Why does Pisces lie?

PiscesPisces has two planetary rulers: Jupiter (exaggeration and idealism) and Neptune (fantasy and imagination). So, whether you’re a traditionalist (those astrologers who think the solar system stops at Saturn) or a modernist, there’s a good explanation for Pisces’ deceptive nature.

Neptune governs illusions and delusions. Sometimes fantasy is preferable to reality, don’t you think? Can you blame Pisces the Daydreamer for spending more time in escapist thought than in the daily grind? And if he’s lying to you, how do you know he’s not lying to himself as well?

Jupiter (and this also goes for you Sagittarians!) doesn’t so much lie as expand on the truth, and overlook details. Signs ruled by this planet will ignore facts that don’t fit into their Grand Theory.

Tall tales, utter falsehoods. A lying Pisces is not likely to have malicious intent — he just doesn’t want to embrace reality as everyone else perceives it. That, or he doesn’t want to get caught!

Comment below: Have you caught your Pisces in a lie?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. dear stephanie,

    i feel ur pain. i too am crushing on a pisces for the last year or so. we can feel each others energy and thoughts from across the room or with one look. its amazing chemistry. i never felt that way before. lol. but he has a gf now. what a joke…..on me. when i do see him he comes around to be around me, but we rarely talk. i can feel the pain in his face. he has his gf that he now loves (I THINK). its been about 6 months that they have been together. (his best friend started dating a great girl in november 2009 and then they hooked him up with her friend around that time but he didnt officially date her til like february 2010–and now im left in the dark) i had my eye on him for a few months before the new girl came into his life. i think he fell for her during the forced friendship from his best friend-but whatever. i know how u feel. wanting someone u cant have and also having this amazing chemistry that u can’t act on.

    i hate to tell u this but u know what u have to do…….walk away. he won’t leave his gf for u and u know how this will end if it progresses…….it could become a friends with benefits relationship of sneaking around and then suddenly end one day with u feeling like a complete fool.

    i walked away from my crush. it was the hardest thing i ever did. it still is….but i deserve better.

    stephanie u deserve better! u deserve a guy who is gonna love u completely and utterly and for u to love him just as much if not more. take a step back and review yourself and your decision…..what is the smart thing to do?……what is best for u and ur heart in order not to be hurt anymore than rite now?…..take a breathe and think it through carefully. execute a plan and stick with it. keep ur self dignity and self respect……u deserve to be loved—not lusted after by another man who is taken.

    i hope this helps u stephanie. good luck.

    i know being the bigger person sucks…..but we deserve to be the main dish, not the side dish. u get the picture.

  2. I am a pisces woman, pisces don’t lie what they do is explain how they are to people who ask alot of questions, the reason the pisces expalains and defends themself is so that, the secret side of us and passive side won’t come off as sneaky so people can end up trusting us, we do have vivid imaginations, most other signs like aries are very lovable but end up playing mind games on us, this is a shame becuase pisces trusted you and you took advangtage of us. I care for an aries man who will not make a committment, he makes me laugh, but he makes me cry too, if his ego weren’t so important we could build a solid relationship,pisces do forgive until they draw a line in the sand that say’s stop and i have had enough games!

  3. AquaTrainer says:


    i think you dont lie. my pisces male lied
    so much that i went crazy. he cheated and
    tried to hide it – making it harder and harder
    for me to trust him. he is a puppetmaster
    but his entire chart explained that. even
    though im an aquarius, when we got along
    things were great. it was me finding or noticing
    the lies (even obvious ones) that broke
    us. he is the perfect con artist: every
    woman’s dream man…and he knows it.
    most con artists are pisces by the way.

  4. @ Marie

    Thank you for your advise, I am trying to move forward. Although it has been hard, with his continued calls and visits to my office I am forcing myself to see him as a friend, it has gotten easier and I know I can do this. I deserve the best and not to be someones 2nd thought, if a guy likes you then he will go out of his way to make it known and want to spend time with you. I am very closed off again and very jaded and my heart is disapointed but everything happens for a reason and I would like to believe that the things people do have nothing to do with their zodiac signs, its about who they are and human nature and just being a good person and doing the right thing….men are men and it is up to them to not be what society stereo types them to be….they know what the hell is right and wrong, and I truly beleive human nature is to get away with what you can because its fun and exciting…..I am not saying everyone does that but for the most part. I wish you the best as well girl…

  5. Interesting read all this is. I’m a multiple cancer with a bit of pisces in the mix, aries moon and capricorn rising. I’m now involved with a piscean lad and I’ll tell you what, you can’t lie to a lia. Or manipulate a manipulator. I catch him out everytime because oftentimes his coverups are things that could ONLY happen in his head, he’s so off in la-la land logic, common-sense and real world deduction easily show up the truth.

    That said, I don’t bother accusing him.

    I retaliate… Haha. I guess this is where the strange mix of my signs come in. If we’re meant to meet up I might just keep texting him telling him I’m on my way, I can’t find him, then just stop replying. (seeing as he has the tendency to stop replying then coming up with his ridiculous coverup lie the next day). Next morning if he asks what happened I’ll just say, “I lied. I was always home. See how pointless lying is?”

    He knows why I’ve done it. The doofus.

    I know this all results in more game playing, but seeing as I hate losing and love manipulating and lying (whether blatently, as above, or with more tact) I’ll play the game.

    Thing is, he started it. I used to be with a leo. We never needed to lie, everything was pure and honest. So all you little pisceans claiming to be hiding their soft inner core… Don’t tell a cancer, all we are is a soft inner core – most crabs are caught for eating, thrown straight into the cooking pot alive. No-one keeps us in a tank because we’re pretty. And yet with us (or me) there doesn’t have to be games, but if you want one, you’re in for a hell of a ride, and if you get hurt, well it didn’t have to heppen. (oh boohoo pices, you matyr – we all know that’s b/s too, more like “pity me I’ve been done bad… Take me home so I can screw with your body AND your mind).

    Still. I have great sex with Mr Fishy, but this crab eats fish for breakfast.

  6. aquatrainer

    you are so right …it hurts, going through the break up right now..

  7. @anon…..fish men are only good for sex and maybe interesting conversation….that is when the conversation is about some made up dream world that they have put together in their minds….

  8. haha, i did a birth chart between him and me and it said “constant quarreling” relationship to be avoided at all cost …LMAO that chart was dead on

  9. sexynice virgo says:

    @sag: for sex? good? neeeeee
    scorp or libra are good for sex

  10. the fish was actually better than the scorp and the libra in bed….but dont tell the scorp that….thats grounds for dismissal

  11. sexynice virgo says:

    @sag: well then u were LUCKY
    casue I never felt the intesity that
    scorp have in the cold fish!.

    neither the expertise my scorp
    was like a male hore

    and my libra was extremely
    loco in bed too much sex
    too much sex

    pisces at the beginning
    was SO bad I had to tell him
    when he complain I wasnt
    giving him anything I had to
    tell him well thats because ur
    so baaaaaaaaaad!.

    later he came back as if he went
    to a sexual university…IMPROVED
    SO much that I felt like he was
    the BEST during that time…

    later he became LAZY fck
    what I think it was his original

  12. i enjoyed the Fish, but not his lying and inability to get off the couch and get a job

  13. sexynice virgo says:

    @sag: hahahaaha
    well that fish of my, made me hate the
    rest of his species…

    but I think all his lies and bs
    were due to a different cause
    he has and infiority and superiority
    complex, and thats the cause of his

  14. yes…saw hickies on his neck swore up and down they weren’t to later fessing up days later when i asked again….had a lame ass excuse for why he lied.

  15. AquaTrainer says:


    I wish I could’ve made waves doing that. Your new Pisces bday isn’t feb 25th, is it?

  16. Well, to tell the truth (for once), I do lie a lot…

    I’m a Pisces sun, rising and mercury. My Virgo ex claims I’m a pathological liar – and to some extent, I can understand what he means… But this is the deal: Most of the lies I tell, I actually believe in myself!

    For instance: When I started dating this Virgo guy I told him I was allergic to smoke (which I totally believed at the time), but a year later I started smoking… He got really really mad at me for that, and of course accused me of having lied to him – but in my defense, I totally believed I was allergic when I told him!!!

    And the lies I am aware that I tell, are never told with a malicious intent. I swear, they aren’t! Usually it’s to protect the people I care about, because I don’t want to worry them with my problems…!

    But bottomline, I do lie, and way too much…!

  17. Gemini 3° says:

    Me: sun Gemini /Taurus cusp : moon Sag: AS Scoripo Venus Cancer (female ) dated for six weeks : sun Pisces/Aqu cusp : moon Gemini: AS Cancer : Venus Pisces (fun times ) …….. I must leave a comment. # 1 I am extremely intuitive. That being said; I know lies . I believe Pisces say something and they believe themselves at that “moment”. if he told me something he would do – it might happen 50/50. Intentional? I am Not sure . Forgetful? I think not . If you say “I will call you in two hours” and never call – then dont say you will call in two hours vs 15 hours later . at end of five weeks his “words” ment zero to me . “Fantasy Island” Disneyland!!!! I believe being the 12th sign:Pisces know the minds & emotions of other . They become who you want them to be. They are intuitive . He played on my emotions . Then turned everything around to blamed me with his “I am the greatest guy you will ever meet”. I am too smart for that . (also I believe pisces will be different based on degree in Pisces . If they heavily drink alcohol or use drugs then their Moon sign will effect them to acts different vs being sober . My Pisces acted like a Cancer on a daily basis which is his AS. Plus double ouch, his Venus was in pisces . Msny things he told me he never ment to “happen “.I think he thought our time together was a mini movie. (good luck) I think a Leo and /or a Virgo might keep a Pisces to their word. I didn’t believe I needed to remind him that he promised me truthfulness or honesty . I am all about : say it & mean it & do it have a valid reason why you didn’t do what you said. (also Pisces will keep quiet or not communicate due to the fact they believe we all should Understand life as they do . ) Hello we are Not all fish in a Big Sea . (2 Pisces together in a relationship….. That would be interesting. If we dropped all of our Pride & Ego issues and Love & forgive each other & stop assuming : we might enjoy life in a positive exoerience

  18. Gemini 3° says:

    (Pisces in Jupiter 6 th house ) I would like to add (my male scoripo sun & venus) I dated for nine long years . When I finally did his chart this year . I was very surprised to see he had 6 water signs with “Pisces in Jupiter” (that explained so much to me 100% ) that goes along with the Article at top. (Scoripo s love truth). I would get so mad in the past . Yet he would tell me “Fantasy Land” things that never came true or “seemed” like he was a liar . Or his words = no good .( hurt me .) I am black & white thinking. I have more respect for him now because he also ment what he said at the “moment” if a Pisces tells you “I will buy you a birthday presant next week (including my jupiter in pisces boyfriend) take them Immediately to the store. Or forget it!!! I’ve been through all that . Hurts . But my fault for not making either of them follow through . I wont play the blame game . (good question:
    ? if Pisces have difficult time remembering truth or keeping their word true and/or mostly blamed on being a Pisces Trait: Then : How do they manage to pay bills on time ?) Now I believe dealing in a sexual relationship with my first Pisces male & a Jupiter Pisces who both turn issues around to “Fantasyland” & blame me : They just know! They are Smart Fish! They are great Master Manipulators (they both Tried to brain-wash me to convince me what they “wanted” me to believe their words ). Although I am smarter then they both knew . The Pisces tried to imply I was a child ! When really I pushed his buttons to prove he wasnt So-Nice mr-perfect after all . (on other hand my jupiter in pisces /sun scoripo said he was perfect & no other man would ever have me yet we are seperated for three years . he still says fantasyland-fun-for-the-moment-romantic words to me including I love you & lets go on vacation to the beach . But he acts “delusional” the next day. Says I am crazy person or implies that I am . I completely understand now . I understand to guard my heart around all guys now . (both my experiences: they tried to manipulate me with words/ or whatever sounded good at the moment. They seem so sweet & real & honest ) The eyes always tell the truth . Look them in the eyes . (Pisces are hard for me to read at the moment or in the moment. They can block me from understanding their motives at the moment in time) . Sometimes he want me to know what he was thinking . (that scared me a little bit . Strong force . ) He had a dark side (I saw it /felt it and just knew he was not right about many things) selfish! Maybe my male Pisces will get what he deserves (karma ) when a whinny dependent cheating lying snotty girl uses him . You get what you give . (I gave Tests ) Pisces are comfortable taking care of victims & troubled people . They feel like they have to rescue the underdog to be someone in this world . My experience, my Pisces guy didnt like a girl who was smart or dependent. . (you are a victim if you act like a victim ) I say “Call a Spade a Spade” (hope my exoerience helped anyone) I healed quickly .

  19. Gemini 3° says:

    Didnt help me with Pisces Relationship of six weeks or seven weeks that I didnt fully Understand the Power of Venus in Scorpio in Retro during September 2010 until end of October 2010 . Venus now in Libra for a couple of weeks . Then.back into Scoripo until.January. (Will effect many people . Especially Water signs. ) That highly put me in a completely different state of emotions & put my brain on freeze for Four weeks . I had many weightless statements said to me that were never ment to come true . I am not the delusional one who says things I dont mean in the moment. My Pisces male said complete “in the moment” statements that would truly hurt any human soul who had feelings & emotions. I am seriously . I refused to shed one tear in the end (I never shed one tear in his honor ever) . He ended by saying he never ment to hurt me & said something totally bellow the belt horribly Untrue about my character. That no one would agree with him. That my children didnt care about me . 100% Lie . They have nothing to do with him or our five week Fling of Delusions . Lol Funny! Check Facebook before you get serious///// a great way to see what kind of guy they “Might” be . Not after the fact as I did. Facebook great way to see who they are lying “about” . If they are mindless or believe their own lies that “Well we are Only Friends” ; Right . Funny!!!! On top of all that: he was a Life Path # 7 ; just as I am . Ment to be the Lone Wolf . (Maybe good to know the life path number too) another super important Point to me now : he drank much : the Pisces , but never seemed drunk . Very quiet . Thats when he was Most Delusional or Acting mostly in Fantasyland . I, on the other hand, am 100% sober /always ; I never drink or use drugs . Big difference. I will never date another guy who drinks or uses drugs: period . Done done done.(Changes them even more into La La Land . ) I am Not talking A glass of wine or A beer : seriously . Maybe this will help another hurting person get on the positive logical channel & get off the fuzzy channel .

  20. Gemini 3° says:

    Maria & stehanie: why didnt I find this Sept 11 2010 ? I did birth chart before sex sept 26 . I did the aspects .in gist chart . From what I say in 6 weeks until october 26 . Until texting until Venus went into Libra first week of Nov (I believe ) I was done . at least four girls had left inappropriate wall page on face book . I have zero guys on my page . Only family and couple of my best girl friends . Plus I have kissed One guy since 2006 march Yes . One scoripo (same guy for nine years ) . I only told pisces I was single . Thats true . I am not in a committed relationship with him Scoripo for years . Though we are highly bonded . Deeply . We has issues that keep us apart. (me & scoripo ) so Pisces couldn’t believe I have kissed only 1 guy . Well I tell truth . Because truth you never have to make new lies up to cover old lie . If people can’ t deal with my 100% truthful answers to their questions then they have Issues . Or shouldn’t ask in first place. I stopped asking questions two years ago . Because asking questions Forces people to lie . Then I really dont trust them . I see right through lies . Honesty I used this Pisces to see if he could brake bond I have with Scoripo for nine years . First time sept 12 2010 pisces kissed me . He said only because I wanted him to. I never asked or said a word . I really did but didnt . It made me think sad thought s of missing my scoripo boyfriend. Who was 1100 k miles away . So didnt work . I never stop thinking of him after nine years . the pisces I ignored fire two days and he left . I did kiss him a fews times by pool . But that was it . 1500 k he lives from me . So I did have sex with him end of sept . 3 weeks after meeting. It was a test for me . He is boring at sex . He acts like he should be good . He stays in his head . He doesnt feel me . Power connection. Spiritual connection. He tries to much to stay in control or have his idea . In end I told him. (pisces) sex Boring . He said “lol Right I believe that “. That was last text ever . I changed my cell number . And he deleted me on face book.nov 2 . I laughed so much . Sex really I told him seriously fake and boring . Seriously . The bond thing. I believe it . With scoripo . We are 1100 k miles away . I feel him . We dont use words during sex . Nine years day one . I knew zero about sex when I meet scoripo 9 years ago. Pisces doesnt have a clue . I kissed pisces real deep & passionate and he said why did you dont that ? Really …. I am smart he pulled away and everytime I tried to do the same kiss again . He blocked me and pulled away . I made huge puddles more than once . Huge . That freaked him out . I guess . The best book ever for any girl is to set Boundries . “Why Men Love Bitches ” I have read book four times and not lately (five months ago ) should

  21. AquaTrainer says:


    You’re pisces fling reminded me of my pisces ex of 3 years….and his chart was similar, sun pisces, moon cancer, rising gemini. something in those planetary alignments I tell you lol

  22. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    I will never try another pisces again one WAS enough!.
    at the end not even a lesson anything plain shallow and
    emptyness!. nothing their thats what u get from liars!.
    by the way they do lie in things that are not even relevant!.
    their bs is in the tip of their tongue!.
    and ur pisces telling u ¨he was the best men´typical
    pisces bs and their arrogancy traits are the funniest
    in the ZODIAC. cause if u really get to know this pisces
    their all bluff, starting with their appearence!. honestly
    i feel sad for them!. nothing there just a waist of time!.


  24. Here we go,

    I met my pisces man in 08. Friends at work said we would be great. And we were, I fell head over heels the first month. Im an aries female with cancer moon and rising sag. IDK y i didnt run away when he told me he was an AA. I felt compelled to show him that he had found someone who would support him mentally and emotionally. I was a bad move. I had dated a functional AA once, and to be honest, his drinking didnt bother me. Y? cuz he held a job, and never called in, drank mainly fri sat sun. and I was dumb to believe that pisces would be just like that. He lied, he cried, he hit rock bottom twice. I grew so resentful because I was giving it my all to help him, and he never went half way with his part. Naturally, being that im a RAM-bunctious, I attacked him verbally and eventually slapped his ass a few times. and he let me. But he would always make me be the bad guy, saying i dont really love him, and saying “im such a good guy, I know i can beat this. I will never lie like that anymore, i will never steal from you. I just need to sober up.” 3 years go by and and well after being put through hell and back, and i mean hell and back all for the sake of love, and his sobriety, I had enough. I just didnt care anymore, I literary could care less if he died or blacked out, or got jumped, or what ever. He had it coming for all that he put my kids and i thru. one of which is his. You see he had me wrapped around his pinkey. He tells me he wants to adopt my lil girl, wants to marry me through the temple. But I was dumb enough to believe his lies. i began to be on guard 24/7 and it was my mission to catch him on lies. just to prove to myself and him that im not crazy. this pisces would look me dead in the eyes and with such passion, try so hard to convince me that he was innocent. So as i was saying, I had enough in september, kicked his ass out for the 10th time probably. Well, A miracle happened! he had gone thru rehab before, but this time, omg it was it. 90 days this week! All has been so great, I felt at peace, sure we had tiffs here and there but noting major.
    THAT ALL CHANGED LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am still in shock you guys. im so sick in my heart and soul and stomach. Last friday, he asked me to loan him 15 dollars for his fine he is paying. We have always had our money separate, because he was deep in his alcolism!

    I told him I still didnt trust him with my money. so he didnt have access to it.
    Well I had 16 dollars in my pocket.
    One day, he did laundry,
    I asked, Wheres my money?
    he points, “there it is.” I say ok, just y didnt u tell me u found it? “well here it is, im telling you know”
    those same 16 dollars ended up in some other pants. day by day i carried them with me. too lazy to go to the bank, I thought i may need cash one day, for water, air in my tires. but i felt they were secure in my jeans.
    so on the weekend, two weekends ago, i took my pants off left them on the floor in my bedrm. midday, he is cleaning the bdrm. I say, hey, wjhere is my money, did you see em on the floor with my pants?
    O yes, he says. I put it in my drawer.
    I asked y but he got all defensive, and i just dropped it.
    this past friday, after I told him, no you cant have my money to cover your fine. He goo defensive when i asked him y he hadnt saved his paycheck for the two payments he had to make in between he got another payroll check. all he said was, ” dont need your stinken money, I will get it somewhere else.”
    OK!! lets just please not fight over this. i was just asking. But you see, all last week he was acting bizzare. kind of quiet, awfully mooody, and I was quick to get a annoyed reaction when i tried asking hime what is the matter and he would just reject me.

    So last night, I went to unload the dryer. he washed some stuff on sunday night. i realized that out of all the clothes he chose to wash,
    which were all his, cus he likes to do his own laundry, (hmmmm)
    I noticed that he had washed my sweat pants, i also noticed my sweats had BOTH pockets unzipped. i deliberately left them closed because they had money in them. and he never checks pockets, ever!!!!! his clothes alays comes out with tissues, pennies, chapstick
    you name it!!!
    So i go to him and ask him to give me the money, as if i was 100% certain he took it, and i expected he would give it back.
    he lied lied lied lied lied!!!!!
    He said this thoug, “I PREPARED MYSELF FOR THIS!!!”
    that tells me he did take it. so i asked him to give me the money, show it to me at least,
    guess what, I had it folded so much, because one time i had them in tight pocket jeans. and they were creased so much, and the one 4 dollar bill was extremely creased, too much to be in his wallet.
    I began to feel like sherlock holmes all over again.
    Well he really got defensive with me, and i felt we were back to what we were like back in august. When i asked him what he meant by “I prepared myself for this” he let me have it, he was rude, and i got crude.
    It was barely 630 and i poked and prodded for him to fess up, and how i know how his brain works,
    I know that he will omit every detail possible, for example if he says he’s going to get gas, and his routine is to go half a block to circle k, but then he comes back with a bag from quic trip, which is 1mi further, he will just say, oh no, i didnt say i was going to circle k,
    He never diverts from his usual behavior, its not until he is trying to deceive me that he starts slipping and i catch him 90%of the time. And this is exactly what has happened, He Changed his behavior and i could sense it. but i thought it was all in my head since things were so wonderful, and he had 90 days sober, first itme ever since i known him. He said to me, al the lies were because he was drinking. so what does this mean? he DRANK?!?!?!
    im pretty religious, and prayed and prayed for an answer,
    coincidence or not, i dreamed he was drunk and gave me back the change as proof that he was sorry and ashamed to lie.
    Today he says to me, over the texts,
    “I lied because im resentful, and im sorry, im only human” And naturally i wanted to talk to him more and he turned it into my fault, cuz i lied to him once.


  26. AquaTrainer says:

    he’s probably used to lying…no matter how big or small. And then he consciously tells himself to override his subconscious so he believes now that he didn’t lie. He’ll justify it somehow. Hey, if I just had a money issue with my ex pisces I would have been so happy lol. I had a lying, cheating gigolo. “Hey can you loan me this or buy me this? I’ll hit ya back”….”ok”…..weeks later…”hey got that money?” “why do you keep track with what I owe you?! I thought we were in a relationship……you’re the only girlfriend I never had a joint bank account with” “Well, you’re still considered married, so that should answer your question…..and besides, didn’t you say some of your past relationships ended because of financial issues?” So…yeah. And even now, even as a friend he sucks lol

  27. well everyone guess what. my relationship has now ended. and it ended in tragedy. He came home and i showed him some evidence that he was lying about drinking. I urged him to leave, but not before i called him a pathological lying loser, and well he struck me, several times, gave me a black eye. i got released from the hospital yesterday. he broke my orbital bone and severely bruised me up. He was trying to drown me, had it not been for my daughter coming in there, he would have never stopped. he ran to his sisters house, posted up some crazy stuff on his facebook, insinuating that some crazy person stole his account and posted all the crazy things he said. im sure he was insinuating it was me lol, but i was knocked out, in the hospital. even though he is know facing jail time, and he denied touching me ofcourse, i feel so sorry for him. I want him to pay for what he did,
    but most of all, i hope he learns his lesson
    and once and for all stop drinking
    which will be easy in jail, he will at least get 2 years since its not his first offense. i took him back of course because i felt that if he took alcohol out that would equal a merrier pisces.
    I was throwing him out that night that i posted my first post here,
    i felt like, man…there is no way our relationship is going to work.
    i felt great, empowered and that i was making the right decision.
    But he had to have the last blow,
    i just finished looking in his book he left behind, a AA journal,
    he said in it: “when I lie, i expect people to believe me”,
    and in one part where it asks, what was your part in it (in a particular situation that went bad) he actually wrote, “I took advantage of her financially, I made her believe I was looking for work when i was just blowing her money, so I aroused resentment and lots of suspicion”
    I was just a fool, to think that he would over come his AA and all the lying and devious behavior would stop.
    but it didn’t, and i feel stupid, for being so in love with the idea of how things should be.

  28. again, stay away.

  29. Finally, it’s clearer why they lie! My boyfriend would always make-up lame excuses why sometimes he forgets our anniversary or gets home late from work. I know it’s not his intention to hurt me, he’s just busy. Thanks though!

  30. I am a pisces myslef and I dont date Pisces men because we are known to lie. I dated a Pisces when I was in high school and have stayed away from them for all these years because of him. All of us dont follow this practice BUT there are many of us who vary on the scale of what to lie about or how much to lie. Meaning are we doing it to save someones feelings or a secret we are holding. And then there are those of us who can tell a TALL tale or two.

  31. I am a Sagittarius woman and I’ve been in a serious relationship with a Pisces woman for over a year (during much of which time we were actually engaged to be married), until recently when she ended the relationship because she said she was unable to have a healthy relationship due to some things that have happened in her past. She’s seeing a therapist for these issues and assured me that in the future she sees us getting back together. I love her deeply but the events leading up to our break-up have made me trust her a lot less. She tends to make promises (like she’d love me forever and that she didn’t desire anyone else) but then went back on them (like breaking up with me and telling me she no longer feels the chemistry she once did). Therefore, it’s very hard for me to believe that she really has no intention of dating anyone else or that we will ultimately reunite. We still live together, and I handle much of the finances. I would feel extremely betrayed if she went back on herself again. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on this? What might have made her do this? She was so in love and now she’s not and she tells me she doesn’t even know why.

  32. Sexy virgo visiting says:

    Hi people!. Sag all the girls @ sasstrology and Mr nice pisces Owner – & Tanesh how u all doing? I Hope Aqua Girl finally move on to other wáters or Fire or outfdoors !.

  33. Mr nice pisces Owner is fine, thank you.

  34. Notsosweetanymore says:

    Yes and he would have kept on but I showed him evidence. Then he still tried to make excuses. I’m an aqua and truth is very important to me. I wasn’t very nice. Told him to take a long hard look in the mirror. I think he’s feelings are hurt. Probably from getting caught and me calling him a lot of not so nice things. Oh well, karma

  35. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My Pisces mother in law lies about me all the time, she tells everyone that she emailed me and she didn’t , my Aqua husband and I don’t fight but his Mom tries to make it look like I’m holding info from him, he knows the truth, but it still hurts that someone would do that. My brother in law, was told that we ignored his Mom on mothers day when in fact we went to church with his Mom just before she went to his house, she plays the martre all the time, poor me poor me…… When she does something insensitive and you mention it she cries so that her husband is mad at you, when I almost died in the hospital she told me husband that he shouldn’t be missing hours at work because he hasn’t paid her back money that he borrowed years before we met, she said that right in front of me, she is self absorbed. I know a lot of Pisces men that are nice but pisces women always crap on me, I think they have a problem with jealousy.

  36. itsme the virgo says:

    I have a pisces at home. 1+8 years married. never stopped lying to me and his surroundings.. at a moment i thought he stopped but he just got better at it or i was just being deaf.. today i realised that not is he only lying but his lies are hurting people and my wallet is emptying on his bills and his business partner is doing the whole job. i realise today that i have wasted 9 years of my life being a stupid virgo!
    He will never ever stop lying and he is a BIG HUGE LAZY person! i did everything for him!! i knew he loved arts and tattoo very well.. i help him set up his own tattoo shop! i help market his business if not to say that im the only one marketing his things. he wont lift one finger to work unless if its big money! grrrrrr

  37. I’m dating a PIsces, when he is home from work, (he works out of state off and on) he texts and comes to see me at work just about everyday, but there is always that one day of the week, typically a Sunday that he vanishes from the face of the eart, WTF is that exactly? It makes me insane. I’m a Virgo so it doesn’t take much ;). Anyway, he says he wants to “date me officially” once he realized I was pulling away, and then two weeks later tells me he’s not ready for a all out life long fully committed relationship, again I ask, WTF is that exactly? He did tell me about a date he went on and the girl was more than wanting to be with him, but he didn’t want to hurt her son with betrayal so he declined any physical actiivity. He said she’s a moot point now because he’s made up his mind who he wants to be with, me, supposedly, so why does he vanish on Sundays? I’ve read that Pisces need to regain their mental energy by having quiet private time alone, and I’m honestly ok with that, but would atleast like to have a heads up so I can plan my own days on quiet time days. He’s terrified at catching any type of disease so I don’t believe he’s out boinking anyone, but after being lied to and cheated on for the past 8 years by my prior boyfriend, my alert sensories are on high! The more I read about a pisces behaviors and how they can lie so straight faced, the more I am inclined to withdraw from this relationshp. The core being of a Virgo is honesty, being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t have the capacity for honesty isn’t something I feel I could indure. I don’t want him reading into my soul, or thinking he’s got me all figured out because he’s the all intuitive fish, it makes me crazy when he does. How can I make sure that it is I who keeps him on edge and always guessing and not the other way around? Sigh, I swear life is just too damned short to go through this…….. Argh! Oh, and found out after I started dating him, that my very own dad was a Pisces, same birthdays even and my dad lied and cheated on all his wives my entire life, so what does that say about my man now? Brutal!

  38. @Donna
    Sorry to hear about this. I have a Pisces man I have been with for 4 years. I get the Neptune and Pluto influence and all, but man….Piscean men are just a hot mess. In my experience, I have never met a sane one….One moment they love you and only you, the next they are somewhere else entirely, and it is exhausting….
    I hope you steer clear of him…. he sounds like another of the wacky bunch..

    And note: I seriously hope there are good Piscean men out there… I really don’t like to stereotype, but I seriously cannot think of ONE Pisces man who was worth a damn….

  39. Been in a serious out of town relationship with a 62 year old Pisces man for 6 mts. He would see me every weekend for 2 to 4 days he has its own business. He told me he was going to his daughters who was 9 hours away for the holidays. I drove by his condo on Saturday when he should be gone and his car is there he never left. I have no idea how to handle this…. Of corse my hearts broken… and until the day he was supposed to leave, he told me of his love for me

  40. This is so spot on the Pisces male
    I am currently dating. The lies and exaggerations have completely dwindled as we’ve grown closer, but he would make up the wildest stories and exaggerations about his life in order to impress me. I immediately looked up his sign and realized he’s just a pisces with big dreams trying to impress me

  41. I had something with a Pisces guy for 19 months. he ended our relationship very abruptly he said he had bad news from home and it changed everything that i was an amazing person but he had to let me go and he needed it to be a clean break.said it made him feel sick knowing what it would do to me. then had the nerve to say i hope you have a wonderful life after he broke my heart and said he would always remember me and that things were bad at the moment and maybe in the future things would change. the night before he was fine and the next day he emailed me saying that.not heard from him for a month now. he has hurt me really bad i cry every day because i did nothing wrong said nothing wrong. he even said we were meant to be together. if i had of known he would do this i would never have entertained him in the beginning. i feel like he tricked me and mess with my emotions for fun it will take me a long time to get myself right again. but now i no self confidence or trust'(

  42. Stephanie says:

    Hi I’m a sexy Virgo, I meant a Pisces through Facebook. He was Charming polite and very,very Italian. We talked for several days over the phone, texting, and sending a lot of, I love you, and I miss you, I want to be with you on and on. It was too good to be true. I finally found out why he was so charming and so caring and loving. I believe he thought that I had money. He called me one evening. He was having trouble raising money to get his equipment or something to that effect. He basically wanted me to give him money. When I refused to give him money after only knowing him for 3 weeks all of the wonderful words and the Charming sexy ways about him stop completely. You see he was an engineer working on a job in London, UK and he needed $6,000 to pay taxes and his workers every day in the last week he asked me could I lend him $4,000 then it became $2,000 then he said all he needed was $1,000. When I told him I couldn’t lend him any money because I was just starting a business myself, but he kept pressing the issue. Once I finally told him that I could not all of the sweet talk just stopped. I suggest ladies if you run across a Pisces look the other way. Just think I was really falling for this guy too They are master scam artist. In the end I did not give him a dime. So ladies please beware and Gentlemen please beware of Pisces

  43. I’ve dated 6 pisces (5 pisces suns, one with a pisces moon… one of hose suns has a pisces moon as well!), and I can vouch for how these types are hands down.

    What I’ve found from other pisces who have admit one thing: they hurt other signs without realizing it. They push people away till they wake up one day and realize WHY their dream lover turned cold and mean. Then Pisces starts mirroring back this same behavior. It’s a form of mind games they have zero clue they inflict. The mature pisces types won’t do his because they are self aware of this behavior and nip it in the bud before it happens.

    The reason I see both sides is I’m an Aries (Pisces Rising). So I always know why they friggin’ lie as well. So unless they are rescuing a baby from a burning building or fighting crime or at a family function or at work all day, 9 times out of 10 the Pisces has ZERO energy to be around you. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with how they feel about you, they could want to marry you tomorrow,… but you clearly suck energy out of them and they need down time to recover. So instead of saying this, they’ll tell a while lie so you won’t be mad at them and make them feel guilty.

    Also if they are hiding their dating life from you after you break up, it’s clear as sunshine they are not over you. If they are they would let you know front and center on social media or talk about someone new to you. Pisces gabs about their last love interest to the people that matter and will on some level (Depending on their venus and mercury signs), if they’ll impulsively tell their ex or not.

    Oh and majority of them pose a front on social media. What you think you are seeing is not actually how they are feeling. Let that sink in for awhile… it’s all a front to make the world think one way about the and never know what’s really going on. Also profile pictures give away if the Pisces is feeling positive or negative lately about their own self confidence.

  44. iTakeNoBullTaurus says:

    My Pisces guy lied straight-faced to me even when he claimed to be fully transparent with me. He would even lie to cover up another lie. He would also try to turn the tables to make me feel guilty about suspecting his lying. Then, when it’s clear I don’t buy his lies, he will finally admit to lying. After he admits to lying, then he will act like he never admitted to lying. Talk about being manipulative, deceitful and delusional!

    From my experiences with Pisces even as friends or coworkers, they tend to lie a lot. They hate confronting the fact that they lied and like to try to influence your perception of what really happened. They will call their lying “forgetting” or “omitting” or “not realizing the detail mattered” or “I told you what I thought mattered.” In their mind, if they can avoid the label of a lie, they do not feel guilty for lying. If you give in to the distorted perceptions they try to force upon you, it’s just further proof to them that they didn’t really lie.

    Luckily, I am a human lie detector, and I don’t back down easily. If you ever suspect someone of lying, you need to stand your ground until they finally give up the truth, especially if you keep finding more evidence of them lying. It’s not up to you to prove that they lied if you have all the evidence. You nervous to worry more about what you’re going to do. Are you going to settle for less and teach him he can lie to you and you will still stay?

    Most Pisces are also narcissistic and clingy attention-seekers. They will talk your ear off just to hear themselves speak and boost their ego by having an audience for ideas they think are so great. They like to be right even when they are wrong. I’ve corrected so much of the BS of lies they spit out on a daily basis. They will lie about knowing something like an expert just to boost their egos. They really are very insecure inside. I call them out on their bogus claims, which they don’t like.

    They try to act like they care about people, but it’s only because they want to feel like people come to them for their “wisdom and expertise” … hahaha yeah right. Pisces’ mission is to build an image of being humanitarian, virtuous, and wise, but it’s usually just an image and not the real deal. Pisces are also so focused on ideals that it’s ironic that the ideal of themself is one they don’t live up to. All water signs lie and manipulate more than any other element. Out of all the water signs, however, I do think they are the more tolerable ones.

  45. Pisces lie plain and simple. I am a pisces aries cusp and I was interested in a pisces, but she lies and creates a lot of unnecessary drama. She admitted thato she was trying to manipulate me, but she didn’t think I would catch on. I also dated another pisces who lied alot too. My aunt is also a pisces and it’s the same. Pisces like to play victim and then when you call them on their bs theyes get upset.

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