Can a watery Gemini woman and an Aquarius man last as a couple?

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Dear Jeffrey,

Along your various posts, you ‘ve seemed to consider that Aquarius & Gemini, if not star-crossed, are not altogether a match made in heaven. I’m a Gemini woman with Cancer rising, a Scorpio moon, and Venus in 1st House and conjunct Cancer, if that’s any help… I’ve just started a relationship with an Aqua guy: conversation rocks even if we often agree to disagreee, sex is great although I’d like him to be more of a lingerer before serious stuff begins, the only thing is I find him way too detached, as he would be; but I’ve also read somewhere that a gemini with cancer rising is all an aquarius man needs, what with her gentle yet relentless energy to support and stabilize him.

I’d be super grateful to hear your take on all this. Do you think we could last as a couple, starwise of course?

I don’t recall stating that Aquarius and Gemini are star-crossed. In fact, these air signs get along well. Unfortunately, you’re water-heavy, which does not fit well with Aquarius. With your Moon in Scorpio and a first-house Venus in Cancer, you are focused on intimacy. Someone with Venus close to the Ascendant looks to her environment with an eye for beauty and love, and this goddess’ placement in Cancer adds a romantic, sentimental touch. A far cry from cold, detached Aquarius, if you ask me.

Additionally, with the Moon in Scorpio, you delve deeply into the world of emotions, and feel most secure when you are intensely intimate with another. Another Aquarius repellent. So although your chatty Gemini Sun connects intellectually with the Water Bearer, many of your important chart factors clash with this distant sign. Unless he, too, has some water in his chart to orient him towards closeness, he may be put off by all the lovey-doveyness of your Venus.

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  1. I’m a watery aquarius with a moon in scorpio with asc sign gemini. My husband is a gemini with moon in scorpio and leo rising. I’ve never connected to another (air sign boyfriend) in my past like I do him. It was instant connection since the moment we meet. We fullfill each others emotional needs and he’s noted that many times. I’ve always attracted gemini but none have fit me well i guess I needed a partner with some water in his sign. Kinda of the same situation but flipped since I’m a aquarius and he’s gemini.
    Good luck to you!

  2. aquamarine says:

    Thank you so much Jeffrey, this is really spot on, amazingly accurate even….Unfortunately…Yeah, we’re kind of estranged at the moment, and the first thing I told him that I knew would be a pb is that I knew I needed more intimacy than him – to date I don’t have a clue about his asc or moon sign – he does consider himself sentimental, though, more than me!! so he said, so maybe there’s hope!
    And thanks to aquagirl for wishing me luck. Hopefully, I’ll keep you posted…

  3. Blah Blah says:

    Wow Aquagirl, your husband sounds like a perfect fit for you, astrologically speaking anyway. I’m wondering what you and your hubby’s Venus/Mars signs are.

    By the way, my ex boyfriend is also a gemini with moon in scorpio and leo rising. Are we talking about the same person? 😉 I’ll bet not, because my ex is…emotionally stunted to say the least.

    Also, go Moon in Scorpios!

  4. AQUAGIRL says:

    My husbands venus and mars is in cancer. Thats probably what makes him a softy.
    Yeah moon in scorpio does rock!:)

    Are you an air sunsign?

  5. Blah Blah says:

    If only I could meet a man with venus/mars in Cancer. *sigh*

    To answer your question, no I’m not an air sun sign, although I get along well with you all (mom, dad, brother, 2 exes, and many current good friends are air signs).

    My sun is in Cancer, but nobody can tell, what with my Sag rising and venus/mars in Gemini. 🙂

    But underneath all that air/fire is a Cancer sun/Scorpio moon combo dying to meet a “softy” who can appreciate (and give) a good cuddle.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can see why you would get along with air signs.
    Good luck finding that “softy.”:)

  7. I have my sun in gemini, moon in scorpio, and asc in cancer. On top of that, my current love interest is an aqua man. Couldn’t be happier! His moon is in cancer and his rising.. libra, So I am a tad bit more emotional than he is but everything is working out fine. I also read about how “aquarius’ attract more of the emotional type of people because that’s what they lack and those relationships work out just fine if not great”.
    Aqua men are sentimental though, they just don’t know how to show emotion and aren’t very comfortable with it. I’ve never met a more loyal partner than him. He is manipulative though, dang his cancer moon!BUT everything is working out fine for me! (as far as I know) Good luck! If you have any questions email me i would be glad to answer any questions

  8. GemCanScorp says:

    Hello from another Gemini sun, Scorpio moon, Cancer rising! Nice to know there are several of you out there… Jeffrey likes the Gemini/Scorpio dynamic between partners, but I find it hard to reconcile the different parts of myself sometimes 🙂

    I am also in a relationship with an Aquarius man (libra moon, aquarius venus, cancer mars). I tell him he has no heart, but he is as thoughtful as can be… just doesn’t spend any amount of time feeling… anything. The issue we are working on is that he does not know how to relate when I go to any depth… can’t comprehend what I’m talking about. I love spirituality and the abstract and wish he could go there with me.

    Any advice from those of you who have experience with these kinds of guys is very appreciated! Thanks!

  9. AQGemScorpio says:

    Hi there, seems this comment thread is a wee bit old, but anyways…

    I am a male Aquarius with Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising; Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Aries.

    I always wondered if Aquarius & Gemini would really work out, I never really known any Gemini or Libra, or Sagittarius for that matter, but it seems to me that I might have missed out big time so far. My only two serious relationships have been with a Pisces, my first real love (lasting nine years), and a Capricorn (lasted 13 years). One of my friends, who I regard closest to the general term of ‘best friend’ is Aries, who actually made me check out Astrology.

    So reading these previous comments makes me actually pay more attention to all these other Planet alignments when trying to find out about better compatibility. So according to my other Planet-Signs, what would be a good match for me, more Gemini or Libra, or Sagittarius.

    I never really paid any attention to signs in my previous relationships, but I think I will now, given all that I read about sign compatibility etc.

    Thanks for any comments/help!

  10. Anju Anto says:

    Hi my name is Anju and i don’t know the stats of my moon,i don’t mean offence its just that im unaware. I was born on 20th June. I’m in love with a guy who is an aquarian born on 18th Feb. Everything was a roller-coaster ride. I mean i was swept off my feet.But now 2 yrs to the relation.. he seems distant and cold and easily irritant for that matter.. I have become so susceptible to his mood swings but yet too hard to let go too.. Its so much of taking me for granted..There is a fight he never take the initiative to resolve rather than let it be and let time do the trick or magic. i really cannot see the person i fell in love with anymore.. are aquarians typically so??

  11. gemini chick says:

    Im a gemini female june and i was having relations with a feb 10 aquariuan guy i gave up on him because he’s a hoe i can read him i kno what he is all about i dont kno if he will come bk but im good so far end im to caring an nice for him he always say im being mean to him and i make things hard hell when i was being nice and making shit easy he gave me his ass to kiss and its only so much i can take he can.go be with his other hoes its to many diseases going around and i wont take part in being some ones side line along with two or three other side,lines he can.kiss my ass

  12. I am a gemini female born on may 29..and my special aquarius friend born on feb.01 and we are in very2x good friend since we are a classmate in highschool 20yrars ago.

  13. Aquarius guy says:

    I’m an aquarius guy, and I keep on seeing that everyone thinks Aquarians are cold emotionally and distant. But that’s just because we don’t understand our own feelings, and we seem distant because we don’t know what to say or mention when it comes to talking about our feelings because we don’t understand them. It’s like if you were asked to explain a complicated math problem that no one taught you how to do. But I like emotions, and I like to feel loved and love people as well, it’s just that we Aquarian don’t know how to approach matters that involve emotion. If you’re having this trouble with an aquarian, jut simply talk to them about it, we love deep talks. And we would love it if we could have someone more connected with their own emotions to help us figure thus complicated matter out. I know from experience that this is true, I feel mlre connected and loving towards the people in my life that have done this with me, and my last relation didn’t last past a year and a half for this matter, because my Sagittarius partner couldn’t understand me and wouldn’t help me figure out my emotions, so we drifted apart, other than that we were pretty good.

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