Gemini woman only attentive when Sag is moving on

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Im a Sagittarius and I have been pursuing this Gemini woman for months. Things are very wishy washy and confusing. But she claims she likes me and we’re good and Im just “over analyzing”. Why Does my Gemini seem to care as long as I’m not the less bit worried about her and on the verge of moving on? She then whips out all her charming and loving traits to get me back on her side.

Gemini is a sign of movement. It’s ruling planet is Mercury, messenger of the gods. Gemini governs communication, transportation — transferring goods from one place to another, sharing information between people. Gemini does not sit still — it is not in this sign’s nature.

As a sign that seeks stimulation and variety, commitment is not all that appealing to Gemini. When you give her space, you are more attractive to her. This can be frustrating, since you have several planets in Capricorn. You crave consistency, especially with your Moon (emotional needs) and Venus (love and relationships) in this sober sign. Yet, Gemini is the epitome of inconsistency.

As a former member of The Police once said, “If you love somebody, set them free.” You can call on your freedom-loving Sagittarius Sun widely conjunct Uranus — planet of independence — to lure your Gemini back when your heavy Capricorn planets push her away.

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  1. In my experience if a Gemini is stimulated enough, they don’t wander off too far.
    I have found that they do tend to to rejuvinate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a Pisces guy with a Gemini moon, I do have to say that a part of me do need space and I find people who are not overly eager to be attractive.

    Then again, as scorp said above, if my love interest stimulates me intellectually enough, I would find him even more interesting.

    Of course, my Pisces sun makes me crave for emotional intimacy so I won’t wonder if I’m emotionally satisfied.

  3. The Microsofty says:

    Being Gem myself, (with Venus in Taurus), I get cynical about any relationship I am in. I do agree that Gems often need to have more space, which is what we have in COMMON with Sag, but that is where the similarities stop. My possessive nature doesn’t fit the Sags’ need for freedom. It is the nature of the Gemini to believe in conspiracies, irony, anything contradictory, and we go in search of the answers, merely to have the answers. The Sag will get the answers (from thier mind, it is always right), and they want to tell you what they know, and speak to you from the top of thier holy perch. Sorry Sag women, but it’s true about the men, for sure.

  4. Gemini Moon in the recycle bin says:

    “when you give her space, you are more attractive to her”

    that’s because Mercury rules Gemini and Mercury gets curious as to what you are up to while you’re giving her space

    that may not be a good thing, may just get her into mischief

    and someone else said in a previous brilliant post that Gemini likes to stir up shit when she’s bored

    I believe that applies to the male variety as well

  5. Gemini gal says:

    It’s true! The men I could not forget were the cold ones, not the sticky types. I really can’t breathe when someone tries to capture me, and unfortunately I cut them out from my life. We need air to “breathe”. But we also like attention. Paradox, huh? Life is paradox. And freedom is everything..

  6. U should date an Aquarian then. They will give you LOTS of space…See if that works for you

  7. Gemini gal says:

    Thanks for the advice! I know I can get along well with Aquarians , however I couldn’t find one yet. I’m dating a Sag instead, so far so good =)

  8. I’m a Gemini, with moon in Aquarus. I’ve dated a Sag and my relationship with him was one of my favorites. He did smother me, but I enjoyed it. He just had to deal with when I didn’t feel like talking to him anymore, but I’d always come back.

  9. Hi there,

    I’m a gemini woman, and have been seeing this sag guy for month and a half’s all good, but i’d like to know if a sagitarrius man is capable of long term love..and is he the faithful kind? Yes, i like to analyse everything before i really make a commitment. We’re talking about living i’ve got questions before i make the leap. Also, can you please enlighten me as to what their likes/dislikes are? I do want to have a fantastic relationship with this man, for i have found he is truly amazing, he’s super supportive of me, and he consoles me on the things in life that frightens me. Thank you.

  10. PrettPisces28 says:

    As a gemini moon (pisces sun) woman witha Grand Air Trine + libra rising

    I’m must say as far as SUN signs go- Aquarius, gemini + Aries have been my best matches-

    I study natal charts- all the said signs had pleanty of EARTH + WATER to balance out my Pisces stellium in H6.

    Don’t forget, ASTROLOGY is much deeper than SUN sign alone!!

    I agree Saggies (and LEOS) are very sexy + fun, however- they are mainly about the CHASE- they are the sweet talkers, although Gemini takes the cake w that title.

    The thing is, Geminis can commit bc of the “other” twin that’s sentimental, cuddly, romantic

    Saggies are solely about satisfying their EGOS + many times they are too lofty + over confident for their own good- they speak BEFORE thinking-

    For example, my cousin is a Scorpio w mercury in Saggie; he knows nil about astrology.

    One day he said to me- I need to stick my foot in my mouth at times.

    See, he’s an excellent business man, very successful but sometimes his MOUTH moves too quickly or rather his communication can be completely thoughtless- by the time he realizes he offened someone its TOO late.

    One thing about Saggies is their Honesty, they can be totally self- effacing + not affraid to admit their flaws OUT LOUD!!

    The only wan Saggies know how to be!!

  11. I’m a gemini woman, my husband is a sag man. Gemini don’t like to feel tied down and controled. If she didn’t like you she would tell you, believe me. And you’re a sag so let me tell you if you want her so bad, stop flirting with other women and don’t cheat. You sag men are real womanizers.

  12. Hi all! Well I have a bog dilemma—After 10 months My Gemini left me, I am devastated because I still am in love with him and have no reason to stop. IHe tells me that we are too different and that he just wants to be free! I don’t get it, I am not a possessive type. Not to mention the utter confusion leading up to this out of nowhere break up over the phone…which was that he would tell me he loved me, tell me he wants to be with me, kiss and cuddle, sometimes make love too AND THEN POOF! he is confused and doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship now.. I don’t know what to make of this.

    I broke it off with him not too long ago but since then went back and told him that I was not in my right mind and I thought we needed time apart but that I missed him so much and had a fear of loosing him…forever! And now that fear has come to reality. I admit I do have a temper but only when someone disrespects me or shows me a bad attitude , taking me for granted or just being ridiculous in their behavior which was many a time with him. I realize that when he told me he doesn’t want to be with me anymore that through out the last 6 months I have been harping on the fact that he will probably leave me, but he never did and I was not prepared. Around 6 months ago his behavior started changing —he became lazy with our relationship, always working late, never remembers anything I say to him which makes it hard to fix any of our problems because he doesnt want to fix them, he just doesnt care if he hurt me or not, always breaking plans with me, putting me down all the time, which was so odd and scary because he had always been so sweet and caring, but after a while that was gone and i resented him for it, I always made an effort to be honest with him and let him know something was wrong and what we could do to change it, but he always said I was just ‘bitching’ or being controlling, that led me to believe that he loved me and liked the idea of a relationship but wasnt serious about it anymore, and every month I became more and more in love and serious about it. I jsut dont know what to do, is there any chance for us getting back together, what should I do ? i know he has free will and do as he pleases, I am just crushed that he has no feelings for me At all and without shame can leave me…. this is a first for me, usually i try to avoid this by breaking it off myself…i should have never went back to him cause now I am useless

  13. True enough Gemini doesn’t sit still. They like to get their grove on. It’s the only way they can attract the perfect mate.

  14. I am a Gemini woman and has been dating my Sag for almost 6 years. We broke off a couple of times but keeps on coming back together. We just feel that our connection is too strong and we can never fuck someone else. We argue alot too but now as we gets older, we start afresh and he showed me the vulnerable side of him. He’s a real romantic now. I love my Sag and he’s the only one I will fight for. I hope we will ended up marrying each other.

  15. U know I am going through the same thing the man I am with is a sag and is wonderful but sometimes it is scary for me because I love him and don’t want to be hurt. My advise to As I tell my self is if u love him trust in yourself. You know why you love him believe in it ask yourself do you feel any different. If not then your definitely over reacting.

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