Will a Virgo female get dirty in bed?

VirgoWe all know that the prim and proper librarian experiences reckless abandon in bed, throwing off her geek-chic black-rimmed glasses, letting down her long black hair, and ripping open her bodice, buttons flying. (Or is that just my male fantasy?)

Virgo is associated with the myth of Persephone, in which the daughter of the grain goddess Demeter is abducted into the underworld by Hades. In Demeter’s grief, she neglects the earth and people starve. Zeus intercedes to bring Persephone back, but Hades slips Persie a bottle of Pom Wonderful, which results in her needing to stay in his realm for four months every year.

The underworld is a kinky place, full of sexual deviants. The Virgo female needs to occasionally get dirty to fulfill her contract. One archetypal expression of Virgo is the Sacred Prostitute, serving the Divine through the sensual arts. The key for the Virgo female is to get down while maintaining her integrity. She can be “pure of spirit” in the bedroom, as long as she does not stray from her center. When winter has overcome its stay and Persie has not returned from Hades’ realm, it is time to call the Zeus Recovery Service.

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  1. Well I agree with all my fellow virgo’s. The experience I had was with my first love. We were so well connected. A leo might I add and they are really aggresive and I LOVED it. I think if guys give us time to grow and feel comfortable they will get everything they want in a women. Of course we need to analyze the situation and the person and make sure they can fit in our life. Yet, after that’s it’s on lol. Personally I am a private person and I want someone that will respect that.When we are with someone we care about it is times ten. I think that’s why it is so important for us to find the perfect soulmates because we have so much to give (sexually, emotionally, physically and everything else) We don’t just want to give it to just anyone. Virgo’s are trully a prize to have:-) So hold on to that virgo because we trully are givers,supporters and freaks lol!

  2. VirgoGal30252 says:

    All I can say is virgos may come off shy initially, but once they can trust you and feel comfortable with you….watch out because they will surprise you, but it will be well worth the wait!

    I am that Virgo woman….an I shocke my friend when I came back around and believe me I was reay for him!

  3. VirgoLovesTaurus says:

    Yes Yes im a Virgo n i can tell u this…when us girls are into a man we cannot get enough of u in the bedroom n we will do anything to please our beloved BUT as the above post says we also need to be very comfortable n trust our man for him to experience all the fire in us.

  4. virgo queen says:

    dirty is too clean!. FOR what you can get in a VIRGO girl. There is noone that can give you more pleasure and will be willing to do it all for his mate than virgo women. But you have to get it, earn it…If you have a sex buddy virgo is not as having a lover, and is not as having it as your up front lady. If you win her trust and give a lady virgo her place, she will lick you from toe to head and have all kinds of intriguing sexual games to play. BUT if she is not interested by you enough and your just a fling or sex buddy; she would be less than a regular jane. She’ll be the famous cold Virgo Bitch everybody talks about. Is about give and take…ripe and harvest!. Dont be to fast and if you are slow deliver what you got!. A virgo woman wont go just for sex for too long!. She want it all…that why we get along with libra and Scorpio. Cause they want it all as well. Libra man AND Scorpio man show with actions that they want it and they want it badly!. AND they give themselves all the way to leave us fullfilled, exhausted and happy!. So, we can take more, and more!.

  5. Virgo/Virgin.Vixen says:

    I agree. As a virgo woman we have more than anyone can ever imagine to give to the right man. Most men are surprised when they finally discover whats wrapped inside of us. We need to possess the freedom to SEX YOU WITHOUT limits!!!! Otherwise we are bound and often times restless until we mark the right man who can handle the ocean deep sentuality we long to give to him. We are very picky bout who is worthy of such and abundant pleasure. Our strength is often unmatched so when we find Mr. right, we are excited and ready before we even get to the bedroom. Mr. Right, will get our juices flowing as soon as he walks into the room and we long to take him places he has never seen before. The Virgo Woman is no prude I assure you, but a deep and erotic lover most men desire like his next breath. She longs to plant her seed deep within your soul that will leave you panting for her for years to come. Her strength is both attractive and alluring to most. She is svelt, particular, determined, intelligent beyond her years and will capture your heart and mind befor long. She is indeed a POWERHOUSE of love. She only desires to feel your heart beat, mimic it’s pulse and provide you with every desire you dream of. Once you have eaten from her delicious basket of goodies, you will never be the same again. You will pant for her for years to come. She provides her man with the feelings of a kings royalty, she will lift you higher than any vision you have ever imagined. With this Queen in your chambers, you are a UNMATCHED LION and you will accomplish great and exciting rewards. The Virgo Woman is the life giver to mans ego and she will allow you to reign as KING as long as to NEVER, EVER forget she is you TOP QUEEN. If you fail and betray her, she will snatch your soul and throw you from your thrown before you know what has happened. The Virgo Woman is pure ECSTACY and you will taste her honey and live a life of great riches, sexually fantasies, kinky dreams, erotic moments, and drunken lust if you are lucky enough for her to mark you her man.The Virgo Woman hunts for her soul mate and not just anyone will make the cut. If she marks you and shows you her garden then it would be wise of you to come graciously and thankfully understanding that what you have been given is a rare and delicious treat. Many have tried to control the Virgo Woman and all have been defeated. Your karma, strength and spirit is what she sniffs to determine whether you can handle what she has to offer. She is by no means prudish, but particular. She will only take a soulmate if she knows he is capable of giving her the THROWN of a QUEEN and for this she will SEX YOU til you pass out drunk with her juices on your breath. Your loins know no pleasure until she has mounted and marked you with her scent. The Virgo Woman is envied by many other women who see your interestin her and long to have the same. But the Virgo Woman inspires her man to LOVE HER in a specific way….CAREFUL!!!!! not to betray her with another woman, she will scorn you and throw you out like trash!!!! The Virgo Woman hates the scent of another woman and will become violent in her temper if she feels you have brung another woman into her courts. She admires the beauty of other women and understands your temptation. She is the master of temptation, but she is the ONLY one who feeds her KING. Ask her for what you desire in other women and she will make your fantasies come true BEYOND anything you could have imagined. Try her and you will see LIFE from new heights, fear her and you will cheat yourself, Love her and she will protect, support, encourage, please, work, submit and serve you on her knees forever. The Virgo Woman, love to please her KING with oral sex until his love bursts from his body like a raging hot well. There is nothing she will not do to bring pleasure to his body. The Virgo Woman will literally MARK you with her touch. You will think on her and become overwhelmed with excitement and erect to every end, until you find her and make her and MATE her from behind. This is the Virgo Woman’s submissive position. She longs for her KING to mount her with his STRONG and VIRAL thrusts of passion. She will demand your sweet cum and THRUST BACK until you have given every drop of love. When she is FACE DOWN, remember to spank her repeatedly, reminder her of how much you enjoy her assets. Ride her like a KING with the strongest stallion and she will be your LOYAL SERVANT forever. LICK your Virgo Woman and she will pant after you like her next breath. She will only open her garden to Mr. Right. Few will make the cut, but many will take the journey and fail to ever reach her.

  6. virgo loves a sag says:

    @ Virgo/Virgin Vixen that was soo well put…lol loved it!!!

  7. Hmm…what’s the deepest, darkest secret ot you, Virgo, in bed? What would you REALLY like your man to do to you?

  8. It can take a Virgo a while to contend with this “other side” or even admit that they have it for that matter. It took me a while to contend with it and even to this day, I will even deny it to myself that I hold this extreme secret side. It’s scary because it can put us in a situation that we will regret once come back. All the cardinal signs are a wonderful option to have around whenever a Virgo is in this mood. Caps, Scorpio and Aries were the best for me. Caps are rough, Scorpios want to possess you and Aries want to dominant you. In my opinion these are the best signs for a Virgo whenever they are in that mood.

  9. im a female scorpio, and my life partner since highschool is a virgo. infact most women ive ever met are virgo. i just love em!!! cant get enough. we have NEVER experienced bed death. and she is SUCH A GIVER!! I pretty much tell her what I want and it happens with so much more pleasure than ive ever imagined. She is such a soft and tender lover, loyalty, cuddles and clinginess. and as a scorp I love all that. I give all of myself to her in every way possible. every day I show my total devotion to her happiness and man!!! do I ever get a return on that!! Kelli and Tanya for Gay Marriage.

  10. Wow at virgo/vixen, WELL PUT (clapping!!!!) couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

  11. StrongVirgoWoman says:

    ONLY 4 1 MAN THE MAN !!!!!!!! my Scorpio has NEVER seen the side my TAURUS HAS , nor ANY man 4 tht MATTER only my Taurus man…………….I HATE IT! B/c THIS TIGER IS IN WAITING..4 A CONNECTION like Taurus argh lol

  12. Virgo/Virgin.Vixen: True! Couldn’t have said it better.

    && virgo queen: YES. My first && only friends with benefits doesn’t get as much passion as my ex would’ve got if we stayed together [[moved away THEN got into a relationship so we couldn’t do anything.]]

    I like to preserve the good stuff && use as needed. lol

  13. strongvirgowoman I have a few ?’s for you!

    1 ) is your scorpio kind, gentle,sweet? or mean & abusive ? my scorpio is very very abusive…..
    In the begining he was amazing! But he is a Dr Jekyl & Mr.Hyde ( 11 yrs runnin) I dislike him very much never will I have a scorpio in my life friend or other wise…..1 scorpio taught this girl

    2) Does your Taurus Man make you intoxicated by his sweet sexy smelling body? NOT cologne but his NATURAL BODY SMELL? & what about the unspoken between you guy’s?
    My Taurus Man Oh my God SMELLS INTOXICATING I can get Lost in his smell drown in it…He’s such a sweet, gentle, respectful,protective, passionate ,kind ,loving man……..My Heart aches for him sooooo………..I miss the gentle touch of his hands on my hands body face Oh God he was wonderful LOL

  14. Well, thanks…once a kind word for us Taurean men instead of the usual accusing of being self-centered etc. The Virgo woman/Taurus man combination seems to be the ideal concept of love to the fullest. (I couldn’t say anything about Scorpio men; only that they seem to get along well with other water signs.) I myself CAN do with a Scorpio girl, but it’s a bumpy ride. I want a Virgo girl every time! They’re usually beautiful, smart, good with money and awesome in bed. I love them.

  15. well as a virgo man i couldnt possably put it better then all my fellow virgos im passionate in bed gentle with da touch but a rough giver i am so self preserved da only way u c my perverted side is by touching my heart i lick n i love to serve i love to do anything to my partner 2 please dem as long as dey earn my love my best incountered lovers were scorpios of course and Aries n yes u guessed alot of headed bumping but da make up angry sex was da best

  16. Wow Virgo/Virgin.Vixen That is THE BEST EXPLAINED VIRGO IN BED discription I have EVER heard… PERFECT… can’t get any closer to the truth…
    its funny that we have a lable on us… I guess though there is only one man that has ever seen that side to me.. But when its unleashed its UNLEASHED….
    It takes a very very specal man (or woman) to see me like that … I am sooo picky.. But that is exactly how i am!!!

  17. Ok, I have a question. I am a Virgo woman (28) who likes a Libra man (24). Ok, we first met in a club. He came out of nowhere and ask to show me a popular dance move. We dance for like 3 mins it was great. When I looked at him I instantly felt for him. He was tall, handsome just perfect! My friends said after we danced he try to get my attention all night but I didn’t notice. I left the club wanting to know him. Fastforward I seen he was tagged in a pic from a club of one of my facebook friends page. I sent him a message and we quickly began chatting. At the time I was ending a relationship so we didnt hook up instantly. 4 months later I hit him again and we set a date meet up at a local beach. I started flirting with him and things started to get hot & heavy. Next thing I know my head is in the sand Lol. We do live like an hour apart from each other. Now its been 6 months and we hardly communicate. I have text him a couple of times saying I give up and when I do so he texts back sayin i’m special to him and he’s not angry at me Its just that he has alot of things going bad for him right now and he doesn’t want to bring me down with him. I want him to know that I like him and would like for us to have a relationship. It seems as if we have some miss communication between each other. So, yesterday I got up the nerve to call him. He was on the phone with someone else and it rang like 2 times and he click over to talk to me. I said hello, he said hello. I asked him if he was busy since he was on the phone he said kinda of.. What’s Up? I said I wanted to talk to you for a little bit. He said ok, let me call you back. I got all excited but he didn’t call me back last night. When we hook up I always get so excited plan things fun things we can do sexually in the bedroom. I admit I lick him from head to toe and try to fullfill all his fantasies but I don’t want to be limited to his freaky Virgo woman…. Whenever I say something about sex it always peaks his interest and gets him excited. I feel like he has a body magnet under his shirt that keeps me wanting more of him. What should I do?? Should I just telling him how I feel just let it all out on the table or walk away? Help me!!!

  18. @early: agree best sex encounter SCORP!.
    never being with an aries guy!.

    what is it between virgo and scorp?

  19. I will say that it is true that virgo women can be the freak of the industry once you’ve earned their trust. We are worried too much about getting our heart broken. That is why it takes so long for us to feel comfortable around a guy. Let’s face it, any man will get in bed with a woman if she allows him to. With virgo women, we really do want to jump your bones if you are hot visually BUT we know how to hold it back until you show us that you are a genuine, intellectual guy with his life in order. Don’t get it twisted. We do daydream abou that man in shining armor hoping that he will rescue us and make mad, passionate love to. We want to be a freak for the one that we truly love. Those who can get that deep with us, they will forever assume that we are stand offs, prudish and bad in bed. That is their own loss as far as I see it. I really do love making love to this pisces that I am seeing right now. He is so attentitive. He can guess what I want and do it with such expertise and seduction. Because of the fact that he took it slow with me, (his mouth isn’t fowl, he has a job AND his own place, smart, complete gentleman) I just had to give him the nookie. He touched my soul.

    And to “Shauntae”…….it’s common for a man to think of women as just sex buddies (friends with benefits). When you give it up too early, the thrill of the chase is gone for men. Confidence is key. If yuo call him and he senses desperation in you voice it will turn him off. Let him call or come to you. If he doesn’t, then he isn’t worth it. Libras and virgos are a horrible match anyway.

  20. i hav 2 comment rightttt here!virgo woman will giv u a hell of a time in e bed.they r e virgins yes, bt there is another side to them, the whores but e only person who truly sees it e their mr.right.virgo woman will do anyting e guy favours in bed n give him e BESTTTTTT sex ever.BUTT she has to trust him n make sure he’s devoted to her.n she wt do it cos she’s horny or whatsoever but more 2 express her love n affection 2 e guy.she wil nv b able 2 get enough of her man n keep wanting him n even if he wans 2 let go off she wt let him off.so if ur a guy n have fallen 4 a virgo woman, trust me, her sex will b one which expresses her TRUE love for u … n she’s not e sexual sign but definitely e most SENSUAL sign.she’s nt a sex addict like pisces or scoprio ppl .. who r e type who use sex 4 lust purpose … bt a TRUE VIRGO woman will use it as a love making process n make u e MOST LOVED MAN n do all that YOU want to 2 satisfy u.she will give u e BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE.n most importantly, A TRUE VIRGO WOMAN are most devoted and loyal to their spouses.

  21. a true virgo woman has DEEP PASSION N OFFER EROTIC sex rather than a lustful or prude one.her every touch will show u her love .. her every kiss has a meaning .. but once she finds e RIGHT guy n wants 2 uunleash e lust for love .. she gets reallly dirty till e guy passes out n asks for more.she might be initially shy … but slowly as u gain her trust n let her open up, she can really get into business n tt’s why guys r taken aback cos they tink virgo woman r shy n reserved wen it comes 2 sex.but if e guy happens 2 be her mr.right, she will totally BLOW him away … she will only keep him wanting more of her.virgo woman show e true side 2 e true guy.

  22. My hubby just loves the element of surprise. All the while, he thought I was this prim-and-proper lady, putting everything into order and stuff like that. Little did he know that I have a huge appetite in bed. Until now, he gets surprise every time I’m in the mood. hahah! Nice article!

  23. Well if we put it in Persephone’s perceptive, Virgos are kinky being. The underworld is like a sex haven and living there can ultimately affect one’s personality, especially being the queen of it. Kinky Virgos.

  24. As a Virgo women I do believe I can get down & dirty in bed but with the love of my life. I will NOT give up the ‘goods’ to just any Tom, Dick & Harry that comes along…NOPE! I am to good for that & this Virgo chick is worth it. I am proper, elegant, prudish, sweet & bashful in public but when it’s time for some love-making IT IS ON! I don’t play games in bed. I’m a deep & passionate lover that is looking for that right person to unleash my secret fantasies on. The whole dirty part of the article….When you asked ‘will a Virgo female get dirty in bed’ did you mean literally as in dirtying the sheets or dirty as in dirtttttyyyyyyy. lol because, I hate getting my bed dirty with the intimacy juices lol! ughhh, I know sounds gross! Soooo, yes Virgo chicks can get dirty in bed. I know a few Virgo chicks & they are proper in public but untamed beasts in bed (from stories I’ve heard) lol!! If you get lucky to enjoy a Virgo lady you are one lucky SOB! She is 1 of a kind!!!!

  25. I would have to agree with the comments about the Scorp being the best ‘sex partner’. I have to totally agree with that. Scorps & Virgos are great together when it comes to intimacy & relationship! The best lover I’ve had by far!!

  26. maximus says:

    My virgo woman i believe has this s
    private life and it troubles me! what to do…? btw virgoqueen that sex your talking about -insane-

  27. I have read through most of these comments and have found similarities to myself and other Virgo women out there. Here it is (in numeric order, because I’m a Virgo).

    1. We need to trust out partners, we are not into “one night stands”. Personally, In order for me to trust somebody and have them in my life I need to have stimulation mentally, physically and emotionally. Intellectual stimulation is probably one of the biggest turn on’s for me. My family always makes comments to the fact that I have always dated ridiculously intelligent men. 😉

    2. Once we develop that trust, we develop quite the libido. I am sexually aroused 100% of the time I am with my partner. In the morning, afternoon, at night. Anytime is good really.

    3. We take time to get to know our partner and develop a strong sexual and emotional relationship. A lot of this is through observation of our partner in non sexual activities and in sexual activities.

    4. I have been told on several occasions that I am fantastic at giving hand and blow jobs. Why?! I observe the consistency in what I am doing with my partner, their body movements and body language and take from that observation and put it into practical use on your penis 😉

    5. When I trust you 100% and we develop a strong relationship, I WANT you to touch me…All over. I want to be completely and totally consumed by you and I want you to experiment with my body. Being touched physically (and not just in the vaginal area) provides huge stimulation for me. I especially love a man (I say man as no boy understands how to do this correctly) who takes time to also get to know my body and my needs.

    6. I want to try different positions, and I don’t want it to be just “soft” or “rough” in bed as I think a mix of both can be quite nice. I also don’t feel as though there is any particular boundary that needs to be set. Or particular rule. Let your instincts take over! We are all animals right?

    7. You should know that I WANT to have sex with you as much as you want to have sex with me. I have been known to be the initiator on several occasions.

    8. My boyfriend can’t keep up with my sex drive. 😉

    9. Dirty talk is encouraged.

    10. To sum it up nicely. Just because we don’t dress like sluts & we take care of our body & are not willing to “fuck” you on the first date does not mean that we don’t enjoy sex as much as any other sign. In fact we probably enjoy it more because of the strong connections we form with our partners. You will be highly rewarded with a Virgo.

  28. VirginiaVirgo says:

    Every single one of these comments are spot on. Totally loved Virgo Vixens commentary and VirgoQueen about relationships that are focused on sexual exploration are best done with Libras and Scorpios. Sex and foreplay with both was INSANE. Absolutely incredible. Sex with Taurus was extremely satisfying in a different way; I always felt safe and wanted. So interesting that you all agree that Virgo women have the highest sex drive. Me and my Taurus man could wake up and have sex, have sex mid afternoon and then finish up the night with one last round maybe twice too. I think it’s because I trust Taurus’ fully because they take the time to get to know our souls and how deep they go. Once I’m comfortable and trust you, as a Virgo, I can go forever. With Scorpio’s that equal sex drive was apparent as well. He wanted it all the time and because he pushed me to go further or allowed me to kink it up a few notches, the sex was insatiable. To Shauntae, my Libra guy acted the SAME exact way. He loved the idea of me in person and every once in a whole but I think they’re just distant and superficial. I definitely got hooked on his romantic nature in bed, making it an experience and being very forward and giving when he wants something. He never played into me being needy like the Scorpios. Taurus’ respected a strong stable version of my dual personality.
    As a whole I truly think the Virgo female is a force to be reckoned with. We make excellent girlfriends and wives always aiming to please our partners we deeply connect with and we are extremely observant to what they want and catering to their needs. On top of that we are charming and put together, always showing our perfectionism in many ways. And last but not least we live to serve in bed, “you love being told what to do” and our sex drive is endless. Virgos always seek the best and pay attention to every last detail of what really makes your toes curl. Sure we’re nitpicky but we don’t do it out of spite, we do it because we want the best for you. My Taurus ex always said that ” I know you just want what’s best for me, you have such a big heart.”

  29. Aggressive soft & gentle Virgo says:

    WOW! Virgo/Virgin.Vixen you described me perfectly. I am a aggressive but soft and gentle Virgo.. but I can really be a whore when I find the right man…but only right the man can get this side of me and I am very.. very.. very picky.. But regarding your description of a Virgo and all I can say is..PERFECT.. never read a Virgo description that described me exactly…especially how I relate to men and my sexuality .Well said!! Wish more people would write the truth about us Virgos.

  30. I am an Aquarius man and my wife is a Virgo, and i’d like to know your thoughts on our compatibility

  31. Aug.25vixen says:

    Theres not many Aug. Born virgos. I loved sex the most with scorpios cancers n libra.

  32. uniquegirl18 says:

    I’m a virgo and i know it says our most compatible sogns are Taurus,Scorpio,Cancer,and Capricorn

  33. Thank you Virgin Vixen for truly speaking so eloquently about us Virgo women. I learned a lot about myself just by reading your post. Most people don’t realize the depth and magnitude of our ability to love. It is such a powerful thing..

  34. Dirtiness for a Virgo woman means anything and everything that’s “animalistic.”

    It’s usually, wide-open mouths, teeth and tongues.

  35. Nick Nash says:

    I’m a Capricorn man and in love with a Virgo woman who lives in a different part of the US, she’s the embodiment of what I always wanted in my signifigant other, and she’s doing the same four month trial for me as with previous men, and she even has an extremely strong level of romantic feelings for me. Is that a good thing?

  36. Virgo vixen has given us a perfect description.
    I am just as my sign, virgin but am in love with a man, another Virgo.
    I don’t know if it will work if we enter a relationship.
    Can I get some help?
    IS Virgo Virgo a good combo?
    also why is he so shy in front of me?
    he’s caring, protective, observant, affectionate, respects me and most importantly loves me BUT as a friend. as he says.
    I want more….so much more.
    I have a hell lot of fantasies and dream of my first kiss which is he, in so many ways.
    These feelings inside me are too much to handle.

  37. I’ve been with a Virgo woman for 10 years. I’m a Capricorn, before her there was a lot of other women. I find my Virgo the most boring sexual partner, only the missionary position need to apply, I feel like sex is a challenge with her, she doesn’t seem to be there or care it is so awful that I just want to get a divorce and find a real sexual woman, a Scorpio is way better than that Virgo nun.

  38. Why do they have to have sex with so many people though…damn. The perfect woman came across me, over time from bumping into past fuck buddies, to her telling me her exploits…I became completely turned off. – Not one to judge another’s past….but her shit was like…damn!

  39. And like Pierre said…

    She loves oral… But with everything else, she’ll literally ask….. “Would you hurry up already?” 😮

    Best sex is when she drunk or high out her mind. Sober sex… You feel like you just gave her a twenty and she wants to hurry up and make you buss, so she can get on with her day…or catch her sleep.

  40. Pierre and Debo usually when that happens she’s already having sex with someone else or shes just not that into you. Ive been on both sides of the coin having amazing sex and having sex that i regret that i asked him to hurty up already because he wasnt good in the sac

  41. I like the substance Virgo women seem to bring to the table. I agree with you Sam.. sounds like Pierre and Debo didn’t make the mentally stimulated cut that these Virgo women desired or they had another who was giving them that intellectual stimulation. Sounds like from what I hear that with Virgo women it’s more than physical attraction so just cuz u may look hot as a guy, shes anylizing this man from the very beginning to see if his traits and attributes are deserving of her wholeness.. her entirety. I guess as a man one has to be patient and go there mentally in addition to displaying security and a special sense of appreciation for her uniqueness. This I suppose will ease her inner fear of “is this my knight in shining armor” or ” is this one the one”.. it’s interesting and I like the challenge .. sounds like she has to be or feel secure with you as a man. Trust and confidence in being able to handle all her goods quirks and strengths .. oh and u must be neat,clean and well groomed sounds like. Breath can’t smell like it treats toothpaste like a rival gang… Am I right?

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