Which sign falls in love easily with Sagittarius and Aquarius?

Let’s play the “process of elimination” game:

  • Discard all earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs, because they’re all discordant with air (Aquarius) and fire (Sagittarius).
  • Discard Gemini and Leo. Gemini opposes Sagittarius, and Leo opposes Aquarius. Opposites may attract, but who needs the stress? As April Elliott Kent writes about opposite signs, “spending time with someone whose approach to life is completely opposite your own can be draining, … and eventually your relationship battery will need to be recharged.”
  • That leaves us with Aries and Libra. Both make supportive angles (sextile and trine) to Sagittarius and Aquarius. There’s mucho compatibility, and little friction.
  • Who falls in love more easily? Libra, of course. Not that fiery Aries is incapable of love — far from it. But Libra is the love sign, ruled by relationship goddess Venus and associated with the 7th House of Marriage.

Love is not this logical, of course. If you fall for the Archer and Water Bearer and are not a Libra, comment below.

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. sag24/7
    “i actually find aqua men to be quite boring…..not enough energy, too laid back. its like i gotta check to make sure they have a pulse. i do however enjoy their sex and detached feelings.”

    you enjoy sex with an aquarius because it pleasure you. isnt it? you like them being detached because this gives you your space…
    but… you say they are bore…
    in this world, the biggest problem is that we expect too much. when we get something, we are happy. but when we not, we blame other.

  2. @mraqua, i was never hurt by an aqua….i just didnt understand your one-liner….

    its your belief that a girl’s character is the most important thing. you cant tell a girl what her most important thing is. only she knows that. everyone has character, some more than others. to me, my character is apart of my ego. my ego is soo freakin huge that it cant even fit in the room sometimes. some men cant handle it.

    i sleep around but it doesnt destroy my character. i like sex and i dont mind getting it from a few different people. as long as im safe, im straight. whereas people take vitamins, i have sex. correction, i love sex..who am i kidding

    everyone has the potential to feel used without sex; men included. men get used more than ever these days.

    these dialouges may seem like nonsense to you because you are an aquarius. emotions bore you; rational/brainy posts is all you have (depending on your chart). and emotional talk that you label as nonsense makes you want to power down your computer. however, these emotional rants help people understand and reach a conclusion. so why rain on their parade?

  3. @mraqua, yes! i love the sex and detached feelings. im not into commitment at the moment and aquas and other signs give me the benefit of smashing and not having to call them n the morning. they not trying to be all up in my business

  4. Sag24/7 please be cautious with Herpes..2 i know 5 chica who have it not knowing..

    One thing i wil tell you is take Wild Bear Garlic.. vitamins everyday.. not only u will never catch the flu u will always be so healthy. and strengthen ur immune system so if by chance..

  5. @mraqua

    Typical responds from a cheater.. . DUDE we are telling the truth.. help others not fall into bondage of a false facade..

  6. @mrwizard, thanks for the heads up!

    i like aqua people and i would totally be up there with them with the non emotional talk but i got a water moon and a water rising sign…so im highly emotional…i get where other emotional signs r coming from.

  7. i just really love sex. it think its the best thing ever.

  8. sag24/7
    you have changed the meaning of sex. you think it is an enjoyment. sex is a symbol of love. sex is done only with whom we love. not with everybody… if a person do sex with every other person, then what is the point of love, what is the point of marriage?
    you enjoy your sexual life, but frankly speaking it will never give you inner peace. you will be lost within yourself. you will never know the difference between the real love and the fake.
    and about ego… till you have ego, you can only have sex but you cannot love truly…
    take care

  9. mrwizard
    i myself doesnt want people to fall into the bondage of false facade…
    you want people to keep doing sex with anybody like a pros but you dont want them to fall into the false facade… dont you think it is weird?

    as for i feel, one should take time to select his/her soul mate and when they get, they should be true…

  10. sag24/7
    everybody loves sex and that is the reality. but the thing is we should not do it with every other person…

  11. Mraqua,

    Sex is different things to different people. If Sag24/7 is unhappy having sex with “every other person” then it might be better for her to not do it. But she enjoys it. So it’s not emotionally unhealthy for her though it might be for someone else such as myself with a water Moon and Mars.

    The point of love and marriage is a great many things to other people as well. In case you forgot, the point of marriage was not in the least bit about love for a good many years in many places. And still isn’t in some.

    Many people live happy and fulfilled lives without a romantic partner because other types of love are enough and maybe more important to them. Everyone has their own set of morals and ethics. What YOU believe is the only way to experience sex and love and finding inner peace is just not true for every other person.

    So I suggest you get over your damn “shoulds”. But it’s just a suggestion…

  12. @mraqua, yes! i love the sex and detached feelings. im not into commitment at the moment and aquas and other signs give me the benefit of smashing and not having to call them n the morning. they not trying to be all up in my business

    I know Sag /24 and I get were she’s coming from Mr Aqua.. I for one couldn’t do it far to emotional to much water! but she I suppose having the Fire with the water gives her that emotional compromise! to enjoy the bond , but not needing the clingyness like a water sign would want,.

    so on one hand Yep I agree with Mr Aqua about morals respecting ones body ! but on the other , as long as both parties concerned are safe understand the situation and no deception is involved then both understand it’s a pleasure and journey for them both…

    I think this is were the Aqua would not feel or understand! hence the reason I shouted at that Aqua lesbian YOU DON’T HAVE EMOTION ! OTHERWISE YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND THE BETRAYAL YOU JUST BESTOWED ON OUR FRIENDSHIP !! she looked at me with a blank expression making her excuse to go to the toilet ,, most likely to gather her thoughts on the next chapter of b/s she was going to use as a excuse for her action’s ,, and as predicted came out and said how do i know you don’t talk behind my back that way! What! couldn’t believe it she actually believed her own lies , as I never talked about my scorpio ! fact neither her

    Cancers have great memories just like these Aqua’s and trust me we mis or forget very little. especially if were are into you.. then that cold bitch wanted me to walk out to the top of the carpark with her so she could have a smoke! that right there is were my conversation and so called friendship ended.. little did I know but since found out the scorpio friend was up the top of the carpark waiting for her , so no doubt the aqua was trying to escape to that area were she was to get support in her B/S , To make out the was no hard feelings between the three of us!

    Glad it never happened , i WOULD HAVE RIPPED HER LEGS OFF AND SMAKED THAT SCORPIO HARD!! instead Karma will do that no doubt.!

  13. Tora
    i think you are correct. i was just expressing my views. yes, everbody has their way of living life. but then if they are living their life in their own way then why blame others. it was not others who made them live the way they want…
    think on it

  14. tora
    and about love, it is a strong bond. it cannot come in one or two days. it is not attraction. people take first attraction as love and do mistakes and then later on blame others.

    “Many people live happy and fulfilled lives without a romantic partner because other types of love are enough and maybe more important to them”… you yourself has written what love is. romance is not always love.

  15. roxy68
    i agree with you…

    you are too emotional. i think you know it too… emotions are good but show them only to the right person otherwise people will laugh.

    and wait for some time… truth crushed to earth shall rise.
    take care…

  16. morning all!

    i dont blame others for my life choices, because they were my choices. i dont think ive changed the definition of sex. sex is a biological act. religion and or society states that it should be done with someone you love. i respectfully disagree. sex is just sex to me. now, my heart is something vastly more protected. i dont just give my heart to any ol tom dick and harry. i will definitely screw them but they wont get my heart. thats reserved for someone special. there have been men who have wanted more from me, but i am simply not ready to be in a relationship with anyone. im too selfish.

    i know its taboo to think and act this way, but it works for me.

  17. Sag24/7..I agree with you!

  18. Sag24/7
    good thinking. keep it up…

  19. jules
    you tooooo.

  20. Selfcenterd but sag /24 for the right reason’s u get one life and it’s your life a gift from God. you can answer any questions on death door Lol!!

    i.s if i wanna sleep with a girl then that is a experiance i want to feel and experiance without some dry back beating me down ! lol …..

  21. I’m a Scorpio and I “fall in love” easily with fire and earth signs!
    Specially with Sagitarius and Virgo

  22. @kas

    Do you like aquarius girls?

  23. Big hearted Saggi says:

    I recently got close with an aqua guy…in terms of personality…we’ve got a lot in common but physically he doesn’t have the skills to satisfy me…am I the only Saggi feeling this way about an aqua guy?

    @Sag 24/7…I wish I could say I love sex too…but these days I can’t seem to enjoy it with anyone else except for my scorp! Either that or I just haven’t met someone else who could match his skills….

  24. @bighearted…

    hell no. aqua guys dont do it for me either. as much as they may try. i screw them then its back to me. they always want something more but i cant give it to them.

    rule #13, never compare a future love to a past love. people are unique. you cant enjoy the hot member of another man because your not allowing youself 2.

    whats your venus placement again?

  25. @sag 24/7 good stuff dear..

    I am snowed in today we had a blizzard.. oh it is a grand day to be stranded with someone.. ^^

  26. AquaTrainer says:

    Well, my sag boyfriend and I (aqua) get along great! In all realms, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I just love him! He came along just when I had given up hope on men and man, he is the best ever. But, I think our placements have a lot to do with it. Both sun, moon, and risings are all complimentary.

  27. SagLady25 says:

    I think Sag with another Sag is a perfect pairing. The room ignites when a Pair of Sag’s walk into a room. Oh yeah!

  28. it sure does

  29. SagLady25 says:

    I sowed my wild oats years ago. A lot of wild sex and it was before aids was around. I am proud to say that I can be satisfied with one partner now. Thank goodness! I am so particular now since there are so many STD’s out there. I am a great lover and I know how to please a man and how to please myself. So, to those SAG men out there interested, chat me up. <3

  30. Taurusgal says:

    Hehehe, not true. I’m a Taurus and I was wildly attracted to a Sag once, because he was so different from myself. The feeling did fade after a short while though. XD

  31. LibraLady says:

    Who falls in love with SAgs and Aquas the most? ARIES….. at least that what I’ve noticed

  32. SagLady25 says:

    I disagree with Libralady…….I was married to a Cancer male and he was a lover and just wasn’t in love with working. After 16 years of being on a cloud with him I fell off of it.

    Then I met Mr.Aries who wanted to slap me around all of the time and wanted me to be his maid and slave. It took less than 3 years to get away from him. Where is he now? In Prison for 15 years for being a sex offender. Figures.

  33. SagLady25 says:

    I personally love Libra men and Sag men. We just mix and ignite a room up together. Oh Yeah baby. Leo’s too, but those Leo’s like to cheat…..too bad, I love them.

  34. @Sag24/7

    Hey ladybug what’s been going on in your world? I have been wilding out and having a blast! Are you still with your Scorp dude?

  35. @halloween!!!

    i got excited when i saw your name on the feeds.

    life is good. nope, the scorp andme and kaput.i think i told u that he was married!! a hole for real.

    i did meet a leo and he is a handful.

    so whats new with you and that aqua due?

  36. I keep having dreams about my exhusband the Cancer. He is on facebook and we are chatting as of late, and he just got a divorce from his 20 years younger wifey,and I warned him about her as I am a bit of a psychic. I told him to her , YOU ARE AN OLD MAN, and she is going to college and is finding more age appropriate men, and she is almost finished with school, and she is going to get tired of you being a ne’er do well, Well , she got tired of him and she never gave him any loving and he was hitting on me and I told him NO WAY, was I going to cheat with him while he is a married man when they were going through a rough patch and then ended up getting back together. He had to keep me blocked all of the time because she was so jealous. LOL. Well I had him pegged last May when he was in Italy and on vacation in Europe because his mother lives in Germany, as she is German, and she has a house there for him to live in, and he told my niece , knowing I had told him I was wanting to go to Italy, and he had eaten a pizza for me. I thought alright, rub it in, and then I hadn’t heard from him in a while and I called his cell phone and I thought, Oh wow, his wife has gotten his cell phone and the messages I have left for him. She couldn’t stand it. I am sure of it. Anyway, she is like 29, and can move on with her life, has college behind her and he gave her a nice BMW 525 series car. Must be nice, I always wound up with the stuff I brought into the marriage, he never brought anything into the marriage except for a few dollar amounts for Christmas from his folks, thanks for that and from his Aunt buying a boat from us. I just hope the best for this sensitive Cancer who can be really hot tempered and says he is not anymore, and I wish him the very best. He was a great lover at one time and I do not know if he still is or not, that was 11 years ago, and I just hope the best for him.

    Everyone has a soul mate and yes he was mine. <3

  37. SagLady25 says:

    Beautiful day out there today, and I plan on seeing some of it out of my window. I am totally staying inside except for my trip to the store so early this morning like around 3 a.m. to buy a few emergency things. I wish the best for everyone on here and this Sag has been enjoying her computer friends as of late. I will go get my hair styled Saturday, and then do lunch with an old friend and we will catch up on jewelry, her daughter I am friends with and she is estranged from. I am her only link to her so she enjoys knowing that she is alright. I hope I can rekindle their mom/daughter relationship. I think the daughter is being too stubborn. Capricorn and Leo….that is why I get along with the both of them. My sun sign, Sag loves Leos that is her mom, and my 9th house of love is in Capricorn and I love her daughter so much. She needs to not be so freaking bossy though….give it a rest! <3

  38. Halloween says:


    Girl, it’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you were able to drop your bad habit (the Scorp). I told my Aqua friend that I was through but he keeps STALKING ME! Showing up staring, getting in my video, continually trying to show ownership over me, but I have something-something up my sleeve to get rid of him once and for all, hopefully!

    We have a lot of catching up to do. Do you still have my email/celly telly #? If so, contact me and I’ll gie you the scoop. It’s tooooooooo much to type PLUS in the event he is on this site I want to keep him in the dark…tee hee!

    Call me girl.

  39. @halloween hey hun.. god blessu

  40. @halloween,

    i dont think so…private message me

  41. @everyone

    Hello all. I wanted to hear you guys input regarding….. letting the man take the lead in courting and committed realtionships?

    I mean don’t get me wrong i am very independent and can handle my own. However, i’ve learned something about myself this past year or two. I like it when a guy is in charge. It makes me feel safe. Makes me feel like more of a woman. One thing though it takes me a while before i can trust him to take the lead. When i like a guy i pursue them but in a subtle way. Like eye contact and smiles and asking questions about their interest and ideas.

    What do you guys think? Do you think its being too old fashioned in this approach? Do guys even want to take the lead anymore?

  42. I ask this because i am a sag woman and the guy in question is also a sag. He was my first since i was 13 years old. I a lot of my relationship style portrays like scorpio. my birthday is dec 11th, I have my moon in aquarius, venus, mercury, and mars in Scorpio. His birthday is Dec 16th. He is two years older than me. He has a moon in leo, venus, mars in scorpio as well.

    I have been wondering about dating this man again. Not sure if i should trust him or not. I like it when he comes after me because i feel like this would force him to figure me out and get to know me again instead of that little girl he knew 25 years ago. I want him to step his game up a little. Im quite independent but a man that knows how to express what he wants turns me on.

  43. Meh. I have to say a big NO to the Sag-Sag pairing. I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten along with an immature Sag male for long. I recognize the games and get fed up and move on.

    I would say that Taurus is a sign that is wildly attracted to me. After a while though, it gets old.

  44. @Sag24/7:

    “to me, my character is apart of my ego. my ego is soo freakin huge that it cant even fit in the room sometimes. some men cant handle it…..i sleep around but it doesnt destroy my character. i like sex and i dont mind getting it from a few different people…..” “i love the sex and detached feelings”

    Perhaps sex with different people on a regular basis relates, in one way or another, to that huge ego you say you have….the ego needs to be fed….maybe the adoration of some sort from the sexual encounters with different people is the food that keeps your ego huge…just a thought..not a judgment ..people with huge egos are usually never looking for love per se but more so for the ego to be fed, no matter how it comes…if the person feeding it happens to love them then so be it (as long as they do not expect you to stop feeding your ego with your sexual encounters)…or if it comes from emotionally detached sexual encounters without any potential for a love connection…so long as that also does not get in the way of ur ‘feeding’

  45. @sag -girl,

    im old -fashioned and believe in traditonal roles of men and women. i like having my man make decisons. shit, i make enough decisons. hes the head and im his loyal partner. as long as it coming from a good place, he can RULE me.

  46. @pisces-queen,

    i think in some way, everyones sexual encounter or encounters are tied to receiving some sort of an ego boost. lets look at the opposite, if your partner did want to have sex with you, how would that make you feel….a bit shitty.

    but notwithstanding, i dont have sex to feed my ego…i look in the mirror and i turn my own self on. what REALLY feeds my ego is my professional success. i get the biggest “boner” or ego boost when my work gets complimented, appreciated, and rewarded.

  47. @Wiz

    Hey you what’s up??? How are you?

  48. he keeps forgetting that he’s asked me out … cancelled twice and i never took him seriously since and often enticed me to go over his place [for a first date, i think not …im not 16].

    We got in touch again 2 months after and has done it again. Ask me out n 4get a week later and bet he will 4get what he said about meeting up tomorrow AGAin. Sounds like a libran but only difference is he seduces with his words via text. The libran just text politely or call you with a explanation so dignified.

    how to tackle the giddy horse?

  49. true!at least for me! Best matches for me were two aqua guys! One was love of my life,at least I thought so…he dumped me.

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