How does a Leo gal keep an Aries man interested?

Dixie Gal provide a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

Hi.. I have been seeing a wonderful Aries man for a little over a month. What is the best way to keep him interested. In one sense he is shy, but in others he is wide open. I am too old for games and wish not to become just another memory… I love life but have lost some of my sensual side and desire to rekindle that fiery side of oneself.

The traditional ruler of your Aquarius Descendant (or Seventh House cusp) is Saturn in Aries in the Ninth House. This section of your chart concerns international travel, religion, philosophy, issues of meaning and faith, academic pursuits … in general, your desire to expand your horizons and experience adventure both mentally and physically. Since the planet signifying “the other” is in your Ninth House, you could try to keep him interested by asking him to join you in a pursuit related to this house. Go to free lectures at the university, or church events. Propose a trip somewhere exotic.

This area of life has always been a struggle for you, as Saturn brings a feeling of inferiority or deficit to whatever house he tenants. As a result, you have been seriously exploring what Ninth House concerns mean for you, in order to overcome your fear of not feeling fulfilled or successful in matters of faith and “big picture” themes. The Ninth relates to your Seventh House of partnership, so anyone with whom you are seriously involved can assist you in this growth opportunity.

You desire to rekindle the fiery side of yourself. Saturn has been transiting through Leo, passing over your Sun, Jupiter and Ascendant. This transit has brought a feeling of restriction, a dampening of your vital energies. Your Leonine fire will come back when Saturn moves into Virgo this fall.

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  1. Dixie Gal:

    I’m a Leo Female. Since two of my seemingly wonderful relationships with Aries ended abruptly I will give a little bit of insight. Have your own life first of all. I always did with the current relationship that ended. I am very independent, live alone, never asked for money, etc. I never really put my emotions on front street due to being so hurt from past relationships, and my personality doesn’t allow it. A few nice “I miss you 2” responses would occur but only if he said it first on text. Make sure you see other people with an Aries because when it ends, you’ll have a backup. Since they are magical creatures they attract alot of female attention. That persona is what helped attract you to him and another woman can see that in him as well, and they love attention. Don’t always be available. This was my number one mistake because I enjoyed sex with him so much and didn’t know how to say “I’m busy tonight.” If I would have learned that I would have been so far ahead. I’ve learned that valuable lesson from all this and am thankful. Men want us to hold out, even when they say they don’t. They don’t want it all up front and I made that mistake with this guy and he got “spoiled.” Hope this helps. Hugs

  2. leo female says:

    I have an onlne friend who is an aries male. i have chatted with him alot regarding the leo female he eventually ended it with. she could never open up to him when he needed it and got further away from him. He wanted a woman who could be leo strong but also sensitive. He wanted to hear all the sweet nothings but she never could give him that. So he ended it. I don’t know what his other chart placements are or what hers were and he seems very sensitive for a guy. I don’t know any other Aries males but hope that helps you.

  3. VirgoLady says:

    Move on!!! 2 word simple words…

  4. My best freind is a leo female who is in a wonderful relationship with an aries man. They have been together 3 years! i asked what he loves about her, and he said he loves that she is assertive and able to stand up for herself, if he shoves her, she shoves him back harder! he loves her coz she’s confident and bursting with energy, she has a brilliant sense of humour and so does he. They share a lot of personality traits in common. She’s very independent and so is he, they give each other space and then come bouncing back and love it! he loves that she is ambitious, very generous and compliments him regularly, aries men lovee that! She is also very witty and doesnt agree with everything he says. Aries men don’t like when someone always agrees with them, they want a challenge. Always play hard to get in early stages act distant and mysterious don’t be clingy and desperate. They also love a good flirt to though so don’t hold back all the time. Always be honest and loyal and ask them for advice and help, they love this but don’t tell them what to do a lot.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Kaye Ramos says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m currently dating this Aries man and I’m a leo woman, I was just wondering are they always hot and cold.. One days his sweet the next hour his cold. I just really like him so much, and just wanna know him more. We’ve been teasing a lot lately and talking about what is important for a relationship? is sex important too… if are there any aries man, you’re comment would help alot. thankx.

    btw? how could i spice our dating? i just want him too loosen up a bit, or maybe i should lol. his in the military so it’s kinda hard.

  6. jas lewis says:

    I am a leo woman and i have been talking to an aries man since june, the number one rule is to be patient. yes they will be there one day and u may hear little from them the next. But when they found the one they are interested in they are true. Leave them guessing like they do us. It drives them crazy. Another important thing is don’t be all about sex. Yes the aries man is right there with us and it may be the best, but it will begin to make us clingy and thats not a good thing. Aries men stay busy, they take on more than we ever could. Mine is a senior in college works two jobs, interns at an elementary school and plays city league basketball and is only 24. Another important thing is dont try to make them jealous because you may think they are not paying attention to your but they all times. But if u can give them their space and be patient on the relationship an aries man will make you feel like the most important woman in the world…and then some 🙂

  7. In my opinion, going on a exotic vacation always does the trick. It can uncover his hidden interest not to mention you both can know each other better through this. Why not go somewhere tropical for a week and see what happens after.

  8. Rob Vandriest/Mitchell says:

    Howdy Folks,

    I am Rob I met a fiery and lovely Leo Gal, 6 yrs ago, and she did ask me straight away to marry her lol, I said yes before i knew it lol. I must say we haven’t been together as yet, as we got seperated, as she went to visit her Mum (who is aries, and who’s gonna live with us, as soon she returns back home to the UK.), I am from the US. I love her to bits, and i know she is a handful, but she is my heaven-on-earth. I told her, whatever she wants daily i will give it to her, as i rather make and see her daily happy, than in a different mood. As i know when she is happy she will rub it off on me, soo whatever i will do, its a win-win situation. I am lecturer and did ask her become my mananger, and she thankfully agreed. For me Her happiness is the most important thing. Her Moon is scorpio and she got also like me quite some water in her chart too. My rising sign is cancer and i have 3 other pisces and 2 other cancer in my chart. She got 3 cancer and pisces too. But for me, I have decided long time ago, in early part of our relationship, that i will put her needs before my own, as i know, when she is happy, she will show that too me. We’re about 10 years apart in age, but in mind and spirit i have always stayed like a big child, and when i need to be serious i will be when i am lecturing, but otherwise i let my hair down, metaphorically speaking. Also her mother had agreed in our marriage too, so thats a good thing too. As of now june/july 2012 she will finally arrive back in the UK, and i can’t wait hiyaaaaaaa, to collect her and her mum from the main airport, give her what she desires and deserve on a day-to-day basis 24/7, 365 days year round. I wish you all the female leos good luck with your relationships, and males too.

    Too all the females Out There, when you get involved in a new relationship, tell him, that you were Born and Raised as a Lady and wanted to be treated as such. This way he will have no excuse to mistreat you ladies out there. As it makes my heart cry when i hear those stories when females are badly treated by their boyfriend or hubby.

    For now take care, Rob (Robert),Cheerio.

  9. Rob Vandriest/Mitchell says:

    Hi again,

    The reason we got seperated, is that her Mother Got sick, slipped six months in a coma, and at that time, i got stuck in the UK, with my passport, credit card and bankcards stolen. I now have been moving to the countryside of west wales, near the coast. While she is from Somerset. I was born and raised in Southern California. But for now wales is my home. She said that she likes wales, so our problem is solved to to live. before this i got stuck in Bristol. In the end thru my home church of the bristolvinyard i got involved as a volunteer with Crisis Ministeries and worked for 3 1/2yrs with homeless, alcoholics and druggies, in a project i did for 20 plus hours a week. I was born and raised in a Upperclass family and linny is from a Higher Middle Class family with her deceased daddy who had a real estate company etc. But as i was raised with Nannies since infancy and boardingschools during my childhood i told linny i want to raise our children at home and may even do homeschooling.

    But since she came in my life and became my central universe and sunshine, i will always put her needs and that of her mum bfore my own, as those 2 ppl are now the most important ppl in my life. And i also want to show this too our future children too. Ofcourse we will have at times our disagreements, but i told her i never want to go to bed, before we have solved our diisagreements no matter what.

    For now take care. Cheerio.

  10. Linny and Rob Vandriest/Mitchell says:


    Rob again, I am bytheway born March 27 (aries), with rising Cancer and Moon in Virgo.

    For now take care, Cheerio.

  11. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Hi Everyone
    My husbands brother is an Aries and his wife is Leo. I don’t see any affection or closeness between the couple. She takes a lot of cold shots from him and his Mom and he laughs at her when she has pain in her arm (she just had 3 surgeries) He makes it sound like shes a wimp when she is just mentioning that she can’t life more then 3 pounds until it heals. He told my husband years ago that if they hadn’t had kids he would have left her. I’ve seen her trying really hard to please him and he just shrugs her off as whatever she does is no big deal. I know shes 20 years older then when they met but he isn’t exactly the cover of GQ magazine right now himself. He seems very high on himself and down on her and their 2 kids. He treats his Aqua brother ( my husband) like he is beneath him. When all my husband ever wanted was his friendship.

  12. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Oh I forgot to mention he avoids me like the plague LOL
    I’ve met a lot of nice Aries men before but this guy is different, he thinks he’s above everyone else. Too bad. I am glad he isn’t a typical Aries guy

  13. I need help please!! It is advisable to send a message to an Aries men and apologizes cause we had a bad fight 5 days ago and I didn’t hear from him since that day!! I know we’re over but I just wanted to let him know that I feel so bad!!! for hurting him!!!
    Some advices please
    Leo woman!!

  14. No! Don’t apologize to the aries in my opinion says the Leo woman. Aries men are the most selfish, spoiled, gregarious men more so than any female leo. I don’t apologize to mine because when we fight really fight the scars are deep on my end but easily healed on his end. When he is good he’ll make sure all is well and forgotten about the fight and I’m back on his team as if nothing happened. When he is being the stubborn ram and I the queenly leo neither make effort to resolve an issue but being mad at each other hurts both parties. Some kind of way we end up back holding hands never mentioning the last heated argument. Is it a healthy relationship…idk but when right it is magical. No matter what I’ll always ???? my aries.

  15. Can you write about Aries Woman and Leo man compatibility please Jeffrey

  16. To sided LEO woman says:


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