Should you trust a Scorpio man on blind faith?

God, no!

Should you trust anyone on blind faith? Scorpio wouldn’t. He’d hire a private investigator — if he weren’t a P.I. himself — to dig up all the dirt that can be found on you. Incriminating photographs, phone records, IM chat transcripts. If no evidence springs up after a good days’ work, he might trust you. But not on blind faith. There will always be that 1% suspicion that you covered your tracks like a pro.

Scorpio goes through the trouble because he knows — all too well — that people have secrets. Everyone’s got a skeleton in the closet, man. A dark past. Shady connections. He’s better than most at keeping his own indiscretions under wraps.

So there’s your answer, bub. Only a dupe would trust a Scorpio on blind faith.

Comment below: How long did it take you to trust him?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. rebecca roth says:

    my boyfriend who is my soulmate,jeff st. claire and i have scorpio passion. i don’t understand why i am not in his arms tonight. my boyfriend and i have made serious promises and committments to each other, and i know he will not let me down. he understands my fears, and knows my vulnerbilities and i understand his. i promised him from day one, to never cheat, be honest, and he told me from day one he did not want to get hurt, i have kept those promises. i am very deep in love with him and will not get over him, and his friend told me that my boyfriend will not let me down, that he is very inlove with me and to have faith in him. there is no time to let me down, and my boyfriend knows this. mabey tuesday i will be in his arms for all the privacy we want and he can drop money off for me to look drop dead beautiful when i walk into his arms.i love you jeff st. claire-will be waiting for your call in the mornig and to work everything out like we talked about. i won’t let you down either. i will be up thinking tonight and crying.rebecca-room208

  2. rebecca roth says:

    my boyfriend jeff st.claire has one girlfriend, myself, and i have one boyfriend jeff st.claire. it was fate how him and i met and fell in love. we are both psychic and very intelligent. he says i am as intelligent as him, but i am more pshyic. my boyfriend said he fell in love with me the moment he saw me, and my feelings are the same. last night i woke up missing my boyfriend thinking how are night got ruined by other peoples jeliousies lies and games, always at my expense and nothing being given to me. i walked out on the balcony of where i live last night and thought of how my soulmate and i met. this morning i took a very early morning walk, got embarressed for know reason as usual, went back to where i live got another cup of coffee, walked up the stairs, combed my hair, walked out of my room-178 spring street-room 208, got bullied by tina and two black guys who are in room 207. they said i am in their way. tina says she is going to push me down the stairs and pour coffee on me so i can’t fall into my boyfriend’s arms. they are waiting for me to be forced outside so they can abuse me. tina does this to me on a regular basis with her friends and students, and some people from the office at the constables office in union because the money is never given to me. they are jeleous and used to hurting me and used to knowone giving me the big check, or keeping the man i love away from me, and who is inlove with me and won’t let me down. alot of people are used to hurting me and giving me nothing because they are selfish and manipulative. i am not. i am beautiful, i am intelligent, and i have two weeks to be driving in a car that is mine with my liscense reinstated so i can notify people that papers have been filed in court for the constables office in union. that is what i know how to do, not fight not walk around like a lost puppy looking for my boyfriend and wondering why the big check was not put in my hand. every time i am humilted by these students, regulars, and mother’s i think of what i should be doing how they are laughing at me, and how my friend who is a male, the security guard at the courthouse told me to trust believe in my boyfriend jeff st. claire, that he will not let me down, why i go through this for no reason except other’s lies selfishness and games, that i don’t play. i would think thousands to millions would be put in my hand this week, for what i have been put through, as well as how psychic i am as well how as intelligent i am. instead they have me scared, worried and wondering when the money will be put in my hand so i can re-build my life. for as many times as this has been done to me, that is how much money should be put in my hand asap, and will what ever it takes. everything that has been done to me can be done to anyone, it is not my job to be humilated, used, now or in two weeks when my time has run out. i love my boyfriend, and he is very inlove with me, we are not married, but do have plans to eventually get married. i will never hurt him or embaressess him and we have a very stable loving relationship. i really hope we have our privacy this week that got ruined because of peoples lies and games. the police let tina and other’s do this to me. even if they wen’t to jail it does not make anything up to me. my boyfriend calls me three times a day, so the individuals who are abusing me about waiting for his call in my room, and taunting me and it not reaching me, they are embarressing themselves, and scaring me.i can not go through this anymore, and everything i expect to be given to me by my boyfriend because of his loving promises as well as other’s must be given to me. i have not not told my boyfriend yet on the phone today that i love him and it makes me sick and sad, because i can see through the situation. i will be waiting for my boyfriend’s call in alittle while and all my wishes from driving etc. to be given to me immediatley, i can’t wait to hear my boyfriend’s voice and tell him i love him etc. we will replan our night for all our privacy, and it won’t be ruined by sick selfish mother’s, student’s etc. the people who don’t like me it is because i can see through them. i love it when my boyfriend open’s up his heart to me all over again, and i will be waiting for his call three times a day, and everything else.-rebecca roth-178 spring street room 208-the knights inn.

  3. rebecca roth says:

    i am going to go home and wait for my boyfriend jeff st. claires call and everything i want to be given to me. alot of people are a constant embarressment to themselves, by embaressing me with their manipulative games and lies, but even though this is the truth the whole situation is to hurtful. everyone can play their games amongst themslves and leave me and my boyfriend jeff st. claire out of it. everyone is living in some fantasy world if they think i am not going to have everything i want to rebuild my name the way i want, and my boyfriend in my arms for real permantley.everyone should concentrate on ruining their own lives, taunting themselves, and abusing themselves for every time i have been given nothing, do not waste your time doing it to me because i am psychic and gifted, and for every time i have been hurt and given nothing, and empty promises, and taunted, it will be done to every mother, student, crackhead who did it to me for no reason except they are selfish, and lied and jeleous. see previous comment i wrote earlier for details. i am going to go home and wait for my boyfriend jeff st. claires call- looking foward to telling him i love him and him and i having all the privacy we want this week.rebecca roth-178 spring street-room208-the knights inn-the only person i want to talk to and hold is my boyfriend-jeff st. claire.

  4. @rebecca roth, I don’t think it’s appropriate to be using full names and leaving your address in the comments section.

  5. rebecca roth says:

    i love my boyfriend jstcl very deeply. i know he is very inlove with me. i had a terrible weekend because i was supposed to be in his arms for him and i to have all the privacy we wanted, and got so hurt because i was not in his arms alone just him and i. i am not fine without my boyfriend. i feel so let down. now i am as vulnerable as when him and i were first going out. i have made promises to him, and kept them, and have been hurt numerous times by other’s lies and deceit. i know he won’t let me down with his promises. i am going to stay up tonight and think how him and i met until i cannot keep my eye’s open any longer. hope he calls first thing in the morning. it is unforgivable what happened this weekened to me when i could of been alone with him in his arms.i won’t get over my boyfriend and i won’t let him down.knowone has any right to challenge that. i have one boyfriend jeff st. cl and he has one girlfriend myself. my boyfriend is very good to me and i don’t want to be in anyone eles arms but his. waiting to tell him when he calls and to replan our privacy for real.rebecca

  6. LIbraLady says:

    rebecca roth
    I’ve been there, nights like that are harsh…..Hang in there
    I’m deeply in love with my guy too, just waiting to move in together, so near yet so far away….Love is as painful as it is sweet….cest la vie

  7. rebecca roth says:

    my boyfriend jstcl is everything to me and i am everything to him.there are fears and vulnerbilities that my boyfriend knows about and would never test those or let me boyfriend knows what happened with my ex-boyfriend msac, and how i got hurt by other females lies and jeliousies and hurt by the police ten months ago. my boyfriend would never play with my emotions or my vulnerbilities. i do not play games, and neither does my boyfriend jstcl. i am going to put my trust in my boyfriend jeff and he will explain everything when he calls, will not let me down, and we will have all our privacy and promises will be kept. worried and waiting.-rebecca-i have one boyfriend jeff st. calire-and he has one girl friend myself. everyone else can stay out of my life with their games and lies.looking foward to my privacy with my boyfriend jstcl(we will replan it) and waitng for his call in the morning.rebecca-unless he can’t sleep, he can call tonight.(only my boyfriend-i don’t want to talk to anyone else but my boyfriend jeff st.claire)

  8. rebecca roth says:

    i am really looking foward to my boyfriend jstcl opening his heart to me all over again. my trust on blind faith is being tested because of other people’s deceit. it will only bring my boyfriend and myself closer. my boyfriend knows i can see through any situation. i am really looking foward to re-discovering my boyfriends scorpio traits of how deep inlove he is with me and opening up to me all over again, etc. really looking foward to him keeping his beautiful promises, he knows my fears and vulnernilities and would never play with my emotions.when tina,(at the hotel) and lots of other student’s and mother’s have abused me and lied, for no reason and used who they knew to hurt me, my boyfriend says it is because i am beautiful, and my boyfriend has not even seen me at my best yet, but he will.i do not need any more tests, only everything i want given to me and more. and anyone who tries to manipulate the situation, i feel great, i am just starting to get my confidence back from everyone elses abuse and jeliousies.the person that does not abuse me is my boyfriend. looking foward to my boyfriend calling and re-planning our privacy and re-opening up. ilove all his scorpio traits, and he loves mine. we don’t play games and my time is running out at the hotel.(which scares me) waiting for the man i love, and who loves me to call, and all my wishes to come true very quickly for every time i have been hurt and given nothing because of females like tina(at the hotel) and other’s.everything that has been done to me can be done to anyone over and over again. and i can get a life, a better life than i can even imagine.i am going to go back to my room and wait for my boyfriend jeff st. claire to call. love, rebecca-your honest, faithful, beautiful, worried girlfriend.

  9. rebecca roth says:

    to my scorpio ardent mate-jeff saint claire-i will never let you down-waiting for everything you promised.i talked to my supervisor at the constables office-things went very well-all i have to do is drive and i get my badge, and acess code. jeff-people keep playing with head-i know everything you are doing you are doing for me. please think about everything we have promised each other.i told donna(my supervisor-when i return to work) you won’t let me down and that you are very inlove with rebecca-your girlfriend.

  10. rebecca roth says:

    to my boyfrienf-jeff saint claire- i am worried and scared about tommorrow.i ment to say people are playing with my head about your girlfriend know when i get hungry and scared i leave words out. looking foward to telling you i love you and going back to work at the constables office serving my summons and complaints. even though i read you the note that you need your flashlight for, did you sneak by and read it when i was sleeping. can’t wait to hold your girlfriend-rebecca.think about everything we have promised each your girlfriend-rebecca

  11. becca

    are you an aquarius

  12. becca

    you should help others in the other post sites. spread love it will come back to you. open up boo. dont stay in this one spot.

  13. rebeccaroth says:

    i am a real scorpio girl except for some of the physical traits. i have very long legs that are very skinny, my bone structure is very small from years of dance as a hobby at a studio and all the cardio activity i do. my eyes are piercing, especially when i know someone has lied to me or played a game with me, something i do not do or believe in.i am not possesive or jeleous but i know when someone is lying to me. i am obsessed with my physical appearence, but do not judge other’s the same way i judge myself.i am fiercly loyal in love when i give my heart to a man, but if i find out everything has been a lie i will not sting myself. but if that is what people want to think.things happen. i really was the best thing that happened to jeff st. claire, i guess he just forgot, but when he remembers, i will remember that mark sacrapnti was the best thing that happened to me and put my trust in him. wounded but will open up my heart to mark s.

  14. becca

    come to the what a scorp wants in a woman post please. 🙂

  15. mark sacrapanti-did you read the note on my window? just a quick note to let you know i am thinking about u twenty four seven. tommorrow is the one year anniversary of when i got hurt. not gonna say to much on this site except, love, trust, and believe in you. looking foward to that privacy with your arms around me. your aquaintance mark told me you were looking for me and told him how deep inlove you are with me. going to go to bed early tonight. ready for that surprise-no pressure though. if your not to tired call to say goodnight. all those little things you are doing for me- mean so much. remember-i am doing volunteer work mon-fri till five.hope i made your day perfect.-your girlfriend-r-(208)

  16. @Scorp
    What does a Scorpio man wants in a woman?
    Me and My scorpio man are having problems@this time in our relationship.
    He is such a sweetheart and really loves me and I love him too, but i am having some issues with trusting him completely and now he is doubting that I love him. I dont know what i should do to convince him that i do love him.
    How can I let him know how I feel for him without being to pushy or desparate, which I am? Plus he said he needs time to think and that is making me anxious. What should i do?

  17. Nevermind..we have patched it up 🙂

  18. ms-(mark)-it was the most beautiful words i have ever heard you say about me. i am going to repeat them to you in person. i am so looking foward to coming back to work, and driving and seving my summons and complaints. i am a little nervous because you know i can see through a situation, i have to get my voucher tommorrow. i love you and everything you are doing for me and what you said and how you showed me, means more to me than you will ever know.we can talk about it all night in each others arms all alone is someone really going to write me the loan and put it in my hands(at breakfast on thursday)(and what is my surprise). are you calling later, i hope, hope, hope! are you going to welfare with me tommorrow. i am staying very calm, and am tired of the constant jelousy. i trust you completley and when i get my loan money i know what i want to get you. it is a personal gift from me. love your girlfriend rebecca-208(i went to welfare today, but my worker said tuesday)

  19. @aries woman

    i sent you an answer. check your notifications 🙂

  20. mark s-i love you-u know what i do not understand. jeff told you how inlove he is with me and that he wanted to make things right and swore the papers would be drawn up and the loan money would be in my hand so i can come back to work. Things happen, right, well he had time to humilate everything i believe in and cheat on me with Stepanie and jennifer, and he says he feels guilty, but i still did not receive the money from jeff i should of received yesterday as a loan to come back to work. and i am being embarressed really bad since last night by all different females, all walks of life, and as usual lies at my expense. unforgivable, i was just starting to get my confidence back, had such a beautiful morning yesterday, and i really need the papers drawn up and the money in my hand. everyone is acting jeleous today, they are saying goodbye and embarressing themselves, but it is making me not being given the money jeff promised again he humilated everything i believe in. love and believe in you(.MS) please work everything are everything to your girlfriend-rebecca-hope your day is perfect mark sacrapanti. truthfully i am not feeling real well today. i am going to do my workout later. i can’t wait to hold and love you. love, rebecca-208

  21. mark sacrapanti, lets go for some serious intense privacy very soon. your love and passion is everything i need. Did you talk to jeff about the loan papers.looking foward to my surprise and being there for you in every way. i want to buy you your st. michael charm. Love, your girlfriend, rebecca-208-answer by phone or in person. love your girlfriend-rebecca.

  22. He has a
    Scorpio SUN
    Capricorn MOON
    Scorpio VENUS
    LIbra MARS

    We are both attached. He knows i am. Since i do know it too, i always ask and insisted he is attached having a gf. But he never seems to accept but denying excessively. I don’t understand why.

    But does he enjoy flirting so much? Obviously he has this deadly hypotising and intense scorpio stare and would always stare it on me. And like a typical scorpio he seems to able to pick out all my thoughts and feelings.

    Although he does flirt alot through eye contact and verbally calling my pretty, cutie, sexy etc, he do really cares about my life and my well being. Really attentive and caring and ask me on dates many times thou i rejected almost all. He actually confessed a few times about his feelings for me, but i didnt take it seriously becos i feel so uncertain about him and if my uncertainty is true it would means it would really hurt alot.

    So if after so much stuff going, he doesnt really likes me in that romantically sense and wish to be with me at least, dont you think he is a deadly professional and cruel player?
    Can anybody tell me why is he doing this?
    Does his chart rings a bell?

  23. SexyniceVirgo says:

    Hahaha I dnt the lion judge by it’s on condition!. Scorp don’t trust anyone close to You they arejealoys even with their own shadow why(?) cause they are liars and cover up of their own capability of being a “chesaster”!

  24. SexyniceVirgo says:

    @ jeffrey: I’m so happy @ my fellow bloggers happy about nayla and wanted to say Hi but there’s no way I can enter how to know when a Scorp doesn’t love you thru my iPhone… So if u can copy paste this for me or snd them all my regards sag cancermoom scorp roxy phenox etc

  25. @ SexyniceVirgo I don’t see why this link shouldn’t work in mobile Safari

  26. phenix scorpio says:

    lol virgo u sound so angry alot

  27. SexyniceVirgo says:

    @phenix scorp: was I angry(?)!. Is this the last step to be IN with a Scorp (?) the cheating stage(?)!. If I ever to be angry Ill have to be angry with myself and think Im dumb deff and stupid!. Cause I choose to be with him and get into the ride for certain reasons I enjoy and the ones I dislike!. I took him in the way he was & even thou Im not 100% certain of this specific cheating or others is as If Im ahead of that situation!. I’m Scorp Asc or rising and my tendecy for that cheating Fact to destroy and end everything is quite strong in me(?)!. Maybe Im the one who cheated cause he is not convenient in my life!. Not because he is a Scorp but for other reasons like his age, drug problems and being so dumb that he has become his own enemy!. Quitting his job, living in his house and not talking to members of his beautifull family!. Dropping the university just before finishing No not good, positive or smart!. Gotta get off the ride and let him crash alone!. 😉 I’m cool phenix scorp my moon in Aqua took over and I’m in to new waters!.

  28. SexyniceVirgo says:

    @all: plus that there’s a FACT about why and when people cheat!. For scorp is a revenge thing maybe a mechanism of defense!. For me Is so hard cause if my mind is set on someone I don’t feel or think Im cheating and my denial is absolute!. Bad the reasoning why people cheat!. Cause at the end cheating as in a sex encounter is not a matter of emotional issues But physical!. We can get stds or something deadly and bring shame into ones life!. So cheating is more than a couple’s issue or zodical identity a DEADLY thing to do!. For those who dont use protection!. The once using protection is half way deadly depending on the circumstance!.

  29. phenix scorpio says:

    lol virgo u make m e grin or is it a smile lol almsot didnt read it yet . Your scorpio is definatley a grey lizard there are three types of scorpios the only sign with three signs assiciated you know lol im acedneant scorp to virgo congrads on it for you grey lizard the first one is asscited with bascially losers drugs drinks excess sex emotionally gone when he hits rock bottem maybe he can call on his streght if not bah. the second is the normal scorp that most talk about you can find enough of him and the last is assiciated with different things obvioulsy a phenix to die and be reborn a dove balanc etc and eagle (peronslly i think there the same thing lol) basically evovled form of a scorpio scorpios at there best.

  30. SexyniceVirgo says:

    @ phenix scorp: hi ph scorp! How u doing and ur scorp lady(?) do u trust her blindly (?)!. I think u should as long as u are totally concious of her needs and yours making an honest and realistic expectative ur ride should be pleasant!. We are captain of our Souls, architects of our Life!. Ive being found helicobacter pylori a terrible bacteria that eats the lining walls of the stomach, asociate with gastritis, stomach úlcers and cáncer!. So I have to look Up on that right now!. Regarding Little Scorp I def think him is a special case You know more like a psyquiatric one!. Hahaha no really, he hace try to kill himself and his Mom talks about depression and demons!. I personally think he need it a good spank and a hard hand when growing Up!. The crazy could be to all his gem positions or puré genetics!. To me (?) just someone in my passing Life!. I being reading u guys phenix scorp and Sag24/7 and Ive to say you dnt dound like the typical cocky Scorp that trait I dnt see in You!. Tell Sag I say hi!. My iphone dnt let me visit you guys in “how to know when a Scorp doesnt love me” and I also think Im over that question hahaha regards phenix scorp

  31. phenix scorpio says:

    sexy nice virgo so i dont seem like the typical scorpio yet im scorpio in all that maks a scorpio scorpio lol ha ha ha so funny i think that scorp needs to man up grow some balls already mybe jhell hit a wall and realize he needs to change me and my scorpio woman are good but i must say the more i delve into her secrets the more i relaize shes selfish and i relize i can count on her to be selfish so im not to afriad as long as i blow her mind sexually and do the normal for me in a relationship just be affectiante itll be great but im deciding if i want that > im a giver and she a taker and im all about things being equal so its interesting to me. and ive realized ive started doing things ive done to exe in the past before i realize its over or might be over still life is full of things and reasons for things itll work out if its meant to. and nature versus nurture debate huh is he geniticall messed up or mentally or did you mean his gemini influence?

  32. @scorp

    Yes Scorp..I checked my email and found it…thank you. *Smiles* I was checking the wrong email, Plus my computer has been down for a few weeks. And I am now just rejoining the site and having to start all over again. I’m subscibed as “ArianWoman” on this site instead of AriesWoman, mainly because AriesWoman was taken already *smiles* and I forget the other name I am subscibed under.

    Scorp, though things are fine with us now (me and my man) never know what may happen in the future. So I will keep your advise close to heart and refer back to it when needed. Thank you again for your response Scorp. You always use practical and sound wisdom. And this is good for me, Since my mind is so complex and anxious. I need to read something that is just practical and sound. It helps. *smiles* Take Care Everyone!

  33. you all are prolly going to think this is silly…but i met a scorpio man on line. He is soo damn intence i can hardly take him. He is sweet enuf and kind, but he is always on line and seems to be there trying to consume all my online time. Jealous if i talk to any other friends.He says he loves me and that he desires me and i am what he is looking for.
    How can that be? He never met me in person. I am also a scopio, but i need my space and cannot handle his efforts to control me. he cannot seem to grasp that consept. I jsut want to be friends he wants to be lovers..geezzz i cannot handly this. any advice on how to handle an intence scorpio. thanx

  34. I hadn’t heard from my friend in a few weeks and leading up to that, the contact was short and curt. I waited it out like most of you tell us to do and sent him one or 2 messages that said, I hoped he was ok and I’ll be right where he left me….and if he needed anything I’d be there for him.
    I finally heard from him tonight and he said he had just quit his job. The job he loved so much. He said he was under a lot of pressure at work before he went MIA but he didn’t give any details.
    Was the longest email he had sent in awhile and said he was getting a new phone since the old one was from his old job and that he would give me his new # soon.

    I’m so glad I listened to all you people giving advise on here. It has definately helped me understand how he works and to be more patient.
    All my friends told me to just walk away because he did. I wanted to wait it out and see what would happen…but I still did my own thing while I waited. Makes waiting easier…plus I have some cool stories to tell him when we talk too.

    I just wanted to say thanks for all your advice. All of you. 🙂

  35. It would be silly enough for anyone to trust anybody with blind faith, regardless of the sign. That isn’t a smart move at all. Scorpio always have a hard time to trust people, and they to will find means to secure themselves from untrustworthy people.

  36. My partner had the exact same chart, lots to share let’s chat.

  37. Deathcythe says:

    anyone could help me to figure out about my Scorpio man? I could not resist him at all though I’ve tried many times still I always find myself alluring at him.
    He is a scorpio man and i am a sagittarius woman, he had a child which happens to be a girl and he is a good Father I find it very attractive. We’re neither a couple nor dating but we always communicate by chatting he is busy with his work and I am too but whenever I have a time to see if he have message to me when he is online i always make a reply but he dont.

    Then there are days that he was always telling me that he saw other girls outside really and attractive i don’t know what he wants me to feel like duh?! Are you thinking why you need to tell me those stuff .. to the fact that he already told me that he likes me to be his GF but in personal because we are in different country now. Its really hard .. he will only message me when he thinks he wants .. though sometimes he is the one initiating the chatting but its really hard to figure out if he wants me to stay or what??

    And the last time I’ve asked him if he have other girls aside from me whom he have chatting with then he said yes directly .. then I told him why you answered so honestly then he told that he just don’t want to make lies .. Then i’ve ended up so hurt as I expect that there is something special you know i did not chat him for 3 days though im answering him telling that i was not angry that its fine but in a cold freezy feeling.. then he told that he likes me to be his GF but in personal..

    Now I browse to his Facebook Account then I saw 1 COMMENT there from his guy friend then he was teasing him how he things going with him and to another girl .. then he just dont answer that stuff then that girl his friend pointing make a comment like they are denying something.. I don’t know what will i do should i tell to my scorpio man what I am thinking regarding that post it might makes him annoy as we dont have any relationship and i dont want him to feel that i am stalking his account..

    I just dont want myself to be like this anymore im not this kind of woman whose stalking and always thinking what he is up to…

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