Why did Libra turn cold?

In early March, a Taurus wrote:

i arranged to go out for drink with a Libra, he agreed to meeting up and seemed quite friendly in his texts. Until the day of going out he textd me a blunt message saying he couldnt make it, i assume hes not interested but y did he turn cold

Today, presumably the same person wrote:

Im female had a date with Libra male. Before his texts were warm and friendly. He cancelled last minute saying couldnt make it his text was cold. Thought that was it. Then he text me after 3 weeks. I replied but not heard again yet. Help?

LibraOne wouldn’t normally accuse Libra of being cold. This Venus-ruled sign is charming and polite. Unfortunately, Libra goes out of his way to avoid offending anyone, and there may not always be a diplomatic way to cancel a date.

How to back out gracefully? I’ll leave matters of textiquette to Miss Manners. Although cell phones are a great medium for an air sign, it may be difficult to convey emotional subtleties via SMS. Just because a text feels cold doesn’t mean that was the texter’s intention. And besides, would it have been better for him to write that he was no longer sweet on you? I’m not sure a Libra would text anything to hurt your feelings. Maybe he thought that “i cant make it” was all he could muster.

And yet … he texted you three weeks later, and did not respond to your reply. Libra indecision for ya! Why don’t you just CALL HIM?! Tell him you like him but are getting mixed signals, and you want to know what’s up. Yes, it’s a risk (anathema to Taurus, I know), but it’s the easiest way to stop torturing yourself. If he’s not straight with you, take that into consideration when you continue pining for him.

Comment below: Have you known a Libra to turn cold? How do you make sense of it?

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  1. Wow, you guys are very deep, Chip and George
    I need some guy advice please, my guy will do anything and everything under the sun for me. He is a devoted and stubborn Aquarius man. I love him so much that it hurts. When we talk and I find out he is right, I tell him. I can’t be mad st him and he shows me the same in return. I’m scared that one day he will find our relationship too boring because its so easy. Please tell me, is it the mystery around your lady that keeps you interested and excited? I can’t hide anything from my guy, he finds everything out quickly. Once you have your women figured out, will the love still be as intense? Do men need something to figure out to be happy? George, I really need to know please. If he ever stopped loving me the way he does now, I think I’d die.

  2. LibraLady,

    You are doing great.

    No, it is not the mystery that keeps me interested and in love with my wife.

    It is my admiration of her intelligence and inner radiating beauty that keeps me interested.

    Her sense of fair play, her interest in harmony, her love of our children, her ability to be a gracious host…..it is just her being her …that keeps me hypnotized.

    The main weakness in Libras is fear….

    As FDR said “the is nothing to fear except fear its self”.

    Aries husband, very happy with Libra wife….

  3. Thanks George
    You and your wife have been together for a long time it seems. It must be good. 🙂 I’m glad you mentioned your kids. One thing that made me love my guy more was how good he is to my son (our son now) He kid a real family man and its great, we spend a lot of time with his family and mine. His brother is Aries, really cool guy, married to a Leo woman (now theres a tricky relationship) For some reason the more they argue the more they love each other. Strange but I guess it works for them so I won’t judge. The kids come first, I think thats their biggest tie. Kids help you see what someone is really made of 🙂

  4. Wow, Jana…are we talking about the same man? I met my Libra on vacation many years ago…we reconnected 2 months ago when I ran across some old letters and just was curious to see how he had turned out after all these years. Well, from the get-go, he was making long-term plans, telling me he loved me, making plans for him to come out in October…we are 2,000 miles apart. I was pretty up front with him & told him that I thought I could love him and always, always complimented him on things. I guess he said all the things I needed to hear, but then about 3 weeks ago everything changed. I gave him his space, although not hearing his voice killed me…once in a while I would text him, little things like “I miss you”, “Hope your day’s going well”, and he would always respond, but then once he hadn’t called me for 2 weeks, I texted him one last time and pretty much told him I didn’t know what to think and that I loved him…he responded we would talk that day but never called. So, in my Aquarian state of outrage, I first blocked him on Facebook, then 2 days later mailed him all the keepsakes I had of him for all these years and a letter. Not really a good-bye letter, but telling him how disappointed & hurt I am by his behavior, and how I couldn’t keep those things without feeling bad…I think it is SO WRONG to tell someone you love them over & over, then pull a stunt like that. I guess it’s over, but I have a feeling I will hear from him again one day. I really did fall in love with him. Christine, it is funny, because “my guy” is Southern and a very deliberate talker, and came off as very sincere, but at first I definitely had a problem with his extreme drawl and slowness…but he’s very smart and it took me a couple conversations to realize I had to let him talk…slooooowly….to understand the man.

  5. I upset a friend of mine tonight.
    He is a libra.
    There is a story behind it, but for those who want to just try to answer my question without reading everything i have to say, i will cut to the chase.
    What do i do with an upset libra? It seems i have royally pissed him off, without intending to at all. He has pulled back from communication with me.
    Do i chase after him and try to bridge the connections or will that push him away more? Do i wait for him to come to me? Will he try to talk to me, or will his pride not allow him?
    Any insight will be appreciated, especially if you take into consideration the story behind this blowout.

    He is going through a messy breakup from a 2 year relationship with an Aquarius woman.
    For the past week i’ve been patiently listening to his rants, answering his phone calls at 4 in the morning when he needs to talk because she wont answer her phone, calming him though his panic attacks, talking him through his depression, trying to help him see the logical side of the events, and not just hate her.
    Then out of nowhere, he seems to resent me for doing this?
    Tonight he just snapped, claiming that I “Piss him off sometimes.”, to be followed by “You piss me off, I’m done with this, peace.”
    His grand finale to his hissy fit was his Facebook status update a few minutes after our conversation. ” Relationships are like TRANSFORMERS : Girls are Decepticons… theyre always transforming & screwing everything up. when it gets to be too much ill give up, and say “Autobots Roll Out”.”

    I’m hurt by this. I don’t think we are on the same wave, because it seems that when i say something that i thought was humorous, or just a statement, he would get offended.

    I don’t know what to do? He seems to think that he has feelings for me, but he just needs someone to listen to him, and that that is what i have been doing. I pointed that out, and he got seriously upset. I wasn’t trying to offend him, and i didn’t say it in an offensive way.
    I was shocked at how he took it. He got seriously upset, saying that if i thought that was the only reason he talked to me, then he didn’t want to talk to me at all. He continued with his rant, saying that he is tired of my saying that, and that i need to get it through my skull that he “Isn’t a bitch who needs to rely on me for comfort.”. That he finds me attractive, and easy to talk to, and enjoys talking to me and so on, and so on.

    I can’t take any of what he is saying seriously, because A) we have had conversations about how perfect his ex was, and how he will spend the rest of his life comparing women to her, looking for another her. His love for her is intense. I know that i am not what he is looking for. I am nothing like that girl, and i don’t plan to try to become like her. I know he is just looking for a rebound. I pointed that out too, and that was what really set him off i guess.
    I genuinely care about him AS A FRIEND. There a some feelings there, but i know we will be better off as friends, and nothing more. As it is now, we can’t even talk for one day without some disagreement popping up. Plus i’m holding out until i find my perfect scorpio man :]

    So, I searched google for answers, which led me to this website.

    Side note: Is this the right place to be posting this?

  6. Sassy Sagittarius says:

    Dear Mariah,

    By all means do not chase this guy. You will only piss him off more. Leave him alone. He will come back when he’s good and ready. Especially since he’s only a friend. Trust me, I know all about Libra men. I’m married to one and they don’t get any easier to deal with as they get older. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t seem to me like you’re getting much out of this friendship anyway. Stop letting him wake you up at the butt crack of dawn to complain about his “perfect” ex. Maybe you should stop worrying so much about this dude’s girl probs and focus on finding your perfect Scorpio man 😉

  7. Good advice, thanks!

  8. @LL,

    Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero – “Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future”…

    Boredom does not extinguish their interest… Aquarians can only be choked off by what I call the “dampening effect”… if you ampute their mind, and deliver sullenness, they’ll start to decompose… I don’t see you doing neither…

    …Lib and Aqua are wired similarly …you share civility …if you can inject “off-center”, you’ll be fine

    classic Libra, anticipating issues when there’s no indication of any… Pisces forebodes, but we know hurricane Earl is swirling, coming up the Atlantic, and that it will influence the weather… do you undersand the distinction?


    do nothing with an upset Libra… if they’ve passed judgement, there’s nothing you can do… even if you have some sort of rational argument to make… reserve it for a time when they initiate the convo…

    Pulliung back from communication is normal for them… especially if you’ve “pissed ’em off”… like George inferred they have difficulty with friction… had a Libra employer who once admitted to a co-worker, he did not how to deal with conflict… I rolled my eyes… he was the reason for the conflict… he would speak with each employee behind closed doors, trying to appease each one separately… he was ill equipped to mediate a large group… you can’t make everyone happy, but Libra tries… if they single you out as the source of their disharmony, you’re in trouble… if your discord is emotional in nature, good luck to you… they start spinning their wheels…

    You should only chase if that’s who you are… I chase… I don’t follow… I lead when I must… if your approach pushes him away, then you have to work it out together; he has to be willing to accept that deficiency in you (George points to conquering fear; I suspect they have to triumph over the sense of imperfection, or shortcoming that they see in others)…

    lastly, pride is not necessarily a Libra construct… I would assign it to a fire sign, or a traditionally stronger sign like Scorpio… if he doesn’t communicate, you might not meet his requirements…

    Libra will eventually talk to you… sort of reminds me of a text that I sent out of the blue to a Libra girl (we hadn’t seen each other for 6 months; 3 of which we were out of touch)… I asked, “Why is it that women always take advantage of my generosity? Am I that easy a mark?”… she responded, “Do I know you?”… I countered, “That answers my question.”… now, to shorten my story, it became apparent that she deleted my contact info… she continued to text that night, even left two VM’s… thing is, if a Libra knows they hurt you, they insist on discussing it to smooth things over… I didn’t pick up coz I knew what was coming – a facial… what I wanted was deep tissue – full body… they can’t deliver that…

  9. Chip
    thanks. Hey, what do you mean we can’t deliver deep tissue, I’ve made men cry with my deep tissue 🙂 LOL I’m Scorpio Rising though, I keep forgeting that. Venus in Scorpio. My Aqua has a Pisces Venus, deep waters and breezy sky, I guess we connect on both plains.

  10. hey, i would like some advice on libra men pls, been dating one 4 months or so, fine, distance relationship, emotional guy, hes having a bad time,,too much on his plate, and hes nit picking, little things in our relationship,, and doubting it, because everything, at his ‘home; is getting him down…
    Can someone explain, how i get him out of this ? ive backed off, text a few times….
    and im desp, to not loose him, thanku x

  11. evenin,,,
    my libra ( has called time out,and is ina real bad place )
    how can i get him back please ?
    thankyou x-x-x-x

  12. my libran date cancelled 4-5 times [cant keep count by the time if was number 4 and one of them, i cancelled] and when we finally met 4 the 1st time, he got me attending a work event followed by the proper date.

    We had drinks at a bar that we both liked, had fun, broke out in a private sing-along session and he even got up to dance … then ‘cinderella’ after 3 whisky on the rocks thought he’s knackered and wants to head home. [opps did i bore him just before midnight].

    What i thought went pretty well minus any seduction to steal a snog [most of my dates have], he offered to share a cab and being practical, he got off first and just when i was expecting a peck or a kiss …he drew out his right hand to shake mine! i didnt know if i should laugh, be disappointed, shocked or … brush it off as he’s not interested.

    suddenly i lost all the loving feeling with this one. it’s been a week n im still lost.

  13. You want confusing? This Libra is putting me through hoops and I’m really stumped on an answer.

    Right I met a Libra and we went and got lunch together (it wasn’t a date exactly, more a rendezvous) and after he invited me round his friend’s house because he said he had to go and see her. We drove over and she was really nice and seemed to really like me. I stayed very late and left at about 11pm.
    He text me saying ‘I really, really like you’ and I replied that I liked him too.

    I then got invited to go out clubbing with him and all his friends. I thought it was great he was introducing me to his friends. I tried to be as social as I could be and admittedly didn’t spend much time with him. I spoke to all his friends individually and danced with them all and they all seemed to like me.
    He then got a bit annoyed so I spent time with him and kissed him (not properly. Just a peck on the lips.) and he seemed to perk up after that.
    When the night was over we went back to his friend’s house and we all went to sleep. We were lying there cuddling each other but he passed out from alot of alcohol. But before he’d passed out I’d be trying my best to kiss him properly on the mouth to really make it get moving. He had the opportunity but didn’t take it. I couldn’t understand. He said he liked me!

    The next day when I left I text him and said I’d been trying to kiss him properly but it didn’t happen. He said he’d had a great night, got cuddles off a really sexy guy and all this stuff and then said he felt bad we hadn’t kissed properly. He then said he hoped we’d have lots of kissing opportunities in the future,

    I didn’t reply to that text because what was there to reply too? I could have said ‘I hope so’ but he knows I wanted to kiss him. I was the one who’d been trying all night! He then text back an hour later saying ‘you always disappear after a text like that. Sorry’
    and haven’t heard from him since. And he ALWAYS texts me/rings me. Not heard a thing. And I’ve text him saying it’s fine, that I don’t disappear after those texts and tried my best and funniest anecdotes. Not a word.

    Should I play hard to get and let him chase me? Ideas?

  14. I think the reason why a Libra lover or date “turns cold” on you is because a Libra lover wants to appear as an “All OK” lover at all times to the person he/she is dating or seeing.
    1. Libra thinks that it’s a nice thing to do to not tell his/her problems to the lover, or that’s how they love a person or how they maintain a relationship.
    2. Libra is afraid that you would stay away from him/her once you know their problems or know too much about their problems. So they already put a “tag” on you as a lover or a prospective lover whom wouldn’t want to know about their problems and would stay away from them once you know too much about their shortfalls.

    If a Libra did tell you his problem (in a lover’s context), it is almost definitely he would immediately “push you away” as soon as you were told the problem and even if you showed that you care. Why? Because of the two reasons above.

    These problems can be the problems everyone face in life: love, relationship, financial, work, family, health, etc.

    They would rather keep you away than to let you know further about their problems. The more you want to know, the more you push to get near or try to approach your Libra lover (with good intention to care about him or about your relationship with him), the more your Libra lover would keep his/her distance with you. Now this is I think what you would refer to as “suddenly turn cold”.

    The whole thing will then become a big confusion for you because you would want to know what’s happening with your Libra lover or what’s happening with your relationship with him, but he/she keeps you at a distance. The more you get close, or the more you ask, the further a LIbra will keep you away.

    Another problem:
    While a libra lover is keeping a distance with you, maybe by cutting off communication with you, reducing their responses to you, and so on, a Libra may meet another person. Since this person is “freshly” met, a Libra doesn’t have that same “burden” of telling this person about himself or a problem he has. Simply because the “risk” of losing this person is not greater than the “risk” of losing you. Then he told this person about the problem. If the person is understanding enough or a good listener, then their relationship may escalate to a love relationship because the libra man or woman think that this person is the closest he/she has at the moment. But then the same cycle will happen again between this new person and your libra lover. And so it goes on, and on and on and on… That is how Libra gets into many relationships at the same period of time.

    I don’t think there are many people can get into a longlasting or consistent relationship with a Libra, especially those of you whom are caring person who wants to know about your lover and your relationship with him/her. But there are those who can. If you feel that you can’t be with a lover whom tends to “cover up” his or her problems from you, and don’t like surprises when the problem inevitably arises in front of you and you lover didn’t tell you anything about it, then you’d better look for a more open lover whom think open communication and tactful problem telling is a fair thing to mutually do with a lover.

    Cheers 🙂

  15. Additional Comment:
    It’s not about who’s good or bad, but look at it this way:
    Your Libra lover thinks that it’s a nice thing to do to keep someone who likes or loves him/her away from his/her problems.
    You, on the other hand, may be a caring person and want to know what’s happening with him/her/your relationship.
    You are not wrong, your Libra lover is not wrong either. It’s just a different perspective of how to be nice 🙂

  16. hey all, i split from my libra male, a couple of months back.,. he kept the door open, and made it hard for me to cut ties, i never contacted him, tried to calm my feelings for him etc etc, he even came crying to me on the fone 3 wks ago, when he was in trouble.. and we spoke a few times, then a lady friend popped up,and he sent me a mail few days after…then POW they are ‘dating early days (her words) however, being a mile ahead as I am (being the BRIGHT SPARK) hes on 2 sites as Single, which she doesnt know about YET< they are involving FAMILIES aready ?!?! its been what 2/3 weeks !!!…….Im so tempted to BLOW his cover, and lay all his Sh*t BARE !!… HELP please xx thanku

  17. I’m a Capricorn girl madly in love with a Libra man. He pursued me for a long time and after I said yes,it was more or less bliss. Then all of a sudden he said although he loved me,he doesn’t want to continue seeing me anymore,don’t contact him,etc etc. I so badly want him to come back. Also he never gave me a reason,he just said,don’t ask me for a reason…And I have no idea what to do…I need to know a reason to move on…But I want him to come back and therefore don’t really want to move on…What should I do??? (He’s 25 this year and I am 22) And I should probably also mention that the day before,he had asked me when I was gonna marry him and I said I cain’t really answer that since he hadn’t asked.

  18. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Its weird isn’t it. Libra guys are a real puzzle, I was married to one for 5 years, I have a brother Libra too, I can usually understand men, you can learn to understand most men by their sun sign but a Libra male is strange, he has his own rules on how things work for everyone else and how things work for him. For example if he were to suddenly crap on the floor,it would be you who is not nice because you dared to mention it, Do you know what I mean? One day they will shock you with a completely unselfish act but then the next day act petty and selfish about something else, you’d swear you married 2 different men. A Leo man is sattisfied if you stroke his ego, an Aries man is happy if you let him know that you only have eyes for him, a Capricorn man will appreciate that you work beside him for the same goal, a Cancer man will give his life for you if he knows your love is mutual, an Aqua man will stay with you if he sees that you don ‘t want to pen him in, basically if he thinks the relationship was all his idea LOL, My point is all men of different signs will stay with a woman for a specific reason, but a Libra man always seems to be there for now, like he’s always waiting for a better deal else where. They change theire minds so fast and you didn’t even have to do anything wrong, as a matter of fact my ex was mad because I tried to please him, he wanted to leave but wanted it to be all my fault, the more I did for him the more he grumped, thats it I think, ownership. like when they ask you for your opinion, they don’t want your advice they want an accompliss, oh and this is the funniest part, after they leave you, you are the one who’s mean if you go on with your life, after all you should have stayed alone incase they change their mind again….LOL mine was back at my door 10 years after he left because he found out I was getting married again…oh, if this happens you have my sympathy, if you ever end it with a Libra man and marry an Aquarian man, don’t be surprised if these 2 guys that claim they hate eachother actually get along….real freaky
    Last month I woke up after emergeny surgery with my ex husband and my husband talking beside my bed as though they always knoew eachthoer…….yeeg
    Once I was okay, my husband all of a sudden hated my ex again, (I have an Aqua hubby, they are a different puzzle) LOL

  19. I’ve been with this libra boy for almost a year and can’t let go. For libra experts, I’d like some much needed & appreciated assitance?!

    I’m an aqua who started seeing this libra boy. Funny thing is, when I first met him he was all over me. He wanted to hold my hand, was being all cute and was completely smitten, it shocked me! I had met him through a friend of whom he had some one nite fling with and i thought he initially liked her! She was a libra. Well I was intrigued and just as attracted but had to turn him down cuz i was with someone else. I then re-connected with him after him ignoring a bit and he started chasing me again. So I hung out with him for the first time but he was so physical that I turned him down again questioning his sincerity. Too much too fast for me.

    Then, about a week later I started what is now ongoing- this sort of friends with benefits ensemble. I called him late one night and what I thought was going to be a one time thing ended up occurring multiple times b/c he continued to call me after. He was very persistent in the beginning, calling every other day and I had to turn him down after about our 3rd time ( again, too much!)

    Long story short…i don’t know if he wanted a relationship cuz he never said it but i do remember trying to go out and it not working, we are both from same but different backgrounds. And after trying to move on, I stopped talking to him to which he came back. But he’d run hot and cold. He’d call me as usual and change his mind. And then next thing I knew he’d be in a relationship for a week and I wouldn’t show him it bothered me and he came running back when it was over almost immediately.

    We didn’t initially sleep with each other right away, he waited until i was ready which was months after, up until 3 months ago but i never forgot him telling me he loved certain physical features of myself within the first week. It shocked me and he just continued more throughout time. He’d always seek reassurance or want me to compliment him.

    Thing is, this whole time he’s been surrounded by gorgeous women b/c of his job and I’ve been insecure about it. He would initially tell me who called and reassure me they were just friends that after i told him he didn’t have to do that. And so not too long ago, our visits have shortened to every 3 weeks. But he has his days. One month he’s super persistent and then nothing. I don’t understand.

    And my main confusion at the moment is he started inviting me to his job events/parties but I’ve stubbornly declined them ( first thinking they weren’t meant for me, then just cuz i was stubborn after being rejected). But he stopped. he was very persistent with that and he just began stalking me kind of. He began showing up at places I’d be at with another girl or girls flirting with them and ignoring me.
    I thought he wanted attention so I called him as usual after a time of silence for us and he made yet another excuse not to see me.

    So I don’t understand. I sound awful I know, but we’re young and I thought he was a bit of a playboy. Anyway, why would a libra make such an effort to show me this? It’s like he wanted me to see him and/ or he wanted to hurt me or wanted to make me jealous?

    I heard it was an ego boost. Has he lost interest/ is he done? what’s the best plan of action for me if i don’t want to lose him or is that not possible?

  20. Hi everyone, I need some advice on a typical libra man. PLEASE!

    I’m a taurus myself, and found myself strangely attracted to this libra man for a good 3 years! I’ve always been hard to get, and I think he enjoyed the chase.. We’ve talked consistantly for 3 years and every time he asked me to hang out i’ve always denied him but that didn’t stop him ! He never seemed to give up.. Until that is, last month when things between us really started heating up.. We ended up hooking up a couple of times and being the taurus I am I started to develope stronger feelings after the hook ups. After a couple weeks I find out he’s been saying the same things to 2 other girls behind my back ! He implys to me that he wants to keep our hook ups “Secret”. I think it’s because he doesn’t want his new girl to find out? Because he was leading her on and hooking up with me at the same time! I’m so pissed off at the whole scene because I thought our friendship meant more to him than that. Why is he throwing away 3 years of friendship on this? Will he come back once he gets bored with this new girl? Is there anyway I can get him back? I’m hooked and he hasn’t talked to me for a good 2 weeks.. He’s shutting me out of his life because he can’t handle emotional commitment. He’s not even attractive, he just wins girls over with his sweet talk and diplomatic ways.. Someone help me!!

  21. I have read through all of these comments so far, and I do have to say that it’s sounding too close to home! I am a 27 year old Sag woman, that up until a week an a half ago, was dating an almost 31 year old Libra man. We unfortunately are working under the same roof everyday, and as before this was not a problem… It is now that he’s dumped me without a reason! We took a fantastic beach trip together for Memorial weekend, which was the first an only one in our almost two months of dating. He has dated one other person in the past from work, and was told by his boss that he shouldn’t do it anymore… Well, I kept things a secret, but he couldn’t and told a few of his “friends” in the office, which then the day before our beach trip the big boss had found out! After that day, things started going from him being indecisive about us, to being very happy and “love spending time and being with you”… I guess my question is, after this man who would only cook dinner did so if I was coming over, always wanted me over and btw I did not sleep with him until the beach trip only weeks ago. So randomly, this man who I began falling in love with, dumped me and couldn’t give me a reason! He said he wasn’t happy anymore, but only days before he’s lighting up like a Christmas tree when looking at me??!!??? I’m hurt, confused, and sad. It’s been a lil over a week, there’s been no communication on my end or his… Aside from the occasional time we had to speak at work, there’s been none. I’ve spoken to a few ppl, and most seem to believe his boss which is also his friend told him he needed to end things with me bc his last situation left him broken and having suicidal thoughts… Please help me, as at my age, I’ve honestly feel like I’ve found the man I could spend my life with, and I know he was happy, btw when he was telling me he didn’t want to date me anymore… His eyes tear up, he couldn’t really look me in the eye, and when it was all done I was so hurt that I just got up and left without saying goodbye… I dress nice at work, and I’ve been noticing him glancing at me and looking each day since last Monday June 11th which is when the break up occurred! I need advice, pls, should I keep thinking there’s hope, or do I need to believe that this man truly does not want to be with me and move on! I’m a SAG so honesty doesn’t hurt me, but lies do.

  22. Hello ,

    Being a femaie Libra and encountering a male Libra, it’s like looking in a mirror. Librans can be shy, very private, moody and neurotic as well as perfectionists. We are caught up in the beauty and feeling of a person with how they make us feel when we are around you.. A Libra who is not yet evolved will drive you crazy with their uncommunicative ways and detached air. We are an air sign, so when you feel left out in the cold, you are feeling the airy fairyness of the indecisive Libra. We can get caught up in our head and not even know you are there. There is a level of outer sophistication and charm that gravitate you to a Libra. Libra will always try you on for size but if the suit starts to feel , “not right” for no particular reason, they detach and poof , gone! A Libra has very high standards, is a cardinal sign, and feel a sense of regalness. Things have to be just so, in order to move forward with a Libra, we are strategic risk takers but rarely impulsive unless we have over indulged in alcohol, sex or money. Once a Libra makes up his or her mind about you, they are very loyal and will give you their heart and soul along with many trinkets , love notes and romantic moments, which is why once a lIbra falls in love, it lasts a long time, Don’t get too caught up in them, learn to detach and just be their friend, trust and honesty is HUGE with Libra’s. In most cases, libra hates to hurt others feelings and avoid conflict like the plague, so instead of being upfront, they will lie or disappear. Good luck!

  23. thelibranconundrum says:

    Im a Libran woman and hoping I can help shed some light on how we are in relationships.

    We are a conundrum it is true. We love to love, but its the idea of love rather than the person that we fall in love with. Its once we get to know a person that we can finally decide whether it is something we want for life. And in the end we want it for life, hence why we can have very short relationships that seem amazing and then poof the magic is gone when we realise actually you aren’t the one we want for life. What kinds of people attract us? Well I can only speak for myself – I have to say being a social person, it would need to be someone who shares that same desire. They must be intellectual! Intellect is so important as we love discussing the world and all of its mysteries. You need to take pride in your appearance and your home. Messy and unclean people would not suit a Libran as they will feel uncomfortable in such surroundings. Sophisticated behaviour is important and a certain level of decorum. Rudeness and unfair behaviour is not tolerated well. It takes away from the magic. Keep your life interesting, we like to talk about interesting topics so if you sit at home and watch tv all day long then you are hardly going to be interesting. Have hobbies and interests and BE PASSIONATE about something. I can say for myself I have many passions in life and get excited about. I like when I meet someone who has their own as well.

    I can definitely vouch for the indecisiveness aspect. It can be about what to have for dinner to whether to move to another country or not. All of these require the same level of thought and anxiety. We dont like to make bad decisions because the fear is we will disrupt the (boring) but liveable status quo. Having said that, once a decision is made, it is very difficult to change our mind. We can be very stubborn.

    We are independent, we like to have our own friends, have lots of fun things to look forward to and in general like someone who is understanding of that and doesn’t try and control us. Do not tell a Libran not to see a certain friend. They will not listen, and in the end resent you for it. Do not over crowd them to the point where you are texting and calling them all the time. It comes off as desperate and needy. It comes back to having decorum. Needy people are unattractive people in our eyes. A certain level of aloofness is acceptable from you and we may have the same attitude at times, however this is not to be mistaken for coldness. Its not cold, its sizing you up. What is your next move? Do you like me enough to chase? Or even to meet me half way?

    Balance is key – we dont like the high highs and the low lows.. they scare us and its where we end up giving up on someone. Too much of a rollercoaster disturbs the equilibrium and leads to wanting to jump ship and go back to the place of peacefulness. We dont like too much drama so dont bring all that to us. We will be helpful to you in times of need, but learn to be able to stand on your own two feet and we will admire you more for it.

    Its true we dont like hurting people. We would avoid it like the plague. So maybe the lack of contact is due to that? if you want to know where you stand with a Libran just say: “look I want to know the truth no matter whether you think this will upset me or not. do you feel such and such or not?” – do not cry in front of a Libran. It will not be considered romantic – more a weakness. Libran women like strong men (not necessarily physically) more emotionally.

    I dont mind conflict as such, but its not for the sake of conflict itself, it is when something isn’t fair. If you are not being fair we will say it. And if you dont agree with us about it, we will not be able to continue with you. We have a very good moral compass and sense a person who is off centre of that may not be a “good” person whom we can trust to treat us fairly in the long run. We will be very cautious of such a person.

    Finally, are we faithful? I think we intend to be (we fell in love right?) . but often the fairytale in our mind doesn’t live up to the reality. So if a relationship is not fulfilling, we will be tempted. We know we can have our pick of the lot (we are charmers and can get most people to do what we want most of the time) so why would we put up with you being anything but perfect? A word of warning to the jealous types out there – Librans flirt and they flirt VERY well. If you dont like a person you are with to do this, dont be with a Libran. They will not even know it is happening most of the time. And if you confront them about it they will feel like you are trying to control them and that would not end well. If they are flirting in front of you its not really a bad sign as it means they are secure in the relationship to do it infront of you. But at the same time, observe the behaviour but do not comment on it (unless this goes completely out of hand). In any case, its usually harmless and helps us feel connected to people on an intellectual level.

    We like affectionate people, but not too much touching ALL the time. Give us space to come to you and touch you sometimes. Its nice to know that you dont have that person hook line and sinker as thats when the spark is gone.

    Told you we were a conundrum!!

  24. curious757 says:


    my mother is a Libra “sun”, not going to mention the rest of her chart, and she acts NOTHING like any of the rudeness of how “Libras” in general are displayed: the cowardice act of not giving the woman they have charmed and dined the benefit of an explanation. Anyway, how you worded it with “We are charmers and basically can get anyone we want, ectera, ectera” That gets old, and people can “SEE” right through that. Who cares if someone looks “beautiful” when the superficial is NOTHING compared to the soul beneath: the good, the kindness, that isn’t superficial kindness either. Making excuses for the fact that these so-called men run away and hide is RUDE. It’s funny because if the tables are turned, you’d find that incredibly rude and terrible.

    Since “libra” is in SATURN right now, isn’t it time some of these so-called characteristics should be MATURED?? and told “hey it’s time to wake up, and realize this isn’t going anywhere, hurting other people, and enjoying the charm and benefit of charming people, but not going through with the balance. You can’t have one side of the positive and not expect to see the other side of the negative = effects. That’s called BALANCE.

  25. curious757 says:

    As for my mother being a Libra Sun, she is NOTHING like that. She is definitely a beautiful woman with great charms but she would never leave anyone in the lurch, and is always always responsible for her actions. That’s one of the many things I do admire about her.

  26. ditchedbylibran says:

    @curious757….i dont think we are talking of libran women. am sure mother’s a sweetheart. and trust me…when they are our parents, our equations are different. we are discussing libran men here. my dad was a libran and i though they are the most trustworthy and ideal men on earth till i found myself dumped by this libran without any communication and reason.

  27. curious757 says:

    I’m sorry I don’t have any insight on libra men, but my sister is married to one, and she seems very compatible with him. Unfortunately she’s not into astrology so I can’t help you there. She’s too busy saving the world in her own way (inwardly, compassionately); my sis has chartful of Pisces, right down to her Mars.
    Maybe if he (your ex or whoever) is untrustworthy….then perhaps, just realize this man is not for you. What we may deem untrustworthy, uncommunicative, and all those other awful things in a relationship gone bad is simply that: a bad relationship, in which you can grow from and learn. 🙂
    Don’t worry, there are other men out there that will certainly fit your criteria. Sometimes, we fall in love at first sight (this can be our venus and mars working) but other aspects, later on in life, which can be actually within a few months to a few years, will make us realize how terribly wrong we are!! We realize how incompatibel we are in the long run. The few months are usually within a more intense contact, and then we realize, “Jesus! this guy does not mesh well with me and my ideas of love and his religious views are awful, and we just dont get eachother”
    The love in first sight can be beautiful but caution…..and take care!

  28. Pisces Man says:

    Hello. I am a pisces man and I met my Libran soulmate. The moment I first saw her I knew that she was the one. The night went great. Because I am a pisces and just generally insecure about the feelings that were overwhelming me, the following day, I thought it would be a great idea to ask what she thought about our date and if there was any “potential” that this go on a more romantic level. Needless to say, she didn’t know how to respond and responded that it was too early to ask that question, but if I wanted an answer right now, then she sees us going nowhere romantically. (I know, my bad. I can’t help it.) After that she completely cut off all communication with me. I am a pisces and I feel strongly and I am certain that she is the one for me and I really felt a connection. I want to win her back, but I don’t know if I am pushing her even further away by being persistent. My plan is to let it cool off and if all else fails, plan a really big surprise for her that might possibly bring her back. My mindset right now is a win or lose situation and since i’ve basically got nothing to lose, and going to go for it and I know that the odds are against me. But I just cannot deny the connection that we felt. Pisces and Libra truly are soulmates.

  29. Just want to say that the part in your post about “Although cell phones are a great medium for an air sign, it may be difficult to convey emotional subtleties via SMS” is absolutely true!! I’m a Capricorn Woman with Leo Rising, Taurus Moon – my Libra Love is a Leo Rising with Virgo Moon – we adore each other! I’ve learned to be very patient with him and it’s paid off in spades… his texts and his verbal affirmations are worlds apart. In person he is the most charming, sweet and lovable guy, although his texts can be kinda cold seeming (especially at the start) that’s not his intention at all. Lately, as we grow on each other and get more comfortable with each other his texts are not as “cold” and more of his personality is coming through. Sometimes all the guy needs is a little time. 😉 Love my Libra man.

  30. Sasishow says:

    I need help!! I am a scorpio who absolutely adores my libra man. But he been acting distant with communication. He tells me not to be negative and to know that he is with me only but that is hard to believe when we live in different states. Plus, he replies to my texts when its convenient. He swept me off my feet when I visited him. I didnt have to pay for a thing. Then when I get home he doesnt call and the only text he initiated was when he asked me to send him money. I have not replied yet. I would like to know is he a joke or trying to turn me off? Or maybe not interested anymore and trying to get back the money he spent on me?

  31. My libra man been the sweetest most generous man I have ever met but once months came and went everything changed instantly i learned libra men love women I had ask myself over and over again is it me slowly learned its not me im letting it go to many games and I know he loves me but I love me more

  32. Im a scorp madly in love with a libra man….he say he loves me but doesnt think I can handle him and is not sure if he want to be in a relationship at this time…..even in a relationship with me. What is this, about is he sparing my feeling and avoiding conflict. Or is it possible he doesnt really know what he want. He talks to me still on his time ofcourse. But he doesnt every initiate contact. He will not spend time with me either. Should I hang in there or give up? This is been goingon for almost a year. With several periods of silence.

  33. Ive never love anyone like this I really want us to be happy….but my scorpion tendencies alway go crazy trying to respect, accept and understand my Libra.

  34. OneLibraLady says:

    As a Libra lady (currently in a 7yr relationship with an Aqua man), the quickest way to turn off a Libra is to make them feel rejected or send mixed signals. Contrary to the above comments, Libras love HARD, and it takes ALOT for them to decide (finally! ????) to let go, trust, and be with someone–fear of being hurt is first & foremost. So, if your Libra left, it’s probably because they were hurt. For any Libra woman reading this, Aquas are GREAT in the beginning, but they blur the lines between friendship and more than friends with females and will ALWAYS send out “available” signals. Take it from me, this matchup will end up hurting you more in the long run. Stick to a Leo, Gemini, or Sag man.

  35. OneLibraLady says:

    As a Libra lady (currently in a 7yr relationship with an Aqua man), the quickest way to turn off a Libra is to make them feel rejected or send mixed signals. Contrary to the above comments, Libras love HARD, and it takes ALOT for them to decide (finally! ????) to let go, trust, and be with someone–fear of being hurt is first & foremost. So, if your Libra left, it’s probably because they were hurt. For any Libra woman reading this, Aquas are GREAT in the beginning, but they blur the lines between friendship and more than friends with females and will ALWAYS send out “available” signals. Take it from me, this matchup will end up hurting you more in the long run. Stick to a Leo, Gemini, or Sag man.

  36. inked4life says:

    I am a libra woman and I confess I can seem cold at times but is not intentional. I have made plans and broke them at the last minute because of indecisiveness or I just wasnt feeling myself(scales were tipped).The one thing that will push me away is someone that comes on too strong…it just doesnt seem natural almost like they are trying too hard. Constant calling and/or texting is a no no we will ignore you and definitely walk away from a scene you create. In a rare, and I mean rare, we will tell you exact what we think hurtful or not.

  37. I am a libra woman who was married to a libra man for 2 years. I left him because he suffocated me. He chased me non stop from the beginning and convinced me to marry him. The only reason I did was because his mom was dying and wanted to see her son marry before she died. When she died I filed for divorce. I have dated other libra men but do not think they can handle libra women. We are a stronger libra than they are and their games are no match for us and they know this. He tried everything possible to get me back and it’s been 8 years since our divorce and he still calls me and breaks down crying that no woman he meets is better than me. The thing is there is no formula to capturing a libra mans heart. He just has to feel your worth and if they want you they do not hide but will chase you worst than an Aries man could ever dream of chasing a woman. They will shower you with gifts, romantic dinners and fun places to go. They want the best and will do anything to get it.

  38. Inkedforlife, I am just like you. I can’t stand to be constantly texted or called either. I have a life and don’t have time for constant communication with anyone. I do not like to hurt people so I will hide when I’m unsure about someone or if I become interested in them. I don’t want to see them until I gather my emotions and even then I’m not sure. Very confusing person, this I know.

  39. Wow, I can relate to Mariah’s post. I’m a Taurus lady, and I’ve been the very best friend to this libra guy. Helped him throughout the torture and abuse he endured from his Aquarius ex-girlfriend and was there for him for weeks when they finally broke up. For the past year, he has been coming to me for everything he could not get from his ex — emotional, financial, and even physical support (I declined for a year to hook up with him). He’s told me MANY times that he loves me, sometimes it’s playful, sometimes he’s dead serious. He’s also told me several times that he’s emotionally attached to me and didn’t want to scare me away when he finally told me. He’s also said several times that maybe I’m his life partner, especially when I am trying to point out to him that he needs to seek what he is seeking from his girlfriend and not from me.

    After they broke up, something changed. I saw different side of him from spending all the time with him. I felt like I HAD been dating him for the past year without realizing it. It made me think that maybe we should try dating, especially if we’re already good friends. So, I finally started to reciprocate feelings and asked for clarification from him. He couldn’t give a straight answer. He said he meant what he said and is open to the idea of possibly dating but needs time and wants it to develop naturally. Now, his communication is more sporadic with me.

    We’ve never had an argument ever in the many years I’ve known him, and now, we have had a few already. I think those arguments were mostly out of confusion and wanting answers that neither one of us could give. And also just misdirected frustration from missing him because he’s now living far away. We were supposed to move in together, but now, I don’t even get any replies from him. In some of the arguments, I’ve given him ultimatums and said that it seemed like he wanted me, but if he doesn’t then I won’t waste time on him and will remove myself from his life. He doesn’t want to let me go and tells me he does care. I”m so freaking confused! He gave 200 percent effort to his materialistic, coldhearted ex girlfriend when she didn’t deserve it, but he is only giving 50 percent effort for me, someone who’s always been there for him.

    I feel like I’m being punished for what his ex did to him and now he thinks every girl is like her. It is so clear to me, though, how well-matched we are in our expectations of dating and how we express love. Friendship should be the basis for love, right? We have friendship, trust, attraction, sexual chemistry, and intellectual compatibility as well. I told him I didn’t want to be his rebound girl, but that’s what I feel like I am right now. I know he’s not intentionally doing this and that he truly loves me as a friend first. I’ve been his counselor of sorts for the past year but I have made my mistakes recently. I realized that we have both been rehashing our past relationships with each other. I want to end this cycle. How do I open up the communication lines again?

    We are both going through rough times in our lives, and I feel he has disappeared to reduce his stress and not to hurt me. But I miss him. We used to talk and text almost every day. He’s also mentioned his past first love was a Taurus and is scared to date another Taurus because his ex was stubborn. And no more Aquarius women either. I’m on the Aries cusp though and have Leo rising. I’m rarely stubborn and usually the one compromising. I tend to have more air signs as friends, too. He’s even admitted before that he likes my fire streak. Lastly, I want to add that he specifically URGED me to nag him and get bitchy even on anything that is important to me if I get no response from him, but when I do as he asked, he gets sensitive and disappears. What to do???? I love him and feel that if we keep communication open, we can resolve these recent issues. We’ve resolved other issues very quickly, but why is he shutting down now?

  40. Stephanie says:

    I’m in need of a answer I’m a Aquarius woman and my man’s a Libra I’m 47 he’s 67 he Tell’s me he loves me and he has shown me in many ways but what I don’t understand is as soon as he gets upset with me he’s very cold and he distance his self from me he’s done this before and I wouldn’t hear from him in days now he’s like this again he hasn’t called or respond to my text should I give him his space or just move on with my life I really don’t like the not knowing where our relationship stand if were done tell me don’t have me guessing but I no he do loves me so what should I do wait on him to come around on his own cuz I don’t won’t to seam like I’m desperate and have to chase him that’s not me please give me your advice on this matter

  41. I am a Leo woman and in a “relationship” with a Libra man for 2 years….. Story is long , but I will be short here. He disappeared many times from me, the most long time was 6 months after a beautiful date . Well, now after long time, and in this long time which passed, he lied a lot ! He got reasons to not meet, but keep me in stand-by , I am at distance for him, not the same city. I found out all about him recently and in this time, I found out he lied me many things. He is feeling bad knowing I found out all this things, he want to meet me, but always reject it being cold again when I try to go to meet him. Now I planed to meet him and insisted. He told me he no want to marry and he hurt me but some words that made me take a final decision…. He said ” I miss you, I want to see you, but I don’t want to marry ! We are not the same ! “. Hearing this , and is not the first time when he say this , I told him: ok, let me see you for the last time and to ay good bye in the most beautiful way. Let live some happy moments together” After along time, he replied and agreed with me to meet on 2 April… Suddenly, I changed the day when I can meet him, because of my period, and we can’t make love . I told him I will be there early and told him the day , 29 March. I was expecting a confirmation from him, but nothing…. He totally ignore me and read what I write to him. I try to stay calm , but I hate his ignore way. He keep me in his messenger, but no talk. ( To mention that before he deleted me many times and then came back).
    I need help, how to make him talk ? I tried by jokes, nothing… I tried told him to not worry, if he need time and if he wants to be free, I will give him freedom and we will not be anymore together because I respect his wish and I don’t want to stay in the way of his happiness. You know, when you love someone so much and he or she want something, no matter what, even he or she wants to be alone, you will do this for them. Why to stay in someone’s life who does not wants you ? I am trying to think logic, so…. I want to see him now on 29 March, at least he told me to call his messenger when I am there. But refused ( ignored) to give me his new phone number ( because the old one he changed it) .
    I really don’t want to make him upset, nothing else , no talk about marriage or future, I just want to see him and to live a happy day with him, maybe will be the last day , or maybe will be the day which will be connecting us again ….Now , after 2 years when we did not met, he is confuse, he don’t want to let me go, but he don’t want me also with him . I can’t understand this man. When I told him that I understand his wish and I will not disturbing him after we will meet now for the last time, he said, he don’t want to say good bye ! he hope I will disturbing him ! he hope we will be good friends all life ! What ???? Good friend ? No , my plan was different… I have love feelings for him and his words really hurt me a lot …. I had plans for future with him, but with this words, he really break up all of them ….
    I will risk to go to his city and call his messenger as he said. I know he need courage to see me again after 2 years, because he lost his face in my front , after I found out how many things he lied me… But he always back to me and never let me go…. I know I am Leo and I risk to go there , maybe he will not show up, then I will lose my money for airplane, hotel… time.. But I try, I listen my instinct which tells me he will come to meet me. Every time before, when I go to meet him, he was silent before I go there, same as now… then when I arrived there, he texted me and asked me lovely ” baby, where are you ?” I miss him a lot and I know I will be hurt just letting him go from me and letting myself go from his life, but his words made me very sad, I am very hurt… I was doing everything for him to take him out from depressions after his past marriage , I was doing all my best to make this relationship to be happy, but he did nothing. And his ignorance and disappearing acts, no long I can take ! At beginning , they are honey, then in time they become Hell…. This is Libra man in general. I have friends married with Libra men and all are the same…. Pity…. They don’t know how much they lose..

  42. Sad Taurus Girl says:

    I have met an amazing Libra male online and for the first 2 month I asked him to give me time while I focused on my new career. By December we hit it off and began talking often. He has definitely impressed me with his persons. As the months have gone on he seems to have more things going on which most females would run from but I figured I’d stick around and ride it out. I have managed to remain patient with him but these past few weeks I notice he only answers parts of my questions. This whole time we’ve had a pretty strong rapport so I figured it would be Kool to express that it hurts my feelings when he doesn’t acknowledge or validate what I have to say. I also let him know I’d leave him alone being our timing seems to be off but I’ll be here once the dust settles some. This also comes after I’ve made my best efforts to see him but I kept being put off. I completely adore this man and almost feel silly for even saying to him I’ll leave him alone kuz now he’s not responding to me even though he assured me he’d keep in touch. I realize he needs his space in which I’m willing to give but I truly miss the friendship we developed.
    Do I wait It out, keep in touch by sending little appreciation emails or what?

  43. Every Libra male I have ever dealt with (5) has always won me over with charm and a nice smile. They say a lot of the right things in specific moments…but as a true Virgo woman they are the worst to deal with. They constantly take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One day everything is great and then they do absolutely turn COLD. I’m just now realizing that they are all Libras which is how I found this article online. I wanted to see if I was the only one experiencing this amount of difficulty. Lol. Virgo women beware of these males…they are not for us. They will leave us in complete shambles and after all the chaos we will still have the audacity to miss them. It’s just something about them…that’s why I suggest we just steer clear from them altogether. Lol

  44. Chelz

    OMG! I’m experiencing it as I’m typing this! I’m a Taurus female and with a Libra male and everything was going great for a little over a year, just saw him Monday and now when I tried reaching him, his number changed? I’m completely shocked. Uuuughhhh

  45. What do you mean by deep tissue. Curious about the last part..GeminiInLoveWithALibraMan

  46. cathy Andrews says:

    i meet this guy on a dating sight, he’s a Libra kept messaging me did respond to him very quick,so i answered him he said i was very pretty and attractive. he would like to talk with me.. so he ask for my phone no.and we texted, than texting for a while.. he called me, and talked to me for a few mins. than said he had to go too the store he would call me back..did not hear from him.. so a few days he text me again and ask if we like to meet told the weekends i work.. so we made plans to meet that Monday,than he text me said he was at the gym. but was going to work late, than he said he would see if he could get off early, for us to meet than i did not hear from him..till later i texted him and ask what was up.. he said not today..than he ask me if we could meet Tuesday, already told him over the weekend, i worked late tue, so we talk about meeting wed,oh man i thought my head was swimming, and was getting confuse, we talked about meeting a mall close to where i lived, so we both agreed so here comes WED he never even mention about us meeting until i said hope you have a great day,than he said thought we was going to meet ,so I said you never mention any thing this morning..so he said let’s meet so i said Okay,, than he kept telling me to meet him a hour away,, i told him i wasn;t driving that far by myself,, so agree to meet me in my town.i told him no sex at frist,, until we dated a few times, oh man he wanted to jump rite into when he meet me.. so before he left he ask me if i had any hair spray, his hair was a mess,i ask and ask before we met was he single he said yes,,he was, but the before he said he had to go to Cal. where he lives but he has a fla No, now i text him he don’t answer me after a certain time.the next day he tells me he ate than took a shower and went to bed,,it;;s making me think he has someone,than i ask him is he dating he tells me no.. he goes to the gym way early in the morning.. he never answers some of the things i may ask.. but when we started texting he would let he wanted a relationship. with me. now he is so confusing me.. i don’t know now to just never answer him..i feel like he’s with someone or dating someone and just using me. i’m getting to believe he is lied to me. one thing i told him i dont deal with people lying to me and playing head games..and i’m a Pisces.,SO I JUST NEED help what should i do,?

  47. cathy Andrews says:

    being a Libra and I being a Pisces, he was a great kisser, and a easy talker,

  48. You are so accurate about Libras! I am one and trust me I am very kind hearted. But I do cancel dates at the last minute, for that very reason. The texting thing accurate also! Lol

  49. Libra love says:

    As a libra I go cold when you pissed me off and I’m not in the mood to tell an adult what they did. It’s there choice. With Aquarius men he is self centered and not that intelligent. Two things I can’t settle for. As a libra we are all about learning the new and enhancing. Dated one for 15 years,I kept it balance and intriguing for the most part until I realized he’s not what I thought he was…ma bad,lol. Tried to propose when I decided to walk away. I declined. Best thing I ever did.
    As for Leo men dated one for 3 years and he is also self centered, tests me alot, can be loving and affectionate on his time, craves alot of attention. Learned his tricks early on and decided to approach the relationship different from how I did with my ex Aquarius. Let’s just say my Leo lion is very inspired by my independent traits something my ex Aquarius hated. My cold front sometimes pushes my Leo to turn up his charm attracting alot of attention from others causing him to get frustrated with me. After he realized it’s his sense of humor and taking the initiative for a private session that turns the cold to warm,we start right back where we left off. Leo fear rejection they have to really like you and fear of losing you(greatest loss) to chase you and pin you down. Leo’s hate to lose, lol. I’m a playful libra but I also love my independence and power. So I’m kina like a great challenge to leo. As for intimacy,the longer you can hold off a leo the better. Buuut you need to strike a balance to keep him interested. He doesn’t express his love with words to often but with his actions. He dedicates passionate love songs, makes love to me, shares his weakness- (in which I comfort him and ask his opinions I never tell him what to do, he’s king!) When he disappears or there’s break in communication I let him wonder off and I do the same. He comes back when he starving for his lioness air.

  50. I’m in pain literally, I’m a Scorpio woman dating a married libra man. I just got out of a 6 year old relationship and started with this married libra, it’s been going on for a month and all of a sudden he just turned cold and won’t reply to my message as follows: “At least give me a chance to talk and apologize if I did you wrong “. He told one of my friends that he wants nothing to do with me and doesn’t want any distractions in his life. I’m shocked and hurt. I love him. Will he come back?

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