Does Uranus in the 7th house automatically mean infidelity?

Tina wrote in response to Uranus in the Seventh House:

I recently saw a birthchart report that said Uranus in the 7th means unfaithfulness. Does Uranus in the 7th house automatically mean infidelity/unfaithfulness? Can it just mean needing space or change in the relationship? Let’s say a person has sun in Capricorn or a Taurus ascendant or Venus in Taurus? Wouldn’t the “stability” of those planets tame the restlessness somehow?

On a not so related note…I personally have Uranus in my 1st and a moon in Libra. I have had descriptions state that my moon in Libra can make me unfaithful in relationships yet I have never cheated in any of my relationships and also have never had an affair with someone in a relationship.I AM very independant due to Uranus in my 1st and need space but I prefer to be faithful. As a matter of fact infidelity seems offensive to me. Sure I get tempted like everybody else does but I have never acted on those impulses. I wonder if that may be cause of my … Venus in Taurus “taming” that effect in some way? And if in that same regard can a person who has Uranus in their 7th be a bit more restrained due to startegically placed earth signs in their chart.

Computerized astrology reports are a mixed bag. They provide lots of useful interpretations, but without any integration of chart factors, or any human touch, for that matter. They’re much less expensive than a consultation with a professional astrologer, but you get what you pay for. Although they are most of the time written by professional astrologers, quality varies, as some astrologers are better than others. In addition, some great astrologers are lousy writers. (Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate and employee of, which sells astrology reports.)

Any astrological placement has a variety of meanings. It doesn’t come alive until it is placed within the context of the whole chart. As in Gestalt philosophy, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. An astrology report provides many “parts,” but cannot provide a perspective of the “whole.”

I hope the report you read noted unfaithfulness as only one of many possible expressions of Uranus in the Seventh, for that would be plain irresponsible. Yes, the Uranian imperative to experience independence in marriage can lead to infidelity, but I wouldn’t call that its highest expression. (See my related post, The Seventh House curse of Uranus on the Descendant?)

As you wisely wrote, the strong presence of the earth element in one’s chart would temper one’s propensity to go wild and crazy in relationships. In your chart, Venus in Taurus is the dispositor (or ruler) of your Moon in Libra, so this yearning for relationship stability informs your instinctual responses. But anyways, I don’t see how Moon in Libra would correspond with unfaithfulness. One, you need to be in a relationship to feel secure; and two, it’s just plain vulgar.

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  1. I thank you for your insight! I personally have a lot of interesting Uranus placements in my chart:

    Uranus in 1st house
    Sun square Uranus
    Mars sextile Uranus
    Jupiter Conjunct Uranus
    Uranus trine Midheaven

    (I was being facetious in an earlier post of mine in this blog that I had no Uranus in my chart whatsoever. 😉 lol)

    What is has meant for me is that I usually demand a lot of space in my relationships. I don’t like to ask permission or have to be around the one I love 24/7. But that does not mean I do not love them dearly. I am FIERCELY loyal and I love deeply and display my affections to my partner all the time. I am big in respecting the person I love even if only in spirit like would be the case if I was travelling and I was approached by someone I find attractive. I would be tempted to but I wouldn’t stray.

    I also am not the jealous type at all and have had partners complain that I am not jealous enough (which is funny to me cause that would irritate the hell out of me since it indicates a lack of trust).Also while I won’t tolerate infidelity in terms of cheating behind each others’ backs I have been in threesomes with partners. I would draw the line in letting the third person become an active partner in my relationship cause I think that would threaten the stability of my relationships. In other words, no emotional involvement was allowed. If I felt I was getting fond of the third person I would cut it off right away. And, most importantly, if my partner felt jealous in any way these threesomes would have never occurred. I place more value in my partner’s confort level. As a matter of fact, it was always my partner that came up with the idea in the first place! My last relationship was funny in that my girlfriend initiated the threesome and I asked her if she was sure about it and she insisted then afterwards SHE was the one feeling jealous! lol What the hell? 😀 You are definitely playing with fire with a third party encounter and you should tread lightly if you decide to go that route at all. I could live without unless my partner really wants to it since I prefer security.

    So I have an interesting way of acting out my Uranus influences.

    And in my case I think dating a person with Uranus in the 7th house would be a good idea if they have earth influences elsewhere!

  2. Wanted to add that I myself am Sun in Cancer, Mars in Sag and Venus in Taurus for anybody that wanted to study my chart’s examples in some way. Obviously my sun loves stability. As does Taurus. But notice the Sag. It’s the only fire I have in my birthchart but it’s in a significant position. The rest of my chart is mostly earth and air influenced.

    Here’s a copy and paste of the text from the automated report I was talking about. It wasn’t a paid report. It was one of those were you type in your info and you see the results right away. And I have seen this text in more than one website’s automated report so I won’t name the website to be fair:

    “Uranus in VII

    Her independence does not tolerate marriage very well. If she does marry, she has little chance of finishing her days with the spouse, unless the partner gives her complete freedom and accepts her unfaithfulness.”

    That’s pretty damning if you ask me as far as her fidelity is concerned!! 😀 lol

  3. proserpine says:

    Jeff, I have heard the same about Moon in Libra–not word for word that Moon in Libra means the person is unfaithful in relationships, but that that placement often means the native will have two relationships at the same time(or want to have them).
    Libra Sun will often have two relationships–and *that* I can testify to–personally, and second-hand.:-).
    I have known a few Moon-in-Libra folks and they often do have more than one love affair going on.

  4. proserpine says:

    tna–I wonder if we are similar people?
    I have Aquarius in the 1st(Uranus rules Aquarius), I have Uranus Square Sun,Uranus sextile Mars, and Uranus trine Midheaven.
    Just wondering.:-)

    Do you by any chance have curly, or otherwise “electrified” -looking hair?
    Uranus or Aquarius in the 1st often results in wild hair.:-)

  5. Yes, I have very curly wild hair! I actually keep it very short for that reason. Wow, that’s something…

    Looks like we may be quite similar on “paper” as far as Uranus influences.

  6. I’m Cancer, rising Taurus with Uranus in 7th in opposition with ascendant, Moon in 6th in Scorpio squaring Venus in Leo in 4th, Saturn in Libra in conjunction with Jupiter in 6th and some other aspects of Uranus (150° with Mercury and Mars which are in conjunction in Gemini 2nd, trine with MC)…

    And about this cheating thing… I am pretty flirtatious, it’s always so much fun and I mostly do these things ONLY for fun, though before my last relationship cheating was in the scope of things I regularly do.
    In my last relationship, and through a friendship with a Sag I’ve come to real understanding of what true love can and should mean to me so I ditched both cheating and flirting around.
    It wasn’t easy restraining my self from my usual behaviour, but I’ve managed to completely push all that away.

  7. I thought Uranus in the 7th meant you’re supposed to marry a wierdo

  8. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Well, that’s one interpretation. As I mentioned, any planet-in-house placement can have numerous meanings that are equally true to the nature of the archetype.

  9. Patricia-Anne says:

    I am a woman and have Uranus in Cancer in the 7th house and I express it mainly in the following ways:*lightning* seems to strike inside whenever I’m attracted to someone; I never ask for it nor expected it hence all the these feelings (still!) for said Cappy FP! They may start with Uranus but the flames take a long, long time years sometime to die down!
    I’ve never been married and never had kids nor felt too maternal- I never really thought about marriage that seriously until now at age 52! When I was a girl I used to think that it would be difficult and boring to be faithful to the same guy, but now I think that when one makes a spiritual connection that transcends the flesh, fidelity is possible. Also I believe that one can be faithful to more than one lover/significant other; I didn’t believe that until I read some erotica in that regard involving THREE MEN!
    More importantly, I’m tolerant of unorthodox relationships and I like to read about them as well as trying my hand at writing them, which I started doing also when transiting Uranus was in Capricorn (giving me natal Uranus/transiting Uranus opposition early before age 35,) as well as when Uranus went into Aquarius. I started writing erotica that involved adult men with other adult men. I enjoy reading this as well and still do so. I am not sure how I am experiencing Uranus in Pisces- I’m doing the same type of writings but something emotional is going on that I don’t have my finger on yet. I don’t mind the occasional *shock-to-the-system* that I give to strangers on revealing my erotic tastes and yes, much of the response is condemning but not always- it used to hurt a great deal and I felt quite alone but now I’m making new friends that like what I like- I don’t intend to give up my passion AND I’ve got my hand in writing again after a long dry spell. Gee, I can’t wait until Uranus goes into Aries and touches my Saturn (trine) and Venus (trine) hopefully, the male game will be afoot and the chase for me (I love the chase!) is on!

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