Can a Sagittarius woman and a Virgo man make it work?

Lucy in the sky with diamonds provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

im a female interested in a male virgo…what do you think?

A Sag and a Virgo are usually not the best match. Sag is an adventurous, spontaneous fire sign. Virgo is a cautious, modest earth sign. The first likes the big picture, the latter appreciates the finest details. These two signs make an aspect called a square to each other, which means they function at cross-purposes. The one thing they do have in common is mutability, which means that they are each flexible in their own way.

Virgo would be a good fit for you, though, because you have Pisces Rising. Your persona, or how you interact with the world, can be characterized as compassionate and sensitive. At the opposite end of your chart — where you find your partner — sits Virgo. You are drawn to a man who is focused on service and function, someone who can take care of the mundane aspects of existence so that you can live in your imagination (Pisces) and explore the possibilities of life (Sagittarius). In addition, your South Node — which signifies where you’re coming from, karmically — is in Virgo, so he may feel familiar to you (perhaps in a past life?).

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  1. Tiffygurl says:

    I think so. I knew a virgo and he was VERY funny and sweet! He has sun in virgo moon in libra. he never critiqued me and loved to make jokes so I think it could work. I am a sagittarius by the way. πŸ˜‰

  2. Im currently seeing a Virgo guy and his distance is driving me mad!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im a Saggie who likes her freedom and fuunnn.. but i cant seem to work him out at all.
    When i 1st met him he arranged dates for nearly every day of the week, it was great!! But since ive been contacting him and its not really moving off, i understand they need organisation. But does that mean that there is NOOO spontaneous happenings at all!!?? I mean thats what i kind of
    thrive off!!
    I really like him however, but i dont know how to let him know this. And not so early on o scare him away.. Geezzzz hes more complicated than i thought!!

  3. Bernice M. says:

    I am dating a Virgo man, he is everything (and more) than I have ever dreamed of. Yes, he’s organized and exremely clean, neat and tidy. (I love that about him as I am the same way) Although I was born on 12/20 as a sagitarius, I am also a gemini as I am also an Identical twin.
    All indicators point against a relationship between a Virgo and a sagitarius, I am in my very early 50’s and he is in his very early 60’s. I am not shy to let him know how wonderful and special he makes me feel. He goes out of his way to be spontaneous and loving. I know the odds are against us which makes it all more challenging to make our relationship work, I don’t mind. We both love a challenge and we both love each other more than anything else. So if someone tells you Virgo’s and Saggies don’t mix, they’re not always right. Don’t let the stars discourage you, when you truly love someone and they truly love you too anything is possible.

  4. King Viz says:


    I’m a Virgo guy and my girlfriend is a Sag. I love her to pieces and I have worked out how to keep hold of her (by not trying to keep hold of her, that is!).

    However, throughout our relationship, she’s been very secretive and talks to guys all the time on facebook, that live closer to her and seem to have a lot more to offer than I do. She even gets angry at me when I say that it makes me feel bad when she sleeps over at men’s houses without telling me. I think this is rather selfish but I grit my teeth and bear it till my incisors crumble!

    I keep telling myself that she wouldn’t go ALL THE WAY with someone behind my back but she makes me feel like she is always going SOME OF THE WAY with a whole selection of buff suitors. Throughout our relationship she has kept me on the extreme peripheral edge of her circle of friends, who I never see and know nothing about. This heightens the sense that there’s something fishy going on.

    Still, I persist, because for my sins I love this girl.

    What I want to know is, can a Sag really be this much of a cheat or is it my analytical Virgo mind playing tricks with me?

    PS she came back from a camping trip with what looked like sex injuries and she also spent one Christmas (our first as a couple) with an ex of hers and covered it up. I forgive her, but I’m I deluding myself or what??

  5. Karolina says:

    King Viz,
    As a Sagittarius, I can confirm that she does need her space and freedom, fun spontaneous trips and all that jazz. However, what you’re describing does seem like unfaithful behaviour because ANY sign of the zodiac that sleeps at the opposite sex’s house without notifying their partner would be deemed suspicious. Furthermore, taking into account the fact that she spent an xmas with her ex while dating you, and tried to cover it up is one of the early signs of her true nature that you should have noticed. In my opinion, I think that you should disregard astrology and have a talk with your girlfriend. She should be aware of how you feel about this behaviour and if she doesn’t see how it affects you and your relationship, then you either find a compromise or find someone who won’t behave so… openly.
    Hope I helped πŸ™‚

  6. King Viz says:


    Thanks very much for your response. I needed to know I wasn’t just being paranoid and lacking understanding.

    I actually had a talk to her yesterday, and she went crazy that I should be so untrusting. I tried to explain that it’s not trust it’s respect, but she spent the rest of the night sulking.

    We’re still together, but I think this is the closest we’ve come to calling it a day.

  7. I am in love with a Virgo guy but i don’t want to show it. i play hard to get and i really want us to have something going on. like a long lasting relationship. he’s sweet and calls often, which i appreciate. i just want to find out something: Do Virgo men give up easily?

  8. No we don’t. As a metter of a fact I am chasing a sag girl now who is doing the same thing. Playing real hard to get. I just wait till she cant take it no more and break her down with the smoothe, chill, and laid back sexiness. That is how we roll.

  9. SDsailorgirl says:

    I'm a Sag girl, and for the first time in my life I feel like I want to make a full effort with this Virgo man. The thing about him is that he knocks all other options out, and that's what a Sag woman needs…A man that cannot be beat by any other. I am physically attracted to him, and we've had a mental bond too. They're very complicating men, but no more than a wild spontaneous Sag woman. I can't wait to see were this goes. I am optimistic about the future and I love a challenge, especially after reading Bernice M's story. We shall see…

  10. VirgoLovesTaurus says:

    Ladies im a Virgo gal but my bestie is a Virgo guy….now these guys are sweet n loves fun but are very fussy n can be turned off quite easily….my bestie loves girls who can cook n helps around his house….hes always cooking for his dates n treating them special but he is the hardest guy to get to commit….he calls me all hours in the night telling me what bothers him about the girls hes seeing. Some girls according to him are cocky…lazy…talk to much….nags bc theyre in love with him but cant see that hes not with them….some tooo pushy etc etc…

    He basically wants a perfect woman…beautiful, domestic, non- dramatic, funnnn, really good in bed, smart and very appreciative of what he does for u so always show gratitude to him for his kindness. He hates being blown off or stood up but at the same time u need to have hobbies n stop harraaing him to spend every waking hour with him as well as please respect his job n the time it takes up.

    So yes dating a virgo man is alot of work….personally i dont want one but for the record my bestie is drop dead gorgeous n knows it πŸ™ so hes a handful….thank god im not into virgo men heheh. Hope my input helps tho.

  11. Naturelle Rachelle says:

    I am a Sag girl who is head over hills in love with a Virgo man…He was my first kiss my first boyfriend and for the last 14 years been my very best friend that I am in love with on the d.l. and him with me… We just decided to commit to eachother a couple of weeks ago. Things are going well for us but I feel the only reason they are is bc we know eachother soooo well. He knows I am bossy, out spoken, and I think I have all the answers to everything, and I know he is particular, cocky, and kind of cold natured so we know how to deal with eachother bc of our long friendship. Although he is the things I just described the way he loves me compares to no other man. He makes me feel special. I guess what I am trying to say is it can work with alot of understanding of eachothers core being and acceptance as well. Good luck to you…

  12. All I can say is… don’t mess with Virgo men. You will regret it especially if you love them. I’m a Sagittarius and I messed up BIG TIME. It came to the point where he just stopped talking to me without explanation and it was an emotional time for me. I still think of him and why he was able to let go of me so quickly. Hmmm… maybe that’s just how all guys are? Haha but when I read about the zodiac signs they are pretty accurate… or maybe I’m just crazy πŸ™‚

  13. lol some of these stories are so funny. i can def relate to many! i’m a female SADGE (PISCES MOON/SCORPIO RISING), and just recently i took HUGE interest in this SEXY ASS VIRGO MAN. he’s so damn fine. he’s everything i like physically. and mentally, he’s alright. we went on one date so far, and everything was really good. then all of a sudden he stopped txting me, i was like wtf? he would talk to me 24/7, even while he was busy at work. i asked him why he stopped so suddenly, he said he figured he’d give me “my space”…which is good, but it confused the heck out of me. but, i’m taking it easy. i haven’t txted him for just a day now…i’ll give him “his space” too smh lol…but i think we’ll be okay…gradually. i’m eager to conquer him πŸ˜‰

  14. HI all I have just read all the stories here. I am a Virgo man 55 dating a Sag woman who I dated three years ago, but due to the drama in my life at the time pushed her away. I always kept in contact via email. Just recently after returning from France she replied to my emails, and we are slowly getting back together, I have been in love with her since day one. I just do not want to screw this up, she completes me, and I would do anything for her. I learned alot about myself just reading the above emails. I was married to a Virgo for 20 years, and what killed our marriage was money, and distance.
    If any you Sag ladies have any good advice I would greatly welcome it. I want this to work and I am perpared to do what ever it takes..
    Thanks everyone for sharing..

  15. King Viz…what you’re Sag girl is doing to you is a shame…she is using you. As a Sag myself I have to say we like to flirt, have a good time and be sponatenous. Freedom is also important. But most of us do know how far to go and when the flirting should end ( as not to hurt the other person ) it should end when you have a steady boyfriend/ gf/ partner… what you’re experiencing with your gf is not just flirting it’s an outrageous lie on her part .
    From what you’re describing she comes across a liar and a cheat….open up you’re eyes and don’t be an enabler any longer.

    I hope you wise up soon and don’t get hurt too badly.

  16. Richard G…being a Sag woman I once loved a Virgo man…constructive critizing is fine, constant critizing gets old very fast. A little spontaneuity is appreciated and the bridle not to tight. You will not believe how far these things will go in a relationship …it means a great deal to a Sag…and most of all honesty. The majority is loving and loyal to the core once they found the person they love.
    As you know we have food in mouth disease so we are unfortunately brutally honest…because the mouth is sometimes faster than the brain…it’s not to hurt anyone. Unfortunately at times we don’t realize until everybody looks at us with an expression of horror.

    Good luck with your Sag!

  17. I am a Sagittarius woman, and I have been seeing my Virgo man for just over 6 months.I met him at work and at the time was in a very violent and destructive relationship which led to me having real mental and emotional issues after he hospitalized me.Meeting my Virgo man gave me so much hope as all I had known up until that point was being cheated on, lied to and constantly mind fucked.I was overcome with happiness and almost euphoric having someone so loyal and caring..everything was amazing.
    Until about a month ago, when he started critisizing me for things like my appearance, went a bit weird and possesive when I wanted to go out, or if any man in the street looked at me.Now I understand jealousy and how it can make a man feel, but it has now got to a point where it’s very insulting.We work together everyday and he moved into my flat a month into our relationship so we are always together so I dont know where the paranoia comes from and I don’t have the energy to constantly reassure him, im a girl and I need a man to be strong for me too I guess.We have spent hours talking..he fluctuates between backing up whet he has said in the past, justifying it and saying it’s only because he cares but it doesnt seem that way to me as I would never pick at him like this unless I wanted to hurt or upset him..which I have explained.Then he gets reeeeeally upset saying he feels so angry with himself for ever saying anything to upset me and I feel terrible ;/

    ..I have read all about the compatibility between Virgo men and Sagittarius women and it’s basically telling me what I already know.Everyone is telling me to end it, mainly as I have been very very depressed these last few days and naturally people are worried I will go back to being how I was in my last disaster of a relationship.I sit here writing this in floods of tears, I need my freedom and he seemed to understand this when we first met, but it has just changed all of a sudden and I don’t know why but the pressure is too much for me.When I think about him not being here it makes me really upset, but I dont know if thats mainly because of how I know he will feel…but the other part of me is thinking, how could he be that upset when he has said to many critical things to me?…is it just because thats what Virgo’s do and I should believe him when he says he loves me more than anything and cant help being critical??!!I dont know if Im being unfair by keeping in a relationship with him because he cant be happy feeling worried and paranoid about me all the time..despite that fact I have never spent day or night away from him since we met!!I want us to go back to the way we were in the beginning, but so many times now we have been over the same old onversation and I dont know what to say anymore.

    Im so unbelievably confused at the moment and would really appreciate any advice or if anyone is in the same situation or knows what the hell Im going on about!!

  18. Im a sag female and have dated a virgo male and it was a pretty tumultous relationship. I would say it was mostly based on a physical attraction and everytime we were together we would just hop onto eachothers bones nonstop. I thought it woud be fun to just let go and try something new but soon I grew attached. I never let him know this but eventually I found out he was talking to two other girls. This hurt me and I decided to take my dignity over having a boy toy.

    There was just too much drama between us both. He was always depressed and internalized all of his feelings and I was just trying to be there for him.

    I stopped talking to him for two weeks and then tried to contact him and he ignored me. So I just gave up. i still deeply care for him and wish we could just sit down and talk. But he doesnt want to.

    I just wish I could get over him

  19. denise:

    This sounds like an odd predicament.

    If I can offer my critique I would say that you should have told your Virgo that you really liked him. The more he internalises, the more he needs reassurance. It’s weird to want reassurance when you’re obviously with a decent person who cares about you, but there could be any number of influences affecting this. Remove at least one of the problems by telling him how you feel (I know this is hard for a Sag, but worth it if you care about him).

    Regarding talking to other girls, was it just chatting, or flirting, or something more serious? Virgos, like all people, are capable of deception, (I don’t understand this myself as I’m a Virgo and morally the thought of lying or cheating disgusts me almost above anything else on the whole planet! Maybe murder is worse, but I’m not sure. No, Lying and cheating are worse, definitely!) if during the Virgo’s childhood, the idea of cheating on people was presented to them as “the thing to do” (by some dick of a parent who didn’t know what they were doing for instance), they might end up being dishonest, but most Virgos should theoretically later be able to realise that they were wrong and be able to change.

    Unfortunately, by ignoring him for two weeks, you have most probably sent a message that you didn’t intend to: that you’re not interested any more. That’s why he ignored you back. If he cared about you, he probably thinks you switched on him and were away doing whatever for those two weeks – he will imagine you doing all sorts of things with all sorts of people, and eventually decide it’s too much to take, worrying about what you might be up to. Then again, if he is the deceitful type, he might not care, and maybe hope you’ll give up.

    Either way, this doesn’t strike me as a promising scenario. Do let me know if there’s any development.

  20. Ive been friends with this virgo man (34) and im (30) for almost 5 yrs. I cant stop thinking about him and sumtymz daydream about us growing old together lol. Problem is he is really really complicated…one minute he is al swt and da nxt i feel he seem uninterested. He knows how i feel i told him so late last year…he was okay with it for a while…and then it seemed like he wanted me to forget him…i eventually did, and now he is back in the picture. Wat i want to know is does he feel the same way I do or is he just getting a kick of having me being crazy about him, while he enjoys and goes on with his life?

  21. I have been dating a Virgo man for 4 months now. We met online and talked on the phone for about 10 days. When we met we hit it off right away. He is very reserved but extremely funny. Since his breakup of 15 years, he has been sort of a loner. Keeping busy at home. We do enjoy things together. He is getting used to my Saggie ways. Humor, laughter, impulsiveness, openess . I love being with him and I show it. He is not used to all that affection but doesn’t seem to mind one bit. If I feel he has said or done something that hurts me, I will tell him. He seems surprised at what I am upset about. I am never loud or dramatic. I told him “If I can’t tell you how I feel, then its not going to work.” But he does listen and is aware if he gets too critical, introverted, etc. I want to do something special for Valentine’s Day but I don’t want to ask him first. I want him to bring it up. Since we are in a kinda new relationship, how do I approach it without seeming like I am leading up to it?

  22. @ Lady Sag: Best thing you can do is be open with a Virgo Male ( We need Reassurance—IT WILL WORK WONDERS FOR YOU…TRUST ME). We are usually not the ones to initiate a lot of dates..etc..Tell him you want to spend time with him on Valentines Day together…once again….we need reassurance.

    @ Denise: worst thing you can do is let a Virgo go a few “Days” w/o hearing from our minds we automatically think ..”It’s over”…You can actually get him back “If you wanted to…you just have to be more PATIENT and Willing to step out of the Sags Emotional and Freedom chains to get him”. NEVER PLAY HEAD GAMES WITH A VIRGO….We’ll leave and won’t think twice…..NEVER do the no communication game.

    I am smitten with a Sag..I love her…the one thing holding her back is her “SAG Freedom” The biggest secret to Virgos is we LOVE our space and Freedom too..which makes it easy to let Sags run wild as long as they “Reassure” us…so Freedom, isn’t a issue as Sags make it be.

    Key to Virgo Man: “REASSURE HIM.”..You’ll have a great and devoted lover 4 life” Isn’t romance & security is what Sags crave? You’ll get all of that and more once you “Reassure” us.

    Both signs require a lot of patience….A LOT …but its definitely doable/…if both are willing to move self out of the way and work together…

  23. @Virgoman81: Thanx! I will bring it up tonight…will post results soon..

  24. @ Lady Sag

    I can also tell you if he’s been hurt before it will require patience for him to build up steam…then again if he’s like me the floodgates may open …another tip: We’re afraid of being alone”

    Also exercise consistence in your behavioral patterns towards the relationship and all will be well. Sags are the perfect balance to the reserved Virgo…we need it..we are consistently working and Sags help us unwind. I’ve heard a ton of Sag/Virgo horrors but from my own experience…if you two COMMUNICATE which shouldn’t be a problem you’ll be fine πŸ™‚

    He may be a bit moody at times…we’re like that too…but give him some alone time and he’ll act as if nothing happened.

    My sag is all over the place but I just sit in the middle of the floor and watch her and say to myself…..I can make your life so much easier…..its what Virgos do πŸ™‚

  25. @VirgoMan81

    omg! why do i love your posts/advice right now? i guess because they give me hope and put words to how i’ve kind of been feeling.

    i’m a Sag (duh…lol) and i had my heart broken by a Scorpio over a year ago. after sitting out of the dating game for about a year to heal, a Virgo recently fell into my lap. Funny thing is that I dated Virgo men when I was younger not knowing half the stuff I know now about life and astrology and human beings in general. So still operating off of that old info, I was really avoiding dating another one cause I felt like the earthiness would tie me down. However, it seems the universe had other plans for me and I’ve been seeing one for the past two weeks.

    I do notice that he does need a ton of reassurance (I’m leaving the country for a two weeks soon and he almost fainted when i told him) but I really don’t mind giving it to him. His honesty and reliability is a breath of fresh air for me right now. I don’t feel like I have to guess about how he feels about me even though we’re still in the very early stages of our relationship. I wanted to kick him to the curb after our first date cause I didn’t think he was long term material for me. But now I’m beginning to reconsider…slowly…i’m still a Sag tho…lol! That said, we really honor people who are trustworthy.

    He has a Aries moon and a Leo Venus as well as a Gem Mars, which blends well with my fire and air combo. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a Cap Mercury.

    Maybe, just maybe, he might be what the doctor ordered. We shall see.

  26. err. i spoke too soon. i’m dumping him today. LOL!

  27. thisrealme says:

    Richard G: as a sag myself we love attention but at the same time we also like to chase our preys sometime. It’s actually not a bad idea to play hard to get w Sag, we love to conquer you just have to know how and when to stop; too much work would get Sags bored. We also hate to take orders…don’t try to tell us what to do. If u want us to do something, ask nicely wo trying to order. We can’t live w o admiration, u hv to let us know that we are great when we are; but u can also tell us that we suck at something… we love and require nothing but honesty, spontaneity and attention in a relationship. If u can give us all the above, u will be our only love.

  28. I’am A Saggie Women, And I have Ran Arcoss A Few VIRGO MEN In My LifeTime.. Me Personally I Never, Really Use To Get Along With A Virgo Man Because of There Out-Spoken, Harsh And Cruel Words. However I Actually Learned Over The Years To Like And Love Them. I Honestly Think You Have To Get To A Virgo, To Really Love Them Because Of The Type Of People They Are. U Will Not Like Them Off Hand Nor At First Sight. (Once Again That’s My Experience And Personal Oppinion On Them). But For Some Strange Odd Reason I Honestly Attract Them To Me.. (Like Bee’s To Honey) LOL…. In Addition One Thing I Have Learned and Realize That They Always LOVED A SAG… Because Of The Way We Are. Soft Spoken, Kind Hearted(Giving), Understanding, Compassionate, Intelligent,(Smart), Open Mined, And Mostly Beautiful inside And Out. That’s What Attract Them More Then Anything In This Planet… LOL…. And We Love Our Wild, Crazy, Smart, Funny Virgo Men Too!!!!!!! They Can Be A Hand Full Though.. (SMH) LOL… U Gotta Love A Sag, And U Gotta Love A Virgo… We Make A BAD Combination, (Bad As In Good) For Example Look At Beyonce’ And Jay-Z!!!!!!!!! 09/04- B’s/12/04 J’s….LOL.. Absolutety Unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. smartazzgirl66 says:

    I just wanted to comment on a post from Dec 2010 ( I am new here) posted by Chloe
    I am a sag female who has suffered abuse from the opposite sex as well and the first thing i want to say to Chloe is that I am sorry to hear all of the things she has been subject to and yes I can seeshe would be very confused and depressed. unfortunately I think part of the problem is that she jumped into this relationship so quickly after leaving a very abusive one. And that can be done very easily when you have a loving virgo man that wants to save you. He probably made her feel very safe and at the time thats what she believed she needed. When anyone has been abused we tend to look at things with clouded judgement and can make decisions we wouldnt normally make. she did not giveherself the chance to heal . Virgo men can be very much the knight in shining armor and it may have felt like that is exactly what she needed at the time (we sag women love to be saved (but only by the one we love, or at least think we love), and virgo men love to be the saviour) and perhaps she did, however regardless of what signs anyone falls under, a person needs to heal and discover who they are. Virgo men can be critical, and typically a sag woman can take it…but with all that she had been through prior its no wonder her psyche was so fragile . First of all I would have recommended to her that she seek help via perhaps a support group or counsellor to deal with the abuse she had already suffered through and to tackle tackle depression. This virgo man may be feeling inadequate because he couldn’t solve those things for her. this is difficult for virgo men as they truly want to save their damsel in distress. II can only hope that she found the help she needed and hopefully was able to salvage what sounded like what could have been a good match without all the turmoil they started out with. Abuse of any kind affects any “Zodiac” sign and any gender. It is an unfortunate truth that some people do not have the social skills to be in a healthy relationship. Being open an honest is key to any relationship, but most of all be kind to one another. If you are being abused…get out and get help.

    β€œWhen the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” ~Jimmy Hendix

  30. I’m dateing a virgo man and im crazy about him. we hit it off real good at first now it seems like he’s always busy. help

  31. Never fumble or lie/slip up in your stories to a virgo man…he will catch them right away. And if he doesnt fall head first for u right away and he knows your digging him…then he may wait to see if everyone else getz the same special treatment as he does. And if he thinks theu do…then he may not let u in close to his heart….and mat think that ur easy…in whuch he despises easy chiks.

  32. Well I’m new to all this sharing on the web thing. However, I have to get this out!!!! This “Virgo Man” is driving me crazy! I have been knowing him since 2004 so yeah “10 long years”. we did date in the past but I broke it off in 2mts, for many years now I regret that I couldn’t handle him planning dates and then not following threw, it drove me nuts. Plus, when we started dated he was damaged from his last relationship and at that time I took his depression as a feeling towards his ex. So, I said to him one day it was over because I felt that he needed time to get over his ex and that maybe this relationship wasn’t good at this time. But, here is where everything and all my nuts and crazy starts, we ended up friend after the breakup. and maybe 6mts later we ended up having sex. (I have been with a cap, sag, and Virgo and by far the Virgo takes the prize) so this “lover status” started 2005. In 2007 I decided to ask him how he would feel about a bf and gf relationship, well he said no, so that pissed me off but I kept my emotions inside and just dropped the lost cause didn’t ask why I didn’t care “yes I did”.. I kept the “lover status” going because I then had myself believing while “I rather have him in my life then not have him at all” but it stopped in 2010 I started dating this other guy long story short didn’t work out. so…… I jumped back in bed with the “Virgo”. Then 2012 came around I cut it off I couldn’t take having all these feeling for him and not tell him, and just sleep with so something came over me and I told myself ” SGR you shall not text nor call him, not even on birthdays, plus not pick up his calls or responded to texts from him” I mean I went hard core!! I even deleted my facebook. I just couldn’t take it anymore, didn’t help that my best friend would slip up and tell me oh ” you know “Virgo” is in a relationship” also didn’t help that he would send text’s on random bases “hey, how are you? just checking in” for 2 years I didn’t not talk to him it was great it took time I got over it, I stopped going to sleep with him on my mind and he was no longer my first thought in the morning when I woke up. Then, everything just fell right back down to square one!!! here I am at Wal-Mart BOOM crash there he is in front of me once more!!!!!! looking so sexy and laid back “I hate it” . frist thing that come out of his month “How are you stranger?” I couldn’t even think “you act like its been a long time what has it been? a few months if that?” I said to him with a straight face. anyhow, so yeah now he’s back in my life and lives only 15mins away from which it use to be 1 hr away, and yes I know the big question “did you jump back in bed with him???” yes I did, and I got somewhat drunk one night and when I got home I texted everything I felt about him and how the best thing is for me to just stay away. and this where I need help his response to it was “so your proposal going to stay away from me? this isn’t fair I lose a friend/lover to emotions” Really??? is all I had to say when I saw that text next morning. I texted him back and told him to forget what ever I said in my texts the night before. he gave me a hard time about and @ the same time explained to me it was cool I expressed myself, personally I didn’t want to hear what he had to say about I don’t want to go back down this damn road with him anymore but something about him draws me to him and the more I pull away the more I’m pulled in. What do I do??? and for the recorded we go out and eat dinner, lunch, watch tv, and go to movies and not have sex all the time, so yes he is a friend but is it wroth me keeping this door open if all I do is hurt behind it???

  33. I recently met a Virgo around the 19th of this month. I never been with a Virgo but I always hear to stay away from them. But this one caught my attention. I am interested in him but he seems reserved. One day this week he went the whole night w/o texting me (we’ve been texting every night since we started talking) the next morning I decided to hit him up first going against how I usually react but I like him. When we spoke he informed me that he was mad at me but for some odd reason wouldn’t tell me why. I just want to know how I can get him to open up to me? We aren’t in a relationship but I don’t mind entertaining the idea, how should go about dealing with this Virgo, btw his bday is say 8/29.

  34. Antoinette says:

    Virgo men and Sag women eventually will not work out. It’s like 2 different species. I am speaking by experience. I am in a relationship with a Virgo and it’s extremely frustrating. It has been the worst mistake I have made. I actually wanted to make it work but I have come to the realization, that is best to end it before I continue wasting my time. Btw not all Virgo man are neat. I think that’s a little too general because I am actually the neat freak in the relationship. They are passive possessive. Will make you feel like you have your space but is all an illusion. This guy even gets jealous of my cat lol… Good luck !

  35. Exactly how it works

  36. Cray cray virgo says:

    Virgo man here. Ive got a crazy sag problem. The last 5 relationships ive been in have been sags! I just got out of the 5th one and now number six is heating up!! Lmao I love the way they are open and passionate. I love playing with the fire. Im an extremely emotionally intense person but you would think im cool calm and collected. I need to have something going on. I have a deep desire to fan the flames. The sags make me feel alive and warm. When im single im feeling so cold and emotionless, and its just a terrible extremely attracted to intelligence. The last sag i was with was perfect at first but i smothered her and she started to retreat.and i could stop being verbally abusive to her even when i wanted to stop. She loved me but i pushed her away with my with my piercing words. They just cut to deep into her and im ashamed of myself for doing it. Although she did give me reason to suspect foul play. We started off so fast and passionately that i got hooked on her and she dominated my mind. We probably broke up almost 30 times! Lol i know its crazy! But we just kept talking to each other. I feel like these sags are coming to me because my soulmate is a sag. They are teaching me the right way to love a sag, thru all of my failures. I see alot of potential with this 6th one. But im going to play the reserved part this time around. Im going to make her fight to conquer me.but the most important thing is building our friendship first before we engage physically. Thats bad for my mind and ruins it everytime. Im doing something different this time around.

  37. Sag 12/17 & Virgo 8/31

    He was honestly my everything. I loved him with all my honest soul and I know he did too. I would always appreciate him and compliment him for his efforts. My Virgo man was very sweet, kind and caring. True, Virgo men need a lot of reassurance and they tend to be negative very often in their head. They are also very tricky, so be careful. They are cocky but are very smart & aware that they can get it if they want it. They love the “flirty-chassing game” in the beginning so If you’re too easy, buggy & pushy, they will get easily bored of you. They know exactly what you want and manipulates you with it to get you. Trust me when I say that they are very smart. They are also very sensible & emotional when in love. Me and him together was all about mutual & intellectual understanding. We shared the same life goal, same desire and same passion. Virgos love relaxed, chill and down to earth type of people. They hate exaggeration but they do lie about certain stuffs to make themselves always a bit more “higher” or “special” than someone else.

    Sadly, he cheated on me & I am the impulsive, tackless & sharped mouth Sagittarius so obviously when I found that out, I went crazy and said a lot of mean things to him out of frustration. It couldn’t of gone worst anyway, the damage was already done. I do still feel a lot of pain today but I am living with it. Oh well, another experience in life. I can’t hold him back from loving someone else, it’s his life & choices.

    If you have to force something, that means you aren’t satisfied. What’s meant to be will simply stay in your life Ladies, (& gentlemen) so don’t depend your happiness over someone. Do things that make yourself, the family & friends happy, keep smiling and always be elegant.

  38. Durotimi says:

    Sagittarius Women are Selfish heartbreakers who don’t care about anybody but them selves.
    I am a Virgo man who really started of as friends with this sag woman. In the beginning our relationship was really based off physical attraction. we would do all sorts of sexual stuff really with no particular intention of making it a relationship. We never talked about it cause we knew it was pointless(I was leaving in a few months). So me and sag got really close over the next few months, we would spend almost 2/3rd of everyday together. She was an extremely close friend, we would laugh and talk about almost anything . She had this thing were she could make someone feel special, she always came to see me. Until one unfaithful day when she cried and sparked at me for nothing, cause she misinterpreted what I said. She left and we didn’t speak for about two weeks.
    I thought I could do without her but my heart got heavy and I went to go talk to her so we could be friends again. Turns out what I said reminded of a really bad memory that I still don’t know of, she said for three days that she constantly thought about me to the point that she was sick and wanted to apologize for acting the way she did. She thought that I would be mad at her(which I kinda was but she didn’t know that) so she just forgot about me like yesterday’s news. Fast forward I’m the one trying to save the relationship, it’s almost one sided. We don’t do the sexual stuff anymore, she barely has my time unless I try to hold her down. She just moved on by making new friends which is so easy for her.

    Moral lesson: sag will never swallow their pride so if you want to keep them don’t let them out of your clutches cause there is a POINT OF NO RETURN!

  39. kareen Palmer says:

    I am a Sagittarius girl and I broke up with a Virgo guy about six months ago because had difficulties where he thinks that My standards are too high. I have Kids he don’t he thinks i work too much and he says that pretty much I don’t have enough time for him and he thinks that I’m very secretive. Pretty much I don’t know what to do at this point I’m very much in love with him I try to tell him that I am not out there doing anything but he doesn’t seem to believe me. I called him a lot no answer and I text him no answer but every once in awhile he will send me a short text like hi or hello and that’s it. When I try to call him back or text him back he takes weeks to respond or couple of days or however. I don’t know if he still love me if he sorting things out in his head or if he just outright didn’t care and now is finally showing don’t know what to think

  40. kareen Palmer says:

    I also wanted to say that we were together for 4 years and separated about six months ago

  41. I’m sorry that your putting in all the effort to make this work. Unfortunately, she is definitely cheating. But as a Sag we are good at turning what we do bad into something innocent. If you slow down and give her distance it will wake her up. Apply yourself to something that distracts you leaving her to wonder. We like to be mentally challenged! Hopes this help.

  42. I am a 36 yr old Sag who has been friends with a 55 yr old Virgo male for about 5 years now. He has 2 daughters my age, which we are very close, and he has become part of my world where I can’t see myself without him. I have 3 beautiful children from previous relationships (17,16, & 7) which they adore him and vice versa. He has aged very well and pretty much a ladies man. And although he parties a lot and I think he is very promiscuous, it bothers me or shall I say drives me insane with jealousy! No one has ever made me feel jealous about anything or anyone because I live by if they can get it, I can too!! Even though he has told me many times he is not ready for commitment, and we constantly have the same conversations about when he’ll finally settle down, we still do “relationship things” like he is my man and I’m his Lady like almost everyday. I have concluded that because he was incarcerated for majority of his adult life and in a failed marriage to his children’s mother ( whom he made very clear from day 1 that she is and always will be his family) is his excuse for this behavior. I get so frustrated with myself because I feel like I do allow my emotions take over with/about him. I lost my father when I was 24, my rock, my everything! So it’s not like I don’t know better because I was well equipped. And I think he reminds me so much of my Dad that it’s unbelievable and almost scary and that’s why I’m so attracted to him! I agreed to keep my emotions to the side and I know he loves me dearly, as I adore him also but I’m scared to just leave him alone and I’m even more scared to stay because I’m gonna get hurt in the end result!! We stopped having sex because he said he didn’t wanna cloud my judgement of what’s reality between us. Which I understood at first, but now I crave him in every way and either way it clouds my judgement. I have a host of male friends I wouldn’t dream of crossing the line with but some of them are really good guys that would love to date me and I deny them every time because it still feels like cheating to me. Meanwhile, he’s having sex with God knows who!! I just need someone to tell me what I hate to tell myself and stop wasting my time, like honestly. But what am I to do when he stole my entire heart and soul? I don’t want anyone else but him! This is a daily battle with me and if I don’t do something about it soon I can’t be responsible for my actions. Yea it’s gotten that bad…

  43. Hi.. I’m a sag woman 32nd and my husband is a virgo 31st. I met him when I was 18th and he was 17th. I am his first girlfriend and he is my first in every intimate thing.

    I have ever broke my relationship with him at 2008 and after so many ups and downs in life finally I realized that he is my only love. The best man I’ve ever met in my life. Always giving and caring and loving. So I call him one day at 2012 and said “I want to married you. If u still love me.” He said he wasn’t ready at that time because he is not me. He can’t do anything fast and spontan. He needs guarantee that this marriage will last for a very long time because I’m the one who left him once. So we get married at 2014

    After more than 10 years together he shows how sharp his mouth is. And it is the problem in marriage. Also long distance and my unemotional feel and words sometimes.

    As a sag I am more a thinker than a feeler. I use my head more than my heart so everytime my husband can not call me because he is busy with his job all I can think is he doesn’t love me and doesn’t care. Even tough I know it’s wrong but I can’t help my self to think like that. This distance is killing my rational thinking slowly. And everytime I feel like he is so cold hearted I always said let us end this marriage. The only thing I can think when I feel he doesn’t care for me is go. I want to go far away from him and erasing him from my life

    I know this imposibble because I love him to the point I can’t live without him and I can’t help my self to be more sensitive in feeling than thinking. I can’t help my self to think and think and think over all shits. I want to be more sensible to feel the feeling of my husband and I realized I am very stupid in feeling. How to be more sensitive. This is a very heavy homework for me. Am I ice queen? πŸ™

  44. I’m a Sagittarius, my husband is a Virgo. We rae happily married and very compatible in every way. So yes, it can work πŸ™‚

  45. I swear the exact thing happened to me .. I had a virgo boyfriend & we broke up & we were still talking & all but just one day he just stopped talking to me ? outta no where & we still don’t talk from this day & I just love him & miss him with all my soul .. I just miss him so much I honestly feel like I was too much for him like to wild & he couldn’t handle it no more ??

  46. Well, I want to tell about my experience with Virgo guy. Back to mid 2014, this man and I known each other for the first time. He came very strong, but At the time I just want slow started. Time goes by, we were more closed and in dating phase. Even we got a holiday across the country together. He said it was honeymoon time. Haha and I agreed, I am sagittarius girl by the way and so I like it because of so much fun. Months gone by afterwards, we had less communication. One of the reasons is because we are in LDR. 6 mo later, I felt missing him so badly, then I came to his country to meet. I already guested we would still have less communication afterwards, and it happened. Then I started to be mad to him. And we broke up. I dont text him etc. Even I shown up As the strongest girl who dont need him. Then I tried to date any men. But all the men I started closed just come and go, I feel betrayed and cheated. after 3 years of my adventure dating phases with some men, I realized one day that the only man who love and so care to me is the virgo guy. Ya I know he used me for fun only that time, but hey I just realized that However I used him for his care maybe?! He is the only man who gave me advice about work. Haha. While other men are just wanna have fun with me. And I feel so much grateful about that, It is very positive to me, I have been getting good performance at work after meeting him, even I got promoted and it impacts me a lot. I feel so sorry to him for being impatient and chilidish. I feel like he is the only man who loves me guinely, but in his way. Then I am learning and believing that if you want to be loved, you have to love that person as well. There are difference between idea of falling in love and love, guys. Falling in love means you love his presence because of many reasons, such as apperance, thought, and other benefits. Then it makes you so much addicted, and it is only for your benefit. Not them. While loving someone is you love them, you dont wish for yourside benefit only. You love them for doing their life, for chasing their dreams, for supporting them in your ways. It is mutual.
    Now I feel like I already meet the love of my life. It is him, the virgo guy. We are just back and forth because of the situation. I am so much thank to the time which help me to grow, more patient and wiser. Yet I am still making sure to my self that If I would like to settle down and give all my time to my partner of life. I believe it is from myself first before you demand from other. Until I become ready to settle, then back and give another chance to him again. In the perfect time. It is about time. πŸ™‚

  47. I don’t usually do this stuff but I am in NEED of advice. I’m a sag woman dating or not….a Virgo man. We’ve met months ago at our workplace. We hit it off instantly being a Sag I wasn’t so willing to give in so easily…. even though I really liked him. He was sooooo into me talking about relationships, marriage etc. wanting to see each other every day taking me on a date the same week spending the night with me bringing me to his house. We hooked up the first week twice and he did not change one bit we had and still have a lot in common. Talked for hours every night. I always think things are too good to be true so I started playing mind tricks doubting his Feelings for me constantly made him jealous. Then soon after I became pregnant by him which I currently still am. Made him jealous so much telling white lies just to see his reaction which was stupid. It became reassurance for me and I used it to my advantage all the while having just as much feelings for him if not more…never cheated or anything physical or even emotional with another person my games led him to that impression. We were pretty much on and off on and off. I could tell the games were hurting him so I confessed and I stopped. Now everything after that he believes is a lie so try to reassure him was hard. However he still give me chances and chances on top of chances. I was our rise and fall also having lots of sex. The past two months we’ve been great connecting more getting closer I was having a health issue that I kept to myself and he took it as a lie. And he blew up on me although I’ve been telling the truth it’s ultimately my fault why he doesn’t believe me. We’ve been discussing moving in together the future making plans for the next years to come. Having a son on the way which he’s thrilled about. But he broke up with me saying he doesn’t want to be disrespected anymore that I don’t understand the meaning of a relationship was very unsympathetic about it which is understandable. Wanting to be friends still talking to me everyday he took me out to dinner the other day and as he was dropping me off I was crying and pleading for him to give me another chance at 2am knowing he has work at 7am living 30 mins away. Selfish, I know was an act of desperation disregarding my usual Sagittarius pride. After telling me over and over thatge has to get sleep I still stayed pleading to the point where he completely blacked out on me wanting to get physical after seeing that I quickly left the situation. Tried to apologize the next day and he’s not responding to me he’s my best friend and right hand so used to talking to him alllll day. Now I’m trying to give him space hoping in the near future we can have a conversation and work it out. Wishful thinking? Maybe but I love him want to spend the rest of my life with him and we are having a child together….advice please??!!!!!!!!!

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