Libra woman in love with Libra boss

bp provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I am totally in love with my boss. I have worked for him for just over a year and I know he thinks I do a great job. We had a very near sexual encounter at the end of a company event in the Caribbean 4 months ago. I set out to seduce him and let him know privately at the end of the evening. We kissed, he led me to his room, and we ended up in his bed. But I couldn’t go through with it as we had both had a lot of alcohol. We ended up falling asleep/cuddling together for the night and were rushed to catch planes and commitments the next day. He lives in another state, and we did not talk about it afterwards and I didn’t see him (although we interact daily) again for six weeks. He continues to treat me with the same kindness and respect. He is a Libra as well. I want to clear this up, and want so much to explore things with him. Is he interested, or not? Does he think I rejected him? Is he holding back because he is my boss? Could he handle a relationship with me? Is he waiting for me to say something or make a move? What should I do????

Thank you so much. I am tormented with this.

You write that you two nearly had sex four months ago. On January 7, you had a progressed New Moon at 11 degrees 54 minutes Scorpio, in your natal Fourth House. Your progressed chart shows where all the planets were about 42 days after your birth, as progressed planets move one day per year. Progressions show your inner evolution, and when the progressed Moon and progressed Sun conjoin each other (a New Moon), a new cycle of growth is indicated. Being that both of your progressed “lights” (Sun and Moon) are in Scorpio, you are oriented towards Scorpionic themes: sex and obsession, for example. This progressed New Moon sextiles (a 60 degree angle) your natal Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, which sits on your Descendant (relationships).

Simultaneously, progressed Mars in Leo is moving towards an opposition to your natal Saturn (traditional ruler of your Descendant) in your Eighth House of Sex.

What does this all mean? Saturn signifies the boss. You are wanting to initiate a relationship (Mars opposite the traditional ruler of your Seventh) but are at the same time inhibited (Saturn).

Your progressed New Moon conjoined your natal Neptune. Neptune governs alcohol, and by virtue of its rulership of your Ninth House of Travel and Long Distances (with Pisces on the cusp), the Caribbean vacation.

Is he interested, or not? Dunno.
Does he think I rejected him? Dunno.
Is he holding back because he is my boss? Well, a boss can get in a heap of trouble for sleeping with an employee.
Could he handle a relationship with me? Dunno.
Is he waiting for me to say something or make a move? Dunno.

What should I do????
People do things they would not ordinarily do under the influence of alcohol. Things they later regret. People also do things they would not ordinarily do under the influence of Neptune, because they are in a dream world and cannot see reality in a clear fashion. Combine this with Scorpio — sex and power — and you’ve got a set-up for “About last night” scenarios.

This progressed New Moon was a trigger point, and possibly misdirected towards your boss. Occuring in Scorpio in your Fourth House, perhaps spending some time looking at underground family dynamics from your past would illuminate your attraction to an authority figure. Listen, I know you two are consenting adults, and this stuff happens all the time, but sleeping with the boss always has a “Daddy” connotation to me, but maybe that’s just because I did training in psychotherapy.

Your progressed Moon is tightly conjunct your progressed Neptune right now, so I would advise you to to just chill. You are so much in fantasyland right now that any actions you take might come back to haunt you.

Just, like, meditate or something.

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. proserpine says:

    bp, I think I understand your feelings.Matter of fact, I am sure I do.
    I was just about your age, when a very similar thing happened to me.I’m a Libra woman too, and my older very handsome West Indian director was a Libra.
    I had other reasons for cutting it off–I wanted to have the whole affair, but in my case, he and I were both married to someone else–and I knew it would end in misery.
    I don’t know your situation, but there is something that makes me sense something similar.
    I don’t knwo if he is committed to someone else, but theres some reaosn he didn’t contact you again socially.
    I agree that dating and otheriwse getting involved with an employee could be dangerous, so that mght be part of it.(or even all of it).
    What I was uncertain about was why you never called him, or asked him more.I understand he lives in another state…but you’ve had reason to see him, and know him before the Caribbean trip.
    When you planned on seducing him–why were you going to seduce him, instead of simply seeing if he was also interested.
    I’m also not sure why you could’nt go through with the sexual part even though you both had had too much to drink.
    However–that is ot the point.
    The point is, I shouldn’t think he would really feel rejected that you needed to stop–after all, you strted it, and you were there in his bed.
    But–it is possible he wonders if you are sorry now, and it is also possible he is sorry now.
    If he was willing then, he may be again, I’m sure.
    But–I think there is somethung stopping you.
    In my case, my Libra boss liked me too.We talked a whole lot.
    He never actually told me his real feelings until after I was transfered elsewhere, though.
    I don’t know what would have happened had I gone through with it all–but, as much as it hurt me to think so, (and will hurt you too perhaps)..I was not the only woman he’d attracted, and been attracted to.By far.
    Libras are very attractive, and seductive –you should know.
    I might have even been especially attractive to *him*–I think so, and of course I hope so.:-)
    But that still doesn’t make for a lasting relationship.And whatever we tell ourselves, when we get hooked, we don’t get ‘un-hooked’ easily.
    My point is that these things can get very very painful.
    If you got as far as you did with him, why aren’t you trying to see him now?
    If he’s unavailable in some other way, then maybe you know it’s not really so clever to involve yourself?
    If’s he’s free and unattached, and so are you–call him.
    But, bp–I have to admit I think Jeff is correct–this may be a lovely attraction, that has “something” special–but you’re probably high on the romance and sexual feelings.
    This might lead to nothing real.
    I can’t tell you what to do—but please don’t brush off what Jeff said.
    He said what he saw in your chart–for a good reason.
    And what I’m saying is from knowing a *lot* about this kind of thing–just trust me on that one.
    Meditation *is* a good idea.
    :-)And good luck with everything.

  2. With a Libra guy you have to make the first move, always
    They are scared of rejection and a bit lazy, “well good things will just come to me” This guy is not a conquerer….. And you’ll know if he likes you because if you talk to him when hes eating, if he looks at you instead of just at his corned beef sandwich, he likes you…otherwise he’ll sit there all lunch time and look like hes making love to his food in his mind…
    If you want him to really go nuts over you, wear tight skirts or pants and make sure you have to bend over to pick up something in front of him, Libra girls can do this really good….Weve got it going on back there and a Libra guy loves to look at that….:)

  3. Oh, if he finds it taboo to date an employee….LOL
    He’ll love the idea of being “naughty”

  4. I am in love with a boy named LaRodney Haynes, we’ve had our moments together and everytime we get closer he parts himself. If something good happens between us he’ll ignore me for a little while. I’m the only person he does this with and I want to know why. It seems like he is scared to admitt and doesn’t want to show that he really likes me…and everytime he does “slip” and show me, like i said he’ll stop talking to me for days at a time. I just want to know is this a man worth pursuing or should I give up? Or I guess my question really is will he ever admitt how he feels and make this relationship we have or whatever you want to call it go further.

  5. I think it’s great and funny that I found this post when I did. Just indulging a whim of curiosity, I clicked on this because I have a small crush on my a Libra friend at the moment – a man who is also my boss. And I couldn’t help but see what things this site had to say about it. It’s weird because I have had the exact same feelings towards another one of my Libra superiors (just sort of daydreaming about where a relationship might go with him because we worked so well together), but he turned out to be one of my best for-always and forever platonic friends.

    I can totally relate, though. In my experience, Libra men who are our bosses are sometimes hard to tolerate especially if he is really committed to his work and pushes other people to match his enthusiasm – but that also makes him so much more attractive.

  6. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I’m a Libra Woman married to an Aquarius Man. I was married to a Libra Man for 5 years, it was the most frustrating relationship that I’ve ever had, My brother is a Libra Man, and I can’t beleive the ego that these boys have. They are self rightous and envious of other people, materialistic, always trying to look impressive but if you really need them, good luck, theres a new Halo game on or all you can eat pizza restuarant, its maddening, I have met a few lovable Libra guys but the one I married was so selfish and cruel. He never loved me, he never loved our child he only loved himself. He married me for sex, he liked the way I looked and he liked the way his familly liked me so he proposed, I thought I was marrying a gentle spoken romantic, there was no romance, only mechanical sex and watching him gorge into his food night after night….Don’t think all Libra boys are nice, there are a few bad eggs.
    My Aqua Man is very loving and sweet, he makes me feel loved like I’ve never known. I love watching him eat, its so different being married to him, there are so many people that tell you that Aquas don’t do romance, but I found someone very special, he is very romantic and get this, I’ve got one in a million, he is as clingy as I am. We cling to eachother with every ounce of strength, and he loves my son, he treats him like his own, he makes my whole life better……

  7. I must admit that this is an awkward situation. Mixing up business with pleasure is a bit tricky. You two have to talk about it some time – after working hours of course.

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