Will Capricorn woman and Scorpio man get back together?

Gigi provide a birth time (click chart to view) and asks,

I just broke up with my boyfriend whom i love very much.Will we get back together? he is a scorpio

You wrote me on Memorial day, when transiting Mercury conjoined your natal Jupiter at 29 Gemini. Jupiter signifies your boyfriend, as it is the ruler of your Sagittarius Descendant, or Seventh House cusp. Transiting Pluto has been opposing your natal Jupiter, although it has not yet made an exact aspect. In essence, you broke up during a Mercury-Pluto opposition, when power struggles (Pluto) in communication (Mercury) are at their peak (opposition). Secrets (Pluto) may have been discussed, trust may have been betrayed.

Transiting Mercury has since moved into sensitive Cancer and away from Pluto’s powerful grip. It will be in this sign for a longer time than usual, as Mercury will be going retrograde later this month. Sentiment is more easily expressed at this time. In fact, the communication planet will stop in its tracks on June 15, opposing your relationship planet Venus in your Eighth House of Sexual and Emotional Intimacy. And on June 14, the New Moon at 23 Gemini opposes your Mercury in your Seventh House of Partnership. With so many communication (Mercury) themes stimulated these two days, it would be a good time for you to approach your Scorpio man.

Another general theme in the works is the transiting Uranus-Jupiter square stimulating your Descendant, Moon and Neptune in Sagittarius. You want freedom right now, and your Scorpio man may not necessarily support that. Be sure you know what you want before you ask him to come back.

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  1. Framboise says:

    I really relate to Dave’s lady.

    I’m a double Aquarius with Uranus in the 7th house and Mercury in Capricorn and although I have lots of fire and water in my chart, any man who gets romantic/ sentimental/ emotional around me makes me turn to ice instantly!

    What really turns me on is a fine mind, a brilliant lecture, a brilliant film (preferably subtitled, originally in a language I don’t know), cutting edge philosophical thought, sculpture (eg Goreman) music (eg latest Philip Glass), or, better still, consistent kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness.

    Explain Einstein’s relativity to me or how to reduce CO2 emissions, and I’ll go weak at the knees and ache for you to kiss me… I do not need words of love, any fool can spout those meaninglessly. I want to know that you can soar in your mind with me, or amuse me, or be compassionate. Tell me you work with the homeless or play music to the blind and I’m instantly half in love with you.

    I do not feel I am cold or unfeeling. It is just that my heart is accessed through good thinking / creativity / zaniness / humanitarian acts.

    I hope this is helpful!

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Framboise, Thank you for your insightful comment about Aquarians. Unfortunately, you commented on the wrong post. Readers can find the original post here.

  3. blahblah says:

    Sorry, I’m posting my comment here just because it might be confusing if I put it in the correct place.

    Frambroise, you remind me so much of my Libra friend with Aquarius moon. She is very passionate about her causes to help people. If someone isn’t on her level mentally or isn’t sympathetic towards have-nots, there goes her interest.
    I enjoy her long emails/rants about whatever underdog she’s supporting this week.

    She recently broke up with her Taurus/Gemini cusp boyfriend and when I asked her why, her response was, “I asked him to tell me a bedtime story and he had the tiger eating all of the other animals in the jungle. What kinda sicko is that? And he doesn’t recycle, either!” You might think she’s joking, but she wasn’t…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is there such thing as ultimate capri-scorpio chemistry? I am libran girl fell love with a scorpio man much elder to me finding later he is a married guy. He seem to me to be very happy living with his cappy wife but he swears about his love for me and cries everytime I try to move on with someone else. I do not even feel he really likes me in bed too. Not able to figure out what makes him so attached to me.

  5. cap/aqu girl says:

    capriorns and scorpio is an amazing match, once you reach a level and a scorpio commits to a capricorn they form a bond that so far in my experience in unbreakable!

    I have known my fiancee who is scorpio for 16 years now, and we have dated on and off over this period, we have hurt each other numerous times and we always forgive and go back to each other, he is the only person/sign i will allow to hurt me and forgive and vice versa.

  6. Phenix/scorpio says:

    Anonymous- its the fact that he has emotions with you. Hes attached. Part of his heart is with you.

  7. Anzelika says:

    Hi i am Capricorn female and my ex is Scorpio. We broke up for a 3rd time and now it was my decision. But his want to win me back, but i loose trust with him after his betrayed me 2 times. I was very loyal to him, but still love him. I don’t want to make any more mistake. Do you think it can work?

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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