Why Scorpio men won’t tell how they feel about you

The initial stage of a relationship is harrowing, especially if you are with an uncommunicative man. You’re falling for him, but he just won’t come out and say how he feels. He’s sticking around, yes … but how do you know it’s not just for sex, or because being with you is better than being alone? You want clarity! And unfortunately, the Scorpio man is not the most divulging guy on the block.

Scorpio is the sign of secrets. This sign is not forthcoming, but for good reason. Scorpio is an emotional water sign, and feels pretty deeply. It may not be obvious, but there’s alot going on inside. The Scorpio man is keenly aware of people’s ability to harm, abuse and manipulate one another. His ruling planet Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, after all. Scary, dark things happen down there. Unspeakable things. It is better to just keep a lid on it, don’t you think? Otherwise, all the demons will be unleashed, and that’s not a pretty thing.

So, he keeps his feelings close to his chest. Although Scorpio has a rep for being mysterious, he’s only hiding from you because he’s afraid. After all, if he bares his soul to you, who knows how you can use that sensitive information to undermine him? He needs to trust you — implicitly — to give you the keys to his heart. He may indeed love you, but it’s not easy for him to utter the words. Not until he’s made sure they won’t come back and haunt him.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. Im VIRGO female and there’s this scorpio male he’s hot and cold but always comes to my rescue if i could be in a sticky situation at work so i can tell that he cares somewhat but he’s a big flirt and i can be jealous at times he also blushes when we flirt with one another.he is sometiming when it comes to text and i tell him he always ignoring me he says its not like that he but i get too many mixed signals. can anyone give me insight or shed more light lol

  2. Im VIRGO female and there’s this scorpio male i think he’s into me but he’s a flirt so im in between. I make him blush a lot and hes just so hard to read at times but i can be mysterious and hot and cold with him but its like he like it. im also a bit stubborn and he says he think im mean lol but i am stern and stand my ground(no push over) and there for him when needed. Do u think he’s really into me

  3. Hi Posh

    Scorpios tend to play their cards very close to their chest. Take their time and
    are very slow to reveal their true feelings which they are unable to explain to
    themselves at first so they can take quite some time to reach the point of being
    able to come clean as to how they really feel but once they do you will definitely
    know because they pull all the stops and are full steam ahead and that is when
    you will know for certain that he is “Really Into You”.

    I take it this is a new relationship or on the way to becoming one so just be patient
    by giving it time to evolve and develop naturally and the meantime it sounds as
    though you are doing a good job of keeping his interest by doing all the right things
    and especially by standing your ground and not being a pushover which is a deal
    breaker since they abhore weaklings whom are unable to withstand the pressure
    which every Scorpio has a tendency to place their potential love interest just to make
    sure they are up to the test which can make or brake their future prospects.???

    With a name like Posh you can’t go wrong. Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus

  4. Hi. I met this scorpio man online. We emailed each other everyday for several weeks. Took it to the phone and talked/texted almost every day. We finally went on a date last weekend and really connected. He wanted to see me the next day. I couldnt because I had to work. He seemed a little put off, but ok. I spoke to him the following day, he had company and I said I would call him later or he could call me. I didn’t think he would, just a feeling I had that something wasn’t quite right after I could not see him the day prior. To my surprise he called me after his company left. He again asked to see me, but I couldn’t as I was expecting company and didn’t know when they would leave. He didn’t let on that it bothered him, but I think it did. We spoke for a while on the phone and then hung up. He said he would call me later. He did not. He texted me, but I didn’t get the text until an hour later and I responded. The following morning I got a short, curt text. Not rude, but very indifferent. Nothing like our usual. I responded. I sent another text later that day, again, he was short, curt, a little cold. I responded and didn’t hear from him any more for a few days. He texted me yesterday to say hi and have a good day. I wasn’t expecting it and I didn’t see it until hours later. I responded in friendly. He text back about an hour later, a little friendly, but not like he wanted to talk as he said he wanted to get an early start. I text back kindly.

    Something has changed. I don’t know what. When we met, it was so lovely. Now, it’s like I don’t know what happened. Any insight? His venus is in scorpio as well.

  5. I been spendin time with my scorp for almost year. im a virgo but i know we like eachother. we both came out of hurtfull relationships n now we both dealing with trust issues. We are taking things really slow n enjoyin getting to know one another. he is really sweet very affectionate n very touchy feely seems to always want to b close to me when we r together. im falling in love with him but i dont think im ready for that yet. u cant stop thinkin about him n it doesnt help when he stares into my eyes n makes me feel like he is looking into me, makes me scared to look away n when i dont he kisses me sooo omg…we r both in our 40’s so we r not children. i really want this to turn into something serious. he got mad 1 time when he saw me in my car with another guy but it was my mechanic because i was going to get a new car. i didnt even know that he saw me until 2 days later. the message he left me was so mean i thought i never get out of a dog house but i did. at first when we started seeing eachother he was really nervous n uptight n its like being with someone else now. i know we still have some work to do but im learning how to b patient i just feel like im his little secret. what do i do…i want more

  6. Let me add just because i feel like his secret i know he is not seeing anyone else. before my birthday he surprised me with dinner at his place n candles all around his house n i think i hurt his feelings by not acknowledging it verbally…thats something im working on…sorry boo….on his birthday (11/9) i surprised him with a cupcake n some candles n believe me the icing was delicious lol…im not sure what he wants from me n from what we doing…i asked him before n all i got was that stare into my eyes n those yummy kisses…please help me…i tried to pull away but when i told him i needed to do that for awhile he was not having it….he was really upsad he was saying how sorry he was for making me feel that way n that he will do anything to make it up to me…my last relationship was 17 years so im not recognizing a new one anymore but couple of my friends keep telling me that in his head we are already in a relationship he just doesnt know how to say it out loud…are they right?

  7. My b.f.is a scorp I am a leo. The love making is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We get along great for the most part.but I have caught him in small little lies- not about cheating. Sites he has visited on his computer I don’t like. But any way he can be very secretive ,lustful,flirty and has a wandering eye. Um don’t most men? Any how he can also be be loving ,generous And honest sounds contradictory since I caught him in lies.has any female had a scorp guy and found him to be very honest/or veery deceitful?? We have been exclusive for two years and love each other very.much… if you would like to let me know your thoughts e mail me [redacted by publisher] if your into astrology and horoscopes. Id like to hear what you think on scorps. Tt4 now

  8. SexySag78 says:

    I’m a Sag hopelessly connected to a Scorp male..known him since we were kids….He had the biggest crush on me back then. That was 30 years ago. He says now he was “marking his territory” way back when. Two years ago we connected…this is the quintessential long distance romance….I live down south and he up north…it started innocently enough….the occasional text, the occasional phone call…we connected in a way that I never expected…it’s like our souls merged…He wooed me with love songs…we talk hours and hours on the phone…we like the same music, movies, I get his moods, his detachment…He says I belong to him and he to me….He tells me I’m everything he’s looking for in a woman….that we’ve come full circle in this life…that he wants to live with me…He wants me to meet his son who’s five….all this before we consummated our relationship. We met up…it was magic…the love making was unlike anything I had ever imagined. It was two souls merging…I felt like the entire world melted away….the problem…I have confessed my love to him…He has said it once…no more. I feel the love in his touch, the way he holds me, looks at me…when we make love i feel him holding his passion back…like he’s afraid…I’ve met his family, they love me and I them…sometimes he gets into his dark place and retreats from me…I feel so lost when he’s “dark”…he’s sexy and beautiful and we laugh and truly have a wonderful relationship but its like he holds a part of himself away from me..so frustrating. My life is an open book, his is a straight mystery….makes me wonder….but I love him so much….

  9. SexySag78 says:

    Also, I’ve never been the clingy type….I don’t kiss any man’s ass, but for this man, i’d walk over coals. I don’t understand…he’s like crack….I can’t get enough of him…I know there’s many a female vying for his attentions/affections. He says he had friends and such, and I’ve never caught him in a lie.he’s very honest but he’s also very secretive. Last time we were together he tells his mom, who dropped by to make us a sumptuous breakfast, “say good morning to your daughter in law” wtf??? So does he live me or not,??? There are times I see the vulnerability in his eyes and just when I think he’s going to crack….bam…the Ice King returns….grrrrr

  10. SexySag78 says:


  11. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    He loves you , they never say it , they just show you. The fact that he called you his moms daughter in law says it all, he already thinks of you as his wife. My Aqua man did the same, weve been together now for almost 5 years and he did the same thing with his family, he kept calling me his wife, we are common law, and to both of us we are married, its like how dare someone pronounces us married, we are married, LOL anyways, if you really love him, just keep showing him and stop worrying, he is in love big time…….he loves you, you might have to just be open with him and tell him how you’re never sure of his feelings if he doesn’t say them, he will LOVE it, they love to hear that someone loves them so much that it hurts, thats how they love 🙂 Just remember his trust they almost never re trust you and you’re a Sag what may seem harmless to you or to a Libra like me is serious business to a Scorpio, don’t even joke about flirting with anyone else, they just can’t get over it…..it hard but he will always need reassurance that your love is pure for him, and only him, even a friend can never come first, he has to until you have his kids then they come first. I’m not trying to imply anything but I know that sags are fun loving and just tease sometimes, we Libras do that too, Scorpios don’t consider anything about your relationship to be funny in anyway, its all Body, Mind and Soul…….completely committed to each other, My sister in law is married to a Scorpio, OMG they are so happy. they are best friends and that tough for a Leo woman to do, let her guard down for a Scorpio man. They’ve been married for 20 yrs now, they are best friends and that’s the only way a relationship can last with a Scorpio, the best friend thing has to always be there…. My Moms a Scorpio my Dad was a Cancer, they were together for 40 yrs, it just never changed, the love just grew, if you have a Scorpio love you, you are so lucky, I hope it just gets better like it did for them.

  12. SexySag78 says:

    Thank you for your insight…I love him. With every fiber of my being….with every drop of blood in my body….every cell every neuron…belongs to him…and only him. I’ve been married before. I’m no kid….what I feel for this man is the real deal…he said he wants to be my alpha and omega. My beginning and end…he already is…he is going through a lot right now…his ex, the mother of his son, has taken the baby out of state and he cannot see him as often as he used to. When she gets pissed at him she refuses to let him see the boy. This has devastated him. I can see his vulnerability and his pain. He knows I love him and would never hurt him. Ever. And yes you’re right. SAG LOVES to be flirty. I know. We are social butterflies. But, ever since him, my eyes,my body and soul are only for my Scorpio lover. I can’t imagine my life without him. But he gets into these moods…I call it the darkness,,, he’s been dark for 3 days now. I’m losing my mind…it never gets easier…

  13. SexySag78 says:

    I know he is testing me…I know it. He’s pushing to see if I will crack under pressure…if I will give up…become tired of his game… I will not. I have tasted the fruit of paradise…I will not give him up…to anyone or anything.

  14. SexySag78 says:

    Update….he said it…the words…he told me today he loves me…he said “I love you, babe” and I swear I almost died. He looked at me with his beautiful big brown eyes, and through those luscious full lips he breathed life into me when he said “I love you babe…”

  15. I am a virgo women, dated my scorpio guy for 1 yr plus. Initially very gushing, seeing me regularly, and had sex, and it was great. Slowly he started withdrawing. We communicated via phone, email and txt, but last 8 months did not see him.

    Last few days I told him how I felt-want to fall in love with him and move on further. He came back saying we want different things in life. My answer to him was – I know what I want and I let him know, so that later I do not regret that missed an opportunity to let him.

    He’s response was just “Understood ! 🙂 “…From my end I am hurt and done, but I secretly still love him. I do not plan on communicating after this …Do you think he will reach out or it will just die…Do you think he will ever realize that we could have had something good and he did not give it a chance or its this scorpio ego…?

    Any help will be great -because I would love us to be a couple but I don’t want to keep waiting for ever if there is no future…Also I feel he is very interested but is hiding it. And keeps on saying I want to F….but even has not come for it either!…And I am also like hime want to be consumed by him and he loves it !..Please help

  16. wateropals says:

    I had the same experience with a Scorp guy. I’m a Cancer girl. There was a lot of emotion and love shared for a year but at the same time there was a lot of outer chaos affecting us that had nothing to do with our r-ship yet was very difficult for us as a couple to deal with.
    Even though it felt like we were deeply in love he started to become less and less available until one day he just completely stopped communicating.
    It took me a while to realize I had been dumped at which point I felt like my whole world just cracked wide open and I fell into the deep dark dungeons of Hell.

    Fast forward…6 months later he finally answers my plea’s for acknowledgement of what has happened to him but keeps it very cordial. He continues to email me as the year goes by with an email here and there telling me how much he misses me or how he loves me still (but always has an excuse as to why we can’t see e-other).
    Now it has been a year and a half since I have seen him and my buddy tells me “to get real. He obviously has someone”.
    So I ask my Scorpio if indeed he has someone. He doesn’t lie. “Yes…he had just got married 6 months ago but his Pisces wife knows all about me..he still loves me and wants to see me!!!!” OMG!

    I just couldn’t believe what a naive person I was and I am past 40 by some years.
    I tell him ‘don’t contact me anymore’.

    4 months later he phones me and tells me his marriage is open and that he loves me . Meanwhile his wife was next to him hearing this and he puts me on the phone with her.

    ……… Long story short…. I end up having a 7 year correspondence with him that included seeing him once or twice a year during which there was always a lot of emotion and passion and expression of love.

    Just last November he told me he was still “In love with me” . Meanwhile he has remained married to his Pisces wife and put her through college and supported her and she has taken care of him when he went through several traumatic physical near death episodes that have left him in poor health.

    I finally completely put an end to our r-ship this last May and even though I still am in love with him, I know he could just string me along for the rest of my life if I let him.

    I know he does have love for me and might really have a part of him that is ‘In love with me’ …BUT I have seen in him and other Scorpio’s the ability to love without the need to be in that persons life on a daily basis.
    Many Scorps seem to be able to be very attached and detached at the same time.
    This Scorp was an 8th house sun with Merycury, Mars, Neptune and NNode in there so he was VERY INTENSE and very obsessive.

    If you are at all getting the feeling that your Scorp is pulling away it is best just to ask him flat out what kind of relationship he wants with you. If he is a good honest guy he will tell you. If he doesn’t answer you it is his way of just wanting to keep power over you and not be in or out of a relationship with you.
    Scorpio’s are infamous for popping in and out of relationships for years.
    Usually it finally ends as mine did.

    Since then I had another Scorpio pursue me and he got very possessive and obsessed very quickly into the relationship and I ended it very quickly but he still calls me.

    Meanwhile…. another Scorpio with the same b-day as the first Scorp, also began pursuing me.. ( I have Pluto transiting across from my sun right now).
    He too kept finding ways to stay connected to me even though i tried to end that r-ship also. I really am drawn to this Scorp but scared as heck to trust him being that he has the same d-day as the 1st one.

    He in typical Scorpio fashion is just sitting back and waiting and waiting and waiting. I have a feeling he may ultimately win me over. His sun is in the 5th natural ruler is Leo and I have a lot of planets in Leo including a stelum an we both have Gemini risings just a few degree’s apart.

    In finishing… I just know that its true what they say about going into a relationship with a Scorpio. You both can expect to be changed people by it.

  17. Need help with Scorpio guy. We work together and he started pursuing me giving me those infamous stares, stalking my every move, and asked our co-workers about me. So after a couple weeks, I gave him my number but he didn’t call. So after a month I asked him why hasn’t he called and he said he’s had a lot on his mind. So I did some investigating myself and found out he recently broke up with his girlfriend. So I backed off and basically started ignoring him but he started back pursing me and even told a co-worker that he couldn’t date her because he’s interested in me.

    I tried to continue to ignore him but I really like him so I couldn’t keep up the front for much longer so I started being receptive to his flirting again. The other day when I walked by he said to our co-worker, “isn’t she hot” I had a co-worker friend ask him if he had a girlfriend and he told her no. So I decided to ask him if he was busy this weekend and he said yes, so now I’m at a lost of what to do to get the ball rolling with us.

    He shows all this interest, brags about me to other people, yet he has not called or attempted to make any plans with me outside of work. I certainly don’t want to be a rebound so I understand if he wants to take some time before getting into another relationship but I don’t want to be waiting around and he ends up being with someone else. A part of me feels like I’m committing myself to him without him having to commit himself to me.

    But everyone says if a Scorpio has set his eyes on you he’s serious and you shouldn’t play around with knowing how he feels about you. He gets very territorial when other guys are around and when I come around, he makes sure he isn’t doing anything that would make me suspect anything. Like for example he was talking to a lady and they were shaking hands and when I walked by, he immediately dropped her hand.

    So he really doesn’t do anything that makes me doubt his interest in me besides the fact that its been 2 months and he still hasn’t called and when I tried to initiate us getting together, he turned down the invite. So I don’t know what to think…

  18. I’ve been dating several Scorps in my life. Actually, most of the guys I have dated were Scorpios. I don’t know why, but somehow they always sniff me out. If there is one Scorpio guy in a room full of people, he will find me. Every site, every astrological report says that Scorpios won’t commit, they are hiding their feelings, secretive, etc, etc. My experience with them has always been the opposite. Scorps dive in fast and want YOU to follow. They are upfront with their intentions, secrets, plans, and while some of them I had to turn down but remain friends with, with those whom I like it might get too intense sometimes and not easy to slow them down a bit without offending them. They are amazing, my best relationships have been with Scorpios and my best guy friend of many years is a Scorp as well.
    The secret to Scorpio’s heart is simple. Kick-ass! Don’t be easy. Know your self-worth, have your own goals and follow them. Be curious about life, things, science, pholosophy. Communicate with them as their friend, but if they cross the line punish them. Scorpio is a strong sign. They bond with those whom they respect. Now, they are also one of the most sex-obsessed sign, so if you are as well and can sex-talk with them without seeming crass or slutty, they will want YOU. Let them devoiur you in the bedroom, give in to their intensity and enjoy it. If you’re timid in the sack, intimidated or not highly sensual, they might play with you but they won’t be back for more. Scorps disolve into love making, that’s what makes them good at it. They also become the most volnurable during and after sex. You can thank me for that one later, ladies. 😉

  19. Oh I need help….I am a female scorpio crushing hard for a scorpio male. I have known this scorpio man for years now thru my soon to be x hubby We’ve always been friends but I shyed away from him because I felt that intensity every time I went near him. Its like he has always wanted me and I him . For years I kinda stayed away and withdrawn. Besides he has a girlfriend and is known to be a player. Im in deep. I decided to get to know him abit better and become not so withdrawn from him. The more I opened up on friendly terms the more touchy he got. When he first touched my hand I thought I was going to just pass out. That connection so intense. It upset me at first because I was still married and well honestly I had been friends with his girlfriend….. I know I know this is not my typical behavior by no means. I asked to speak with him about this connection and touchy stuff I opened up told him how I felt that strong connection. We both agreed to a point nothing could ever happen. Then we started meeting .. Just talking I pushed I did and I hate that I acted so desperatly. Sometimes it got hot and heavy and he would push me away cause he felt guilty but continued to meet with me sometimes. Sometimes he never even responds to my text messages hurts my feelings and I have told him. He tried sometimes to make me happy but really doesnt put in much effort. Last night I sent text I would be down his way and could meet at one of our spots… I said if you cant make it just let me know …. I said I will be there by 6:30 …. 6:42 I get a text saying I just got off work dont think I can make it . Now when someone says I dont think to mean that means maybe , undecided. So I reply I understand I can wait for you . No repsonse. Mind you Im 40 mins away and made an effort . The place we meet is only 5 mins from his house. Why didnt he answer ? I mean I felt like a fool sitting there. all he had to do was reply saying not coming . But he chooses not to answer. I sent text message letting him know just how i felt and I feel taken advantage of. and I dont wanna play games . Now Im sorta regretting sending that text message. help

  20. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    That’s so sad, I seriously want to give you a hug! OMG I sure hope that you find a man that loves you that deeply, it hurts I know, Scorpio men are so intense and very hard to get over, you sound like a Libra to me, whether you are or not you just have to find a new love quickly! You owe yourself a break, you need to be the one getting chased, go and flirt with the handsomest (single) guy that you can find and get yourself back in the game. Make yourself up to feel good, you need to get out the door and into another scene. Just try, he is going to be hard to shake from your soul (I’ve been there) so you need a very loving man right now to hold you. Find a Cancer man or another Scorpio, I have an Aqua but unless your a Libra you might not connect with a Martian like I did, I hope you find a new reason to smile and Quickly. Shake that guy loose from your soul, he will only drag you down unless he loves you, sounds like he’s too busy loving himself right now.

  21. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Sounds very intense, I had a passionate relationship like yours once but the guy never said “love” once. That’s great! If you keep your strength up I mean keep showing him your inner strength then you will always have his respect, I hope that your friendship is just as strong, a Scorpio man that is you friend too hangs around a lot longer then if he is just your lover, and OMg those guys are super lovers, he will respond better to your compassion and your interest in his life, they need to feel loved, the good ones do. I know a Leo woman that married a Scorpio man and they have been together for 20 years now, he loves her so much that it really shows, he is putting up with relatives that he hates just to make her happy, I mean if he dislikes someone but that person is part of her life then he is always encouraging her to keep things good with them, he is so loyal, he thinks that me and my husband are weird and he says its great LOL
    They are co-dependent like we are. These guys have an All or Nothing policy with their heart.

  22. NewlyWedLibraLady

    After letting him have it yesterday thru a text message he texts back we will always be friends…. he is always playing this friends card… do friends hold hands? Do they kiss ? I mean he’s driving me crazy

  23. MARY

    When a man calls you his friend then he really only views you as a friend regardless of what he’s doing because he’s only going to do what you allow him too. You should tell him you don’t kiss “friends” so either you’re his girlfriend or you’re moving on to a guy that wants a committed relationship. As long as you allow him the benefits of a relationship, he’s going to take it. He’s not playing the friends card, despite how you feel and what he does, he’s telling you its nothing more than friendship between you so believe him!

    I’m still in limbo with my Scorpio but I’m trying to be patient and give him the opportunity to take the lead but my patience is wearing thin. Not to mention there are other guys interested in me and although I want to be with Scorpio, he needs to be ready for a relationship or else I will have no other choice but to move on.

  24. My neighbour is a scorpio and I am a long suffering virgo. This Scorpio man deliberately pursued me for one month, and then one night, he leaned over to switch off a light behind me … In the dark he seized the opportunity to kiss me… I had no defenses left, I allowed myself be seduced by him… I’m a Virgo and a guy has to pass many different tests before I sleep with them… The Scorpio/Virgo attraction is a crazy powerful force that Ive never experienced. Then I didnt see him for a week! Then I realised that he forgot to tell me he had a girlfriend!! 🙁

    I was hurt and shocked, don’t ask me why, but i didnt get angry with him. I enjoyed the experience and then just mentally moved on.

    It’s been a year since we slept together. He keeps flirting with me, doing kind things for me, he cooks for me, we laugh a lot and there’s an obvious attraction, … Yet he has a girlfriend! On two occasions he has told me that his girlfriend wanted children and he didn’t, yet he continues to date her, meanwhile he’s flirting with me. I told him to stop flirting because it was confusing me.

    Recently He offered to take me to the airport (im currently overseas) and then he also insisted on picking me up from the airport when I got back. One night before my trip he started to tell me that Im really cool, that his daughter really likes and respects me and that his daughter wished that I was dating him! He told me yet again that he didn’t want children and then he admitted that he was very confused and wasn’t sleeping…if he really likes me … I still don’t know? He is still with his girlfriend but i can’t say anything (im neutral like Switzerland) because he needs work out what and who he wants!! Yet I really really like him. His heart is of gold, he demonstrates his caring nature by doing things for me.

    Resisting him is the hardest thing I have ever done. I must persist to resist because this indecisive Scorpio is driving me insane from his flirting, and yet hiding his feelings (and that’s if he likes me at all???).
    Very confused Virgo who’s lusting for a Scorpio!!!

  25. Hi I am very confuse with my Scorpio boy friend need advice ??? OK I been in relationship with my boyfriend for year and half first every so nice he sweet and kind to me .I am separate with my husband have 2 kids he divorce 2 times and he told me he very heart broken after he second wife left him they have 1 kid together with the second wife ,and he ex she have a boyfriend .but he told me he and the ex wife work at the same place with him .I am OK with it because I told him I am still leaving at the same house with my husband but notting happen between us OK he understand I know are relationship very complicated. But I live 4 hour away from him we make a time to see each other every couple week .if I busy he drove 4 hour to come see me that was nice of him .anywhere I feel sometime he really like me and sometime I feeling cold from him I get frustrated a lot about how are relationship how is going?? He not open much to me at all I am Aquarius and I am always open my mind when I talk with him .sometime I can’t understand him being so cold like he not care :(.but one day I ark him what is gonna happened about us ?? He say he really like me care about me but I don’t think I will fall in love against because of my hear broken to pieces OK. When I heard it very make me have no hope with him .but I believed I just getting to know him .and I really live him maybe I give him more time?? And yes I continued relationship with him everything fine after that but I keep parking myself if he can be fall in love with me if I give him a time ??? Or maybe never ?? Or I wasted my time ??? I need someone tell me what should I do ??? I really love him now everything going well he text me every day in the morning at night before he go to bed ,and sometime he text me in the afternoon show me the pics how he work ?? He share a lot of he information about work and friend with me .do he do all this just to keep me there when he want me I mean when he want sex ?? Or just a friend with benefit?? Why I say this because he say he will never fall in love agains. One time I am on the bus go see him he told me not to sit next to a guy ??? What it mean??? He can’t be jealous right ??? He not love me he should not saying it.I don’t know what should I do ???? Very confuse ????

  26. Oh!! By the way my Scorpio boyfriend keep text me that he miss me thinking about me even he busy with work I am so happy because I think he care about me but the problem is bother me he told me he never think he will fall in love agains ,but I do I want someone to love , to me if you think you will never fall in love against I rather happy he treats me bad then being so sweet nice kind to me I fall in love with him is very hurt that you know you love him but deep inside you always know that maybe you will never a love from him or the relationship never go forward 🙁

  27. I’m having a very intense cat and mouse game with a scorpio man. I’ve never felt this way before I feel were made for each other. I’m a gemini. He’s has the moon in my sun sign and my moon and pluto are scorpio in the 8th house. I know how his head works. The issue is…who’s going to make the decisive steps if were both secretive and independent?? Probably me, because he has pluto in the 1st house. So I suppose he wins the “scorpioness” competition. But I’m not going to chase him around either 😀

  28. The strange thing is that I’m a Scorpio too, lol 😛 As you can probably tell it gets pretty intense at times (if you know what I mean), lol. Anyway, sometimes I feel like I’m the one who’s closed off because I’m scared of getting hurt while he just puts it all out there. I’m usually the one who opens up first in relationships but for some reason I can’t with him. Maybe we’re just too similar and I’m scared that he can read between the lines and know exactly what I’m all about…? HELP. How do I begin opening up to him?? 🙂 Thanks

  29. Hi I’m very confuse about this scorpio guy, I’m not sure if he really like me. Actually he had a girl friend and that time they had a fight. The guy started to talk to me and calling me after a few days he ask me to go out with him, we have a lot of fun. I have a boyfriend and he knows it..One time he brought me to a nice park and he told me that a guy who bring a girl here usually the one that he love,I just tried to ignored him,time goes by I started to like him. One day he call me and he said that he can’t call me coz he don’t want make problem with my boyfriend and asking me that I’m the one to call him, I never call for a week and he never does as will. I can’t stop thinking of him and that time I don’t have choice but to call him, he asking why I dint call him for a week and thinking that maybe I forget him, I’m just confuse right now,I really I don’t know what I’m gonna do,do I need to continue talking to him or just to move on and forget him?help

  30. If someone can please help me it would be great.. So I met a Scorpio male 4 months ago out clubbing one night. He pursued me that night, he was sooo into me, didn’t leave my side that whole night, told me he wants to take me out on a date and come down to see me. He lives in another state and was only down for the weekend, so the next day he drove down and stayed with me for 2 days before flying out. We had the best time of connection and had sex which was like OMG good. He was so into me, he didn’t even want to leave to go back home. When he did get back though he was different, he tried to call me once, I never answered and apologised to him saying I was busy but then he never tried to call me since. When I initiated in trying to call him he ended up ignoring me for 3 days… He would take days responding to my texts, and then when I would think he’s over it Im not hearing back from him and would continue on with my life suddenly he is texting me non-stop.. Its like he reels me in and once he knows Im keen he stops again..ughh so annoying…He ended up not messaging me for a few weeks over the new years/Jan period, I don’t bother following up my messages to him asking why he hasn’t messaged I just get on with my life but he ended up coming up near to where I live again but never told me, I actually saw him at a concert and was so shocked and a little hurt he never told me I never bothered saying hello to him, even worse is the last message I had sent him was telling him I was going to THAT same concert so he would’ve known I was there. I only messaged him after the concert saying I had seen him, I am certain he had seen me too my sister even said she saw him looking over at me so Im like 99% sure he knew I was there. I basically just messaged him thanking him for everything and hope his year is well and that I had seen him at concert and hope he had a good time and basically hope he has a good life, I was ready to move on and not hear from him again… And then he messages me straight away saying I should’ve come and said hello that it would of been awesome and now he needs to make another visit to come see me… So we are now in touch again, and probably message each other a few times during the week. Its never anything substantial though, just flirty messages, he calls me sunshine and hun, and sends me pictures of himself etc… Im going to where he lives in a few weeks and Im not sure if I should even bother telling him. I honestly don’t know how he feels about me and when I have tried to kinda ask him he just ignores my questions and tells me how sexy I am or something…The thing is though when I decide to just continue on with my life and not contact him or anything I then get a barrage of messages/pics from him so Im just utterley confused, its like he doesn’t want me but then he doesn’t want anybody else to be with me or something. I don’t know why he doesn’t just leave me alone permanently, it would make my life much easier. Im still surprised we are even in contact as we have only met the one time, its weird to say the least. I really really like him though and NEVER thought Id ever feel this way about someone cause I had broken up with my ex-fiance of 5 years before meeting him so I wasn’t prepared for these kinds of feelings for someone else, Im almost embarrassed I have such strong feelings for a guy I only spent 2 days with… I guess I just need to know is this what a Scorpio does, does he like me or is he just enjoying teasing and torturing me with his hot and cold crap. Im an aries girl so Im pretty headstrong and I can handle it but I just want to know if I should bother keeping the contact with him or just move on and should I let him know Ill be in his city in a few weeks or just not bother telling him? I guess if I told him Im coming it would confirm if he is keen on me or if its just all smoke. Please tell me how these scorpio men are cause its my first time with a Scorpio man and wow its unlike any other Ive experienced…Im used to being in control and pursuing guys then deciding if I want to be with them or not and now I feel the tables have totally turned and its really up to him as to whether he wants to be with ME or not…ughhh sooo frustrated right now!! Any help or advice I would love!! Also even how I should talk to him/what to say to a Scorpio man, how to tell him whats on my mind without offending him…

  31. Dreamingaboutascorp says:

    He’s very very shy..he hardly talk to anyone but his friends. We used to stay in the same house so sometimes when we gather for drinks he usually talk to me about stuff and I’ve always noticed he comes and sits right in front of me.. He tells me stuff he doesn’t tell the other housemates except the ones he stays with.. Other time when we meet in college or just anywhere he just smiles being very shy. But I have really really started liking him.. We are not meeting for three months and there is a 20 out of 100 percent change we might not meet even after that.. I’m thinking of telling him about my feelings.. Is it okay to do that.. It’s complicated but I really like him

  32. Holy shiz. I’m in a relationship with yet ANOTHER Scorpio. WTF??? I just ended a relationship with an Aries almost three months ago and since he was rushing headlong into marriage, things got serious pretty quickly. My Pisces confession is that I’m kind of still worn out from the Aries mental illness and how he needed SO much. Things with my Scorpio were going GREAT! It’s only been a month and I’m not in love or anything like that, but things were soooooooooo easy. I mean like…super super easy. We’ve seen each other almost every single day for the past month. We’ve literally only been apart 3 days out of the last month and the last day apart was yesterday. However, things were off. After being together at a BBQ at my house this weekend and him meeting all of my other friends that he hadn’t met yet, he helps me clean up after the party and DEMANDS that I get dressed so that we can go out dancing. He loves when we go out together, because as a typical Scorp, he loves to have fun and show off his woman at the same time. I say, “Ok, Cool.” Well, I took my time getting ready, because usually he’s ready first and then waits at my house while I finish getting ready. This time I was COMPLETELY ready and he hadn’t showed up yet. I call him and he says that he was dealing with a very serious issue with his roommate, which was true, and that he forgot to call me to let me know not to get ready. This was a situation where the police were involved. I told him that I was a little irritated, but ok, stuff happens. Besides, we’ve spent so much time together, I was just like…hey…so we get a night off from each other. Fine. He encouraged me to go hang out at a bar where a good friend of mine works and wanted both of us to go. So he’s like…”Go see him. Go hang out with him since you’re already dressed. I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad at me.” So, I let it go and I have a good time sitting at the bar chit chatting with my friends there and being appreciative that my Babe was in full support, which means that I felt like I didn’t have to worry about him being mad later. Well, I don’t know if he was mad after all or what. We talk very openly to each other and the next morning I told him that I had a bit of a hangover from drinking ALOT (rum punch all day at the BBQ, two drinks later at the bar, PLUS a shot of tequila) and then I was kind of talking to him, but not to him and was like, “Holy crap, someone texted me at 3am. Did that REALLY happen??” So I read him the text where…for those who have been in this forum forever, the Capricorn from 2010? We’re still dealing with each other off and on five years later. Me and the Cap will NOT end up in a serious relationship or being committed. The Cap is kind of like…IDK…a boo thang that just won’t every stay away. So, I don’t tell the new Scorp all of this. I just say something about the fact that this guy has been around for five years and I don’t want to be with him permanently. I don’t go into a long story and just let him know that I blew the guy off. Which was completely true. I totally blew the Cap off and primarily, because he’s never contacted me at 3am. Now that he knows that I definitely can see him on a casual basis as a friend without getting my feelings involved, he’s always chasing me. That’s unhealthy IMO. Me and the Scorp laugh about my response to the Cap’s text. No biggie…at least that’s what I was thinking.

    Now…side bar. He’s always telling me about this or that female friend who lives in this or that state who has always wanted to hook up with him, but he refused and stayed friends with them. I don’t trip. He had two female friends visit him from his hometown the second week we were together and he showed me video of them having fun singing songs and whatnot. I thought it was SOOOOO cute and funny. I wasn’t worried. That night, after he picked up the chick and her sister from the airport, spent all day hanging out with them, he came to get me and we went dancing, eating, plus spent the night together at his place. So yeah…I wasn’t worried and truthfully, I’m still not worried about other women. He even took me last week to his family’s get together and have them meet me. They are fun and act like him, so it was good. They felt like I fit right in.

    This is the thing…he stood me up yesterday/last night. He doesn’t usually tell me what time he’s coming to my house and I don’t pester him. He just asked me to have his beer cold. Ok, I do that for him. I keep a cold one in the fridge for him to enjoy when he comes over. He never showed up. I fell asleep around 11pm and woke up at 12:30am and he still wasn’t there. I called and when he didn’t answer, I hung up and went to sleep kind of hurt and angry. I woke up around 2:30am and somehow was FURIOUS!!!! I had to calm myself down to try to get back to sleep. Right when I was about to get back to sleep, he calls me at 3:30am sounding groggy. I was PISSED! So, I let him know that I was furious with him and really didn’t say much. I would allow us to be on the phone with long stretches of silence without saying anything. He would call my name and I would be like, “I’m here.” Then he would ask me if I could find a way to not be mad at him right in the moment and I told him that wasn’t going to happen. Seriously!?!?! Hell no…I’m not going to just stop being mad at you on the spot, because that’s what you want. Eff that. I’m a Mars in Taurus and Taurus Rising…I respond extremely Arian to situations that I don’t like. The older that I get, the more comfortable I am expressing my anger (Pi Sun, Moon, Merc). He asks me what he can do to stop me from being angry and I told him that I really didn’t have an answer for that and didn’t feel motivated to come up with one. He asked me several times before I said that he could at least apologize. He offered up a sarcastic apology and I told him that I completely didn’t accept it. I called his apology sarcastic garbage. He even kind of growled at me in low tones that I needed to calm down before I pissed him off. I didn’t care. I didn’t raise my voice or curse at him, so I knew I was in the right. I just couldn’t calm down and didn’t feel like he deserved my cooperation at the time. So finally he asked again what would help me calm down. I told him that I needed to get back to sleep. He thought I just wanted off of the phone, but I told him in all sincerity, the conversation wasn’t helping me calm down and in fact was irritating me more…so the best thing was for me to just get back to sleep.

    This morning, first thing he calls and says, “Can I come get a kiss?” I tell him yes. He rushes over and I purposely put on half of my work clothes to let him know that I wasn’t going to just offer him sex. Ok…so here is where it gets real for me. He kissed me so passionately for a very long time and hugged me tightly, etc. We spend about 30 minutes making out and then I go to finish getting ready for work. Um, well that wasn’t completely successful. lol I finally gave in and I definitely don’t regret it. lol

    Here is the thing that I just thought about….and realize. He’s not working right now, but has an ok income right now. Like, he can take care of himself and meet his obligation to his three kids, because he says that when he is working, he makes ALOT of money. So, most of the time that we go out…I end up paying. That’s not an issue for me, because I work and have my own home business. Ok, not a problem. Plus, we hit up happy hour spots, so our times out are very inexpensive. He does pay sometimes and we go out about 2 times a week. Not bad at all. Long story short, he tried to tell me last week about how life will be when he gets back to work and how good I’ll have it and he was like, “Just wait…you’ll see”. I told him that I’m not worried about it. This guy has a watch collection to die for and owns not one, but two luxury vehicles free and clear. So, I know that when things are good, they are GREAT. I’m not worried. I actually like the way things are now. We don’t do flashy things. Yes, we both have a very nice and excessive wardrobe, but we’re kin spirits in that way. So we definitely look good when we go places together. He has the biggest wardrobe of any man that I’ve ever dated and I LOVE it. It’s like being friends/partners with someone who I know isn’t jealous of my very large walk in closet and accessories/shoes/purses…he just GETS it, unlike other people (men and women friends complain too much to me about how much personal stuff I have…it’s kind of weird). Anyways…last night, I think right before he made the decision to stand me up, he sends me a text and says, “I can’t wait to do something special for you.” I replied with, “You already do special things for me”. He was like, “Awwwwww”. But then he stood me up. I was furious. I was thinking that it was dirty for him to try to tap into my sentimental place in order to do something and be able to get away with it.

    Anywho….I’m feeling…IDK…extremely distrustful of him, though I’m doing a good job of hiding it. I also am now questioning if I’m ready for another man to put me through crap so soon after the Aries had my head spinning. He was unfortunately, really mentally ill…not even playing. He is not diagnosed, but it’s clear. His last contact with me was 2-3 weeks ago talking about death and dying, telling me to put flowers on his grave two years from now. Just mentally sick. I don’t think that I can handle another round of mental/emo games right now. I know that once I figure it all out, I’ll be able to express myself clearly. I’m not worried about it all, just needed to vent and tell my most recent Scorpio male experience story in a familiar place.

    Other placements for him are Moon in Virgo, Venus in Cap, Mars in Virgo…I’m still not sure of his rising sign. I’m also a Venus in Cap. BTW…I like younger guys. I get along so much better with all ages of men as friends than being in a relationship and that’s something that I’ve become very comfortable with as well over the past 5 years. However, when it comes to romance? Definitely 5-10 years younger is good for me. I’m 41. He’s 33. For the Sass old heads like me who might be peeking in…I’m down to my last kid at home and he’ll be gone in a year. Yayyyyyyyy!!!! LMBO!!!

  33. AriesGodess says:

    I’m an Aries Woman (31) I’ve known my Scorpio guy(32) for six months but we’ve been dating for about three months. Honestly the genesis of how we came about was very deceitful and wrong. He was in a relationship that he wasn’t sure was going to work. He’s a scorpio so of course he collects clues before he makes a decision. He saw that she wasn’t the one for him so he stuck around for a while (maybe a month or two) which are the two months we started our fwb status. He left her after we started getting involved. We started hanging out everyday and before I knew it, he has dubbed me as “his girl”! So the first time that he had introduced me as “his girl” I was in shock , but so happy and smitten??because there wasn’t any discussion about it. We had some bumps in the road because of my insecurities (naturally when you’ve dealt with another woman’s man) you feel like “he did it with me, he’ll do it to me!) but he says he doesn’t want to be that way anymore. Anyway things have been going smoothly… I treat him like a king and He loves it… The look and his body language screams “I’m superior to you other guys” when we go to the laundromat and I’m washing and folding all of his clothes while the other men have to do their own ? I cook for him, I’m there whenever he needs me and in turn , he treats me like a woman and takes care of me. He never expresses his feelings towards me though… I tell him that I love him sometimes but that’s only because I don’t want to bludgeon him with how much I really want to tell him ? he’s amazing in my eyes so much that I want him alllll to myself (? I know, selfish,right?!) but he’s my guilty pleasure, my weakness, my protector, my sexy intense lover. I’ve never been so attracted, so addicted and somewhat borderline obsessed ? with any man before. I couldn’t tell you the last man I’ve cooked or did laundry for , but I can damn sure tell you the first MY SCORPIO. I love catering to him, it’s just that I’m waiting to hear those three lovely words that we women yearn to hear from the man we adore so much. I get that it’s only been a few short months and I also get that he’s a scorpio and they take a long time to love. But I just want to hear the words one good time baby, tell me you love me and stop being so tough? because I’ll never leave you. ?

    I’m open for any advice
    , well wishes or opinions ?

  34. GenuineScorp says:

    Just to give some advice on why we are so secretive. With age comes experience and also the truth of who you are becomes more and more clear. I can’t change who I am deep inside and I have to addmit the bad traits of scorp run deep with me.

    The problem in relationships for me was that I had two long one of 3 years and one of 4 years, there has been a lot of girls in between before and after. The thing is that females are so enchanted by me at first that they don’t rly think it through. The last relationship of 4 years. The libra girl found my posessive and controling needs cute and strong at first, she was so insecure and afraid of losing me. But even then at the start I somehow knew the outcome I knew that my darkness would be too much for her. But anyway she loved me, how could I refuse love, also her lust for sex matched mine so I knew I was in trouble. In her eyes I only saw me, none other and so I decided to keep it. I went for the truth, I started to slowly open up in good faith that she would accept all my bad sides. Well the first two years were perfect. I knew our demise was coming closer as she didn’t really think it through, we built our relationship on passion, sex and we shut off the world around us. I desperatly tried to build in something more that will help us when the time comes, but she was so jealous and afraid of losing me that it was very hard. But knowing all about jealousy I gave myself completly, again on just pure faith which I rarely do.

    Well after two years of harmony the problems started. And I really hate my ability to always see the future, it started exactly how I thought it would. She just got overfed with me. It was too much, by the time I lost interest in everything around me, she started to reconnect with friends. I also tried but I knew I was fucked cos deep inside I didn’t want to I already let my overflowing love and focus on her, I was in. I was not her world anymore like she promised I will always be. One, two, three and more things started to get more important than us and our activities. And my nose for lies started smelling a heap of small lies pilling up together. She was the best lier in the world, but you can’t shit a shitter they say. She being a libra and now not so into me anymore her flirt with other men started to destroy me. My anger was not controlable, she “legally” never did anything wrong which was even worse, she started cheating emotinally cos she was stil not ready to lose me. I sniffed out that she had been talking to a dude online and as I suspected it lasted for two months. Our fights started to ruin everything. She started to look to other men to give her compliments, going out with her cheap girlfriends. She was better than that really. But things had to run it’s course. It have been a long and painful last 2 years. Idk if I mentioned that we moved in together after the first year, nvm. Well I knew I had to leave and get out anyway I can, it was hurting me so bad I became a wreck, a shadow of a man I was. She continued her torture, but I guess her selfish fear of losing me but not wanting me and my persistence to fix it drove me there. So I remember it like it was yesterday we were so tired of fighting it seemed like we were doing fine. She was doing the dishes and I was on my laptop typing something for work. Silence was enveloping the room. I stopped typing and asked out of the blue “Do you even still love me?” She stopped washing the dishes, but there was no answer. She started crying, but silently at first, only tears which I couldn’t see cos I could only see her back. I stood up clearly I was angry again and wanted and answer I already had. When I noticed her crying all I could do at that point was hug her as tight as I could. That night when she went to bed I did something I don’t even know was the right thing even today, I packed my things left my share of the money for bills and the rent and drove off to a hotel. I cried like a little baby almost every day the next 2 months, but I knew I had to find strength for both of us. She called amd called, but I couldn’t pick up cos if I did I knew I would go back for amazing sex and prolounged torture. Anyways we talked after the two months briefly and a bit later on but I threw her out of my life I had to. That relationship killed me, not just me it killed her too. We were like sweet poison. She will always be a great part of my life.

    So why am I always so secretive and intend to keep it that way? Well first of all I don’t want you to know my weak points, cos no matter how good your intentions are or how pure your love is it will be the death of me in the end. My darkness is mine alone and don’t try to break into it when dealing with a scorpio guy. But pls just know what you’re getting yourself into. If you choose us and go serious about it and you see we have great intrest not just a fling be prepared to stay forever in good and bad times or just get the hell away while you still can.

    Still after two years of my break up I generally don’t trust partners and it will take a lot and I mean really a lot to convince me that she means it when she says I love you and I want to be forever with you. And it is hard when I give so little now to begin with. Experienced scorps can rly be fucked up, but the passion at least for me is still there and I couldn’t live without it.

  35. GenuineScorp says:

    So to add up. If we hide our feelings we do it for a good reason mostly cos we got hurt before. We need ultimate proof that you mean it. So at the start of the relationship snap out of the spell and try to figure out if we fit you on the long run. We may not seem like that, but most of us “just” want security and by security I mean total control. That is our curse, take it or leave it. But if we have it, we will never ever look for someting else.

  36. Very nice article. I certainly love this site. Thanks!

  37. Me: (Cancer/Leo Cusp) Cancer Sun/Aries Moon/Scorpio Mars, Saturn, 2nd house/Venus in Leo/Ascendant in Libra/MC Cancer
    Him: Sun Libra/Moon Scorpio/Mars/Jupiter in Leo, MC in Virgo/Asc Sagittarius

    My story is very interesting to say the least! Being a Cancer Sun, I’m so confused with my behavior lately. I have fallen for not only a married man (I’m also married-although prior to any of this have been on the brink of leaving). I’ve never cheated in my life.

    I fell for none other than my instructor of all people! He was there for me during a hectic, depressing time for me in my marriage. Soon I noticed a deep, intense, spiritual connection and attraction to him. We had become friends and I told him this and how I’m conflicted bc of our situations.

    He responded that just like i stated (it’s not right) and if our situations were different, he would happily return my feelings. His behavior says the opposite. He has been glowing, happy, more loose and expressive than ever before during lectures since I told him. He also can no longer look me in the eye (very shy). He’s defended me, has gone out of his way to assist me. Has become jealous in front of the class when I spoke with my male friend.I catch him looking at me often. All body language says he is very interested.

    WELL recently he made a comment saying some of us don’t use our good sense in regards to our libido (we were learning this subject). Afterwards he was his normal joking/flirty self with me. That day I left early instead of staying to chat like i always do-I just left. When I came back several days later-he was cold, looked me straight in the eye, looked disheveled, didn’t smile at all to anyone. Walked in front of me instead of beside me or avoided me. I believe I hurt his feelings and sent a truly heartfelt apology. I cried all night worried I had hurt him and did say so. I actually have true feelings for him (not only libido at work). His wife is a Scorpio so Lord help me if (or when!) she finds out, too. He doesn’t appear too happy in the relationship but what do I know?

    I’m frustrated-we’re both married so I was trying to do the right thing. i can’t deny the insane chemistry between us. Its INTENSE…He had the opportunity to do something revengeful but chose not to and helped me instead. Didn’t respond to my email though (that’s ok-I get that). I also feel he has fallen for me. Aaahhhhh!! This is in.saaane. >_<

  38. (Gem)ini521 says:

    I met this Scorpio through an app on my phone I use to keep in touch with family and friends called glide. He sent me a message about my picture. That’s how it started. We continued talking here and there on glide until he gave me his number to call him. We had a brief conversation on the phone one night and he wanted to know my weakness then and there. I didn’t reveal it to him at that time. Any who I didnt call or talk to him after for a couple of days. I was having a hard time with the fact my ex had moved on from because I wasn’t completely over him. So I ended up talking to my Scorpio friend over the phone letting him know the weakness I was going through. He was helpful and nice listening to my problems and emotions. From there we talked every day. I told him he would be my new bff. He made me feel more positive about things at a negative time for me. He told me about his negative experiences except for one that I will later reveal. Of course my feelings started to change for him and I didn’t quite understand what the heck was going on. I was drawn to him. We finally met for a brief second because I had errands to run. He was sooo attractive and I being more drawn to him. It wasn’t just his physical either. Those eyes even on the pictures he sent absorbed me. His essence mmmmmm. Anyhow we still talked on the phone morning,noon, and night. I invited him out with me and my friends and he said maybe. Later that evening I get a text from him asking where was I and that he was at a bar kind of close to me. I told him at home getting dressed. That night he never showed up. I was a little bummed. I eventually told him him how i felt for him he told me I did really like him. He was just the rebound guy. He really isn’t. As time goes on our conversations went from morning, noon, and night to just mornings to a text here and there to ignoring my texts and calls. Sporadically sending me a text or calling as if nothing happened. Not to mention I invited him to others things only for him not to show. Yet he would always want pictures of me of what I was wearing to things I invited him to. That’s when I found out. On New Year’s eve that he told me he is still in love with his ex and he doesn’t want to be around others while going through it. Wow i would have never known because he seemed like he was into me. Well after that I invited him to something else and he didn’t show. I said you put no effoft into seeing me so I took it as he didn’t want to be bothered. He tried to smooth me over with making breakfast for me. We had a nice time I thought. He seemed comfortable around me because I know was with him.Since then I stilled continued trying, wanting, being his friend. He just went so cold on me. No calls texts or much of anything. What did I do wrong? I miss the sound of his voice. Am I missing something? FYI we never kissed or had sex.

  39. LovelyLibra says:

    Hi Libra here

    I met this Scorpio man 6 years ago on Facebook through networking we both were models at the time .He added me and he began to inbox me asking me how’s my day and what not .I lived in New Jersey and him in LA,so we would flirt heavily over the years .Everytime I made a visit to LA we always don’t get to see each other and he we now saw each other for the first time in 6 years because I recently moved to LA this January.The Chemistry was strong it was like talking to my twin ,I felt so comfortable with him .He took me to the Griffith park and we saw the infamous LA skyline and went to the Observatory ..breathtaking! I went home smiling ear to ear that night .So things got confusing after ,he only texts he told me when we met he’s not much of a communicator that he doesn’t call people.So he will text twice a week checking in on me but I haven’t seen him in almost 2 months why is he becoming distant ? He confuses me goes distant than comes back he tells me has no plans of leaving my life anytime soon.Evertyime I ask to see him he’s always working or he will make plans then flake and say work called him in.I told him I don’t know much about him and he says ,everything will come and that he’s worth the wait and that it will be worth my time.Im falling for this man idk what to do.He says all the right things but I need some action.We haven’t kissed but he gives me this stare like he’s looking into my soul.I have been single 4 years and was against relationships until I met this Scorpio man .

  40. My boyfriend of four and a half years is a Scorpio And he confuses the hell out of me too. One minute they act like they’re totally into you in the next minute they act like they have lost it for you. And my ex husband was also a Scorpio. Scorpio’s seem to run hot and cold. That’s just how Scorpios seem to be They do not like to open up to people they do not let people see their true feelings they hide things they’re secretive They do not want to appear vulnerable or weak to people. My boyfriend tells me he loves me and adores me but yet at the same time sometimes he acts like he doesn’t even want a relationship Go figure that’s just a Scorpio

  41. Lovely Libra says:

    He told me everything will come and how he’s worth it and it will be worth my time so basically he’s saying don’t give up? I’m so confused because he gives me so little information for me to go off of .

  42. He probably had another female in his life and he started feeling guilty about talking to another girl

  43. Hi ,

    I am a libra ( Married ) . I fell in love with a scorpio when I was staying away from my family for Job . He is the one who started the conversation and started our relationship. I fell in love with him eventually and I felt it as a soul connection . He is also married ( to a leo woman ) . He says he don’t love his wife and love me , but still he does everything for her and take care of her like a child . When he is at home and I message him, he just ignores the message or call. And when he comes out of the home he messages me or calls me. When he is with his family members or friends, he wont attend my call or replies back to messages . Initially he used to message me in the morning and in the evening , also used to call me everyday atleast once. Now a days , he just don’t remember to call me, when I call once in a week he attends the call and don’t have anything much to talk , because I asked him if he can leave his wife if he don’t love her ( he says I am his soul mate ) . He said he cannot leave her as it will hurt so many people and it is more important to keep 50 other people happy than to chose our happiness. she recently delivered a baby, he says he was thinking about me while doing sex with her and because he wanted a baby he had to do sex with her. But he always expects that whenever he calls me or text me, I should respond immediately or else he will get angry . Also even if I am with my husband he expects that I attend his call and give importance to him than anyone . I really don’t know , whether he really love me , or is just playing with me for sex , and draning me emotionally. When I asked you are trying to ditch me with out calling and texting me which is really bothering me , he said if I want to do that it is really easy for me and I can block you everywhere but I need you that’s why I am not doing it. I don’t want to lose you that’s why not picking up the call and texting infront of anyone …. This is going on now like this for almost 2 years . I don’t know whether he love me or love her . He said if anyone from my family comes to know about this , they will not let me to be with you and I have to leave you for ever . Please help me , I am not able to understand him at all. I feel like I am with a stranger who is keep on telling lies . I know having an extra marital affair is wrong , but I don’t know I fell in love with him so madly , I am not able to come out of it , and hurting my husband unnecessarily . Please help me in understanding him and coming out of the relationship with him and have a faithful life for the rest of my life .

  44. Would a scorpio ever joke about saying they think they’re in love with someone?

  45. Hey I’m a Gemini female and I’ve fallen for a Scorpio guy. it’s been hard he losing his tempter so quickly and manipulates me to do what he wants and if I don’t he flips and says awful things things cool down and we’re good again. This one time I was annoyed at him and I just flipped he surprise didn’t flip back but he blocked my number -_- for somwthing He did!!! Whyyy? We’re good again but it’s so annoying I can never be mad at him I always have to let him rant. but I still love him the same before any of it happened. It’s been getting hard and I’ve run out of answers on how to discreetly say no or say something so he’ll just drop it and let it go. Please help!!!!

  46. ScorpLover says:

    Thanks! You have really helped me as I’m dating my very first Scorpio male. It’s been 4 months and he’s coming closer. He’s secretive yet understanding. Reading your comments is like walking through a place that I’ve already been yet is now happening.

  47. Scorpios are very people.Especially men. There are a lot of emotions burried deep with. When they trust and if they ever trust it mesns that you have their heart. But if you break thst hard esrned trust they can be very vengeful. Do not fool around on a Scorpio. They do not take it lightly.however if you earned their trust you are treated like a queen. Good luck

  48. ScorpLover says:

    Thanks Angie! Well said! I’m taking heed. He did tell me that he trusts me. I will honor it. I’m a Cancer. I try my upmost to treat others as I would have them treat me.

  49. I am Scorpio male. You want to know about Scorpio? I love a girl from last 14 year’s but i can’t express my feelings to her cause i never knew that i love her. We scorpio r loyal and we have darker side in us that come out from no where! If u want to keep every thing under ur control then neven show scorpio that u r desperate

  50. ScorpioLover says:

    My Scorpio became emotionally distant after 4 1/2 months of dating. For the last two months, I practically stayed at his house each night. For the last month, he’s been emotionally distant. I wrote him a breakup text explaining that it’s okay if he wants to see others and that I respect that he doesn’t feel the same. He doesn’t kiss me, cuddle with me or anything. The only thing he does is cook dinner for me, serve me the food, call me daily, and invite me over to his house everyday. I stopped going because he momentarily tried to show affectionate but no kidding. We’ve only kissed once in a four month time period. Low and behold, I started noticing random texts late into the night and him getting off the phone quickly. His daily calls decreased to once a day towards the end of the work day. I believe he’s back with his ex of three years. I’m Cancer. In essence, I walked away and in no contact until I get over the feelings of caring about him. I love him and would’ve grown in love within the next two months had he reciprocated. We met on pof. In all honesty, I accept that he’s just not into me and was not willing to be exclusive with me.

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