Are Leo and Aquarius compatible?

rcenigma provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I am a Leo and I am attracted to an Aquarius. I want to know if we are compatible.

Signs that are opposite in the zodiac are naturally attracted to each other, because they balance each other out. The attention-seeking, generous and warm Leo is kept in check by Aquarius, the detached observer who offers his or her critique of Leo’s performance with little regard for the lion’s pride. Friendly but cool Aquarius is drawn to the fire and splendor of the king or queen of the zodiac. However, oppositions also imply friction. Leo’s over-the-top displays of affection can be a wee too much for the water bearer, while the Aquarian’s intellectual immersion in the sciences boggles the lion, who just wants to go out and play.

You were born during a Full Moon with your Moon in Aquarius, so this conflict between Leo and Aquarius should be familiar to you. Your own emotional detachment contradicts your solar magnificence. However, in synastry — or chart comparison — your Moon in the same sign as your Aquarian love interest’s Sun bodes well for compatibility. In addition, your Sun is in the Eleventh House of Friends, Groups and Humanitarian Causes, which is naturally associated with Aquarius. Although you will always feel the tension between these signs in your own life, an Aquarian would suit you well.

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Comment below: Have you been in a Leo-Aquarius match?

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  1. AquaTrainer says:

    Well I’m currently talking to a Leo man, I’m an Aquarius woman. I’m not ready to date anyone though because I just got out of a deep-rooted 3 yr hellacious relationship with a Pisces man. Because of that old relationship I delved into Astrology to figure out what it was that made us imcompatible…on my side it was insecurity and neediness. On his side it was flirting and being sneaky and mean. Anyway, the third time this Leo and I hung out I took him back to my place and preceded to do and explain his birth chart. Ok, I think EVERYONE needs to do this! This provided so much insight for both of us. I told him about his Leo traits and what would happen with us. I told him about the “center stage” thing and to not get offended if I appear aloof sometimes or I’m not his audience, but instead want him to be my audience. He has me on a pedistal right now, but because of my wishes (just got out of a relationship) we’re keeping each other a little distant.

    I further went into comparing our birthcharts..mainly Sun, Moon, and Rising. And I wish Chip or Jeffrey will read this post. Anywho, my sun, moon, and rising are Aquarius, Virgo, and Leo….yes Leo. Haha…his sun, moon, and rising are Leo, Aries, and Libra. Leo and Aquarius are polar opposites, but compliment each other. We have the same time of humor and are both physical beings and talk more mentally than emotionally (at least now and in my opinion). Virgo moon and Aries moon I feel provides the analytical with the dominant. Earth and Fire…. he loves my independence and I’ve actually motivated him to start his own business and start working out (this might have nothing or something to do with astrology). Libra and Leo…. on the forefront he’s a brain and I’m a hardass. Haha, I don’t know how to explain it too much but him and I have discussed astrology and our matchings. I know I definitely am compatible with Aries and Libra and Leo is my polar opposite…opposites attract.

    Regardless, he’s a great guy….ended his long relationship a little over a year ago. Was with a Virgo for 6 1/2 years….based on Sun signs alone that actually isn’t supposed to work, but he’s good friends with her and her new husband actually. Shows how mature people can be. He said that whenever they needed to discuss something they would communicate and compromise as to “not go to bed angry”. This is a line my Pisces used, but him and I wouldn’t “compromise” and hardly communicated. It’d be him telling me what to do and how to do it to get what I want….ugh, you can’t change people and you shouldn’t want to. That’s something this Leo man was definitely told. Take me as I am and help me grow…..don’t let who I am intimidate you and knock my self-esteem down….jackass pisces. Haha, it’s obvious I’m not ready to be in another relationship. Leo man gets that.

  2. hey AquaTrainer, you’re precious… I won’t subscribe to this blog, but I’m a bit surprised that your Leo didn’t point to a line on your charts, and say, “This line tells me we’re gonna ge physical 😉 “… lol

    the only thing that I would caution is that you might miss out on a really great guy if you lean on a chart…

    sounds like you two had a bit of fun…

    I’m not certain that I’d ever say to women that I bring tension to a relationship because it’s in my natal chart… she’d prolly think I’m crazy… I guess an Aqua would be able to get away with it though… 🙂

    I’d tell her that I’m demanding and will pressure… and if she were interested in astrology, I’d mention my chart seems to fit my personality…

    but, it in your case, it got the two of you to open up, and talk about yourselves which is good…

    you didn’t really specify if your Sun opposes his Sun… which is considered bad… or challenging…

    or if his Sun conjuncts your Asc… which is good

    or if his Moon sextiles your Sun… which is good

    I’m a Pi… so, if I don’t see that rope (connection) between two planets… there is nothing to hold on to… or to tie one’s self to…

    I’d use those charts as coasters myself… enjoy his company, and throw caution to the wind… be a bit more Aqua and lil less Moon in Virgo… enjoy yourself… you deserve it… you’ve been through a lot…

  3. HeavenlyBoheme says:

    I’m an Aquarius woman and I’m involved with a Leo man. I got out of a 2 bad relationships back to back (one Cancer who drove me insane starving me for affection and a Libra who kept getting repeat STDs and we weren’t even being intimate). The Leo asked what I wanted out of dating and I said “marriage.” From the beginning (nearly 5 months ago) we were talking about marriage – he keeps saying that he’s not ready for it, but he keeps bringing it up. I stopped mentioning it because although I’m an “Aloof Aquarian” I’ve been feeling these nesting urgings and since he already has a child (with an Aries) he seems to not want to go there again anytime soon (even though the child is 7). Maybe it’s a financial thing?
    Anyway, he’s very affectionate with me and if I don’t call or text him for a couple of days he starts to get squirmy and asks me if I’m satisfied. He mentions his co-workers think he should have a girlfriend. He hasn’t changed his Facebook from single though….
    Overall, I feel like one minute we’re about to elope and the next minute we’re just good buddies… and back… and forth… and back… Sometimes in the same day… AAACCK!

    PS – I dated a Pisces for 2 years and he proposed 6 months after I broke up with him. Most of my exes do that. By that time my heart was purged from him…

  4. AquaFonseca says:

    Hello! I need help! I am an Aquarius women && I am talking to this Leo. One day we can text all day && another not even talk at all. I will send him messages like “I know you are working, hope you are having a great day” things like that. He won’t answer because he says he is busy. It is nothing serious but we are both interested in each other. Then when we text he won’t text back, obviously I don’t want to bug him so I won’t text. Then he will text me like a week later. Why is that?? He says he wants to take it to another step…but it doesn’t seem like it. Hopefully I am wrong. What can I do to get his attention through texting or talking cause we hardly ever see each other. He is a very busy man <– he proved it :). Any suggestions.

  5. @ AquaFonseca

    Firstly, dont bug him when u know he’s at work.Maybe call him after his work hrs to ask about how the day was for him.
    Secondly, dont ever make him feel u r more interested in him than he is in you. The reason he texts u back after a week is that he himself gets curious about how could u be resisting him.
    Thirdly,take him by surprise sometime(like sing for him with a guitar :P,no honestly do it) and let him know what u feel.But while doing so ,project maturity and that u’ve carefully thought it out. Maybe get him a li’l jealous (only a tiny bit) on purpose before letting him know ur true feelings.
    But if u r too sure about his feelings for u , then u can go straight for that guitar part 😀

    Well,so go try and reply if it works.

    P.S. As a leo myself , I expect my woman to be mature and understanding about me. I want her to love me more than anything else and yet not be stingy.(I know thats a lot to expect :P)

  6. ELIZABETH says:

    Aqua here who previously went with a Leo man…yes, they are affectionate. Yes, they are loads of fun, F.U.N.! He would leave the sweetest little notes around my house that I would find when I least expected it. He would take care of me, get me snacks, warm up socks for me and put them on my feet…very sweet. He was a fabulous lover. He would talk about marriage and babies, but trust me, it was ALL TALK. He was never, ever ready for marriage…with me or anyone else. He was, and is, a horrible cheapskate. Ultimately, he cheated on me, threw it in my face, and has regretted it ever since. He knows he blew it with me. Once all my feelings were destroyed by him, and severl months went by, we started talking again. This was many years ago, we are friends now, but he continues to be selfish, clams up about his feelings, and gets weird about so many things…which he always did…like, I learned early on I could never ask him to do anything for me around the house. I learned to plant the seed and let him think it was his idea. It’s laughable. He was always immature, and I was always the mature adult in the relationship.

  7. I have to declare my interest here. I am a Sag and Leo and Aqua are my 2 fave signs. Aqua is number one. I find them irresistible – I can sense an Aqua from 100 paces. I love Leos -warm and generous BUT they can are always precariously balanced on the edge of some major egotism. they are big personalities and can be a pain in the wotsit esp when theyre young; can be very judgmental and haughty but theyre good intentions cant be questioned. I think the venus sign is really important when looking at a leo to see if it modifies that big Golden Sun. Nonetheless i will take a Leo over most signs any day.

    I dont know many Aqua/Leo pairings. It is strange to think Aqua and Leo are cousins since they are soooo different but i think its that the deeper connection is less important to them than what is above the surface – they can have a lot of fun together and we know how important having a good time is to Leo – i think its the friendship thing they really value about each other. and Aqua adores Leo’s creativity, passion and rugged individualism. Leo loves Aquas glamour and charisma. If Leo could appreciate Aquas quiet intensity and cool head then he would be better off than with his usual hot headed choice. But Leos love drama too much to really appreciate Aqua. Until theyre older and its too late.

  8. sweet aquarius says:

    im a 22year old female just new to dating my leo man im very into astology an when he told me he was leo i couldnt believe it im like WOW an starting off are converstions where just random playfulness an weirdness where twins as we say to each other i mean i just met this guy 4weeks ago an he has already said i love u an usually i run or im like uh uhhh nope cant do it but with him i say i love u back its very weird for me he says its weird for him too he is head over hill in love with me an i love him to but my mood changes time to time sometimes just to make him wonder what im thinking or what im doing i guess im like that cuz i hate boring an i like to keep him on his toes lol he has pissed me of but no to the point where im just done with him he is a lil judgementle of things ive just notice in this short time talking but not to the point where its over the top hes talks about his ego alot its like uh cool beanz buddy k shut up idc i put him in his place we havent had sex yet but im always text sexing him lol at first he was shy an like put off like wooooow an then joined in im a flirty aquarius an i needa see the goods hello im female but i like to be in change here he is kinda to lovey dovey at times i can feel like ugh shut up ok i got it but i just say something very witty an sarcastic lol kinda a smart ass remake lol oh well but i can see us together for awhile as long as the sex is good an he can let me be me as is well an fine in my world lol hahahahhaa

  9. ctdancer says:

    I’m an Aquarius female and I guess the one man – one of a kind, I should say – who really marked me was a Leo (a 7/30 one). He passed away April of last year, so now I can talk about him. Our mutual attraction was taboo because when it happened, he was married. Four years after he became a widower, he looked for me (and I was divorced). Perhaps I’ll have more time to go into details in another comment, but one thing I will say: when an Aquarius female is attracted to a Leo male and he puts his hands on her, she is far from detached, aloof or any other trait that portrays her as being cold-hearted. In the hands of a Leo male, the Aquarius female is fiery and intense and the minute he puts his hands on her, everything is forgotten. She marks him just as much as he marks her and has power over him just as much as he has it over her.

  10. Leo man here and i met an aquarious cusp (jan 20th) about two weeks ago in 14days ive been the happiest i have ever been and about heartbroken, she would call and text and praise me like borderline obsessive and now its like the hardest thing to get her to even text but she will still call for about 5 min a day, what happened?

  11. tymba,

    she needs reciprocation

  12. I am a Leo woman and have dated 3 Aquarius men in the past.. i am literally drawn to them like a magnet. And EVERY time, it goes the same way.. serious chemistry before words are even spoken, playful conversations and strange hilarious antics, intense sexual encounters, Aquarius freakouts because they think they’re vulnerable to having to commit, manipulation and head games, tragic ending of us not talking for months.. until Aquarius comes back to haunt.. at which point its almost in the new stage again of playful moods and i’ve forgotten how much we disliked each other. then the vicious cycle starts alllll over. Aquarius men are friendly and definitely fun but don’t give us leo’s the attention we need.. they feel they dont want to “give Leo a big head” but dont realize how much their quiet disposition drives a Leo truly insane. its a big ‘yikes’.. but tons of fun nontheless!

  13. I’m Aqua…

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