How to get even with an Aries

ariesAries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. This sign is also at the start of the zodiacal wheel, signifying beginnings, the burst of new life corresponding with the Spring Equinox. But that’s not why you are here. An Aries man (or woman) screwed you over, and you want revenge!

Pulling a Saturn

An Aries man wants to initiate, to pioneer … and what better way to get even than to stop him in his tracks! Saturn is the planet of obstacles and delays. Frustrate him by taking the wind out of his sails!

Anything you can do to throw a brick wall in front of him will suffice. Calling on an authority figure (ruled by Saturn) like a judge, the police or a boss will work wonders. A restraining order, some disciplinary action … imagine how aggravating it will be for your Aries to get punished, when all he wants is to get ahead!

You can also burden him with responsibilities (also ruled by Saturn). Heap pointless chores and mounds of paperwork upon him. This will only work if the weight you’ve put on his shoulders has to be reduced before he can move ahead.

You can also take the air out of his tires, cut up his monthly train or subway pass … anything to cause delays and bring on a tantrum when he realizes he can’t impulsively get where he needs to go … now.

Comment below: How have you gotten even with an Aries?

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  1. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    dear confused aries,
    I just organised for a single stem rose to be delivered on Valentines Day with a message containing lines from a couple of his songs…to say that I will be there for him. Now I hope they get delivered and he actually appreciates the gesture without getting annoyed with me(: I will just have to wait now and see…Oh the pain of it all(:

  2. confusedaries says:

    aww thats sweet 🙂 🙂 if he gets annoyed he’ll still have a smile on his face

  3. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    confused aries, I pictured the smile…and the little ‘hmf’ at the same time(: lol At least he won’t be able to say he didn’t get a Valentines present in his life(:(: He will at the very least feel wanted, even if not wanting to be wanted by moi! I just wish I could be there to see his face, although I can picture it as I said.

  4. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    confused aries, I can’t believe the stuff up by the florist!! I ordered a Valentines Day delivery, at great expense I may add, and the idiots sent it out the day I ordered…Tuesday! What a non-event!! it is totally wasted and meaningless now…he will just be more convinced that I am a total idiot. Not happy Jan! Oh well, I guess in the scheme of things, there is a crazy reason for it! It is a shame I am so far away on the day, but maybe some lovely man will find me attractive and take me to dinner(: Dream on! LOL(:

  5. confused aries says:

    k, my head would be saying she/he’s playing games, which i hate so what reaction did u get from him. Just text him and say to him that it was suppost to be valentines surprise. You will maybe get a little confusion off him at first but afterwards a smile.

    I hope that you do find that lovely man 🙂 🙂

  6. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    Dear confused Aries, My reaction from the Valentine’s flower was to have the note that was sent with the flowers delivered to me on my breakfast platter 2 wks later when I went to his cafe for breakfast! On the back of the envelope was ‘f… off!” the same evening, after he finished work, he went out of his way to do a u-turn in front of my home…right To be sure I knew it was him, he had the window down and music blaring at 11pm! He has a distinct car too. Mixed up crazy little boy hey what?

  7. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    As for revenge, the said Aries has been showing signs of weakness for the past 2 weeks, and coming to front of cafe every time I go in for coffee. He hangs out waiting for me to talk to him…but I was waiting for him to make the first move!
    Anyway, Today, I wanted to test the waters after a week of pleasant feelings in place of anxiety when I was near him…he did the come out to front thing, then actually spoke nicely for the first time in months! He actually made me feel comfortable and tried to get into my conversation with the waitress. When I thought he was comfortable, I left.
    However, when I got home I realised I didn’t ask his birthdate, as I have a CD for him…quite an expensive one at that!
    so, I txt him to say I wanted to know his birthdate and ask if he had plans for it…about an hour later I txt to let him know he could park his expensive dodge in my carport to be safe from the pending cyclone that is due to hit soon. I went to the trouble of telling him it was sincere so he wouldn’t think of it in a sexual connotation!
    Well, I obviously didn’t think like him. He txt back to say ‘delete my number. F…off! Or send me yo9ur daughter’s number” What an egotistical arsehole! fortunately, I had a female Aries on the home phone at the time, so she guided me on what to put in my txt to really hurt him! I told him my dauighter has a young, live-in boyfriend and not into older guys. Have you checked out the mirror sober?
    I then txt to tell him I offered you a shelter your his car, not a toolbox for your tool. You fool!
    The Aries woman thinks he would be thrown by that, as I never answer back, and certainly don’t get nasty, but obviously need to! i guarantee he won’t ever reply, and will b e most pissed off when I ignore him from now on! He mujst have been under my window, again, listening n to my conversation on the phone and took it the wrong way. I could smell his cigarette straight away. How dare he spy on me…or be so gutless that he can’t finish the journey to my door and has to hide under the carport to hear what I am doing…as if I would have another man there…DUH!! I hope his ego is sufficiently bruised now, and he realises I am a force not to be reckoned with!

  8. Stubborn bull says:

    Good for you Barb! He sounds like he’s bi-polar or something off like that. He should really be analyzed and medicated. I think I would have been a little more rude after that. You’ve had to go through so much sh*t with this silly boy that saying something mean does feel nice. I hope you ignore that guy and move on! You’re probably so much better off without him anyways. I know that is what everyone says, but I would have returned that CD after getting the note from the flower back with what he wrote on it. What a creep. Toss that boy, and find a man!!

  9. confused aries says:

    U hurt him and he is vunerable now its as simple as that. Give him time and space and he will come back. When he starts speaking nice tells me he is healing now, and if he is returning your texts or roses it tells me he still loves you in some way.

    If he’s playing up with u well back away, don’t contact him or chase him, let him see he is not the man of your universe, You can get better (or let him think that) and he’s not that irrestible and watch his reaction. whatever u do don’t chase after him when he is like this as he will not appreciate it. let him chase you.

  10. confused aries says:

    A taurus was the only man that could disarm me as an aries, so maybe take some tips off taurus people. Do not fight with him, walk away and let him cool off.

  11. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    Thanks confused Aries, but I don’t know how I hurt him…not until I returned his txt (with advice from an Aries lady). I did relent this morning when I knew he would be sober and at work…the cyclone passed without incident. I told him that “as a parent, I practice unconditional love 24/7 and he is my student int his subject, and I am his in the art of patience…also said we were both slow learners.” I probably shouldn’t have done it, but feel very strongly that this is the truth, and the reason we were put into each others lives in this life.
    Oh yes, and at 2am I txt him to say “you must really hate yourself to have to be a c… to those who try to care for you. How sad 4 u!” He will really hurt now!! Or would that be HATE? I haven’t ever felt so vulnerable or obsessed with anyone in my entire life! I will have to just put my energy into organising World Ocean Day festivities and leave it up to fate. I hate being so much in love that it really hurts!!

  12. Barb/Libra/Monkey: Thanks for your comment doll. And I will be emailing you soon, I saw it last week, I had to get a new laptop, my pc went capoot! I can feel your pain when you mentioned never being obsessed or this in love with a person in your life. I feel the same way. An Aries male can distance himself so well from a female, and in the beginning he can be so utterly disarming, how can one do that and still look at themselves in the morning? I find it absolutely intriguing really I do. I lack that in my personality. You are a libra and I am a leo, we are naturally pretty good natured folks, I have a libra rising and a scorpio moon, so my emotions when hurt are a cyclone waiting to happen. It takes alot to get me there, but once I’m there you can forget about it, I isolate myself, cry, moarn, whatever needs to be done to purge myself of the demon I’m wrestling with. In this case, it’s in the form of this bloak!

    He did text me tonight because I sent him a text message earlier today telling him I didn’t appreciate being treated this way, he texted me 4 times. I won’t talk to him but I will send an ecard pre-dated for Tuesday, which is his birthday and leave it at that. I need to distance myself slowly and I think getting a card from me and not getting texts will trip him out, cause he’ll have to say “Thank you.” There are some individuals that just don’t have the emotional capacity to handle an adult relationship because they haven’t grown up. I don’t care if he’s 30, 40, or even close to 60, if he’s playing these kind of games, he’s immature. I hope it gets better for you Barb, I really do. I know how it feels to get dumped but not in the conventional way, it’s a smind tease gone horribly wrong with these individuals. I believe that most Aries males are addicted to the process of falling in love. Once those emotions begin to surface they are onto the next woman, because that feeling is exhilerating, it’s like a drug. And it really is, you have a euphoric feeling, and then once the emotions come to the surface and the individual you are after has feelings for you, meaning you “won” them, the dance is OVER. That’s my theory anyway.

    I believe he no longer finds me to be a challenge. I also believe stepping back and not texting and just being “unattainable” for awhile, something I’ve never done may do the trick. Probably by the time he comes around, I’ll be in a new situation with someone nice and I’ll be able to turn the tables. Cause I know he’s met a new conquest. The signs all point to someone new. I no longer get phone calls. My text messages are dwindling. He goes longer stretches without texting me, once I catch wind he comes up with a new excuse. His excuse for not contacting me for 4 days? He went home to see family and left his charger at the house. Yeah ok. His excuse for not texting me back last night after we had a short conversation via text message? He dropped his phone off at Sprint Store to restore his picture capabilities. I sent him a text at 1 pm and he texted me back today at 10:30 pm. See what I mean? If I say “ok” to that type of behavior this time I’m just setting myself up. And I have to remember to send that card, that’s the most important thing. That will kill him with ultimate kindness.

    There are times I wish, hope, dream that the shoe was on the other foot. I wish he could experience what I’m experiencing. Oh what satisfaction I would get to just know that he’s waiting for my text message, or he’s wondering who I’m with. Or he’s counting the minutes to when I come over. Or he’s thinking about me but I’m thinking of someone else I want to be with. I wish for that more than anything.

  13. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    Hi Kat,
    I think they do actually await our txt even though they claim not to, as this guy has admitted through action he not only reads them, but doesn’t feel lonely when I txt or call. I sent a txt a couple of weeks ago saying I couldn’t help the way I feel or react and it was something new to me. Whilst conducting a meeting at the cafe where he works the next day, he played “Only Fools Rush In” by Elvis.!!! Yesterday, when I was at the cafe and he was being nice, he put a song that said ‘when you text or call my phone, I no longer feel alone”! Then he txt that nasty message! However, I doubt any woman has ever called him a c… in the way I did in my txt in the early hours of the morning. It will be amazing if he forgives me this time and bothers to pursue me again! In a way, I think it is his way of ‘if you love someone set them free…’ and the fact that he didn’t actually say f… off this time, but called me a f…wit, after say delete my number, then said or maybe give me your daughter’s number, indicates to me he didn’t really want to lose contact…as silly as that sounds. They are certainly jigsaw puzzles, and very afraid of their feelings. Let us hope they find happiness somewhere in their lives at least(: I told him today that he is my student of unconditional love and I his for the art of patience but both are slow learners…maybe he will stop and think about that with any luck.

  14. Terryanne(Gemini/Cancer) says:

    My Aries boyfriend cheated and got someone pregnant.Initially he was very remorseful, apologetic etc But now he has this wall up. Claims he can’t deal with all of the anger (from me, and from this chick becsuse he won’t be with her but she won’t let him see the kid if he’s with me). Regardless, he made his bed so he can lay in it, I want revenge! I don’t know how to delfate him any further as he acts like he is totally deflated but I need to put a stinger in him , then walk away leaving him with total regret! Any suggestions??

  15. TaurusFemale says:

    Dear Barb..

    After reading all the posts about this Aries man, I think you need a clean break.
    Completely clean.
    Stop the calling, the texting, the contacting.

    The key to true revenge or getting back at an Aries…or ANY man really…

    Is just being indifferent.

    He wants to text, call, drive by your house..who cares? Let him..NEVER reply. Write out your own replies on a piece of paper and hold onto them..but never let him know he is getting to you…which he clearly is!
    He wants a reaction from you…don’t give in and keep this sick game of cat and mouse going.
    Be indifferent…and really mean it.
    Find another man to crush on…even if it’s only a crush and nothing more and free yourself from this jackass.
    Be indifferent.

  16. How about an aries who is freaking stalking you and obsessed with you….dont take no for an answer. HOW SICKNING! STRESSFUL!

  17. My father(aries) did the same thing, he knocked up some lady behind my mother(pisces) back and to anyones surprise they were divorced a few years later. He still doesn’t want to take slack for it, even 15 years later when the kid has come into his life looking for a father figure. I am a scorpio, the first daughter of my father and the only one until this illigitamate child has now come into the picture. When this happened my mother picked us up and left him high and dry. He still resents her to this day, he will talk to her but he will also still talk about her too, and how she hurt him. I don’t think this is a war you will win because he has already damaged you first and most… but at least save yourself.

  18. I am a taurus woman and just broke up with an Aries man I was with for 4 years. It was something. But he was not that good like he thought. He dealt me the bitch royal flush while I loved him so much BUT I gave him the bitchier full house while he was not expecting.

  19. i still love him but i am upset at him and he can just get lost. so many men out there. that is my philosophy. and taurus as i am, i am only attracted to aries. i have had 3 loves in my life and all of them are aries men. all of them became my fiance. first one, i left. second one, i left too. (he came back 14 years later when i got divorced and wanted to pick up where we left off but it is really true that taurus people have a hard time backtracking with their feelings. i can’t backtrack. i only made him cry the second time around.) i returned the ring. third one is the one i just left last week. he pissed me off majorly with his mind-blowing superiority demanding and bossy. and i am not one to piss off when i have had it. in all the 4 years we were together, i lost my temper only once and that was 2 years ago. the Ram was no longer the Ram in the face of a glaring taurus ready to charge. mind you, when he and i were cool, haha, we are the talk of the room so open with our hot romance. all we fought about was the show “america’s got talent.” he did not like my opinion on one talent and he felt that i disobeyed him preferring the other talent. say what? haha i will give my opinion on a talent contest. i like doing it. each time he pisses me off, i leave him for 2 weeks and he accuses me of leaving him alone on weekends like a dog. i have no problem leaving his ass when he pissed me off. i am very content walking in the woods and on the beach by myself instead of spending time with him all irritating me. but when i loved him and he is not irritating me, i really really love him. i caress him, kiss him a lot, caress his face and his head and forehead. he loved it. i rub him all over his body. he loved it. i told him that we are best going our separate ways and he does not wanna break up but i disappear on him. but overall, i just got really cold inside. i love him so much but my mind overpowers my heart now.

  20. the trick is with an aries man or with any man that makes you feel sad is: get happy now. make it happen for yourself. don’t wait. get out of a stressful relationship.

    there is not just an aries or a taurus or a capricorn. there are leo, pisces, aquarius and others out there. there are good people out there you know. to get even with an aries or with any man is NOT TO GET EVEN but to bring it to yourself by walking away without ceremony most of all. i know it is hard to walk away when we are in love, but i believe it can be done. ladies, you are great and you have the power to walk away from stressful romance. listen to TaurusFemale’s post. that is the MO of a taurus woman. ready to walk out when the shit hits the fan, come hell or high water. life is too short to hang around shitty relationships. no need to discuss it. just walk and if another man ask you out, hell yes, go out and have a nice time with a meal and good conversation. why not. Love -Ara

  21. Tani:

    Can I just say your post was highly enlightening and amusing? What an immature waste of space he was being. How you responded to him was pure gold. I wish I could use my Scorpion Mars and Saturn (6th house no less) as well as you use your Scorpio traits but I’m not there yet.

    I’m curious how it’s going with him now. It sounds like he learned his lesson rather than trying a new sneaky tactic to take you down. Not many Arians try the sneaky and subtle route because they’re not good at it and it doesn’t sound like he has much Scorpio either. But better safe than sorry 🙂

    Oh, and it’s not super strange he’s interested in you now either. Aries men can seem (or are described to be) misogynistic and into weak-willed women, but when faced with reality, they like a woman who can stand up to them and challenge them (not just when they’re chasing either) and not too submissive. It’s precisely because you started valuing his ideas and stroking his ego that he got interested. Arians (all fire signs really, Leo the most, Sag the least) need attention and ego boosting from lovers and friends.

    Again, thank you for sharing. I’m curious what happened next!

  22. hahah… he knows that when i get mad, and say something i do it. 🙂 hes afraid of telling me his email account passwords but i figured it out! i even tried to changed it and he was furiousss..he was mad and did not contact me for days…lol

  23. Not sure i agree with changeing someone’s personal e’mail passwords…that is an invasion of privacy.
    I have found that unintentionally getting attention from younger men when you aren’t aware of the Aries hiding around the corner not saying a word…that really gets their jealousy streak going!! i hadn’t seen teh Aries Dragon for 2 months…not as a partner, just seen him around. anyway, he turns up when i am first talking to a younger barman about his tats and having a laugh, then later when I am singing…came in after finished and abused me saying I am old, ugly and short-haired…my hair is curly and not so short. He claimed I couldn’t even sing, although everyone cheered and clapped(: I just jovially said, ‘like you hey?’ later I see him behind me playing machines and repeating what I say out loud. Later I go to the bar and the barman compliments me on how lovely my singing is and I say ‘are you serious?’ he says, yes, i really loved it. I say ‘tell that to ….he thinks it is shit…but then he’s an idiot anyway’. I then see his hands with notes for change come over the bar around the corner…he had been listening the whole time. He later comes back to the machines, and aftrer again calling out what I say, walks up and sits right next to me and talks nice??? Then he leaves again and I head for the bus as too many drinks to drive…whilst I am singing to myslef at the bus stop, he comes running out calling out in a jovial manner, ‘taxi’. We then make small talk and get on the bus. Next thing he lets rip about me scratching his car (stupidly first time drunk in years) and I play his game of denial. I mention something about him coming to my place in past and he denies he knows where I live, so I say, yep, that’s right, and I didn’t scratch your car! He got off at his stop and no more contact. I txt him 2 days later feeling bad about lying as never like to lie to anyone. I just said basically that 2011 had taught me valuable lessons about not discussing or sleeping with drunken men and not to bother going out anymore as lose too much money and self respect and if a man wants to see me, he will call or come to my door, then wished him peace and happiness. if he doesn’t come back in a positive light, his loss. He can stay with hi8s chines internet bride.

  24. they are totally selfish and self absorbed. The next victim has my deepest sympathies!

  25. curious757 says:

    wow this article is BRILLIANT. “Pull a Saturn on him” YES.

    I find those with Strong stellium (aries venus and more, with aries sun) definitely have “above the law” characteristics. But they are so smart (they appear so confident and smart) they seem to get away with stuff. It depends too on their Rising sign, as well.

    But the above the law characteristic is definitely a strong arian trait. Aries Sun is in the “fall” in Saturn, and need a strong authority figure to help/aid them in their upbringing. I have my experiences with strong stellium arien energy and their parental figures needed sterner stuff, and if they are adults, searching for a mate. God help the mate. It’s a challenge, but I recommend the mate have strong saturn in their chart. Bring in the law, so to speak to keep him from trouble. It’s for his own benefit too.

  26. What about if you have a stoical Aries who sees everyone as an enemy, knows where they’re going, knows where you’re coming from, and will dish it out accordingly?
    It’s dog eat dog in this world.

  27. Sag_Kitty says:

    I’m a female Sagittarius,
    Rising sign in Sag, Mercury & Venus is in Scorpio

    My question in summary… How to make an Aries man understand that he’s hurt me, and ensure that it never happens again?

    So this is my story (sorry in advance for the length)… I started dating an Aries man, (Moon in Sag, Rising sign in Leo, Mercury in Taurus) who’s a Colonel in the Army. He’s 42, Charming, sophisticated, successful, single, no kids, a mentor, a pillar in his community, charitable, etc., etc., etc. Textbook Aries; disregards any emotions/feelings expressed, but is not scared off by them, he is VERY jealous, doesn’t even want ME to touch me, let alone another man…, wants to be exclusive, only for the fact that he wants nobody else to have me.

    He lives a couple hours away, never complains about the drive, always a gentleman, we go out for lunch or dinner, a movie or some other social activity, then to a room for the night, then out to breakfast the following morning, and he returns me to my home, and he is off to his. Rarely do we speak again that day, and I’m too busy being me to really care about things like that. He’ll eventually call, and I’ll be the good, carefree Sag and answer his calls. I’ve always been very flexible, but this time, I told him that sex really wasn’t on the table for our planned meeting, to which both of us were looking forward. He decided not to come as a result. Now, I’d never turned him down before, and there was a valid reason which I’d explained (& was a complete surprise, even to me – you know how that goes, ladies…), but he decided that he’d prefer to wait to come see me. The convo went like this:
    Him: Spending time with you was not just about that, I’ve just had my mind on pleasing you all week
    Me: it’s cool…
    Him: Did I lose my Priority Status?
    Me: Most Definitely
    (later that night)
    Him: I just saw your message from earlier, you are mad with me?
    Me: If you saw my message, then you know how I feel, but honestly, I don’t want to hold this conversation right now
    **Silence** until now, which is only a day later

    I want the weight of how he made me feel to be made very clear to him; he wants exclusivity, but then treats me like my only value is sex – OH HELL NAH!!!!

    We’ve been seeing one another since the summer, he tells me that he isn’t seeing anyone else, and that may or may not be true, I have no reason not to believe him; I’m a true Sag, and when I’m in a committed relationship, I’m loyal, but I told him I wasn’t going to be exclusive, (but I think he believes otherwise in his own mind), but truly, when I’m only getting part of a person’s time/attention, then I tend to have time for others, so he is not my only option, but he is my best… and not materialistically… we have WONDERFUL conversations, he tells me stories of his trips abroad and I listen like a little girl, bright-eyed and dreamy because I love other cultures, we laugh A LOT, he’s never been disrespectful, and I’ve never really been “short” with him and the sex is amazing, but I’ve had amazing sex before, so that is not something that will make me forsake all else, especially respect.

    All this being said, what should I do following this to make that impact, but without going so far as to push him completely away. I really don’t want him to find someone else, but he needs to know that I value myself above anything else. If it means that I need to move on, then so be it, and I can drop him and let it all go without looking back, but I would prefer that we work it out, or even better yet, that he begins that chase that so entices an Aries man.

    If he calls/texts, should I answer/reply? If so, should I be short with him to let him know I’m not done steeping? I don’t want to be emotional, as he tends to completely ignore all things emotional, which is why I didn’t get into it with him in the texts above, but I want him to FEEL it more than hear it…

    I’m open to any thoughts, ideas or comments ; just nothing mean, hateful or abusive; that’s definitely not my style nor my goal.

    Thank you!
    Peace, love and blessings for the New Year!! May 2014 be a beautiful new beginning for all in need of a fresh start!

  28. Angry capricorn says:

    Well I understand the “leave him” part you guys are saying but I wanna leave him with a memory of me he will never forget! I’ve been seeing him for month and I started complaining about how distant he is and only calls me when he wants to sleep with me and than he just told me that we never even agreed what our relationship was and that we both got other people (which I don’t) and he sees that I’m starting to ignore that but he can’t cos his committed to somebody else so the reason why I’m angry is cause he led me on just to blow it up in my face like that over the phone. Still got his number and I have him on bbm I just wanna make him pay than call it quits!

  29. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Angry capricorn
    I hope that you understand that whoever he is in a commitment with will eventually get the same treatment that you did. They can’t help it. An Aries is all about “the Self” He will never love anyone more than himself. You are a lot better off moving on, You’re a Cap, with feelings, this guy doesn’t give a flying fig no matter what lesson you try to teach him, you need a Scorp guy, maybe a Cancer, those guys are very good at relationships and just as committed as you. A Pisces guy is fun too, I’ve got a very loving Aqua Man. Stay away from Libra guys, almost as selfish as Aries too, and Virgo? well will drive you crazy and you’ll hurt him by accident…. Wonder what 2 Capricorns would be like? Might be kind of hot…..Cancer men are for the long haul though, they live for marriage and deep relationships, fix him his favorite food and give him daily affection, they will stay with you for life……You deserve a Cancer man 🙂

  30. Nae Taurus says:

    I have been seeing a Aries man for 7 years. I have had sum of the most funniest and adventurest times with.But the one thing I hate the most is the non communication trust .I recently went out of town on a 6 day vacation an he called me non stop but wen I got back it stopped. I set up a date with him 3 days after comin back an he spinned me ….then I tryed to call the next day to see what was the reason for that an got no answer. .I’m tired of the 2 week breaks of fallin out an makin back up. This time I’m changing my number an cutting off all ties its time for a change no kids tieing us together…I need to put every ounce of energy in my self a let him figure out why I left him ..

  31. Hi there,
    I’m an Aquarian lady married to an Aries man. I love him, but he has the worst temper and has to start a fight with me every day. I’m not a fighter, actually I’m a yoga therapist. I try to get him to do yoga with me, but he doesn’t like it and only likes to let his steam off by yelling at me 🙁
    I’ve tried to deal with this many ways. The first being to give him space and cool down. That works for about ten minutes and then he has to argue about something else. I’ve also tried to put him in his place.that makes him twice as angry. I’ve also just left and ignored him to go on a walk so he can yell at himself. Nothing has seemed to work, as he just like to go back to his pattern…ugh advise me please 🙁

  32. Ladies these men are just selfish, remember they are meant to be babies of the zodiac. I was astonished that a 35 old man could be this childish. My story is no different to some of you ladies, they blow hot and cold, treat you nice and the next minute they are mean to you, you just don’t know what you will get each day. My Aries guy was also a liar, lying came easy to him and when he was caught out on the lie he would still deny it! He had narcissistic traits, no empathy, he didn’t care about me and I stuck around like an idiot.One day I mentally made the decision to move on, not responding to his text etc I don’t know what happened but somehow someway I got the strength to move on and never go back and I believe that’s the best revenge, moving on and living your life. There is no point trying to getting revenge as someone stated these men do not learn lessons, in fact in their eyes they have done nothing wrong, even if you point it out to them, I used to ask my guy why he would go days without calling, why he he had become distant and it seemed to make matters worse, he always justified everything and I took it. I was truly settling for crumbs in this relationship, met on his schedule, never took me out etc in a nutshell this guy used me.
    They are not worthy of us fussing over them, in the end they will get their comeuppance, I am a strong ing believer of karma, actions have consequences, you do something bad to someone it will come back to you. So ladies just move on and let karma handle it.

  33. WOW Jen. My exact situation was the same. I was with him for 4 years and it became worse and worse over time. I mean he would go days without even checking in! I know that they have short attention spans but that’s just ridiculous! So self absorbed! He was a very good liar I mean he would lie so much he started believing his lies! He had a lie for everything even when I would catch him in a lie he had a another lie prepared! Lol
    I just couldn’t take it! I was tired of the off and on break up to make up, I leave you and you chase after me only to do the same things all over again! So I am done for good!

  34. Tanks Jen!

    I am a 25yr old Virgo and I’ve been dealing with an 40yr old Aries… With the exact same situation. Me being young I thought because of his age that he wouldnt come with so much “drama” but boy was I wrong. Narcissistic in-secure asshole sums him up. I am leaving him today!! He means me no good..P.S. he lied about how many children he had, his age, didnt mention the fact that he lives with a women, sleeping with multiple persons unprotected, and his criminal history. I don’t know how Aries are attracted to virgos and vice versa. We both have head strong personalities but Aries are shallow and virgos are deep that tend to clash an awful lot.

  35. cynthia snook says:

    Wow ,reading all these comments ,I still do not see any remorse from any of them,im a tauras and my horns are a lil sharper and I still have consideration for others ,even them,but not dumb enough to let them lock horns with me,due to thier lack of remorse,its like nartisstic traits are part of thier core when they are born

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