How to break up with a Libra man easily

No breakup is easy — the best you can do is minimize the sting. And let’s assume that you’re not seeking advice to make your own life easier, but rather to let him go with the least possible harm done.

Although Libra is not the most sensitive sign in the zodiac, he is one of the most relationship-focused. Assuming he’s not been unfaithful, he’ll likely be devastated when you break the news.

Don’t do it over email, IM or text message.
Libra is a face-to-face type of guy, and the impersonal nature of internet communication can leave him feeling cold. Although breaking up over the computer or via SMS is nearly always an inappropriate escape route, Libra will experience this technological goodbye as a grave affront.

Be fair. To appeal to Libra’s sense of balance, focus equally on each of your faults and strengths. Better yet, frame the reason(s) for the breakup in terms of “the relationship” instead of what he did wrong. For example, state that “we” had difficulty managing the issue of his flirtatiousness at parties and how you emotionally responded to his behavior. That is, it takes two to tango, and you each had a part to play in whatever led to the breakup. It may be your decision, but you’re not an innocent bystander.

Break the news in a pleasing environment. He’ll remember this moment, so you may as well reduce his future suffering by picking a nice spot. If his recollection is going to hurt, it will be worse if he has an image of your last moments near the dumpster behind Walmart. Take him to the beach, give the breakup some quasi-romantic overtones.

Don’t let him talk you out of it. Libra likes to please, and will offer to compromise or give up something in order to keep you. His diplomatic flair and mediation skills can be used to dissuade from your original position. If a breakup is what you really want, stand firm.

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  1. @nikkilee:

    You want to know what the worst part is…the fake guilty face that they get when you expose their lies and deceit…its as if they will sell their soul just to make you believe them…smdh

  2. yep, they ACT guilty just to get you to believe them, but once they see that you’ve penetrated their facade and cannot be sucked into their web, most times they disappear and go find someone else. You have to be on guard with Libra men and no matter what, do not tell them you love them until they have completely proven themselves to you… even then, be on guard.

  3. Libras have been known to be diplomatic and intelligent beings so be careful once he says somethings. He also has the power of persuasion at his side so you better stand firm on your decision.

  4. I broke up with my libra by telling him i had personal issues as well as telling him about his issues and told him to let me go………..he said he wasn’t going to…. :/

  5. I did it facebook messager cause didnt want to give me his number and was sick of his games im a libra woman enough is enough so he knew how i felt

  6. i just broke up with my libra man whilst he was on holiday in kenya- I’m still in south africa. It didn’t hit him at first but once the friends left and the holiday spirit was over for him, it all sunk in and wow it sunk in deeply. But he wants to talk to me face to face and i know for a fact that he will persuade me that way- its so hard to stand firm with a libra man especially one that contains all these exact traits. They seem so sad but its too late.

  7. I broke up with him in an email. I would have preferred to do it face to face but since he is just so “busy” working, hanging with friends and everyone else who isn’t me, I couldn’t schedule a time to sit down and say it. I told him I didn’t like how he never made time for me and I that I felt like I was being mistreated. I don’t regret putting the blame on him because it belongs on him! He apologized and then disappeared for 2 weeks. Then came back out of nowhere telling me that he promises that he’ll change. It’s hard because all I ever wanted was for him to try but he treated everything that I wanted like it was a threat to his independence. I’m not even a clingy woman, he knows my life is full and robust and I give him plenty of space but whats the point of being with someone if you prefer space over time together? He was a complete waste of time! And I don’t believe for one second that he’ll change.

  8. Wow all above is true about us Libra men well not all but most of the comments lol but either way we arenthe best hahaha

  9. Virgo female says:

    He was texting other girls and asking for pictures … meanwhile claiming to really like me and only me. And that he would stop messaging them in order to keep me and kept apologizing. None of it felt genuine so I said I just couldn’t see him anymore. How could I trust him when he was doing this behind my back? Never met someone more fake and complacent to a break up before. Apologies were weak.

  10. Sheia James says:

    My Libra Extremely Intelligent Medical Field need’s to Face Reality, I’m under the Impression he’s got a heart of Stone,by his Weird Behavior,

  11. Sheia James says:

    DR’s Behavior Is like the wasted MED’s that patients Get off wen unwanted, Ie merciless,”I love You should B Used in All Honesty, professionals are very dignified, Period,

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