus if I was worried about him. So he came looking for me. And came back to the US.
    We finally are together again, He accepts totally and does well with my youngest that is with me. Age 3 and autistic.
    It’s tough as our stereotyope zodiacal habits throw stumbles at us. We have so few problems. He is a provider, lover, smart, shy, funny and nervous. Time and some hard circumstances in Europe knocked that Leo arrogance and vanity down to a pussycat. Mine was thrown in a sack and drowned by my eviL X.
    IIt has some rough spots I need a handle on… that is why I am here to likely get some insight on what this particular Cap is thinking.
    Time is of essence. We are in our 40’s adn I got a big surprise to unveil in a month. Not the favorite kind of most typical men that are not mormons.
    We are househunting right now. but he is still not committing completely and it makes me nervous. He has been almost married 4 times since his divorce in 04. Must be somnething in his chart. I have always been the one he hesitates with. Yet he pined for me 20 years. Was crying in beer a good 5 years . Sometimes i wonder why he even likes me. He is much more verbal about it this round.
    My affectionate displays still can embarass him.
    And as a creature of habit it is hard to get the passion ignited if he has late hours adn it is bedtime. I manage. Heh! Things you can learn on the NET! o_0
    They are VERY sensetive to infidelity. And they are very meticulous and notice fine detail, no dount he noticed your almost did.
    And beside signs… any guy who will chase a girl who is with someone else? Not likely to stay faitful if they even stay with her.
    My Geminii X did EVERYTHING to break us and did.
    Even married me to play “keep away”. Then proceedded to dog me, hate me, keep me like a possession and run around on me. Not saying your Geminii would go so far. But he was going after a woman who he knew was with another.
    Bothered to woo you and study you and be “perfect” for you.
    That is my own experience with these maddening, fussy , bossy, loyal hardworking goats (dated one other). Winning is hard, but the prize is forever.
    So I try hard to winterborn romeo.

  6. Have not got a clue about anything other than i am a libra and would really like to know how do i find out all the other things? I love reading these comments, i can relate to so amny of them even though they are all different!! So i’d basically like to find out who i am and why i do the things i do.Thanks for any clues you can give me.

  7. there are reasonably priced astrology reports you can purchase, as well as good intro texts. I’d suggest joining the forum as well. And if you have the funds, a consultation with a pro astrologer is best.

  8. When I was younger the first man I ever fell in love with was a cap. I was soo deeply in love with him and I know he was too. I don’t know but I guess it was the fear that made me stop talking to him. Then he got a another girlfriend and I was heart broken. But he kept chasing me and trying to talk to me and now it’s been 3 years and he just disapeared 🙁 heard rummors he’s in jail but idk now there’s another guy who is soo special and he’s a cap too. Honestly words can’t describe him but Im too shy too tell him the things I feel for him. I know he feels the same way but he won’t say it either we just show Each other in intense ways but can’t say it. I’m a libra with Pisces moon and I know I’m an idiot in love but I can’t get over my shyness because I figure if he really likes me he will talk but then again he had a terrible heart break and that could be stoping him please help!

  9. Well me (libra) I’ve been seing this man -Cap on and off for about 3years now, the relationship gets very intense and there’s then nothing no hope , It’s like . Sometimes we click and then sometimes were just way to different from one other to keep things truely balanced in the freindship/ relationship, but what I think we both know that were in love with each other secretly .This is why we won’t stop. Do I give it up or hope for the better?

  10. Latoya S says:

    Iam a cap man seeing a cap woman. Very Different! BUT so worth it. Libra women are the most beautiful most womanly of all women you will ever meet. I do like the best and Libra women (specifically born around the 6th) are the best. She cooks for me takes care of me and will even get a job if we needed her too but i dont want her to work. I will take care of her forever.

    Love Crazy

  11. Libra’s tend to test Cap lovers a lot. They are airy minded, far cry to reality.They have tons of friends and don’t seem to show that affectionate nature as a Capricorn lover does.

    You can see Libra having long chats, eating candies with friends more than potential lover.

    Correct me if I am RIGHT!

  12. JW Cappy Lover says:

    i dont know jones, When a Libra woman loves a man, any man, we can be very affectionate, protective, eager to please lovers. A Libra’s whole purpose in live is LOVE. We Love, LOVE. As a libra woman, nothing makes me happier then to make my man smile. I have been with my Cappy for 2 years, dont get me wrong I have lots of friends but my Cappy is my BEST friend. The one I share my inner most fears and desires with. When we Libra’s are in love, the sun seems to shine brighter in our world. Even if the man we happen to love, is a Cappy-Daddy. Plus Libra’s are undercover freaks, just Like Capricorns. And alot of times, we Libras like to be a little submissive. Which usually works great for the Cappy because they usually like to be the one in charge anyway. lol

    Dont hold it against me that I am proud…thats my Leo in Venus starting to show….lol…raorrrrr!!!!!

  13. Libralovescap says:

    Libra sun
    Pisces moon
    Libra mercury
    Virgo Venus
    Mars scorpio

    Crazy in love with

    Capricorn sun
    Gemini moon
    Capricorn mercury
    Pisces venus
    Cancer mars

  14. I’m not sure why Libra and Capricorn have a bad rap for relationships. Not all Libras are party people, some like to settle down and have a family life….I had a very good Cap friend once that was married to a monster, so was I at the time…If only we’d have met at a better time…..but both of us were faithful and putting up with crap to make our marriages work. At the time I felt like he was the only person on earth that understood what I was going through……I hope he met someone better. I’d like to think that he ended up happy 🙂

  15. i dont know about this match. from what i understand Libras like elegant things, nice surrondings. a capricorn can be too pragmatic and self denying until he reaches his goal. in other words i wouldnt mine living in shack until things got better, no matter how long it took becuase personally speaking it’s not about money, it’s about overcoming the challenge.
    Libras seem to be refined and acute, caps are rough around the edges.
    i think a taurus would be a good match, they like nice things. my brother is a taurus.

  16. the truth is caps are freaky when it come to sex. I know. I am a libra and my cap just confessed new years day 2010 that he has been cheating because our sex life was boring. so libra ladies if you want to make it work with a cap just give him sex so wild and feaky that he will be your slave. wish I knew this before he went outside our relationship. I still love him and he love me but things are going to be a lot differnt from now own. (dont you just hate how caps always end up having their way. damn these people)

  17. Capricorn Girl *Smiles* says:

    I am a cap Woman Married to a Libra Man We have a loving relationship… It can Work Be encouraged if you are in love with your Cap Or Libra…

  18. Wow the response was great. well it aint completely easy as she is social butterfly and I live inside my head half the day if im not working(her-libra-me-cap)ultimately just gotta let her free,do my thing and trust herand know she will be back to me asap. I love her deeply and no matter what I dont think we will ever break up…we would have done it by now. 😉

  19. Libra Bindi says:

    I find caps soooo borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring and superficial. Apparently the older they are the more fun they are.

  20. [deleted by administrator] Get to know the person, love them for who they are and what makes them tick, respect, live and grow together. And stop trying to read relationship advice from positions of planets in the sky.

  21. Oh, and if your partner’s cheating, not committing or getting cold feet, it’s because it’s not working. Little bit of a reality slap for you. There’s a problem with you. Sort yourself out.

  22. Damien, that level of hostility is not called for. You are welcome to call astrology into question, but name-calling is not OK.

  23. luvalileebra says:

    Depends on so many other factors — I have Virgo rising so this actually worked for me for a minute (actually, 5 years) then it got yyyyyyaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn boring. Dag, Damien, is that you from the Why AQ’s love Libra Women” forum? LOL, Jeffrey’s right — you are being hostile like a mug! My my, not quite what I’m used to reading from you. LOL

  24. luvalileebra says:

    oooo and ditto on what sophia said — these dudes are FA-REAKS. Can’t (won’t) even begin to say. OMG But after a few games, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring

  25. LibraLady says:

    JW Cappy Lover
    I agree, LOL my Aqua has a Cap Moon, we like to play the roles, I’m submissive and he’s my Daddy, its for fun but sometimes when things get harsh in life he holds me and I feel that safe, I haven;t felt like that since I was 5.

  26. Well, I’m a Libra with a Taurus moon and I’m currently dating a Capricorn with a Scorpio moon. He is… amazing! Words can’t explain how special he is. He’s full of loyality, honesty, and unconditional love for me. I’m a very insecure girl when it comes to men, it’s hard for me to trust them but This Capricorn has got all of my love. I think it all depends on their moon signs. Saggitarius moons are like explorers, don’t tie them down. Pisces moons are smart and they arent very loyal. Virgo moons are very smart but somewhat… dry. Cancer moons are amazing, they’re so sensitive and cute. Scorpio moons love sex and intense feelings (hehe). I believe if your moon sign is Sagittarius you should date someone who has a Gemini moon. I think it will work and be fun if people date the opposite of their moon signs, it’s an intense connection that will stir up your worlds for years to come.

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