Which sign falls in love easily with Sagittarius and Aquarius?

Let’s play the “process of elimination” game:

  • Discard all earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs, because they’re all discordant with air (Aquarius) and fire (Sagittarius).
  • Discard Gemini and Leo. Gemini opposes Sagittarius, and Leo opposes Aquarius. Opposites may attract, but who needs the stress? As April Elliott Kent writes about opposite signs, “spending time with someone whose approach to life is completely opposite your own can be draining, … and eventually your relationship battery will need to be recharged.”
  • That leaves us with Aries and Libra. Both make supportive angles (sextile and trine) to Sagittarius and Aquarius. There’s mucho compatibility, and little friction.
  • Who falls in love more easily? Libra, of course. Not that fiery Aries is incapable of love — far from it. But Libra is the love sign, ruled by relationship goddess Venus and associated with the 7th House of Marriage.

Love is not this logical, of course. If you fall for the Archer and Water Bearer and are not a Libra, comment below.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. mraqua
    there isn’t much talking on here on weekends. I am with an Aqua Man, its working out better then good, I have no complaints about the relationship. Before I was with him I was seeing another Aqua Man and fell in love with him too, it didn’t work but ironically they share the same Birthday. There are so many ladies on sasstrology that say their Aqua guys disapear, mine isn’t like that. The guy before I met him was, can I ask, have you ever “disapeared” like that in a relationship and if you have, is there something that a woman does that makes an Aqua man do that? Is it the intensity of feelings that scares the guy off or is it just loss of interest? If you arn’t the disapearing type, then are you in or have you been in a deeply committed relationship where you can read eachothers emotions? With my guy I can feel when he is thinking about me and he can feel me too, do you do that with loved ones also? The Aqua I was seeing before was like that with me too, I could feel him from a long distance and he swore thqat he could feel me too. I don;t know if its something that Libras and Aquas do together or if Aquas do that in all their relationships. Its amazing 🙂

  2. thank you for your reply… i am most honored to answer your doubts. an aquarius man disappears because he is confused. he thinks that she deserves better. and it is also the intensity of feelings that scares him, as you have mentioned. he feels that he cannot take care of her on a long run for aquarius are more involved with themselves. love is a powerful tie for aquarius, far much deeper than anybody can think. they think about the person whom they love for long. they remember every single word spoken by her. and they measure and weighs each and every word. aquarius’s sixth sense is also damn powerful. they can feel it if you are thinking about them. they cannot tell who is thinking but can say that somebody is thinking about them. they connect by guessing the closest person related to them. in your case you are the most closest person to your aqua, and so he is sure that he feels you when you are thinking about him.
    i myself feel if somebody is thinking about me. sometimes i cannot tell who it is but i try guessing. and when the feelings are too strong, then i can know what the person is thinking (i mean feeling).

    aquarius always loves their space. they always should be left alone when they want it. they need some time alone but i am sure that they always come back to whom they love. their loved ones think that they often disappears but they should try to understand it. a girl does nothing to make aquarius disappear and she should not feel it too.

  3. but how do you know if they really like/love you if they don’t say anything and just disappear for weeks at a time and then come back as if they were never gone? cause that hurts. An “I need space’ would go a long way so we know.

    If they didn’t want a friendship or a relationship with you, would most just come out and tell you?

  4. well, i agree with you that it is good to be direct about one’s feelings but Aquarius likes to keep their feelings to themselves.
    first, remember that Aquarius are for everybody. they are very very good friends. they love friendship very much. as a friend he is all yours. but in love he is a bit different from others, mind you. falling in love to an Aquarius is like losing oneself . It takes a lot of time for an Aquarius to realize that he is in love. most Aquarius never realize it and end up breaking others heart. as i said before that he will be back if he loves you. their disappearance means that they have made you fall for them. they know that you are in for them. and they try to stay away so that you would think more of them. and that is what happens always. first they give you lot of importance to know you and understand you and also to impress you and then they suddenly leave you thinking. you may keep thinking that what had happened but actually nothing had happened. they are just like that. they like experimenting and just checking how you really works. dont think that it is love. if an aquarian is attracted to you, he will never show you. he will try to avoid you.
    first befriend an aquarius and then slowly approach. they are the people who can make you think. and see for yourself, you are thinking. stop thinking. give them time. he will come back for you. and remeber that aquarius are male sign and so wont propose so easily… it will take some time. maybe lot. and if they commit… enjoy..

  5. @ALL how many times do I need to make it clear… MRAQUA runs on MIND ORGASM, LUST, SELFISHNESS and QUICK FIXES

    He is a complete disaster living on turmoil and calamity… a matter fact that should be in all of there names.. John Calamity Turmoil Jones.. CONFUSION There ASS poor baby did you get scared away and that is why you are Jenny’s house or spending time with her because.. just because..

    It’s called getting the next best fix.. who has a the better fix for them.. CORRECT on experimenting.. yes if you can have threesomes and wrap yourself in saran wrap ever time you meet up with him in public.. NO DOUBT he will LUST over you for the short term.

    He is only attracted to whom supports his sorry MIND ass.

    I WILL say it again RUN shake off his dust and never look back.. THEY will suck your blinded emotions out of you.. RUN..

    TIME TIME this is for him to see how good the other ones ass is he will return when that one fails and use your ass and heart again and again..

    Get off the roller coaster ride of P”S”Y Footin

  6. They are emotional Cowards!! full stop hence the reason they want the unobtainable.. means they don’t need to feel guilty if it fucks up!!! cause they know they will find a new buzz sooner or later, so the more complicated the better the excuse to run….

  7. @@Roxy68 Correcto Mundo Emotional Cowards..they seek who does not know there secrets and failures..

    Jules this man that crossed your life is a complete disaster look at his ex.. baby momma.. and all just thank god you are fee from his baggage

  8. Ahem! hello there mrwizard. how are you?
    should i laugh on what you wrote or should i feel sorry that you dont understand human nature. it is a very complicated thing to read human mind and when you are not able to read, you put foolish blames. “the grapes are sour” isn’t it.
    “LUST, SELFISHNESS and QUICK FIXES” that is what you wrote. isnt it? well, it is wrong. absolutely wrong. aquarius are far away from these things. i bet.
    and they are not emotional cowards too.

  9. and one more thing. dont date an aquarius man, marry him. then only you will know the real him.

  10. I feel bad for Woman who marry one who originally disappeared and was a player and has multiple baby mommas..

    Bad move lady’s probe them step away and take off 6 months .. .. I feel bad for the ones who fell into there facade..

  11. They are emotional Cowards actions speck louder red the evidence from all the broken Heart’s …. sorry but its fact.. unless all these girls are liars…!! I back the wiz… every time.. on this one ,.meet three Aqua’s and all behave the same. the married ones , been close to them and they weep and moan about there partners discreetly ! the friends tend to manipulate so fake story to win away your friends….. FACT!! AND i DON’T CARE IF YOU SLATE MY SIGN ,, ITS NOT PERSONAL…. IS IT IT;’S EXPRESSION OF FACTS…HERE.


  13. I feel bad for Woman who marry one who originally disappeared and was a player and has multiple baby mommas..

    That right there is hilarious Wiz…

  14. Okay, so I have a question. I’m sure most of you will think I’m a horrible person, but I need an answer. So, if you could stay away from judgement and help me I’d appreciate it. I have known this man for more than 15 years. We had a FWB relationship many years ago, but be lost touch. We both moved on and got married and had families (he’s married 5 years w/1 child, and I’m married 9 years w/2). About a year ago, he contacted me and wanted to see me. He made no attempt to hide what he had in mind. I was struggling in my marriage and seriously considered it, but decided that it wasn’t a good idea. Mind you, I have always harbored secret feelings for him, so this was a difficult decision. Then, a month or so ago he contacted my best friend asking about me again. He and I started talking, and he told me that his wife has been going through a depression for many years, and again he asked to meet me. (The physical relationship was always very good…I’m an aries by the way). Not that I’m excusing my behavior, but my husband and I are just about on the brink of divorce so I agreed to meet him. He lives out of state but comes here for work often. He and I have been sextin on the phone for the last month, and met up yesterday. We did not have full sex, but we did a lot of other stuff. My problem is that deep down, I have feelings for him. I’m afraid to let myself go, since he is still married. I could and would walk away from my marriage in half a second to be with him, but I just don’t know how he feels. Part of me thinks it’s good that he sought me out 2 times, but even now sometimes he can seem distant and aloof. Somedays we talk and txt all day…others I can barely reach him (he does have a high pressure job and is very busy)…He just tells me he’s busy and we’ll talk soon. We do talk almost every day at least a little, but I’m usually the one who has to start texting him…I honestly don’t kow what to do. I don’t wanna give him up, but this is so wrong and I know it. I don’t wanna tell him how I feel…i’m afraid it might scare him away. I don’t know how he feels or what he’s thinking…it’s just so frustrating and confusing.

  15. well, what can i say. but not all aquarius are same. i am one too and have aquarius friends too. they are not like that. as far as i know, an aquarius will never try to cheat. if an aquarius really commit, they mean it.

  16. julie.
    your situation is very confusing. do one thing, go and tell him frankly what you feel for him. and wait for his reply. ask him what he feels for you. if he says no to you, then better leave him and move on in your life… dont make the situation complicated by thinking too much and saying nothing. be true, put your heart out. explain him. be crystal clear of your feelings. do not confuse yourself. just go and open your heart.
    take care

  17. Remember the gemini married to the aqua,,, the gem told me , the Aqua was so lazy dreamy ! and didn’t even want to travel ! left her clothes all over the place.and then when she did cheat. after the married , she commented on how it was a shame they never married earlier! so she could have had her visa.

    Reason ..

    The aqua was shagging the scorpio , but realised she could not come back to the UK , Some dragged the Scorpio abroad with her instead. stupid scorpio.. doesn’t know whats about to hit her , the gemini , as no intention of chasing her aqua.. she is intelligent , wealthy and a surgeon..she even purchased the aqua a luxury villa for their wedding present which she was going to surprise the aqua with when the arrived back to the UAE together , so when the Aqua finds out , as she is in the Uae also with the scorpio .. and the scorpio keeps moaning and being pessimistic.. and clingy the aqua will run back to the gem on the sly !


    she won the scorpios affections from her fiance…. and from me , as the friend the scorpio trusted! so the challenge is won. but she knows the gemini is full of adventure and culture, and very intelligent! plus aqua and gemini’s are awesome matches’ … without the emotional stress for the Aqua, Hence she was calling the gem even while she was fresh into shagging the scorpio , but the gem said she can go to hell! , and there it is the Aqua will be wanting her back , .dislike is not something the Aqua want advertised about them ..

    scorpio for the Aqua was just a muse to piss me off, and to say Roxy I stole your friend in your face as the gem told me she was jealous of the way the Scorpio dotted on me, .. but you know what i don’t want stupid friends who do not think about their actions and also use others to to get their point over indirectly… (scorpio !) the Aqua Opportunist.. surprise , surprise… even i fell for the fake smile,,,, but I was starting to twig.. and I think the Aqua just missed out on a hole in the face, what saved her ? my common sense to realise that would have made the Aqua look good in the scorpios eyes and the scorpio gloating , thinking I did it for her… , trust me , cancers are vengeful 2-10 years I will pay back in interest , Ive travelled as far as africa , to get my own back on betrayal , leaving behind open mouths of dis-belief….

  18. roxy68
    if that story is true then i think that aquarius women is the worst women i have ever heard of…

  19. @ Julie…

    Then, a month or so ago he contacted my best friend asking about me again. He and I started talking, and he told me that his wife has been going through a depression for many years, and again he asked to meet me.

    Just read my above blog … Married there it is again .. they love to cheat and again in my storie… theres always somthing wrong with the partner not them ,, do not go there!! WARNING WARNING!! YOU will get smashed when the guilt washes over him , fix your self , as a negative to a negative will eat you up after the lust , it may test sweet now , but 3 months from now you will be on here pouting your heart out!!

    Ive done to with a Taurus and the Aqua is doing that to my scorpio ex friend! t=its a hurricane waiting to happen , think why you married , leave with dignity or have respect for your self.. your not a ho! regardless of how you feel .. make it real if he like s you that much he will date and court you. the secret is what makes him want you .as my mum would say if you don’t listen you will feel !! . ask Wiz.

  20. @ Julie

    Somedays we talk and txt all day…others I can barely reach him (he does have a high pressure job and is very busy)…He just tells me he’s busy and we’ll talk soon. We do talk almost every day at least a little, but I’m usually the one who has to start texting him…I honestly don’t know what to do.

    Notice how your doing the chasing.. now Your in deep and he knows it now he can keep you on the back burner , while he gets on with his pretty life!! he knows you need him more than he needs you! thing is you showed you variability! Just like my scorpio friend did, and the Aqua’s are master observer’s sucking all that information to compile then make their attack .. suck you in slowly like quick sand , then you’ll turn around and say how did that happen ,he switched it from him chasing to now you chasing … get respect,!! before you loose it. then your Husband will have something to laugh about!!

  21. @ mraqua

    if that story is true then i think that aquarius women is the worst women i have ever heard of…

    Go to the scorpio board and track through how to know if a scorpio loves you! the whole blog and betrayal is there….. I am as honest as they come , I defended that Aqua .. from day one no one liked her , and I took her at face value defended and watched her back , but she stole my thoughts and converted them to steal my scorpio friend just to sleep with her knowing she had a crush on me , which left the scorpio confused but i refused to take advantage of but the Aqua did not hesitate. ,to steal my friend from her fiance and also left her wife the day they were meant to go to italy on the gem ‘s birthday! trust me I was a walking Zombie for 3 months….that scorpio frined of mine did it to hurt me for not wanting her , but she missed the poiint that the Aqua betrayed many just to take advantage of her weak mind.. typical Wateer sign feeling rather than thinking.

  22. roxy68

    i thought highly of aquarius women. you have closed my mouth.if it is true then it really bad. its hard to believe that an aquarius women did that. but i believe you. who is that aquarius women, actually.

  23. If he truly wants you julie, he will leave his wife first.
    You alreeady answered your own question..”but this is so wrong and I know it. “

  24. @ mraqua

    ‘if an aquarian is attracted to you, he will never show you. he will try to avoid you’

    The one I speak of did/does show attraction. He semi avoided me in the beginning and teased me to no end. Then started flirting with me and getting all up in my face to make me notice him. But never crossing the line with me sexually like he does others. Why am I different? Instead he cooks for me, does things for me, etc.

    Why the jekyll and hyde persona? He’s loud and boisterous in groups/public, but when its just us, he’s childlike, soft talking, and nicer.

  25. Mraqua

    i thought highly of aquarius women. you have closed my mouth.if it is true then it really bad. its hard to believe that an aquarius women did that. but i believe you. who is that aquarius women, actually.

    Ok Im not bitter Im a Cancer , also Have a very open Mind so can see the point of trying anything once , but here is a short start for you Mr Aqua , Imagine , you join my place of work ! your gay ! I don’t notice as lm just keen to do my job ! your my boss , so all the more reason to stay on your good side, but listen to this , you are south African One point down already here where I live as the white south african does not get much respect , 2. everyone knows your gay so the jokes have started already are you or not! they , all my colleges ask me if you are but I say what’s the difference you seem nice , but they don’t care they plot to not work for you .. and to make you look crap so you will 1. eventually loose your Job and 2. get feed-up. as you replaced the boss that was their mate also.

    So MrAqua straight away had I sided with my colleges I would have not been hurt like this… But I trusted sided against those bigots and stood for her ground watched her back .so then after two months confided in her about this on-going crush my other friend had on me at work , but i did not want a lesbian affair especially with someone , I was so proud and found of, but i Did want me and this scorpio to be friends for life I told the Aqua this and she never ever said much ,. as she knew it was turning my mad , I was starting to want the lust of the attention the scorpio friend was relentless in her demand for me , hand touching , brushing against me in reception , hell I used to take the back stairs just to avoid contact some days , even told my scorpio it was to much needed space.

    So what then the Aqua I one day joking said you fancy the Scorpio , that s me I test everyone I want to bring close otto me. the Aqua reply you joking !! i Aint got time to waste on your scorpio she’s a flirt !! it aint going no where if I was you I would focus on your relations with your guy ! Im happy and married , this was the Aqua woman s words , we were buddies or so i Thought , I confided all to her! because of her sexual preference! but guess what , after i went on holiday ! and came back everyone couldn’t wait to ask , whats up you and the scorpio not close.. The Aqua is all over it… etc etc.. disbelief as I knew they hated our closeness so I gave it the dismissal it deserved but took caution.

    now the difference was Mr aqua my sleuth head was on ,now and the Aqua could sense it , my questions were ,more probing and direct! she could lie no more.. she said she and the scorpio had become close etc.. and were having relationship , problems! well the scorpio I knew was , fact she was after me proof it self! even thou she claimed she was happy! but the aqua you telling ,me in 10 days im away you start having marriage problems with your wife…. No way that means the Aqua was grooming the scorpio behind my back at the same time I was interacting with her! no wonder she seemed to stop advising me on the situation! ..

    I swear! the normal reaction for the roxy would be to lash out , but after my initial out burst .. And weeks of pain. I eventually found out were the Aqua wife lived and she not only told me how jealous the Aqua was of me , but how she would rant on how the scorpio was upset with me and come home moaning about it to her Gem wife… right there you see she wanted some of the action the scorpio was giving me, do seduced her behind my back , by the time it came out the scorpio was into deep .

    Check this out even when i did not have proof they had slept together! I asked were was she staying , she told me she was staying in a areA i know well and in a one room bedsit.. turns out that was a lie too , she infact had moved in with the Scorpio and scorpio’s gemini Fiance.. claiming her wife had cheated on her , yet when he went to work and trusted them too as just friends they were making out in his bed!…..Un believable right! how do I know this I saw all the love letter’s and emails the Scorpio sent her . because her wife still had access to her email pass word. so no denying that either, YES im angry and well within my rights… Lowest of the low.. and sure to have a massive Karmic affect on their lives later.. Unfortunately one I may never live to know about…

    So trust me . I had not taken notice of aqua betrayal and there need to chase the unattainable , but on reflection the aqua’s ive meet do just that.. chase things that do not belong, then blame others, and act the injured party , sending lovers on a merry go round not explaining , mental cruelty comes to mind..

  26. AquaTrainer says:


    I want to at least answer your last question. Even though I’m a girl, I know the difference between a guy I just want to bang and someone I want to get to know more and take real slow….with banging involved…sometimes no sex believe it or not. This is how we find our partners – through friendships. The guys I had/have around for physical pleasures talk with me for an hour or two before any dirty business goes on. This is at my request sometimes lol and it’s so I can get mentally stimulated…..so in turn I can then get emotionally stimulated i.e. horny. There have been some that just want to go at it and those are the ones I’ll never call back. However, my “pattern”, if you will, with guys I have a relationship with (and I’m monogamous once in those) are my friends first. At least 2 months of friendship. I don’t sleep with the guys first and then build friendships…..for relationships. Maybe to get my socks off but that’s it. God, I sound loose….haha I’m really not. I’m a serial monogamist of like 12 years conveniently taking a break for like a year so I can get to know myself. But, use the tools all over this site and other sites to explain his behavior. You mean MORE to him if he’s taking it slow and playing house with you…or trying to impress you. That means you must be good looking AND smart.

    But, if he’s actively married then cut it off completely. You look like the fool if you stay. Nothing good ever comes out of that. If he’s separated, that’s a bit different. But still, that’d be something his wife and him would need to discuss.

    Don’t be a homewrecker, please. PLEASE

  27. AquaTrainer says:

    oh crap I obviously haven’t had my coffee this morning….

    oh divide haha the first and second half of what I said between Jules and Julie.

    Whenever I check my inbox i get bombarded with updates from this thread and I made an ASSumption. Sawwy :/

    But hey, what’s with this bashing of Aquarius? We ALL suck in a way, Geezus! I just like to think of myself as a little miss badass sometimes is all….that REALLY looks sweet and innocent 🙂 And I am, if I care about you…so my friends and family and everyone I ever knew that I liked know how special I am lol BUT I CAN be sneaky 🙂 So can Pisces….geez, that’s why Aqua and Pisces can’t date….too alike, but on different spectrums. Have you ever met a Aqua/Pisces? Talk about WEIRDO haha intuition conflicting with analyzing everything? If one were to master that – they’d be a great inventor…..and if no mastery, psycho.

  28. I have never been called stupid,lol, and I often attract men easily imo because I have scorpio,pisces,aries,sag and aqua cusp in my chart:) That’s not to say I don’t have flaws but apparently it doesn’t seem to matter..I still attract good looking men. I am in my early 40’s, but look younger, and am in good physical shape and weight..I’m dominately a capricorn afterall..we have reverse aging process..go us! LOL

    I wondered if that was why..makes sense..cause back 2 months ago I asked him to stop looking at me in a certain way cause it made me want something I didn’t know if i could ever have. I meant HIM, but he thought I meant sex..and I didn’t correct him. He looked at me like I was nuts and backed away. LOL He also did the slow down hand waver thingy. LOL

    Ok, it was a manipulation technique but I needed to do it because I needed him to stop to get to know him w/out all the flirting/sexual tension, and to see if he’d run away. He didn’t run/distance immed…just recently, but only distanced himself for 2 weeks which isn’t unusual.(2 weeks or so has always been his timely number,lol) But he’s back now..I guess. has a new g/f but i don’t care. i can just be friends. If she is just a f*** buddy, no biggie, I’ve had mine in the past as I have needs too.

    Oh and I did semi-explain to him in writing last week that what he thought I meant that day was not the way he took it(in that context) but it was ok, that i just needed him to stop, and he did.To get to know the real him. We haven’t talked about it but then we are just beginning to talk again.

  29. Oh aquatrainer..he is a aqua/pisces cusp..I love his weirdo ways! I’m cap/aqua cusp, so maybe we just ‘get’ one another.

  30. AquaTrainer says:


    hmmm I believe you too do 🙂 This actually makes me question the whole western vs vedic(?) astrology. I’m february 10th so western says I’m Aquarius (3rd decan) and vedic says I’m a Capricorn. But my ex, who is literally the hardest dude to get over and I might move cities soon to avoid thinking about him all the time, is feb 25th or Pisces 1st decan. Why can’t Aqua 3rd decan and Pisces 1st decan get along enough to make a great relationship? We’re right next to each other! He said it was incompatibility, I say it was because he lies and I make it a point not to…..unless he asks me to quit smoking yet he smokes and dips….and doesn’t quit so I choose to hide it. Idk, I don’t think me hiding smoking was a good justification for him to cheat but maybe it was. Idk. I love him, want him back, but don’t want that relationship rollercoaster back.

  31. yeah I think upbringing and other makes a difference too.

    I was with my ex over 10 years. He is a cancer. So depressing! I was 20 and thought I could change him..HA!

    I crave excitement, get bored easily, need some space but would never ignore someone for very long, have long-term friendships, intellectual, etc.

    He brings out my wild side and that’s a side that doesn’t show often. He has his dark side but so do I. he shows his anger more which has frightened me but he calms easily enough. IMO, his anger has always been due to jealousy and he did admit he is a jealous person.

    IMO, this man may never settle for anyone. he has a hardened heart due to his upbringing and past. I know bits and pieces of it..what he’s told me, but i never pry further because he’ll tell me if/when he wants to.

    He doesn’t appear to have any close friends other than me and maybe he can’t maintain close friends. I know I could disappear from his life at any time forever if he chooses to disconnect from me. My heart is guarded now for sure.

  32. julie
    i think jules is saying correct. if he really wanted you, he would have left his wife. but he didn’t . i think he want both the doors open for him.

  33. jules
    “But never crossing the line with me sexually like he does others”

    an aquarius doesnt get in physical so fast. he needs his time. they are in a way afraid of physical oneness with everybody.

    “Why the jekyll and hyde persona? He’s loud and boisterous in groups/public, but when its just us, he’s childlike, soft talking, and nicer.”
    this means that he likes you. if you really want him to be like this then be what you are in front of him. dont change yourself. an aquarian never likes a girl who fell down on his feet, rather he likes it when she challenges his brains. so challenge his brains. make him think.

  34. and one more thing. dont date an aquarius man, marry him. then only you will know the real him.

    @mrwizard and all…

    i know an aqua man who got married and cheats on his wife constantly…he doesnt even know why he got married

  35. roxy68
    i read it. was shocked. ok, so that was the whole story(real life). that aquarian is a bi**h. very clever indeed. very clever.
    you dont take it on your heart. life is to learn. you have learned well. now from now onwrds do not tell you secrets to other. and for that aquarius women, she will suffer. this world works on karma. you do wrong, you get wrong. you will get what you sow. so dont worry about her. just forget her. she will soon get her worst nightmare…
    take care

  36. mraqua

    Well! Well ! you may reinstate some credibility to the aqua world! but the damage is done.. lucky for my I fear God ! so I would never ever do that even to a enemy !! like war their are rules , so take prisoners , but do not torture!! she broke every rule in the friendship book and laughed in my face , being my boss I had to work a further 8 weeks with her ! knowing she was sleeping with my best friend who now after 3 years was not talking to me because the aqua filled her head with lies! and also i had to deal with the aqua trying to get me sacked having meetings with me , which were once giggles and laughter , turned to vindictive jabs and threats ,she now had the higher ground , had beaten me down and her and my scorpio friend were hurting me for things even now i do not understand I lost a stone in wait too and lost 10 clients..because of her , for the aqua she wanted to be above me, the scorpio she wanted to hurt me for making her love me……soo they were each other’s muse’s really..

    mraqua No lm not bitter , Very disappointed. but i bigger and stronger than that ! been cheated on more than once, lost a wonderful mother, 6 brothers one died at 25 my closest … a gemini! and many other dramas i cannot explain , but i still laugh , won my male scorpio back after i had a fling with a woman for experimental reason’ sand he tells me every day he loves me rare for scorpio men ! in his away at the moment , but im just working on the RSVP.. invites for jan ..

    I ‘m more happier than ever , im sure they are still living off their greed for lust , which will fade soon im sure as it was never love , and that reality will it home soon if it hasn’t already! ..

    so thank you for reading and understanding my displeasure to Aqua’s … sure that will soften in time..

    biggest sin to me Lying…. steal you can claim it back.. but lying deceiving and cowardly…

  37. roxy68
    you have faced a lot. too much a lot… you have gone through too much. how did you handle it? i am very sorry. not for you because you are strong but for those two dirty couples. i have learned one thing from my life and that is the more a person suffer(burn) the stronger he gets. remember, that the sun is bright because it burns(suffer). it burns itself but brightens everybody… so dont worry for what you have faced. you are more stronger that rest of us and more matured too….
    take care

  38. @Sag @ Jules @ MrAqua

    The ones who love mind orgasm and hot lust.. they just need to admit and confess by saying to a crowd of people I am a whore or whore munger.. Like an alcoholic.. stand up and be true ..just come clean.. .

    Poor souls all this frenzy of ass and lust.. then being broke with bad credit and 2 baby mommas..

    @Jules i know you want this challenge you will not change this boy toy.. and you will pay being spanked emotionally.. trust me

  39. MrAqua that is a start fear GOD.. BRAVO.. now your talking.. @ Jules you must finda man of GOD EQUALLY yoked..

    Unless your a catholic you will never unstand what i am talking about.. THE LORD states you are not to be in relationship meaning courting or deep soutie friendship with an un equally yoked human.

    I am trying hard to get right again…

    @ jules you must read 1chron 7

  40. yeah my pastor talks about equally yoked 2…

  41. i was married to a wiccan once.. OMG i was confused/depressed and in poverty..

    I dated and slept with a seperated /married woman in 2002 -2004 i suffered in twisted lust.. to the point i ran to the LORD i was spanked so hard.. emotionally

    @ Jules.. Becareful if you are a good woman who is seeking the LORD satan and his army of demons will send MR HOTTIE.. to slaughter / torment you emotionally

  42. @mrwizard…the difference between me and others here is I set him up and manipulated the situation to make himself SHOW his true self. I knew there could be a 1% chance i was wrong. He proved I was 99% right about him! And we never had physical intimacy so I never felt ‘used’ like that.

    Yes it still hurts and I’ve vented about that. Whatever friendship can be salvaged if any, is fine. But I know in the back of my mind he will probably and eventually run off into the sunset for good…those are the greater odds. If he does change his tune, then I’ll know soon enough. But i go forward with no expectations with him.

  43. ive learned a long time ago that you dont have to have sex with someone to feel used.

  44. sag24/7
    then you have learned wrong.

  45. mrwizard, jules.
    you both hate aquarius too much. ha ha ha. i laugh at you both. why? because an aquarius twisted you into nothingness… ha ha ha..
    take care.

    you are giving wrong advice to others. stop giving advice for you give it the way you see world with your eyes. and with your foolish experience. keep yourself in others situation and give advice. i am sure then you will make a good advisor.
    good luck

  46. never said I hated them..can’tt hink of 1 person in this world i do hate..not in my nature 🙂

  47. @ 24/7 ive learned a long time ago that you don’t have to have sex with someone to feel used.

    yep I was used never slept with them ! perfect example/

    @ Mraqua..

    that’s the problem you look at me 6 ft tall actress model athlete.. and straight away everyone thinks strong glamazon .. she can handle anything .. if only they knew.. I m just one big marsh mellow.. only my Scorpio Boar .. Knows me, he presses every button perfect , not to much and lots of hugs and love … I am so blessed but satan sent is evil little clones to mess my pure head! , and because i am so pure i don’t see evil until its to late .

    But now I know the devil smiles when he sends offerings… and many face’s , so when my intuition tells me run like hell!! I will without hesitation..

  48. mraqua, how so?

  49. i actually find aqua men to be quite boring…..not enough energy, too laid back. its like i gotta check to make sure they have a pulse. i do however enjoy their sex and detached feelings.

  50. sag24/7
    how so? ok, i will give you the answer. i believe that a girl’s character is the most important thing in her. it is her respect and frankly speaking, everything. a girl without a charctr is nothing. if really a man finds a true girl who loves him and has character, then i am sure he will do anything for her. but nowdays the case is not the same. nowdays, girls have ego but no character. they dont mind if somebody sleeps with them and destroys their character and go away. they will feel a little, but soon it will fade. but they do mind if somebody hurts their ego. THE EGO , which is very small….. so you see my point sag24/7, girls doesnt feel used if somebody sleeps with them, but feels used if somebody is not attracted towards them, if somebody makes them think, if somebody makes them confused. ha ha ha. thats what aquarius do. and that what hurts you all. you keep thinking that “how the hell did he get best of me?” and keep delivering dialogues which are nonsense… you keep hating him more and more.
    god bless your brains…

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