Cancer woman betrayed by Gemini man. How can she get him back?

[ad#link]Pamela provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

My Gemini man cheated. Call me crazy (in love that is), but I want him back. So far, I’ve only read negative compatibility matches for Gemini man/Cancer woman. Does anyone know any successful matches for those signs? (Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise don’t count for obvious reasons 🙂 And how do I get him back?

She also wrote the following to me in the IM widget on this blog:

Well, he cheated on me with a Leo girl he thinks is more outgoing and compatible… We sort of broke up because of that, but he keeps calling me and saying he still has feelings for me.

Saturn — the traditional ruler of your Seventh House cusp (Aquarius) — is being opposed by transiting Pluto in your Fifth House of romance. Pluto is the planet of betrayal, and oppositions by transit often signify a “culmination” point, in which you either separate or decide to further your commitment. Of course, he was the one who cheated, but you must decide whether you want to continue the relationship. From what you have written, it sounds like he wants you to take him back.

During a Pluto transit to Saturn, you may feel that the structures in your life are being demolished, and that you are being severely constricted. It’s a period of break-down, as well as a “no way out” existential crisis. This transit will not be over for you until November. If I were you, I’d be wary of taking him back with the attitude that it’s “water under the bridge.” This is an opportunity for you to expose the dark side of romantic involvements, not do further burying of the past.

Not surprisingly, your Saturn is in Gemini. You may be attracted to a man with this Sun sign, but your Saturn’s conjunction to his Sun (by sign) makes a relationship with him a series of trials. Also, Gemini can be rather restless to a homebody Cancer. Not to say that it’s not workable, but be forewarned.

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  1. Why would you want him back? He cheated on you. Find someone who will treat you right.

  2. Ditto. It could only get worse if you took him back and accepted his behavior.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Born on April 20th… what am I Taurus or Aries. I am so mixed sign! I’m seeing an Gemini man (it’s an affair). Lonely but happy with my career and wanting him consistantly. What am I and what is the ‘sign’ signs here?

  4. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    April 20 Anonymous, I cannot know which sign you are — Aries or Taurus — without knowing the exact date and time of your birth. If you like, you can submit a question, and I may be able to answer you on the blog.

  5. I am a cancerian woman, who always falls for Gemini Men, all I can say is I have had two serious long term relationship with 2 gemini men over the years, same story, was engaged to get married, caught them cheating. (one with another cancerian woman, very messy situations) both wanted to come back, both tried several times over the years. I told them to take a hike. Gemini’s dont want a long term relationship, they cant do home, family, fidelity. Broke my heart, messed me up badly, took years to get over them. Never spoke to them again. I still miss them, (still love them, not that they will ever know) just not there lying, cheating behaviour. If it helps, they didnt change, I know of others that they did the same thing too.

    There just not worth the pain they cause. I wouldnt even date a gemini now. Very happy with a scorpio ; )

  6. Hello, i been with gemini for 2 years and for that year he cheated on me. And if i where you, LET IT GO…………..

  7. Jeffrey Kishner,

    Am a Cancer woman (1st july) my husband a Gemini (23rd may) we have a child. he cheated me 3yrs back – reason (his parents) they want him to marry a girl from their country,religion,cast and so on. he divorced me (without my concernt) it all happned just like that in few months time. i was betrayed. he is a double minded unstable headed gemini man, one day he think for me next minute he think for his parnets then the next minute he wants somthing else.

    i could never able to take him off my head. my parents and my relatives asked me to get out of the past, only advice they give me is come out of it. but its hard for me. my head is filled with memories i couldnt not come out of it easily. he is the only man in my life and he will be the only one. I WANT HIM BACK 🙁 for my son, for my peace of mind, for my life.

    He had tried to contact me before a two year and now in contact with me every single day. but he cant answer me this, will he come back or take us abck with him. he says he is bound to his parents they would dare to kill themselves if he cross their words.

    he says he want me back but he dont know how to make it happen. i want to know will he come back??? i can pass you both our natal chats. please reply. for past 2 years i been looking around all astrology websites to get an answer “will he come back”

    the divorce happned in 2007 when this saturn thing was in my sign 🙁 i couldnt able to stop that misarable thing “divorce”

    our relationship started so cute and lovely , we both never had any fights or argument so far till date. only thing made him go away was his relatives. he messed his mind when he was away from me. where iw as in other country for delivery and he went to his country to visit his parents.

  8. Gabriel R says:

    Ok!! im a gemini man and He likes you but understand that he’s an air sign and they need there space, dont try to control him. He’s too smart and clever, he probably just doing that to have your attention, keep knocking that door he will soon open it. Trust, geminis are great with cancer, thing is cancer are very moody and doesnt open to there mate. But text him call him, they like communication

  9. free spirit cancer says:

    i am a cancer woman and my fiancee is a gemini man. it has been tough understanding the amount of space he needs at times and him understanding my intuition and cautious ways, but i find myself needing a similar sort of distance and he needs me to grasp his quirky ways. not sure if that is because im closer to the cusp for gemini/cancer or what. also unlike most women, i really love. love is not possessive and jealous. i allow and encourage my beau to be himself. that is becaused i was raised to be myself. for me, often i meet men that intrigue me. this does not mean i love him any less. if he meets a woman that intrigues him, i cannot keep his spirited bottled while allowing mine to run free. one thing is a certain after 9 years of friendship and love, we both com home everynight and our bond is getting amazingly stronger. what no one mentions in this post is how dynamic, strong and perfect this pair can be when you understand each others needs and respect space while truly demonstrating love.

  10. cancer0704 says:

    sooo i can say i went about getting my Gemini all wrong ive known him since we were kids and he always liked me and everytime he tried to talk to me i always rejected him but 2 onths ago i msgd him and asked if he had a gf he said no BUT the fucked part is on my end i live with my bd and i have no job and that past 2 months has been nothing but drama with my bd trying to break us up he took y phone twice went through my fb sg took pics of him feeling on my ass and sent it to the guy from my phone lied and told the guy i sucked him off and will try it again once he got home from work. i recently foud out he just started talkin to some chick on fb i have 2 different fb pgs and i deactivated one and used the other page cause at the time my bd had my phone and was reading all my msgs i was sending the guy even my text and was telling his family everything that was goin on with me and the guy. but since the guy restricted me from seeing anything on his page ill long onto my old account to see hes been talking to some chick and i figured that from a page he made with him and the girl picture and when i brung it to him he lied to me and said she was his sister but i knew she wasnt so i let it go for a while until i seen the stuff she was tagging him inn so he told me that he dont know what goes on at my house with e and my bd im always with him and i told him if im tryin to talk to you all the time i cant be doin anything with hi plus bd is always at work so 1/2 time im home by myself with my son if were not at school so wed i told him that i planned on moving to stay with my friend to get myself toghter which i thought of doing earlier last month because i couldnt stay with anyone else and he said he was cool with it but wed when i told him that i was thinking of moving he was mad about it and i havent heard from him since then so i was texting up until friday when i said ill give him some space cause i was calling and texting him but i wasnt getting a response and didnt know that he really going to make things “{offical” with this chick until i logged into my other fb account and seen he posted a status saying theyre offical and he blocked me on one page then another status says im so happy but hurt at the same time and it feels if its a way to hurt me cause he thought that i was playing him he said he was only talking to her so he can get a car and i kinda believed it but really didnt so now hes moved on and ive been trying to get me a job (which ive shouldve done along time ago) cause i really do love him and feel like he still do love me just using her to get over me and i text him and told him that if he cares or not im not getting back with my bd im just goin to focus on me and my son and pray that we can start over again in the future and when i found out about the chick i wasnt mad i was jus dissapointed in him that he lied to me about her when ive been honest with him with everything (accept the picture) so should i let him go or continue to fight for him while getting my shit toghter

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