Will the March 3 eclipse end our relationship?

A Virgo woman asks:

I am a 6 degrees Pisces rising with 13 degrees Virgo sun woman. I have been involved with a 12 degrees Virgo rising with 9 degrees Pisces sun man. What a polarity! He cannot decide between me and his ex, a leo rising scorpio woman. Is the March 3 eclipse going to end it for us once and for all? How can I make sense of this eclipse?

The lunar eclipse (Full Moon) this Saturday — with the Moon at 13 Virgo — will conjoin your Sun in your 7th House of Partnership, as well as his Ascendant (1st House of Self). Uranus — the planet of unpredictability and independence — and the Sun are currently in your 1st House and will be in his 7th House.

Let’s look at you, first. Uranus is opposing your Sun, which can signify the man in your life. You need to experience a revolution — a change in the status quo — with regards to how your own needs (1st House) relate to your partner’s (7th House Sun). Oppositions (180-degree angle) are make-or-break aspects. There is a sense of culmination. Either there will be a radical restructuring of your relationship, or you two will separate. He can’t stay on the fence much longer. That’s the Uranus part. The Full Moon will illuminate something about your man or your needs in the relationship … something that may not have been conscious before. This eclipse is a powerful trigger of your Uranus transit.

Uranus is transiting your Pisces man’s 7th House. He, too, needs revolution in his partnership. The Full Moon conjunct his Ascendant illuminates his own needs and how he relates to the world, the “face” he puts on. How do the changes in his relationship conflict with how he sees himself, how he wants to be seen?

I don’t know if this eclipse will end your relationship, but I do know that something has to change if it is to survive.

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