Gemini woman has more sexual energy than Taurus man

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My two major relationships have been with Taurus sun sign men. However I am finding that what happened in my first partnership is happening in my current, My sex drive is to large for my boyfriend(venus taurus/asc leo/ moon aquarius), I feel insatiable and often rejected and as a result the communication and often my self is image is suffering. I feel like there is something I should be doing to bridge this gap and make things flow easier. I have toned down my sexuality but the less frequent sex is creating alot of extra nervous energy. Any ideas?

You have sexual Scorpio Rising, with its traditional ruler, Mars, conjunct your Gemini Sun. A Mars-Sun conjunction alone brings lots of drive and energy to one’s self-expression. However, this conjunction is opposed by a Jupiter-Uranus-Moon conjunction in Sagittarius. Jupiter expands your sexual energy (Mars), and electric Uranus stimulates it, resulting in an excess of “nervous energy” if it is not channeled appropriately. Jupiter-Mars goes overboard, and Uranus-Mars is reckless, restless, impatient — it wants to get off any old way, however unconventional or boundary-crossing. This opposition is occurring in your First and Seventh Houses, those of self and relationship, your needs and your partner’s.

Currently, your progressed Moon is at 28 Libra, stimulating a yod (both Saturn and Neptune quincunx Chiron in Taurus, exactly conjunct Descendant). This progression may bring up wounds (Chiron) regarding your ability to experience sensual pleasures (Taurus) in relationship (Descendant).

In addition to being the ruler of your chart, Mars also rules your Fifth House of Play and Creativity. I think the key to siphoning off some of your excess sexual energy is to sublimate it through art. You’re a Gemini, so writing could be one way — but I don’t think that’s enough. Gemini is too mental to work off such biological drives — you’d need to do physical activity. First off — if you don’t do this already — trying jilling off. It should help you get by until the next time your Taurus man is horny. You could also trying working with your hands (Gemini) in some way — to make something tangible (Taurus) that expresses the themes of philosophy/travel/faith (Jupiter and Sag) and rebellion/revolution (Uranus).

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  1. Flashina says:

    This observation and advice from Jeffrey was spot on. I am happiest and calm when I am creating art, working, or being totally physical whether dancing, working out or having sex! I become such a nervous wreak when I am not in motion and my poor taurus lover seems to be the bearer of this weight…and of course we all know a taurus with his heels dug in is no easy animal to deal with. He really is the most responsive after he has been away from me for a day,we are about to go to sleep or I am having one of my rare quiet peaceful moments…

  2. Sagilarious says:

    Hi, I just want to make a couple of quick comments here:

    1 – I relate to your sex-drive….I definitely share this trait with you. My chart is loaded with Scorpio and Sag, and my rising is Scorpio like you. However, I have been voluntarily celibate for about 5 months now. Being a control freak, I was able to reconcile that my sex-drive is something I should be able to control and channel. Maybe you can too.

    2 – I was with a Taurus for about a year and had the same problem with him. I wanted it all the time, and he said that I never gave him a chance to initiate, because I was always initiating, lol. This made him feel like less of a man, and that I was too “demanding” as he put it. It did mess with my self-esteem a lot. If you do learn to channel your energy, having an adittude that you TRULY don’t need to have sex that often may actually attract him to you. Make him work for you! And don’t just stuff it down. Jerffrey is 100% right: you need to channel it somehow or else you will go crazy. It’s your sex drive. You can own it.

  3. Eme Kah says:

    “If you do learn to channel your energy, having an adittude that you TRULY don’t need to have sex that often may actually attract him to you.”

    Maybe not so much this but not taking it personally that he has a different sex drive than you? Bc that may be what makes you feel rejected when his libido may really not have anything to do with you. We kinda grow up with the idea that men want to have sex ALL THE TIME, which must be kinda annoying for those men who don’t, in fact, have the same drive. It’s like the expectation that we women are all natural nurturers and that our female identity depends on that… Does that make any sense?

  4. I felt this way in a Cancer (male)- Capricorn (female) relationship. I got bored, then I moved on!

  5. Flashina says:

    You ladies are both right. I think tht not needing sex so much will be more attractive, because in a sense my neediness with sex is like neediness with anything else, unattractive. I think once I release that his slower drive is not about me I will have more freedom from it affecting my self esteem. So next week I start Pole Dance Class! I am really excited! I think i just need more outlets to express my sexuality, and maybe sex isnt always the best release. So I am trying new things…
    That whole deal about men wanting sex all the time is totally false! Just another thing to make people feel like they are abnormal! Thanks for all the advice guys.

  6. badnoozbetty says:

    yeah but most guys still wanna wam bam thank ya ma’am

    ’nuff said

    guys’ll be guys

  7. well my sisters a gemini and she’s dating a taurus now while yall talkin bout gemini and taurus cant work look at my sister and her taurus to me its a good bitch ass relationship

  8. True enough that Gemini women have larger sex drives compared to Taurus men. Even my gal pals which most of the are Geminis would agree to this. They often tire out their partners and bed even though they would still demand for more action.

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