Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Libra man

As far as Sun signs go, Taurus and Libra have little in common, save their common planetary rulership by Venus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that seeks security and stability. Libra is a cardinal air sign gifted at initiating social interactions and navigating the world of relationships. Match an introvert who knows exactly what she wants with an extrovert who can’t decide on anything, and you’ve got trouble.

Libra will want to schedule a night on the town, but set-in-her-ways Taurus disagrees with Libra’s agenda, leaving the Scales imbalanced. Libra kowtows to Taurus, but neglecting his original idea leaves him resentful yet unable to express his anger. The Libra man puts on a fake face all evening, which irritates what-you-see-is-what-you-get Taurus. Taurus holds on to her anger all night and isn’t terribly adept at hiding it, which Libra finds uncouth in the presence of company.

The next day, Taurus doesn’t want to talk about it. She retreats to the backyard and gets her hands dirty in the garden, letting the earth absorb her anger. Meanwhile, Libra goes out to breakfast with his best buddy and bitches about his Taurus girlfriend’s inflexibility. Why can’t they just get along? Why is she so intractable?

Libra comes home with a house plant and a chocolate brownie, hoping a dose of sweetness will make everything better. Not surprisingly, Taurus takes to both like a bull to bluegrass.

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  1. having a beautiful home, both libra and tauri can appreciate that. A nice restaurant, both like good pretty food. Taurus dont mind parties as long as they are ‘home based’.
    Maybe a small gathering at home with excellent food will satisfy both.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Libra female. I’ve had two experiences with taurus men. Never again. Very boring. Again, very boring. Secondly, very stubborn and quick tempered. I don’t mean to note all negative qualities, because they are very considerate and thoughtful people. But, when, when they have you wishing you were somewhere else because you’re tired of falling a sleep, it doesn’t cut it. Sorry 🙁

  3. im a taurus, i dated a libra for 2 years. It was amazing at first. He dazzled me with his charm and made me feel so great and beautiful. Basically he told me all the things I wanted to hear. The sex was phenomenal. Our chemistry was intense (unlike any other relationship I’ve been in). After a while we started living together. Big mistake. He was overly flirtatious and i swear he wanted other girls to be in the picture keeping me at the same time. So it made me do the same thing, but when i flirted it was such a big deal. Come to find out in the very beginning of our relationship his own best friend told me this summer that 2 years ago he was trying to juggle me and his ex. Which I asked him about her and he denied it. So thats libras “indecision” for ya.
    One crazy thing is, i read up on this astrology birthday book on both our birthdays and it couldnt have been any more accurate. It said that we would get lost in one another and form a dependency(like a drug). And it was like a drug and very unrealistic. That relationship had to end. I was such a confused person with him in the end. Just wondering if someone else (especially a taurus, but even not)is on the same wavelength as me with libra men. I still have pain from it because of how addicted I was to him, but I remind myself that it can’t be with someone like that.

  4. I’m a Taurean female. I’ve been best friends with a Libra man for 3 years (and counting!) and thank God I didn’t subcumb to sex, it would be a disaster. Right now, I’m living with him (roommates) but this is really getting next to me, as he has his friends over nearly every night (party!) and I just want to hide in my room and sleep, if I can get any sleep!! You’d think that me stomping around and yelling would get his attention to make his friends leave, but he just frowns and asks sweetly, ‘Darling, why are you acting crazy?’ (serious! It’s a wonder I haven’t thrown a cast iron skillet at his head). Then what makes it bad is the Libra man is currently dating a Scorpio (not going to last, I know, but I’m watching from the sidelines shaking my head at this train wreck as they constantly fight (Libra tries to outtalk her calmly, but inwardly he’s steaming) as she’s far more jealous and is suspscious of me cos Libra and I get along too well for her taste.) As long as you keep the fliting fun and light and muster the strength for parties and don’t give in to sex (Libra was angry at me cos I didn’t put out for 3 years, cos we’re supposed to be friends, you idiot), then it’s all good. But from Libra’s charts and my astro chart, we’re destined to be in each other’s lives for a long time. Can you imagine 20 years of this craziness?!

  5. yanni baybee says:

    I am a Taurus female moon in Scorpio and Venus in Aries and I can’t stand consistency the longest I’ve kept a job was two weeks. And I was never able to get along with signs that I’m supposed to. My best friends are an Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius and my man is a Libra. I never got along with Pisces, Cancers are irritating, Capricorns are very boring, Leos are very up my alley, Virgos are way too up the ass. I’m deeply intellectual, I love thinking about the complexities of the world. Right now I’m in an open relationship my Libra and I’m talking to a Gemini and I constantly lie to him about my emotions towards him ever so often so that he understands that I can do without him, before he lies to me which he has I’m sure. I drastically need change because it’s better for my personality. The only Taurus thing about me is my appearance I’m athletic build, and my curves and squinty eyes. In relationships I prefer Libras and Aquarius’s because they can keep up with me mentally.

  6. LIBRAS ARE FAKE, CHEATERS, AND AT TIMES NOT REAL. Personally I can go without them, but the world needs flicky people like that.

  7. Hello… I am a taurean female. Dated a male Libra for .. well.. four years.. not really sure how we put up with each other, by what you guys are saying.. perhaps because of the deep connection I had with him. you know, knowing when he would call or going out and just feeling that he would be somewhere around the place and surprise! there he was etc.. yep! But I must say, not all Tauruses are boring! I think why we where up for four years is because we could actually balance and accept each other.. I accepted of him having lots of friends who happened to be girls and he would do the same with me.. no flirting too much on behalf of me which was ok, cause it is not really my type.. and he would be just the same with them. We where both very social people and liked to meet new people and arrange parties and social gatherings as well so you would see us out very often.. We both loved philosophy, art and fine music. The problems arose when he 34 years of age got involved sexually with a girl 19 years old.. me being 25.. I found out, and by the hard way as I actually seemed to know the girl as she was a friend of a friend who told me she had been having a sexual relationship with someone a lot older and needed to tell us about it so that we could support her with our ideas on how to get him.. yes, that is me with my “knowing people” and she told me of a guy *note she did not know I was dating him* and when I made the connection and asked him he did not deny it… for me that was it.. not because he had an affair so much, but because that girl was too young and he was exploiting her.. for me I want a man who I can be proud of.. and since we are both lawyers I expected him to be a “right” person, respecting him self and the woman who he was with, my self. I had to brake up, I felt really ashamed of him and the fact that both our families knew each other did not make things so easy.. I know he loves me and unfortunately I love him. But I cannot forgive the fact that he stood so low as to get involve sexually with a girl that age… Even though he apparently is not moving on, I am. Even though I am deeply hurt and ashamed of what he has done, I will always love him and wish the best for him and who ever gets involved with him.. I told him this. I hope the new person I have met does not end up falling from his grace in my eyes as well… you see this new person is again a Libra, and I only found out recently..

  8. Wow, it’s been a year since I wrote my comment. Still live with my libra roommate, but the girlfriend is out the picture (she broke up with him 2 months after that post). he still parties, I still get little sleep, but we’ve gotten into our groove. Now he tells his friends to quiet down when he sees I’m going to bed and he knows to duck and cover when I get cranky from the little sleep i do have (he tries to pacify me by cooking me dinner or doing a load of my laundry which does help, haha).

    I still haven’t put out, agonizing my poor libra, but it helped to learn from each other. His relationships with women always started out sexual and he didn’t learn about their basic personality until the shiny newness wore off and reality hit and the fights started. Because I didn’t fall into bed, I learned how my libra ticked. Now he’s making hints at marriage cos he’s tired of playing the field (and he’s approaching 30).

    I realized that it had been a year since either of us went out on a date, always finding an excuse to stay home. We always found something to do with each other, like catching an interesting movie or rocking out at 3am. We finally accepted that we’re a pair of rock and rollers and altho I have to curb it for my day job (sucks getting up at 6am when you’ve partied all night), this arrangement works for us. When I took my libra out for dinner on his b-day, we realized we had much stronger feelings for each other than we thought, that being ‘just friends’ was a hard part to continue playing. Hell, our friends keep insisting that we get together, but it took us much longer to figure that out.

    I wish everyone luck on their endeavors and remember, astrology isn’t everything! childhood and life experiences shapes a person’s personality as well.

  9. I think this web sites info is very WRONG I am a taurean women and my boyfriend is a libra. We get along great! It really was love at first site:) we both want the same things out of life and r working toward it. He is the most loving man I’ve EVER met. We both no that we r meant to be together because we both have never felt this way with other people. Go out there and find ur match skrew astrology :p

  10. Tirtza M says:

    I am involved with a libra man now for over a yr now and its been rough at times he is busy and so am i but we make time to meet and spend time. The passion between is is OMG great never had that with any other man and we enjoy each others company. He can be flirtatious at times but thats him very open and freindly with both male and female but i know in the end its me he wants.

  11. tirtza m says:

    i agree with ann some sites say we are not right for each other and others say we are made for each other but all i know is when we are together we enjoy each others company and almost end each others sentences and we like the same things lovely things good food and great sex.

  12. My friend showed me this site, and i dont really agree with it, im a libra male dating a taurus female and things are great. We love everything about each other, i do love to go out and hang out with friends a lot but i am very loyal to her and i dont flirt with other women. Just about every night i tell her how much i love her and i buy her flowers and little gifts often, i have to say things are great and this is one of the best relationships i have ever been in

  13. Bullgirl69 says:

    At 16 i fell in love with a libra boy the same age. He was the first boy i kissed and i was madly in love with him until i told him i was a virgin and wanted to wait until i was at least 18 for sex and he dumped me for a “put out girl”. But whenever he saw me at parties, he wanted to get back with me and the next day he was back out there again, on and off until i say no more.
    At 25 i met a libra man. He swept me off my feet with his charm, sweet talk. He made me feel like i was the most beautiful woman in the world whenever we were out. We dated for 3 years and the sex was out of this world until i got pregnant and he freaked out and that’s when i found out he had 2 children with another woman that was moving in with him. So he was dating me and her at the same time and all that time i though he really loved me. I lost the baby in the second trimester, i think due to all the stress and unhappiness. I left him since he couldn’t make up his mind to stay with me or her. It’s been over 15 years, and he still calls me from time to time wanting to get back together and i keep telling him no.
    At 37 i met a French libra man (i’m african and french mix from the Ivory-Coast) and OMG we fell madly in love with each other. The sex was something else!!! Since we both speak French making love was the most romantic thing because we said erotic things to each other in French and let me tell you that any man that knows how to talk to me erotically, can make me have an orgasm without touching me…and libra men seem to know how to do that very well. We planned on getting married. It was hard because he lived in France and we met while i was on vacation there so he flew to NY to see me and vice versa. It drove me mad not to find him home sometime because he was hangging out with his many friends, drinking and smoking pot which i don’t like and we started to argue about that. He’s a math and physics professor and was transferring to a NY French school so we could be together. He spent to much time on line and a didn’t like that and of course he had an affair with someone he met online and tried to hide it but i found out. He did it on my birthday too which hurted me more because he couldn’t even wait another day but disapear on my birthday with another woman. He denied it at first until i got some evidence and confronted him with it and he confessed but told me he didn’t care for her that it was just sex one time because he needed to release himself. I understand all that being in a long distance but why lie to me? We tried to mend things but it was never the same. The trust was gone. This was the most heartbreaking love story of my life and yes 3 libra men had stolen my heart and broken it. I just couldn’t understand my attraction to libra men because it never worked and after the infatuation, i found out we have nothing much in common than mind blowing sex.
    I have been married to a capricorn man now and use to think of them as dull and boring, boy was i wrong! Sexy, sexually adventurous, focus, decisive and loyal, respecful, romantic, and financially smart and driven like me thus, making me feel so secure because i always come first and he takes great care of me and our 2 little girl and boy and still takes me out on date every week-end and we check out in nice hotels and make passionate, kinky, sweet and rough love and sex like we’ve just met. I fell in love over and over with libra men but stayed in love and love a capricorn man. The libra men i dated had both great jobs but were not financially conservative and wasted money on stupid things like parties and were not ambitious and were satisfy with the status quo. That why i like my cappy, he defies the status quo so do i. We’re both involved in separate business ventures.
    Sorry libra men, your indecision and flirtatious nature drives me nut and i don’t have the time and patience to babysit your emotional dramas but i love your kindness.

  14. So…yeah I’ve had two libra males in my life. The first was in high school. He was the ‘perfect’ guy lol. Gorgeous, extremely sexy, star athlete, very popular, every girl wanted him and he chose me. After a while I think he got bored because I was still a virgin. So he left me for the chick that would put out. Fast forward 7 years, I’ve just met a libra guy, and I really like him but I think I slept with him too soon. I didn’t plan to but one minute I was chilling with him and before I knew it we were doing our thing. If there’s one thing I do know about libra males is that they are some smooth operators. You won’t know what hit you. It was really good, but I’m kinda scared so I’m trying to keep my guard up, we’ll see what happens…

  15. Jennifer says:

    I recently fell in love with a Libra man and I’m a Taurus woman.. sadly enough, and i know y’all are going to say love triangle, i’m married (soon to be divorced from) an Aquarius man who didn’t know how to treat me right. I hit it off with the Libra man the first time I met him and he was a complete gentleman with very little to no flirting going on, only casual talk. Well we’ve known each other for a few years now and my soon to be ex went off to Korea since he’s in the army and this guy ended up getting in touch with me about 6 months after soon to be ex left… We talked for about 3 weeks and things started heating up between us in a good way. He was in a bad situation (still is) and i have been for a while so we gravitated toward each other. Well recently my soon to be ex told me some false info about the Libra guy in hopes that i would believe it and cuss this guy out which it worked, the Libra guy wrote a pretty hurtful response to what i had said to him and now no matter what i say, he gives me the silent treatment because he doesn’t want me to contact him. I have even told him, appealing to his Libra nature, that he didn’t give me time to state my case and tell him how sorry i am. So i’m left wondering how long will it take him to forgive me for the stupid mistake i made. He’s definitely not like the Libras y’all describe and i feel that if he doesn’t forgive me, i won’t be able to look at another guy the way i look at him….

  16. luvnhim says:

    @magickat I agree lifes experiences have a lot to do with a persons personality. I’m a Taurus women n I married my Libra n we r happy together n we have a lot n common no relationship is perfect

  17. Jesus, this site is really negative. So heres something good!

    A Taurus woman has been calling my attention lately, and oh man is she sexy. She’s this cute petite Latina, with beautiful black hair, big brown eyes, light skin and a big booty. Her scent and the sound of her voice drives me crazy. She is full of fun times, but I’ve noticed sometimes she needs to be brought out of her shell from time to time. I think we both really enjoy each others company, but she is super religious and I am not. I don’t mind that she is, I hope she could feel the same.

  18. Tauran Girl says:

    Im a Taurus girl who has known a Libra boy for 8-9 years. I started to date him January 9th 2013, and must say its the best relationship ive ever had. We have never argued about anything, and hes incredibly funny and romantic. I dont see where people get the, “Taurus and Libras dont mix.” because we have from the very start. Odd, yet true. (I was born May 8th, him October 16th)

  19. mr.crunchwaffle says:

    Being that I’m a libra man, I can say that my current girlfriend of two years (Taurus) was the most amazing person of my life. But now after two years of time, I just don’t think i can take her moody habits anymore. The start of our relationship was so amazing, and I even bought her a promise ring because i wanted to marry her. But all of that passion is gone. For any of you who know libra men, you know that once things go bad we want to fix it right away, please Taurus ladys, how can i let her be mad like she wants and still make things better? And the fighting is over stupid things. Like saying”oh well, i guess the internet is just going to be busted”when she was watching her show and it was lagging.

    Another thing, is ita normal Taurus thing to not want me to talk toanyone, male or female? Its making me really depressed because i have pushed all of my friends away to make her happy. Its lonely for me to work, come home and fightfor the past year.

  20. Hi Mr. Crunchwaffle

    Consider this your “Wake Up Call” and take heed of her actions which are causing
    you so much grief prior to even taking the plunge so just imagine what she is capable
    of once that ring is on her troublesome little finger and what is installed for you once
    you are officially and legally bound for so called life together.???

    Put an end to this garbage by taking a stand and letting her know that you are not
    willing to put up with this moodiness and fighting over stupid things which are making
    you lose interest very fast and you are no longer interested or prepared to tolerate her
    behaviour and actions which are a “Turn Off”. Enough is enough and NO MORE.!!!

    You need to “Take the Bull by the Horns” and really show her whom is really the “BOSS”.!!!

    Stop being Lonely and Depressed, Do something about it and Start Smiling. Taurus.

  21. LOL, this article is completely hilarious. We have ALOT in common. I have been studying astrology for about 7 years now. I have noticed that most of my friends/attractions are towards Libra people. We are instantly attracted to each other because of our love for Arts, Beauty, Sensuality, Music, and Food. What two signs with the same ruling planet wouldn’t have things in common?

    Sidenote – most of my friendships with Libra people, whether man or woman, have worked out greatly. We get along so well. I often find myself trying to SEEK OUT Librans because of how peaceful our union is.

    Also, the Libra man would NEVER back away from an argument to only bitch about it with one of his friends. Libra are PEACEMAKERS, they will talk softly to their beloved Taurus lady and sweet talk her and do his absolute best to extinguish any tension. And after all is said and done, loving and patient Taurus will forgive her beautiful Libra man, BUT never forget. And the house will be a home again filled with love and happiness. (Especially if the Taurus woman has Libra in her rising sign).

    Peace be with you 🙂

  22. I am Taurus and have been dating a Libra man for about a year. everything was ok, we had our up and downs but always good. a month ago we had a huge quarrel and i hurt him deeply. he stopped talking to me, blocked me everywhere. then one and half weeks ago we had a long and deel chat and he said to me that he is confused and he needs 2-3 days to think about us. i texted and called him after 3 days but no response,,he totally ignores me. does it mean that it is over? i asked him if it is, just let me know and not to ignore me, not to be silent. but oh well…

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