Is my cheating Scorpio man really in love with me?

Demetria provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I have been in a relationship with a scorpio male for a yr. he cheated on me with a libra female 3 months into the relationship because he said I was yelling too much and smoking. He lied to me constantly about EVERYTHING. He swore he was in love with me and I was his dream girl but still cheated. She eventually dumped him and we got back together. (i eventually stopped the things he didnt like) he now swears he loves me, realizes he screwed up and wants to marry me. Is he really in love with me now or did he just come back by default?

Around April 2006, transiting Uranus — the planet of unpredictability and independence — entered your Seventh House of Partnership, which would have coincided with the beginning of your relationship with this Scorpio man. When Uranus enters this house, your partnership(s) are shaken up … you experience an awakening in how you relate to significant others.

After its retrograde period — when Uranus apparently moved backwards into your Sixth House — this revolutionary planet re-entered your Seventh House around February of this year. Now the real work begins, and there is more change on the horizon. Uranus is approaching an opposition to your Virgo Sun, which rules your Twelfth House of secret love affairs. During this life-changing transit, you experience radical breakthroughs, an awakening of your self-expression, and a need to do things your own way, however unconventional. However, this transit is an opposition, with transiting Uranus in your Seventh House. Both the aspect and the house concern relationships, so your love life is the realm through which you will undergo an electric makeover. As such, you may feel that change is being thrust upon you, not that you are a conscious agent of your own revolution of self. And I hate to break it to you … this transit is going to last a long time. Uranus stations retrograde at 18 Pisces — one degree from your 19 Virgo Sun — in June of this year, and passes 19 Pisces for the last time in January 2009.

Given the placement of transiting Uranus, the nature of the opposition aspect, and your Sun’s association with hidden things, I would not expect any sense of relationship stability for the next 18 months.

About the lying: Pisces and Neptune are associated with deception. Pisces sits on your Seventh House cusp, and your Sun (men) squares Neptune. Transiting Uranus has also been stimulating your natal Neptune. You may have a pattern of being drawn to men who are deceptive, or at least escapist in nature.

I haven’t answered your question. I don’t know if he’s in love with you. I do have two suggestions:

  1. Don’t get married until 2009.
  2. Use this relationship as a vessel in which you learn — through the Uranian principle of change — that you, my dear Virgo, have less control than you think.

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  1. I think the lesson here is to be careful of whom you are trusting your emotions to. It is uncertain to figure out if your partner is cheating on you and you can talk to him about it to certain.

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