Approaching a shy Taurean

aries303 provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I’ve recently ended a 5 year relationship – my first real one, in part because I felt like I was “the man” of the couple and I longed to feel like the woman. As a single girl, I’ve been attracted to/attracting and dating Alpha types. 4 different guys I consider to be “my” type: powerful, aggressive, dynamic. But there is guy from my college days whoI’ve liked for six years. He is suddenly in my life again (we’ve been in schools in different cities and totally by chance, we’re now working in the same hospital). He’s the opposite of the guys I’m usually into . He’s a Taurus with his Moon, Mercury, Venus, AND Mars in Aries (why the self-esteem issues?)! I’ve never been able to explain how instantly we connected. The reason we didn’t get together in college was because – according to his best friend – he needed for me to make the first move, despite supposedly liking me a lot. I was bewildered and a little hurt and as a result, I refused to make the first move. Now I have the feeling he still likes me, since his best friend has started calling me again, wanting to hang out. This was always the only way this Taurus felt comfortable “going out” with me. I don’t want to have to go through his friends anymore! I want to approach him directly but I’m worried that I’ll scare him away! Is it a bad idea to be direct? How do I get the show on the road?

You and this Taurus man have two Sun-Moon conjunctions by sign (if not by aspect), with your your Sun and his Moon in Aries, and your Moon and his Sun in Taurus. These are good marriage aspects, for the Moon and Sun are the wife and husband.

I can also see why he’d want you to lead. As much as you want to be the “woman” in a relationship, you’ve got a lot of cardinal (initiating) energy, with Capricorn Rising and an Aries Sun. Other parts of your chart relate to your desire to be wined and dined: your love planets — Venus and Mars in Pisces — are more passive and yielding, and your Taurus Moon wants to be comforted.

Is it a bad idea to be direct?

How else are you going to get what you want? Taurus is reluctant to take risks, for he does not want to lose whatever security he has. He may be afraid of losing your friendship if he expreses his interest in you. So, you may have to be the “man” here to get things going. If you scare him away be being assertive, then he’s not ready for you.

Transiting Venus is just entering your Seventh House, and will conjoin your Seventh House Jupiter — planet of good fortune — around June 4. That will be a good time for looove. Transiting Mars will conjoin your natal Sun around May 26, which will give you an extra boost of assertiveness. The worst that can happen is that nothing romantic will come of your friendship with this Taurus man … and nothing has happened so far! Except for some potential embarrassment, you’ll at least know that you tried.

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  1. Eme Kah says:

    Go for it, baby doll! You can do it subtly, if that’s what you feel comfortable with. Just do it.

  2. i am a taurus/gemini cusp guy with a moon in taurus, and being more or less a full on taurus, i do not like initiating ANYTHING! i will wait for the girl to make any and all moves and be fine not being the alpha type! only one thing- i cant stand pushy people! and for any girl to make the first moves, that would mean she probably has an EXTRA pushy personality than most guys. blech! i dont want that! you’re best off making the first moves and watching how the chips fall! if your taurus guy likes you, he will GREATLY appreciate this. if not, he will not cut you off- once a friend, always a friend!

  3. TaurusWoman says:

    Female opinion: Be really direct and straight forward. We’re very attracted to that so long as it is with dignity.

  4. Katherine says:

    I am a scorpio that is very attracted to a taurus. I’m in college, taking summer school classes, and this particular class lasts like 3 hours, so we get two breaks. On each of these breaks, I get a little chance to talk to the taurus, and I feel a definite connection. He’s in my mind all the time, and I can guess that he feels something too by our conversations.
    I am so nervous that he won’t get around to saying anything. I don’t want to have to initiate anything, but I think I will need to. I will see him tomorrow, and I would really appreciate some advice on how to initiate at least hanging out outside of class.

  5. im a taurus girl nd ii totally hav tuh agree wit bobcat i mean ii like tuh start things well sumtimes in muh flirtatious way but den again ii wud like dha other person tuh start but not push meh in2 a relationship cuz ii wud feel suffocated nd uncomfortable :\ ii hate pushy ppl … but ii like dudes tuh take charge but not tuh too much cuz ii need tuh feel like we’re in this together not just dha guy

  6. Beauty&TheBull says:

    A SHY Taurean??? Is there such thing?!

    Yeah they say Taurus don’t like initiating thing, and like girls to make a move. Because of their charm and macho personality girls are drawn to them most of the time. I found that true but I don’t think you want to be ‘one of those girls’ I find that Taurus guys DO more than just initiate! They will approach, plan, chase, seduce, etc when they met the right girl!

    So what do we do as to ‘approach a shy Taurus’ ? We simply dress up real nice and get our butt out there to be seen! thats all 😉

  7. do taurus men like take like too chase their women then ????

  8. Never met a shy Taurus, man or woman….

  9. piscesgirl says:

    Hi, i fall in love with taurus guy now, i confuse shall i admit it to him or not, coz we are good friends now n have formed a group of 5 including us. btw we met at college, 5 months ago n since then we are always together. my concern is, i afraid if a tell him i like him than if he doesn’t like me , will he go away from me and my friends? i dont want lose him as a friend as well..
    thx 4 any advice be4..

  10. VirgoLovesTaurus says:


    Heres an idea…why not have a friend of the group ask him (by himself) casually, if he could see himself dating u, n report back to u….that way u will kno how to approach the real situation without losing ur friendship.

  11. Stubborn bull says:

    I am and am not a shy taurus! It’s a double standard, and confusing I know. If I am comfortable or uninterested in people, I am very easy-going and very easy to get along with. If I like you and you don’t make a move… it might never happen. The thought of me initiating makes me want to throw up! I will admit that I love when guys chase me a bit. Sometimes I fake the whole shy thing. I want someone to be in control. I need to feel like they WANT me, and badly. I need to feel very comfortable with them if I’m going to make a move. If you tell them that you think they’re attractive, or that you’re interested, or make it abundantly clear that you want them… then they might move in for the kill. We love it when anyone admires us, I think it’s what we live off of. I’m sure if you just make the first move by telling the guy you like him and toss him your number, he might call you! Make sure you look and smell good though! We are very superficial. Wearing sweatpants and messy hair isn’t going to work for us.
    Aries girl… we will chase, but honestly… we’re lazy. If you make it too hard, we’re just going to give up. Make it a simple chase, a hard menial task and we’re on it for as long as it takes. Just don’t play too hard to get. We easily shy from rejection.

    Pisces girl… you need to tell him how you feel. Maybe don’t go gushing on and on about love, commitment and rainbows, but you need to tell him you really like him and want to maybe take it to the next level. Don’t scare him away with all this sudden love and admiration… it might jeopardize the friendship, then you will be without your love, and without a friend too.
    Taureans are not that difficult. We’re just very cautious. Compliments help, they get you anywhere with anyone. You need to take control, but don’t be aggressive! It scares the crap out of us when someone puts everything on too strong. Take control with some class. Like “Taurus woman” said, do it with Dignity. We’ll come to you when we’re ready 🙂

  12. VirgoWoman says:

    Interesting words Stubborn bull.

    I’m wondering about a Taurus man’s intentions. He does seem very comfortable, easy going and easy to get along with. According to your account, that would suggest that he’s not interested in any more than friends. Which is ok. I’m in a mode of keeping my options open, dating around a bit and starting with a base of friendship.

    Anyway, he came into my neighborhood bar last night and asked if I would order him a beer while he went to play some music on the jukebox. He said to order myself one too and he’d buy. Then he sat with some other people for quite awhile. He finally came over and asked to sit with me. I told him I was hoping he would. He said something about not wanting to interfere with the guy next to me. Uh, there was no guy next to me! Hello. LOL But that’s when I wondered if he is shy but normally doesn’t act like it.

    He left after one beer, but invited me over later to see his new apartment. I called him about an hour later to see if he was still wanting company, and went over for a couple hours. We just talked and tried to get his new computer to hook up to his apartment’s wireless service. Nothing really romantic, but very comfortable. At the end of the evening he asked if I liked shrimp, and invited me to come over tonight for dinner. He is supposed to call me today to confirm.

    I’ve known “of him” in the neighborhood for a long time, but just last year we started talking a little bit. He had invited me twice last year to his place, once with other friends and once alone. He’s never made any moves other than friendship though.

    Well, I guess I’ll just see what happens. I do think he’s in the “end phase” of getting over an on-and-off rocky love interest, which it seems like he’s finally thinking that it’s “off” with her for good this time. Maybe he just needs a friend now.

  13. VirgoWoman says:

    This Taurus did not call to confirm dinner last night. I had made chocolate chip cookies to take over. Normally I don’t call men, but I was dressed up and thought that if dinner was off, then I’d take myself out to happy hour. So I called him to see if we were still on for shrimp. His daughter had asked him to take her to a Wednesday night church service. He did ask if I wanted to go with them. I’m thinking “What about shrimp, and why didn’t you call to let me know you were making other plans?” Of course I didn’t say that. I just said I wasn’t dressed for church, so for him to go ahead and we’d reschedule dinner for some other time. I told him I was going to happy hour. He said he would stop by the bar after church and buy me a beer. He didn’t. 🙁 Yep, friendship category. Shrug.

  14. Stubborn bull says:

    hmmmm That’s pretty odd 😛
    I can sense a virgo from a mile away from first glance. They are usually our perfect match.
    I think you left it well enough in his court, you didn’t come on too strong. You weren’t easy or trashy so he knows that you’re more than just something to play with. A Taurus needs to trust before he loves. When it comes to men, being a friend is a low-chance shot, but a Taurean… you’ve got a pretty good in. I don’t really know, my best friend is a male Virgo. We have the weirdest friendship that kind of jeopardize a few of my relationships and even had a small part in my failed marriage. We’re just almost too close of friends and everyone thinks that we should be together, but we just can’t see that. I’m not saying that is what will happen to you. Wait for him to reschedule and when he does (not if, he will call), even if you’re free be prepared to make it seem like you have something that you’ve already commited to but that you can reschedule those plans. That will show him that you’re interested in seeing him more than whatever else you were going to do. He will appreciate it.
    Wear something nice. Not too nice, nothing too revealing, but nothing too comfortable. lol… maybe a soft v-neck shirt. We are the rulers of the throat and we want to see those necks!! Be really touchy too, I’m sure you don’t have a problem with that.
    It doesn’t sound like he isn’t interested in you. For us Taureans (men and women alike) our family is our priority. If he planned something with his daughter and then realised that he forgot your plans and invited you… it wasn’t an insincere gesture at all. Bringing you in and meeting his daughter too… that’s huge!
    If he doesn’t call you by Saturday (which I’m sure he might) call him next wednesday or Thursday to pencil you in for some drinks, at a bar or at your place. We love our drinks, and make some more cookies 🙂 It sounds like you’re not right in the friend spot yet. stay patient, you’ll get your way!!! good luck! keep us posted!

  15. VirgoWoman says:

    Thank you Stubborn bull. We’ll see if he calls to reschedule, or just drops in at my pub again soon. I’ve also got prospects on an Aries and a Sagittarius, but this Taurus guy would be my first pick right now if it were all up to me.

    One thing that bugs me is that the last girl he was (and maybe still is) in love with is a loud, trash-mouthed, party girl. Everything that I am not. Anyway she has at least one new boyfriend and is moving back out of state. She used this Taurus to make her bf jealous, knowing that she has (or had) the Taurus wrapped around her little finger. In the back of my mind I’m thinking that if she IS his type of woman, then I am NOT his type. I’m keeping my eyes open to make sure that I’m not the “rebound girl”…where maybe he is trying to make HER jealous.

    That’s cool that you have a Virgo best friend. I have a Scorpio male best friend. He lives in the neighborhood and we call each other when either of us has car trouble and needs a ride. We go shoot pool together sometimes, and sometimes he invites me over. We push the coffee table to the side, he puts on vinyl albums of old classic music, and we dance in his living room until we’re totally exhausted. Sometimes I wonder why we’re just friends…but friendship is ALL I feel for him. It is what it is, but it is nice to have a friend. 🙂

  16. Stubborn bull says:

    there is never really a specific “type” sometimes (signs apart) people get so hurt by one certain type that we want something completely opposite. The guy I dated before I got married was a Gemini, always on the go, loud and vivatious. I married a very quiet shy Taurus. When that didn’t work I went for a very inventive poet Cancer, and when he hurt me I am now dating a wild crazy Aries. You might be exactly what he really needs. Of course we are drawn to those that are nothing like us, more out of curiosity than necessity, but a Taurus could be completely blown away from that characteristic trait over and over again. It’s inbedded into us that we ache for quiet peacefull nights with good food, good wine and good company. oh, and good cookies too 🙂
    I like to have fun every now and then, but it’s just way to much to put all of that effort into it. Keep your other options open, but if it’s him you want, maybe you should truely pursue this one.
    If not… I’m sure that Aries could show you a good time 😉 I know mine has!!!!

  17. VirgoWoman says:

    LOL I did mention to him that I had just taken some cookies out of the oven. He was “Mmmmm, cookies. Mmmm!” I took a container to the bar for him in case he showed up after church.

    It did not help me one bit to eat EIGHT cookies by myself in the last 24 hours. lol

    I don’t know any of these men well enough to know that they are the ONE I want. So yeah, I’m just putting myself out there and letting nature take its course. Right now with several lines in the water, I’m getting some nibbles, but no one is biting. 😉

    Today the Moon moved into Leo (good for romance) and Venus just transited to form a trine conjunction with my natal Uranus…which means ANYTHING could happen. 🙂

  18. Stubborn bull says:

    Hmmm… moon in Leo, that would make a lot of sense. I was really mushy all night. I’m sure my man saw a totally different side to me last night. hahaha… He’s not a believer so if I tried to explain, he wouldn’t care. Meh.

    He’ll come around though. So don’t worry about eating all of those cookies! I know that I would have just sat and ate them all myself too… 8 is will power! LOL

  19. VirgoWoman says:

    Haha Stubborn bull,

    I only baked 12 cookies, and the other four I didn’t eat I put in my car for him the other night. I’m eating all four of those RIGHT NOW. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    No word from the Taurus. Yesterday I saw his “last love” at the bar with another guy. Then she left saying that “someone” offered her a ride to a near-by town. She was walking out with a (3rd) guy, but then he (3rd guy) came right back insinde. Methinks that maybe she cajoled Taurus guy into sleeping on his “COUCH”, then driving her where ever. Haven’t seen him. She said she’d be in town a few more days before she goes back home out of state.

    I think this may just be too “messy” for me to worry about right now. The more this unwinds, the more I’m thinking “just friends”. Better friends than nothing though…I do think he has the qualities to be a cool ‘buddy’.

  20. VirgoWoman says:

    Sorry…typo…I meant inside, not “insinde”.

  21. Stubborn bull says:

    Well, maybe he’s not being all that assertive with you until he knows that this girl is completely out. He’ll come around. I wouldn’t wait around for it though. Go have fun, and enjoy those cookies 🙂

  22. VirgoWoman says:

    Hi Stubborn bull,

    Welcome back! 🙂

    No, I’m not waiting for any man. I have been going out (too much) flirting, flirting, flirting lately. Some day soon, one of these guys will ask me out on a REAL date. …and actually follow through… LOL Until then, I’m just staying “visible” and approachable.

    Maybe I will call him Tuesday to see if he wants to come up to the pub for a beer or two. I hate chasing men I’m interested in…that’s not at all my style. However, I don’t mind calling men “friends” now and then to catch up on life. Maybe he just needs a little nudge.

    At my age the whole dating game is a totally different animal from dating as a younger woman. I’m enjoying the process and the journey instead of focusing on the final destination. 😉

    Thanks again for your input!

  23. Stubborn bull says:

    I think I wrote this in “Taurus acts likes he’s interested, and disappears”… We really aren’t one for initiating. I hate making phone calls, unless it’s in dire need or necessity. I think it’s because we’re really anylitical thinkers and have to have the perfect approach to every circumstance. I don’t call my bf ever! He always calls me, I think that if he were to stop calling me the relationship would just end. It’s been tried and tested apparently lol. So to all girls approaching a shy Taurus, go ahead and be somewhat ascertive… I can guarentee that he won’t be. So call him up and ask him for drinks. If he says he’ll call you back at a said time, wait until that time, and if he calls, great, if not… go out without him. No need to waste your precious time waiting on some silly boy when there are some great men waiting around for someone just like you! I’m sure shy or not, if they really like you… they might actually put in an effort to grab your attention somehow!

  24. VirgoWoman says:

    Eessh! I think men SHOULD do the initiating. I’m usually like you and don’t call men unless they’re just my platonic men friends. I guess I’m making an exception here because I think this Taurus is good friendship material (and I wouldn’t mind investigating the possibility of more than friendship). He is very comfortable to be around.

    Yesterday I thought of a perfect “excuse” to call him. There is a area club contest this evening for my Toastmaster’s speaking club. It’s in the neighborhood, it’s free and it’s only a couple hours. I thought inviting him to that would be about the equivalent of him inviting me to join him and his daughter for church last week. (Hmmmm…instead of cooking me dinner which he had offered.)

    So I called….and got his answering machine… I just said “Hey, just wanted to touch base. Talk to you later.”

    I went with my best girl friend to happy hour. He did call while I was out and said sorry he missed my call. He said he’d call me back later. Still waiting….lol.

    Anyway, guess I’m going to my club’s speaking contest tonight solo. Never know who you’ll meet at these contests. 🙂

  25. VirgoWoman says:

    Still waiting for that phone call…five days later…lol

    I think this Taurus is the typical Taurus homebody type. Either that or he is at least not a regular at my “regular” pub. Looks like I’m going to have to be more forward and try to initiate seeing him again…which breaks my own “rules”. But I’ve read that Taurus WON’T initiate until they are pretty sure the other person is a fairly “safe bet”.

    So…I’ll plan to take my dogs for a walk in a neighborhood park this Sunday, and call tomorrow to see if he’d like to join us for some fresh air and sunshine.

    One more try…

  26. VirgoWoman says:

    Well, I did initiate a call last weekend but got voice mail. He called back and got my answering machine. I returned his call…voice mail. Endless phone tag. He returned my last call and said HE would call back later, but didn’t.

    Since he doesn’t frequent my neighborhood pub, I don’t know how to “get in front of him” and have some time to make a good impression.

    It has occurred to me that fire/air signs like to chase, and earth/water signs like to be chased. No wonder opposites attract! LOL If one of the things this Taurus and I have in common is NOT initiating, then how do combinations of earth and/or water signs ever get things rolling???

  27. VirgoWoman says:

    Strike three for me. I waited a week and called yesterday afternoon to invite him to a comedy club where I have a friend performing tonight. Got voicemail.

    Previously he has at least tried to return my calls and we end up in phone tag.

    He didn’t even bother to return my call. 🙁

    Who knows what is happening in his life. Could be anything. It definitely isn’t me.

    I’m sealing away his number and nexting him for now. No more phone calls.


  28. Stubborn bull says:

    I guess it’s a good way to do it. You’re pretty strong to be able to do that. I’m really proud of you.

    I’m so surprised though… I think next time around I’m holding out for a virgo. I’m tired of all of these other signs that just don’t work… or I have to work too hard. Virgo is where it’s at for a Taurus, and that’s what I want! it’s his loss, and I know that’s such a girl thing to say… but it’s really true. He will realise it… but hopefully for you… it’ll be too late!

  29. VirgoWoman says:

    Thanks SB,

    Honestly I haven’t been holding out for this Taurus. Since he invited me to his apartment a few weeeks ago, and then flaked on me about offering to cook dinner the next night, I have had a date with an Aries and a date with a Sag. I’m not ever pining away for any man. Until some man seems truly serious about me, I’m keeping all my options open.

    However, yes, I ran his chart and he seems more compatible than the guys who are chasing me (although they are fun). And I do always enjoying his company, on the very rare occassions I’ve gotten a little bit of his time.

    The message I left was very specific about having free passes for tonight if he wanted to join me. It would have just been polite to at least call me back and say “No” so that I could invite someone else. That’s the main reason I’m nexting him.

  30. VirgoWoman says:

    Achhh! So Taurus returned my call today….40 minutes AFTER I left the house to ask about the comedy club night. C’mon, 26 hours to return a phone call?

    Anyway, I took myself to happy hour before the comedy club and then stopped back at my neighborhood pub on the way home. Too late to call Taurus back tonight.

    Sigh. Guess I’ll wait a day or two and return his call. Endless phone tag, no dates, no plans, just phone tag. But since he did call back, I guess I’ll “un-next” him for now. lol

  31. VirgoWoman says:

    Ok, I waited a week to get back in touch with Taurus. I don’t know how many “last chances” I can give this guy. LOL

    He actually answered his phone today for the first time, no voicemail and phone tag. I have free passes again for the comedy club tomorrow night. He said he loves standup comedy and doesn’t have any plans “that he can think of”, but needs to check on “something” with his daughter. He said he’d call me later with an answer. I just said, “OK. Just PLEASE call back TODAY so that I can invite someone else if you can’t make it.”

    If he flakes on even calling back today, then I seriously need to buy a clue! 😉

  32. Wulkure says:

    I still havent dated a mature woman…wonder what its like….

  33. VirgoLovesTaurus says:

    hahahha @ Wulkure…u poor baby lol

  34. TaurusVen424 says:

    Taurus woman can be shy. I guess it depends on the day. When I was younger all I had was crushes and never dared to go to any guy for any reason. Now it would depend on if there is a connection then I would be straightforward. But I as a Taurus likes to be “wooed” if that still exists. Persistence on the other half has its rewards for a taurus.

  35. is there a difference between april taurians and may taurians.. my b-day is april 25th and to be honest i do no get along with any taurian people.. i find them to bossy, and slightly sly.. its as if i can instantly tell that there a taurus even when i meet them.. most of them i’ve met just seem all smiley when really i know there the craziest bitch from hell. haha hopefully i’ll meet a nice taurian someday :))

  36. Hi Jose. 🙂 hi everyone. I’m a taurus. A crazy bitch from hell full of smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂 actually I’m a doting mom of 3 lovely kids I absolutely love and adore. Yes, I’m very strict. Tough on strangers. But love deeply my Aries darling of few years. We are very close and deep with each other. But it took him about 6 mos to get me to go out with him. I’m tough to get close to. Very very selective but am very sincere and kind to those I trust. And you’d find me making friends with weird looking people coz I find them real. My best male friend is a Taurus. We get along very well. He’s my older bro in spirit. He’s picky with women. He married a classy lady, a capricorn. I call her sis. But he played with others and disappeared on them. He pursued the one he married strongly. I get along very well with capricorn men. I understand them well. Automatic. But I mostly keep to myself and home. Don’t like loud crowd. I don’t go out. Don’t drink alcohol. Just cook work clean church shopping go out to beach with my kids, have great time with my darling on weekends (restaurants, no bars, homecooking, he takes me shopping and stuff, he spoils me, feed me whatever I want to eat). Our intimacy is wonderful. I would never be with a taurus man. They’re boring to me. Had 2 married proposals from taurus and I walked out. I love Aries energy. I can control my darling. He has slowed down, maybe coz he’s old. 50 now. But we have so much fun. He took me to a pub and won’t take me back there again. I get scared and don’t like the smell there. My last taurus fiance was annoying. Tried to buy my love. Tried to be macho. Yuk. I don’t know about you ladies but I am a taurus woman and I don’t get drawn to taurus men. They’re good as friends for me but romance, hell NO. I’m already boring as a taurus so I need an Aries man who can take me on a fast ride sometimes and I can trust him. But I’m keeping my options open. Coz he might hurt me too. See? Taurus is like that. We keep our options open and we just disappeat when we don’t like something and we chum in silence and we don’t answer our calls lots of times unless it is family or our true love. There, that is taurus. We are fickle, selective, strict and extremely distant, extremely cautious. We are almost like capricorn.

  37. We taurus are very protective and territorial of our personal space. We come off as standoffish and unfriendly like capricorn. We belong to the weird and boring society :-):-) We are top loners and love being it for the peace and quiet. Yes, we are enclosed weirdos. We are introverts, at times worse and colder than capricorn men. Capricorn is quiet and distant. We are quiet distant and blunt. We don’t warm up and open up easily. We love deep but it takes us long to feel for someone or like someone. We pretty much know when we don’t like a person on the spot. We just hide away. I avoid people I dislike and stay alone and like it that way. I am a walking pillar of boredom. I am often labeled as a cold bitch. I am the twin sister personality of capricorn man. BUT we are very sincere when we like or love. We try to hold our tongue as best as possible when our patience is tried. We have bad tempers although it takes a great deal to anger us. We are weirdos.

  38. to all girls or guys trying to nab a Taurus….

    Arabella has taurus defined pretty well. lol. im a taurus woman too and i must admit. i can be out going or shy at times. sometimes i can be the life of the party–very social and other times i am introvert. i hate parties and drinking….im a people person but love my peace and quiet. love open settings for talking with close friends and family. hate big rowdy social crowds with strangers. hate the club scene. love a family type barbeque to make new friends… honesty. and yes it takes a while for us to let someone into our lives. but when when we love—we will love unconditionally. yes, our guards are still up but we will love and forgive for certain mistakes– but dont test us. we hate liars, cheaters, or thieves.

    one true way to catch a taurus is to be straight forward. if u like us–seek for our company. stay in our lives. talk to us. sometimes we just need an opening. be real (dont paint some fake picture of urself) to us, thats lying. we like to see where your heart is, what u are about, what u stand for, what ur values are, ur goals, ur intentions in life, the direction of ur life, if u like kids, if u are family oriented, work oriented, your priorities, how u think, they way u are……everything upfront. a great way to get us to open us up is to make us laugh. its very attractive to see someone who is comfortable in their own skin and can be humorous too. dont come on too strong. become a friend then a really good friend then work your way into our lives with dates or family events or skool events. if we see u from time to time we will begin to see the possibilities of being with u…..but it takes months to get to this point.

    once u establish yourself into our comfort level we will begin to see u for U! if we confide in u about something personal and it just is too personal then be grateful that we let u in. dont weird out and panic. we are letting u in little by little. u are slowly breaking our walls down and getting into our hearts. lol. it takes a while for us to trust and let u in but its worth the wait… least thats what i think. i’d hate to see people rebound and date left and right without foundations set. it just degrades the definition of what “love” is supposed to be……thats why we are slow to start a relationship.

    hope that helps. good luck in nabbing ur taurus! lol.

  39. Hey Marie, you give great advice too! All that you described are exactly the reasons I fell in love with my T. Always be sincere and be who you are, don’t try to change to fit in with him because he/she will find out in the long run. But that’s true with anyone, right? I never ‘tried’ with him but things worked out. It’s the best feeling in the world to be accepted & loved as you are.

  40. I gotta be the most boring taurus around here. my mother is an aries. my papa was borderline taurus/gemini but more taurus. he was very distant and strict and drew the line for me as to how i should be as a lady. boy was it tough. 🙂 he was my vocal teacher too so it was even worse. he was a musician. so here i am happy as a clam being the queen of weirdos and boredom kingdom. 🙂 and i won’t survive in a club or bar scene. 🙂 i still wont get it if someone is telling me a joke. 🙂 ok ok i am trying to learn fast here. 🙂

  41. Well, I think I am strange and boring and dull taurus. I just looked at my natal chart. It says Taurus (Sun) and Taurus (Ascendant). I am doomed for boredom and dullness. I am on the other side, the too extreme side. Ugh! 🙁

  42. So true. If you want something done, you better do it yourself. Taureans are less known to be risk takers so make the first move. If you see that the guy is a bit interested in you, why wait? Go for the gold sister!

  43. I’m a female pisces with moon in leo, venus in aquarius and mars in taurus. I’m too proud to chase after a man and I usually never have to. I just realize that I might be interested in this Taurus, but I don’t know how he feels about me. I have to know for sure he is interested in me that way should I make any suggestive act/comment that I might like him more than friend, but I’ve been reading about Taurus that they usually don’t make the move or that it takes them forever?

    He is quiet, smiley and shy around big group. But he’s quite mischievous and he’s very comfortable with the guys (touchy feely and all – NOT GAY THOUGH!).

    I never looked his way until last Friday after we played volleyball, he was trying to grab the phone I’m holding from me and we ended up wrestling for it on the gym floor in front of everyone else (all of whom we know well from before). Obviously I was over powered by him, and I wailed as he sat on me. We got up, he smiled and pinched my cheeks with his two hands. And I realized that he’s kind of cute, I think that I might have developed a crush for him. However, I also think it’s just that he got comfortable with me as a friend and he’s touchy feely with all the guys so is it possible that he sees me as a friend rather than an acquaintance before, hence the physical contact and nothing more?

    There goes my hope reading about Taurean usually does not want to make the first move. I’ll never know if he liked me.

  44. Tatyana says:

    Yep, that’s right, Alfred. Life is all about psychology, the kind of no one will not teach you at university.
    Life is a shrink around here. Astrology opens the doors to mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.
    If you are open, then Life is Fun, Fun, Fun always!

  45. Mai…its 2014 and this may come a bit late…but he is fishing. so defo interested.

    Hello to all. Thread seems to have gone dry 🙁

  46. Omg well I’m still working the Taurus out
    But Virgo woman I experienced the flakey ness exactly as you described I let it go a a couple of times till it drove me so mad I had to being it up. It came to a head when he didn’t pick up a call to meeting up and I just left and didn’t wait turns out he passed out but anyway I mentioned how much the flakey ness upset me and It drove me insane and made me feel like my time wasn’t being valued . I got a huge apology, begging to speak and a complete turn around in behaviour instantly. I mean I was seriously ready to walk away for good from any kind of even friendship if it continued because it drove me insane thinking my time wasn’t important.

  47. I’m a Pisces

  48. Actually I am very very none confrontational and easy going it’s only if I feel that someone is doing something that affects my life that i strike at that point I have no fear of loosing and I think it’s clear in my energy seems if you tell a taurus simply and clearly without too much blame or agression it works

  49. Stubborn bull so weird as I have a Taurus who phones me daily or used to for hours I’m Pisces and can’t stand the phone have a mild phobia I would avoid it and he would try and try and bring up how I hide behind a profile and messages !

  50. U r a taurus gemini cusp … if a girl is not ur friend but she knows that u like her cause u get extra shy … forget ur words in front of her and hide while seeing her …. should that girl approach?? and in what manner ?? Plzz tell … in love with a taurus-gemini cusp 🙂

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