Why Aquarius loves Libra women

Aquarius doesn’t know how to “do” relationships, so who better than Libra, the expert on partnerships, to guide him? The sign of the scales is ruled by Venus, goddess of love. She knows how to navigate the rocky territory of coupledom, using charm, compromise and all manner of secret techniques.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This outer planet is more comfortable at Star Trek conventions than blind dates sipping on mochas. Uranus is all ideas. Libra can connect to him on the mental plane without losing her human touch. Both are air signs, expressing themselves best in the social and intellectual realms. Libra may not be a space alien like Aquarius, but she can tune into his wavelength enough to decode his transmissions.

Why not Gemini women? Although Gemini is also an air sign, it is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication. Uranus is a “higher octave” of the messenger planet. Put together two thinkers and you’ll have some good discussions, but not much incentive to make the connection physical. Some goddess energy is required to take Aquarius out of the clouds and into the bedroom.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. @Larry

    There may not be such a thing as a “good” break up – it’s a break up, after all. However there are definitely breakups that are worse than others. I’ve had breakups that weren’t exactly “bad”, we just either grew apart or were attracted to other people or whatever the case may have been. Then I’ve had terrible breakups.


    If you don’t want to see him, don’t see him. Period. You don’t have to justify or make excuses or give reasons. Just don’t see him.

  2. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I’m a very decisive Libra woman, I am not fickle. hmmm…..sounds very un Aqua to me to forget that every Libra is different, are you sure you’re an Aqua? LOL I’m just teasing, We’ve bantered like this before on here, truth is you just haven’t met a real lady yet. The women you’ve mentioned on here are all nasty in one way or the other hon, yu know I just don’t get how so many nasty people end up ruining good peoples plans. Well that sounds funny, worded like that, but you know what I mean, life doesn’t deal you very fair cards. I hope that your newest relationship gives you as much as you give, wish we could all carry the “fair” button and push it when its time, just strange,this life

  3. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    🙂 Hi, hope lifes good to you

  4. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Damien and Larry
    there are good breakups, I wanted to end it with my first husband and he just up and left one morning, that was fanatastic. I was singing with the radio that day, when a monster decides to leave you bem its fanatastic! Especially if they just spent the last 5 years torturing you and acting like you’d be killed if you left them. No joke Damien, there are some good times involved in some breakups.

  5. Newlywedlibralady,

    I think Damien has moved on from his libra lady crush. Hopefully he can find another but he has a lot of Aquarius in his chart. Probably needs someone with some earth for him. I told them libras moved pretty slow….and patience is not aquas thing unless one has been through situations beyond their control where patience was needed.

  6. @LibraLady

    You’re right. I’ve kindof given up on her as anything more than just a friend. I don’t think I’m impatient, I think I just need clarity and congruity. I can’t understand people that say one thing but then act the opposite…it just baffles and frustrates me. Someone said I should try and date a Capricorn haha…

  7. Damien,

    I’m not-really-kinda-sorta-maybe-one-day-as-soon-as-he-gets-his-shit-together-maybe-date-then a Capricorn Sun/ Libra moon….so that’s why I said that. Maybe it’s not true the other way around with the sexes. No se

  8. @ LibraLady

    OUCH. NEVER, absolutely never come between an aqua and their mom. It will come back and bite you in the arse. No matter how amazingly protective he’s been and how unreasonable his mother was, even IF he told her to bugger off basically….aquarians are tied to their mothers in ways most people don’t understand. if she’s a water sign prepare yourself, cause you’re basically screwed. I am not trying to patronize or anything, i just know for a fact that’s how it usually goes. If anything, the tiniest thing, ever happens with you two, he’s going to blame YOU for having caused ‘a rift’ with his mother. be careful cause from what you’re saying, the lady doesn’t really dig you, and if she’s a water sign (cancer, scorp, or worse- pisces) she’s already planning on how to take you down.

  9. @ AquaMan

    why did you date that Libra chick in the first place? what attracted you to her?

  10. As a Libra, I do love me some Aquarius, but the thing is he doesn’t love me. I don’t get it. I’ve been showing him all that I have got but he doesn’t seem to respond. I’m getting confused.

  11. It is finally over with my ex Aquarian guy, thank God. He s finally married to his Leo girlfriend n they living happily ever after with their two kids. No more lies. Thank God I don’t have kids yet especially by him. It takes a lot of love of urself, courage n maturity to finally leave a bad relationship.

    I found another Aquarian (10 Feb), a friend n a lover in one package, he s really quite different am so surprised. I thought Aquarians behave the same but I think sometimes it goes with maturity n compatibility. The eccentricity, unpredictability and stubbornness is there but his love, making and attention makes up for all of these. He is more affectionate than I am. In public, at work, he just dont give a damn.

    He is not afraid of my emotions at all, am a Libra sun with Pisces moon anyway is difficult sometimes, so am ‘Supersensitive’ and emotional. With him It comes naturally now that I express myself with no fear of being rejected for being me.

    Am actually decided to one step at a time in this relationship but deep down in my heart I know this man was made for me. Ok! his moon sign Scorpio. No wonder he s the only man in the world am so attracted to right now n I want this one to work out. Trust me am going to make it happen!


  12. @Larry

    “Don’t get me wrong! Aqua is quite capable of being monagamous….for the right woman….. and Aqua and libra can be a wonderful match…..you just need to find the right one!”

    You said this (above) on the 20th January 2011 and you know what is true. Is like am falling in love for the first time slowly &surely and i love it!

  13. Oh yeah Shirley, an Aquarius with a water moon sign like myself (Cancer moon) is the least stereotypical Aquarius you’ll ever meet. In fact, anybody with an air sun and water moon will have a very distinct allure or so I’ve been told. I met a Libra with Cancer moon who I had a spiritual connection with, and we totally would have been a couple by now if I was straight..LOL

  14. Hey Jeff thats nice to hear.

    Sorry about your Libra girl… I still believe everything happens for a reason!

    Whoever said that was absolutely right. My ex Aquarian boyfriend is a Gemini moon. He never gave me a reason to love him. It just feels like one of those men I met on the street, nothing special.

    But this one it is just different. People keep on telling me that I am making the biggest mistake of my life. I dont respond ‘I just look at them n smile’. I am not stupid I know what I am doing.

    With some people you just know… LOL

  15. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My husband is still not acting distant and we’ve been living together for 2 years and seeing eachother everyday for almost a year before, I keep looking for those signs that I saw in other Aqua Men I went out with before but he is the opposite. He never does anything without including me and when I try to coax him into going out without me so I don’t crowd him he gets hurt as if I’m trying to get away from him.
    Sometimes I worry that one day he will change or change his mind, but does it have to do with age? When we met we were almost 40, do Aquarius men just become less distant with age? I don’t know but right now our relationship is perfect and I get very scared, how do I keep him from getting bored oneday? He knows everything about me now and theres really only so much mystery you can keep after knowing eachother for 3 years. Do all Aqua men get bored oneday? Is that going to happen? He seems happy now and acts like he’s still in love, are there any other Aqua Men over 30 or 40 that are still in a loving relationship? Would love to hear about that.

  16. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Jeff its nice that you mention that situation, years ago I met a woman, and I am very straight, but if she had been a man with her personality I would have totaly loved him, I kept telling myself for years that life wasn’t fair, why couldn’t she have been a guy with the same character, but you know my husband is even better for me, Have you met your special someone? I hope so, if not brace yourself, when that ship comes in your going to get very dizzy. like everything you ever learned before doesn’t make sense anymore, you know better and you know that you know better but you can’t shake that person out of your system, I was lucky, he felt the same, I hope you have that kind of love Jeff, you desreve it

  17. 30sNoKidsLibraLady says:

    I’ve always been into my horoscope and seen the compatibility between Aqua man and Libra woman. I also see the compatibility with Aqua man and Leo woman. Well, to introduce myself, I’m am a Libra woman that was raised by a single Leo mother all of her life, my best friend. I’m also a Virgo/Libra cusp….we won’t even go there. So:

    I’ve met an Aqua man and at first, I paid no attention to his attraction for I do not allow anyone into my life without a mental polygraph test, lol (but I’m serious). We would talk every day and I loved it; intellectual, but goofy and idealistic conversations from him which eventually intrigued me. Only thing, I was still reserved and had a brick wall between us that he voiced he wanted to break brick by brick. While a normal Libra would probably fall head over heels with that comment, me, on the other hand, gave him the side-eye.

    Now, that he has my full attention, that Aquarian space and flirtatiousness with other women are in full force. It doesn’t bother me, for I have been called a ‘habitual flirt’ when I see myself as cordial to strangers (sue me, lol). I also love my space because I was raised an only, spoiled child (just being honest). My problem? Whenever Im out, alone, in public, I will receive a text stating “don’t talk to strangers.” Then, he slyly tweets “I know we are exclusively dating and I know I flirt with a lot of women, but that doesn’t mean I want to see you do it!” Wait…what? I don’t feel I flirt, but great at networking, which may be seen as “flirting.” I’m trying my best not to manipulate the situation to help me out, so could someone tell me should I just brush the comment off because it wasn’t directly said to me? Why is it blatantly ok for him to intentionally flirt when I unintentionally do it, so I have been called out on? Are there any red flags that you all see, seeing the trifecta of horror-scopes I have??

  18. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Your man sounds like a big tease. LOL My husband teases me all of the time about flirting 🙂
    He doesn’t flirt with other women, but he tells me he does, its funny, then he pretends to be mad as if I’m flirting with other men, if he teases you this is good news, he must like you a lot, if not love 🙂
    they only tease a women or keep tabs on them if its potentialy serious to them, this I’ve found in 2 previous relationships with Aqua men and my marriage to one right now, enjoy it, it can last too, me and my hubby have known eachother for 3 years now and he teases me even more today. My husband just told me to tell you to show your bf your goodies and you will see he is still crazy about you. LOL these guys are crazy so have fun

  19. 30sNoKidsLibraLady says:


    Lololol @ your husband because he is SO right. When we are together, the chemistry is there and it’s all about us. When we are apart, which is a majority of the time, that’s when you can tell the distance: I’m not clingy at all, so he’ll get upset if I don’t at least text “goodnight”. He seems to agree with me when I said, “lets just flow with our relationship instead of defining it” and we are able to debate and laugh instead of argue. I needed that from you two and I thank you. Trust, I may be back again 😉

  20. I’m a Libra who has been married to an Aquarius for 20 years. Many of my closest friends are Aquarians and so was my highly intelligent, funny as hell father, may he rest in peace.

    My husband’s favorite channel is the Sci-Fi Network. I don’t watch television, so we spend time together, just doing different things.

    Aquarius have a hard time with expressing their emotions, but I reckon the tenacious Libra in me helps me to coax things out of him. Ever seen an Aquarian male cry? If you haven’t, you probably never will. I’ve seen my Aquarian male cry maybe four times in 20 years.

    I know that I am very compatible with Aquarians and also Geminis (I have a lot of Gemini friends, too) but I get along with Aquarians more so than any other sign. I just LOVE them!

  21. Librahippy says:

    I’m a 21 year old Libra girl smitten with a 36 year old Aqua man, and we met online. Before you say anything else- YES, I’m aware of our 15 year age gap and YES the internet is dangerous, and I’ve known him for two years now.

    Anyway, we met at a certain chat website, and there were no fireworks at first but when he got comfortable enough, the conversation was flowing steady and strong. He is a gentleman and always made sure I was comfortable at things we talked about, he preferred to listen to me than say things about himself almost to the point that he was analyzing me but I got used to it, he remained honest with me (i.e. if he has to attend a meeting, how long he’ll be gone for the week etc.) and is extremely patient with me, especially during my outbursts and never takes it out against me. Conversations went on as intriguing for him because of the way I lived and that we had different cultures (I’m Asian and he’s European). We talked about stuff but I could remember that his opinions always seemed to contradict mine, and fearing of an argument that I wasn’t so sure as to how to fix it except be cute and stuff, I was usually just willing to climb up the fence to his side and be swayed by what he says. He is very strong-minded and confident of his opinions and whenever I went on a debate with him, I can’t help but take it personally.

    Usually he has a hard time talking about anything that has to do with feelings and being in depth with his emotions, and even goes to the point of analyzing things again. I used to be really clingy, having the mindset that we were something else besides friends, and that we were doing something completely different, because we were doing it online. But I’ve learned to respect his need for space and freedom.

    Before, he opened up twice or thrice that he liked me, and I asked him again today, he said there were so many degrees of liking, and that he sees it as a vast topic, so any answer coming from him wouldn’t be simple, he says.

    I read all the time about Libra and Aquarius compatibility and I understand there is so much to consider (distance, our personalities different from the typical zodiacs, age, culture), and I always read how it’s such a perfect combination and a perfect couple, but I don’t even know what he thinks of me and if I did ask him he won’t answer and say something complex again. I’m sort of having a hard time believing we can connect in every aspect. Now I am much more cautious in fear that we might argue again because sometimes I can be driven by emotions and he sees it as irrational, or difficult to understand and we’d just end up scratching our heads.

    So guys, please tell me how to be on the right direction and how I can be more stimulating for him. 🙁 Sorry if it’s super long!

  22. Hi Librahippy,

    You said that you met online. Is this a dating site.???

    And if so what did he say he was “LOOKING” for in a Girl or Woman.???

    Also what is it that you are smitten with since you have never met in person.???

    And other than “INTELECTUAL” stimulation what else are you looking at providing
    for him over the internet.???

    Think about it and let me know. Taurus.

  23. Librahippy says:

    Hi karissa15,

    Yes we met online, but not at a dating site. It was a chatting website and you can talk to strangers ( I think everyone knows what website this is by now >.>).

    He has implied that most of his relationships end because the women can seem too dominating and don’t understand his need for some space alone and think.

    Well right now, to be honest, that’s the only thing I am lacking in.. stimulating him intellectually so that he can see me at a different side, someone who can put up a mental and enjoyable exchange of thoughts for him. I can surprise him intimately and sensually and even with jokes. Some nights we try to make things interesting (tonight would be movie night, another night would be exchanging music night, etc.), but I can’t really connect with him deeper in that way. 🙁

  24. Hi Librahippy,

    I don’t know about those chat sites and I can only assume that people go there to talk.???

    If you have been talking to him for the past two years, you must be doing something right
    in the “conversation department” whether it is “intellectual” or whatever else you talk about
    otherwise he wouldn’t have continued talking to you for such a long time would he.???

    Aquarians are “Introverts” they do not reveal their “Feelings and Thoughts”.!!!

    They are very “Secretive” and withhold “Information”.!!!

    They are very “Tight lipped” with limited conversation unless it is something which they “benefit”
    from due to the fact that it revolves around their “INTEREST”.???

    They appear and sound “VAGUE” when asked a question, and may give very little “information”
    or none at all. It is like pulling teeth and a waste of time since the answers are not forthcoming
    unless they “deem you worthy” or they choose to “volunteer” the information.!!!

    They can be “LONERS”, Choose their Friends very carefully and are highly “SELECTIVE” when
    choosing a “mate” whom they “RESPECT” and hold in very high “REGARD”.!!!

    They need their “space and alone time”.!!!

    Last but not least they can be very “SNEAKY”.!!!

    They can take for ever to choose their “ideal mate” but once they do and decide that this Girl or
    Woman whom meets their “CRITERIEA” which is based on “PERFECTION” they pursue this
    “Goddess Image” whole heartedly, relentlessly and gusto. They will go to the ends of the earth.

    I do not know what you are aiming toward and wish to accomplish my dear Girl but I wish you
    luck because this particular Star Sign reaches for the “STARS” so the most appropriate thing
    I can think of is the song called the “Age of Aquarius” which you could perhaps play for him
    and somehow communicate because you will be speaking the same language.???

    If you would like to talk about this further please do. Karissa.

  25. Another thing which I forgot to mention is that their “SUPERFICIALITY”
    truly astounds me.

    Their word is “GOSPEL” with no room for errors or improvement. Should
    you disagree.???

    Being a “Fixed” sign they are well “fixated” in their ways and beliefs, with their
    their thoughts up in the clouds due to the “Air” content which contributes and
    makes them ‘SELFISH” when it comes to getting what they want, having their
    needs met or anything else they desire and something only they are aware of
    since they are so well guarded and leave you guessing and wondering about
    the “DEPTH” of their “EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS”.???

    They do possess a lot of “Good Qualities” which they exhibit toward those they
    truly “VALUE, LOVE, RESPECT and TRUST”.!!!

  26. It’s me again, and looking at the comments that have flowed since my post in March, I see why my Aquarius and I are not “talking” anymore. I couldn’t get over his stubbornness and void of emotion….BUT here’s the turnaround:

    Initially, I was the emotionally unavailable one. We both got into it deep, but, I wanted to move back home, out of state which affected him greatly. He started to become numb, but my awareness of this beat him to the punch. Now, I’m getting subtle hints that I’m still on his mind, although we don’t talk (I.e. he hasn’t blocked me on social sites like everyone else and held on to items of mine I left at his home that I told him to throw away). But, he will NOT contact me. My problem? If you don’t tell me what you want, I will not assume and I don’t want to look like a fool…

    I now realize I am flirting with the world, without any feelings or emotions behind it…almost confirmation that “I still got it and don’t need him”, when all I am doing is lying to myself to keep from exposing myself.

    No advice needed, but, self-evaluation and acceptance is key when it comes to a Libra…hell, to anyone, but particularly us, because in my mind, we tend to have insecurities that will stress us to an unbalanced life!

  27. Librahippy says:

    Hey karissa15,

    I appreciate your responding to my comments. 🙂 Thank you. Also, yes basically you just talk to a stranger online. 🙂

    The reason why we reached two years is because I persuaded him to give ‘us’ a chance after this major relationship-ending argument we had. He is usually very quick to decide about us and always claims he sees the outcome to every situation, and I disagree with him extremely on this part. He decided it would also be good to give it another try. So here we are.

    I know I’ve done something right to keep him around, but I don’t want him to think that he has explored every bit of me already. I’m just afraid to talk about stuff that he thinks is particularly important only to find out I know little and not a lot at all. I don’t want him to think I’m shallow or that I’m too young, and that might drive him to look for someone else who can ‘get his drift’. I don’t know where you got that list of traits you have for an Aquarius but my Aquaman is everything in that list besides pursuing a woman relentlessly, he does leave room for improvement, and as for superficiality, he is very superficial when it comes to human emotions but his knowledge and thought process is abundant. He makes me feel stupid sometimes. >.>

  28. Hi Librahippy,

    You are very welcome.!!!

    Thank you for clearing up a few things and giving me a better indication of your interaction
    and how it revolves between you. Which at this point I am unable to predict as to how things
    will evolve in the future but time will tell I guess.???

    Listen to me sweetheart.

    The best thing you can do is to be “YOURSELF” because you sound like a “DELIGHTFUL”
    young lady and he would be “LUCKY” to win your “BIG HEART” and so much else which
    you have to offer to the Man whom you choose as your partner in life.

    Age is a state of mind and even though I do not approve or admire relationships between
    older Women and younger Men I do approve them when it is the other way around due to
    the fact that this age old proven scenario really does work where the Girl or Woman whom
    is young, beautiful, vibrant, sexy, desirable, youthful, child bearing age and should she
    possess the added bonus of “PERSONALITY, CHARISMA, CHARM and INTELIGENCE”
    she makes for a “PRIZED and VALUED” partner in life whom they are “PROUD” to show
    to all and sundry, the world and especially other Males whom turn green with envy should
    they be stuck with someone less fortunate. “That is how the Male “MENTALITY” works.!!!

    Like I said just be your beautiful self and keep an air of “MYSTERY” about you which will
    peek his “INTEREST” consume his “THOUGHTS” and arouse his “CURIOSITY”.???

    In answer to your question regarding my list it comes from a life time of experience with
    Aquarians whom are both of my Sons Frank aged 27, Alexander 19 my favourite uncle
    Chris aged 73 and a few others whom are friends with my Sons. My daughter Andrea is
    a Libra and she is aged 25 in a very serious relationship with a Gemini aged 27.

    My Son Frank is smitten with a Girl whom was here in Australia but had to go back to
    Greece since her visa expired and now he decided to go to Greece on holidays in June
    because according to him no other Girl exists and this morning I noticed on Facebook
    where she updated her photo he commented that she is a “GODDESS”.

    I tried to warn him of the pit falls of infatuation and how he needs to be open minded but
    his mind is definitely closed to anyone else and I was told to mind my own business and
    to stay out of his personal life and choice of friends or whatever. Anyway he is a Man on
    a Mission and time will tell I suppose.???

    If there is anything else please let me know lovely Girl, my best to you Karissa

  29. Yea in my book I suppose you can depend on Libras and have great sex with them which makes up for the very minor negatives. Gemini are too much trouble all the way around just a bunch of hot air and always a change of mind, you cant depend on them. Now the disclaimer; Everyone must realize the rising sign produces 12 different personality traits along with your moon sign woven in the sun sign.There are a few books out there on the subject and its interesting to see how these play out in people I know. Generally people we have a common thread with will have compatible mixed matched personality signs in their chart.Im an Aquarian and some traits don’t fit, im 3 days from Pieces and those few traits fill in the blanks.

  30. SPACE MUSE says:

    hi guys I would really really like some help or wisdom for my mystery

    I am a Libra with a rising sign in Virgo
    Sun in Libra
    Moon in Cancer

    currently with an Aquarius man with a rising in Gemini
    Sun in Aquarius
    Moon in Virgo

    PLEASE help me to demistify this connection , I have no idea what the hell all of these signs mean, I thank you in advance

  31. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Its been a long time since your post but yes, I have seen an Aquarius cry, my ex husbands father was Aquarius and he cried openly in front of his loved ones when things were bleak. I hate to admit it but in at least 3 situations I have made my Aquarius husband cry, 2 times it was almost a breakup over misunderstandings and since I shoot from the hip I hurt him, and he told me that I hurt his heart. When I thought he’d been cruel to my son I told him that was it, and it turns out that he just didn’t mean what he said, he words things all wrong sometimes but we almost split twice over certain comments that he said wrong. I hated it when he cried, these men don’t cry very often but when they do its horrible. Really cuts through your heart like a knife. The other occasion that he cried was when I told him about my father and what had happened to him. I am a big softie but when I thought my son was being criticized I felt myself get very cold. That also happens when people criticize my husband, I get very angry, He’s the gentle hearted one, I’m the tiger.

  32. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My husband is very affectionate. If you are an Aquarius man reading these comments and you love a woman, please don’t forget to be affectionate with her, my husband kisses me at least 10 times a day and hugs and loving words. When you treat your wife like this she grows inside, that kind of nurturing in a relationship will help balance her scales if she is a Libra. I used to have a problem with public affection, but he’s broken me, LOL He doesn’t care who is there if he wants to grab me and hug or kiss me, he just does it. I’ve never had so much contentment in a relationship before. I never liked kissing before I met my husband, my first husband and I (libra man) never kissed on the mouth, we were both cold towards each other, but with my new husband, its amazing, I actually long for each kiss, and when he kisses me my whole heart and soul throb. He is an amazing lover, not just when we are having sex, even when he looks at me, I feel all love struck….

  33. light of hope says:

    hello guys!

    i’ve got a dilemma and i dont know what should i do now..
    im an aquarius woman and my ex ( which is my first love) is a libra.
    actually, it was my mistake .. i kick him out just because i found someone much more attractive (taurus) but somehow he’s a liar.

    after about 5 years me and my first love separated, and i never remember or think about him before, but last year, i do think a lot of my first love.
    and i feel so guilty about what i’ve done. i was really bad before, and he’s kinda sweet, caring, innocent and respect me as a woman.

    then, i try to find him through facebook and i add him..
    i do feel like want to start all over again but when he said that he doesnt want to meet me cuz he afraid that he will cry,
    i feel like i hurt him a lot and i dont deserve to be with him anymore.

    what should i do? my first love is almost perfect for me and now i realize how dumb i am kicking him out just like that.
    do you think, i should be honest with him about my feeling? or do u think i just have to let him go?
    do you think that he hate me and will never ever accept me to be his gf again?

    sorry for my poor english.. =( i really need some advice.

  34. Z Enchanting says:

    Hi guys,

    Wow, it’s been a year since the last post but here I go anyway.

    I am a libra female born Oct. 10th and i am incredibly captivated by this aquarius guy, but not just any aquarius….a friend of mine for about 9 years . I haven’t until last year realized how much i was/am dazzled by his intellectual capacity and aloof nature! In my eyes he’s a genius and the funniest guy i’ve ever met….however, Iam quite apprehensive revealing this to him & more. Too bad because because he loves it when i compliment him all the better to give himself praise in a comical way but only just to stir me up and to find window tease me as usual. love it though.. I know he lovesss to bask in all the compliments I rarely shower him lol This guy brings out my inner light and when he smiles my world becomes a bigger and better place. I also feel a superb chemistry between us, its almost frightening yet intriguing. What actually made the both of us confess to having feelings to each other ONCE; was that one sweet day we shared our dreams we had the night before and could you believe that we both dreamed of eachother on the very same night!!! It was sooo mind bubbling, and still is to me. At that time though my aquarius friend was in a relationship and so was I. However, now we’re both single and still friends. Regrettably, we’ve recently stopped communicating as much all because I said something that I shouldn’t have :'(((( P,S My soul feels dampened!! Now I don’t know how to recover the situation without bursting out telling him how much i regret what i said and to just fall into my arms forever. I know he isn’t the emotional type so I gave him some space and mentioned to him to let me know when he’s in my neighborhood because would like to talk to him in person sometime. Presently, I am waiting (its only been 4 days and my heart has a leak!) and I feel like he would never start a conversation first with me again://

    Kindly advise or help meeee, I cant stop dreaming sweet scenes of myself and him…and he consumes all of my wishful thinking ever since, I want to know how to recover our friendship or better. I know he is a pretty logical guy who knows me verrrry well so i’m hoping to make things right by taking to him in person,,,please tell me this is a good idea!? sigh Someone once said that no one can love an aquarius like we libras do and now i totally agree. I don’t even want to confess to him how much i’m madly in love with him, i just want to communicate like we use to…hoping & praying with all my might this will blow over sigh

  35. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Hi everyone, I met my Aqua husband 7 years ago and we’ve been living together for 6 now. He still hasn’t been distant or cold. I hope that everyone here has or finds the kind of relationship that we have. Everyday I get at least 6 hugs from him and he calls me from work on his break and we still talk for hours at home, Sometimes we both forget to go out, we start talking while we are getting ready to go out but end up on the couch gabbing away, there is never nothing to talk about, I’ve just never had this kind of friendship before, and you know that feeling that you get when you are dating? That I can’t stand not to see them feeling, its still there, even if we are at the grocery store and separate for a while, as soon as we make eye contact again, we both smile. People tell us we are crazy, that’s okay. When we met I was 39 and he was turning 39, A weird thing happened that night, it was like we were both 14, and no one or anything else was in the room with us, Our first conversation just started as if we knew each other and it just never stopped. We are both attracted to each other and we get hot for each other, but that part of our relationship really isn’t a big deal, he grabs my hand when we watch tv and we treat each other like new, I think that’s important. If you get married don’t stop treating each other the way you did when you dated. When that feeling lasts it gets even better. Be friends, don’t say bye I’m going to see my friends, that is your friend. I can’t even remember having other friends, I don’t remember any of his either. It funny because there isn’t any need for other friends, we have our families and we have each other, other people bore me, I love talking with my best friend.

  36. @NewlyWedLibraLady

    Hi NewlyWedLibraLady,

    It’s a very beautiful story. You know, i must admit, that when in the past i saw post on Aquarius or Libra, i was laughing when your post appeared every time. Few years later, like right now, i appreciate it a lot, that you share it so sincerely and beautifully. In the world, where majority of people walking around like robots staring at their mobiles and if they talk, the topics are intoxicated with problems, because the majority of people are intoxicated with problems and they do not have any spare room for love. Your sweet love story it’s like a refreshment to read. I see, you are so happy, that you wish to everyone to experience, – that’s means it’s a true love.
    You are a good wrighter, may be you could wright a beautiful love novel 🙂 and thank you for sharing.

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