How to get your Leo man to propose

Leos love being engaged: the glitzy rock; the bachelor(ette) parties; setting up the registry at Williams-Sonoma.

Granted, a Leo guy won’t be the one with the big conflict-free diamond on his finger, but he’ll be just as happy to be the one buying it. What Leo doesn’t like to give generously?

But he hasn’t made the jump, and you want to get him down on one knee to present you with a small velvet box. How to?

I’d normally suggest you reverse gender roles and propose to him, but your assertiveness in this matter may wound Leo’s pride. Dethroning the king will work against you. Instead, you must inspire him to express his whole-hearted devotion to you.

Fortunately for you, Leo has a big heart, and thrives on displays of affection. However, this extravagant sign does not pick up subtle clues well, so don’t waste your precious time being oblique. Rather, incessantly talk about your friends who are getting married; mention how nice a honeymoon in Greece would be; drag him to Tiffany’s and swoon over the pretty jewels. He’ll want to make you happy, if you don’t drive him crazy first.

If that doesn’t work, get pregnant. Leos love kids.

Comment below: How did you get your Leo down on one knee?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. My leo made a grand splash. He took me to my favorite location and my favorite restaurant on the beach, then took me to ‘lovers point’ on the beach and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
    But first he announced his intentions to all family members to get their permission and arranged a party when we arrived home. 🙂
    It was romantic.

    I actually wasnt expecting it. I wasnt really planning on him I was glad to live together in sin forever. lol

  2. Sorry, I didnt read the question properly. I guess I was in a hurry to
    Um.. my leo liked me for my differences. I was completely different than his family. I was blond, tall, thin, disobedient, couldnt cook, and completely outrageous. I was detached from material things and loved laughing.

    heh, funny how 19 years later those things bug the hell out of him. LOL

  3. Anonymous says:

    “If that doesn’t work, get pregnant.” What kind of crap advice is this? Someone is obviously asking a heartfelt question. A little compassion wouldn’t hurt these blogs. Consider me unsubscribed.

  4. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    I’m sorry to see you go, Anonymous. “How to get your Leo man to propose” was not a heartfelt — or otherwise — question directly asked of me.

    Some of my posts are more light-hearted than others, and my sense of humor may either not translate well on the page, or not be appreciated by some readers.

  5. I found the comment tongue in cheek. I wouldnt think that a psycologist would make that statement

  6. aprilbaby says:

    “If that doesn’t work, get pregnant.”

    Our baby was born April 12 … does that mean he’s proposing soon? Doubt it – I’ve looked at our bank account. No money for a ring; it’s all going to daycare now!

  7. Anonymous says:

    “If that doesn’t work get pregnant”

    Our baby was born March 20th
    I have no expectations of my Leo ever proposing because he has already been married and is sure he wont get married again.
    However, I had NO expectations of him ever wanting a baby but he is a jr and 4 months old haha!

    My Leo is a great man and someday he may surprise me when my expectations are not there and it is a complete surprise.
    I do enjoy this information because my leo and I are polar opposites and he is learning so many things from my aquarius intellect.

  8. Leo & Leo

    July 19th, 2009. Four days before my birthday July 23rd, my Leo man popped the question! We were approaching our fourth month of dating.

    The question is not a matter of HOW TO get your leo to propose.

    Make him want to propose to you! A proposal should not be forced or manipulated. It should be an act that he naturally becomes comfortable with doing.

    My Leo Man took me on a hike overlooking an escarpement. You can see for miles from up there. He got down on one knee (shaking like a leaf) and asked. It was the cutest thing I have ever expierienced to date!

    My response, “Absolutely!”

    Wedding to take place, summer-fall 2011 😀

  9. AriesLovah says:

    Wow, after 4 months a ring? Nice… How did you make him WANT to propose you Della?

  10. Galadriel73 says:

    In my case, he told me he wanted to marry me on date, er, was it number 4? or 5? Don’t remember, because I didn’t really believe him at the time! That was one decisive man! We moved in together after dating for 3 months and did the formal engagement (with parents and all) in 7 months from our first meeting. Although we had been looking for rings together to get my taste in rings, I preferred it to be a surprise, so he bought me a lovely, very simple, but great quality ring which he gave me at a cafe, so even the lady at the counter and several other people had the opportunity to admire it and congratulate us (ah, yes, typical Leo show-off LOL). Now I wonder what’s in store for me for the wedding… 😉

  11. I told my leo bf that after my last break-up of living with someone for two years, I didn’t want to live w/someone again unless we were engaged. The thing though is that this ex is my bf! We dated, lived together, had a big breakup, didn’t really talk to each other for a whole year, then got back together after some much needed personal growth and maturation and things are great. Is this a good thing to say to him though, that I don’t want to live with him unless we’re engaged, even though we’ve already lived w/each other in the past for two years?! He said he understands and thinks it’s fine.

  12. Arlisse says:

    “If that doesn’t work get pregnant”

    My Leo was enraged when his ex-wife did this to him before they were married. Now he hates her for trapping him.

    That’s a good way of getting left.

  13. Delivering a baby is very very painful… Be careful… 🙂

  14. “If that doesn’t work get pregnant”

    Same thing Arlisse said. My Leo hates his ex for the same thing.
    He and I are friends now, but 5 years ago he was my boyfriend and we had those typical “immature leo” issues back then. And 3 years ago he got with a girl, she got pregnant maybe the first or second time they had sex and he feels trapped. He haaaates her. This same girl also, stole my very first ‘real’ boyfriend from me back in 7th grade. I hate her too, still do. I know this girl. She has 2 kids now, 2 different daddys. Loves to have sex and is unfaithful, I knew they wouldn’t last long so I acted like I didn’t care. Pissed him off but when I found out she was pregnant I wan’t to murder them both but, I simply moved on, and on and on..
    Anyways, this Leo then popped back up into MY life this past June and my feelings came rushing back. I hate it. No guy has ever made me feel like him and I thought I was over him. I was in a good relationship with someone else and everything, and when this ‘Leo’ came back around he showed me a whole different picture of what “love” is supposed to be. I guess thats pretty selfish but I need happiness and I’m still young.
    I broke up with my boyfriend and now I’m single. Debating if I should get back with this Leo or not. I keep going back and forth with myself thinking that its a phase and things won’t be the same in the long run. I don’t know if its worth giving another try, or are we seriously better off friends. Probably so, but this particular man definitely has the potential. He really has no idea. He’s actually below my standards as far as society but I do not care.
    I don’t know whats wrong with me. I’m a Cancer (Cancer-Leo cusp) Gemini Moon. I am verrry Gemini-ish but I’m learning still. I don’t know if getting back with him is a good idea.. he talks about us getting married, and having his baby. But I believe he wants to have the baby first, by how he’s talking but he’s not too clear on that. I’m kind of scared, should I run? I don’t want him trapping me. haha i wouldn’t let that happen. I do think i’m capable of playing his game since I love him so much, and i’ll try to steer us to the right direction, but if I get tired of him, I’m leaving. Just like I left my ex (Pisces) because off of a sudden “i’m not happy” I felt bored possessed and tied down. I guess you can say I follow my feelings. Which do come before logic in some cases. I’m fine with that. Libra rising, maybe I can balance it all out.
    Relationships are very important to me and I need the full package. I feel as though I’m entitled to it. I’m able to give back what I require and there is so much in life to experience. I won’t limit myself.

  15. Also, at the time he got with her, he did it to piss me off, to get a reaction from me. Because i’m always holding things in. If I feel I won’t express my feelings too carefully, then i stay quiet. He probably felt like I didn’t care enough or something. He would leave for days without calling me. And when he came back around, no explaination. So thats where my silent treatment came from. I wasn’t up for starting an arguement If he didn’t want to communicate with me then I thought F it then I will just pick up on the signals I’m getting.
    He wanted me to express some emotion so he got with her, and she was a Pisces, the wrong girl to choose. She still chases him and cries on his voicemail. Its ridiculous. I don’t think I want to deal with that drama either. If I will have to shut that girl up it will be a show. And we are too old for this. Maybe I should just wait some more years and let him mature some more. I wont mind staying friends with him though. Him spilling his feelings on me I guess simply wont work unless i’m in a hormonal mood. But my moods definitely swing.

  16. I’m a leo woman with a leo man. The getting pregnant doesn’t work. He ran away, far away. But I wasn’t expecting marriage. Almost a year later he cried to me that he missed me and loved me and sad he never got to meet his son. (our son passed away from sids at 3 months old) and now he’s back and really heartfelt and asked me to marry him and he even picked out a beautiful ring all on his own. Except us being both leos i’m more of the attention seekers he’s more of the one that wants to give it.

  17. This is amazing. I have the same problems with my leo “friend” It is so confusing and it really drains me! I honestly need some good advice. I am a taurus woman and he is a leo man. We met about 3 1/2 years ago and I was in a relationshp at the time that I was trying to get out of, I think that fact is what turned him to the friend aspect for us. Because he approached me and was in awe of my beauty, those were his words, that I was exotic! lol. But we started going out on dates and eventually having sex, before I knew it. I had left my boyfriend and was waiting on him to change our title. Which didnt happen. We disagree on alot of things but its one of the things we love about each other and kinda look foward to. I set my wishes and expectations to the side because we were both focusing on schol and other things in life, Lets not forget being there for each other when ever we needed the other one. But this has dragged on too long. I need commitment. I leave him on what he calls vacations when I feel my love getting to strong and i’m not getting what I want from him. Then we see each other or miss each other so much and here we go again starting off where we left off! He said he needed to get himself together before making a commitment and that his last relationship was terrible. but the twist to this is the last time he came back, I started dating a very sweet pisces man, who was very cautious at first and then eventually came around. We were spending all our free time together and although he is very simple, unlike my leo. The kisses and very sensual and genuine affection was nice. But when Leo came back around and expressed the fact that he loved me and has been in love with me and doesnt want to be alone for ever, I completely stopped communicationg with Pisces! I know its wrong but my heart is totally somewhere else and I couldnt dare tell pisces this bc it would break his heart, oh and he told me he wanted me to be his wife. I kinda joked around with it bc I was at work and never brought it up again. I really want to marry and spend the rest of my life with my Leo but i’m not sure of his actions. I’ve never had any problems with any other women or ever seen him with any but I think this is bc he is so slick! But I know he talks to other women bc an anonymous person put a note on his car and he followed up with it. Telling me it was bc he thought someone was playing a joke but you asked them to send a pic. Im not crazy just in love! But I will end this for good if he is playing games. Oh and he is 37 and im 30. I feel he’s waaaay to old for this!! HHEEEEELLLPPPPP!!! 🙁

  18. I have fallen for a typical leo.. Dominating and stubborn and attension seeker, self centered, loyal, possessive, does’nt likes girls interacting with much guys and very caring for me.. I being the girl of his type asked him out after the 10 days of frienship after sharing nice hugs and a forehead kiss afcorse(he gave).. And some nice walks.. Proposed to him.. He denied giving a reason that he don’t wants to rush which is right at his part.. But said i can make any1 fall for me…i wonder if he was trying to prove he is’nt that ‘anyone’.. But i being a gemini, too much practical wanted a clear answer.. And asked him the next day about his final answer and he straight away said its better to be friends cause he don’t wants to loose me at any cost and he might loose me if we go through a break up.. But now i want him..I am actually in love with him

  19. Scorpio Woman says:

    I’m in love with a Leo man. It’s been 10 months, we’ve had counseling (his request) however He still hasn’t asked me to marry him because I ended the relationship 3 times because I often feel , he’s leading me on.
    I don’t know what to do…

    He’s 46 and I’m 40. Oh, he’s also a Pastor.

  20. Hi Scorpio Woman,

    When push comes to shove you don’t pull any punches do you.? Just joking.!!!

    Seriously with a Leo you have to give as good as you get otherwise they think you are
    a push over and they are “NOT INTO THOSE”. They desire and look for a Woman whom
    equals their “STRENGTH” of mind that is and someone whom will not buckle under the
    pressure which they often inflict because it is in their nature and they are also testing your
    endurance to see if you are up to the monumental task of handling what ever they dish out.?

    10 months is a relatively short time where proposals are concerned and considering the fact
    that you have already ended the relationship three times he is probably questioning, wandering
    and is unsure of your level of long term commitment especially concerning the institution of
    marriage which according to him would be for “LIFE” being a pastor and all he does not view it
    lightly and takes it “VERY SERIOUSLY”,

    I realise you are at a mature age and biologically speaking you probably want to get to the alter
    sooner rather than later in order to begin married life and start a family which is understandable
    so have you discussed those issues with him and voiced your concerns about him leading you

    Can you elaborate more about your relationship and the reasons you are in counselling.???

    Did you enter this relationship with the prospect of marriage in the near future and has he ever
    said anything regarding wanting the same thing as yourself and what are his views on this very
    serious issue and subject.???

    Think about it and if you feel like talking about it further let me know.?

  21. Scorpio Woman says:

    I ended the relationship because he kept testing me…

    We’ve known each other for 4 years, we just never dated.

  22. Hi Scorpio Woman

    I was under the impression you were in a relationship but you haven’t even dated.???

    May I ask you what nationality you both are and about your culture.???

    What kind of a relationship was this and on what grounds was it conducted.???

    How did you meet.???

  23. Scorpio Woman says:

    In my last reply, I didn’t make myself clear. We’ve been in a committed relationship since July 2013, however I met him for 4 years, through business .

    He asked me to go to premarital counseling, so we could work any issues we have out before getting in a marital commitment.

  24. Hi Scorpio Woman

    You sound very “ANGRY” and if you already have “ISSUES” prior to even getting
    married what do you think will happen once you are.???

    Do you honestly think and believe that marrying this Man is the right thing to do
    considering the fact that from what you have said so far it sounds as though you
    are the only one whom is “DETERMINED” for this “MARRIAGE” to take place
    whether it is in both of your best interests or not.???

    I wish you luck my dear but this does not sound right, good or the proper way to
    go about entering “MARRIED LIFE”.!!!

    Cheers, all the best and keep smiling. Taurus.

  25. Scorpio Women says:

    Correction karissa15, I’m not angry at all. It doesn’t matter to me, if we marry or not…I was more interested in understanding the characteristics of his sign. All marriages have issues, we’re just addressing ours before marrying, because neither of us want to go through a divorce. Thanks for you comments.

  26. Am in love wit a leo guy,am aquarius….he shows me love,he cares abt me ,bt am nt still conviced dat he will propose anytime soon…we hv been dating for 2yrs bt he has neva told me he loves me,until last week…was so shocked wen he said it….am he feels he’s really trapped wit me most times …wht do I really do 2 make him propose,cuz d things u mentioned won’t work…my leo guy and I are into celibacy…

  27. Do we use to hv sex bt recently we started d celibacy thing..he said he wnts to knw if I can stay witout hving sex wen we get married and he am tired of waiting 4 so long ..I can’t wait 2 be his wife ..he is d only guy hv really loved..he’s real and a pure africa guy

  28. Indian princess "crabby" says:

    My leo man is Amazing we’ve been together for one year and five months. Yes we’ve had our ups and downs. But since then I’ve truly fell in love. I’m a cancer woman believe me my moods change everyday. He is strong and very passionate he spoils me and treats me like a queen. Now I’m ready for lifetime comment ment but I just don’t now if his ready. What should I do? Having a baby is not one of my opposition I can’t have anymore children I have three girls from a previous marriage and he has two boys from his previous relationships. Any suggestions?

  29. Hi Indian Princess

    Even if could have or wanted more children falling pregnant just to trap a Man
    into marriage is deceitful and a recipe for disaster because it only backfires
    and the Man not only loses respect but he loses trust which is something that
    spells the end of a relationship.

    Leos tend to possess a marriage phobia until they mature enough and feel and
    believe that they have met their ideal partner in life whom will be there with them
    for the long haul and they then become more confident in entertaining the idea
    of marriage. So if you are in a good and stable relationship just relax and allow
    nature to take it’s course until he is ready to take that big step of permanency.

    Give it time and if it’s meant to be it will be trust in fate and destiny. Taurus

  30. Indian princess “crabby”

    If he would not never propose, would it be a disaster?!
    I am a happy woman, but if i was a man, i would never propose to any woman, because it’s became female obsession. If i was a man and would hear the hint from my female like: ” O, honey, when do you think you are ready to take a next step, you know…” and she would point on her finger, i would disappear with a speed of light… forever, without any explanation.

    I have heard from oooh much too many people, almost everyone ( luckily not my family and friends) that their dream is to win a lottery with millions of money; and there are much too many women which are obsessed about marriage and having babies, it’s scares me to death.
    Society of people with the same dreams is a sick society, it’s a mental institution.

  31. Indian princess "crabby" says:

    Well that’s amazing Sarah but I wouldn’t want to but a spell on him because if its not true love then I don’t want to be with him. I believe if it’s meant to be it will be. So we’ve been together now for a year and a half and were happy we do have are ups and downs because of my insecurities since I’m a cancer women my moods change sometimes very hour as well as his but I’m in love with him his my everything my king:)

  32. Indian princess crabby says:

    Hi it’s me again where going on 4years now we broke up for one month and he always comes back. But I’m frustrated because marriage has been on my mind he did buy me a ring for Christmas but still didn’t propose he said it was my promise ring I also have been living with him for two years with his family. And I’m not happy he keeps telling me where going to look for our own place ever month. I love him so much but I can’t wait anymore I’m not happy living with his family I stay there two weeks and at my place two it’s been real challenge. So just this past week I gave him a alternative I told him I’m moving out back to my place and he can live his life because actions speak louder than words. And I can’t play house anymore yes I’m hurt I miss him but to me if his ready he come through if not then it just wasn’t meant to be I have faith in God and what ever happens I strongly believe that’s the way it should be. If he doesn’t change then att least I did my part because to me life is to short to stay on words if you tell me you love me and want to spend your life with me then show me don’t make me wait another 4years. Did I do the right thing?

  33. Indian princess crabby says:

    If anyone has some advice please let me know if that was the right thing to do?

  34. Hnyclrdgds says:

    Wow youre reading my diary! LOL how did it end up?

  35. Hnyclrdgds says:

    I’ve been going through something like that….just found this site. What happened?

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