Libra broke a Scorpio man’s heart 15 years ago, wants to regain his trust

hsat provided a birth time (click chart to view) and asks,

How do you get a scorpio [dated omitted] man to love and trust you if you broke his heart 15 years ago? prior to marriage….been married 8 years and this still comes up. I love him dearly.

Transiting Saturning is approaching a conjunction with your Venus — planet of relationships — at 20 Leo. Transiting Saturn was opposing your natal Venus in February 1993, which was a little more than 14 years ago. It was crossing your Ascendant — and opposing your Seventh House of Intimate Partnership — from March 1993 to December 1993. Saturn is the planet of hardship and obstacles. The opposition aspect often brings on a need to either end a relationship or make a significant change to make it work. I gather that the relationship ended back then, and that 1/2 a Saturn cycle later, you are needing to revisit this old relationship, to sew up the loose ends. As Saturn approaches its conjunction to Venus, a new cycle — to last about 29 years — will start. It is best to wrap things up, so that you can start anew.

As Saturn enters your Seventh House this summer, you can expect challenges in your marriage. Is it meant to last, or do you want to end it so that you can pursue the Scorpio whose heart you broke?

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Either way, you can expect some difficulty, especially with transiting Neptune opposing your Venus. You cannot see clearly now in matters of love, and are prone to idealization and illusion. It is best to talk things over with objective friend before you make any hasty decisions.

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  1. As long as you have been pining for the scorpio,the scorpio has either forgotten about you or has held a grudge.
    I vote for saying what you have to say to finalize things and move on.

  2. proserpine says:

    Good morning Jeff.
    I want to
    A.make sure you got my “mercury” as was planned, because it was sent under my other email address.
    B. tell you without further ado that I think you’re a smart astrologer, multi-faceted person, and thinker, and are probably a very good psychotherapist.
    I do believe I’d refer you to someone when/if appropriate.

  3. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Proserpine, I do not recall having received an email from you. And thanks for the kudos. Please try me again at and put your “alias” in the subject line.

  4. luvalileebra says:

    Scorps don’t forgive. They may give you the appearance of forgiving you; but that’s only so they can keep you close enough to dose out their famous “pay-back.” If you ever tick off a Scorpio and you are fortunate enough to know/realize what you’ve actually done and/or if he let’s it slip that you are not his end all be all — just pack up, move and never look back. These are serious and intense folks who love deeply. If you can’t handle it, don’t get involved to begin with. Once it’s over, it’s over. If he’s not contacting you anymore, consider yourself blessed because I would bet that if you do reconnect with him, you’ll be sorry you did.

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