How does a Sagittarius woman become irresistible to a Gemini woman?

[ad#link]K.illa I.nstincts (a woman) asks,

Im what I call a dominate Female and I’m a Sagittarius. I find it hard to get some actual input goin site to site but u have my full attention. My Question is How Do I Get a Woman Gemini that approached me to give me the attention and time now that she has my full attention? How Do I become irresistible to her?

We are fascinated, yet annoyed, by the sign opposite our own. They complete our deficiencies, yet inevitably do or say something totally off-putting. Gemini and Sagittarius concern information and ideas, but both address them in different ways. Gemini is interested in information for its own sake, and wants to communicate and trade data, words, stories, gossip. This sign is akin to the school child who is hungry for learning, who devours books and incessantly asks her parents questions like, “Why is the sky blue?”

Sagittarius is interested in meaning. A fact is no more than a fact, but when you look at bits of information from a bird’s eye view, you see the big picture. What connects the dots? Is there a “maker” behind these seemingly random connections?

K.illa, you write that you are a dominant Sag … but how can such a fiery sign be submissive, unless to a Higher Power? Sag is the guru, the professor, the judge. If Gemini is the student, you are the teacher. If Gemini is the journalist, you are her editor.

Being in a position of authority is a mixed bag. Gemini will look up to you for direction, but will also resent your opinions given from On High. You will appreciate her thirst for knowledge, yet become irritated when she revels in the latest gay outings instead of focusing on the application of queer theory to serialized TV dramas.

So, to become irresistible to this Gemini woman, you need to listen (because she loves to talk), and be mentally stimulating. Given your enthusiasm for understanding the world at large and its various religions and philosophies, you do have stories to tell. Even if your adventures are limited to your hometown, your mind has been travelling, putting together pieces of the puzzle of life. The key with Gemini is to entertain and inform, but to refrain from preaching your particular gospel. She just doesn’t care about the big questions, like you do. Thrill her with your brainpower, but don’t get too big for your britches.

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  1. how true!
    My friend is gemini and Her beau is sag sun. He lets her talk as much as she likes. His input is to the point, but funny. The get along beautifully. He travels alot, she goes to school. They meet up often and it works well for them.

  2. K.illa I.nstincts says:

    K.illa HERE! I tried yesterday to give this a shot. It sure was a bumpy road. I almost felt I was sending her to boredom tryin to listen so much. But all in all i guess it wasnt to bad, she is still talkin to me, today.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My sister told me about a Sag (her) and Gemini (him) couple she met. They were both funny and personable but she was a lot more scatterbrained than him… he said “My job is to translate for her so she makes sense.”


  4. am sag woman and am so into a gemini guy who is started flirting and giving me positive signs everytime i meet him, and also gets upset with me if i didnt attend outings that he attends, but he’s not taking any step further!!! I feel so confused with this, dont know :s does he is so involved in any outing that am gonna go, and he’s showing great interest, but what’s next? So i ignored seeing him for about a week and when my closest friend saw him, he mentioned me to her, and showed that he still remembers me, how can i know if he really likes me? And how can i get him to tell me what i wanna hear? And why he’s not asking me out or even call?!!

  5. Saglovingemini says:

    Sagi- I have been with my Gemini lover for almost three years now, and I know exactly what your referring to. His gentle subtle approach that he may like you more than a friend will drive you crazy!!! It did me! I was very patient with him, and he eventuallly asked me out. You can tell if he’s into you, but he doesn’t want to show it first. He will be very stubborn about letting you know how he feels. And even after you two hook up, You’ll always wonder what he’s feeling about you. Just know that if he’s still around, and still with you, he likes you more than he wants you to know. See, he doesn’t want to smother you, or scare with you emotions. He wants you to have your space, so you will make un unbiased decision about him. And not just love him because he loves you. He will expect his space, and lots of trust from you. And when he does tell you he loves you, you’ll know he means it. And sexually he will show deep passionate emotion towards you. But just enough to keep you on your toes.

  6. This Gem man I met is very affectionate, doesn’t open up on his own till I ask him questions, this s brand new. We talked a lot our 1st date n slept in each others arms, it was nice and I hate him for it! lol I already got used to him, he’s affectionate even in his sleep. He is sweet though I fear he may lack of confidence n ambition but I think he’s working on that, moving towards a better future. So will c. I guess I’ll probably inspire him…I knw he is intrigued and such so I hope we can see eye 2 eye.
    But I still hate that he got to me, he is sexy, awesome kisser. Anyhoo, hope he steps it up, I am picky and enjoy having a good time, sometimes laidback and sometimes bursts of fun. Any tips?

  7. Hey i hve been talking to this gemini woman and she lives in another state than myself, we met on a chatline, we exchanged #’s and we have been texting each other for the last 3 weeks and we have only had 2 conversations on the phone. I asked her why is it that she can text ,me alllll day long but never pick up the phone she told me its because she isnt a phone person, and that she works all night so she basically sleeps all day. I asked was she seeing anyone else she said no, when we txt she tells me she is feeling me and that i have her undivided attention and all of that, so i dont know what to make of this do i leave her alone or is this how gemini women are in the beginning?

  8. Hi,

    This is my first post on this site. I’m a sag woman v. interested in a gemini man. I can never tell what he feels for me, though. He really keeps me on my toes. One minute I think he’s interested, the next not. He talks to me and really seems to enjoy doing so. He knows I’m interested as I’ve asked him to come for a drink twice, but each time he’s ignored the question/said he’s busy etc. We both have responsibilities which conflict with getting together basically. I just know he’s interested in me, loves talking to me, finds me intelligent, charming & good-looking etc, but he has never said so. His eyes tell me so, however. So what do I do now? He just seems to keep slipping from my grasp, and NO man does that. It’s infuriating/frustrating/captivating etc, etc. HELP!!!!

  9. *BUMP**

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