Are Libras unfaithful?

There’s been a short discussion in the comments section on Does Uranus in the Seventh House automatically mean infidelity?

proserpine wrote,

I have heard … that Moon in Libra means the person is unfaithful in relationships, but that that placement often means the native will have two relationships at the same time(or want to have them). Libra Sun will often have two relationships–and *that* I can testify to–personally, and second-hand.:-).

I have known a few Moon-in-Libra folks and they often do have more than one love affair going on.

I scoured the web a bit to look into this, because it’s not something I’ve heard about. (Was I not invited to the cheating party?)

writes, “Libra is easily attracted to other individuals and fidelity is not this Sign’s strong suit…although ironically, there may be evidence of jealousy on both sides at displays of such disloyal behavior.”

Victoria Bazeley
writes in the larger context of afflictions to Neptune in Libra, “I get a bit suspicious when I see a lot of Libra in any chart (including a Libra Ascendant), although I don’t actually have the hard data to back up my suspicions.”

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. I have a secondary progressed moon in Libra 7 degrees maybe that is why am so understanding of them.

  2. uranuslyfe

    I have an Aquarius moon…Irony! No wonder we both appreciate the other sign(: My favourite Aquarian is also a Dragon and we both have Earth rising, Air moon and Water decendants. Sure is more to it than is on the surface.

  3. I have to agree with the article. Libras are not unfaithful beings. In fact they are the most caring and gentle of the zodiacs.

  4. Best psychic, so true! We are so very misunderstood by so many. It is possibly that others find it hard to believe anyone can exist that genuinely DOES understand all situations and can be kind to the less fortunate. I often receive snide remarks and discerning looks when chatting to mentally challenged and disabled persons, and those who are unfortunate enough to be found sleeping on the streets after a tragic situation has sent them there.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart(;

  5. I think am in love lol…guess what?,,I have earth rising in Virgo =] lol am not a dragon but am a snake and they are highly compatible …and of course I have mystical Pisces on the descendant ..haha

  6. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I’ve been looking at the same man for 2 years now and I still have no interest in anyone else. We’ve been living together for a year but its really weird, I felt like all was normal from day one, its like I can;’t remember not being with him. If a Libra woman truly loves a man, not just attracted to him but totally in love with him then she will never look at another man, want your Libra to not cheat? Be loving …….
    A Libra will never leave or cheat on their “real” one. My ex husband and I were seperated for a couple years before either one of us saw other people, (hes a Libra too) We had to know that we wouldn’t miss the other, its just like that. As many rotten things that happened in our relationship. I know that I could call him anytime and he’d be here, (don’t want him but thats the way he is)
    Libras only look around when they’re lonesome.

  7. Thank you newlywed, and to Proserpine…I am Libra Sun and the only time I would have two potential partners was when i did not have any sign of commitment from either! Therefore, NOT CHEATING!! There is s difference between cheating and covering all bases.

    I have put 3 years of my life aside for a man whom I believe will one day come around, as feel he does love me but is afraid. In that time, I have slept with one man who abused me for a few hours and that was it… a few hours of abuse! Why did I do this? Because the one I really loved was with another woman and indicating permanency with her.

    He, on the other hand, has prostitutes and slovenly women keep him company, yet still spies on me to make sure I am not straying…go figure! We Librans put up with a hell of a lot if we believe in someone, so get off our case and try to better understand us rather than trash us.

    We are of Venus, the planet of LOVE…doesn’t that speak volumes?? LOVE US AND WE WILL LOVE YOU IN RETURN.

  8. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    thats exactly why I dated multiple people at the same time when I was younger, how can you take a relationship serious if he gives you nothing

  9. MarriedToLibra says:

    Holy Crap! Are Libras unfaithful??? Well as a man married to one, the answer is YES!!! I caught my slut of a wife in a 4 month long affair with a real loser. Here’s a tip, if the Libra is talking, they’re lying!
    Here’s the kicker, they won’t ‘fess up either once they’re caught!
    SLUTS!!! Flirt their way into sex all because they don’t have any sense of limits, nor are they secure with themselves…which is where the danger comes into play! Any guy with charm and a penis, and voila! You’re wife is as good as nailed by that guy!
    If you’re are married to a Libra female good friggin’ luck fella!

  10. Ok iv studied a bit, Libra moon s weekness can be unfaithful not libras , but I also Jursy if your moons in Aquarius u may have a sector lover , also if your in happy in your marrage. Well compadibility may help any Neptune efflictions don’t help , I’m a Tripple piciese I cheated on my aquarious jeminy husband because he was detached and not happy with me he told me he didn’t love me , so i fell in lust / love with a Tripple tauras / Tripple Libra alittle detached and it wouldnt shock me if that Libra moon is why anouther woman told me he hit on her at work and helped her fix her car and even asked her to be his roomate , also he has a Neptune iffliction ,so know this I prapare my self to let bigons be bigons

  11. LyingLibra says:

    Libra women are the mosquitoes of the zodiac. If they are not sucking on your privates they are sucking on your wallet or using you to get to one of your friends. Libras lie because they didn’t give a damn about you before you met and you’re already being played when they start talking to you.

  12. curious757 says:

    There are many “types” of libras, to be frank.

    Sadly, the ones that have degenerated downward usually disappoint the ones they come in contact with. The “good” ones don’t really mingle with the rest of society but keep to themselves. We can say it’s all up to the “charts” within the person, or how much narcissistic they can be. Their need to be “fair” and need to have people love them. It’s like an aching desire for some of them. As if, when the sun began it’s way into the coming of fall (after Virgo),they wish they could keep summer alive, and don’t know what to do with the changing weather. (metaphor)
    In most cases, if brought up properly and know whats good and what’s wrong, they’re VERY strong against degenerating their morals. And there’s the positive point: their wisdom comes through age, and guarding themselves against temptation/vices.

    For Libra mooners, how does one measure the rulership with the goddess of the moon’s energies?
    Of many readings, I’ve read the good sides, but the dark sides are “weakness” and lack of will – wanting to be co dependent, fall to vices. it’s only “protection” in a good environment that can help/aid the weaker types. And there are plenty of in the spotlight libra mooners that do very very well in society. Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio, Kristin Stewart, have libra moons. And I doubt anyone would call them weak.

  13. Libra/Leo says:

    Im a Libra Leo rising Gemini moon, father was handsome chronic cheater, they say the gene is passed father to daughter. I never strayed when I was loved and shown it. Emotional abuse, lies, silent resentments, and withholding physical affections cause a lover to seek comfort. Funny how in any relationship where infidelity is discovered all blame for the failed relationship falls solely on them. When in truth it is often but a symptom of a partners withdrawal emotionally and physically from the cheater. A quote ” the worst of all faults is thinking one has none”. If you think your libra is cheating , better ask yourself what is it you used to do to make her feel loved that you no longer do ?

  14. FairLion says:

    Im a Libra Leo rising Gemini moon, father was handsome chronic cheater, they say the gene is passed father to daughter. I never strayed when I was loved and shown it. Emotional abuse, lies, silent resentments, and withholding physical affections cause a lover to seek comfort. Funny how in any relationship where infidelity is discovered all blame for the failed relationship falls solely on them. When in truth it is often but a symptom of a partners withdrawal emotionally and physically from the cheater. A quote ” the worst of all faults is thinking one has none”. If you think your libra is cheating , better ask yourself what is it you used to do to make her feel loved that you no longer do ?

  15. UnbalancedLibra says:

    When someone feels insecure in a relationship then they will cheat, honestly.

    Pass on those Leos until they’re ready to put a ring on it!

  16. You can call me the doctoral in Libra sciences and Arts

    Libra men: They are simply not faithful. It doesn’t exist in them. They are downright androgynous and are fair minded when it comes to loving men and women equally.

    Mahatma Gandhi the geriatric, the much hyped personae in India was a libran. He used to sleep with several women as young as 17 at the same time. When this came out in the media, the entire orgie was whitewashed as experiments in celibacy

    ND Tiwari 70 plus was another high ranking indian politician was sting operationed sleeping with several nubile call girls.

    Silivio berlusconi and his orgies are pretty notorious.

    These guys like to slurp schlongs more than screw. A geriatric libra male might not be able to get up for a woman, but they are sensuous and enjoy it never mind who penetrates whom.

    Libra woman: There is a dichotomy to them. On one the onlookerers get the impression of a fairy with whom life might be a haven in a cardboard box. This is true. Once you capture a fairy, she is there for a lifetime to stay with you loving you, nagging you, clingy, insecure. Both of you might like to escape the world into some pristine wilderness undisturbed. These are the ingenues, the eternal grade school sweethearts, mystifying, eternally faithful and lovely Eg: Olivia newton john.

    Second is the judge like variety, the stoic academic, dressed in a power suit, with a matronly look, runs power houses, and government, and smells of stale fart: Eg: Margaret tatcher

    Third is the run of the mill libra woman: She is your common place venus, albeit standing out in a crowd, believes in fairness and all the text book descriptions of it. Highly emotional, expects her man to pedestalise her and cherish her, wants to be nothing more than a housewife. Dislikes scandals. But might have an extramarital relation to justify her husband’s cruelty towards her. This more happens to the aries male libra woman relation. These are womanly and conservative but not above cheating.

    The tragedy queen libra girl: One who has a series of failed relations, who was emotionally or sexually abused by older men when she was a preteen or pre adult, has no inkling of the fact that she was abused, extremely hysterical and clingy to her husband. Capable of cheating owing to her abuse filled history. Can sublimate her sorrows under a hardcore social life: They can be healed with the right husbands, but the right husband is like a white tiger, pretty rare. eg: Rita hayworth.

    The highschool whore: They shamelessly throw themselves at any male at the very least for male attention and sex or at the very worst for power/money mongering. They do so mostly at married men and are capable of wrecking another woman’s life. They are narcissistic, shameless and entirely unfaithful. Eg: Brigitte bardot.

    The female of the sign is far more of a variety than the males. This sign produces drastic alterations in the gender unlike other signs.

    The second is the

  17. curious757 says:

    @rgopi, that was some insight. The first one, eg: Olivia Newton John sounds like my mother. She’s a Libra sun, but with a Venus Scorpio,Mars Scorpio, Mercury Scorpio: her words sting to those she loves but we’re all used to it long ago. But maybe because she’s full of scorpio stellium she’s super faithful,loyal, looks down on cheaters and is a matronly figure of pristine. Almost Madonna like, which I am very glad to have as a mother: our family looks up to her good values. However, she has another side: the nagging, clingy part (if you can call it dark, for some call it so, some don’t mind) But that is just her way. We’ve learned to live with it and happily accept it. Her strong morals are so high, that even her stinger is lovely.

    The Bridget Bardot type, well, she’s beautiful for sure, but she is flighty indeed. I read a biography of her words once where she in her middle age into old age, from 40s to 50s, goes to clubs where there are 20 something men and take them home, and enjoys being in the forever youth crowd: like she never wants to grow up. No stability at all, and she seems to love it that way. (shrugs) it makes her happy who are we to disagree with her. But when I look at her chart, she has a stellium in Libra. Loads of libra energy, with a Gemini moon. Her lilith in Sagittarius suggests (the dark side exploited) that she will usually make the same mistakes over and over again, because the lessons are not learned. Homewrecker status usually is Lilith Aries, from what I read, but she’s got Aries Asc. It just might mean that the stellium Libras with the opposite energy has some difficulty.
    I do like her love of animals though.

    We’re all suspicious of Ghandi at some point. On a wider scale he did something for the country, but in his personal life, there’s no success. Sometimes, thats just how life is. People have success in relationship/personal and many only in career and status and what they can do for the world. Look at Libra John Lennon. I can tell that even though he had a relationshp with Yoko, she had to “control” him even to “cheat” by hiring another woman to keep him satiated and his lust satisfied. It’s like, she understood how he is by nature.Because he had no control over himself. Read that she had a Gemini Lilith which is exalted, and can manipulate very well.

    Venus is a feminine energy planet and Libra cardinal air is masculine so the mix is there.

    Re: Margaret Thatcher type, sounds similar to Eleanor Roosevelt too. She seems really nice, according to observers but observers also knew (and in biography) that she had a terrible marriage with Roosevelt. He had to cheat to her because she “hated” coupling and having sex. The thought of it was disgusting to her. That can bring a man down. They had a better partnership than marriage. She should have been the sister type that helped him and he could go off and have his own woman who can warm his bed willingly. Ah well, so interesting anyway.

  18. curious757 says:

    So, no Jeffrey, Libra types like my mother are not unfaithful at all. Nagging and critical, yes, (to balance out the good and bad) πŸ™‚
    As for the men, they seem very indecisive BUT! there is some hope, because my Aries Sun sister married a Libra Sun, and he seems very faithful. But everyone tells him that he’s a lucky man to have found my sister and HE IS. He comes from a broken home, my sister takes care of his son, and they just both had a child together. He is the timid type, even though he has joined gangs in his teens. Was easily influenced. Now with her strong hand guiding him, her Pisces Mars heals his wounds. My mother couldn’t beleive she chose him as she had a pick of many men but our mother doesn’t realize that sis loves passive men. He is devoted to her. The marriage is a good one.

    As for Libra moon, my goodness – kristen Stewart, bleh, It may just be a publicity stunt.
    If anything we can’t blame it on one placement but ALL of them, from her sun to moon to mars to venus to uranus to pluto, ect. because it was, in the end, her choice. No one told her to do it or not. She made her bed. It’s all a matter of free will.

  19. curious757 says:

    I forget to mention: Gwenyth Paltrow/Chris Martin. (Libra woman/PiscesMan)

    Gwenyth seems like the epitome of faithfulness. πŸ™‚
    Her chart screams so too.

    Libra woman Gwen Stefani with Scorpio Gavin Rossdale. (Definitely Gwen loves her man and wants to keep it like that – despite the hollywood odds of divorcing)

  20. plushexotic says:

    I am a libra women. Born Oct 1st. I am a very honest person. So honest that I get myself in trouble. I do have a problem with commitment because I feel like I am looking for the perfect partner all the time. I do not like or want to cheat but I always feel like Im missing something in relationships. I want a partner. Most men just dont measure up intellectually, sexually emotionally or financially!!! I hate being alone and will stay in a relationship even though I am unhappy because I dont want to hurt the other person.. But then when we break up I miss them..Crazy!!! I really hate being a Libra..LOL!! I just want to be able to make a decision and stick with it!!!

  21. yea i dated a libra verry charming indeed i even stopped talking to any other females was completely faithfull since day1. she tells me shes inlove with me and how much she loves n that she wants marriage kids (almost made an oops on that) the whole9, only to find out months later she was sleeping with my brother n pretty much every1 else coming into a bar or club. she gets sloppy pass out drunk after that everything n anything is a go with almost any1. they are very creative liars and wont admit a thing mind games is theyr skill. even if ur starring at her eating lunch shell sit there n swear on her niece that she not till the end! so yeah if ur trying to get serious with1 i highly advise u not to but if u do dont pay 2much attention to their words but more to their actions and everything will be clear! stay away from confusion!

  22. I am a libra in sun and moon, and an ascending sagitarius, i never cheated on anyone, that is until i started being treated badly, i was faithful beyond faithful, then once he cheated and left me to care for our child alone and made me feel unloved and unworthy, became selfish with sex and any luxury that cane our way became his, i then began lookin for that attention and affection elsewhere.. i fell ouy of love, what a libra needs to keep a strong connection is the appreciation, feeling accepted and worthy, felling like the love is undying. or the libra will fade and look elsewhere while you arent around.

  23. I am a capricorn sun, libra moon and venus in saggitarius/almost scorpio and mars in aries in tropical zodiac… and this is certainly true. Even if I’m not trying to “play the field” as I read up top, men and women seem to try to make the case (and I need a logical case) to be in my life, going so far as extravagant gestures, making strange excuses to be in contact with me, or following me around. Even in front my significant other.

    Being a libra, I can’t even be impolite to them, I just get really embarrassed and have to leave sometimes. charm school forgot to teach how to tell people off.

    For years I was always faithful, and truly believed in the sanctity of a relationship. One man he burn me, and I just haven’t believed the fairy tale again. I can’t even help it. Even when everything is going right! The search for perfection and need for partnership should have never been put under the same sign!

    I am always faithful until someone begins to push my limits. It’s when I feel disrespected that I stop caring to be respectful back. You put your arm around a girl at a party, you can bet I’ll have three new phone numbers at the end of the night. You decide that you need to take up an exorbitant amount of my time, I will find someone who doesn’t.

    Two are the perfect balance. I love them more for understanding my needs.

  24. HI i am Libran woman married to Libran man. i adore my husband and he adores me. we are both in unison with each other and both libran. im sept and hes oct [ i am on the cusp of gemini. and we been married for. a year. nut as soon as we got married he started to change. became dominant. and only wanted me when he wanted me. i am very giving hard working buisness woman and my husband and family and freinds are very important to me. so balancing my career and married relationship. is paramount. [i dispise unfaithfulness and disloyalty. Loyalty and honesty and fairness are hi on my agenda of life. YET now just recently i feel he is pushing me away and trying to balance 2 relationships.. [i am also psychic. [and so clearly see the sighns [and yet he denies and lies about it when asked. SO HE WANTS HIS CAKE AND EATS IT TOO. not for much longer. he also has a terrible temper. that is scary. and is quite a bully.[ he has phisically attacked me and so the abuse is phisical. verbal and now Emotional. i have built his good name and boosteed his buiss and his ego [ i regret that now] but at least i know one thing [ im a LIBRA. AND TRUE TO MY SIGHN. and would NEVER EVER CHEAT, on my husband. and yet this charming gentleman who swept me of my feet is cheating . but [found out not just with one. but many. any way take care you never quite know and cant know untill you live. eat and breathe each others Air on a daily day in day out pattern. thats all i wanted to say. im moveing on as i am strong. and still have my sanity, and my good heart and looks. [to move on. but still partly blame me for trying to keep the balance when it could not be restored. good luck to all librans [and i hope libran men one day have the Realization that when they have agood woman [ respect them. and their love and strenghts [ cos when t a libran susses you . and your caught , [she is disataching her self on that very spot. [and your loss. is right in front of you. and she will gain . as she is too beutiful [inside and out not too. blessings .

  25. I dated a guy named Orlando vasquez in norfolk va. He was a serious two timing jerk. I think he’s even gay. He a libra and broke my fucking heart. He hates being alone so he will stay in a relatinship if he’s not happy just so he doesn’t hurt the other person. Meanwhile he’s cheatin with random women online and has a girfriend. He’s a nympho sex addict. The worst relationship I have ever know. He hates using condoms and i swear he’s gay. He has many gay friends and the navel base of virginia. Orlando devon vasquez of norfolk va.

  26. Oh shit libras are nasty whores men and women . They are disrespectful and will cheat at the drop of a hat even if they are happy.

  27. “I am a libra women. Born Oct 1st. I am a very honest person. So honest that I get myself in trouble. I do have a problem with commitment because I feel like I am looking for the perfect partner all the time. I do not like or want to cheat but I always feel like Im missing something in relationships. I want a partner. Most men just dont measure up intellectually, sexually emotionally or financially!!! I hate being alone and will stay in a relationship even though I am unhappy because I dont want to hurt the other person.. But then when we break up I miss them..Crazy!!! I really hate being a Libra..LOL!! I just want to be able to make a decision and stick with it!!!”

    Replace woman by man
    oct 1 by oct 21
    and you have me πŸ™‚

    if i could, i would love to love everywoman on this planet one night.

  28. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Things get better when you meet the right person. The question i asked for years was “how will i know” Well people were not lying to me, I just knew. the right person never has to worry about you straying, you love them. I’ve never cheated on anyone and I’m an old Libra, 43, I never cheated on my ex husband even though it was a loveless marriage, I was always faithful and as much of a jerk as he is, (a Libra too) he never cheated on me. So anyone calling Libras unfaithful are probably just control freaks and consider a simple “hello” cheating.

    Hey Fatman
    Maybe you think everyone is cheating on you, maybe its because you are a cheater ? and maybe you hate people who have a personality because you don’t have one. Why not just get one and stop hating people that only want a happy relationship, obviously you don’t have anything joyful to offer. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it buddy!

  29. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Leave his butt. Leave him, he is hurting you because you are the woman and he always wanted to be the woman in a relationship. He will get worse, leave him. Do that for yourself but more for any kids that you might have or will have, just get out of that situation fast. My Libra ex husband became violent after our son was born, I beat him to the floor the first time he raised his hand at me. He was hurting our son when I wasn’t in the room and I always suspected so one day I confronted him and we had it out, he ran back to his Mom and Dad but it didn’t end there. He came back they always come back, if you can somehow leave without him knowing where you go it might be best, go to the police, do something, this guy is a phsyco, There are 2 kinds of Libra men, the good ones that are a bit lazy but ok, and the dangerous, ego type, they think they own you they will never give up until you suffer as far as they are concerned. Get away from him before you kill each other. Believe me, when I had him on the floor I wanted to do things that scare me today……

  30. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    There are many cheaters many of them I’ve met were Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aries, There are a lot of Pisces men that have wandering eyes and a lot of Scorpio men that didn’t tell me that they were in a relationship when we met, so my take on all of you finger pointers is that you haven’t been around very long……I’m no cheat but I bet many of you are. Hey what does cheating mean to you? saying hello? grow up moron (and I do mean you MarriedToLibra) You have a horrible mouth on you, no wonder she wants someone else, she probably prefers humans.

  31. I would kill my Nigga if I aver catch broke ass cheating on me and then I would go find the hoe !!!!!. ??

    I’m a gimni woman and I’m with the Business !

  32. Aww, i appreciate your honesty plushexotic. II’ married to a libra man. He has treated me really bad. When i finnally get the courage to leave he usually begs me to stay, i have left before n he’d call my mom, brother and any one else to try to get me back. It’s been ALOT of hurt n pain for me for the last ten years.

  33. Big pile of hog wash. Sorry. I’m venus in leo – which is suposed to be a cheat. Libra moon – again, suposed to be a cheat. Dam scorio south node – Again, indicates betrale. Yet in my 49 years of life, Me, I’ve never cheated once. People have cheated on me, but I’ve not cheated on them nor thought about it. I’ve done the astrology research. It depends on the degrees in that person chart in that sign. So, before people scream and blame libra’s, gemini,s leos, aries, or what ever, how about actually LEARNING not just half learning the art. They say a little knowledge is dangerous. Well, dang reading this lot that proves the comment. My sister, uranus in libra.. OOOO.. THATS YOUR CHEAT.

  34. My encounter with a Libra man since May of 2016 up until he ended it in a cowardly way. He pretended to have an assistance who text me 330 am Dec 8th to tell me he died of heart failure at 2:05 am that morning. I was crushed of the news. I reached out to a so called colleague of his that had collected some money from me for him on Dec 1 2016, She ended up being one of his baby mothers. Anyway it took me to get myself together to figure out all he stood for was being a big lair, and over $80.00. but yet spoke the words of the bible with grace and true sincerity. Check the judicial disclaimer of Maryland only find he was anywhere from being back in child support,theft, and several traffic violations. Now that I know all it was him all the time and no assistance, when he does die, I hope he goes straight to HELL!!! Mr. Montgomery

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