Uranus in the Seventh House

What? No zodiac sign today? I hate to break it to you, boys and girls, but there’s more to astrology than the signs. In fact, planets are where it’s at. Signs are just butter on your bread, dressing on your salad, scallions on your sweet potato.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, sudden change, and independence. We all have this disruptive influence in our charts, and because this outer planet spends about seven years in a zodiac sign as it travels around the Earth (!), its sign placement is not so important. Rather, its house placement shows where you need to shake up the status quo in your life.

We all have twelve houses in our chart, the houses being a way to divide time and space. They relate to areas of our lives, and the Seventh House concerns marriage and other significant partnerships. The Seventh House is the “dusk” part of our chart. If the Sun were in your Seventh House, that means that our star was soon to set at the time of your birth.

There’s about a 1-in-12 chance that anyone you meet has Uranus in their Seventh House. Woe be unto the poor soul who falls in love with such a person! The U7 (let’s call them), somewhat like someone with Venus in Aquarius, needs independence in his marriage or significant partnership. He won’t be tied down in any type of traditional relationship. U7 may be attracted to eccentric, brilliant or off-beat types as partners. Or he needs an unconventional arrangement — maybe an open marriage, or at least freedom from the constraints of being at his spouse’s side at all times. He may also feel that significant others are forcing change upon him, or that his spouse undergoes personal revolutions on a regular basis.

Uranus in the Seventh is a more powerful placement than Venus in Aquarius. U7 must continually break down the rigid structures of partnership. He will be compelled to shake things up when they become stagnant. Hence, U7 is not the ideal man if you want anything resembling a stable partnership. This does not mean that you can’t maintain longevity — but to make it work, you have to be flexible enough to withstand periodic upheavals in your love life. I guarantee it won’t be boring, but if you can’t tolerate the relationship equivalent of the Storming of the Bastille, turn away now.

Comment below: Do you have Uranus in the Seventh? How do you experience it?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. yes, but don’t we all have conflicting drives?

  2. Not mention I’ve got moon and venus in taurus…

  3. Hi, I have Sun conjunct uranus at exact degree in my 7th house along with pluto…..woooaa along with Venus in Saggi and moon in Gemini..freedom os my favorite word to say the least..

    Yes any relationship i am in is anything but conventional..

    if i get bored, hmm i certainly start fishing immediately, lots of fish in the sea

  4. I have Uranus in the 7th, Leo sun in the 5th, Scorpio Moon in 8th, Aries rising, Venus Virgo the 6th and Mars Taurus in the 2nd. When I was 16 I was in a 6 year relationship with a 30 year old that produced my beautiful Aquarian Daughter. Now that I am 33, I have never dated anyone over 30 and my current boyfriend is 25 (with blue hair nonetheless).

    If I did a chart on how many Aquarius’ and Venus in Aquarius, I have dated no one would be able to deny that this is the reason. As the rest of my chart is virtually airless…I think between my Venus in Virgo RX and the Uranus in the 7th my chances of getting married are slim to none. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have Uranus/ Pluto in the 7th opposing my Pisces Sun. Yep, space is an issue… I have been with Mr Scorp for 20 years, no cheating, but lots of travel breaks.

  6. Brigitte says:

    I have the Moon, Uranus and Pluto in the 7th, Aquarius rising, and Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini.
    Yes, I guess you’d say I am unconventional in my relationships. Actually, I have married 3 times, but the first time was only so I could get a student loan (long story).
    The issue with me is one of freedom of course. I find it very difficult to have someone around at all times, and when I am in a relationship, I tend to go overboard, or quit! There seems to be no middle-ground. I have said often that I could very well see myself in a long-distance relationship. It think that might work. I have now been single for a long time, if you do not count the numerous younger people I have dated these past years.
    As Saturn transited my 7th house, I believe I have matured a little in this area, meaning I may be ready to try again, just to see where I’m at (I know I make it sound like a scientific experiment, but that’s pretty much what it feels like).

  7. I have Venus in Aquarius. I have have many long relationships (scorpio rising, moon conjunct pluto) but they never seem to last past 5 years. My most recent relationship lasted 4.5 years and happened to be with a man whose uranus was transiting his 7th house. It worked great while his transit lasted because we both required intense emotional connection (he had a cancer sun) and lots of freedom. But as the transit neared it’s end, so did our relationship. As a scorpio rising with my venus in aquaris I am learning that I must balance (moon in libra conjunct pluto) my need for freedom with emotional intensity and depth. I need both equally. I need my partner to know that I will love them to the end of the earth (and be forever loyal) as long as they don’t try to keep me caged. I’m a Sag sun, so this also often involves a great need for travel, sometimes for short stints away from my partner.

  8. dannielle says:

    I have my 7th house in Aquarius along with my moon in libra mars in Aquarius and venus in Gemini..but i like the idea of marriage..so im kinda confused, but i have to say i hate the idea of a “wedding” i dont want my family there ugh i think its so cheesy. I look at marriage like a higher level of commitment and one that we should only celebrate between the 2 of us. ohh and im a sun taurus and rising leo

  9. Phenix/scorpio says:

    No i have venus in scorpio. Have no clue what that means though.

  10. Phenix/scorpio, Fern just wrote an article describing Venus in Scorpio.

  11. Wow! This website has proven to be very useful to me, and makes me feel less like the rebellious convention breaker most of my more conservative friends see me as. I have my sun and moon in Gemini in my 1st house, ruled by my Taurus rising sign, and a 7th house Uranus in Sagittarius ruled by my descendant in Scorpio. I would say that it is definitely a balancing act. I have my partner opposing my self in a way, with Uranus opposite my sun and moon, and I am quite intense, and private about my unusual relationships.

    My former boyfriend, who died unexpectedly in an accident, also had 7th house Uranus, and Pluto. He had an intense, dark Scorpio moon which I loved, and was also a Gemini like me. I have Venus in my 12th house, so my relationships are supposed to be the place I feel soul deep pain, and it’s been true so far. But! I am not giving up on love; I find that I can’t. My earthy Taurean persona,and intense Scorpio other half won’t let me. I need partnership, and yet I am finding that being so “eccentric” myself, it’s a rare man that can catch my mind, and heart. I have also noticed that with Uranus in my Scorpionic 7th house, I learn my most life changing lessons thru my close partnerships and intimacy. It’s where I either am someone’s catalyst, or someone else comes into my life as mine.

  12. ScorpioRose says:

    Hi, Jeff

    Thanks for this post, but I’m a little confused now. I have Uranus in my 7th house, very closely conjunct Venus, in Sagittarius….(Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, Taurus rising)

    I’m getting married this summer, I hate the idea of an open relationship, suffered as a single person being lonely etc, I want the intensity and challenge of a proper relationship, I hate that shallow friends with benefits stuff, and I love the idea of being fiercely in love with the same man for the rest of my life, being committed to him and he to me until we are old and gray with grandchildren.. and totally inseparable.

    Am I suppressing all that Uranus influence on my Venus and 7th house? My partner is not overly freedom-loving, though he is different from me, background, religion, culture, personality, etc. He’s not Uranian though- smart but not brilliant, different but not eccentric….
    Could it be that the Venus in the 7th house is making me value partnership more than the average Uranus in 7th person? Or am I just fooling myself????

  13. @ScorpioRose, could be that all of your fixed energy (Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon, Taurus Rising) overrides Uranus conjunct Venus in the 7th when it comes to relationships.

  14. ScorpioRose says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks, I hope it’s true. I am a bit erratic and aloof though sometimes but I think my lion likes it!

  15. Wow, I’m Scorpio Sun, Taurus rising and Aquarius Moon too! born 11/09/75. I have Have the Sun in the seventh along with some kind of north node? Venus in the sixth in Libra. My whole life I’ve felt this need for a dignified man. I feel a certain draining feeling when not in a relationship. I’m not in one now and I am not unhappy but the subtle drain/desire for a strong and respectable husband is always there.

  16. hah my chart is packing a whole loada aqua


    trying to start a relationship with venus in aqua is like trying to catch quicksilver possesive partners will get dumped quickly dont try to change them they need to be free thinking.

    I also have 4 planets in sag so good luck ๐Ÿ˜› only one guys won that battle

  17. I also have moon sextile uranus if any one can give me any thoughts on that as Ive been reading that it indicates a detached lover, this is somewhat true despite my pisces sun ?

  18. sorry I meant moon conjunct uranus

  19. Hi Jeff,

    I have saturn in aquarius in the 1st house,
    sun. moon, mercury, mars in the 2nd in pisces
    rahu in the 4th house, jupiter in the 5th house, uranus + pluto in seventh, neptine in 9th house
    venus in 12 house. Acc to predictions, will i never find a lifelong partner thanks to uranus + pluto in the seventh house & what exactly should my profession be.

  20. Spiritual Diva says:

    I have a Scorpio Sun, a Scorpio Moon and Uranus in my 7th house! I dont know what the hell to do about relationships cuz they dont seem to last..!! Looking for a Utopian dream I guess!! I find myself in love wid a married guy wid Mars and Venus in his 7th house.. Any advice??

  21. I have Uranus in the 7th house. Marriage and romance has proven elusive for me. I grow bored with most men and am too eclectic for many of them to grasp. I want traditional love, but I’m attracted to men who can think artistically and philosophically beyond mainstream thinking. But I have ended up attracting men who are dysfunctional. I spend most of my time focusing on creative projects and I practically forget to pursue romance–not because I want to, but because time just slips by. It’s a very challenging configuration.

  22. I’ve got 12H Virgo Uranus opposite 6H Pisces Venus on my Asc/Des axis, <1ยฐ apart. This aspect, along with the rest of my highly intense chart – 8H Sun, Mercury, Pluto on my Asc, Cancer Moon, 7H Chiron makes relationships tricky. I tried marriage once – it didn't work for me. I was never big on ''weddings'' either and when I did marry it was small – family only. I prefer unconventional relationships, when I was younger I dated men much older than me, when I got older I dated guys much younger than me. Seems I am attracted to the imbalance. It's gotta be that Uranus/Venus opposition!

    Uranus traversing my 7H has been a blast! Three years ago I met and fell in love with a guy significantly younger than myself who has a 7H Uranus. Our relationship is the best one either of us have had. His marriage didn't end well so he thought he'd sworn off marriage as I did – til we met each other. He's got a 5H Libra stellium, so that explains that I guess. I'm just hoping Uranus leaving my 7H doesn't change anything for us, like Monica described above. It'll stay in my 7H until it leaves it for good in 2012. Guess only time will tell.

  23. Amazing. I just found that I have Uranus practically right on top of my descendant in my 7th house AND venus in aquarius (which I was long aware of). No wonder my relationships are so brief, why I invariably date people who move away or who travel and are highly independent. As a Pisces Sun, I often felt like I lacked independence so I must have lived vicariously through my partners. Now I’ve grown into my love of freedom. Now I just need to find someone who shares that.

  24. My 7th house is in Capricorn. Capricorn likes stability and structure. I have uranus in my 7th house. Uranus likes change. But how does it all play out then?

  25. Uranus subverts and upsets your need for stability and security in partnership. But you can also find freedom through restrictions, in which a conventional marriage offers you the safety to explore your wild side. You just need to play around with how the two concepts can work together.

  26. Venus in Aquarius

    Uranus H7

    long term relationship 17-25, 2 kids morgage, normality. Me = cold feet.

    Been proposed to 5 times, different men. Again answer is no, cold feet. I don’t cheat and the thing that flicks my warning radar off is when men say I love you too quick, and cramp my space. Also inactive people, couch sitters and people with lack of imagination I’m just like ew.

    So I’m happy being single with my harem of hot young men around me.

    I’m also Taurus rising, Venus my chart ruler H9

  27. @Amalthea

    Are you saying you were in a long term relationship for that long and got cold feet after that time?
    Why did you say no all of those times?

    Uranus H7 here, too.
    I have Venus in my 9th house, as well.

    I know I need an intriguing, stimulating man. But, I believe I will do best in a long term stable commitment.
    At least, I hope.

  28. @NovLady

    I had cold feet the entire time, I do believe I was never in love, I wore a mask and fulfilled my duties, even as defacto as the role of empress/mother/wife/ nuturer.

    It wasn’t until an intense Pluto transit, that I was stripped bare and was able to live the independant life I really wanted.

    As for relationships now, I am extremely picky. So the intrigue and stimulation I hear you, I just don’t settle for the first guy who pays me attention.

    I also have more factors in my chart if you want to go over, my email is lil_silver_amazon@yahoo.com

  29. (Davison) Composite Uranus VII conjunct Venus (both in intercepted Leo within Cancer). Uranus in TSquare to MC/IC with SCO Moon (ruler of VII) conjunct MC and TAU Mars (in IV) conj. IC. Power couple, n’est-ce pas?

  30. It is my opinion that the only person that can handle a partner with U7 is a person with heavy duty Libra. Why? Because a Libra needs change and instability in order to bring things back to balance as they are so desiring to do. How do I know this? I have a stellium of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus {Scorpio, but still 7th house}, Vesta, Pallas, and Juno in Libra in the 7th house! I thrive in a U7 atmosphere. I have had two great loves in my life; a 26 year marriage (there were other factors in the synastry that made this marriage difficult on other levels. Those reasons are why I finally left. Saturn transiting my 7th house has not played around!) and now a partnership (which is a MUCH BETTER match for me on various levels). Both men have natal U7. My partner says it takes a strong woman to handle him! He is right and I wouldn’t change him for the world!

  31. Me, I have a Mercury-Venus-Saturn (Venus-Saturn needing structure in love issues) stellium in pisces (and aquarius sun) and even being a taurus moon, I can be pretty emotional and clingy, craving to find a soulmate! while I hide all those traits with moon-saturn sextile influence, then it comes uranus in 7th as well as neptune (which causes me confusion in relationships), and a Mars-Jupiter square, which makes me even more unstable!
    For the record, my stellium is completely under the square influence of Pluto, in 5th!
    Would anyone please give me some hints beyond these I referred?

  32. GOLD CHERUB says:

    I think people can misunderstand this relationship. It doesnt have to mean polyamory or being alone.

    I think uranus in the 7th just guarantees marriage with a partner who will support their individuality. If that is there, the relationship is probably very stable. It will break up when the person has to stop being themselves for a relationship. That’s why so many are unstable and go from relationship to relationship, they keep hooking up with partners who do not support who they really are, and society trains us to partner that way. Then the person is forced to look inside themselves and know themselves, then they find that relationship. Then it turns into FREEDOM through the partnership because its the plan in life where the person can be who they really are.

  33. Double Pisces says:

    I have Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in the 7th house. I never dreamed about getting married growing up….in fact I didn’t get married until I was 36 and that was only because I wanted to have children. Being tied down scared me a bit. Before that I made lots of unconventional choices in boyfriend but I never lived with anyone. Now I understand why! My husband gives me lots of freedom and is supportive of my crazy ideas so I am very happy.

  34. Oh boy. I have Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Uranus in the 7th house in my natal chart. I also have a Taurus rising and a Cancer moon, North Node in Scorpio. I keep thinking I want this stable relationship that lasts forever, but the reality is that I go through men like water. i haven’t been in a stable relationship in 6 years, I attract men who are shallow and sex driven. Almost got married one time- hated that guy and he turned my stomach. I felt trapped, gained a ton of weight. Instead of getting out, I stayed in and put in the work. He cheated on me and wrecked me for years.

    I was actually looking this up because I’d love to know what it feels like to be with someone amazing and feel loved and supported. But I’m slowly discovering that I’m the problem! Can I undo this?? lol

  35. Hi Jeff

    What happens when you’re a woman with U7? LOL. Not only that, I have both Mars & Pluto conjunct Uranus. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ What does that (additionally) mean about my attitude towards relationship/marriage?

    Does having a Venus in Scorpio help? I’m a Sun Sign Sagi but that’s the only Sagi placement in my chart lol… the rests are either water or earth, with only Saturn & Moon in air Aqua.

    So far I do quite agree with your U7 observations although they are pointed at the guys.

    All feedback welcomed. Thanks.

  36. I’m an Aries with my Uranus and Jupiter in the 7th. I’m a model, mid twenties, and have never had a ‘real’ relationship. They have all been flings, long distance, or relationships with married or emotionally unavailable men. Tragic indeed. Most of the men have been wealthy(probably my Jupiter). I’m a free spirit and I need my independence and alot of freedom in my relationships. I just don’t understand couples who spend every waking moment together. WHY? I guess that’s my U7, though. After years of therapy, I’m hoping things will begin to change. Everyone one I know is coupled up or married with kids and I am so incredibly jealous. . . .

  37. I have uranus in 7th, sagittarius…and aquarius.venus in 10th. I used to be a hopeless romantic…and had been hurt in the past… Which shaped me to date rich, older men, who abide by my contract…however, I long for a stable telatiomship…I have never ended a single relationship…they all left me.

  38. confusedastro says:

    Ok…Uranus began transiting my 7th house around January…broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years in July. Did I mention I’m an Aquarius sun…with my sun & Venus both in Aquarius (in 5th house). What can I expect from the next 7 years that Uranus will be in H7??

  39. One of my top sweeties (I’m a polyamorous double SCO/TAU Moon) and I have a (Davison) composite Uranus in LEO Intercepted in a CAN VIIth house. That means we have AQU intercepted in CAP on the Ist house. Our composite VIIth also includes Venus (conj Uranus), Sun (LEO), Vertex (conj Sun), and Pluto conj Mercury in Virgo.

  40. AquariusMoon says:

    I have an aquarius moon in 7th trine gemini venus in 11th. My relationships are usually harmonic and I have never had a quarrel with my partners in my life. They are always intellectually based and full of admiration.
    The problem is that my partners fell that I am too self-supporting and cold (although I am very kind). On the other hand, as I live for my friends and love them inconditionally, my true marriage is to them (not to any partner!).
    I have sun in gemini and cancer ascendent.
    How do I deal with that aspect? I think just a parner with a stellium in aquarius could fit me…

  41. I don’t think this placement ruins marriage, I think it searches for a partner where they can totally be who they are. Most conventional marriages are based on compromising and giving up a part of yourself, and this placement refuses to do that. It guarantees that only being one’s complete self will do and will break up any relationship that is not that way and restricting self-development, hence the “unstability” of the placement. When you find the right partner, it won’t be that way – however you have to heal and love yourself and deal with your own issues first usually and find out who the heck you are before that can even happen. This is why the native can be alone a lot, so they will find self first instead of being co-dependent with a partner and suppressing self.

    I don’t have Uranus in the 7th, but I have venus opp Uranus. That’s what it’s been like for me. I would LOVE to be in a committed, monogamous relationship in which I can be who I totally am.

  42. My Mom has Uranus in 7th house, she has Aquarius rising. Her marriage with my father was a scandal as everyone told me, lots of things happened leading to the marriage being inhibited. My father was abroad for five years when I was born, when he came back they got married (but no wedding). My father traveled most of the time, I guess that’s how Uranus in 7th house manifests?

  43. Jennifer says:

    I don’t have a correct birth time so don’t really know if Uranus is in my 7th house or 8th house in natal chart, but I have never been in a relationship that is like of everyone around me, either long distance or with foreign people, I find it hard to imagine me being with a local man for every minute of the day…Maybe it’s also because my Venus is in Aquarius and conjunct Jupiter and sextile Uranus.

  44. My boyfriend has uranus and neptune in 7th house. But he has capricorn DSC.
    He travels a lot around since we met, but I let him do it, cause I know he needs to.
    He actually asked me if it was “OK” with me, and though I miss him like HELL I know that in order to keep such a lovely man as he is, he needs his freedom to do stuff like that.

    He is a libra sun by the way with libra venus in 5th, square his Uranus in 7thโ€ฆ I think he is a bit more unconventional than the vibe he gives off, but I let him be that, because I love him so much!
    (I’m a virgo with pisces moon square uranus)

  45. I have Uranus & Jupiter in Libra 7th. Sun Cancer 4th SQ Uranus ; Moon Pisces 12th OPP Uranus. CONJ Pluto ; OPP Ascendant ; SQ Midheaven. My dearest wish in life was to marry – to fall in love and be loved… yet it has never eventuated…Ive never even “dated” or had a long term relationship…only intense, unfulfilling, unrequitted, unsustainable and destructive liaisons. Suddenly on and then just as suddenly off again. Opportunities and interest just passed me by. Im in my 40s now and have given up any hope of finding love and marriage. Uranus in 7th for me has meant a pronounced absence of relationships.

  46. I have Venus in Aquarius conjunct the Ascendant and in opposition to Uranus in Leo conjunct the 7th house. Both planets square my moon/Mars conjunction in Taurus. I attract women but am a gay man. I have never been able to find a relationship with either sex that gets beyond a few dates – although attract many friends. The longest relationship being six months. I am sad that I will never find anyone.

  47. I have Venus in Aquarius conjunct the Ascendant and in opposition to Uranus in Leo conjunct the 7th house. Both planets square my moon/Mars conjunction in Taurus. I attract women but am a gay man. I have never been able to find a relationship with either sex that gets beyond a few dates โ€“ although attract many friends. The longest relationship being six months. Now at 56, I am sad that I have not found the deep love I have looked for and wonder if I will ever find someone suitable. Maybe I find too many people attractive and cannot do with just one?

  48. I have just formed a very loving relationship with a Gemini. I am a Cap. The most compelling aspect to me in our composite chart is the Uranus inconjunct the moon. It for some reason makes me so nervous, just to know it exists. What might we expect from its expression through the composite chart? Uranus 7th Virgo. Moon 2nd Aries….

  49. Stephanie says:

    In my natal chart I have Uranus conjunction Neptune (197, both in Capricorn) in my 7th house. Uranus & Neptune (106, 104) sextile Mercury in Pisces. Ascendant cancer conjunction Mars cancer (12th house), Neptune & Uranus opposition ascendant. Venus aries (10th house) square Mars cancer. Venus sextile moon (183). Saturn & moon in Aquarius (8th house), moon trine Jupiter in libra. Jupiter opposition Venus, Jupiter square Mars. (Saturn square pluto (Scorpio in 5th house). Mercury trine ascendant & Pluto, Mercury conjunction midheaven (pisces), Pluto trine midheaven, Pluto square sun (Pisces). Sun trine Mars, sun conjunction Saturn. I hope someone can give me insight from the outside.

  50. Are there any mitigating energies that can reduce the disrupting effect on committed relationships with U7? What about North Node in the 7th house too?

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